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Drawnames App Description & Overview

What is drawnames app? Organize any gift exchange with this easy to use Secret Santa Generator, perfect for Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid al-Fitr, Diwali or Kwanzaa. Create your group, set exclusions, draw names and make wish lists.

• Easy to use Secret Santa Generator
Draw names in 3 simple steps.
• No registration required
Just download the app and draw names!
• Easily set exclusions
The option to set who shouldn’t draw whom.
• With wish lists and gift suggestions
Make gifting easy with personal wish lists.
• Supports all popular messengers
Send invitations via messenger, text or email.
• All your gift exchanges in one app
Sign in and access your drawnames.com website gift exchanges.

Set up your Secret Santa gift exchange within minutes. Simply create a group, set a budget and date, set exclusions and invite your friends, family, classmates or colleagues to draw names.

Each group member can make and share a personal wish list. Browse and get inspired by popular Secret Santa gift suggestions, and add gifts straight to your wish list.

Start drawing names for your Secret Santa gift exchange and enjoy all the features straight away, no registration required, no ads.

Invite friends or family regardless of what smartphone they use. It is even possible to invite people who prefer to join without installing the app.

Easily sign in with your drawnames.com account and access all your Secret Santa gift exchanges in one single app.

Secret Santa is a gift exchange tradition that has its roots in early Christmas traditions. The original ‘Secret Santas’ were the gift-bearing helpers of St. Nick. Today, it’s celebrated as a gift exchange occasion that renews bonds between family and friends, and as a moment to solidify connections between usually busy co-workers – like a Secret Santa office party. Creating a Secret Santa gift exchange means creating a moment of togetherness and delight. There’s always the anticipation of “who will be my Secret Santa?” It’s always a fun surprise!

The drawnames Secret Santa app is perfect for planning any gift exchange. Let us take care of the sorting, so you can celebrate without a worry. Simply install the app, create a new group, set a budget and invite your family or friends for your gift exchange. Perfect for Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Eid al-Fitr or Galentine's Day.

Looking for gift inspiration? The in-app popular gift finder is filled with thousands of the best Secret Santa gifts. Easily browse categories, see what gifts are popular, and add gifts straight to your wish list. Attending a birthday party, wedding registry, anniversary, housewarming party or babyshower? Use the popular gift finder to browse and find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Ready to start your own Secret Santa? Download the app today and invite your friends or family to draw names for Secret Santa!

drawnames is here to help you with your Secret Santa gift exchange. Should you encounter any problems with our app, please don’t hesitate to contact us at help@drawnames.com so we can help you out!

Happy Secret Santa Gifting,
The drawnames team

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App Name Drawnames
Category Lifestyle
Updated 05 October 2023, Thursday
File Size 58.48 MB

Drawnames Comments & Reviews 2023

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Makes Holiday Gift Giving Better. I have multiple holiday parties that use drawing names for gift giving. This app makes it so easy and convenient.

Wishful thinking. We use this app last year for Christmas. One issue I had with the app is I wish I could have two or three different groups. Like we did a drawing for my family and I was telling people at work, we should use the same app to draw. But I was unable to look at the family list, or the work list without loosing the opposite list.

Great app but could not add group member. This is a really good app but I forgot to add a group member and it would not let me add them now I have to use a different app for Secret Santa.

Secret Santa. Totally enjoying the ease of use, and anonymity this app provides!!! This completely takes the guesswork out of what to purchase! Life saver, thanks!!!

Amazing app. So we’ll thought through!!! Definitely should download

Easy. Well this has made Christmas so much better easier! The family is loving this way of doing Christmas presents and saving money while doing it!

Constantly bugs you about rating it.. I’ve had the app for an hour and looked at it for maybe 10 min of that hour and been asked to rate it 3 times. Here’s your rating jerks. All in all the app seams ok but I hate The stupid “rate me” pop up its annoying as I haven’t had time to really use the app so one star.

Really great app. First time using it for our family Secret Santa and so easy to set up and the best part is that you’re able to make a wishlist. Everyone in the family is loving it too lol

Dream Team Pickleballers. App is easy to use. I would definitely recommend it.

Love it! Tis the season to be jolly!. It keeps me and my family connected during the holidays no matter where we are!

Cool!. So far this is a pretty cool app! I’ve yet to see how it’s working on my other participants end but I love it! It’s simple, graphics look good and it’s convenient! Thank you for creating this!

Awesome app. Pretty awesome app easy to use no complicated registration nice and easy like all things should be.

Can’t Log in to Already Created Account. I’ve been using Draw Names via browser for years. I keep losing the browser page and having to find the link in my email each time so I downloaded the app to have it all set in one spot. However, there’s no way to log in to my account an view my current already drawn name and my group’s lists. Not being able to go back and forth between the app and the browser and vice versa seems like a huge drawback to me and unfortunately it means I can’t use the app at all. Very disappointed.

Happy. I love this app would definitely use in other groups

Love the wish list But!. Great way to draw names when everyone is spread out and won’t be together before the event. The wish list is great but you can’t click on it to get a better look or change color and size. You need to be able to type a note with the item. So the giver knows exactly what you want.

Suggestions. I wish I could us the same list of names when creating a new celebration. And not have to reenter names again

Easy Christmas. This was a well planned app. We are saving money this year by drawing names. With your app, you made life so much easier! Right down to adding stores and wish lists. Perfection!

Good stuff. Very nice, very easy to use, definitely worth using, great for any celebration

Christmas gifts. Great way to buy for people who are hard to buy for. This is the 1st time we have used this APP. Will use it again.

Great app, even greater customer service. i’ve been using this website for years and happy to see it as an app. I recently had a problem with seeing the wishlist items, but they were quick to fix the problem and let me know. I can’t wait to keep using this app for years to come :)

Great potential. This app would be amazing if it let you sign in to your already created lists. I’m using it on a web browser for now but hope this will be updated soon!

Fun and easy. This is a great app. Super easy and fun…. And I love the options for a wish list that has items under the amount we chose!

Confused. I got this app to do a gift exchange with my friends but after a few days of having the app I went to look at my friends wishlists and the app said something went wrong and I kept trying but I couldn’t get it to work. I asked my friends if they were also having this problem and they said yes. I hope this problem can be resolved because this app was much better than others I have tried.

Crashing like crazy. The app keeps crashing, like, an insane amount of times. Deleted and installed several times and every time I get just a little bit further in the name drawing process, it crashes. I’m up to the where the selector is about to land on a name and, as soon it does, it immediately crashes afterward.

Data collection. I almost never write reviews, but this was so bad with so many positive reviews that I felt compelled to try to balance things out. I wanted to do a drawing for a group of kiddos, none of which have emails, I just want a list of who buys for whom… this is not possible. Could have been so simple, this service unnecessary complicates it in order to get user data. Would rate it 0 out of 5 if possible.

Um.. Great idea, although execution could be worked on. All we need is for the app to be exactly like the website, just adding that you could use your one account to view multiple grab bags that you are in with that email/account. So yes please just make it like the website! Thanks

This is exciting. This is easy and fun to be able to get a large groups drawings done and without putting additional stress on the person who was organizing this.

App and Website don’t work together at all. Hello, I joined a secret Santa with my friends through a website link. After I had joined I could not access the group through the app because I had “already joined” the group. This was infuriating because I had just made my wishlist on the app without it ever telling me that I had no access to my secret Santa group. Even logging in did not help because I had not logged in on the website when given the link because it had not offered. This is just really upsetting and disappointing for an app with so much potential. The developers somehow just really messed up an idea that could work well.

App Crashing. My family did this app for Christmas. However, the app kept crashing I’ve tans over and over, and we were not able to draw names. I think it is an amazing concept if they can get it to stop crashing.

Needs log-in support! Can only view drawn name’s wish list - not others!. I was excited when I learned that Draw Names now has an app. However, there are NECESSARY improvements that are lacking. These features, to my knowledge, are functions of the browser version that I expected would be present in the app. 1. You CANNOT log in … yet. When will this support be added? 2. You can ONLY view the wish list of your drawn name. It was so fun to look at the wish lists of others! 3. Search and details are VERY limited. Not as big a deal if you could add text to a selected item. Might be best to simply use text to specify your item - that is an available feature but not straightforward. See apps Q&A section that they added recently. This seems like a very premature app rollout. I really liked using Draw Names in the browser previous years because you could see other peoples lists and see what was bought (expect for your own). Hopefully this can change with an update in the near future. For now, I will heavily be recommending the browser version if these functions are still allowed. I’ll edit this review when I am notified that an update has occurred that resolves these issues.

Drawing names for secret Santa. This is my first time using this app. My brother invited me to join because we always do a secret Santa each Christmas. It was really easy to set up. I also really like that we can add a wishlist for our secret Santa to see. My only criticism is that I felt like my choices for my wishlist were limited. I’m not sure if it was because I entered my gender and age and that really shrunk my choices.

App works well…BUT inappropriate suggestions. The app is great, however, when one of my my family members was searching for wish list ideas, she came across a bizarre book on “Premature ejaculation” as well as a disturbing sex toy. Both were tucked into very benign places you would absolutely NOT expect to find such a suggestion. Nothing wrong with people wishing for these kinds of gifts, but, there should be a warning label. So: for name drawing; A+ Wish List suggestions; F-

Can’t use the app on more than one device. I downloaded the app from an invitation I received from my niece. I use my tablet for just about everything since the screen is larger. I went to the store and needed to see what the persons name I drew but can’t access the app. I needed to see their wish list to make sure I was getting something they asked for. I don’t want to have to carry my big tablet into a store. I would rather use my phone which I carry everywhere. It would be nice to be able to use the app across a phone and tablet.

Seems great but has issues. Seems that the App offers a way to connect out of town family/friends to virtually pick a secret Santa or Grab bag Name. You can select the participants, set up exclusions & include your wish list. The issue - I followed the steps to delete a “celebration” but it does not work. So now, the participants are getting g different invites. Ugh

Question. Is it possible to add participants once you’ve already made a list and sent out invitations?

Christmas list. You think it would b a no brained to allow a person to write their own list of things they may want instead of having to pick off of what is available

Really awesome specialized app. Who would think some one would create a Secret Santa App??? This is an awesome app for managing a gift exchange. Just create a name for your celebration, add participants and exclusion rules (ie people is same household cannot draw each others names) and easily send invitations by email, text or whatever. The ability for each person to create their own wish list is just brilliant. Great job!

So friggin AWESOME!!!!. I tried this app on the recommendation of a cousin. I LOVE IT!!! I haven’t made my purchase yet but when I tell you that this app made my day for exchanging across the States is NOT simple!!!! Thanks.

Very Useful. This app takes the guess work out of wether the distribution of names are being handled fairly or not. 😃

The Best!!!. My family has been using DrawNames since 2013. It gets better by the years. I love the addition of the app. I look forward to using it.

Really like the app!. I really like the app and it’s very simple to use. I had ideas on how to improve the app and messaged the creators and they emailed me almost immediately with help and feedback. Their customer service is what people dream of! I expect this app to make some changes and really do well!

Good app. I wasn’t able to be with my family physically so I decided to use this app to decide what we would get each other for Christmas 🥰😊

Pointless. I was excited when I saw that there was an app but when I realized I couldn’t look at my account with my groups on it it seems pointless. I see people in the reviews saying the same thing and the company responding back that it would be a good idea to add that in the future but I don’t see the point of even creating at this app without the main purpose being able to log in…… Whoever designed this app needs to go back to school

No bio section or extra info notes option. I want to be able to include info like sizing, shoe sizing, colors, plan B colors in case one is unavailable. Also extra notes and details for items I also want to know for my friends’ stuff because J don’t want to ask them it will ruin the surprise. Fix please.

Poor execution. This app doesn’t make much sense to me. My family has been using DrawNames for a long time. I always thought an app would be so helpful. The problem here is I can’t login and I can’t get access to the celebrations already in progress. Hopefully this will get resolved soon. I would love to be able to use it during this holiday season!

Almost perfect!. Doing two families, you can’t exclude your other family names. You might still end up with your spouse or children.

Used a few years, works great. I’ve used this app for a few secret Santa-style gift drawings and it’s worked great. You can use previous lists from prior drawings, set exclusions for siblings etc and enter gift suggestions and lists, with links.

Secret Santa. Used this app for my families secret Santa. Very easy and simple to use, straightforward. I didn’t need to get anyone’s email. just a copy and paste of the link. From then on, we each create a wishlist and then a pinwheel draws a name for us. Love it, will use future events

Only works occasionally. Keep getting “oops….something went wrong “ several times before the app works

Great concept, but needs a lot of work.. We created a whole thing for Family and it wasn’t working correctly for a couple of us. We had to delete it and when we logged back in we couldn’t sign in and go from where we started. It wanted us to start a whole new drawing.

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Mrs. Easy and fun

Best group app!. This app is a time saver! Third year in a row we are using it for our family Kk! It ensures the same people are not randomly picked as the year before and it connects straight to Amazon where you can make a wish list for your secret Santa to choose something for! Satisfaction guaranteed!! Highly recommend this app!!

Too good to be true. I have used the website of this for many years and this year my group has migrated to the app. This is amazingly convenient. I get notifications when my person updates anything, most stuff in on Amazon which is easy coz I have Amazon prime, and it gives me any ideas for what to get my person. So glad these guys have done this.

Very Disappointing.. I put 8 things on my list this year, and my gift giver could only see the word “ lights”. (Which was not a word on my list). Hence that was translated to and I was given a candle. One of the 8 items on my list said ‘no candles please I have plenty’. So disappointing when I only received 2 gifts this year.

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Do not use!. App doesn’t work at all- my family drew names and it turned out two of us drew the same name.. resulting in someone getting no gift… AVOID!!!!!

Not working correctly. Made my event, added my members(7) , 5 of us got on and started no problem….3 hours later someone tries to accept their invite and they get an error saying they’ve already been accounted for…I as organizer go an select that name & see the wish list of another member is somehow attached to the other members name now..one wish list..2 different members with the unjoined member being denied access 🤔 SO, I delete the members name having issues, and it unselected a different members draw now, fair enough. I re-add the member who was being denied access, and bam, they get in (woohoo!) except no, no, the joy is short lived. Now I have my 7 members , only 1 hasn’t joined & dawn a name …YET only 5 of us are showing up as having drawn, and 2 are showing as having not drawn yet…only 1 of those 2 is valid…the other is NOT….the other is the group member who was made to REDRAW a name after I had to remove and re-add the first member that was having difficulty…and that member is back In the "hasn't drawn yet" portion of the list again despite having drawn and knowing who they're buying for ...and is unable to see their picks wish list....it's also showing on their end that only 2 members have drawn ...and that the 5 who HAVE drawn have not...so this app is extremely buggy and I can't figure out how to fix this without recreating the whole damn event , resending invites and creating our wish lists all over again...why would we want to do that!? So lame. What a let down. Developer , pls let me know what to do to fix this situation, or take this app off the market. It isn't working correctly, period.

More annoying to install than it should be. I got sent a link by text for this app. But the link was not clickable, so copy and paste. First strike. I could only copy the entire text. So paste to notes, then select copy paste to get to the site. Strike 2. Then, once I got the app installed, instead of taking me to the group, I had to go back to the invitation link to actually get into my secret Santa group.

Makes everything easier. Straightforward function

Just draw names on paper.. This app ruined our Christmas exchange, it generated two people giving a present to one person. Leaving one person getting no gift. Absolutely killed the holiday spirit.

App is not as good as website. It's not letting me sign in to my account. Better to use with website

Easy and straightforward. Very easy to use for everyone and simplified the process immensely!!

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App does what it says. Did what it was supposed to do. I’m good with that.

Wish listless. Can't even click on other people wishlist. Waste my time n downloaded the app. Guess back to using website

From all the taken names. All messed up, had to do it twice. Still don’t know if this one will work!

Errors galore. The app doesn’t work properly. Constant errors before you can get to work.

Awesome App!. I never write reviews, but this app is awesome! I love how organized & easy everything is! Great app!!!

Cool guy. This app is for nerds

Love this app. Brings family & friends together

Errors Out. We loved this app last year, and I was looking forward to using it again for 2023, but, it just errors out.

Does not Work. Crashes constantly after newest update.

Review. Good and fun

Error. Keeps saying ooops something went wrong and I’m unable to see what my person wants since the app is unavailable

Crashing. Won’t even open the app for me now. Just stayes on the first screen with the present

I’m loving this APP 🥰. This application is so fast, easy and accurate! I appreciate the design ❤️

Perfect Santa!. So fun and EASY to use! Used for my friend group and office!

Great app. The best. Perfect app for secret Santa

Neat-neat. Great way to draw names and even gives you ideas.

HORRIBLE WISHLIST. Only gives you a few stores to pick items from, really frustrating!! Most of the items are knock offs too.

Efficient cost effective gift system. Much more reasonable than buying everyone gifts

Question-concern. My app got removed & im the creator can I not get back into it ??

Easier way. Made it so easy !

5. Great for gatherings

Help. Help I’m the organizer and can’t access my group!

Review. Love this app! Such a great idea!

App Crashing. My family did this app for Christmas. However, the app kept crashing I’ve tans over and over, and we were not able to draw names. I think it is an amazing concept if they can get it to stop crashing.

Girls Weekend. Love this and it’s SO! Much fun!!!

Wishlist. Would be great if you can actually open your drawn individuals wishlist. You can only see portion of wishes.

Too many error messages. I really like it but really gotta do something with these “oops, something went wrong” try again.

The coolest app!!!. Love this!! It makes shopping for someone soo EASY! Also super fun!!!!!!

Very handy!. I love it!

Worth it. So easy to use

app. The app not work on iPhone XR

Bad design. Draw names is cool. But this app only allows you to create a new one. There is no way to attach yourself to the events you are already a part of. You have to us the web for that.

Missing Skill. The app doesn’t allow me to delete a celebration.

Christmas list. You think it would b a no brained to allow a person to write their own list of things they may want instead of having to pick off of what is available

Ruchard. Simplifies gift giving.

It works. Best app for secret santa!

Husband. The app will NOT allow my wife to do this for me… Everyone knows the wife does the Christmas shopping.

No sign in. It doesn’t let me sign in to let me see my current secret Santa I’m signed up for on my laptop. Please include sign in option

Wishlist. When creating a wish list I can not click on item to see description or shipping prices.

App is down!!!. We already drew and now the app is down…what a bummer! Please help!!!

how do i see the comments. help

Was good, until it stopped working. All the sudden I cannot login and access my group. The app says there has been an error and for two days I have been unable to access the group.

Not happy. I can’t pick the size of an item clothes or bed sheets or shoes. And I can message the person I have. The online website is much better.

Cool app, but. This app is nice, but every time I try to log in or draw a name it keeps saying “An error occurred, try again.” I tried restarting and even deleting to all to fix it. Still doesn’t work.

Buggy. Unreliable. Does not load often for our whole group.

Good stuff. Very nice, very easy to use, definitely worth using, great for any celebration

Fun fun. This is a really fun way to draw names.

Trash. Trash there’s no option to change peoples names

My account?. Why isn’t there an option to log into my DrawNames account on the app so I can continue to use my previous groups?

So easy!!. App was easy and efficient.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.43.0
Play Store com.meetrixonline.DrawNamesUS
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Drawnames (Versiyon 1.43.0) Install & Download

The application Drawnames was published in the category Lifestyle on 04 October 2021, Monday and was developed by Meetrix Online [Developer ID: 869272631]. This program file size is 58.48 MB. This app has been rated by 23,239 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Drawnames - Lifestyle app posted on 05 October 2023, Thursday current version is 1.43.0 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.meetrixonline.DrawNamesUS. Languages supported by the app:

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You now have the option of using last year's celebration again – an easy way to make sure that no one draws the same name as before! And you can now log in even faster via Google, Facebook or Apple.

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