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Never forget to raise the American Flag at full-staff or half-staff using the "Flag Day” Application.

The app alerts you for scheduled & unscheduled national half-staff and full-staff too so your flag is always in the right position!

Important: This app does not cover State notifications for half-staff days at this point. Only notifications coming from the White House.

"Can't beat this app for reminders about half-mast and any other flag day."

"A delightful app that keeps you up to date on when to lower the flag and when not to....and why! My neighborhood is flag crazy and now I can be the first instead of the last to observe protocols! Thanks!!"

Receive alerts to remind you to raise the flag for all American National Flag Days. Alerts are sent a day before and on the morning you should raise the flag.

Use the flag day calendar to quickly glance over all the coming flag days.

The application is constantly maintained up to date. New flag days declared by the US President are added to our server and synchronized with the application when you start it.

Flying the American flag per the flag code is important and a patriotic thing to do. To help you fly the US flag the proper way, the application references the flag code as well as a detailed step by step process on how to correctly fold the flag.

The Flag Day application was built by our company Bonsaisoft which is based in California, USA.

- Displays flag status for current day
- Calendar with all coming flag days. Full staff days are in blue. Half staff days are in red.
- Short explanation on why a particular day was declared as being a flag day.
- App notifications when a flag day is coming. Notifications are sent a day before the flag day.
- Instructions on how to properly handle the flag based on the flag code
- Instructions on how to fold the flag with step by step graphics and visual animation.
- Instructions on how to salute the flag
- Pledge of allegiance's text

Flag Day - US Flag Calendar App Description & Overview

The applications Flag Day - US Flag Calendar was published in the category Utilities on 2014-10-15 and was developed by Bonsaisoft LLC. The file size is 30.38 MB. The current version is 1.6 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Small bugs fixed
- Fixed layout issue for iPhone X and above

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Flag Day - US Flag Calendar Reviews


Doesn't update on new events  biffbiff  4 star

On 4/18/2018 the President ordered American flags to fly at half mast. The app still shows full mast, even after tapping data refresh. No notification either. Without the updating and notification, this is just an expensive calendar app. Update: After the developer was notified, the App did update and notify correctly. Seems like a rare human error that won't likely happen again.

flag app fan

So helpful  flag app fan  5 star

I love this app, updates me when there are changes to the flag status, in addition to video access of how to properly raise and fold the American flag!


Perfect Reminder  Rbskygod  5 star

Love the app, reminds me of all the days the flag should fly and when it should be at half mast or when the special presidential proclamations are made to fly at half mast. Must have for anybody who flies their Flagg....


Simple and Reliable  pyramid919  5 star

It does more than you’d expect, I’ve learned a lot about why we observe the days we do.


Helpful app  DanDofTN  4 star

Would like to review notifications.


One of my best Apps ever  Hiflyte  5 star

I had my first flag pole for my home 15 years ago. I discovered this app 6 years ago and I can truly say that it has been so helpful to insure the proper decorum of honoring the display of our country’s flag. We moved to a condo 3 years ago and I was honored to fly our community flag as required. I do so proudly with the aid of this app’s timely notifications for lowering & raising our flag with information on the occasion for displaying at half staff. A proud Vietnam combat veteran


Great app  Fasted15  5 star

If you fly the flag this app is a god send! When the status changes you get an alert to change the position. That way you do not wonder why the the flag is at half staff!


Awesome  94a  5 star

Nice to see Patriotism always !!!!


Simple, accurate and important  Kirtie!  5 star

I held off buying a flag and pole until I knew I would be able to handle it respectfully. This app provides information on half-staff days, along with important etiquette for handling the flag. It seems like a fair price for a concerned, American flag owner to get a handy update on their phone when it would be difficult to change the flag position during working hours. If you're the owner of a flag and you display it outside, I would suggest this simple, nicely-designed app to aid in handling the flag correctly at all times.


Perfect  Kelv6  5 star

Love this! Gives great info and let's us know when to lower to half staff! We needed this! Thanks!


Good citizen  Turk0311  5 star

It is hard to find a calendar with the dates marked to fly the flag. This app is the perfect answer. Thanks much!


Great app  Horafide  5 star

I love this app! I have learned so much about the symbol of patriotism of the United States flag and I use it to display my flag properly. It is a great app and I highly recommend it.

Flag owner

Not completely accurate  Flag owner  3 star

App informs about calendar events to lower flag to half staff, i.e. 9/11. App did NOT alert to lower the flag after presidential order to fly at half staff because of the Oregon college shooting.

Indy bill

Nice app. Nice look &feel  Indy bill  4 star

Good stuff

Mum to Dogs

Wonderful!  Mum to Dogs  5 star

A delightful app that keeps you up to date on when to lower the flag and when not to....and why! My neighborhood is flag crazy and now I can be the first instead of the last to observe protocols! Thanks!!

Everyone wants to be a Hogg

Great App  Everyone wants to be a Hogg  5 star

Fantastic app to keep you up to date on everything related to our great country's Stars and Stripes.


Flag Code App  Ratingrash  3 star

This app does the job....

A. J. Sartin

Commander, Vilano Beach VFW  A. J. Sartin  5 star

All Americans need to respect our Countries Flag and know when to raise or lower the Flag. This software does that for the person that downloads it. T. G. I. F. = Thank God I'm Free !


Emperor  Jostrman  5 star

Mighty to say the least. Keep up the Good labor.


Great app  Sethenol  5 star

Exactly what I was looking for, reminds you the day before.

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