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Recommended and shared by thousands of users! Mentioned as the iOS app to use in these guides:
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Note that the app is just a helper tool and should be used with common sense and manual inspection of the target object.

Protect your privacy from spy hidden camera lenses, for the price of a to-go coffee! Here are some actual news headlines:
◆ Oil rig worker files lawsuit: I was secretly recorded
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This app is a tool to help you detect disguised camera lens that you suspect are present in a room. Equivalent to camera detector gadgets, it tries to detect using the tell-tale signs of tiny reflections of hidden camera lenses.

A free do-it-yourself way of detecting cameras from instructables, also based on detecting tiny lens reflections:
◆ Step 1: Find a tube that's good for looking through. A cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper or paper towels is best.
◆ Step 2: All you need is a flashlight or something that you can use to focus a beam of light in a dark room. Attaching a couple of directional LEDs to the outside of the cardboard tube can work also if you don't have a flashlight.
◆ Step 3: With one hand, hold up the toilet paper tube to your eye. With your other hand, hold up the flashlight at about eye level and point it away from you. With one eye, look through the tube and scan the room. If there are any small points of light bouncing back, inspect it further. It might be a camera.


Use this tool after your own visual inspection and investigation. Scan the room first without your phone and once you find something suspicious point the phone camera to the suspected object. The app alternately turns on and off the camera flash to detect the signature of a camera lens. Carefully adjusting the distance and angle relative to the target object helps as well adjusting the level of lighting in the room.

When automatic mode is ineffective or distracting you should use manual mode. In both manual and automatic modes you must use your own judgment as this is just a tool like what you would do with an expensive hidden camera detector gadgets or the do-it-yourself detector described above.

MANUAL Detection:
Anytime that you see the signature of a camera lens you can single-tap on the screen and put a marker on the suspected camera lens.
Yellow overlay - this signifies that the surface might be metallic or glass-like and that a great amount of reflectivity is being detected.
Cyan overlay - this means that the surface is changing in color consistent with the general hue of camera lenses.

AUTOMATIC Detection:
The app will continuously try its best to put a marker where it thinks a camera lens may be present. To exclude surfaces that are generating lots of false positives you can zoom the camera or carefully change the distance or angle of the phone to the target. Works best when room lights are dimmed.

BONUS: Magnetic meter to manually detect the slight magnetic field present in electronic devices including hidden spy cameras. Help improve this app by giving a glowing or constructive review ;-)


Spy hidden camera Detector App Description & Overview

The applications Spy hidden camera Detector was published in the category Utilities on 2014-11-03 and was developed by Asher L. Poretz. The file size is 14.06 MB. The current version is 9 and works well on 9.2 and high ios versions.

+ improved false positive filtering from shiny surfaces
+ scanning continues even when there's an advisory
+ flashing is paused during magnetic detection
+ smoother pinch-to-zoom

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Egbert Stuart

Very useful  Egbert Stuart  5 star

really good app.. very helpful for current generation..

Charles Fastk

Nice! It's very useful app  Charles Fastk  5 star

It works good in detecting magnetic radiations ,speakers and microphones It also detects IR cameras .. Much needed one!

Montague Hopkin

Best app seen ever Very useful  Montague Hopkin  5 star

Very good...its very useful for all... thanks for creating such an wonderfull app....

Julia Temple

Great working app  Julia Temple  5 star

Very good and useful for detecting the hidden camera

Eileen Lawrence

Osm it really worked... Thank-you so much  Eileen Lawrence  5 star

Very useful app for women those who are staying away from home and there will be security on their privacy.. so pls use this app


Junk doesn’t work  Mitch1234$  1 star


Sb and sg and kg

Waste of money  Sb and sg and kg  1 star

Tried it out in 2 rooms. One indicated the room was too bright. The other indicated the room was too dark. I would not trust this thing at all.


Total fraud  clem2008  1 star

It picks up reflections and nothing more. It did pick up the camera on another iPhone but it also thought the Apple symbol was a camera. According to this thing I have about 50 cameras in my living room.


Does not work  gyftrykl  1 star

Any outlet you point this at it thinks is a camera. Does not work. How do I get my money back?


I didn’t approve  Thaiscog  1 star

Camera doesn’t open

Michaelia Springhall

Incredible  Michaelia Springhall  5 star

Such a useful tool

Malcolm Camilla

This is the best!!!!!  Malcolm Camilla  5 star

quite good, I give it 5 stars

Susanna Emerson

Awesome!  Susanna Emerson  5 star

Love it, highly recoommend

dMoses Harte

I love it   dMoses Harte  5 star

This is a great app

37Lydia Morris

The best app ever  37Lydia Morris  5 star

So enjoyed this app is very good

vGustave Jenkin

Love this app  vGustave Jenkin  5 star

Love it. Free and interesting app

Geraldine Lucy

Good app   Geraldine Lucy  5 star

Great app best I’ve ever used helps with so much

Vera Clarissa

pretty cool  Vera Clarissa  5 star

It's pretty much all anyone could ask for. Pretty cool. Thumbs up.

Albert Orlando

woooow!  Albert Orlando  5 star

I love this app I have been looking for a long time.

Bennett Ford

great apps ever  Bennett Ford  5 star

This is worth i feel soooo great.


Useless!!! I want my money back!  Ralu9  1 star

Useless!!! I want my money back!


Garbage  petroleumjellyfish  1 star

Don’t buy. This thing thought my Xbox logo, and several random objects (including icons on books) were cameras. Even if it did work, the app assumes you already see the camera and you’re just pointing at it with your phone to confirm. Total waste of 3 dollars


Great app  namvuvan90  5 star

Great app , I like this app


Fake!!!  Wazzuoppppo  1 star

Picks up anything that will reflect light or sound. Do not buy!


Practical app  taicangd  5 star

Good app! Using this app, iPhone is a detection device. I bought this and it works. Now I can find hidden cameras in the room, but its operation requires careful and patient,otherwise I won't find the camera.


Camera detection  Djfiniki  1 star

Doesn’t work, I have cameras everywhere at work. I want a refund.


Fake app  Esmezhang  1 star

Fake app

Lauren Eileen

It works  Lauren Eileen  5 star

Thank you so much


This app is great!  Jonjjones278  4 star

This app is very useful and easy to use! It does exactly what it says it does. And I makes me feel a lot safer in hotel rooms!


Useless  Molekoo  1 star

This app is junk and totally useless. There is no function except for a stupid pink circle that points to almost anything reflective or circular. I would be careful of any new, possibly fake reviews that may cloud or contradict this statement. I will be demanding a refund for complete waste of my time.

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