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Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

What is cocktail party: drink recipes app? Finally — an app that shows you all the tasty drinks you can make from the stuff you've got.

Cocktail Party is sexy, simple, and chock-full of balanced, delicious cocktails anyone can make at home.

Check off ingredients you have, and Cocktail Party will show you all the drinks you can make right now. It’s that easy - no shopping trip required!

Cocktail Party is jam-packed with the best recipes – everything from hundred-year-old classics to modern masterpieces from up-and-coming new mixologists.

Have brandy but not cognac? Rye, but no bourbon? Cocktail Party is smart enough to use appropriate substitutions from the ingredients you already have.

Cocktail Party works wherever you are. Choose from imperial or metric measurements, and search for ingredients by their regional names. We’re constantly adding new drinks and ingredients from all over the world.

What you won’t find in Cocktail Party:
* No sour mix!
* No obnoxiously specific B®and-name™ re©ipes
* Did we mention no ads? No pushy popups, either.
* No in-app purchases - you buy it once, you get updates and new drinks forever.

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Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes Version 2.203 December 2019

- New drinks are now displayed in the Drinks tab, instead of hiding away in Settings. - Mobile users now see the ingredients they own in the new Library tab. - Begone, awkward Welcome screen! - The Recommended Ingredients list now no longer updates itself until you tell it to, so you don’t lose an item you were about to check off. - Umlauts no longer blow up the Ingredient database. - Typography and UI size and contrast improved. - Drink recipes on mobile devices now show the same ingredient shelf that tablet users see..

Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes Comments & Reviews 2023

- Perfect App For Quarantinies

Stuck at home on lockdown with nothing to do? Me too, so I thought this would be the perfect time to practice my at home bartending skills. After trying more than a dozen apps, I can tell you that this is the one you are looking for. A beautiful app with a simple user interface and hundreds of wonderful recipes. Your ingredients are super easy to enter, and finding new drinks to try with what you have at home is so intuitive. Want to know what to buy to make even more recipes? It does that too. Automatically! Did I mention that it is beautiful? No 8-bit graphics here! And best of all, the developers are responsive and actively working on new features to make this even better. If you want to see what sort of recipes they have, check out the website.

- Love it!

Absolutely love this app—the design is beautiful, the inventory is broad, and the descriptions are really well written and interesting, giving some insight into the history of the drink, how it tastes, and/or tips for making the most of it. I get inordinate satisfaction from adding ingredients to my shelf and seeing the little illustrated rendering of my bar! What would make this app even better: I like the ability to favorite, but I would also really love to be able to bookmark and/or mark a drink as “made” (I want to bookmark drinks to try, not just drinks I already know I like, and I’d love to keep track of what I’ve tried already, too). But even more importantly, please add notes functionality! When I try a new cocktail, I want to be able to note my impressions, any adjustments I made, whether I liked it or not, etc., so I know for next time!

- Great App - Intuitive UI

I got this app on the recommendation of a friend. I’ve been through a number of websites and apps recently that all mostly do the same thing - take an inventory of my bar and try to recommend drinks to make. If you’ve done the same, you’ll know there’s a sea of really awful apps in this category. This one, however, does it really well - the user interface for adding my home bar inventory was definitely a step above the rest. The drink library in the app was great, plenty to keep me interested (though I hope they continue to be active in adding more)! My only hiccup was figuring out categories on a few of the more obscure liqueurs. Luckily, the app’s icons are good enough that I was able to figure it out for everything. Great job!

- Great app

I’ve tried and own almost all the “good” cocktail apps in the App Store including the likes of pdt, Mixel, etc. This is the one I turn too most often when I don’t know what I want to drink. The categories are always helpful. It has a nice interface and I really enjoy the constant recipe releases to keep things fresh. Bottle replacement suggestions are always on point. Also, the app developers are extremely responsive to requested features which is awesome. My only small complaint is the lack of a random button and tags but the developers informed me they will be released soon. Once those are out this will be the premier app for home mixologists.

- Bait and switch - UPDATED REVIEW

You search on the web for a cocktail and you get their website. On the site they prompt you to buy the app. You do, only to find out that the app doesn’t contain half of the cocktails you’re looking for - including the very one you searched for that brought to their site to begin with! UPDATE: Sent message to support and actually got a very quick response. Turns out it was from the app developer herself! She was extraordinarily helpful. Seems that there are some glitches in the search feature, and you need to update the library. There are lots of cocktails to be found if you poke around in the library. Evidently they are trying to improve the search/find feature. Anxious to see the update.

- Almost perfect

This is my new favorite app, and I’ve been using it a lot lately. Great instructions, artwork and stories to go along with every recipe. Just one thing that’s driving me crazy. The size of the font on the measurements is far too small if you’re reading it with your phone on the bar while you’re making the drink. I’ve mistook a 1/4oz for 3/4oz twice now because from that distance, these measurements are indistinguishable from each other. To the devs, PLEASE make this app a better tool for us users and make it possible for us to read the measurements from a short distance while we use our hands to make the cocktail. Everything else is great though! Highly recommended!

- Best cocktail app, *bar* none

I’ve tried at least a dozen cocktail apps, but this is clearly the best. It’s easy to use, sports an excellent design, and the library is full of great drinks. I love that it not only lets me keep track of the ingredients in my bar, but also recommends ingredients to buy so I have more recipe options. It even has a real native iPad version, which was an amazing surprise. Kudos to the developer; I hope you keep maintaining this app for years to come! EDIT: One suggestion — it would be awesome if ingredients and favorites synced across devices. I often switch between my iPhone and iPad and having my data in both spots would be super useful.

- Exactly what I was looking for

This a great app for anyone building a home bar. The value is in its ability to take a list of what you have and match that to recipes for things you may have never even considered. It has a very broad range, I was surprised to find recipes from bars that I have actually been to along side established classic cocktails. Any time some one comes over and asks what I can make them I just give them my phone and let them pick a drink, it’s almost like having a custom menu for my own bar.

- An awesome cocktail app with curated recipes

I'm shocked that there are no reviews listed for this app. I found it on reddit's cocktails forum. The drink list in this app is much shorter than in many of the other apps I've seen, but the quality and reliability of the recipes is much much higher. These are more like the drinks you would get at a good mixology bar instead of the drink equivalent of your aunt's jello fruit mold that people just "love." I much prefer a list of cocktails that are reliable, good and repeatable than a huge pile of garbage recipes. This app is great and delivers great, reliable cocktails.

- A suggestion

In hopes the devs read these reviews, I do wish they would offer the ability to save your personal ratings (on a scale of 1-5) for each drink you try. They have the ability to check a “Love It!”, but I can’t tell if the ones that don’t have that are ones I tried and didn’t like or ones I haven’t tried. I’ve set a goal of trying them all, but you can’t expect someone with that kind of a goal to remember much, can you?

- Love the app

The app is easy and has a great interface. Large library of drinks of all styles. I do hope that eventually they add a feature to be able to add drinks to a “wishlist” to make. Currently you can add drinks to your favorites, but if you just want to try a drink later, there’s no place currently in the app for that. A similar feature could be implemented for ingredients you want to get next; however, this wouldn’t add as much benefit as a wishlist for drinks to make would.

- My mind is blown

We are big into tiki and had kind of hit the wall with the popular books (like Smugglers Cove and Minimalist Tiki). I found this app by searching the web for banana liqueur drinks. I am just tickled with the broad range of cocktails in this app. We have an extensive selection of spirits and syrups and so far I’ve favorited about 30 drinks. Have made several already and they were delicious. No need for infusions or highly specialized syrups. It’s going to be a great summer with this app!!

- Must-have for home bartenders

This app is incredible, it's so easy to use and perfect for learning new cocktails. Home bars by nature are limited in the variety of ingredients at your disposal. This app is great for planning out the variety of drinks you can make given a limited amount of ingredients, which is something lacking in other cocktail apps. If you're hosting a small part or event, it becomes as easy as inputting the ingredients you have available, and then letting your guests pick from that menu. This opens up so many possibilities for drink discovery and fun cocktail nights. I also love that it recommends drinks requiring 1 additional ingredient, because it makes my next grocery trip so much easier. The user interface is also great and very easy to navigate. Highly recommended!

- Love It!

Bought a Tiki Cocktail App for $9.99. This one is better. Easier to use and greater variety. This is the one to buy. I love it. Please keep building the app and updating it! You won’t be disappointed buying this app. Made our graduation week celebration amazing. Used it to have a drink of the day every day we had family in town. Huge variety of options and made it fun and easy to find different cocktails we’ve never tried.

- Great tool

A great way for those of us who want to discover new cocktails to be guided through what we have in house. A great feature is that the app also shows you some drinks you could make if you have ‘one more ingredient’. Great that you can mark ones you have tried and ‘love’. Hopefully there is a place for personal comments/notes for each drink bc I often have little adjustments I want to remember. REALLY NEEDS a way to tag ones you want to try! Like in the Goodreads app ‘want to read’ list.

- I love this app

Super practical, informative, easy to use, even inspiring for lovers of cocktails or just those curious to try a few recipes over time and keep an inventory of favorite recipes handy. Updated fairly judiciously, thankfully, so it isn’t cluttered up with unproven concoctions resulting in an overwhelmingly-sized library with too many ridiculous or middling cocktails. Attractive, welcoming, well-designed UI.

- Could be the best cocktail app - with some improvements

The good: - Massive selection of recipes - New drinks added frequently within the app - Artwork is superb - Ability to sort cocktails by ingredient - Descriptions are fun and insightful. The developers have clearly spent time on their research The bad: - UI is a mess. Sometimes hitting the back button won’t return to you to the previous page. No way to quickly jump to top of page. - No “to try” list or way to add notes to recipes - Artwork on main page makes scrolling take forever. Please consider adding a text view. I’ve been using this app for over a year, and it’s become an indispensable tool in my home bar. If some of the issues above get addressed, it would easily be the best cocktail app I’ve ever used. Cheers!

- Great drinks-great app

Great cocktail app. Very good list of drinks that actually are well made and tasty. I have used other apps that just were overloaded with tons of junk drinks. It feels like the creators of this app actually enjoyed making the drinks and decided which were good enough to add to the list. Really appreciate the perpetual updates drinks listing too. Hate paying for things more than once.

- This is great!

Been going cocktail crazy over lockdown and this app was a great addition to my library. Love being able to search by ingredient and see other things i could buy to open up more combinations. Lots of great features. Would love the ability to make notes on recipes and, in a prefect world, add my own. But it was money well spent.

- Well rounded, easy to use

I have tried quite a few other apps and this is far better. The ingredients included, the variety, ease of UI, and story behind each cocktail makes it great. Well worth the cost if you're making cocktails at home often. Which, with everything going on, seems to be most of us.

- Very useful

I loathe searching for the right cocktail only to find that I lack all but one ingredient. Being able to track my personal inventory within the app and find drinks based on a particular item is stellar. Looking forward to the feature updates for enhanced customization.

- The best out there!!

This app is absolutely perfect! I love that I can fine new drinks to make from the ingredients that I already have, and that it suggests similar drinks that I would like. But the cherry on top is all of the neat background information on each drink! Clearly a lot of time goes into updates! Thank you!!

- Really Good App

We downloaded the app after seeing it as one of the top posts on /r/cocktails, and we've been playing around with it and adding our ingredients to the list. While it's not an all inclusive list of ingredients (missing some creme de ), it's a solid overall app and tosses out some truly spectacular recipes based on what you have in your liquor cabinet. Minor quibbles for an otherwise fantastic application!

- Use this religiously

When the pandemic started, I decided to pick up mixology as a hobby, and started with this app. Instructions are crystal clear, recipes are excellent, ingredient substitutions for recipes based on what you have is amazing, and honestly I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Highly recommend.

- Solid cocktail app

Clean, uncluttered, easy to use, and very helpful. Well worth the few dollars! Best cocktail app I’ve seen honestly. Like that there is a description with each drink. Constructive criticism: Each section in the Drinks tab should be an accordion (collapsible). If I want to see drinks I need ingredients for, I don’t want to scroll thru all the drinks I can make first. Wishlist: Search by ingredients. So if I want to make something with, say, mint and grenadine, show me all the drinks that include these (both together or individually). I would slam the star rating until you magically got 6 stars if this was included :)

- Best cocktail App

This has helped me revisit and enjoy the art of Mixology! My girlfriend and I have grown our bar exponentially and enjoy making different cocktails For family and friends when they come visit!! hoping for more drink updates and more recommend spirits to add to the library.

- The Best Cocktail App Available

Love what this app has become and continues to be. I am able to keep track of everything in my bar and show my guests exactly what I can make with what I currently have. Updates all the time, just make sure you’re going through the settings and pulling the newest data.

- Flat out amazing, stop looking

I'll pull the ol 'I never leave reviews' card but it's true and I'm reviewing this because it is flipping fantastic. These are legit recipes, classics and modern classics, and ALL of them, so many. The ingredient tracker is easy and clear and just freaking download this already!

- Great, but needs a few improvements

I really love this app, but it needs the following: a way to rate each cocktail; a way to take personal or shared notes about each cocktail; a way to upload and share new cocktail recipes that can be rated by all users. It would also be nice to have a collection of virgin “mocktails” for kids or for other people who don’t drink alcohol.

- Fun & functional

Simple design, easy to understand & use, super fun little illustrations. Those might be my favorite part honestly, they’re just satisfying and clear. Makes it easy to see what new recipes I can try with what I have. Worth every penny.

- Some major flaws

This is an impressively large cocktail Recipe database and I loved much of how it’s organized. But, it REALLY needs a place for notes and a way to make lists. Like a To Try list for example. I’m kind of shocked these things aren’t there already. Notes would be great to know what I thought of it/which specs I think would slightly better for my palate etc.

- Awesome app

Hadn’t opened this in a few years and the new update is awesome. Looking forward to the next with even more drinks and ingredients. Would love a feature on the app where I can add my own recipes and save them into the library. Great app!

- Surprisingly great support...

...Quick, thoughtful and very helpful responses. Well designed app by what seems like a team committed to adding features suggested by customers (as I did). Wonderfully curated recipes rather than a list of every drink under the sun including those that are sub-par.

- Great go-to app!

This app allows me to see a wide variety of cocktails that I can make with the ingredients I have available. I particularly like the option of seeing drinks that need one additional ingredient so I can add to my collection intelligently.

- Really great

My go to source for cocktail recipes, even over my fancy cocktail books. My only wish is that you could mark a recipe as tried, but didn’t love, so I remember which recipes to not repeat.

- This app is Awesome!!

This is a very comprehensive app for the cocktail enthusiast! Whether you are a professional bartender or a person who just wants to make some cool cocktails, this is the app for you! I check it out daily!

- Amazing customer service!!

I was having issues with the app when I downloaded it so I emailed customer service. They replied almost immediately and were SO helpful! They truly went above and beyond to help me 😄

- Absolutely worth it!

Great app! I would pay a yearly subscription just to support the team and make sure that it’s always getting updates.

- Finally great cocktail app

I was so tired in these obnoxious subscription based apps. It was really hard to find this one. Works really well and interface is clean and understandable! Thank you!

- Great app - try some new drinks!

This is a great app if you are looking to experiment with something other than “the usual”. Lots of really delicious drinks. What could make this app better? For those who like to experiment, the ability to customize your own new drinks.

- Well worth the money

Lots of cocktails to look through. No annoying ads.

- Great app wish I could record my own recipes

Great app with beautiful design. I wish there was a way to save my own recipes into it, to have it as a one stop solution for cocktails.

- My Go-To for drink recipes

I use this app all the time and it basically knows me better then I know myself. Perfect for learning about new drinks

- Love it!

Awesome app! Would love to see a grocery list option, to add items not in your pantry to a list of things to buy.

- Love this App

Love that I can add all of my bar ingredients and it will let me know what I can make with what I have on hand. Well worth the price.

- 🙏 I’ll add the other star , if …

Would be nice if I’m able to select ,”dislike”… That way , it would be easy going down the list.

- Additional feature

Drinks are great but would love the option to save drinks I want “to try” as opposed to only ones that I love

- Great app!

Love how it makes it easy to see what I can make based on what I have in my cabinet…but I wish I could add my own recipes

- Good on drink instructions... short on garnish instructions

It would be great if the app listed the typical garnish used for a drink rather than having to look at the photo to see what is needed.

- Almost perfect

The inability to make notes is the only thing keeping this from 5 stars. Best cocktail app and it’s not even close.

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- Terrific design!

Absolutely love this app. Gives a great visual representation of the ingredients and the user interface is well designed. Been using it to learn how to make cocktails, the descriptions are great about the drinks. As a novice barman, I love that I am learning the origin of the drink and alternative ways to make the drink. Be prepared to have a wide range of alcohol at you disposal! I can make heaps of drinks with the decent home collection I have, but seeing all the recipes what I could make gets me excited! Highly recommended, everyone loves the person who makes excellent drinks!

- Ok app

I’ve found some drinks to have incorrect ratios eg. the B52 & others are equivalent to rocket fuel strength. Otherwise it’s an ok app

- Too US based

Can’t seem to add pimms or coconut liqueur

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- Best Cocktail App

Please add the ability to add missing drinks to the library

- Fantastic resource!

This app offers amazing great value if you enjoy making cocktails. It’s thorough, provides a backgrounder on each drink, has charming visuals, and most importantly the recipes taste great! My only wish is to add my own notes and to indicate “dislike” in addition to the favouriting option already offered.

- Amazing app but it’s missing a key feature.

Has everything to help you know what you can make. But is missing the one key leaguer: add your own custom cocktail.

- Good app. A few additions needed

Missing Jager and Redbull/energy drink. Which is the biggest issue I’ve come across so far.

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Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes iphone images
Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes iphone images
Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes iphone images
Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes iphone images
Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes iphone images
Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes iphone images
Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes iphone images
Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes iphone images

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The applications Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes was published in the category Food & Drink on 2014-12-09 and was developed by Cooper Bold Interactive [Developer ID: 928904093]. This application file size is 62.71 MB. Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes - Food & Drink app posted on 2019-12-03 current version is 2.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.cooperbold.cocktailparty