RecipeGen New Recipes By Ingredients

Sick of browsing through recipes requiring special ingredients you don’t have?

Tired of cooking the same meals, day in and day out?

RecipeGen takes the foods you have on hand and generates recipes using ONLY those ingredients.

NO OTHER APP in the app store can currently do this..!!

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Don't waste your time going to the grocery store -- just cook gourmet meals using the ingredients ALREADY IN your kitchen.

All recipes generated are REAL recipes created by world-class chefs.

Featuring over 400,000 recipes and over 650 ingredients, you will always have NEW delicious meals right at your fingertips.

Tight on money?

Save thousands of dollars from restaurants, takeout, and expensive ingredients with just one app providing you new, healthy, and wholesome meals... all for less than a Starbucks coffee.

Want to work on your cooking skills?

Become a MASTER chef day-by-day using RecipeGen's easy-to-follow instructions (challenge: cook 1 new dish every day!).

Here's how the app works: when you download the app, you'll be given a list of common ingredients.

Delete the items you don't have in real life, add ingredients you do have, and simply press "Generate" for a massive list of recipes you can make right away.

You can even prioritize certain ingredients so that recipes using that ingredient will show up FIRST.

[LIMITED TIME] This app is on sale for 40% off! Hurry before it's too late!

RecipeGen New Recipes By Ingredients App Description & Overview

The applications RecipeGen New Recipes By Ingredients was published in the category Food & Drink on 2014-10-12 and was developed by Jeffrey Tung. The file size is 12.76 MB. The current version is 1.0.6 and works well on 7.1 and high ios versions.

[+] Fixed bugs
[+] Reskinned app
[+] Improved performance

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Horrible  Taseia  1 star

Horrible app. It's limited on what you can allow to add to your list of ingredients for example, I can add "tomato", but not "tomato sauce". Useless! The recipes it did generate were crap. I'd like my money back!


Not what I was hoping for  Awhiiit  1 star

After putting the ingredients in the app to generate something to make based off what I had, not one recipe came up that did not involve additional ingredients when there are plenty of things to make based off what I had on hand. This was a reoccurring issue. Otherwise great app, just not what it said it was.


Doesn't do what it says it does  MissisM  1 star

With this app you are only able to add ONE ingredient from your pantry at a time. Then the app gives you a recipe based on that ONE ingredient. The way the description is written, this app should be able to let you load all pantry ingredients and then build a recipe from there. Very disappointed that this was so misleading.

Montelle kline

What a joke!  Montelle kline  1 star

Horrible do not download huge rip off!!!!


Definitely for College Students  kwey  5 star

Tired of eating those instant cups of noodles? that's why I downloaded this app! So I could take a stand for my health and my taste buds. Whether you're an aspiring chef or learning how to cook for fun (or for survival- like me, being a college student on a budget), this app is great for anyone who wants to stretch their dollar and still have variety in their meals.

Mitchell Yuhei

Love it  Mitchell Yuhei  5 star

I've been using RecipeGen for ages, it really makes cooking a pleasure, especially because you can make new dishes with the ingredients you already have in your kitchen


Useful  Nick1981no24  5 star

I hate looking for new ideas to cook and this helps make finding cool recipes easy. I love looking for creative meals.


Saves a trip to supermarket!  rpungin  5 star

Finally instead of buying ingredients for a meal, I can see what I can cook with what I have. This app saves you a trip to the supermarket and money!


Awesome!  SamS47  5 star

This app is amazing! It not only saves me so much time but also give me new ideas for recipes so I don't have to make the usual garlic chicken I always cook. If you love food this app is a must have


Not worth it  Snowtn3  1 star

I downloaded the app and 10 min later deleted it. I added ingredients as suggested and went to look up recipes. I found one which was number 15 on the list. However I found out you had to purchase the upgrade for anything beyond the 10th item.

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