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myHAC allows students and parents full school-year access to their Home Access Center (HAC) in a more mobile friendly, iOS environment. Users can log in and only sign in once. Just like on the web version, you can view your grades and assignments, plus several new features exclusive to the app.

Note: myHAC works only with schools that use Home Access Center 3.0 and above.


-View classes and average for current school year

-View assignments and classwork for current school year

-View details for each assignment

-Receive alerts for new assignments (students only)

-View current academic and overall GPA

-One click access to report cards and transcripts

-Remember me feature - only have to sign in once

-View grades from past runs as well as all runs combined

-View profile complete with student demographics

Parents Only:

-Access grades for each of your currently enrolled students

-Navigate between students with a picker and view specific classwork assignments

Disclaimer: This application is not affiliated with SunGard® K-12 Education.

myHAC - Home Access Center App Description & Overview

The applications myHAC - Home Access Center was published in the category Education on 2014-10-19 and was developed by Diamond Apps, LLC. The file size is 26.51 MB. The current version is 1.80 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using myHAC! This New Year's update brings many bug fixes and improved performance throughout the app. Stay tuned for many new exciting features in the coming weeks. As always, please feel free to reach out with any requests/questions. Good luck with the school year!

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myHAC - Home Access Center Reviews


Dont waste your time  095783  1 star

The app was working fine buh now it wont even let me log in its says my information is invalid, not worth $3.99 👎🏽


Very helpful and easy!  nHBen  5 star

This app is way easier to use then the site with options such as auto sign in and remember me which is a one tap login makes the entire app easier then the website and doesn’t make you go through the hassle of typing on an iPhone.


DO NOT UPDATE  AmanStrauss  1 star

If you update the app, it will make you pay to renew it. Leave it on the old version and it will be free to use.

Mom of LDH

Stopped working as soon as I paid  Mom of LDH  4 star

UPDATE: After months of not working (nearly an entire semester), the week after writing the review below I checked and the app is finally working. Better late than never! Upgrading my review from 1 star to 4. Original post: This is my 3rd year using this app. It had been mostly reliable, with many of the bugs seemingly tied to the school system taking HAC offline. In other words, when I couldn’t get the app to work, the website didn’t work either, and the app would only work again when the website came back online. But this semester, as soon as I paid to renew, this app stopped working and never started back. The only thing that has worked on the app this entire semester is the link to the website. I reached out to the developer after waiting a couple of months hoping for bug fixes. I have yet to receive a response. I’m really disappointed because I found this app extremely useful for two years. I guess it was a school project that the developer has lost interest in, which is fine. But if that’s the case, don’t offer it in the App Store, and especially not for purchase. It was good while it lasted, but it no longer serves any purpose at all.


Payment?  5,0000000000000  2 star

Does not let me continue to view my grades without paying $1.99. never have had this issue before, and it is very annoying considering it was already $4 to purchase in the first place. i am an unemployed high schooler trying to track my GPA. fix this please.


Very bad  Nick17363728272  1 star

Very bad, makes you pay 1.99 2 months after you buy it without telling you. GPA isn’t right because every school system has a different system!

Best rater ever n the world

Needs averages  Best rater ever n the world  4 star

Needs some averages under the assignments.


Can’t login  5678color24-7  1 star

The website made me change my password and now I’m unable to log in at all. I’ve emailed them three times now and have yet to get a response. I was also unaware that the payment was a yearly thing so, I have basically payed 10 dollars to be ignored and have an app on my phone that does nothing. If I could I would give this app zero stars.

iPad3 Lady

Totally Unreliable  iPad3 Lady  1 star

This app USED TO work and WAS reliable. Now after downloading the most recent “fixes”, it only works 1 in 10 times when accessed! NOT recommended but since schools use it to post grades, what choice, wish we had another

Jordyn André

Stop playing with me.  Jordyn André  1 star

So I’ve been using this app for about 2 years now & never have I once had to pay another $1.99. I am a unemployed high school student trying to stay up on my grades & this app is what I depend on to get me where I need to be. So I’m clicking the restore purchase button & it’s not restoring my purchase... what’s up with that? Fix it dog.


Bad app!!!  thisappisjhsbvs  1 star

Why do I have to pay for a subscription? I downloaded this thinking I would just have to pay a one time fee, but now surprise surprise it's yearly? Don't buy this app, it's terrible. If I could give it no stars I would.


Scam  angrygirl1012546  1 star

I payed money for this app and now it's telling me I have to pay yearly?!?? It's literally just an app for checking grades not worth paying more money. Check yourself home access


App doesn't work  CarlyFranta24357  1 star

I bought the app and have yet to be able to use it. Every time I try it says there is an error.


Won't even log in  A;lsdkfja  1 star

I don't even know if the app is good, it would let me log in. Paid three dollars, bad app


Can't log in  TruthTeller1212  1 star

Update broke it


Not working  -15458  1 star

I would love to have a app to check my grades which is what I thought I was going to have when I paid $3 for this app but when I try to log in it will not let me


Charged for a free app  @knightbiebs  1 star

I don't usually pay for apps which is why I downloaded this since it was free. now weeks after i downloaded it I get charged 3$???


Great app but..  G-shep  3 star

I love being able to check my grades any time I want and keep track of my GPA and averages, but it's hard to log in sometimes because of the error. It's really frustrating to have to deal with that especially after paying money for this app. If it finally gets fixed then the app is perfect


Excellent Help  Tuckerbosco  5 star

Finals week coming up and the app won't work for me. Email the creator of the app and within the same day emails me back and helps figure out the problem. A couple days later an update is released and my problem is fixed. Really great, thanks!


Works well  LmhtGala  5 star

This is a great app for checking your kids grades if your school uses Home Access. I really love the GPA calculator.

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