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Bumble - Meet New People [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

Over 50 million people have signed up for Bumble to start building valuable relationships, finding friends, and making empowered connections.

Creating new connections has never been easier. Bumble is working to lift the stigma of online dating by employing unprecedented standards for respectful behaviour. Because of this relentless dedication, millions of people are using Bumble to build valuable relationships every single day.


Bumble is at the forefront of matchmaking technology by providing an app that allows users to foster more than just romantic connections. The industry-leading app empowers users to swipe through potential connections across three different modes:

Bumble Date: On Bumble Date, women make the first move. We’ve changed the archaic rules of the dating game so that you can form meaningful relationships in a respectful way.
Bumble BFF: Life is better with friends. Whether you’re new to a city or looking to expand your circle, Bumble BFF is the easiest way to make new friends.
Bumble Bizz: Now we’re in business. Use Bumble Bizz to network, find mentors, and create new career opportunities.

Bumble is the first app of its kind to bring dating, friend-finding, and career-building into a single social networking platform.


At Bumble, women make the first move. In heterosexual matches, the woman has 24 hours to make the first move and the man has 24 hours to respond. In same-sex matches, either person has 24 hours to make the first move, while the other individual has 24 hours to respond, or else, the connection expires. By prompting our users to be bold and make the first move we’ve seen over 3 billion messages sent to date.


“Bumble exists to empower women...” (Fast Company)
“Bumble is just an app: but it’s changing the discussion.” (Wired)
“Bumble offers an alternative that prioritises meaningful connections, with women calling the shots:” (UK Sunday Times)
“Bumble rejects hate speech to make users feel safe on its dating app” (Texas Standard)
“What makes Bumble different from other dating apps...is its focus on giving women all the power. ” (Business Insider)


Bumble is free to download and use, and that will never change for our main features. However, if you’re looking to get the most from Bumble, you can subscribe to our optional subscription product Bumble Boost.
We offer weekly, monthly, 3 month and 6 month subscriptions giving discounts to the weekly price. The prices may vary per country and are subject to change without notice. Prices are clearly displayed in the app.

* Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
* Your subscription will automatically renew itself, unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
* Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
* You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings in the iTunes Store.
* If offered, if you choose to use our free trial, any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to that publication, where applicable
* If you don’t choose to purchase Bumble Boost, you can simply continue using and enjoying Bumble for free.

Your personal data is securely stored on Bumble - be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions:

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Bugs and performance fixes. (Woohoo!)

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- Bumble

Cool beans my guy

- Glitchy

The app itself rarely works properly. Too many bugs.

- Options

It’s awful ... I should decide what age group of Women I want . Not bumble .

- What the bumble!

Bumble is this app that has a great idea, but the developers do not know to create that idea into an app. A huge disappointment has just came from the app where they are charging a “premium service” $10.99 a week for the same old bumble that hardly worked before, nothing different has changed in this app except for limiting our likes and charging us a premium.....

- Bumble is disappointing

You have to pay for everything and if you swipe to much you have to wait a whole day also it’s very expensive for a membership 11$ a week I’ll pass also if you want to change your location you have to pay for that to very greedy app

- Great app, terrible decisions made.

End of the beeline needs to be removed, or at least offer a free trial for your services.

- Lame App

If you’re a real man don’t download this, stick to Tinder. They will just block you for nothing, just because you rejected a woman you felt too boring for you. She can just report you, saying you made her uncomfortable, and they will permanently block you for this! Soo lame...

- All SPAM or fake accounts don't waste your time

Everyone on here is a fake account. They respond for a few conversations and then never again. Make plans to meet and all of a sudden no longer have an account or ghost you. Even the ones with verified face or linked IG. I even found a guy who I matched withs linked IG account and the real guy had no idea. Avoid this app. Fake accounts. Robots. Scams.

- Tried and so far nothing

Been trying here for a while and even attempted their premium stuff to no avail got maybe 3 likes in that time frame and most women I passed through wanted to be messaged on other platforms or never took the first step and messaged when there was a match so far this has been a colossal waste of my time and money sadly seems like a good idea in theory but for me moving on to something else just want to find a relationship and this has proven I won’t find it on here

- Prompts

I’d really like to be able to delete the personality prompt questions, rather than switching to a different prompt. I didn’t know when I started the app that if you answer three questions you can’t then decide to only have two questions or one question, you have to have three.

- Doesn’t works

I decided to download bumble, handsome guys and I thank “wow now I’ll start to date” but no, doesn’t works, I pass all my week giving likes, I payed for the app, i change the filters but nothing works. How it’s possible? 1 weekends swiping for right and nothing? This app it’s a shame

- Text color

White text on a yellow background is very hard to see if you are colorblind

- not reliable

lots of fake people

- Pretty cool app

Liking this app so far. Been rather useful for me so far. I’ve gotten some matches already which is pretty exciting. I’ll continue using the app until I finding someone to meet in person.

- It’s ok, the problem is women don’t follow directions

I guess women don’t know how to read or follow directions on this app. On this app women need to make the first move in messaging otherwise you’ll lose the match with that person. Which means there was no point in matching if you miss the match due to not messaging first. I’ve gotten so many likes and matches and as of now, only one person actually did what’s instructed😂. It’s like even if you are forced to make the first move women just get too proud I guess and want us men to do the first move but the app does not let you do it because like I said earlier, women make the first move once you match in this app😅. But other than that, the app is ok it would be better though if people followed directions or don’t let their ego get in the way.

- Great way too meet a shemale

So yeah only some trans persons actually talk

- Pretty Lame Date App

I’m sure I’m a fairly attractive dude. Meeting girls in person, striking a conversation, and getting a number isn’t too difficult. I got this app because I’m too busy to hit any bars or clubs. But for some reason, meeting girls on this app is tough. I rarely get any matches and once I do, their chance to initiate the conversation passes over and we are unmatched (in bumble, the girl has 24 hours to initiate messaging, then the guy needs to respond in 24 hours). So, I thought maybe my search area is too small a footprint. I upped my search radius from 10mi to 50. As a result, my beeline immediately went from ~25 to “75+.” (Beeline is a feature that queues people interested in you but you can’t see them unless you pay) A few hours later, my beeline went from 75+ back down to ~25, even though the search radius was left at 50mi. I’m convinced bumble is keeping me away from matches that it statistically knows I’m going to swipe right on. Aannd! It knows who’s active of not. So, if I get a match, it’s probably with someone that’s not active. I’m not convinced paying is any better, either. The app is going to play the same games to draw you in to pay more, for little to no reward. So, if you’re having difficulty getting matches, I think it’s Bumble playing it’s algorithmic games. Not you. Yup. No thanks!

- Moderated first no reason

What is increasingly disturbing with Bumble and other dating apps is the ability for a possibly disgruntled user to report another simply out of spite. The recipient receives no explanation whatsoever or has any recourse once they’ve been moderated or warned for “behavior”. I have experienced this a couple times now and have absolutely no idea the source or reason behind being moderated, because all my conversations have been perfectly normal and even boring. There seems to be no way to find the.source or appeal. I would be upset if my account were suspended because of the insecure whims of another user. Until there is a more thorough vetting process when one user reports another, I say a Bumble is garbage.

- Swipe Limit

The daily swipe limit feature is especially annoying right now when we’re stuck in quarantine. At least consider waiving that for the time being because we’re all broke and no one is going to spend their stimulus check on this app.

- Be careful

I created a profile that allow me to use for half a day. Just after I paid to Change membership the app stop working. I emailed and they told me didn’t find my information. So I disappear all of the sudden. Customer service didn’t respond after my request of explanation. Gives what they did charge me the 10.99 no answer from customer service

- Poor CS and details

Disappointed in so many areas. It’s like Tinder but not even good as that! Ya...it’s that bad

- Going Backwards

I really did like bumble. But now it’s like tinder. They just want you to pay money to use the app at this point. There’s now a limit on how many times you can swipe on people a day? Super disappointed

- Can’t log in

Somehow I was logged out, and when I tried to log back in and continue with Facebook, it wouldn’t let me. I tried logging in with my phone number and it didn’t work either/didn’t recognize my information.

- This app is going down hill fast

I get that it has to make money for people to be paid but 10-20 swipes and you have to wait till the next day to use it?!?! Or......you can pay. Talk about rationing the freeness.

- Terrible Administrative Assistance and it’s really just another dating app.

I erase my phone regularly just like any security conscious 21st century mobile user should, and confront login difficulties when trying to access my account once it’s been downloaded again.... This brings me to a prompt of 3 available options: 1.) Sign in with Facesuck (which I have held no account for a Long time) 2.) Sign in with mobile number. (Mobile number shouldn’t be necessary for an app that could be downloaded to a random (non-phone) device (i.e. iPod,etc) 3.) Create a new Account. - which, why create a new account when I have notifications going to my (already linked) email of matches and such. After contacting their administrative team to be serviced.... I’m met with this reply; “ Hello, Currently, the solution for the issue you are facing is to delete and re-download the app until the Apple sign-in option appears again. I understand how frustrating this can be and I apologize for any inconvenience it might cause. “ All I can say is.... Wow. The answer to your terrible service is, “download the thing until your given the magic login option”. 👎🖕 If the first 15 or so tries haven’t been enough, let me try another 15, or will it be 30, maybe another 45??? Perhaps logging on with the email with which you started would be helpful.......🤔🤨

- Review

Good app like layout it’s simple

- Past right slid

It’s need a an option for me to go back and see the one that I slide to the right

- Doesn’t work properly on iOS

It doesn't work properly on iPhone, and has a problem.

- Ridiculous

The app only lets you filter on people who have kids and don’t want more, have kids and want more, those who don’t want kids, and those who want kids. Why can’t you filter for those who do not have kids??? If you’re looking for only people who do not have kids (which is different from not wanting kids) there is no way to filter this basic parameter and you end up wasting a lot of time.

- Overall the app is great, however has terrible gestures for swipes

Overall, I have no issues with the app, aside from the swiping gestures. Specifically, if you are right handed, and try to swipe up on a profile and view more, you will frequently find yourself swiping right due to poor gesture controls, and is exasperated by the fact that Bumble doesn’t allow you to undo a right swipe.

- Fake accounts

Way too many fake accounts! You’ll get nothing from this. I know a few and had a few. Nothing worth writing home about. 80 % fake accounts ! Better off on any other dating site...

- Great App

At first I was weary, but downloading Bumble was the best decision of my life. Don’t make a single change to the algorithm guys. Keep up the good work!

- Why is bumble charging after quarantine

I downloaded bumble to use it as a way to have interaction while still being socially distant and to my surprise it is now charging after you swipe a certain amount of times. Trying to be lucrative in a moment like this and taking advantage of the human pain and isolation is something just very despicable. People are losing their jobs and don’t even have money to pay rent and you still just wanna take their money out of their pockets? Remarkable

- Wish it was better

I keep getting notifications saying people like me and to check out your likes but when I do there’s nothing there and it says you don’t have any likes keep swiping. I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for this app and was told and heard great things. Thought id check it out but not Impressed in the least at the moment

- Rip off tinder

Bumble tried to set itself apart from tinder by making the one difference that girls had to talk first to the men. This completely and utterly ruined it. Not to mention, the girls at my school who represent Bumble are incredibly annoying and self centered (Temple University) F*ck bumble!

- End of the line

I get maybe 10 to 20 swipes per day before it tells me I’ve hit the end of the line and that I need to come back tomorrow or pay. I’ve gone on a few dates from this app when I wasn’t paying so this new update is ridiculous.

- I was blocked as soon as i signed up

What was that?? The very first minute i joined i was blocked !!!!

- Awful app/don’t download

As a girl you only get about 20-25 swipes per day if your are looking for any type of connections. But as a dude you basically can’t do anything and you have to pay for everything. It keeps telling me that I ran out of swipes and to come back tomorrow. But to be honest I’m just going to delete this app. It’s glitchy, fake matches and once again I only get a certain amount of swipes. Why can’t it go back to how it was a couple years ago, the app was so much better then. Do not download this app, try a different app. Also, make sure to read the reviews before paying for anything. Apparently they will scam you out of your money. I was so close to buying a boaster (or whatever it’s called), good thing I didn’t.

- Boost Is a Rip-Off

Bumble has made it super hard to cancel what is a seemingly innocent feature- aboost during prime hours. A simple one-click leads you like my Country folk would describe as “crabs in a bucket” to the top of the heap. Nice thought. Until you like most people find weeks go by being charged $9.99 per week= $40.00 per month for a service in my case, I did once or twice. What a Rip off. And though clearly stated in the small print to cancel you have to 1) go to the app store 2) find your apple ID 3) sign in 4) Click on subscriptions 5) Manage subscriptions 6) Find Bumble 7) End the $40.00 per monthboost. Greed in its finest- on display. dear bumble ceo- how about making your users click thru 7 different screens to sign up for boost, and one click to end their subscription? Larry D. Aka Bumble rips-off its users!

- Algorithm

I’m finding that the algorithm Bumble uses doesn’t show my profile to enough people — with tinder matching is easy for me. The matches that I’ve made on Bumble, however, have been genuine and generally pretty decent as compared to tinder. I like the app, don’t like that I’d have to pay for my profile to be seen.

- Can’t contact the site

So I’m 23, and bumble locked me out saying “come back when I’m 17” lol I mean I’m flattered, but not leaving a good review due to he fact you can’t contact them to resolve this, I don’t even know how it would say I’m underage when I put my birthdate? Dumbbbbb. Don’t recommend this site

- Trash

I get like 4 swipes a day then it says come back tomorrow or spend all your money which I would never spend anything on a dating app.... but 4 free swipes? Y’all that desperate for money now? Things not working out? Or fix the app maybe?

- End of the line

App used to be awesome. After about 10 minutes of using it again, it says I hit the end of the line? I don’t know what that’s all about.

- It used to be the best dataing apps now it is lots of fake

It used to be the best dating apps now it is lots of fake accounts and gives you like 6 swips then your done foe the rest of the day very glitchy app they want you to pay no matter what

- I screwed up already

Had this app for about 2 days and when i scroll i keep accidentally liking and disliking people. this is actually pretty frustrating, maybe make the swiping sensitivity lower so we don’t have to face this issue?

- No matches ever

They never have enough peoole to swipe and then the people disappear and have to wait bc h swiped to much.

- Used to be good

It used to be good. Now they just want more money. They made it so now you can only like so many people in a day or pay. They raised the price on it. 👎🏻 waste of time now.

- Review

Love this app

- Hard as a guy

I used to wonder if girls liked me, now thanks to bumble I know they don’t

- Better than tinder

Not nearly as many bots/scams. Got matches and chats within 2 days. Also doesn’t show you people who are way older than you and live in other states

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- To expensive

You have to pay to see people you’ve matched with and can’t rematch or talk to those you accidentally missed the time allotment of a day on. .

- Purchases

How come I cannot restore my apps. I had boots for a few days in my account. I deleted and made another and now I can’t get it?

- Bumble’s response to Corona Virus

Bumble has now limited the number of right swipes you can do. Way to take advantage of people when they are most in need of human contact. Pathetic and greedy should be Bumble’s motto.

- M

More matches on spotlight

- Why do women “have” to message first?

I find it slightly odd that women have to be the one to initiate the conversation . It should be either or .

- Need Customerservice to walk me thru convo

Love to talk to Cust Serv re navigation on app & site. Don’t know how to use site. Don’t think your app is working properly. Kept getting alerts that I have connections but when I opened app, I don’t see new connection. Also, when I come across men I I like, I couldn’t connect with him/ them. Isn’t because I haven’t paid u yet?Help.

- Facile et agréable

Je trouve les profils ici intéressants et humble du fait qu’ils savent que ce sont les femmes qui doivent faire le premier pas. A date très satisfaite

- liars


- Prejudice

Whats the point of an app when u cant talk to someone first

- So this is where all the doctors, lawyers and investment bankers are...

FaceTune, fake pics, chat bots, OnlyFans members and Snap ‘performers’ are all over this place. Also, be careful they don’t catch you with a mirror selfie. Sure, you can tune and photoshop your pictures until they leave no semblance of your actual appearance, but watch out for those selfies.

- Pretty Damn Good

Takes awhile to find the right person but i did find my best friend on this app.

- Dozens of useless notifications

Fuck this

- Meh

If everyone has to specify what their height is, why not make everyone specify what their weight is? Think about it. Enough with the double standards. Other than that, the app is okay. I get WAY more matches and authentic connections on Hinge.

- Disappointment

For the amount of questions I answered not one... nice concept disappointing results.

- Review of bumble

This is the most stupid dating app. You can’t express yourself or speak your mind or bumble will block you...... most are fake people......

- ehh

the app is v meh, and the boost is just crazy crazy expensive, and majorly a waste of money since you can’t really do anything with it. You have spend a lot of money if you’re trying to pay. Tinder is like half the price and kinda way better. So ya i rated low because i feel ripped off lol. This is why i deleted the app everytime i downloaded it. Harsh review but someone’s gotta be honest 😂

- Customer support is t r a s h

I'll start off with a bit of credit- this app can be a lot of fun. The options between friends/dating etc is great, it makes it different from other dating apps. However, my experience has been less than satisfying. Their website is frustrating to navigate, once I finally found a way to contact someone, a reply took so beyond long and ended up in my junk folder that I assumed I hadn't gotten one at all. App store states the app is 17+. So, I signed up at 17, two years ago, with my facebook account and phone number. I was then removed, "We'll see you when you're 18!" okay, fine. I cannot remove my phone number from association with the app. I cannot remove my facebook either, through FB or Bumble itself. My birthdate on FB obviously states that I am now over 18. I cannot contact anyone for help. I cannot provide proof that I am 18. I'm sad, as I much prefer Bumble over other dating apps, but honestly customer support is important and this site is lacking severely. Help??

- Sexiest

It only allows the females message the match first or the match is removed.

- Bumble is Cointelpro

Bumble is a data mining site by intel agencies who monitor and scan persons. It is a perception management campaign. Bumble is full of bots. Bumble is corrupt to the core and preys on the insecurity of men and women alike. Those who use Bumble are trapped in a hedonistic disposable culture having their morality deconstructed. Only the unlearned and unwise use such a pathetic tool to meet people. Bumble has no accountability and upholds no real moral standards. Satan owns Bumble, and Tinder and the rest of the deplorable measures sent out to deceive the masses. The real owners of Bumble are Jesuits.

- In-Active people

There are many people on here who are in active for months or a year, or barely use bumble. They shouldn’t be on the feed or line up. If they are in-active for more then 2 weeks. It should drop them out, and then drop them back in once they do.

- Have to Pay for everything!

Please don’t west your time guys this app sucks, you have to pay to see if someone liked your pic’s etc, even to chat with someone you’ve to PAY,PAY!! 😡

- Can’t use the app

It keeps saying I don’t have photos uploaded. Can’t use the app at all

- Scam!

I paid to see my matches, only to find out not a single person was within my distance set or other preferences. Nice way to make money Bumble!

- Charged twice

I was charged twice trying to reactivate my boost.

- This is ridiculously expensive.

Not impressed with the cost of this service. Super overpriced. Not worth it...

- It’s trash and expensive

This app related to girls who makes the exception on you. If they like you you can chat but pay first, unfortunately Ive had tried this app for 6 months now. Haven’t got likes, winks or interested. I wonder if these profiles are fake and girls don’t respond to you. I’m definitely going to delete it RIP Bumble who is humble for men’s money with no sense of using this app

- Best dating app

They have the best customer service, and overall the best app for dating

- Bumble bee stings

This app works better then I thought, I wish I could do an age range as 55 year old cougars are to old . Unless they want to pay me!

- Why won’t you let me in??

Soo for the pass 4 days I tried logging in on top y bumble account and for some reason it won’t load pass the page cover. No matter how many times I delete and re download it won’t let me access my account 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

- Unfair moderation & $$ scam

I downloaded the app about 6 months ago & opted to pay the 6 month fee to see my matches in hopes of maybe not missing someone worth while. In the past 6 months, I’ve made very few matches due to lack of variety within 40km of my area. I literally get maybe 4 swipes a day before there’s nobody around so I’ve met nobody worth my time. Clearly Bumble is dying off. Then about 2 weeks ago, I deleted all but one picture of myself & changed my bio to read, “I don’t really think I’m going to find what I’m looking for in this life, here on these dating apps” Honesty, Kindness, Outdoors, Fitness, Sobriety, Spirituality looking for similar”... One week later, I go to log in even though I haven’t even had any active conversations in weeks & my account is BANNED for reports of using hate speech? Hate what?.. Bumble? YES! I HATE BUMBLE!! Use Tinder or go on eHarmony

- Bumble helped me find my first boyfriend at age 24

Thank you Bumble

- This app is the reason I go back to my ex

Just no.

- Shadow bans

I’ve done my own investigation into this app by creating different profiles. This app appears to shadow ban male profiles. Basically what I did was use my pics on my phone and then have a friend use my pics on his phone. On his phone I got a decent amount of matches, yet on my phone I got 1 match who was transgender. I realize this shadow ban is a result of me deleting my old account before creating a new one. You need to factor in your algorithms that it’s harder for men to find a date than women. Studies show 80% of women go for the top 20% of men in looks, money and status so it would be fair to allow every man equal exposure on the app, and not discriminate whether he makes a new account, or messages too many women. Guys develop serious self esteem issues due to thinking they are not attractive From dating apps and what you are doing is making men feel unworthy by hiding out profiles. I want to face bumble management head on about the issue (if there is such a thing). I might even take this to court

- Horrible

Got my account banned twice for no reason, which is pathetic when I reached out to them no answer.... don’t pay for services if you’re a guy...

- Blank page

I’m trying to use the BFF option of the app but when I swipe to get started there’s only a white blank page. Nothing comes up, I don’t know what’s going on

- Catfish

Horrible catfishes on this app and they do nothing about it

- Great

Bumble is amazing and I love it. Best app ever.

- Horrible chat bubble colour

Who chose mustard yellow as the other persons chat bubble colour windows? Probably the worst colour you can use and I can barely read what they typed. And the 24hr time limit to reply is BS. That’s not long enough.

- Enough with the GIFs

Really don’t want GIFs popping up every time I type. Incredibly distracting.

- Why is your app not opening

I made an account and can’t get past the create profile stage. It just shows a blank white screen with bumble logo at the top. Want to delete NOW

- Scam

Went through all the swipes I could, several times. Wasn’t getting any likes so I spent 10 bucks to get coins for a boost, each boost only got me 1 like that wouldn’t show up when I went through all my swipes again. I know I have a good profile since I had friends help me with it, make and female. Also, the 14 day boost trial is NOT a boost! You’ll get charged for a 3 month membership, which also won’t help get matches! They also refuse to give you a refund, even though claiming it’s a trial is a lie

- Terrible not working

If you are not a facebook user ghis app just wont work, it rely on facebook to log you in and find people. Even if you try to login or create an account with your phone number, the app will be blocked right after you select which gender you are into or looking for. Then its all blank and stops there. Useless app that used to work fine until I removed facebook from my life. I would give zero but you cant, TINDER IT IS, GO TINDER! At least Tinder is worth the monthly fee that I gladly pay into.

- Bought coins, never got them.

I bought bumble coins to superlike a person, but i never got the coins and the app glitched so I losses the persons page.

- Match system is broken

No matches

- It works

Found my person on this app :)

- Age

I accidentally put the wrong year I was born. I know this was my fault but it kinda sucks now that I have to wait and can’t make another account.

- Not sure why... I can't log in??

I deleted the app. Downloaded it again. Tried to sign in with FB. Hit continue and it just stays on the home page??


After the update I couldn’t open my app, I deleted at downloaded it again and now I can’t use my Facebook to sign in so I’ve basically lost those conversations.

- Day one great! But not so much after

I’ve noticed that After about 72 hours selections drop down drastically!!! Not sure why that is. And men don’t pay for Bumble, I found out but women do! I guess that’s because of the women expected to take the lead. Not too cool with that.... 😕

- Tinder is better

Everything costs money on this app, and everything on the app just isn’t fluent .. tinder is better in every way, amount of people, matches, overall app ... Went through everyone in my area, any matches I got didn’t communicate before the time was up .. At least tinder, the night I made it I woke up with 40 matches the next day, this app not so much.

- Mr David

My app has completely crashed. It’s a screen only and this is the second time. I have also just paid for the boost and written to the company twice and had no response. Terrible customer service

- white text on a yellow background?

it hurts my eyes it’s hard to read. I can’t change it. why not? usability should beat branding.

- Software glitch took my money!

I’d been using the app for a while, wasn’t too bad, the software was pretty good most the time. Then one day, the app glitched and I tried to exit but it instead authorised a payment of $60 to buy a subscription. It is impossible to get a refund back from this no matter what you tell them. During this time, the COVID 19 pandemic I had to lose $60 I didn’t have on a subscription I didn’t want from an app I don’t use. The owners of this app have no sympathy for its users, and live to reap the benefits of their profit.

- I don’t get anyone

I haven’t had much chance

- More swipes to the right

I believe the amount to swipe to the right for a like, maybe be around 50 or less. If it were to increase to 100 that would be a good effort as it is very slow moving on here

- Limited swipes.

Thought I’d redownload bumble instead of tinder due to having unlimited swipes. I guess you removed it? Now you’re on par with tinder which is a shame. I may as well use tinder.

- Good app would recommend.

Just annoying how fast your likes run out on free. Work on it if you want people to use ur app more and make the wait time less😵

- Run out of swipes

Kicks tinder but know wants money too. Hey it’s a business and a free app. Take off the swipe limit might pay for better features..

- Bug

Doesn’t load anymore swipes after the prescribed time iv found after deleting and re installing I then would get new swipes plus messages I never got before I re uploaded done this twice now seems to be doing again and again

- Deedeedee

I tried logging in via my Apple ID and it doesn’t work at all.

- Fraud

Thanks for charging me for a service I don’t need and making it impossible to find how to cancel the subscription. Good one!!

- Users are not aware

I’ve used this app for awhile now, and a lot of the female users aren’t aware they should be the one who starts the conversation, matched with girls but can’t start conversation and they never send any messages and they just disappear after 24 hours, I’ve even seen profile that’s says I bet you won’t message me first, I hope bumble will solve this problem.

- Unhappy Bumble User..!

Downloaded this App just over a week ago. Paid for a subscription, I have swiped to like numerous potential matches, and have had no responses.. starting to wonder if any of the profiles are actually genuine..?

- Worst dating app

Thought tinder was bad but this is much worse

- Set up

Can’t get past uploading a photo

- I sick xoxo

Where’s the cocks at

- Discriminatory policy

In this app, if a man and a woman match, only the woman can initiate the conversation. Unashamedly sexist. Needs to be reported in its native country, for discrimination.

- Booted out, lost account

So what the hell happened man? I got booted out of the app and when trying to log back in my number wasn’t registered, Apple sign in wouldn’t work, and neither would Facebook? What’s going on? I’ve lost some great friends because of this, if I can’t get back into my account. If y’all have screwed me over I’m going to boycott the app

- Back to front app

So I’ve been doing alright on this app as a free user had all these hidden likes come up so I said why not I’ll give it a shot & paid for boost. Next minute all my likes disappeared even the ones I was messaging, sent bumble a msg to see if they can fix it or give me a refund & typically got an automated reply. Think I’ll stick to the old fashioned real life hi how are you

- Don’t use BFF

Bumble will only match you with the same gender 🙄 so if you want to make friends with the opposite gender don’t use this


They don’t even let you to put a review and continue to delete it ! They have created fake profiles to make women believe there are genuine guys on the app! They just want to take you money! The block you because you speak up !! Pretend there are complaints made against you, when you had over 50+swipes and only had one person in you mr chat list! How can that be possible You keep putting reviews and they keep deleting them !! Joke

- Limited swiping

I don’t know what’s happened but until recently I’ve only been able to swipe right on about 6 people before it says I’ve hit the end of the line for the day. Edit: just tried again after 24 hours and still no good, 15 swipe rights and I’ve been told I’ve hit the limit for the day

- Was charged over $300 due to bug in bumble system - no refund given

It’s been over three months of me asking bumble to look into the bug in their system which charged me over $300 in “bumble boost”. Each time I clicked on the “activate bumble boost” it told me the server was down and closed the app. Turns out each time I clicked they charged me $15. They are now refusing to even look into the issue or give me a refund.

- Hey

This app is locked can’t get my likes on as it won’t let me swipe is very frustrating Not good going to leave app???

- defective app

the app is very slow and freezes alot and wants to reset itself frequently

- Rubbish

What a joke, you get a limited amount of swipes per day. They don’t tell you this, it’s nowhere near as many as there used to be and they don’t tell you how many you have left. Just to encourage you to pay for more! Then you have to wait 24 hours until you can resume swiping! Pfft! I’ve got better things to do with my life. Tinder became a rip off joke and now this app has followed suit. This is the beginning of the end of online dating I reckon.

- Love at first swipe

Love at first swipe The app helps find guiñe people wanting real connections

- They sting you $80 for free trial

Pretty shameful that you guys do this. Dont call it a free trial then slug $80 straight away.. its criminal

- Bumble BFF is great

I use it for the bumble bff section. I have struggled with making girl friends in the past. On this app, there is a wide range of girls to meet but a lot of them say they want to meet up and then they never make an effort or stop talking. It has been a struggle but just over a month ago, I met this girl and we hang out all the time now and I am happy to call her my best friend. We are so close for the short time we have known one another and I feel like I have known her for years, I am so happy for this app for bringing us together. Definitely would recommend giving it a try

- Limited swipes

I used to love Bumble cause it wouldn’t be as limited as other apps like Tinder however it’s gotten worse. 15 swipes per day?! What a joke...

- Account has been hacked - no support

My account was hacked over the weekend and there is no support to report this , delete account , protect my personal data. I keep receiving messages from people who believe they are taking to me but actually they are getting scammed . I would advise to stay well away from this app TERRIBLE

- Not too bad but not great either

I think there’s a lot to be improved in this app. Eg. An option for kids: “open to discussion with my future partner” - little things like that can make a huge difference. Archive folder for those who have ghosted you or vice versa. An option to say they’re divorced but no kids, divorced with kids or single mum/dad ... it’s so annoying to find many single parent. The above choices can save a lot of time wasting.

- This app won’t let you exit!!!

I tried to cancel within 7 days. It said I could do this in settings. But I repeated did this - only to discover I was still being charged! I sent repeated emails but kept getting charged. Finally after a lot of carry on, I’ve got Apple looking into it. This is shameful behaviour and false advertising. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- stupid

They always say that your pics arent you when they are because the app developers must be ugly. also dont force me to update if i dont want to update. Deleted. This app is cringy and cancer. Trash.

- Do not worth

Disgusting app

- Review

Quality of men is quite bad compared to the other apps. I was going to pay for a subscription but now don’t think I will stay on this app for long , sorry.

- Review

I should be able to look through my search again and also by names.

- Privacy Comcerns

After using my number to register I am now getting nuisance phone calls and text messages number. Thanks for leaking my number and what other personal information Useless outsourced tech shambles 👎👎👎👎👎

- Bumble dont work on ipad

This app is alright but when i try to use from my ipad in Appstore it won’t show me the button of get. Seriously not good

- Daily match glitch

Was going well til recently Now it constantly tells me I’ve reached my daily limit, close the app then re-open and suddenly it works again - 5 more swipes and it does it again Put in a technical review only to tell me they have daily limits - yes I know but I’m tipping it’s more than 20 and the fact it does it even after I’ve swiped no on somebody

- Report

I never received any response to a scam I reported

- Bumble admins hack accounts

Bumble admins have access to your account and now won’t let me log in using my Facebook

- Careful before choosing boost

I choose boost but it still didn’t work. I emailed five times no reply. No phone number to call. Why don’t they leave phone numbers, is it because they know there will be issues, just not acceptable.

- Not working

I got bumbleboost and now it’s not unlocking the boost features

- Waste of time

Featureless and useless move on

- Falsely accused

Bumble accused me of having a fake profile,when it’s not. They believe the reporters without investigating it. I wouldn’t bother! POF is better!

- Missing Link

It tells me to go to settings to widen my search, but there’s no option in settings to adjust the search radius??

- Review

This site cons you to upgrading .. then does not deliver!

- Someone report me for sale ?

That is super weird you just block my account because someone report me , instead to investigate ! Worst experience ever !

- They Rip You Off on the Spotlight Feature

Several times now I have used the spotlight feature and you have reported several likes received and they never show! When 4 or 5 likes are received not all of them could have reconsidered immediately surely? That’s absurd. You are taking my money for a feature that has not ONCE led to a like being added to my queue despite receiving multiple notifications! So far all my likes have occurred organically and not via this rip off feature.

Payoneer 💰

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- Hard as a guy

I used to wonder if girls liked me, now thanks to bumble I know they don’t

- Better than tinder

Not nearly as many bots/scams. Got matches and chats within 2 days. Also doesn’t show you people who are way older than you and live in other states

- Not for dating

You will have to pay to see who likes you or to message people you haven’t seen or matched with yet. It’s not that great unless you’re just trying to meet friends. They have limits on likes as well and it’s just not great to have to pay for things that are already on other free platforms like tinder etc.

- There are better apps out there

I constantly get alerts and emails stating that I have received new connections, to then check the app and see nothing. Another time the app just deleted all my matches and they never came back. Reached out to customer support, never receive a response. Parts of the app are great, and there are wonderful people who use it - however it’s reliability has left a lot to be desired. I still use it, but am FREQUENTLY frustrated so I focus on other apps.

- Another money grab app

Bumble used to be the best. Unfortunately they have gone down the tinder route now you have to pay for everything. All about profits not about people

- This is fraud

Bumble teases you with pictures of attractive matches That they say are interested in me, then when you join the attractive matches disappear and they forward you matches that are unattractive I told them after one day to discontinue my subscription which I signed up for one week. They continued to charge me and I am disputing it. I’m also reporting them to the DA.

- The person you like doesn’t always get notified like hinge.

See above.

- It’s ok for free site

It’s just ok for a free site but not much on here as far as the men go. Maybe guys have better choices with the females. Lots of players that only looking for sex while chatting

- Predatory business practices.

Don’t tap Bumble Boost or use this predatory app whatsoever because after a week you’ll be charged $50 with no way to cancel or refund. Absolutely insane pricing for something that’s not clearly advertised and not refundable. It’s predatory, especially in a pandemic. Support is of no help whatsoever.

- Is it really inclusive?

I tried to get started on bumble to find some new friends, but before I could even get on they ask you what gender you want to present as. Cool and good, got to pick my identity from a ton of options. HOWEVER you then can only choose between being shown to people who are searching for women, or searching for men. Therefore invalidating any other gender identity. If I’m signing on as non-binary but I have to choose to be shown to people looking for only men or only women? Then I am being forced into the binary.

- The most functional

Out of all the dating apps I’ve tried bumble seems to be the only one that works correctly and has a good layout. Recommend cause it’s like ok still kinda scummy tho lol.

- Dating app

Good app but girls never msg you hardly and also you have to wait and wait to actually swipe on ppl with the new update makes it hard to get matches faster

- Payment Lost

So I paid for a Bumble coin for a super like. When I went to use it, the super like button froze. It wouldn't do anything, and wouldn't actually super like this person. So I lost that match, and now it says I have zero coins, even though I didn't even use it. Do not trust Bumble with your money. Update: Happened again. Developer response from original review said to reach out to support. Tried that this time, and they said they wouldn't help me, but I was more than welcome to "leave feedback." Yeah, so they'll comment on your negative reviews saying they'll help, but they won't.

- Location

Would be nice to give option to keep our location private or make it available by our choice!

- Was great...was!

Used to be a great app.. now it’s buggy with added micro transactions, it’s really no different than any other dating app now..which is sad because originally it had set self apart..

- Frank

Wonder site


This app used to be great, it allowed for unlimited swipes and all kinds of things that separated itself from Tinder. The company behind it got greedy and now it’s hardly worth using. On top of that, I’ve noticed at least 5 nee negative reviews suddenly disappearing. Suspicious

- Asking me if I want Corona

Yes a match ask me if I want the corona virus as a form of suicide they been giving to people at a price. what the hell none to mention scammers sex workers and picture thief's disgusting delete this app now.

- Let me save you 97.1mb of space...

Just an entire database of boring, plain, Abercrombie shopping, coach bag wearing, 9-5 working, “haha totally”, herd roaming, Stella Rosa drinking, 3 series driving, Botox filled shells of proof of overpopulation.

- Confused.

It says 17+, but the app allows only 18 & older. I don’t get this. Explain, please.

- Not worth the money!

I want to get my money back because I didn’t get any messages at all just likes, no one would text me or anything. I spend my $10.99 for nothing. I didn’t get any messages or I couldn’t double like them cause I didn’t have any coins. Like hated it all! Deleting my account cause I just wasted my money on nothing.

- Scam through email

I got a email for a charge I never purchased and was not through Apple but the email said it was someone hacked this app and sent a email trying to steal my information

- Can’t get around your website

Can’t go back. This a.m. I had 9-10 likes I wanted to get back to. All Gone! Want my money back !

- Verification

I’ve been trying to verify my photos, getting rejected, and it’s me...extremely frustrating!!!

- Fraudulent Monthly charge

Just got a fraudulently charged 55 bucks for a subscription that was canceled In October. Probably has occurred every month since then and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Anyone want to start a class action lawsuit for fraud?

- Community guidelines

I’d like to know why men are allowed to post shirtless pictures and also shirtless pictures with girls in bikinis, but I can’t post a photo of me in a swimsuit holding my dog? Why is it ok for them and not us? I’ve seen photos of guys in their underwear and the photo is focused mainly on their junk, but God forbid we’re in a swimsuit... holding our dog... outside... in a normal setting. Thanks bumble.

- It’s just okay

It’s an okay app. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people who swipe right but never reply to first messages. Lot’s of connections but most don’t go anywhere. Also lot’s of guys who lie about their age/heights/kids.

- This app is terrible now

I've used this for almost a year and only matched with 3 people. You never get to match with other people unless you pay. I will never be using this again.

- Not worth it

11 dollars for 1 week at the least and I guarantee you’ll ONLY get messages from bots. It’s a complete rip off how you pay for something that won’t happen. At least Tinder let you message people for free without having to pay for every little thing.

- Bad dating app

While Bumble has numerous flaws, one is that they shadowban you and will not send a profile to potential matches, though they will also not notify you of this. They would love to have to pay them for services they will not be providing, however, so of course they don’t inform you of this.

- too short of time frame to match

you spend $1 to make a match, she has 24hr to view. They need to get rid of that short timeframe cuz not everyone checks the app everyday. seriously the stars must align perfectly for a real match to take place. they need to get rid of 24hr time frame.

- Banned

I got banned without a reason or explanation

- It’s sexist

Different genders are forced to do different things on this app. Sexist by definition, not progressive.

- Met my first boyfriend using bumble

I had to wait about 5 months before I met my boyfriend but boy was it worth the wait. I am so grateful for this app. My boyfriend wants monogamy like me. He is wonderful. Just struggling because I can’t see him during this pandemic.

- Evolving into tinder

They added a limit on swipes, but whatever coding they used is off because it’s super inconsistent sometimes it’s only a few profiles other times it’s a bit more. Their system is mirroring tinder more and more which is disappointing.

- if i could give 0 stars i would

i cant even log in, it loads & sits there loading forever


App seems fine, but I bought a pack of super swipes, and the interface is set up to make you accidentally use them, and no way to undo it. So I ended up accidentally using MOST of the swipes I PAYED for. I sent multiple messages to support, and they refuse to answer. I normally would just delete the app, feeling robbed... but dang, am I lonely.

- Met my husband to be


- Swiping is way too sensitive.

All in the title. I will frequently accidentally swipe right(yes) on a profile I otherwise would not have due to extremely sensitive swiping mechanics. It also works the other way, where a person I would’ve swiped right on gets swiped left(no). I can tell this isn’t an issue with me or my phone because it happens when I’m simply scrolling down the profile. And it happens ALL. THE. TIME. For free users, the second scenario is fixable up to 3 times a day by shaking your phone to “backtrack” and change your selection, but for some stupid reason you aren’t allowed to do that for right-swipes. The error it gives is “we already notified them, that wouldn’t be very nice!” Wanna know what else won’t be very nice? When they decide to actually message me and I have to straight up tell them it was a mistake. Seriously, what kind of asinine design choice is that? This isn’t the 1990s. You can easily update the app to remove the notification like it never happened if the swipe direction changes. Also, fix that sensitivity.

- Major Technical Issues with the App

I recently subscribed to Bumble BFF after a year or so hiatus. In trying to activate the desktop app, I sent a password reset request. Bumble then got confused and replaced my entire BFF profile with the one from 2019, including the matches from 2019. I then canceled the subscription to see if that would help-nada. Tried to email tech support but it keeps giving me an error message that my email is already in the system? Of course it is that’s how I subscribed? At this rate with social distancing and the tech issues I’ll just have to make imaginary friends SMH

- Blah

This site has many flaws and it didn’t work for me on finding anyone. Once you swipe your way through all the available women then you are left with none. You can’t go back and swipe back through them. For every swipe right you “MIGHT” get one of ten women to respond to you. Then the realization sets in that this isn’t going to work and you engage in the “swiping” ritual again. Your location feature is bogus! Stop trying to justify your position with logic that doesn’t work for us. I see many other people complaining about the same issue.

- Site getting worse

The site is slowly getting worse. Doesn’t want to load and does not show local women. That’s the crappy part

- Quite a huge flaw

This app has quite a flaw in their settings. No matter how many likes I get, I can never find that match. And even after I subscribe, I’m a guy, I still have to wait within for her to write something which sometimes won’t happen. Overall, pay so you can see who liked you and she might not reply or don’t pay and bumble will never bring that profile for you to match. A huge flaw if you’re a male in this app

- Beeline doesn’t even work

Cool concept, but the beeline just crashes the app when I open it



- They took my money

I paid for a 30 pack of super swipes and then they did not honor them

- Limit on swipes during this lockdown

With social distancing they should allow unlimited swiping and matches

- Can’t read messages

Everything is good until I get a message from someone and the app crashes

- See five people a day

See five people a day and talk to even less

- Everything

Never any new likes, barely any matches ever and I’m using the same pictures as tinder. Bumble boost does absolutely nothing. I’m using the same pictures of myself on tinder and have over 200 likes.

- Why

Everytime I go to type a message to someone it doesn’t work. The only time it actually decides to work is when my matches are close to expiring, where then, my messages will not send and then I get feedback displaying that they have already expired. Not sure why this has to be so complicated, or if the app is just trying to make me pay extra. I’m not desperate, but it’s a little annoying when a simple app doesn’t function the way it should.

- Time limit

What is with the time limit? What if he hasn’t looked at this app in the last 24 hours. I have missed out of many guys because I didn’t look at this app in 24 hours. WHY IS THERE A TIME LIMIT? 😭 Busy people don’t have time to check this app 24/7! Otherwise this is a great app.

- Scam free trial

Was offered a free trial for two weeks, card was charged even though the trial was cancelled well before

- Women make the first move?

That’s awkward for me. I get we are not in those times anymore but I just hate that idea. I’m better following a conversation than making my own

- Bots From a Different Direction

The premise is interesting with the ladies leading the way with the first contact. Unfortunately, this is obviously a fake, bot filled site. Reading the actual reviews mostly paint a negative picture of this app. But overall 4 out of 5 stars is obviously by way of fraud. Almost every review calls this app a scam, or stealing money from a fake free trial (which no longer exists, I’m guessing Apple got enough complaints), or the traditional bot filled experience. But yeah it’s earned the 4 scams out of 5 scams. BUYER BEWARE. With your response, you people just copied and pasted your policy. You don’t go into how the developer deals with Bumble created bots. My account is long gone, it’s odd that many of the reviews are 1 out of 5 and you still maintain around an average of 4 out of 5. Something is fake, you have staff go on and pump up the reviews? Do you have bots make your reviews?

- Lots of complaints

Barely getting any matches. Not showing who liked me without paying. Payment on boost is WAY too high! I don’t like the time limit people have to speak to one another and finally there’s not way to show off who I really am

- Too many pushes and extra as are rip off

I use the BFF part of Bumble and there are too many notifications (how about do matches based on profile then notify?) Also, DO NOT purchase the boost. You get nothing more for it other than matching again with an expired match. When I emailed Bumble that I felt like I was being ripped off, I heard nothing. Lastly, users: put some effort into your profiles, even for the BFF part. I don’t want to see a sexy pic of you as a woman looking for a friend and no words describing yourself. 🙄

- Lazy men

Most men on this app don’t try hard. They take a long time to answer and when they do it’s very short. They also don’t ask questions to get to know you. Online dating is full of non-committal men

- Good

It basically Yellow Tinder!

- I was throughly impressed.

When I reported a member of the site that is a convicted and known sexual predator they got back to me with in 24 hours and requested any proof I may have. So I sent over a screen shot of the Facebook warning about said individual. With in the week I received a second email ensuring said person was removed and blocked from using the app. I really appreciated how quickly and throughly the situation was dealt with.

- Bumble boost trial is a scam

Was not given the free trial and immediately charged 80$ for bumble boost. Unable to get a refund. Was completely lied to.

- U don’t get much matches

I get more notifications then matches i haven’t gotten a match once in a hot while now, even when I'm not subscribed i still got good amount of matches.


They gave me a “special deal” which was supposed to be a free 2 week boost trial. The very next day I cancelled my subscription and they already charged me $80 for their maximum available charge and told me that my trial already expired. DO NOT BUY

- False in app advertising purchases

Advertised a free 14 day trial for bumble boost on app so I went ahead and tried out the feature. Thought it sucked so I cancelled my subscription the same day. Turns out they had already charged me for a 3 month recurring subscription at $69.99 + tax and I had to go file a complaint directly with Apple subscriptions to get reimbursed. Luckily, I’m not the only customer who’s had to deal with this problem and Apple approved my request immediately. Bumble, please do better and don’t take advantage of your customers.

- Too many notifications

Can you stop harassing me please? Oh my god

- ?

I don’t want to have to pay to see my matches in advance. Also, I want to be able to filter by ethnicity without having to pay for that either.

- It doesn’t work

I was told about this app by some friends and when I was finally convinced into trying it out they had limited options for sign up for it, it’s really too bad they just have sign up through Facebook or giving your # as the only options, I wish they would’ve had email as it would’ve been more convenient for me but I finally signed up anyway and the app is crap it doesn’t work at all. LOL what a waste! Don’t bother downloading it.

- Customer support responds within few hours

The customer care responded within few hours and emailed me the correct procedure for my query.

- Dislike the “beeline”

I joined bumble to meet new friends on the bff side of the app. I was disappointed that I was only allowed to see one match at a time and I would have multiple others in the “beeline.” Why can’t you just show me all the matches?

- Disappointed with service

Have ordered bumble boost several times and it fails to work. Hugely annoying and I better not get charged for it. Also think it is crap that you don’t have an actual call help line.

- Can’t even make an account?

I input my phone number, then I get a prompt saying a verification code will be sent but I never receive it. Have deleted the app and redownloaded multiple times and still no change. Have also restarted my phone multiple times and no change

- Aweful.

Waste of time. Every girl was from fricken 55 hours ago from me.

- Scammed

Was offered a 14 day trial. Clicked yes and was charged $80 got scammed hard i read the fine print which said after 14 days my subscription would be renewed and i would be charged 69.99 but i was charged $80 immediately after clicking yes to the free trial absolute snakes. Scammed real hard and now im out $80

- Don’t bother

Supposed to empower women by giving them the first move but actually is just the opposite. Men seemingly just swipe right on every girl, then decide who they like when they get matched. Meanwhile, the woman builds up the courage to type the first message (and I’m not talking about a “hey”) and the guy never responds because he’s decided he doesn’t like you. Men get a confidence boost because they can pick and choose what message they want to respond to, and the women feel like garbage because they just get ignored. The whole thing is misleading and disappointing, I’m going back to meeting guys the old fashioned way.

- BFF Can’t friend women?

I don’t understand why you can’t be friends with women. I just swiped through the five dudes in my area... now what? Also, I can’t get behind the women message first in dating. I’ve had one match, waiting until it times out then deleting. I would have thought swiping your profile was acknowledging an interest in messaging.

- Not loading

Does not load for me. Nothing shows no matter how many times I sign in.

- Loml

The loml ghosted me

- Scam

Deleted profile and unsubscribed buut charged renewal anyway

- Lame

No matches

- Poor

I get the impression that NO women are on or want to be contacted, seeing as zero (0) reply. And please Developer...don’t tell me there is. POF had more hits in seconds

- Deleted account

My app had a notification that just wouldn’t go away and troubleshooting said to uninstall and reinstall. Tried logging back in and my account is completely blank and I’ve lost all my matches! Worst dating app out there for so many reasons.

- Hard to match

Can’t match anyone even though I’m pretty

- I want refund

Yesterday i was using bumble and there was a advertisement that your app is giving 14days free trial of premium and i thought, i should try the free premium trial and i pressed yes. But today morning i saw my bank statement and you detected the money from my account. I want the full refund please.

- Scammed

I was offered a 14 day free trial for the humble boost, however I was charged 70$ for a 3 month subscription as soon as I accepted the offer

- Notification harassment!

App is literally harassed you with damn notifications every 5 mins, cut them down! Uninstalled

- Couples seeking a third/married men

These people should have their own site. This is supposed to be a relationship site. I’m wasting my time swiping through cheaters and open relationship couples. They already have someone.

- Total Letdown

Brutal app to make connections or find love. Conversations lead to nothing.

- Don’t recommend unless your willing to pay

I have a handful of likes, I swiped right on every singles profile until the app literally told me I had to pay to see more, and I didn’t even match with any of my likes. I get that the app wants to make money, and this can still be fun if it’s free. But I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t recommend dating apps unless your going to pay. And if you are willing to pay, you’d be better off paying for Hinge premium or tinder.

- Great app

Found a nice guy and we’ve been together about 8 months now. He was one of my first matches too!

- Make you pay for premium just to get matches from 100+ kms away

Overpriced and a scam for your money. Give you matches from so far away you wonder how they found you

- Guys never respond

I like him he’s likes me I sent him a message and nothing such a waste a time

- Scammed me with ad

Posted an ad for 14 day trial, immediately charged me 79 dollars for 3 months of membership subscription. Absolutely ridiculous. This is not okay, we work hard for our money.

- Deceptive advertising encouraged by Apple

This app encourages (with Apples help) deceptive advertising. I never used Bumble before and apparently when I tried to take advantage of a promotion I got charged for 3 months of service for $69.99 plus tax. Apple said there was nothing they can do because they cannot do anything about deceptive advertising. So Bumble can charge whatever they want and Apple will allow them to rip off clients. Also, extra feature not worth it. The beeline is a useless feature and not worth paying for it. All features are not worth it - do not accept any promotions or free weeks because you will pay so much more. Not worth it! Note: I did contact the support and they said to contact Apple who said tough luck. I don’t want to sound like a bitter man, but move on. This app sucks.

- Voleur sans offrir des services

Ils sont voleurs Ils m’ont facturé sans m’avoir avisé et je ne veux plus renouveler mon abonnement dans l’avenir Si le site est honnête il doit nous rembourser selon le désir des clients Et parce que ils savent bien qu’ils offrent une service que les gens ne l’aime pas. Ils ont mis dans la politique que ils ne remboursent personne même si les gens ne sont pas satisfaits de leur service Ils sot voleurs

- Won’t let me in

I’m 18 and when I put my number in it said “see you when you’re 18” lol what

- Back ground colour

Hey guys, Consider making the back ground colour when you text different. Or the font black it is vey difficult to read on a hand held .

- App is not working

The app is not letting me do anything 🤨

- Watch yourself with “free” trials

I recently was presented with the option for a 14 day free trial. Thinking I’d give it a go i did and was prompted for Touch ID to which I was immediately charged 69.99(US). I don’t recall ever doing a free trial before but if I did, it’s incredibly misleading to present me with the option to try it and then bill me immediately. Oh, and Apple determined immediately that a refund is not possible with no reasons provided.

- Watch out for the prostitution

Great app generally speaking. Just be mindful of people who want to switch to another app fast. Also, lots of prostitutions on here. They are easy to spot. Within a few lines they are asking to come over.🤣

- Blocked

I joined bumble and 2 days later Bumble blocked me for no absolute reason. I reached out to them and they wouldn’t tell me anything, they said “it’s confidential information”. I’m not sure how my personal information is confidential to me

Libertex 📈

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- Waste of time!

Set a profile up and then get blocked because they say my profile is fake! How is it fake when I subscribed via Facebook!

- Won’t even open

Tired downloading twice won’t even open the app

- Can’t log in

I used bumble ages ago stopped using it forgot all my log in so tried to set up a new one but when it supposed to send a code I don’t get one and then blocks me from using the number again? Why is that?

- Bumble dating

This has got to be the worst dating app I’ve ever used only 2 likes in the last 24 hours and no messages or notifications not recommended.

- Matching with no chatting

Got this app as recommended by a friend. Matched with a few girls but no one ever talks. Just sits in your chat section ticking down to 24 hours and then disappear. Nothing wrong with the app per say but the girls need to actually chat. Otherwise it’s just a waste of time.

- New to app

And although I’m new and loving finding out how it works etc it keeps freezing on the loading page I’ve only been on the app 3 days and it’s frozen more times than that. I keep re installing the app but makes no difference frustrating to say the least especially when I’m getting notifications to say I have a match! Help!

- Some messages but no real connections

No true matches Very hit and miss

- Paid but only got half 😱

Paid for access to matches, then can see half of them, don’t know what that’s about 😱

- What a waste of time and money!

Filters don’t seem to be applied at all!! That means that if you’re looking for a person who’s, for example, a non-smoker, keeps fit and has at least a first degree, you have to endlessly swipe left to pass on all the frequent smokers with weight problems who have no studies. Also, to put a 10 mile radius from your location gives you a very small number of possible people so I’m assuming the numbers are lower than on other apps. Very disappointing experience.

- Don’t download

App does not work how it is supposed to, I’ve had the same account for 2 years and I’ve deleted and reinstall the app multiple times and had 1 match, piece of crap, don’t waste your time

- Inclusive but Flawed

While more inclusive and indeed user friendly, the end result is the same; A conversation either goes on for a time and suddenly it’s disappeared, or, the woman say “Hey” or some variation and then silence. And yeah, people are complicated and have a right to decide they’re not interested, but as it stands, this is a dating app that did not serve its intended purpose. Points for ‘Woman Make the First Move’, but honestly... I don’t think they actually want to as much as they thought they would.

- Worst dating app

I would rate this app 0 stars if I could, after speaking to a match for around about an hour, my account was blocked for no reason. Typical money grabbing app which withholds matches from the user in order to extort money, don’t waste your time in this app, get tinder instead.

- Terrible customer service

Unprofessional customer service team on Facebook when I wrote them regarding constantly having guys Be verbally disrespectful and reporting my account (verified) to be met with the team saying even though I’ve already verified it send them a pic on Facebook chat of me with a silly message on a piece of paper seemed very inappropriate. I’d just avoid the app guys

- Matches

Never seem to get any matches?! If someone swipes right for me, why don’t you ensure that they are at the beginning of my swipe list next time I load the app? I swiped for ages other day and (half an hour maybe) and eventually got one match straight away which shows she must have swiped right for me before me her as I could also talk straight away...she must have been about the 50+ girl I swiped for. So why show me 249 prior to her that aren’t interested?

- inactive app

You could be swiping for weeks and not receive a single match and feel horrible about yourself - but in reality, bumble does not delete old/inactive accounts, so you have to get past a never ending mess of inactive accounts. not worth wasting your time.

- Disappointing

Won’t even let me get past the loading screen even after multiple times of deleting and reinstalling

- Not for men!!!

This app was so frustrating. You would spend lots of time reading and swiping to then find you matched and still had to wait for the woman to decide if she was even going to reply. You would only get two or three people to look at most visits. Closing the app and restarting was the only option to find new people. They say set your distance further to see more. No thanks I choose the distance that suits me. When you refresh the site you get more local people so why could you not see them before. The app restricts people. When you are paying this is not ideal. I deleted app, cancelled payments and now looking for apps you can message people instead. If I could vote no stars I would. Don’t waste your time guys.

- App review

App is difficult to get into

- The Best dating app

I don’t entirely know why but Bumble seems to attract more thoughtful people. Maybe it’s to do with the profile questions that don’t demand “Job” or “education” but, “tell two truths and a lie” or what dinner guest would you like”!

- Keeps generating false ‘like received’ alerts

Keeps sending false ‘like received’ alerts. It’s rubbish

- Religion filter

Is not working. Fix it

- No longer works since updating app

Updated app 19th March 2020 and immediately it no longer opens, numerous other apps also ceased working immediately after updating. Have had to reinstall multiple apps loosing data and settings in process. Advise strongly against updating to latest version of Bumble.

- A lot of money for not a lot of contacts

Somewhat disappointing. Only gives a few contacts a week.

- Confused beyond belief

I’ve tried to go onto bumble twice now. And I don’t know what kind of men go on here.... but I’ve been met with a catfish, men who continually lie about their height 🤔 or men who really chat to you and then vanish “deleted user” women have to work incredibly hard on here even though we’ve got the “power” to an extent it doesn’t stop complete and utter arseholes managing to lie or waste your time. Most of the men are lazy on here as well they like that they don’t have to chase or do anything. Waste of time!!

- Almost as bad as POF!

This app starts off well but you’ll soon find its as full of fakes as a Chinese EBay shop. The distance isn’t real as measured as crow flys so unrealistic search areas. Profiles clearly from abroad doctored to appear uk based. You’ll get countless messages saying you have likes, which you have to pay to see, I did this to find the closest one to me was well outside my search areas, closest one was actually almost 80 miles away in real-time distance. Ladies go first which I think is good, only they don’t and the matches tend to expire before any contact made. For me and others I know who have used Bumble it’s a massive let down. I’m sure they’ll be the odd person who’s met someone via here but after a long time of trying I find it a massive flop. I’d not use again and I’d never recommend this app. Like so many dating apps it’s just another minefield of fake and cons.


So to put this into perspective Bumble encourages girls to talk first, which means they aren’t getting bombarded with messages from thirsty creeps, I found I could barely get a response on Tinder like most guys from what I’ve read in comparison to bumble where I feel like I’m struggling to keep up with all these females.

- Worst dating app I’ve ever used

Almost imposible to sign in, difficult to use, data hunger and quite difficult to modify the details that are already in. I wouldn’t recommend it.

- 👍🏼

Found a 10/10 wifey

- I swear I’m not clapped I’m just trying my best

Bruv I have got like 10 matches in the year of use on bumble I swear I’m not clapped 😂 I show my female friends my profile and they say yh it’s good Man I wish I got matches still, I think it’s to do with the fact I don’t pay for this app. When bumble is like “yo it’s time to do spotlight ting” then I’m like “yo this is a bit sus‼️” furthermore, I get matches then the gyal unmatches me instantly‼️ rah 😡 Man has to go club innit but that’s long 😴 😂 Anyways yh it’s a dead app don’t get it 🅿️eace ✌️

- Can’t open

Been on 10 mins went back to it won’t open, can’t delete as it comes back the same useless

- Error

After the last update, tha app have a lot bugs + I receive msj because you close my account and I’m not use and I’m not abuzz nothing. I used the app for bizz. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤔

- Sexist app

Ladies go first? They tend to not say anything and nothing really happens. It is a ghost town.

- Meh.... :/ Time Will Tell

Keeps notifying me i have likes, then when i go on the app its blank lol.... However there are a lot of pretty women on there, but I'm giving this app a month to see if anything happens so far nothing as of yet

- Women initiate conversation

This app is good if you match however major flaw is the women messages first what if they aren’t active after the 24 hour period easy you extend for another 24 hours After that the match is gone forever allow men to send an initial message after the 24 hours so the women can know someone was matched with them.

- Trying to rip me off?

Pretty good app, was offered a 14 day trial for bumble boost for free on an automatic renewal, so I thought ok I’ll just get it and cancel, turns out I’m getting none of the perks of bumble yet it still plans to charge me, I’ve logged out and back in, uninstalled and reinstalled and yet it keeps telling me to buy when I try and use any of the perks of boost?

- Never get matches

Worst app ever, I’ve probably had about 5 matches since August and only one of those girls messaged me and it was just “hey” like what’s the point in that? Guys are guaranteed to get ignored if they messaged a girl hey on Tinder. Also my Tinder profile has the exact same pictures as my Bumble profile and I get plenty of matches daily on there but absolutely zero matches on Bumble. F this trash app

- ..

Great support team

- Don’t get matches

I don’t get matches , and when typing this I actually can’t see the worlds, but Yh I don’t get matches m, maybe because one me 😂😂😂

- Really great app Better than tinder

Really great app BUT needs more promo, so many beautiful people on it who have created accounts but seems like they’ve abandoned the app after a while, this causing a lot less matches

- Charged but the app doesn’t show

I’ve been using this app for a while now and met great people in both dating and BFF modes. However today I’ve paid £9.99, which is the weekly subscription to see who’s already liked me. It charged me but in the app it says the payment has been declined and asks me to pay *again*!! I‘d show a screenshot of my banking app to prove I’ve been charged, if I could. It’s very upsetting that this has happened to me and I hope you guys solve this as quickly as possible, the best way you can. I’ve been using Bumble since around October 2019 and I had no complaints until now.

- Simple life disorientated

Not good so far more fun pissin in the wind

- Can’t fault the app - absolutely wonderful!

When I say I met my dream match on Bumble, I really do mean it! Everything about the app is wonderful, I love that it has the verification feature that makes you feel that little bit safer when using dating apps. I would recommend this app to anyone looking to find their dream match 😊

- More like Honey pot! Money first love second

Bumble only cares about taking your money and not about finding you love. If you don’t have the time to check the app every single 24 hours then you may find that they have expired. However don’t you worry. You can pay £10.99 and rematch with that person. It’s sad to think that apps have come to this and that they have ruined a great app like Chappy and moved it over to a money grabbing corporation. DELETE!

- Disappointing

I live in London, there are plenty of people who will be using this app. I have a few photos on my profile, have filled out my bio, hardly any filters set either but hardly any people to match with. The people that I have matched with haven’t replied so they just disappear. I’m a pretty normal person and I’m attractive so it’s disappointing that there hasn’t been a better result. Especially with the number of people who live in London. I read a review that said they think men should have to message first, I agree. Sometimes I think it’s a sport for men to match with an attractive woman, wait for them to message and then ignore. Edit: receiving your standard response is not helpful. I deleted the app. I actually downloaded Hinge and find it much better. I really think you should change your format to men messaging first

- Over 50 women

For any female in their 50s thinking of using this app: • a bit of a pain that women have to message first. It adds extra stress when, after all, you have matched with someone who has right swiped you too, so actually it should be equal.! Really don’t get this women first thing. • men in our age bracket have loads of baggage and at worst are seeking therapy of some kind. • men in our age bracket will probably lie about their age or relationship intentions. • whatever you do, do not connect with anyone who doesn’t have verified pics or any profile info. But Bumble is probably the best site at the moment although in the last year it’s becoming more like Tinder. So be careful, good luck and any recommendations for better sites would be good!

- Confused App

I’m 23 yet apparently I am under the age of 18 and therefore am blocked out of my account and have no possible means to verify or solve the solution.

- Questionable

This app strips a lot from you to try and make money which almost defeats the whole purpose of having the app anyways. If you’re a guy imagine this scenario. Someone’s swipes right on your profile meaning they like you. So if you stumble upon their profile and swipe right then you’re a match. Bumble will notify that someone has like your profile but won’t let you see the profile. They’d rather make you pay for some extra bogus feature to see who has liked you which is disappointing.

- Great when it works

Great app but only opens one in five times at most, I’ve deleted and reinstalled, it’s so glitchy. Had some great matches then they expire and I can’t reply because the app won’t open. Waste of upgrade as I can’t get on.

- Bug

Can’t use the app, just goes to a blank screen when I swipe the ‘in our hive, ladies make the first move’ card

- More people

Not really enough people on here around the Norfolk area

- New daily limit ruins it

Have been using Bumble quite often as it is (sorry I mean it was) by far the best app in terms of not having a daily limit, the standard of females appeared to be better and there was little to no scammers. Now they have introduced a daily limit, and it’s such a small limit, that it has totally ruined it. Bumble stood out from Tinder because of no limit, now they are preying on guys even more by making us pay to actually get some decent swipes. Just another app ruined by greed for cash.

- Money Grab

Bumble was a good app. I even paid for many of their add on features. But with the latest, it just a money grab. They now limit the number of swipes, and you need to pay to continue to search. What a shame it was a good app. Will be moving to another app..

- Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Paid for a weekly subscription - never got activated. Contacted ‘support’ - never received a response, not a word. Deleted app. Felt lonely, reinstalled app. There had been a few ‘bugs’ fixed. Paid for a monthly subscription - not activated. Contacted ‘support’ - nothing yet. Will cancel the subscription again so I don’t get charged for a third time. My support case is ‘open’ - let’s see if they contact me? Don’t pay anything to this company.

- Blocking

I can’t believe you can be blocked from the site without even a review if someone reports you? I was outraged when I had my access blocked - I’ve absolutely never ever been abusive. A guy is cranky because I won’t meet him so lies and I get cut off!!! Yet I have been abused and sent illegal pics more times than I can count, yet I don’t report, I am a big girl, i just unmatch

- Thanks bumble 👍

Found love boiiiiiiii

- Terrible app full of bugs

I have had nothing but problems with the bumble app. Problems range from the app not refreshing properly to missing messages. I also find I’ve been charged for a subscription after cancelling. Although charged I only have the free level of access! Still trying to resolve all of this with Apple support!

- Can’t login with Apple ID

Same as title. Also contacting support through the website doesn’t seem to be possible, so reporting the bug here.

- Takes your money but doesn’t give you coins

I have purchased ‘coins’ and then received nothing (no coins) but the transaction went through. Bumble help was no help. They said they couldn’t see any transactions. Apple refund rejected the claim and asked for evidence. Bumble app shows no ‘coin total’ so you can’t see how many coins you have at any point. This app is totally dodgy. Don’t buy coins. They also moved the button for ‘super like’ or whatever it is called so it is right where you swipe and can’t avoid knocking it accidentally (wasting coins). It used to be safely tucked out of the way. All in all a terrible rip off and very poor customer service.

- 😔

I like the layout of the app and it’s pretty easy to use - but not a huge selection if you are queer inclined

- Tinder is better

I like the call feature.

- Free Trial Scam

Was offered a 14 day free trial within the app and was immediately charge for a 3 month subscription. Unacceptable.

- Can’t buy coins

When I see someone I really like I sometimes think I’d like to send a “super like” or whatever the Bumble equivalent is called, but the app just glitches whenever I try to buy coins - ok then, don’t take my money 😂

- Great app but I’m still single

Happy window shopping but destined to be single for life

- Charged for a subscription

Was given a 7 day trial and then subsequently charged for 2 x 7 day subscriptions despite not requesting or signing up for a subscription. Barely used the app as it doesn’t offer much without purchase, happily deleting and going back to old school dating

- Annoying things

Pisses me off that to send a simple message like ‘hey’ you have to click an extra button to say send anyway. If I’m messaging first I want to be able to send whatever I want. If it’s not original I don’t care. And way too many notifications. ‘We miss you’ blah blah keep it simple

- App now won’t load

Since I did the most recent update the app now won’t load. Looks like it is and get a white screen then it disappears. How do I undo this?! Update - App still not working- iOS version is fine, app doesn’t work with wifi OR cellular data. Have tried all other IT advice. Works on my iPad that I haven’t done the most recent iOS update on. Please fix.

- Mr


- Horrible customer service

My account was blocked for no reason I enquired only to be told that I can’t know why and the decision is final well it’s my decision to let everyone know that bumble has horrible customer service I’ll be sure to let everyone know my story

- Terrible

I got banned for having a fake profile when i had to take a live photo of my face too prove its me? I do not use fake profiles and im quite annoyed now because im banned? It seems like if you have enough people report you, you get banned anyway without anyone checking on it!

- Subscription Trial Lies

App says you have a free two week trial and you will be charged afterwards. The app just charges you straight away, without giving you a two week free trial period. Absolute scam.

- 14 day trial charged me $74!!!!

I clicked on a 14 day boost trial and have been instantly charged $74. I want this refunded immediately.

- Faulty app

I’m stuck in a loop attempting to delete my account.

- White screen, app doesn’t work

3rd time deleting the app and reinstalling but all I get is a white screen. The app doesn’t work and I can’t logout, every time I close and reopen the app it just brings me back to the start menu to fill out my information asking what I’m looking for. I can’t even rate it 1 star because it doesn’t work at all

- Won’t let me delete my account

Won’t let me delete my account.

- Good luck

There’s at least attractive people on here as opposed to other apps. But good luck finding a match

- I have been charged but I still cannot use the premium version.

So disappointing to see I have been charged twice but I still do not have access to it. I hope someone will help to tackle the issue . Thanks

- Swiping all night long!

Unless I’m really simple, you need to swipe thru hundreds of guys before any chance of getting to the guys you may want to message!

- As bad as tinder now

I miss the days when bumble could boast that it was the best dating app, and at the time they were totally correct. However! Now it’s clear it’s just a money making scheme. I apparently have 6 people in my ‘likes’ but I have never been shown their profile cards. Bumble doesn’t want you to be successful at all, because that would mean they would lose you as a customer. Thus, they pull these tricks to bring you back and try get you to stay, without actually meeting anyone that will take you away from the app. TLDR; Bumble is essentially a scam nowadays, only in it for themselves. Hinge is 100x better, hopefully they don’t follow the same path bumble has...

- Fake notifications

Gives you fake notifications of likes from people to get you too jump on the app

- Review

Absolutely rubbish no responses fake profiles and no feedbacks

- Bumble

Don’t think it’s fair once I’ve subscribed I have to pay again to see people who have liked me. I can’t match with them either until the previous subscription is complete

- Paid but didn’t receive.

Bumble is such a nice clean, easy to navigate app. And as such, it was easy to accept the 14 day free trial. After a break, I retuned to Bumble and, through the subscriptions tab in my Apple id, I purchased a 1 month membership on Jan 7. It’s now Jan 11 and I still have not had the membership benefits applied to my app (only seeing the free version). I sent a screenshot of my purchase history, showing the transaction, however Bumble have responded to my query, requesting an iTunes receipt - which I did not receive. Ive also got in touch with iTunes on Jan 7. I received a ‘we’re looking into it’ response on Jan 9. And I’ve heard nothing since. So for the sake of the price of a one month membership - I give up. It’s so disappointing that an ever increasing number of entities are getting away with not delivering what you’ve paid for. The hidden recurring charges, the fine print, the difficulty experienced when simply trying to talk to someone. And yet, the process to take your money seems incredibly seamless.

- I got matched...with another paywall.

FFS. Another failed dating app. I’ve had half a dozen matches over the last couple of months and every time I try to start a chat I get hit with another paywall l. I really had high hopes for this app is just another money

- Won’t let me choose photos.

It’s a good app but I find myself quitting within the first 20 minutes of trying to set up because it has too many restrictions on what’s considered a clear photo. I uploaded 6 where my face is clear and people can see me clearly but the programming in the app doesn’t accept it. It’s a shame because i like this app but getting it to work is so frustrating sometimes.

- 90 percent dudes

Is what all these apps are

- Don’t waste your time

Don’t bother, don’t waste your time. It doesn’t work. Dating apps are all the same. Just different companies trying to get away with the same scam.

- Fraud - Charged $73 for a free trial

Messaged them to correct the error and received no response

- Verification

My photo can’t get verified, very frustrating

- Good app

If you don’t send any nudes you won’t get banned if you talk don’t you will Get banned I was matched with 200 girls a day on this app I met with a new girl Everyday it’s good for those who want to get out there and meet new people

- Be careful with 14 day trial!

I was charged $72 instantly when I signed up for a 14 day trial! Really disappointing.

- Don’t use the trial

If you try and use the 14 day trial they will take your money straight away, not happy.

- Where are the ladies???

Hi there I’m getting plenty of contact from other free sites however most of the women on bumble seem to live 90km away. Are there women real??? Or just a scam to get my $$$$

- Misleading and a scam

They lure you in with false likes to purchase their in app products...so you do thinking oh I have a like... turns out it’s nothing... absolute scam... I’m trying to find love not empty my bank account...

- Not worth it unless you want to pay

Very disappointing the only option to actually see anything on this app is to pay $

- Charged for free trial

Said it was a 14 day free trial and when I clicked on it, it has charged me $72.99 for a 3 month subscription. So angry will not use this app again.

- Not working

I deleted the app a while back then got it back and when I was getting back into it they were asking me the normal questions when you sign up. Like which gender do you prefer. Is it for dates or friends or networking. And then it’s like swipe to start but when I swipe it’s just a blank page

- Review

It’s ok. But like most things it’d be better if it was free... or at least had other options other than the expensive subscription. It’s annoying that you can’t see who’s in your beeline without subscribing. I paid for a week (money is better spent on my kids at Christmas time) only to see no one of interest. And having no search function is a bit annoying.

- Bumble BFF is great but date is not so great

I find every one on bumble BFF is very good at replying and matching but I have only got 2 matches on date in 2 weeks

- You guys are smashing tinder keep it up!

Way more likes! Way better matching lines (unlike tinder that keeps your matches waiting in cue!) Do not change this! Just put ads or something and make money that way!

- Fun

Tommy little inspired me

@angel_moonemoji @OPENURPURSEEE

Tinder and Bumble keep sending me notifications tell me to “get out there” and “meet new people” and I’m just here…

@chickenfrend Okay, right? Bumble keeps telling me to “meet new people” and all I can think is now’s not a good time bumble please.

Time flies by when you are swiping on @bumble so If you wanna meet some new people give it a go :)

#AD Babe, this spring why not try dating from home!❤️⁣ ⁣ bumble_uk is a great way to meet like-minded people and cr…

Bumble - Meet New People by Bumble Holding Limited

Bumble - Meet New People by Bumble Holding Limited

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Bumble - Meet New People 5.158.0 Screenshots & Images

Bumble - Meet New People iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bumble - Meet New People iphone images
Bumble - Meet New People iphone images
Bumble - Meet New People iphone images
Bumble - Meet New People iphone images
Bumble - Meet New People iphone images
Bumble - Meet New People iphone images
Bumble - Meet New People iphone images
Bumble - Meet New People iphone images
Bumble - Meet New People iphone images
Bumble - Meet New People Lifestyle application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
Bumble - Meet New People Lifestyle application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Bumble - Meet New People Lifestyle application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Bumble - Meet New People (Version 5.158.0) Install & Download

The applications Bumble - Meet New People was published in the category Lifestyle on 2014-11-19 and was developed by Bumble Holding Limited [Developer ID: 1120675060]. This application file size is 123.81 MB. Bumble - Meet New People - Lifestyle posted on 2020-03-30 current version is 5.158.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

Bumble - Meet New People Advisories: Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes

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