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myHAC allows students and parents full school-year access to their Home Access Center (HAC) in a more mobile friendly, iOS environment. Users can log in and only sign in once. Just like on the web version, you can view your grades and assignments, plus several new features exclusive to the app.

Note: myHAC works only with schools that use Home Access Center 3.0 and above.


-View classes and average for current school year

-View assignments and classwork for current school year

-View details for each assignment

-Receive alerts for new assignments (students only)

-View current academic and overall GPA

-One click access to report cards and transcripts

-Remember me feature - only have to sign in once

-View grades from past runs as well as all runs combined

-View profile complete with student demographics

Parents Only:

-Access grades for each of your currently enrolled students

-Navigate between students with a picker and view specific classwork assignments

Disclaimer: This application is not affiliated with SunGard® K-12 Education.

myHAC - Home Access Center App Description & Overview

The applications myHAC - Home Access Center was published in the category Education on 2014-10-19 and was developed by Diamond Apps, LLC. The file size is 26.51 MB. The current version is 1.80 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using myHAC! This New Year's update brings many bug fixes and improved performance throughout the app. Stay tuned for many new exciting features in the coming weeks. As always, please feel free to reach out with any requests/questions. Good luck with the school year!

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myHAC - Home Access Center Reviews


Error in connection  clcwhnp  1 star

I have had an error in connection this whole fall semester 2018. Emailed creator of this app. No help. No corrections coming that I can see after reading other reviews with similar complaints. And it is the app. I can go on website and get grades. But it was more convenient when this app worked.


Great when it works  LovingCouponing  3 star

I have three students registered and the one that comes up first I usually have no trouble with. But when I swap to the other two it’s hit and miss. Most of the time it won’t pull them up.


Bug issue  098163  1 star

The app will not let me go on, it keeps saying a error has occurred and to connect to WiFi, I am already on WiFi though


Slow but useful  revanonlipy  2 star

More convenient to view grades but takes like 10 seconds to load. Also multiple bugs and the contact developer button doesn’t work


Shows GPA and classes  Jrryan99  5 star

This app is simple and quick to access. Not confusing either. In the beginning it asks for a URL link. On your phone go to safari and search the HAC website through your school. copy and paste that link into the URL box in the app :) simple and sweet. It shows the GPA, the classes percentages, and individual class grades. As a student that’s all really am normally interested in.

Dira Deandrade

This is bad  Dira Deandrade  1 star

For some reason I can’t sign in to my tam district account on any app. My friend can sign in but I can’t.


WASTE OF MONEY  Johhhhhhnnnnn  1 star

Doesn’t let me log in, teachers at my kids school won’t help!! Don’t do it also don’t go to council rock school district!!!


New School Year won’t connect  LsackATL  1 star

I can’t figure out what to do.... Any ideas why the app isn’t working with the new school year? Just times out with an error message. Thanks in advance!


Update !  Hargues3  1 star

Every time i try to log in it says connection error even if I’m on cellular or on WiFi and this has been going on for months now. But it is only the app ?! I can log in just fine on the website


Wrong average  Jhuang114  1 star

I am on iOS 7.1.2, and everytime I open this app, the averages are all wrong. I know you pushed an update out to fix this bug but you left out iOS 7 support! Please fix this, I had to buy this app with money!


Best App Ever  Ccampione  5 star

Love this App! Not only is it incredibly convenient and easy to use, the support is outstanding! I had a question with login and received an immediate response. Good stuff!


Not worth $$  Jdhdisjuskzddjjd  1 star

Considering that the app only provides a fraction of what the free internet version does, you can't justify paying $2 for it.


Wasted Two Dollars??  jackiegringolts  1 star

this app is crashing, not logging me in and not loading properly. i hope an update will come at some point because this app was a complete waste of two dollars

Pelle Fisk

No good. 👎🏻  Pelle Fisk  1 star

I cannot login to the app. Worthless. No support when contacting creator. Stay away until improvements. :-(

Im a hater

BUY IT!  Im a hater  5 star

I love the app worth the 2 dollars! The only thing that would make this app better would be if it showed the average for each part of the class like the homework average class work average etc. buy the app!


Worth the $$ ONCE  GeekyUser  2 star

I love this app, because it gives me quick and easy access to see my grades on the fly. When I am in a jam and need to check what I am missing or what is due, I love how the app is quick and mobile friendly enough to do the just that. It is worth the $$ for the app itself, BUT they definitely ruin it with the "renewal fee" for each new school year. I feel like without the renewal fee, it would be getting a lot more money from us anyways because it really makes it quick and easy, but renewal fees aren't worth it. No one is going to buy this app and keep paying every year for longer than they "have" to. The actual website is truly a horrendous mess when it comes down to being used on a mobile device, and I think it is 73% reasonable to pay ONCE to be able to have easy access to your grades on your phone when you need to. Using the website on your phone can be very frustrating, but what is more frustrating is that this app is making me pay to see things I worked/ am working hard for, what I missed/ am missing in my classes, and what I need in order to graduate. WE ALREADY PAY SO MUCH FOR SCHOOLING AND LIFE, WHY MUST I PAY MULTIPLE TIMES IN ORDER TO SEE THE THINGS THAT ARE HELPING ME BUILD A BETTER FUTURE FOR MYSELF AND OTHERS? ~I mean no hate, but I am just frustrated and tight on money at the moment. I nearly killed my friend with my phone when I saw this "renewal fee" pop up in my HAC because of how mad I was~


Not worth $1.99 each year  HotBubba  1 star

I'm furious I just paid $1.99 for a new school year! It's ridiculous to charge each's more ridiculous the app isn't completely free. The only thing you can see is your child's grades and homework teacher info, days absent info, announcement/messaging capability. Totally NOT worth $1.99 EACH year! My advice: Just forget the app and login on the Internet for free.


worth the $$  Lynhub  5 star

This really made it easier to check grades and not always have to log in.

Bri bri17

renewal!  Bri bri17  1 star

don't get this app, it makes you pay for it again when a new school year. it doesn't even deserve one star

Are u kidding me???????

Renewal  Are u kidding me???????  1 star

I payed for this and now it's making me pay again. I bought it recently and now it's making me pay again for "2016-17 access". Stupid.

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