Delicious McDonald’s deals are now more fun, more accessible, and better than ever. Slide and scroll your way through our newly designed App to experience weekly deals on tasty food, like All Day Breakfast and McCafé coffee. You can find nearby McDonald’s restaurants and even explore our delicious menu. Mobile Ordering will also be available in select markets. Download and register today. It’s the best way to start saving big!

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The applications McDonald's was published in the category Food & Drink on 2014-10-25 and was developed by McDonald's USA. The file size is 232.62 MB. The current version is 5.5.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

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None 5000

Rewards  None 5000  2 star

The app needs some work! For instance if you want say a breakfast sandwich and an ice coffee along with an apple pie which is free with purchase, you have to purchase the coffee by it's self on another order! The app will not count the coffee on your rewards if the two are purchased on one order. For the most part the app is pretty poor.


Online ordering limited...why?  WLSJR  1 star

Updated: Not all menu items available in the app...can only order medium soft drinks for example. Crazy. The app still opens very slow. And navigates slower. The deals are an incentive but maybe try to speed it up.

Pnut javier the best

McDonald's app  Pnut javier the best  5 star

Logan church I did this for racing rivals


I AM MAD!!!!!  d2nkotate  1 star

I downloaded this app bec the lady at the drive-thru told me I should use the app bec everyday I but mocha frappe. But this app doesn't work everytime I'm at the store. It seems that it knows when I'm there and starts not to work!!! FIX this app!!!!!!!

Robyn ravenclaw

App won't let me register  Robyn ravenclaw  1 star

Downloaded the app and cannot register an account and there is no way to file a support ticket or find FAQ. Bad UI and bad UX


Misleading  maxin11p  1 star

Don't say I can get food delivered to me and then leave it to UberEats to tell me I can't. YOU HAVE MY STORE ON FILE AND MY EXACT LOCATION AT ANY POINT THE APP IS OPEN! -_-


Mobile App  Moonmail1  2 star

The new update or changes in the mobile app have caused the deals to disappear. I'm especially upset about the McCafe deal that although is not set to expire until December is no longer available on the app. I even deleted the app and reinstalled hoping it would correct the problem.. but it actually made it worse because other deals that were available have also disappeared. Also I think there's no valid reason why a business should have access to your location when you're not using their app. That's a violation of privacy. If this issue isn't corrected soon I will delete the app permanently and find another daily stop other than McDonalds.


Newest version won't work at all  Nightscribe  1 star

Newest version won't let me login through Facebook. All it says is "email address already in use". So the app is useless and won't work due to that.


Good! But....  Krew842  3 star

It's really good but I think you should add internet and sometimes doesn't work😤and they say no sorry this doesn't work but it's a good app though😄


Getting progressively worse..  Tensi03  2 star

So it used to be great and I used it without a problem; I absolutely loved the deals. Great incentive to get food at McDonald's. Now? I get logged out all the time. Nothing loads. "Connectivity issues." You wanna know why? It's the stupid dancing fries loading screen. Just the jumping fries take up so much bandwidth, nothing else can load for several minutes. I can only imagine what people with a poor connection in the first place must experience. It's not worth opening the app to just see fries before an error message, then getting logged out because it took too long to load. 86 the dancing fries, that would probably get rid of the loading and connectivity issues.


I have saved lots of money  CMS-Mom  5 star

I go to mcd pretty frequently. I almost always am able to get a discount. I have had very few issues loading the app. I really like it.

former mcafe fan and app user

Mcafe rewards  former mcafe fan and app user  1 star

I used this app primarily to earn mcafe rewards. Suddenly, I am not able to earn mcafe rewards, with the app reading mcafe rewards are not available. I called and emailed twice, but received no resolution for this issue. Back to Starbucks!!!


Worst app  Misschavez12  1 star

This app does not work. I buy a coffee every single day and only once I've gotten a free coffee. I don't get the 6th coffee for free.


A joke  bigdog9586  1 star

They have a deal where if the Detroit Tigers score 6 runs you get a free 6 pic McNuggets. Only problem lots of time they never put it up.

Go UVa

No Apple Pay???  Go UVa  2 star

No Apple Pay???


Keep Crashing Upon Opening  Hakysak89  1 star

Can't use it! Please update


Excellent!  goldglove528  5 star

Not sure my review will make a big difference in the overall score of this app, but I've had ZERO issues with it! Been using it about two weeks and have gotten 3 free sundaes, a free smoothie, free fries and many other coupons that I didn't even redeem. Works every time at every location I've been to so far. Works exactly as it says, and it doesn't even bug you to rate it on the app store every time you use it like so many other apps out there. If you go to McDonald's at all, get this app. One coupon per order (which it clearly states). Excellent!


Bad app  jajnsbshsj  1 star

This app is garbage! I've tried to register multiple different ways and it says that the email is already registered. So I try to reset the password and it tells me that an account with that email doesn't exist!! 😡 I guess I won't be using the app 🤷🏽‍♀️

Sr in Macatawa

Doesn't work  Sr in Macatawa  1 star

Doesn't work or at least I can't figure out why I have it on phone.


Constant fb sign in request  Trademark111  1 star

Requires fb sign in for every use then says fb already has authorized account.....

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