Verizon FamilyBase®

PARENTS: With Verizon FamilyBase, you can see how your kids are using their phones to help them learn responsible phone use.

• View daily activity logs to see when and with whom your kids communicate
• Set FamilyBase to notify you - like when your kids text during bedtime or school

Plus you'll get access to the Verizon FamilyBase Dashboard on My Verizon ( where you can set usage controls:

• Schedule time restrictions to limit phone use
• Block unwanted numbers and make sure certain numbers are always allowed
• Manage costs by setting limits on data, voice and messaging

Download includes a one month FREE trial for up to 10 phones on your Verizon Wireless account. After the trial period, you can choose to renew for $4.99 per month on your Apple iTunes Account.

Note: Your child can always dial 911 in case of emergency. Parents receive a free text alert when a line on their account calls 911.

Verizon FamilyBase® App Description & Overview

The applications Verizon FamilyBase® was published in the category Lifestyle on 2014-11-05 and was developed by Verizon Wireless. The file size is 31.93 MB. The current version is 1.16.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Performance updates and bug fixes

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Verizon FamilyBase® Reviews


Unfriendly Navigation and Glitchy  SC950  1 star

Title says it all. Very poor design makes it really difficult to navigate and find the options you want to see or change. It's just not intuitive. Often doesn't allow you to scroll to page bottom to accept your changes (or see the rest of the options). I'd happily pay $5 a month for something that works well and has the same options. If they could just completely redesign the user experience in a logical and smooth way, I would reconsider. What concerns me is all of the bad reviews and no improvements in a year. It shows they don't care or are out of touch. Very Disappointed, Verizon.


Won't download  thurmondgroup  1 star

I'm on home wireless connection and app won't download. I've read the other reviews and now glad it didn't!

Hairy hairy

Yvonne  Hairy hairy  1 star

The worse app I have ever downloaded. I know my daughter texts and it does not show on the activity. Called Verizon and they claim she is using WIFi and it don't come through Verizon. I guess my husband uses WIFI as well. Don't waste your time nor money on this app.


Horrible App  IPg33k  1 star

Use website to make changes. App barely works. $5 a month and they can't even get a working app.

Marisa Lynch / kid

Worst app ever  Marisa Lynch / kid  1 star

Worst app I have ever used. I can log on but can't get past the first screen to use the app. It freezes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it still doesn't work. It is stupid that I have to pay money to monitor my child and then the app doesn't even work.


The worst  MCSE1900  1 star

Plain and simple… The worst app ever. You can't do anything… You can't find anything… Provides zero value.

K lee1976

Horrible app  K lee1976  1 star

Not only does Verizon charge to use family base "benefits", the app is poorly designed and extremely unintuitive. The so called "benefits" should be free with service.


Poor app  Rolltide2  1 star

Using this app is a royal pain in the butt. I've finally given up. It's much easier to log into the website to change and update settings. It's frustrating because other providers have figured out an easy way for users to update their data limits, times, etc. The writers of this app aren't very good at their jobs. My children's schedules are constantly changing so I need to regularly adjust their time restrictions which is impossible to do with the app. I can't change settings. I can't save them because the reset changes button isn't accessible on my phone screen. Not worth the headache.


Couldn't get past first screen  TheFabulousR  1 star

I install the app and logged in and then it just kept crashing. I wasn't able to do a single thing with it. Uninstalling the app now since I don't have any faith they'll keep my data safe from hackers.


Husband can't use it  Lmyrant  2 star

It says family but when I gave my husband permission, he can't use it. Otherwise I like how and who my kids contact when they use.


Doesn't work well  Blackbttrfly  2 star

When trying to add trusted contacts it always says "You entered one of the phone numbers associated with this account that cannot be blocked" but I'm not trying to block a number. I'm trying to add a trusted number. It says this no matter what number I try to add to either of my kids accounts. I have to go onto the full website every time I want to add a trusted contact. It's really only good for viewing who your kids have contacted yesterday.

Mint Condition

Utterly useless and poorly designed.  Mint Condition  1 star

Poor work and no utility.


Terrible App  John-728-55  1 star

Like others I primarily need to limit data for users on my account. The amount of steps you have to through to accomplish this is ridiculous. Why do you have to log in twice to set data limits?? I can't believe VZW charges customers to be able to set these limits. Like many other people I have no choice, VZW is the only option that works in my area and VZW knows it so they don't care.


So confusing - even for tech savvy people  Mamaluna311  1 star

I would consider myself very tech savvy and even for myself this app has a horrible user interface. It's hard to understand what you are actually doing - hard to find what I was actually looking for. I gave up on the app because I wasn't able to put in my settings and ended up putting in my settings on the website from my computer. I sure hope Verizon looks at these - I have a 12 year old son and love the idea of being able to block certain times and put data limits on him - but dang do they make it hard to do!! Come on Verizon get with it!! I've been a loyal customer for YEARS and this is disappointing.


User Interface one of the worst out there  Tbonebrun  1 star

What is the point of this app? After paying 5 dollars a month for family controls I have no control with this app. The functionality is horrible, you can't ever get back to a home screen nor can I change anything about the controls I set up. Deleting this worthless app from my phone and after 14 years wiry Verizon I'm going to find a carrier that actually listens to its customers.


Almost nonfunctional  TroubleshooterNext  1 star

I think this is the very worst app I have ever tried to use. It is overly complicated and poorly designed. When trying to enter the limit amounts in the data fields to set them up, the screen will not hold still and allow you to fill the data. To top all this off, Verizon charges a monthly fee. The regular wireless app with AT&T is much more user-friendly, simpler and it allows parental control for free.


Good app.....  lesgrt  4 star

But do not like the false messages saying you are out of data and your cycle just started the day before. And it has happened multiple times, but the workings of the app is great. Cuts data off when the lines get to their limit.


Wish it would show zero stars.  Megan3221  1 star

Just horrible.

Pork Dragon

Is it broken?  Pork Dragon  1 star

After entering login/passwords twice no idea how to navigate to block calls. Verizon clearly sells phone numbers to telemarketers.They then charge an extra 5 dollars a month to block numbers but to block any numbers you have to do it through their equally terrible website.

Trigger man3

App doesn't work  Trigger man3  1 star

The doesn't always track the numbers...shotty at best. I've tested it daily it, only few numbers ever match from what was actually called or texted. Not worth the $5.00.

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