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This App is going to change the way you experience McDonald’s®. Just tap “install” to receive exclusive McDonald’s coupons, offers and more! It’s as simple as that! Bring the App to a nearby participating McDonald’s and redeem your meal deal.

Mobile Order & Pay
Pick a McDonald’s deal, and then pick up your meal at participating McDonald’s. Mobile Order and Pay lets you create your next McDonald’s® order in just a few taps and swipes. With Curbside, Counter and Drive Thru Pickup available, you can enjoy your McDonald’s meal quickly!

Exclusive Deals and App Offers
Enjoy App-exclusive offers and food deals that are as delicious as your meal.

Save Your Favorites
Customize & save your favorite foods to reorder with ease.

Restaurant Locator
Where are you going when McNuggets® call your name? Open the map and find McDonald’s store hours and a location near you!

Download the McDonald’s App and register today to get more out of your meals at McDonald’s!

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McDonald's App Description & Overview

The applications McDonald's was published in the category Food & Drink on 2014-10-25 and was developed by McDonald's USA. The file size is 167.07 MB. The current version is 5.23.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Various other fixes and performance enhancements.

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Garbage  dfeivelson  1 star

Charged me twice several times, and now it’s telling me I have to wait 40 minutes to use one of their coupons “deals”.


Thief app  5150Jon  1 star

They will log you out when they do updates and not let you back in so you will lose all the mc cafe credit you built up I am deleting them from my phone and boycotting them.


App won’t register from email  Chxadede  1 star

Now I’m stuck. App says my email is already on file so I can’t delete and try again. I get email to confirm email but when I click on link it will not load. Can’t use app without registering. Mail settings ok, allow other links to connect. Have spent way too much time on this.


Not secure  Le_Derp_Guy  1 star

I have a secure password. Someone was able to access my account and purchase a $30 meal from halfway across the US. I had to get a new debit card because I don’t know how much information the attacker received. The app does not allow you to remove saved payment options and does not tell you if a new device has accessed your account. Until they revise their security measures, I will not be using this app for ordering anymore.


Nice idea bad execution  GRMc-frustrated  1 star

I rarely have a good start to my day using curbside non-functionality of this app. The order is taken and processed, even charged to my account. Then, the waiting begins. Usually to the point where I need to go inside the store to help the staff figure out the lack of responsiveness. This has now tipped the scales to “award winning frustration.” So this not the fault of the app but the lack of follow through at the brick and mortar. Unfortunate.


Constantly reloading.  podcastrunnermom  2 star

I downloaded the McDonald’s app to check the game piece that came in my kids Happy Meals. We occasionally go to McDonald’s so I thought the app might be helpful. Not only is the place to check your game piece super hard to find, but the main menu is constantly needing to reload. If I have to spend all of my time loading the app, I will probably be deleting it soon!!


Payment errors and frequent update require  Zoey0086  1 star

Always ask to update the app. No matter update or not, cannot pay with the app. And sometimes went into the store to pay, the staff was very rude.


Can’t access my feee chicken nuggets  Consaqe  1 star

Won a chicken nuggets, and can’t even redeem it in the app.


Going downhill  needuniqueusernames  2 star

Was good at first. Now it’s super slow, glitchy, and unresponsive.


it okay  yungdiner  3 star

im a worker at mcdonalds and for some reason it wont log me in even if i put log in with facebook and it says this email already has a account please login... help?

Jim H (MN)

Frequently fails  Jim H (MN)  1 star

Only seems to work about 50% of the time. Doesn’t seem to be any faster for drive up service. Rarely works for dine-in. Ordered food today and it told me it should be about $19 dollars but then it “encountered a problem” where I had to go to the register and it actually cost $36. Most employees that I have interacted with around the app don’t seem to know what to do when it tells me to talk to them. Mostly disappointing.


Pointless, mostly  4ltern4teStre4m  1 star

The app uses geofencing to determine the location of your phone. If the person who orders doesn’t actually go to the store, you can’t check in, which means the store doesn’t get the order, and whomever went actually has to park, go in, tell them the code, and THEN they begin making the order. Truly useless, and uninstalled.


Piece of junk  RLBpit  2 star

This app NEVER works right the first try. Now, it won’t accept auto-fill from PwSafe, plus you can’t copy/paste the password. Lousy user experience! At least implement fingerprint login, for crying out loud.


Use to not have a problem.  KrisNic95  2 star

We use to never have issues with this app. Now, for a few months, when I use curbside it says it always can’t process our payment, to choose another one, and then give us the same error with a different card. We go to the drive through, pay that way, and go on. But the McDonald’s app ends up charging us 4+ times for our order. Which is not okay, because charging someone $16.41 four or more times adds up.


Latest update doesn’t work!  Bngbngshootshoot  3 star

Ive been using the app for a while and the updates seem to correct a lot of isues from the past. Today however I placed an order. There’s two McDonald’s across the street from each other and as I was driving to the one I ordered from(needed espresso and the other doesn’t have espresso) it kept changing to the wrong store. When I finally arrived it said updating total for the “new” store. Then it said I couldn’t use the coupon for $1 off cuz it’s already been redeemed. I restarted the app and it said I already received my order from the store I wanted to pickup at. Was trying to use curbside service. So I went in and they apparently did receive my order but I never got the message on the app saying it’s been successfully processed. The auto gps is a good idea... except when there’s two McDonald’s near each other.


I don’t want notifications.  ItsEmika  1 star

I downloaded the app today and tried to place an order but didn’t finish it because I got busy. I came back to the app and it kept asking me if I wanted notifications in which I said “maybe later” it reloaded and asked me again and did this until I finally deleted the app. I re downloaded it only for it to repeatedly ask me if I wanted to receive notifications. I never even got to complete my order.


Good deals but it’s buggy.  Playgirl42069  2 star

Old orders always stay in cart even though I’ve already picked them up. CONSTANTLY! Had to reinstall app because I couldn’t get the last item out of the cart (that I already picked up) I don’t know about any of the other McDonald’s but the one I always go to if you’re going to order with the mobile app (which I love because of the deals) just pick it up through the drive-through or go inside because they will have you waiting outside for 15 to 20 minutes. I don’t know if they feel like since you’re waiting outside you could wait longer or something. this is not the first time I’ve waited this long that’s why I started going through the drive-through but the drive-through was long so I figured I’d sit curbside. It’s been 15 minutes and all I’m getting is 2 mccafé drinks.

sp what

Constant updates  sp what  2 star

Every time I go to use my codes it has a new update and all my discounts for coffee disappear


Constant need to update  TomB1312  1 star

Since we only eat here 1-2 times a month, every time I click the app, it requires an update! Chill McDonald’s! This isn’t angry birds!


Update constantly  Gayfaggot  2 star

Don’t ever expect to check deals in line bc this thing needs to update constantly and won’t let you use it until you do

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