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What is audiomack - stream new music app? Audiomack is the GLOBAL streaming music app that lets you download and offline the hottest albums, songs, mixtapes and playlists.

Discover buzzing new songs by browsing our trending page and get the latest music updates by following your favorite artists. Stream, download, offline, playlist, and listen to brand new music WITH NO SUBSCRIPTION without using up your data.

3 reasons you’ll love listening with Audiomack

No wifi necessary - Download your favorite songs for offline listening, save your data, and listen to the hottest tracks wherever you are.
More than just mixtapes - Search for the latest podcasts, playlists, and songs from your favorite artists.
Listen or upload - Enjoy trending music or upload your own sound and share it with our community of listeners.

Browse our library of carefully curated playlists and find beats that fit any mood. Turn up with our Hometown Heroes or chill with a Curator Spotlight mix. From a Verified Series to our Top 20 playlists, don’t worry - Audiomack has got you covered.

• Choose from hip hop, rap, EDM, Latin, R&B, Afrobeats, Amapiano, Reggae and more.
• Stream songs from NBA Youngboy, Davido, Pop Smoke, Lil Baby, Bad Bunny, Diplo, Shatta Wale, and other buzzing artists.

Never miss a beat by following the best artists in the game, we’ll even suggest ones we think you’ll like based on your activity.

Get Audiomack today to reveal a world of exciting music that you can listen to whenever you want.

Subscribe to Audiomack Premium to unlock premium features and support the artists you stream.

Terms and Conditions for Premium Subscriptions as offered by Audiomack, Inc.:

Audiomack Premium is a monthly subscription service that removes ads and provides additional features such as higher-definition streaming. If you purchase Audiomack Premium ($4.99 USD per month), payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription automatically renews at the same price ($4.99 for Premium) unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. All prices mentioned here and in the app for Premium subscription tiers are in U.S. dollars, may vary in other countries around the world, and are subject to change in the future. Any unused portion of a COMPLIMENTARY trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription. Audiomack is always available to use without a subscription, and you may resume using Audiomack with ads at any time after your subscription ends.

Use of the Audiomack app is subject to your agreement with our Privacy Policy/TOS.

Privacy Policy:

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Audiomack - Stream New Music Version 6.10.130 June 2022

v6.10: Introducing Premiere Access! With Premiere Access, artists can make music available exclusively to their supporters prior to its general release date. When you encounter Premiere Access music, you'll be able to directly support the artist and listen to their music on Audiomack before its available anywhere else. Proceeds from Supporters go directly to the artist or their distributor. Questions or feedback? Reach out to us on Twitter at @audiomack..

Audiomack - Stream New Music Version 6.7.213 April 2022

We are so proud to announce SUPPORTERS, a brand-new way for fans to financially support artists and become part of their teams. Supporters allows fans to send money directly to artists by purchasing badges. In exchange, these supporters will permanently be associated with the releases they purchased support for wherever these releases appear on Audiomack. Artists will be able to directly message their supporters using the Audiomack creator dashboard on web. Questions? Please reach out on Twitter at @audiomack!.

Audiomack - Stream New Music Version 6.5.131 January 2022

Welcome to Audiomack v6.5! In this version, you'll be able to add your location and TikTok profile to your bio, making connecting with your communities easier than ever. Questions? Please reach out to us at @audiomack on Twitter..

Audiomack - Stream New Music Comments & Reviews 2022

- Please fix this!!!!

Hello friend!!! I hope your having a pleasant day!! Can you all please fix this little problem it’s not always done this. help is very much appreciated!! :) the problem is say you download a album and you also have one or multiple songs from the same album downloaded but there downloaded under songs(so you have the same song downloaded more then once)(unnecessary space)when you go to delete one of the songs you have multiple of off any album it((completely deletes))the whole album but it shows the other songs are still downloaded but when you go back to all of your (music/albums) it shows the whole album was deleted and you click on the album you have to re-download the whole album but it doesn’t re-download the whole album it just downloads the one song you just removed from it because you already have the same song downloaded more then once on your account it’s a wast of space now this is also under offline mode and I’m also longed in please help/fix if you can sorry it’s a very long message but please respond and also please have an amazing day!!!! I’ve also used this app for years and I’m still gonna use it but it’s never done this before I also still love this app very much I use it everyday on a daily basis and Ive told quit a bit of my friends about you all and good things about this awesome music app mad love to you all have an amazing day/night🙂🙂💯💯

- Please fix quickly

To the admin or anyone else who has this problem. So I’ve been using this app for a couple months and I must say it’s an amazing app I use it every night, every day, when I go on trips, everything. Besides regular hobbies I'm also a weeb or for someone who doesn’t know I watch a lot of anime and so if you didn’t know in anime opening and ending songs are a huge factor to making one and a lot of them are amazing so I created my own custom playlist with songs from the anime’s I love added by other creators on the app, a lot of these anime songs I love to listen to when I’m bored or trying to sleep. This morning I woke up and one song called rightfully from an anime called goblin slayer wouldn’t load them skipped to the next song, so when continuously closed the app and reopened it and nothing changed. I shut down and re powered on my iPhone. Then for some reason about 10-15 or maybe 20 songs from that playlist are missing and when I tried searching they were completely gone. and i don’t know what happened but the songs that disappeared were some of my favorite songs I repeatedly listened to every day. So I’m hoping you can try to fix this if it’s a bug or if this is part of some kind of rule book or timer.

- Good, but with many flaws

I have had this app for over a year now and I can say that it is worth getting and giving it a test run. Through my year of owning this app, I have encountered many positive and negative features. One of my favorites is the free use with ads. The pop up ads are silent and don’t stop the music from playing. Another small, but quality of life feature is ability to make make as many playlist as you would like and that the songs in each playlist are numbered. One more interesting feature is the ability to add songs from a third party website if they don’t have it in their library. With all of these positive features there seems to be a yin for every yang. The feature for adding songs is convoluted and difficult. Even after once you learn it, it takes time to transfer a song u like from the third party website. I created a playlist on day one and never touched it of 278 songs ... it is now 234. I personally have no clue what happen to these songs. They simply disappeared from my playlist and the website as a whole. On the rare occasion, a song will glitch out and permanently freeze. To fix the issue I just skip the song and go back to it. It seems to be the only thing to undue the glitch other than closing the app. Lastly, not every song is on here. They are missing a lot of big name stars and big name songs. This will leave u with dealing with my first complaint. Even with all of these issues I find this a very fun app to give a try.

- Whoa((:

First of all, this app is the best thing that I've ever downloaded!! The music selection has most of your favorites but there might not be every song you want. You can have as many playlists and download as much music as you want! The only problem is, when I want to shuffle my offline music when I'm not connected to wifi, it says to "check connectivity and download it again". I can only listen to the songs I've recently downloaded, I'd say about the first 10 songs. I love the app and all but I don't want to be limited of how many songs I can play. I don't know if it's because I have too much offline music or if it's just a lag, so if anyone has an answer please help a fellow music lover in need. And if it is a lag or glitch, hopefully the company fixes the problem about the offline music. But for now I give it a 4 star rating until the problem is solved. But I think you should download this app if you love music as much as I do. I use the app 24/7 and who would say no to free, unlimited music? (Edited: it seems the new update made the problem a lot worse and now it makes me go on a search hunt to see which songs I can actually listen to): it's getting quite irritating not being able to just easily shuffle my offline music and not have to worry about it. So hopefully I'll one day be able to listen to all my offline music).

- Recommend downloading🗣

This app is great and everyone who wants to listen to music on the go without internet should download this app. At first I didn’t think it was gonna work until someone explained how to download songs and listen to them on the go. I recommend if you wanna listen to something for a whole 8 hours or 9 hours then you should. This app is GREAT. The people who leave bad reviews on here definitely don’t know how to use this app the right way because it works perfect for me. You either have a a glitching phone or don’t know how to work the app for to leave a bad review saying this app is bad lol. The point is you can download as many songs as you wanna even if you don’t customize your account. All you need is a email 📧 and all you have to do is make a password and BOOM. You can start your journey on free music with and without WiFi. I honestly didn’t think that this app would be such a helpful thing for me! I use this app every time I go to Texas with my gma so I have free music for a whole 7-8 hours. Definitely keep up the goo work creators ❤️👍🏽

- 5 STAR APP (Recommendation)

Hey there, I have been a user of audiomack for over 3 years and I can honestly say that this app is one of the best offline music streaming apps out there. After 3 years I haven’t really had much issues besides the app being a little slower on older devices because of the UI of the app. I own an iPhone 6, and the app works great besides it being really laggy and buggy at times. I really feel like this could be fixed if they maybe removed some menu options and made everything much simpler. For example, I love what they’re trying to do by giving people a lot of menu options but I do feel like all the options in the “My library” tab are a little excessive. I really feel that the “following”, and “uploads” tabs should be removed. Most people do not upload to audiomack so sometimes it’s just in the way. And the following tab is kind of point less because you can see who you follow from the home tab. Overall I’m satisfied but I do hope they can rethink their design a bit. Maybe a more simple concept would be better.

- An amazing app with some bugs

Hello, my name is Kameron and I have been using audiomack for the past 3 years and have lot good to say about the app and bascily nothing to complain about . Though there is one issue that I am having some problems with and that are bugging me to the core. The issue is that I will start playing my music and leave the app or sleep my phone and put it in my pocket. Now us slay music will keep playing no problem or interruptions. Though, recently it has been pausing the music and not letting me listen to it out of the app or when my phone off. Now this to me is a huge pain in my rear because I listen to music a lot and don’t want to have to keep my phone on while listening to music. So if you have gotten here then you for the time keep make the amazing app even better and if you could try and fix this issue that would be great. Regards, Kameron Reeves P.S sometime the music will play when I am not in the app but this is rare. Also please it this has only been happening to me for the past day or so

- great music app

one of my two all time favorite music apps would give a five star but with this new up date it makes it even harder and with updates before to find my music i’ve downloaded they end up at the bottoms of all my downloaded offline songs. since you can’t make a playlist to play offline unless you get premium if you don’t want to scroll all the way to find your certain songs or a song to listen to you could do what i was doing which was look up the song delete the song and re download it so it pops up at the top but sometimes it shows up at the very bottom but now they don’t show up at either end i have so many songs it’s frustrating to search all the way through just to find it when i’m offline so sometimes when i’m feeling some for some songs one day when leaving the house i was doing that method but now i can’t which is disappointing i kinda liked the older version better it looks clean and all but i’ve been running into problems. other than that way better then like all the music apps out there for offline listening saves me ALOT of data!

- Hundreds of songs deleted

At first this app was really great, and downloading the music was amazing. That’s the best part of this app. It’s been a few months since I’ve been using it, almost a year I’m pretty sure and all of a sudden, songs in my playlist were disappearing. I had around 700 songs (don’t judge me I like a lot of songs XD) and today I have around 300 songs left in my playlist. I did go offline for a few weeks when a 100 songs first disappeared, and when I came back to the app it was down to 300 songs in my playlist. Great for downloading music, but don’t rely on your songs always being there I guess? I think the accounts who uploaded the songs there deleted their accounts or sth but I’m not going to use audiomack much anymore, it’s great but not that reliable. (Sorry D: ) P.S : If developers see this I would maybe suggest changing the speed at which you can move a song upwards? I used to really love this app and use it a bunch, and if I found a song I wanted to add higher up in my playlist, I’d have to spend HOURS reorganizing my playlist going up and down because the speed at which the song goes up vs the song going down is so dam slow, please make the two the same fast speed ^_^

- Mixed feelings

I have been using this app for months now and for a solid 3 or 4 months it was working just fine but there was a little problem that I’ve had that seemed to get worse the longer I used it. This problem was that fact that the adds that pop up are transferred to the music player on the lock screen so that the music that is playing will say it is paused but when I try to fix it by pausing it they playing it again the audio from the add and the music will play simultaneously. My second problem was going along with the first one was I deleted it due to the problems I was having in an act to restart the app and my offline music was not saved although I was signed in when I deleted it. My final problem is when I would pick a song and it would start playing on my lock screen like usual but after about 30 seconds it will disappear although I still have the app open. I noticed whenever I have the add problem is that when I get caught by the add I does the first issue. Before I was experiencing these problems I was in love with this app but after I’m having this problem i am not as much a fun on it but I love the concept. 3 stars ( this might be a problem I only experience)

- Best So Far

This is the best app so far for music that I’ve used. I only have one pet peeve. This app doesn’t have a lot of originals, it’s filled with remixes. But I’ve found quite a few originals. I love that there is an offline music option, I don’t have to stay connected or connect periodically just to listen to music. I’m also pleased that no money has to be spent and that although it has adds, they’re not crazy, and a appreciate that they are predictable so i am able to close them off almost before they pop up. (They don’t bother me because when i listen to music my screen is either off or I’m doing something else anyway). I love how easy the app is to use. Please! Keep up the GREAT work! UPDATE!! This app won’t download or play anything not downloaded. I deleted the app and redownloaded it hoping that would work, but the songs i already had downloaded needed to be downloaded. So, therefore, i cannot listen to the songs i had downloaded. FIX THIS

- It’s a great app but it came with some problems

I have been using this app for a while and I really enjoy the fact that your music doesn’t get interrupted with the adds. I also like how easy it is to find songs, even if they are not on the general “popular in America” list. Such as kpop. I mostly listen to kpop and musicals and there were very many songs from groups like Stray Kids, BTS, Got7, Day6, Ateez and from musicals like Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Heathers, Be More Chill, Book of Mormon and many more. But after a few months, almost all songs from the albums would disappear, so there would end up being 1 or 2 left. The musical playlists stayed pretty much the same but the kpop albums would either disappear entirely or have a few songs left. This got aggravating after a while so I just looked around for different apps, but unfortunately there are very few in IPhone that you can download music on. This was slightly upsetting but I found a way around it, it’s temporary but there. Anyways, if I could get an explanation for why this song’s disappeared I would greatly appreciate it, thank you for your time! 😁

- Shuffle problem and customer service

This is a great app works perfectly. The only thing I had a problem with is the shuffle option. The shuffle option is not the best when ever I shuffle a playlist it’s always the same five songs together but just in a different spot in the queue which makes me so mad because I either have to skip those songs because I don’t want to hear them together or move them in the queue which is a lot of work when they could just fix the problem and make the songs shuffle right. And also the customer support service is not good at all. I tried to contact the customer service about I problem that I had with the song adding feature and when I sent the message I got a message back that said “Your message has need sent,(“if a reply is needed”) we will contact you shortly)” this is a big problem for me if I take that time out of my day to contact the customer service about a problem you should reply to all my question. I feel like that”if a reply is needed” message is completely unprofessional and they need to fix that too.

- It’s a Great App! But...

So I’ve been having and using Audiomack for like two years and so far it’s been great! I love the app and I would totally rate it a five star because this app has everything that I’ve been looking in a music app. I can download my music and listen to it whenever and I don’t have to worry about that. But recently something happened to it. I have my playlist that I use daily, like every day and it’s over 640 songs. Before I could add the songs to the playlist (I have more playlists too) but now when I want to add a song to the playlist or any other playlist it doesn’t let me I press the add button but it won’t let me and I’m very concern because I like this app a lot and I would totally love to keep adding songs to my playlists to keep listening to the music that I love. Please look this over, and fix it as soon as possible because I really love audiomack and I would love to keep using it daily. Thank you very much for reading! And I hope you can fix this problem as soon as possible! Thank you!

- Awesome, but having problems

It is a great app even though you don’t need to pay. You can skip songs, and the ads aren’t overwhelming. But I am currently having some problems. First, When i download songs, i can only download up to 13. If i download for example, 14, one of my previously downloaded songs gets deleted even though i did not delete it. Second, some of my downloaded songs do not show up in my offline section, but when i search it up, it says i have it downloaded. For example, i download a song like Havana. Then, when i have no internet, i want to listen to it, but it somehow doesn’t appear in my offline section. About two or three of my songs are like this. Third, I just want to say that many of the songs here aren’t the original. Majority of the songs i have been searching up only resulted in either remixes or covers, not the original song that we want to hear. I hope that these problems will be fixed in the next update! Keep up the great work, and please fix these bugs!

- Best Streaming App

I know like all streaming apps, a song needs to be uploaded by the artist or someone who takes it upon themselves to upload it, but even when you “re-up” a song or album, it will disappear when the original is taken down. You should make it an option to change the name of the song or artist or album art when you re-up because in my mind, it’s similar to re-posting or re-tweeting. And I’ve been a user for a couple years. I remember when there was an option to use the audio over your own shot videos which I loved. You could use songs that weren’t found on Instagrams Music search and upload I think about up to 30 seconds of track. I miss that option and it would be nice to be able to organize your playlists on your profile or select all tracks. I also wish it wasn’t so overpriced for premium. Overall the best app I’ve used.

- Multiple Bugs but Great Concept

I have used Audiomack for a few years now and it works pretty well. However there are a few bugs I have noticed lately. One of which is when I am listening to music using the offline option, I continue to get ads even though I’m not connected to wifi and have also turned my cellular data off, it’ll still use data to have me listen to ads. This is extremely frustrating as I do not have unlimited data, and it is being used even though the option for the app to use data is not on. The other lesser bug i’ve noticed is when browsing for music or through my library once I play a song I am unable to click the bottom bar that has the current song playing as it will be covered by an ad banner. This is annoying as I have to constantly close the app and reopen it in order to actually be able to see what song is playing when i press it. Please fix these bugs as when I tried submitting a form through the support center in app, it was consistently denied.

- I loved this app until...

I loved this app for a long time, especially after not being able to find one that allows you to listen offline and for free. I downloaded my music, and listened all the time. Loved the app! But, now all of a sudden, lately I’ve noticed some of my songs missing off of my playlist. So, I went to google them, and you guys are taking them off! (The company) please do not take my music off! Taking music off makes your app go down more. It was rated a 5 star, but now a 3 star due to the audiomack company taking the music off. Don’t get me wrong, I love that I can listen to music offline and for free, I just don’t appreciate my music being taken off. And there not even bad music! Since I wrote this review, or before, more of my music is gone. I don’t understand why you guys are taking my music off! When I want to listen to something, it isn’t there. Please fix this! Let us listen to what we choose to. Now songs that I’ve never downloaded are on here that weren’t on here before. I’m tired of this

- Confusion

I really like this app because it has a lot of the music I like to listen to, but nearly everytime I try to upload music that I listen to that ISN'T already uploaded, somehow the songs are taken off. There's never a real explanation as to why either, and I don't understand what possibly could be wrong with said songs. May I have an explanation for that? Okay, this has always happened, and I’m not sure if it’s just my phone or if it’s the app but many times when I open the app and go to my music for offline listening, there is a notice that some of the songs have been “removed”. At first, I thought that they were taken off the app by the creators, but when I went searching for replacements for the ones that were deleted I would find the exact song still on the app, but not available for downloading anymore. It isn’t my data, and I don’t believe that it’s a Premium benefit because when I tried to else download a song it would just stop downloading immediately after it started.

- Great app and all, but.......

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had this app for over 3 years now and lately it’s slowly being ruined with tons of ads and premium, come on developers don’t ruin the app by making the people ,who have been using this app since it came out, pay money to make playlists and stuff. I think that the developers should make it to where only premium users and artist can upload music, rather than make long-term users of the app stop using it because of all these ads and premium charges now. In conclusion, I love this app and I plan to keep using it unless I end up having to pay to listen to my offline playlist, this app is very convenient but I can see where it is going with all these “premium benefits”. Edit: please give us the option to mute the sound on the ads especially the one with the guy yelling it’s soooo annoying and almost blew my speakers!!!!!!!!

- 5/5

easily one of my favorite apps. i use Musi before this, which sadly stopped cooperating and the app ended altogether. this app is far better tha Musi because, although it does have ads, unlike musi, you’re not bombarded with ads every second; this app does have ads, but as i previously mentioned, not very frequently. the app is 100% free to listen to music, aside from being add free and having some extra features, which does cost money. you can create an account, create your own playlist, and download music for FREE. i love this app a lot. i do have a few suggestions though. i think, as i have many playlists, you should be able to move the playlists. for example, when you go into your account and see all of your playlists, i think you should be able to move them around. besides that, it’s a wonderful app and i recommend it:)

- Ummmmmnn ❤️🥳🥳😱

I have been looking for a music app for years and all of them claim to play music but none of them actually work. When I got this app it was just because it talked about being able to make playlists without having limits and it had decent reviews. I did not even pay attention to the offline part because it never works on any app so when it was a part of the app I was surprised and when it actually played my songs when I was offline I was amazed! This app has continued to work so good for me and all the features work just as well or better then when I first got it. I can’t wait to continue to use this app and I hope it stays this good and the company doesn’t try to make changes that end up making the app 10x worse! Can’t wait to keep listening.❤️

- It has a few problems with bugs... 👀

Okay this app has been great but it has it few ups and downs . For one when I play a song and it finishes. It doesn’t go to the next song it just stops for some reason. Then another problem that just happened recently. I haven’t used the app in about three to five days. And when I came back it was acting weird. It kept switching between songs on this album I was listening too the other and wouldn’t stop doing it. I tried to pause or exit the app and coming back but it wouldn’t work. But it stilled played one add when I even wasn’t playing music. Also most importantly this app keeps deleting my music that I download. Then there’s a problem with where the ads pop up the occasionally I have a ad pop up where the music is playing below so I can’t click it and I have to exit the app to get it leave. Please help! I love this app and really don’t want to go and search for another ones

- Premium :/

Used to be a great music app. A couple months ago I would’ve given this app five stars however, that is not the case today. - A few months back this app removed a ton of songs. I favorited a playlist and when I went back to it there were only 20 songs left. The playlist had 100+! - I understand that ads and premium accounts help fund artists. However, this app has started to get on my nerves. Almost all popular songs aren’t downloadable (premium download only) after a certain amount of plays. I had a few songs that I downloaded before they blew up and today I noticed that a recently popular song has been marked as premium. Audiomack does give non-premium users 20 free premium downloads but this doesn’t help. I can’t listen to all my favorite artists and this bugs me. This was never the issue a few months back. Tbh I might start using a different app if this doesn't get resolved.


Hello,this app is awesome I love how u can listen to it offline BUT. WHEN i first got it I searched of a few on a songs I like and it says no matches then I tried to search up the artist. The artist was pretty common she was Beyoncé and I was pretty surprise when I could not find her I love all of her songs and I really wish y’all go with a update of new songs. Throught I love that the add’s aren’t that bad and annoying I wish y’all could do like the (watch the video of 30 minutes of add free). I really hope y’all reply and take this to a concern I really feel bad for making this but it must be addressed I still think this is a great app I give it 3 STARS that reason is couse 1# I did not like how u don’t have a lot of common artist like Beyoncé are billie and not billie Lilian I hate how I think it’s one Song and it turn out to be Spanish but I f love how u have some in Spanish other wise this app is wonderfull sorry for the long comment -navayah


Okay first off this is maybe the best music app! It works offline and has really good songs! Some songs may not be in their but I promise you they have almost every song! I’m honestly really happy with this app and I’ve been looking for an app like this for soooooo long! And finally I found one! Just one thing I would change is the adds...The adds just show up a little too much like almost every song you click on it shows an add..And it kinda gets a little annoying but it’s not like I’m on the screen a lot I just pick the song and turn my phone off and listen to it..But sometimes I click on a song and it shows more than one add...But overall it’s an amazing app! I really suggest this if your looking for a app that when you turn off your device it still plays and it work offline!I really like this app and I couldn’t ask for any better music app!

- Audiomack

Audiomack is the perfect music app. It has almost every single song on it. It has music that you can download online and it has a section called offline which is the songs that you can listen to if you have no wi fi. Those songs are the ones that you would have downloaded online that you could then listen to offline. It is great and was just what i was looking for when i downloaded it in december. You can “Reup” songs which is posting songs on your account. You can re-up any song. After you re-up any amount of any songs you want to, then people can listen to it and follow you. I currently have 222 followers. I really reccomend Audiomack if your looking for a music app. The only bad thing is ads that sometimes pop up. But is is definitely great overall.

- Long Term Users Who Want Offline Music

Hey everyone, if your wondering about giving this app a try I have to say that I have had this app for a while and it has been great for the first few months except for one thing, songs that the publishers didn’t OK get removed instantly. I’ve enjoyed this app but realize that I’ve been losing up to 4 songs from my playlist every day. I have been reduced to about 13 songs and that is where I am going to cut it. I like listening to whatever but all the good songs are uploaded illegally which is why they keep getting taken down. The very best app for music was already taken down 2 years ago unfortunately. As long as you choose music that is legal, this app should be just fine. It’s not their fault but I have to find a new way to jam.

- The best music app EVER

I recently downloaded this app, and it’s AMAZING. Basically, my phone doesn’t have cellular data, so I constantly need internet in order to do a lot of things. I’ve been looking for an app that actually plays music when there isn’t an internet connection. I’ve downloaded every single app that claims to do this, but none of them worked! So, I happened to stumble across this app, and after all of the apps that didn’t work, I didn’t have my hopes high when I clicked on it. I downloaded a few songs on my playlist, turned off my internet, then went back into the app. I clicked on the music I wanted to hear. I kid you not, IT WORKED!!! My jaw dropped as soon as I heard the song! The whole point I’m writing this review is because it’s a free, offline music app that actually works! I want to give these app creators as much support as possible. So please, download this app and give it a try. If you don’t like it, delete it. But I promise you, this works! Amazing job to the creators of this wonderful app. ((The whole reason I was looking for this was because I had a two//three hour trip coming up, and I wanted to listen to some music. I didn’t want to waste my money on Apple Music.))

- Love the app but...

This is my favorite app for free music; songs are downloadable, you can make playlists, you can find songs that arrange from obscure to top hits, and I would definitely say it’s one of the highest quality free music apps. But I’ve noticed in the past few days that a huge amount of songs have been getting deleted. I’ve had the app for about a year now and maybe I’ll occasionally see 1-4 songs get deleted, usually the popular ones that get copyrighted quickly, but in the past three days alone; over 30 of my favorite songs have been deleted! That’s crazy, I’m not sure if there’s some new copyright law that’s purging all the songs off your app, but I really hope you get around to fixing it. Good app, nevertheless 🥺

- A Problem That Needs To Be Fixed

Overall, the app is amazing! I’m able to listen to the music without the need of the internet, and I’m able to see the songs I’ve liked. But, there is a problem. When I go into the app, I had to complete my profile, telling my birthdate and gender. Simple. Unfortunately, when I had done that, it tells me that I have to be at least thirteen years old. Mind you, I am a thirteen year old female, so I was very confused. So, I tried out different birthdates to see if they work. Guess what? They did not. So, I thought that perhaps I need to swipe out from the app and try again. And so, I did. Put in my birthdate and my gender. It didn’t work. It took me a long time to find a working app that would let you listen to music offline. So, please do fix this problem! And, thank you if you’ve at least read this.

- Music issues

So overall, it’s a solid app. Being able to download your music for free for anytime listening is great. The ad system isn’t annoying since it usually won’t stop music and it’s generally a great app. Here’s the problem. For the last month it so, a lot of the music I have is being removed. Songs that I’ve had since the start are being taken off for seemingly no reason. I’m not sure if it’s a contract deal on the developers end, but it’s extremely agitating when in the span of a week I’ve had a about 50 or so songs removed, having to go find a version someone pirated, just for that to get removed because the real deal was taken off. I know if it’s a contract, there’s not much that can be done, but if the horizon could be expanded on developments end so people don’t have this issue, that would be great.


I’ve been searching for a downloadable music app without only covers/remixes of the song I want to hear, and I can say this ones s winner. I love the option to download, or make a playlist for internet. I also really like the ‘feed’ option so that I can see when one of the artists I like comes out with a new album or song. The only downside I can say is with the new update brings way too many ads for non-premium users and basically makes the app un-useable because when you try to play a song it plays multiple ads and you have to close the app and reopen it to hear your song. I liked when the ads didn’t have audio so they didn’t interrupt the music, I think you should bring that back.💯 I would give 5 stars but the ads are becoming too much, I might have to find a new music app

- Offline music

I’m fascinated with this app and personally it might be my favorite music app ever. I love its diversity and how much freedom it gives to the user, but in my experience most of the songs I download will just disappear, there is a little info box and a list of which songs got taken down but at one point half of my downloads were gone. When I first started using this app I didn’t mind because it would be very rare for that to happened but now it’s every time I open the app and when I check almost 20 songs are gone ... I’m not sure if this is the apps fault but it’s became very tedious for me (I try to find the songs I lost but almost all the time they are just completely gone). I still enjoy this app to the fullest but this thing kind of bothers me… Any tips that I can use are appreciated, Thank you.

- Just a few problems

I LOVE this app. Up to this point, this has been my first choice when it came to complete reliability and choice in music. The only things that I want to call out are 1) the fact that when I want to use the A-Z option in my offline music, it feels like it’s randomizing it. I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but it seems to be putting the songs in the same most inconvenient places every time. One song will be in the middle that starts with an A, and then there will be a song that starts with a T or any other song that does not follow the pattern I requested. 2) Sometimes when I search a particular artist that I know is on the app, it will say that the app can’t find the song. Still just the minor inconvenience of having to just search the song. That’s it. Have a nice day!

- Filled with a godly amount of ads

It used to be the best music app ever but as soon as it started interrupting your songs with ads everything changed. Before it would post ads at the bottom or top of the screen but they could be easily ignored which was the best part, but then it started to stop your song so it can play an audio of a 20 second ad, after that it would resume your music. Now it stops every single song to play a video of a 25 second ad and I can’t just let it play so it can resume my song, it stops completely and I have to go back in the app and watch the video, after that I get to resume my music just to have the same thing happen 2 songs later. This app still has good songs and is better than most, only problem is the unskipable and music stopping ads, other than that the app is pretty decent.

- Good Overall, Just One Thing You Can Fix

this app is by far one of the best music apps i have come across. i would have rated this 5 stars but, recently i have noticed songs disappearing from my playlists and downloads. at first i was like “oh it’s probably copy righted or something” and just downloaded a different version but, recently this have been happening more and more recently and it’s hard to keep track of what songs are gone. i was just wondering if it’s possible for you to add like a feature that can tell you what songs are gone or something like that? if something like this was to be in the app i would definitely rate a 5 star! this app is absolutely amazing and satisfies all of my musical needs!

- Reporting a Error/Bug

I love the app it’s amazing , I enjoy listening to music for free or with premium being able to listen to music offline ....the problem I’m having is that after a few updates ago since then when I go to play a song from my downloaded list or songs I have saved , I tap the song I want to play and the app freezes and takes about 15 seconds or more to play the song then I can scroll again and pick another song but when I click the song I want played again it does the same thing and takes like a along time to play rather than instantly playing and loading the song ....and what is weird is if I go to like browse for a song or the category top songs and pick a song to play it will work fine and play instantly

- Overall Great app

I’ve used audiomack since 2016 so I’ve seen all the developments & Updates throughout the years. The app is great & has been great for awhile & the option of paying for the premium version has always been around but now it seems a little too excessive. Before this latest update you could download any and all songs/ albums you wanted for free but now you need to be subscribed i already have years of music downloaded. Also the audio ads tend to be annoying because the silent ones that popped up on the screen were fine with me, these ads would still pop up even from my downloaded music. It just seems that the app is becoming more like other subscription music apps which is really different for me. But over it is a great app.

- Problems I’m having !!

So Audiomack is a Great app! But I’m having problems with curtain things. I just made an Account today on this wonderful app and, I wanted to buy a Free Trail. I wanted to see how it was I got brought it and right when I did that it said. Something like payment or showed something like that really fast and went away!! I went to go see what’s wrong with it in my payments and subscriptions. It said it was an active Subscription and it ends October 7th. But it said I paid I didn’t even get the free trail. It made me pay 1st the acc was new I just made it and everything. I went back to Audiomack and, unfortunately it didn’t let me use the Bass Booster and the Ad’s Popped up even more than it use to!!! So I took the subscription off and it didn’t work. PLEASE HELP ME OUT I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!

- Great app needs some improvement please read!!!

I use this app everyday and it’s great, absolutely worth my time to search and download songs. But I have wanted to say that I like organizing my music and when I try to make playlists I have trouble getting time to press every song and adding song by song to my playlist please add a feature where you can have an option to edit your playlist and click on every song that you want in that playlist just have all your downloads and you can just press the songs you want and when your done just press add the amount of songs you want and there u don’t have to sit there for hours adding song by song. Thank you for reading and trying to fix my problem, and all I want is for your app to be the best. THANK YOU

- It’s good but not the best

I’m dead at how good this app is I’ve been looking for years for a app like this and now I’ve found the one. although I love the app I have one small problem whenever I really like a song and I want to download it you can’t find the original song I usually find remix’s or mashups or chopped versions of the song also another thing I want to say is that after I download the song it might give me a little note saying the song was removed by the owner or something like that but I’m not going to get mad at that because that’s not the apps fault . Overall my favorite app of all time. But I hate the fact that after you download your music it says that the music was removed by the artist and that makes me sad because a lot of my favorite songs get deleted.

- Explanation

Still a good app, the new feature is a bit confusing. Let me explain what the premium downloads are: Some artists do not want you to download their music for free (even if you watch ads) and so they make you pay to download. So, for certain songs/artists you have to have a premium account in order to download and listen offline. But you can still download an unlimited amount of any songs as long as they’re not labeled premium (orange star next to the song). To recap, you can still have unlimited, free, downloads on most of your songs. A few artists don’t want us to download their music for free so their making us pay through Audiomack premium. Hope this helps :)

- I love this app and it’s amazing

Hey to anyone reading this, you should definitely give audiomack a chance because they have a pretty good variety of music, and you can listen offline for free all you have to do is download it. Though I didn’t write this review to talk about people getting it I have a little issue, but I’ve noticed a bit of a fix. Audiomack, can you please add more Nightcore plz? If it’s to much of a problem then you don’t have to worry about it, and I’m pretty happy with the variety of Nightcore you do have. I just kinda wish there was a bit more. If it’s to much of trouble then it’s fine, and I’m really happy with this app. Thx for reading this boring app. Peace ✌️😝

- Okay, this is unexpected.

So far, I’m loving this app! I don’t know if any of the other reviews are fake, but believe you me when I say this one isn’t. Ive only had it downloaded for a bit, so feel free to take the following review with a grain of salt. I’ve been looking for an app just like this. So far, I’ve been able to find pretty much every song I wanted to get. Not many other apps have this, but as long as you download a song, you can listen to them without an internet connection. I downloaded a few, turned my WiFi off and went to take a listen. Lo, and behold, no problems! Yes, there is the occasional ad on the screen, but nothing auditory that ruins the flow of the song as far as I’ve heard. All in all, very useful app, I plan on using this for a long while!

- Holy cow :0

First off- Wow! Hella surprised about this app! For the longest time, I was searching for an offline app that I didn't have to pay for and Amplify is definitely #1! When I first used this app, of course I was unsure because most apps that say they work offline either cost a crap ton or just lie to you. But Amplify sure does do what they say. Literally can find any song I need to. And if I cant find the song, I can easily put what I need onto Amplify using their website (and of course crediting the artist who originally made it) and listen to it offline. I definitely share this to my friends when they're looking and would definitely tell you to download! Been using since early last year ^^

- Why did you add this 🤦🏽‍♂️

Hello Audiomack I just wanted to say I’ve been having this app for a few years and I’ve been enjoying them even though some of my favorite songs may not be their or anything but it’s been good but why do you make the new updgrade because now I can’t download many songs as I want to like this is completely dumb idk y’all did that it really stress me out that I won’t be able to download more than usual I would consider taking it off because it’s completely dumb all y’all want is money and I get it but it’s not cool and with this new upgrade I bet everyone would stop using this app so please take it off and I hope you respond to me or something.

- This is next gen, keep up the good work, love you guys. 🌌

I’ll be honest, I’ve always needed a app too listen too music when not having internet, but every other app made you do a bunch of extra work upon connecting your phone to a laptop etc. this is the one app where you can browse and download the song or album you want extremely fast. Boom ready too listen too whenever and wherever. I don’t like getting asked to rate app but this is like the second one I will rate. Cause this makes my life so much easier. I recommend this app too anyone. Extremely useful when you don’t have data and want to listen to music at school.

- Awesome app, but....

I love this app, there’s no doubt about it. But at some points I did have to change it for a different app. A couple things- The first is that a lot of the songs on the app will be purged at some point. For example, I used to have 30 songs downloaded. Now I only have 4. While annoying at times, I’d suggest adding some sort of ad system to which the rights to the song can be added back to the app. Another thing is a lot of songs are described as being one song, but it is actually a remix or cover without being stated as so. One last thing, I’d love to see a shuffle option! I get annoyed with hearing certain songs in the exact same order the whole time. Anyways, the devs have made a great app! Just a few fixes here and there would make it better.

- Issa banger app, must get!

I’ve been using audiomack since 9th grade, it’s been 4 years now, nothing has downloadable music, now it has certain music that you have to pay to download(premium music) but you have 20 free premium downloads so that’s a win win to me, you can shut your data/WiFi off and go to offline and the quality is still great, and you got offline music! I got a new phone, downloaded this app again, got my profile hooked up and boom all my songs I liked are in my favorites so I don’t have to sit and look for my music again bc it’s all in my favs, just hit that download button and boom! Got ya self your vibes anywhere you gooooo! Love this app so much!

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- Important!

I think audiomack is a great app I use it everyday I get in the shower and put my tunes on! But!! There is some things that are annoying and could be worked on, for instance the ad’s can be very long and hard to click onto the x to close them and even then I opens another add prolonging my tunes playing not that that’s a massive deal but it’s annoying, and I’ve found that I can no longer download music of my own onto the app because the button has disappeared I do really love this app and appreciate you guys making it:) I’ve had it since November 2019 and loved it :) Thanks

- Needs some updates

The app needs a new UI (user interface), everything seems so clustered and large. In my opinion it need to have smaller icons and less options, well have most of the options in seperate categories of the app. It also seems to be missing a lot of songs and albums from big and small creators. Over all great app, just needs a clean up and tuck a few things under the rug for a bit.

- Improve your search

Hey! I’ve been using audiomack for a year I didn’t experience any problems except only 2 problems one of them being that sometimes I play the song and then close my phone and the phone doesn’t realise the songs and as soon as the song ends the next song doesn’t auto play I have to manually do it by opening the phone and it’s search like if you want to find a song but you’re not sure you have to be very specific with the spelling making sure theres no mistake the search should be improved so that the app can realise itself.

- Worst music app i've seen! 😂

Oh boy where do i start. This app is horrible with ads most of them are 30 second long just to tell you too install a stupid game or download a porn app then some are repetitive annoying audio ads that you can't skip. I have began to notice a lot of my songs missing and it's quite frustrating, but i'm thinking their doing this on purpose to make you buy premium witch is pretty scummy. Oh and don't try to upload anything it will be taken down right away by some dmca junk now their really pushing you to buy premium. And at last you have the spam account that spam drugs and where to buy them. Definitely finding a new music app! 🤡

- “Genius” Offline Music.

This is 100% the best app for on/offline music. Simply search, download, then hit offline to listen to everything you have downloaded. It is truly as simple as that!! I don’t have a subscription (Yet) but I have been using the app for many months and all of it offline. Thinking about a subscription but there’s no rush, this app is simply Genius. Keep it up audiomack, you have my vote as best offline music app on the market.

- GOOD APP but there’s been a recent problem

This app is great i’ve been using it for the past 2 years now and haven’t experienced any issues whatsoever until now... When i play music the phone doesn’t recognise that the app is playing music, so on the lock screen there’s music playing but nothing to indicate it. Whenever the song finishes it stops playing music altogether until i boot up the app, this is annoying because i use this app to listen while i’m doing other tasks and constantly having the app open just doesn’t work. PLEASE FIX THIS!

- Good app

I love this app and is definitely worth it, id have it on walking around the park to doing my workouts. Its just that their are some songs i tried searching up and didnt appear at all. One example was recently, i listen to Clouds by NF but that has been removed for a reason i dont know. I tried searching it up again but their isnt anything like it


yoo for sure the best and easiest music app ive used, I recently had gotten an Iphone and didnt want to pay for itunes and such, my maytes hooked me up with this and I was on the moon, honestly have nothing bad to say since the apps worked so good, althought there are some songs I cant find, its all in all amazing to use and I recommend it very much

- Great app!

This is a great app and I use it all the time, but it would be better if you could edit someone else’s songs metadata just for yourself? Idk why but sometimes it makes me feel weird when I look at a different album cover picture and different metadata.

- Claps all round

I love this app I was looking for ages to find an app where I could listen to music offline I can’t afford to buy music and stuff so this app was a lot of help but a problem I have with it that it does glitch out sometimes I’m not sure if it’s the app or my phone also it doesn’t have some songs I was looking for but I can live with that great app I enjoy it so much thank you for making it 🤘🏻🤘🏻😁😁😁

- It’s about time

I think those who what to avoid all these monthly payments for music, or a way to save their data; use audiomack. For it indeed needs data to download the song but after that you have the track you always wanted and along with that, musical enjoyment ☺️

- Amazing

Greatest thing about the app is that it is completely free. You can listen to many songs all you have to do is tap download and they will go to your playlist. Just one thing, how do you organise your songs in your playlist? But otherwise great


This app is amazing as you can both listen to music AND download it all for free! Sure there will be the occasional ad when looking through music but thats just about it! No ad while listening and you can remove the ads at a very low price so there isnt any issues with prices and what not.

- A1

sometimes you'll have to dig a little deeper to find a song you can't find just by searching up, but rest assured you'll find it. if not then there's still more songs to look out for; this the only app i can find that actually has great songs i like & lets me download em w out a cost. fr this great

- Easy access

Easy and simple to use very detailed with each step and love love love how easy to download songs would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone who’s looking for offline access to music without worrying about using your data or wi-fi

- Improving the app

Hey, I’ve been using this app for nearly 2 years. Overall everything is great but apparently there are some songs and artists they I can’t find. Also, when downloading the music, it takes up tooo much storage, making it hard for me to upgrade and download other apps.o

- Amazing App 🤩🤩🤩

Audiomack is probably one of the best music apps I have ever used because it actually lets me download music, arrange the order of my songs and listen to my music even when I’m on other apps but the only problem I have is that I can’t really put my songs on repeat so it would be great if you could add a repeat song button/option. Tysm! 😊


ok... this app is AMAZING and I absolutely love it ... I haven’t had any problem with it and the best app I’ve used yet! You can download ur music and listen to it offline . Just one thing that would make it perfect This might sound weird but maybe you could make an option to set a song as ur ringtone

- Music removed

Look I love this app, my only problem is that lately a lot of the music I listen to is being removed and I understand the whole copyright but the artists I listen to don’t upload music on this app, and it annoys me that every time I open the app more music has been removed.

- Why I love it

I can download music so easily but sometimes my music isn’t there but either way it’s free to download unlike some audio types if possible can you put chlorine by twenty one pilots please and thanks for making this app for everyone that likes music

- The best music app

This app is really good when it comes to music. I have I a lot of music apps but this one is outstanding in all my music apps. This app give you a lot of options to choose to. I am in love with this app.

- Review

I love this app, I recommend it to all my friends and to anyone really. It has pretty much any song you are looking for and it’s easy to use; great quality. Defiantly recommend

- Amazingness

I love this app it’s sooooo good for listening to songs out in public due to its offline feature I use this at school, at the park and many other places . I recommend using this app.👍


I’ve only just gotten it and I think it’s really good, could be a lot better it’s a bit confusing, but I love how all downloaded songs are for free no payment needed, hopefully it has all the songs that i need so far looking awesome. Thanks Audiomack 😁.


I have been looking for an app that will let me play music without internet for so long, I so happy to finally find it and not only does it do that it’s just an overall fantastic app.👍👍

- A

It’s just a good app free music for nothing no need to buy anything when you get ads you can literally just press x straight away and if the music is already on it you can upload it yourself I love it

- Amazing

You can download any song you want for free and use it for offline and can go out of the app onto other apps while music plays

- This app is awesome

So I’ve been using audiomack for about a year now and it’s been so easy to download music and listen. There are ads but they are very short and easily manageable.

- Best app ever!

I only just downloaded this app but it is great and amazing for listening to music offline! I also really love the wide range of music that is available.

- Thought this was “amazing” before

Ok, ok hear me out. I’ve been with this app for almost a year. But It keeps removing all my songs, every single one. Every. Single. Day. Don’t get me wrong the offline option works without you having to pay, but I am sick and tired of constantly having to ####### redownload all my songs, and most of the time come empty handed. Sick. And ####### tired. Please fix this.

- Good👍🏼

Audiomack is a good app u can download music offline, but I wish if there were lyrics playing as well please while the song is playing so I could look at the lyrics aswell while listening to my songs.

- Thank you

Thank you for supporting my artist on every level they need. The quality of sound and promotion is greatly appreciated.. looking forward to a long journey with Audiomack. Hugs Miss Rose 🥀🤍🥀🙏🏾🙏🏼

- Ads

Took much ads nearly every time I change songs they come up..... And I can’t delete songs from my offline playlist

- Good yummy app

I like orangutans and apes because they are ugly like the person that read this and also it is a Gucci slushy app it works scrumpdidilyumptiously well and you have a big forehead

- Is there background music?

Can it play while the phone is off?

- My option

Well I love the fact that it plays offline but not many original songs on their line they can be slowed down and other stuff so I rate 4

- Nice but need some work

Ads are very annoying which slows down the app and pop up every second minute but other than that I like the app

- Really good

This app is really good, 100% recommend this to everyone! The only down is that I use an iPad 7th gen and the screen for it is the size of iPhones.

- Amazing

Is so good that you can download music so you don’t have to use you data and it is good for when you in class

- Audiomack

This app is amazing u don’t have to pay it’s free and you can listen anywhere anytime from downloading the music u want without paying for it it’s absolutely amazing

- Timer

There’s no timer? I love to listen to the music while going to bed but I want to stop at certain point or put timer on it. Overall great performance!

- Best music

This is my fav app to use on a long car ride when I don’t have access to data but sometimes it’s a little harder to find music

- Review

Audiomack is the one of the best music apps I have ever downloaded the range of songs up for downloads stretchers so far it always 10/10 audio, user functioning

- Good

This app is really good it downloads perfectly fine and work there is barely any adds it honestly amazing

- Not being rude or mean

Love this app but there just two problems. 1 sometimes I would download a song and later it would be deleted so I would have to download it again. 2 not enough songs. Please fix these problems.

- Wow!

This is a really good app, You can listen and download songs for free and god this sounds like a add but either way ive had no problems with this app

- Uploading songs/recordings??!??

Do I HAVE TO ‘pay to play’? with the plethora of platforms available : for the ‘digitally hopeless’ (which I am in) to ‘coders and capable’ : even I Know ‘paying’ usually offers a benefit beyond ‘no ads’. Have AUDIOMACK because a particular collaborator-friend uses Mac laptop and sends links with THIS platform.

- I love this BUT

Can you guys add more songs? Like people will add songs and yet they’ll delete it and there won’t be another one. I know you’ve heard this a million times but please add more music, most of the stuff like indie, alter isn’t on here

- 4 star

The reason I gave it a 4 star is because I removes some of my songs out of nowhere but if that didn’t happen I would’ve gave it a 5

- Brooke

The app overall is great as it allows me to listen to pre downloaded music without wifi however the selection of music and music in its original audio is not that good.

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- The 1 thing to make this app better

There is only one big thing that this app needs, you should be able to listen to your own playlists offline.

- Love it

It’s offline music which is awesome and can be listened to it without wifi SO NO WIFI👌🙏❤️

- So far pretty good

Haven’t lost any music. Able to listen offline. Some songs are hard to find, aren’t uploads, or are remixes/covers. Annoying ads are easy to close. But for most part this app is pretty decent.

- • My rewiew of AuidoMack!!

I think this app is sooo sick, especially for Rap + Hip-Hop lovers! I love all the features and how there's already made play lists...

- #Perfect

You can download music to listen to offline for free! Everything is free except the removal of ads, but I think that’s okay because they have to make money.

- Songs keeps getting deleted

More than half of my playlist got deleted in 24 hours. I don’t know what’s happening with this app but please fix the problem before getting everyone quit this app. You did an amazing job, why changing now??

- 😔

At first, I was very satisfied but gradually I’ve started losing songs and couldn’t download them a second time as they didn’t exist anymore. There’s also various ads but I guess I’m not allowed to complain since it is a free offline streaming app so...

- Great app

There really is nothing bad about this app.

- It has potential

These is real good now if only it had more songs that we all know and love that help dramatically but still really good app this app will give Spotify a run for there money.

- Deleting music

The app was really amazing but now it keeps deleting my music. I had about 300 songs now I have 163 songs. I can’t even download the songs back. All my music is gone. I’m deleting this app right now.

- I don’t get the ads

Every time an ad pops up I can’t exit it unless I exit the app I’m the only one? It’s pretty annoying.

- Best app ever

I love it

- Ew

This app is so cheap it removes all the good songs like what’s the point of making a music that only removes the best songs?

- Worse update

We love the app coz it’s free, if we gonna pay we’ll pay for Spotify or Apple Music. We want unlimited downloading again.

- Limited Downloads

I used to love this app but ever since the new update I have been extremely disappointed. Limiting the downloads means I can no longer enjoy my commutes where I do not have wifi. I will be looking for another, better app to listen to music. I will never recommend this app to anyone and will do everything in my power to recommend a better music app that will not disappoint others the way audiomack has disappointed me. I really hope audiomack gives us back our unlimited downloads.

- Bring back downloading

I used to absolutely love this app because you could download anything you wanted for free which is why all of my friends used it too. For the new update they changed it and now you have to buy membership. No thank you. Took out what made this app the best music streaming app on the App Store. Looks like it’s back to SoundCloud bois

- Annoying things

It’s very annoying how MY DOWNLOADED MUSICS LITERALLY DISAPPEARS AND WHENEVER I TRY TO CLICK ON SOMETHING ITS NOT WORKING! Sometimes the app suddenly close by it self or the song.

- New Update is terrible

The new update is garbage made the app sooo bad the layout and such before was 10x better.

- Songs

As someone who enjoys music from the UK I cannot get half the songs from certain artists due to rights holders, you guys should make songs that are published available to anyone no matter the region.

- New update

It says i can now only have a limited number of offline music. This is terrible and the app will loose a ton of users

- audiomack

matant le mis à jour que vous avez fait pourquoi on peu puls écouter téléchargera avant on peut écoutez avce le télécharger matant on peu puls 😡😡 j'ai aime pas tro quand il y a t'es oubligé de avoir le paye pass pour écouter vous être des rondeurs pour pas écouter les musiques san les télécharger c'est mieux avce le téléchargé parce ce que il des des musiques que sur apple musiques il ont pas mais il y a des musiques son puls dans audiomack

- kpop

Wished y'all never copyrighted the mass of kpop songs on your app i get that its copyright but this was the best app to find those songs :(

- Ugh

Okay so, when I downloaded Audiomack, it was the best thing ever. Like, I got to listen to music offline without any ads. BUT NOW, they deleted practically every song, and they dont want to let me play offline. Spotify is honestly better even if you have to pay.

- Removing songs

It was good for awhile until they started taking down the songs i listen to

- -10 stars

Open the app everyday to find out 10+ songs have been deleted😐

- frustrating

this app is very good. only problem is a lot of songs aren’t on this app and other people can post music and remixes, which is the only option. i had a great experience with this app until half of my music disappeared off of my playlist so now i have to download them all again. very frustrating.

- Audio Mack

My songs and playlists are erasing so I am complaining so I hate audio Mack music🤯😠

- Great but not that great


- Very unfortunate

I absolutely love this app, it has everything I need, HOWEVER, recently a LOT of music is being removed and it’s of all types of music. I tried to see if my friends were having the same issue and a lot have been experiencing the same thing. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon but it’s still a good app

- Everything is getting removed

All of my songs that I have downloaded are getting removed!

- Was good

Was a good app! I loved it but for a while now they are taking down all the songs out of my playlist I hate it

- Terrible

It was great at first it’s kinda hard to find certain songs sometimes but recently it just started taking away my music downloads normally I would think it was just the person who posted the music deleted their channel but it’s way to much to just be that.

- Come on now!! It’s just kpop!

This app is good but they keep deleting my kpop music!!!! They say ( deleted music ) and some are not on the app anymore! Please let us use playlists offline!!

- The songs are really hard to find

Honestly it’s a great app, but it’s really hard to find songs. A couple days ago I found a song but forgot to download it, I went to download it today but it’s completely gone same with a bunch more of Ariana grandes songs pacifically Thank u, Next. And when I do find it the songs r completely different

- only getting worse by the day

everyday I go on this app, so many songs have been deleted and at this point I can’t find a proper upload of the songs anymore. This used to be such a great app but now it’s gotten so bad cause all types of songs are getting deleted daily

- App review

Really wish u guys wouldn’t delete songs after u download so many don’t understand why iPhones don’t have free offline music but it’s not that bad other then deleteing songs after u download so many the app will delete some songs as u download more and it sucks

- APP acquisition

!Does anyone want to sell the app⑩?We need the excellent apps and will buy them at a good price.☞Please contact me⑩:Skype☪-/WhatsApp⑥: +‥8615982002312 Facebook:Ⅴestelle668:

- App

Really good, loved it!!!

- Great for free music

It has pretty well every song you can imagine, there have been a few that i haven’t been able to find but it really is not that bad, i use it everyday without wifi. it’s the best app out there for music!

- Pretty Good

It’s surely an amazing app! I could do everything for free, even downloading the songs I searched up. The reason I didn’t gave it a five was because it didn’t let me create password for my new account I was making, so I had to go onto computer and create an account and a password and go back onto my phone and login. But everything else, amazing. I recommend it to everyone.

- Good

Very good app , I recommend it to anyone. I have some musics that I don’t see them. What happened to them ?

- The first time I see your face

This app is amazing

- cant listen to song

I uploaded something yet i cant download it or listen to it? Is there any reason why?

- Beautiful

Beautiful app for offline. But we want more Bangladeshi movies song collections. Please... Love from CANADA

- Could be better

Could be better if there was no adds in the dnowlod

- esay download


- You can’t download songs

It’s not free to download songs offline

- It sucks

I couldn’t get through a single song and my songs that I downloaded would sound horrible


BEST FROM Others🙏🏻🙏🏻

- Epic

This app is epic

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Audiomack - Stream New Music 6.10.1 Screenshots & Images

Audiomack - Stream New Music iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Audiomack - Stream New Music iphone images
Audiomack - Stream New Music iphone images
Audiomack - Stream New Music iphone images
Audiomack - Stream New Music iphone images
Audiomack - Stream New Music iphone images
Audiomack - Stream New Music Music application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Audiomack - Stream New Music (Version 6.10.1) Install & Download

The applications Audiomack - Stream New Music was published in the category Music on 2014-11-19 and was developed by Audiomack, Inc. [Developer ID: 921765887]. This application file size is 260.2 MB. Audiomack - Stream New Music - Music app posted on 2022-06-30 current version is 6.10.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.audiomack.iphone