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It’s even easier to get the food you love with McDonald’s Mobile Order and Pay. Order ahead and get your favorite items in three easy ways: curbside pick-up, inside the restaurant, or drive thru. Get offers for tasty food and drinks like McCafé coffee and All Day Breakfast. Pay through the McDonald’s app or Apple Pay®. Download the McDonald’s app and register today to get started!

Mobile Order and Pay:
Order ahead and pick up curbside, inside the restaurant, or drive thru. Apply deals and reorder with ease by naming and saving your favorites.

Get deals on your favorite food and drinks from McDonald’s.

Restaurant Locator:
Find a McDonald’s restaurant near you. Learn more about restaurant promotions, hours, and services.

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Must be 13+. Data rates may apply. Prices and participation may vary. Offers available only at participating restaurants. Check for Terms and Conditions and more information. ©2017 McDonald’s

McDonald's App Description & Overview

The applications McDonald's was published in the category Food & Drink on 2014-10-25 and was developed by McDonald's USA. The file size is 210.63 MB. The current version is 5.9.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- iPhone X support
- Improved check-in experience for Mobile Order and Pay
- Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

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McDonald's Reviews


Mobile order is slower than normal order  Olduwan  1 star

McDonald’s can learn from Starbucks app ordering experience. It takes so long using the app. May as well order normally.


Never works  Skyla928  1 star

Completely useless. Most of the time it gets hung up and all I see are bouncing fries.


App stopped working  PurpleMX5  1 star

So used to be great now I have no deals and Everytime I try to do anything I get an error.


Great App, But The Deals Section Doesn’t Work  Wsamson95035  3 star

This is a great app for the most part. The only exception is the Deals section. Most times it works, but there are at least a few times when it doesn’t work. It just has me waiting as it is in loading mode. I wish there was a way to let the administrators know of this problem.


McDonald’s app  Ms1086  3 star

Doesn’t do too well with my iPhone X


Awful--doesn't work  jessibear35  1 star

Honestly not worth my time downloading. I'm not stupid when it comes to using these kinds of apps--I order online often--but this app was literally /broken/!


Super slow response time  Ibuy2much  2 star

Just updated the app on 12/13 for the iPhone X. The app opens fairly quickly but the deals don’t open. I pulled up to the drive thru and tapped the deals while I waited and 2 minutes the fries icon was still bouncing on the screen even after I ordered and paid which made it useless because I wasn’t able to use it. The deals are great and the app worked fine on my 6 so I give it two stars.

A wheeler

Awful  A wheeler  1 star

It is a poorly made app and beyond frustrating to use. The mobile ordering didn’t work for me and then I got an error message while trying to use the coupons. Waste of time.


So many problems...  cleopie12  1 star

I’ll be short. Mcpick 2 doesn’t work. Can’t delete certain unavailable items from cart. Can’t delete credit cards. Mobile Payment doesn’t go through always. Can’t specify things to be on the side ex cheese on the side.


Doesn’t work  KatieBSchneider  1 star

The deals won’t load.


Orlando CommandoThirstNhowllll3 star

@averagecadaver: McDonald’s is disgusting and you’re a terrible person.


00woukin3 star

@jessthesav: "Yo so can I like get my sandwic- never mind ima just go to McDonald's"


YAZID ET SON HUMOURYazidSonHumour3 star

@jessthesav: "Yo so can I like get my sandwic- never mind ima just go to McDonald's"


Never works  Mtswt06  1 star

Love the deals when I can access them, but I’m so tired of seeing the jumping fries. Every time I sign in it says I don’t have an account even though I do.


Disappointing  Molls18  1 star

This app used to be incredible, and i would have given 5 stars had the regional aspect not wrecked this app. I used to have access to tons of amazing deals: Free Fry Friday (which still goes on in some parts of the country, so it wasn’t just limited time only), Free McCafé with purchase, free pie with purchase, and so many more. Now, however, for some reason, my region has only 2-3 deals/week and they are not even appealing ($4 off $20? Pretty sure that doesn’t work for most ppl on their lunch break...) McDonalds is a global chain. Why can’t there be deals that work across at least the whole country?!


McSucks  Samwayla  1 star

App continues to crash, I have to delete and reinstall or every time I open it the little loading French fry icon just keeps bouncing up and down. It has done this several times and the only fix is to delete and re install. Any time I change the restaurant location to do mobile order it crashes.


Nice  MohammadKar  5 star



Bs app  ConeyIrate  1 star

Bs app and you can’t rate it poorly


McCafe Coupons??!!  MAH2588  1 star

What happened to the McCafe coupons??!! I haven’t gotten in any weeks. There used to be several a week with specials like free McCafé with any breakfast sandwich purchase..


Does not work on iPhone X  Yuzza306  2 star

Only opens for one second and it immediately crashes!


App is Garbage like the food  AlexW1973  1 star

I needed food quick so I though I’d use the app for convenience. The app hangs, errors out and they overcharged me but won’t refund my money. No amount of 1’s and 0’s can fix the fundamental problem that their organization is rotten from top to bottom.


App gone wrong  TMiller2  1 star

The problem with this app is that it is always messed up and seldom works right. Whoever thinks they are fixing or improving the app...WRONG!!! They create more glitches than a working app. Advice, go back to school and learn how to properly make a working app!!!!


Fries just bounce  MomsL8  1 star

This app is worthless. I can never get it respond past the bouncing fries. With all the bad reviews about double charging, I’m surprised that 1) the App Store is still allowing this app to roll out and 2) Ray Kroc isn’t rolling in his grave at the shoddy programming.

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