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What is star wars™: galaxy of heroes app? Become Master of the Galaxy! Create and customize your team using characters from every era, including champions from The Mandalorian, Star Wars™: The Rise of Skywalker, and Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™

Engage in turn-based RPG battles, master the Squad Arena, wield Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, join a Guild with friends, and take your strategy to the next level!

Rebel leaders? Imperial stalwarts? You’re free to choose as you construct elite light and dark side teams while collecting heroes and other characters from the Star Wars™ universe. Develop your strategy and make key moves in this epic RPG. Pick teammates with complementary abilities and go to war with unbeatable squads!

Defeat opponents and rise to the top as you dominate the galactic hologames based in a far-off cantina. Improve your combat strategy by upgrading your heroes’ abilities as you play for even more powerful attacks and bigger wins. Then fight other players in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena, and Squad Tournaments to conquer the galaxy.

Make smart, tactical decisions and equip your heroes with cool gear to enhance their damage. Unlock fun abilities to make your team unstoppable as you unleash commanding moves like Luke Skywalker’s Destined Strike, Darth Vader’s Force Crush, and Young Han Solo’s Trick Shot.

Collect iconic starships, including the Millennium Falcon, and massive Capital Ships, like Admiral Ackbar’s Home One, to construct your war fleets. Keep your cool in fast-paced space combat, deploy reinforcements, and turn the tide of battle with the right strategy. Face fun new challenges and compete in the Fleet Arena to test your prowess. Gather unique upgrade materials for characters, available only as rewards for ship battles. Each vessel has its own crew and strategy, adding special skills to individual ships. Recruit powerful pilots to create the strongest armada in the galaxy!

Lead Raids with friends and fight against bosses like the Rancor, AAT Tank, and the Sith Triumvirate when you create a customizable Guild. Collaborate to form a strategy with your Guild in Territory Battles where members unleash their entire arsenal of characters and ships against a progressively evolving battlefield. Show your dominance when you face off in games against other Guilds to conquer territories and top global leaderboards in Territory War.

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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Version 0.28.628 April 2022

Hey, Galaxy of Heroes fans! This update includes some back-end optimizations and performance improvements. Have fun, and see you on the Holotables!.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Version 0.27.515 February 2022

The Grand Arena Championship has been updated with new Matchmaking, Rewards, and a more streamlined Tournament Ladder. - New skilled-based rating system to match you against fair and comparable opponents - Daily Crystal Rewards based on your current standing in Grand Arena - Updated head-to-head scoring system to encourage active participation Join now and battle with your entire Galaxy of Heroes roster in the newly reworked Grand Arena Championship!.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Version 0.27.007 December 2021

The Grand Arena Championship has been updated with new Matchmaking, Rewards, and a more streamlined Tournament Ladder. - New skilled-based rating system to match you against fair and comparable opponents - Daily Crystal Rewards based on your current standing in Grand Arena - Updated head-to-head scoring system to encourage active participation Join now and battle with your entire Galaxy of Heroes roster in the newly reworked Grand Arena Championship!.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Comments & Reviews 2022

- One of the best games i’ve played

I’ve been playing Star Wars GoH for around 2 years and am a ftp player. I just recently rose to level 85 and am finally starting to get some of those great milestone achievements. However, I must warn that to all players who don’t spend money on games, getting good at this particular one is going to take a lot of time and commitment. Leveling up is rather tough once you start to get to some higher levels and many of the people who do spend money can just buy the relatively new hyperspace bundle which gives a bunch of characters and bumps them to max level. Doing that without buying it takes about a year or so if you are staying on top of the daily quests and even then it’s a bit of a stretch. However, once you are st max level the game gets very fun. You can start to built select squads and join guilds to compete in special events. Although everything is much easier by paying (as you would expect), once you get to a certain point it’s still interesting to play and you can compete against those who do pay. The one thing you will probably never get to equal in without paying is your galactic power as it took me over a month just to get my Jedi squad to at least gear 12. To conclude, I definitely recommend this app to everyone as it is very enjoyable with the many features it has to offer. Just remember the commitment you must offer in return to enjoy everything.

- Can take over your life but you don't care

So fun and addictive. Can spend hours just clicking around. Great to play free or invest in. Sometimes the app force closes at times that will cost you an opportunity. EA customer support will have you reinstall the game, saying that should fix the issue, but it doesn't. The limit of characters you can type in chat should be increased by 20% & it shouldn't wipe chat after it's 50 lines old. Having to extensively use Discord to chat is both a blessing and a curse. Minor annoyances in an otherwise great game. Would love to see a new beast to fight. Rancor needs a buddy. Great work. Keep it coming. Edit: been playing daily for 3+ years now, multiple accounts. So addictive. Always challenges you to learn more about team composition and choose who to level up. Daily grind is fun and also consumes you. Now - the bad stuff. Capital Games has had time and plenty of chances to improve communications but they don’t. They seem to both love and hate their player base. Each new toon fits into too narrow a team selection, cross-faction theory crafting is not broad enough. New toons are too powerful, a very slippery slope that reduces the game more and more to rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. CG does not invest a high ratio of their dollars into hiring enough talent and it shows. While a brilliant engrossing game, there are now enough detractors to make veterans quit.

- Great game for Star Wars fans

I’ve been playing this game for about 6 months now, and I haven’t been able to put it down since. Steady content you can play throughout the day if you’re bored; with deep complexity for long term playing, and a more serious approach if that’s something you’re interested in. Playing with out spending money to advance is definitely possible in this game. All of the pay to win aspects only change the game for you if you’re inpatient. If you want instant gratification this isn’t the game for you. The only thing I dislike about this game is the character packs you can purchase with crystals. The randomness of possible character shards when buying a character specific pack can be pretty bad, ranging from 5 to unlocking the character max level if you’re lucky. For new players who are unaware of this it can seriously ruin the whole experience and dissuade a desire to play more, and for people who do toss some money to EA; buy more crystals/other content in general. Overall though this is a very well made mobile game with great developer support, and fresh new content consistently being released. It starts out very simple, and challenges you to get better as you continue playing. The groups you can join are consistently filled with friendly people who are willing to help you learn and play as well. Perfect for all Star Wars fans

- Fun game

While this game is fun it could be better. They need to add a global chat because right now if you want to chat you can only do it if you’re in a guild or if you make a chat with all of your friends in it. They also need to make it easier to find active guilds & players around your level(I’m in a guild myself already but I’m the only officer in the guild still active and most of the players in the guild aren’t active and I’ve been looking for awhile for an active guild to join but it’s hard to find one. You need to be in an active guild to do the raids because otherwise it’ll take awhile to generate enough raid tokens and raids are the only way other than using your gems to get some of the gear you need for your characters and the harder tier raids, which need like an active full guild to do, is the only way to get character shards for certain units. Also if you want to be able to do some of the events and the ship battles than you’ll have to spend money on gems or packs to get enough shards to not only unlock the unit but to get it to a point where you can use them for all levels of the event(this is especially true for the ships because the only other way would to be only buying 4-5 shards at a time every day for the ship you want from the ship arena store and what it offers changes daily so it can take awhile to get enough shards and therefore by the time you might get enough shards the ship event might be over).

- A Game More Addicting Than Fortnite

This game has to be my all time favorite app. It is truly one of the best games I’ve played, definitely the best mobile game I’ve ever played. The game features a satisfyingly plentiful collection of characters from throughout both the canon universe and the Legends universe. The game never gets boring as there’s always something new and always something to work towards. One of the most Interesting things about this game which sets it apart from most games like it, is the fact that you don’t “Have” to pay actual money to progress in the game, though there are many benefits to doing so, either way you’re going to have a really fun time with this game I highly recommend it to not only anyone who loves Star Wars, but to everyone, as this game has something for everyone. This game is also constantly getting new content (i.e. Characters, ships, events, and other features) evolving, growing, adding, and expanding, as Star Wars itself continues to evolve, grow, add, & Expand. I might also add that the game is super addicting in all the best ways, features amazing graphics and most of the gameplay handles like a Pokémon battle, but 100 times cooler, but that’s just the types I’ve Unlocked so far, I am interested to see how ship battles works. In conclusion This game is something everyone should give a try.

- Pay to win strikes again :/

I remember when this game was first released. I downloaded it immediately and enjoyed it so much. I grinded my way to max level (I think 60 at the time) and was top 20 in the squad arena for the longest time. It took quite a bit of effort be able to do so well, but it wasn’t impossible. There was items in the store you could buy that would give you boosts, but there went a whole lot of options and they didn’t have such a significant Well, I had to stop playing because I left for the army after high school. I had mostly forgotten about the game and finally came back to it a couple months ago.. and I’m SEVERELY disappointed. It’s still a cool and interesting game that I want to love so much. But there has been so much added to the game that it’s impossible to keep up with top players unless you have HUNDREDS of dollars to spare. Literally. I can’t imagine being a brand new player to the game as of now and trying to level up and catch up with these top guys. A bundle you can buy in the store automatically brings you to level 85 (now the max) and a bunch of resources and other things. How much is it? Not something reasonable like $25. Nah, it’s 90 DOLLARS. Other bundles are the same price. I will never understand the price-gouging greed that companies like this practice so frequently, but it completely ruins the game. If it weren’t for the pay-to-win meta and how much you actually have to pay to keep up, I’d give it 5 stars. Do better.

- The game is alright but...

Of course with all free games it's definitely got that pay 2 win aspect going on. Don't get me wrong I haven't spent a dollar on the game so far and I'm level 57, but I do feel like I'm missing out on a lot of aspects, like challenges and special events, because I don't have the characters or resources to do them. In order to get the most out of this game you're going to HAVE to either pay or wait until your maxed, and getting to max without paying is going to take a looooong time. Word of advice for new players or even current players: DO NOT ever buy the data card packs with your gems. They're rigged and I'll share my personal experience with you real quick. Trying to get my mother Talzin character to 4 stars a few weeks ago I bought the clan mother pack which has a chance of dropping anywhere between 5-330 shards for her, I only needed fifteen. I got 7, I was incredibly angry, but I thought it was just bad luck. Today, saving up enough gems again to purchase it, bought it again like an idiot, and this time you know what I got? 5. I got 5 shards for her, the minimum amount you can get. So out of those two data card packs I got 12 out of a possible 660 shards, you tell me that isn't some fishy BS. Oh and those two combined were worth over 2000 gems and I still wasn't able to get my mother talzin to four stars. Like I said the pay 2 win aspect is pretty moderately pressed on you in this game but it's still alright.

- Needs revision

I’ve been playing this game for near three years now. It has been my go to game. However, it’s becoming quite stacked. Beginning game is fun and quick to progress with tons of characters. But, the mid to late game is crap. PVP events are next to hopeless if you don’t spend money on the game in order to obtain gear to match that of other players. The legendary events for “legendary” characters are ridiculously difficult. You need to be in a guild if you want to progress at normal speed to obtain better gear or earn certain “legendary” characters. You shouldn’t be forced to be in a guild if you want to progress. Guilds are touchy and usually led by folks who take this game way too seriously. Guilds requiring use of discord or requiring mandatory participation in all events is absurd. I’ve been in guilds that require you run all incoming “absences” or be kicked. As if this game should require you to call out like you would for a work shift. All characters should be available to be recruited like normal for everyone. And, legendary events should not be as difficult as they have become. If the “legendary” character is that good to begin with then you shouldn’t have to quadruple the attacking rate of the AI team. App games are meant to be casual mini-games. Everything should be equally accessible and leveled starting field for players of all levels. Beginning, mid, late shouldn’t be this stacked against everyone who doesn’t obsess about the game.

- Can be FtP but it’s hard

The cash grab is real. It is VERY difficult for ftp players to compete in pvp events. The whales will have the latest new OP toon that is nearly impossible to beat unless you have them too. And, if there is some existing toon that can beat them, the developers nerf them so they can’t. If you have patience, and are willing to accept the fact that you will never be on the top 20 of pvp, then you can still find some enjoyment in this game. I am on this category, but it’s not without frustration. The shard drop rates are actually insulting and should be fixed but they won’t because, you know, $$$$$$$. You can easily do 15 battles and get zero shards. It happens to me and my guild mates regularly. So you’re forced to spend huge amounts of crystals for a pitiful amount of way over priced shards. It really is a slap in the face to the players and tbh will probably be the reason I quit the game. There needs to be a minimum guaranteed amount of shards per attempts, even if it’s 1 in 10! The gear wall is extremely frustrating too, you’ll need 200 or more pieces of a certain type of gear for one toon which are also outrageously overpriced and sometimes may not be available anywhere and also have a horrendous drop rate from battles. AND, you’ll need these for a bunch of characters at the same time too. At any rate, you’ll still enjoy the game if you have a tremendous amount of patience and/or 100’s of $ laying around to dump into the game.

- New characters

Hello, first off I would like to start off by say that I really enjoy this game especially the events and new character events. It really adds to the game and keeps it fresh and I always look forward to new ones! One thing I did notice though is that for almost every boss you fight is also a playable character except for the Jedi temple guards. I know there’s Jedi guardians but it’s a little different. It would definitely be cool to have the temple guards as playable characters to your team. They could be tanks, offer support or protection to other Jedi’s. Another cool character to add would be the grand inquisitor. Attacker, Sith empire, have a spinning lightsaber to block attacks. Some other ones I think would be cool is Ashoka from season 7 of clone wars with her two blue lightsabers, the child from the mandalorian. (He would be with Mando in his beskar armor, similar to how we have Chewie and 3PO. But the child would also be cool by himself.) Hondo Ohnaka, who else is going to score you more credits then him? Okay maybe not a lot for you since he’ll take 80 to 85% of the profits, but how much fun he would be to play as and be put on a team of smugglers. And one more would be Lando from ROTJ and you can have him fly the falcon with Nien Nub in ship battles. But overall just a fun of the game. And recommend it to any SW fan.

- Wickedly amazing

I have been playing this game for so many years and it never ceases to amaze me with all of the new updates and content. It is always similar to how I would envision the characters to be. The gameplay is very very fun and makes it seem as if I am actually recreating the battles. The only thing I’d say is unfortunate is that once you get into the higher levels it is difficult to find a fair fight in the squad and flight arenas as you need to have a team to even stand a chance. If it is possible to have opponents based upon your characters you are using them it would be much better in my opinion. However I know that most people in the higher ranks of the arenas are going to have op squads, hence the name squad arena. However the battles are amazing and super fun. The energy seems to dissipate really fast though. Maybe it’s just me. Love the game and hope that it is continued to be updated and have more content coming soon. Loved the Jedi Knight Revan update a whole lot. He is beautiful and his robes were done so well it made me want to get him so bad. It is similar with all of the other legendary characters. Very beautiful and very well done nothing looks to be left out. Thank you so much for this beautiful Star Wars game. It’s amazing please keep up the hard, but beautiful work.

- Arena is broken, game is reparative

I have played this game for two years and would not recommend to any new players. Legendary events are hard to obtain the new character if you haven’t wasted time and resources farming characters you won’t use except to obtain a broken OP character, that you only get a week to prepare for. Then, depending on your time zone and the number of players in your arena shard, you could get lucky and not have to share payout with anyone allowing you to get first every day with no contest, OR, like me, you could get stuck in a highly competitive, highly saturated payout time and end up having to pay to keep up with guild mates in other time zones that don’t have to share payout with anyone. Plus top tier arena teams are basically just filled with legendary, hard to obtain, characters, OR new characters that are only obtainable by spending $100’s on. And if you spend enough at the right time, they will award high spending players with an additional 20,000 gems just for taking a new, pay to play, character to 7* once released. If it wasn’t for the brotherhood I have formed with my guild mates traversing over multiple games, I would have quit this long ago. Not to mention, when I opened a support ticket the no-reply email said someone would call within 30 minutes, but 2 hours later when EA finally called me, the foreign rep said he couldn’t hear me, even tho I had full bars, and said he would call right back he never did.

- Dang near impossible to progress.

They must have lowered the chances of getting shards for characters. I’ve been playing this game since about when it came out and there wasn’t much to do (except for a couple months after Disney bought Star Wars). And earlier this year I was able to get a character unlocked and 7 stars after maybe a week and a half or two if I use my energy on it every day. I was actually able to grind for characters. But at some point, I started only getting maybe 1 or 2 shards a day (even spending saved gems to refresh I won’t get any) so I’ve spent dang near all this entire year of 2019 trying to get 2 characters to 7 star. 2 characters. They have been 5 and 6 stars for longer than I can even remember specifically anymore. And when I try to get support. It’s just send an email or post. Nothing happens. But that’s probably just EA. I love this game and I love playing it. But for months upon months all I can do is use all my energy every day and get 1 or 2 shards sometimes getting none. I’ve started just to play other games and forget to come back. If this can’t get fixed I’m gonna quit and I’d recommend new players stay away. You won’t get anywhere and it’ll be a waste of time.

- The Impossible Dream

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has all the makings of a great game. Cool graphics filled with key characters of the Star Wars series as well as several new unique ones. It is very challenging gameplay: it is filled with multiple games with daily quests/challenges that is well-designed to peak your interest and capture your desire to continue to play on to attain higher levels. However, there is one glaring problem, the creators make it impossible to advance your characters to attain in adequate level during daily challenges to obtain higher rewards. There is a clear emphasis on having the player continue to spend money to upgrade his army of character. However, upon attaining the highest player levels, the manufacturer has rigged the game play so that you are pitted against factitious other teams that are increasingly higher than your greatest teams’ ability to conquer. Despite advancing your characters to higher levels, each day, you begin knocked down to a lower level and are matched up against other squadrons/units with considerably higher skill sets with advance speeds that destroy your units, thereby hampering your ability to advance. Having read multiple other gamers’ reviews, I am sure that the manufactures are well aware of this, yet have not modified the game accordingly. Unless you are of substantial dispensable financial means, my advice would be to avoid this game.

- Good but p2w

The game is pretty fun and I have been grinding on it for several months (10 or so). Like all the “free” games, it’s pay-to-win. That aspect isn’t overwhelming, but I have definitely hit a plateau where I really can’t win in the Galactic March or Squad Arena because I don’t have enough firepower. I also can’t advance to some of the Challenges, Events, or Ship battles because there is no way to advance further without buying packages. The jump in difficulty from tier-to-tier or level-to-level is such that you get completely stuck unless you pay. The fact that most of the packs have “chances” to gain shards, ships, and gear means you will likely spend money to get mediocre stuff instead of the things you actually need. The exception, of course, is the Hyperspace Bundle, which guarantees all sorts of cool stuff. There are two catches to that. First, I am afraid that having all of that might make me too overpowered (except against other players who also bought it) and remove some of the fun. Second, the Hyperspace Bundle is $100! That’s a ridiculous amount of money. I might be willing to pay $20 or $30 to get a bunch of guaranteed stuff, but $100 is ludicrous. Really, the F2P, but P2W (or even have a competitive chance after a certain point) gets frustrating. Apparently, there are enough people willing to shell out that kind of money. For my money, I prefer to buy a large-scale PC game like Civ that I can actually master and play for years.

- Fun 80% of the time, rigged 20% of the time

The game’s been developed very well, so much so that many attributes deserve 5 stars. However, you also run into a very rigged process that very blatantly sets the player up for failure. It is VERY much the “pay-to-succeed” system, the twin of the “pay-to-play” mentality. And I can appreciate the fact that it’s a product designed to make money and the business needs to generate revenue, but most of the packages cost just as much as console or PC games (many of which you don’t need to pay anything to succeed). And to make matters worse, these expensive packages only promise the off-chance that you might get something useful. It’s a joke if you think anyone would spend that kind of money when they could easily go to Walmart and by literally anything else- particularly a video game this is actually immersive (don’t forget...this game will only ever be a smart phone application). Sure, there are cheap packages, but these are a complete waste of money. It doesn’t matter how cheap something is: if it doesn’t offer something even remotely useful, it’s a waste of money. These simple and tremendous flaws completely subvert all of the developers’ efforts to create what would otherwise be a very well-made game (hence the 2-star rating instead of 5-stars), and make all the time spent on the app (which can be significant) feel like nothing more than a waste of time.

- This type of game should be illegal

The game consistently releases updates and new characters, in which the ONLY way to gain them is buy paying for them! There literally is no way to have access to the character at all (and at the very least, quickly) without paying for it. I’m talking up to $300 on avg for a single character. Which doesn’t include the additional $200-ish to upgrade the character to max level and gear. Then occasionally in order to gain a new meta character you have to upgrade 5 characters to max level to receive it. The people that pay (and people do) are benefiting from the rewards they can then receive from having higher characters, but those rewards don’t compare with what needs to be done if you want to STAY competitive. You have buy the next character when it comes out. The top players in this game that I’ve talked to have spent $20,000-$30,000+ on the game since it’s release. I’m NOT joking or exaggerating. Even when they play EVERYday, that’s what they’ve needed to do to stay competitive. If you don’t believe me do a little research. The top guild in the world is called “The Big Wallets”. That should tell you something. It’s like a gambling addiction. Makers of these games work with psychologists to create these models and hook people in this way. It’s a tragedy, dangerous and should be illegal. Don’t play this game. Stick with games that value skill over the size of your wallet. Don’t even try this technological drug. STAY AWAY!

- Caters heavily to those spending tons of cash

Many characters are impossible to use without buying. Lots of events are impossible to do if you didn’t start playing at the beginning unless you spend piles of money. The amount you have to spend just to get one character properly set up is staggering, hundreds of USD, and there are currently 138 characters. This game takes freemium to a whole new level of greed, always popping ads in your face to try to get you to buy stuff. I got 3 ads today for Boba Fett. I already have him but the game isn’t clever enough to know when it’s notifying you of something useless, like an event that you’ve already completed. The game crashes quite often, as evidenced by the at least monthly “sorry about that” gift they put in your inbox. Considering some have spent thousands on this game they could at least fix a few glitches that have been lurking for ages. It needs an ability to adjust the camera angle, as often the arrangement it chooses obscures crucial information and you have to guess, and sometimes it makes it difficult if not impossible to select certain targets. The chat system is near useless, with the laziest implementation of a language filter I’ve ever seen. The guild management tools are sorely lacking. This game has been out long enough to spend some of the mountains of cash it’s making and invest in fixing the core mechanics.

- Developers have zero imagination.

Truthfully. THEY... didn't come up with Star Wars. THEY... were given an opportunity to work on something that was imagined by other people. THEY... have such a short attention span and introduce "new" content that they then ignore needs updated and upgraded for over a year and counting. They also have an absolutely definitive and obvious cult love for a single faction in this game. How did this get past any quality control? EA isn't paying enough attention to players feedback and alienating half of the Star Wars fans that existed before they ever had a chance to put their grubby biased hands on it. Everyone remember the game Game Genie for Nintendo? Yeah... they put that in the game as a single REBEL character. R2D2 is so powerful in this game, it's a wonder he didn't just solo the clone wars in the movies. They have no idea how to balance meta and instead have a development strategy like checkers instead of chess. Even in checkers they start one side with all King'd checkers and think that's the equivalent of balance. In Chess different strategies have a counter, but you are able to switch strategies the next time around. In this game one side for a period of time, usually lightside, starts with King'd checkers for months and months. It's idiotic!

- Great game! Here is some things to make it better.

First let me start off by saying I’ve been playing for almost 2 years. This game is great and I would recommend this to anybody who is a Star Wars fan and in a heartbeat. There are some things that could be changed to make it better though. To start some people like me don’t spend there ally points the second they get them. Sometimes I have all my points stacked up to 45,000 and that does not make it very easy when you cannot collect more than one bronzium card pack at a time. It takes me 5 to 10 minutes to open them all which is really Boring. If you added a way to open multiple at a time that would be amazing. Second if there was a way to see all of the special events so that you could know exactly what types of characters you need to level up to able to play certain events. For the longest time I had no idea which characters I needed to get to play the R2-D2 event. I finally found out when the event came around again but had no time to prepare. These are just some of the things that I think are minor details but could help a lot. If EA read this it would be great to have this in one of the next updates!

- This Game is Laughable, Typical EA

This is currently the only Star Wars game with active support...and it’s a DISASTER. When I look at all the 5 stars this game has, I begin to laugh and wonder whether I am playing the same game. Anyway, this game is great at first...until you figure out just how long it will take you to do anything in this game. My cousin introduced me to the game a few years ago and I played a decent bit for awhile, back when I was innocent to EA’s scams. I dropped the game because I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere with it and I kept getting beat by stronger foes. I picked the game up a few days ago and realized once again why I dropped the game in the first place. If you want to get anywhere in this game, EA and Capital Games expect you to pay to win. I hate pay to win games. Also, about the paying part, where have I heard that again? Oh yeah, from youtubers whose Galaxy of Heroes accounts were worth thousands of dollars, were childishly banned by Capital Games for giving the game a bit of mild criticism. Look it up guys. Star Wars fans shouldn’t have to settle for this game. If you are a reasonable Star Wars gamer, stay away. Just hope and pray that EA’s mercy will extend as far as giving us a Battlefront 3 in the near future (since Disney seems to be set on giving them the license extension). Sorry this was a harsh review but thanks for reading. I hope this will educated some of you to EA’s abuse of Star Wars fans, their wallets, and their time.

- No longer F2P

I have played this game for years now and have been enjoying it so much. I am free to play. When the game first began, it was exciting and fun to level up my favorite characters. The sad truth is, however, that the power creep and monetization of the game has ruined the free-to-play experience. This game used to be so successful because in-game purchases used to give you a slight leg up on the competition. However, the true power in your roster came with time and daily progress. Now, the game is insanity boosted by purchases and makes competing on a free level impossible. It’s sad to see. They think that by doing this they are bringing in big dollars, which they very well may be. But with the latest power creeps in the game, the mass exodus of free to play players is bound to happen. What Capital games fails to realize is that they are cheapening the value of longevity in the game, which imo is not a smart move. Up until Revan broke the game, I would have given the game 5 stars. It’s been almost a year from then, and the creep in power has only grown exponentially. I still play and enjoy, but I don’t recommend this game to any new players. The experience is almost dead. I hope they try to turn it around, but I have a feeling that they are going downhill quickly and just want to milk the whales for everything that they can.

- Best Mobile game ever but some flaws.

This game is amazing I have been playing for close to 3 years now daily. It’s an amazing day however it’s made by EA so it’s hard for the F2P players like myself when they screw us over constantly. They have over powered meta teams and you can only get them if you spend hundreds of dollars. The last Senior producer said if you want to be competitive in arena you have to spend FOUR TO FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR for a mobile game. I would never spend that much money for any game that’s ridiculous. This game is really trying to you to spend money. If you are a person who often spends money on games this game may not be for you because of how addictive it is. Tons of people spend ten 4-5 K a year and called Whales. They will always beat you in GA, Arena, Raids, and pretty much every game mode. However if it’s many downfalls it’s still a great game. I enjoy it very much and will continue to keep playing for a long time. If you are new to the game please don’t spend money it’s not worth it trust me they get you hooked and you could spend a lot more very quick. Thank you for reading my review. I really think this is one of the best games I have ever played but I almost stay F2P.

- Love but suggestions

the game play on this is incredible. you don’t realize it in the beginning but after a while you see how much strategy there is. it may take a while but for me it’s worth it. there are a couple things that i think would make this game better. #1 if you guys could set up a section where you can battle your allies, kinda like championship or squad arena but you can specifically battle allies. #2 I think there are a whole bunch of players who could be added in such as starkiller even though the games are now legends he is an amazing character and could bring a lot to the table by bring other characters to add like general kota. you could also add in jaba he would be a support character that would work well with smugglers or bounty hunters. #3 I think that some characters could use a reboot and be improved now that new information has been seen with these characters such as fulcrum ahsoka, she is not a super powerful character but they have said that at this state she is at about the same power level of count dooku, we have also seen her in mandalorian and she is way more powerful then she is in the game. overall though this is my favorite game i have played, it is fun and doesn’t get boring. thank you for reading my review.

- Great game just needs something

This game is amazing. I love it. But there is a problem with the content in the prequel era. There are barely any clones to use and the ones you can use there are no missions you can play to earn shards for any of them. We need some missions with their character shards as possible rewards. Now let’s look at some new characters. Why not get Wolfe? He has some epic armor and is a great fighter. A few other examples are: Waxer and Boil in their defense of that Twilek planet in the show. Gregor. The Delta squad is definitely one you’d want. Commandos are some of the coolest clones in the series and to not have any is a disgrace. One more thing, we need a neutral faction. Characters like bounty hunters and some droids shouldn’t be made to be only light side or only dark. Bounty hunters aren’t dark side characters, they’re just people who do jobs for money. The madalorian is not a good guy. He’s a complex character not a hero. Greef Karga is not a light side person. This brings me to my main complaint, we need a Neutral faction. A neutral arena so that complex characters like boba and the mando aren’t put into strange teams. Just a few suggestions that I believe would truly improve the game.

- Do you have what it takes?

A LOT of money, will get you nowhere. They make it seem like this is the way but being that you can only purchase whatever promotion they are pimping out at the time...this "game" (hardly) is a waste of time. These good reviews? Nonsense. I have been playing this game since it started and I can tell you that us daily players, play this begrudgingly. It is an addiction, plain and simple. You can not compete with the whales. Go check out the smart ones who are attempting to sell their accounts, more power to them. I predict that this will go the way of all apps that started with a good formula then got greedy, and dive head first into total pay to play, (they are close already), where you can buy what you want, when you want. I know several "free to play" people in game and they have all of the same stuff as the whales, it just takes longer, that's why you will never win. The moment something is released, the whales have it, and will humiliate you with it. I have spent so much of my time and money on this game (you're welcome) and I really get nothing from it but instant gratification, I suppose. But I refuse to fork over $300-$500 bucks like the whales. You would think that maybe, since I have spent money, that the RNG would maybe "favor" me now and again...NOPE. RNG gives you squat, so you buy. It is a vicious cycle. Do yourself a favor, just walk away. I hate this stupid app.

- Please read

I love this game. I grew up with Star Wars and its a huge bonding topic in family & friends. Yep, I’m that guy. I love this game because it’s a great way to pass time, and it always keeps me coming back for more. My wife can testify to this game being a ritual for nighttime & in the morning. Lol. I would greatly appreciate a more variety of characters however. I believe more characters from comics, like Darth Revan and others. I would also like to see it being easier for players to get decent characters instead of waiting next month for a single chance to grab shards for that hard to get character. I would enjoy seeing a daily event calendar to give players who do more than just play this game occasionally a few steps up. This game definitely has a huge amount of potential to make millions of dollars. I’ve recommended this game to many friends & family members. Sadly they don’t find it interesting. They & myself would like to see more characters & more opportunities to get shards as well as more to do, even with low energy just to stay busy & chances to gather more credits to level up characters. Thank you for reading my comment and I appreciate EA for a great game!!!

- Typical pay to win game

You can play and enjoy this game as free to play. That being said, the balance of the characters and ships are a complete joke. Every few months a new character/ship or both come out that are miles better than any others currently in the game. As frustrating as that may be, it would be tolerable if it were possible to get them relatively soon without paying large amounts of money, to grind out the requirements(the requirements being to gather certain other new characters/ships that have requirements). The end result is you have a few players who have paid 100s or even 1000s of dollars to compete at the highest level against others who have paid 100s or 1000s, while the rest of the player base who have invested just as much time (over a year for me) have literally no chance of competing against the others in their shard. The stuff that has been a problem since the beginning of the game are still a problem. The only things that change are new, game breaking, unattainable, characters come every few months with a hefty price to gather the first time around. The game design is cool and the fact that it has the Star Wars name makes it fun to play but its unfortunate that it has become so obviously and blatantly a pay to win game.

- Heroes

When I first got this game I was looking for a Star Wars game because I love Star Wars and I found it. I loved it. I played every day for about six months I love buying new characters in leveling up. Game is awesome because it’s free and there’s no ads and the graphics are great. I would recommend you get this game because you can unlock your favorite Star Wars character and almost every single Star Wars character in Star Wars history. But one downside to that is it takes a while to load To get on. And I decided I’d spend 1300 crystals to potentially get Bo Katan and I only got SEVEN! But after about 10 months I finally started to get a little bored but I still love to geting crystals and finish my daily activities on it. Every month you get a new inbox reward For shards for characters in the first few months I got some really good character that I haven’t already unlocked but after that I started to get shards for Characters I’ve already unlocked. It’s a really good game because it’s free. I was just addicted to it when I was really into it and I still am just not as much. I know nobody will read this but I thought I’d just write a review for it because I really like this game.

- Games Fun, Loading page is Broken.

Alright, I have to be honest. The game is fun but not until the recent issues I’ve received with it. What happens is that you’re stuck on the Loading Cantina session of the screen and it’ll be stuck forever, I’ve waited for over 30 minutes and it still hasn’t come back. What this results to is people deleting your game because I, and other people (I’m sure you have experienced this issue before) can’t even get into the game, sure if it was a “Oh Cantina broken” issue but you could actually get in the game that would be better but you can’t even get in the game anymore. The events are sometimes unfair which means its minus a star already, Arena is completely broken, they don’t allow you to cycle through too much enemies and theres always a Phoenix Squad in one. The highest rank on your Arena page will not change unless it autos itself. Minus another star. Finally, we have this issue that doesn’t even let you get in the game. Therefore, that is another minus star and yeah I had fun playing it but if the Developers don’t see the reviews, then next week this problem will spread to everyone else in this community and next week, don’t wonder why your Apps Downloaded have decreased so much, and overtime, no one will play your game and this game will or might be removed off of the Editor’s Choice apps.

- Gets worse every year

Once new and exciting, it is now no better than any of a thousand hero collection games on the market. The price to buy anything is absurdly unrealistic for any normal person to bother and the ceiling keeps getting higher so even if you work at it long enough to get anywhere, you will never reach a pinnacle of power as everything you attain is outdated and destroyed by the stuff released while you were grinding away. The game has been out 5 years but hasnt added meaningfull content in about 3. There are 200 characters to acquire but the majority of them have no use in the game whatsoever anymore. There is no realistic balance of power and not even any adherence to the power spectrum these characters belong in in the actual star wars universe. Every successive update seems solely driving to bring up revenue without adding any entertainment value to the media. Id give 1 star but they get a default bonus because there are pretty much no other star wars games out there anymore.. thanks for that disney. And now you lose the extra star. After years of being free to play but pay to win, latest updates keep pushing more content that is pretty much cash only. Hard work is meaningless. Another in a long list of games being systematically destroyed by EA. Also, the addition and subsequent continuous increase of in game pop up adds makes me want to vomit.

- Could've been great...

This game is a lot of fun, especially since the guild feature came about. BUT...EA cannot or will not fix several long standing bugs. They acknowledge certain in game characters have bugs that hobble their performance; they promise certain rewards and don't deliver; and most recently, they awarded Raid tickets (used for launching raids) that when used to raid, will not give rewards earned in said raid. On top of that, EA's customer service and tech support is absolutely horrid! This game is a good time waster, but DO NOT spend real money on ANY in-game purchases! I really wanted to give more than three stars, but until EA gets its act together, that's all I will give. Update April 2019: EA and CG are nerfing any and all characters that can counter their newest Pay to Play meta toon, Darth Malak. Their cash grabs are so nakedly obvious and embarrassing. Their own senior developer admitted on Reddit that a player is expected to pay $4-5k (yes, thousands) per year to keep current with game content. On a phone game? Seriously?! Get real. They do zero testing before releasing buggy new content; nerf long-time game characters to protect their pay-to-play base, and still have terrible customer service. And they EXPECT $4-5k a YEAR? Don’t waste your money. You can still do most everything for free, if you’re really patient. It’s not a bad game, but the developers have an extremely inflated view of its worth.

- CG Developers are simply incompetent

Seriously, they pretty much take every game and deliberately ruin it. That’s the only explanation because NO ONE could be that stupid. This game USED to be a strategy game. Now it’s nothing more than a money grabbing game of collecting characters. Every update shows their incompetence by nerfing, and this penalizing, any good ship or character that takes time and resources to level and gear up. Battles are mere coin flips decided at random. Oh what’s that? You theory crafted an amazing team to go against a phase of one of the raids? Yeah, sorry, we will need that too. Oh, what’s that? You have a bunch of great characters and you can climb relatively easy for payouts? No problem, we will just ramp up the AI on the opposing side to go first every time. No big deal. Seriously, I feel sorry for anyone who has been caught up in this game and has spent any money on it. I you want to play this game, just accept it for what it is. It’s a game of collecting characters. Take your time and don’t spend any money. As soon as you think it’s worth it to spend a little money to build any part of your team up, they will surely nerf it soon after.

- Discord chat app happy

If you want to be in a guild in this game you better have Discord, which is a chat app that is separate from the in game chat and potentially gives someone access to so many potential predators... it is a requirement in most guilds in this game to have that app. This leaves younger players at risk of predation and makes it very hard to find a guild. Even if you do have the Discord finding a good guild in this game is near impossible due to the guilds all being very exclusive. For example only allowing those with the most epic of teams to join. That is great and all but it allows guilds to bully members and makes for there only being too epic guilds with no newer level guilds because this is the only way to get good gear and advance in the game to where you can actually enjoy it. I have been with a guild for over 2 years and recently there has been a major bullying push to only go after specific characters and we have not been able to beat a TW in a very long time (like months) so the guild is being much more forceful in enforcing daily login as well as the acquisition of top characters like the Revans and the galactic legends characters. This is frustrating to me personally because I have characters that I WANT to work on but can’t because of fear I will be booted from my guild that I have put time into. Super frustrating!!

- An amazing game

Don’t get me wrong I love this game, I downloaded it back in 2017 but my one complaint with it is the crystal payouts in squad arena. If you can do really well in squad arena and you can get top 5 you can get hundreds of crystals daily but if you can’t rank super high you won’t get that many crystals but crystals are very important and they’re a huge part of the game. For instance I have a very strong Jedi team but the highest that I can rank in arena is about 220 which means I only get 60 crystals daily while the strongest players can get 300 plus. Crystals mean so much in this game and they help you unlock characters a lot quicker especially if you don’t spend that much money or you don’t spend money at all. All I want is for it to be more fair and even if you’re at rank 500 you can still get a couple hundred crystals instead of 50 or 60. Also I want this change to happen because the people that spend thousands and thousands of dollars on the game are the people that get hundreds of crystals daily even though they don’t need them as much as the f2p/ light spenders do. That would be amazing if this change could happen, Other than that swgoh is an amazing game!

- Macro Purchase System

I’ve been playing for about 2 years now and leader of a guild. This game used to be easy for F2P (free to play) and you could do really well with micro purchases. I never felt it necessary to drop more than 20 bucks at a time. They’ve made a lot of changes and it’s getting harder and harder to be a F2P player. They’ve even unleashed some $60-90+ packs. And have made some of these items required for competing in events. This game was a lot of fun when I was just trying to unlock Darth Vader. Now I need to level up characters I’ll never use and waste resources that I could be using for characters I would use. It all just makes it a little frustrating, knowing that to be competitive anymore, you need to pay—a lot. This frustration is evident within my guild. I’ve had a few players quit because there’s just no way to do really well without paying a pretty penny. I’ve played a lot of other games, but never any as much or as long as this one. Only recently have I honestly thought about not playing anymore, just because of the constant requirement to have this character and that character. And to get that character you need to have this character. And that character is only available in this pack that cost $$.

- Love it RE: UPDATE

This game is amazing and addictive! Now that they have worked out the kinks in back to loving it. There is so many events and things to keep you busy during the day. I've been playing for just abiut a year and still no where near being sick of it. Few problems here and there during the updates but usually it's fixed pretty quick. Customer service is amazing too. Always answer the phone and it's an American person. I can understand them and they actually care! I love the game and will probably never stop playing :-) UPDATE: ok so I did stop playing the game for about a year so I could play CSR 2 lol. Got sick of that game and came back to Star Wars. Still a great game. They’ve added a lot of new characters and events. This game is definitely a money game. You can play without in game purchases but you won’t get anywhere fast. I probably wouldn’t even play it if I didn’t already have a loaded account with a bunch of maxed characters :-) I can still use them while I collect the others. If you are already playing a game that you spend money on... don’t download this game unless you want to switch.

- Let’s Be Honest With Ourselves

This game is killer. Yes, there are micro transactions, but I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and I’ve reached just about the same level as everyone else. I think I hit level 85 about a month or two after I started playing. I will say though this game is all about grinding, let me repeat that, THIS GAME IS ALL ABOUT GRINDING. So it takes a certain level of commitment that I know so some people don’t have, which is completely fine, it’s okay to have other things to do. However, I’ve had a ton of fun with this game especially because of being able to put literally anyone I want into a squad, having regular activities with my guild, the grand arena, and the squad arena. If you are willing to put the time and energy into this game, it will pay you back. When you first start it will take some time to get into the flow of how the game works, the learning curve is quite high but it’s not impossibly hard to master. If you want some sort of pastime on a car ride or every other game you have is boring, also you love Star Wars, this game is for you. It’s not a mindless game, it is a mindful one.

- Great game but pay to win

Honestly this game is really fun and addicting except for the pay to win aspects. Don’t get me wrong I get it’s a company and they need to make money but even if you spend small or big amounts of money (which I seem to regret 4/5 times and I’ve spent over $200 in the last year and a half) you still get very little, it takes a long time to build up your teams and is very satisfying when you make get your characters to gear 12 (currently the strongest) but when you see someone buy a new character and can get them to gear 12 it’s very dissatisfying. I understand it’s a small part of the game’s community that can afford to do this. However even if you never spend a dime and save up crystals, you never really get what you think you’d get. For example it takes 330 character shards to get them to seven stars, they offer a character packs they give you 5 to 330, and more then likely each time you get less than 15 per pack. Which after a few weeks of saving up you just feel robbed and you could have used somewhere way more important. Over all this game is great, the community is great, the developers really care but just get ready to be disappointed if you save up or even spend money.

- Good game, great potential

I am a free to play player and after you hit max level I ca t complain much about the transaction, but gameplay is Somewhat dull. Come on guys. You are also very lacking in the creativity department. There has been no new battle Composition since it can out. Listen to this. Bigger battles where you can bring fifteen characters. Area attacks would be done in thirds, hitting five of them. You could also have 2 large units in the back, like a weaker rancor or aat, an AT-ST,AT-AT, 4 speeder bikes, a couple blaster cannons, an faction army(rebel, empire, separatists, Republic, etc) or something else big behind the 15 individuals. Anybody can attack anybody on the ground. At the same time, a couple spaceships up above that can attack in the air or ground. This would allow for ACTUAL strategy, and allow you to want to invest in more than 5 characters, let you get multiple synergies going, and look really cool. Please relay my thoughts to the developer team and make this a game worth investing in. My confidence in the developers has plummeted, as there are no responses to any reviews. Make this an actual strategy game, please.

- Definitely driven towards monetary success..

You can definitely play the game without paying to a point. I’ve been playing for probably about 6 months and have started to notice a huge difference in the performance of my squad versus what it clearly a ton of prefabricated AI squads designed to frustrate you to the point your going to either spend money or stop playing the game. To be honest whoever programmed this game was a genius because it has obviously been designed to get you addicted then it forces you into a corner. Once there the only way you can see any success is by waiting and grinding for a ridiculous amount of time, or spending a fair amount of money every month to see any success in both squad and ship arena battles. The game hardly ever allows you to buy shards for the higher end ships, and encourages you to use the monetary currency to even attempt getting a chance to buy the shards for them. In laments terms you either gotta be lucky as hell or spend a ton of money to even improve your squad after a certain point in the game. If you are like me enjoying games for long periods of time I’d steer clear of this game. In the beginning it can be very enjoyable then it will eventually frustrate you to the point your gonna spend money every month to keep up with AI squads and a few active players, or quit.

- Fun game, but the publisher hates you.

Fun game... but be advised this is an EA published title. And true to form they don't care what you like and what you hate. As long as their whales keep spending money thats all that matters. Dont expect fairness or diversity in choosing your path. There is the meta and the not meta. That's it. There aren't tons of different teams competing at the top. There is the powerful thing that is released to encourage spending. Then there is the new powerful thing that is released, designed specifically to beat the previous thing, to encourage spending. Game is also missing common features other top tier games always have... no global chat. No easy way to talk. No replays. No non-competitive guild arena. Also they've released content specifically designed to squash smaller guilds so the game will condense to all larger guilds. All releases and tactics are designed to encourage spending and not created a balanced game. So with all that criticism said... thats all because its an EA published game. Par for the course. Otherwise what it does offer is well built, mostly non-buggy, fun in the star wars universe. Have played for 2 years and will continue to play. I don't mind the FTP grind. You just have to be honest about your expectations.

- I can only give 4 stars

I admit it, I love this game. I've played almost a year now. Very addicting. Currently 1.3mil gp. Lots of characters and many things to do. But the fact is the fact. Yep I've spent well over a thousand plus dollars. Playing free, sorry you won't go anywhere, ever. You can't even make a dent in raids. People who say it's great playing free obviously isn't in top tear guilds that their players can solo the raids and such. To truly get anywhere in this game you will have to cave in and spend money on crystals and/or payout cash just to buy the new characters as they come out. If not you will get ate up by all the whales in this game, in arena, galactic war, and ships. Bottom line is people who say they enjoy the game playing free, they do, it's that fun and they think they've actually gotten some where in the game. But not true, unless you spend the dough you don't have much to show for it, period. I'll still play as I can afford to spend, yep makes me sick but I love playing the game and am now in debt to this game. So take the advice from an honest review and continuing player, don't start! Unless you have the cash and constantly put money into it. Your just waisting your time.

- This game is just garbage, run away before you play.

I started playing this game about 3 years ago. Over time, the monetization has become increasingly obnoxious. The value just isn’t there. The content is a typical mobile shard-based game, but it has recently become clear the developer is a joke. Jedi knight Luke is about to be released, and yet his kit smells of another character’s rework they simply reskinned. Even more, the logic of the character is embarrassing. The highest tier characters are “Galactic Legends,” yet this new character is not that. To obtain this character, you undertake a journey. If you are a Star Wars fan who would you want with you on that journey if you’re Luke? R2D2? Nah, he means nothing. Before they released info on the character, the game provided shards that hinted this was coming. Neither of the characters from these hints are used in this event. The whole release is sloppy, I’m sick and tired of the icon on the right hand of my screen to buy a pack and the over priced packs. I wouldn’t mind spending if these packs provided more value. Somewhere, some dev is telling someone they care deeply about this game but I suspect they’re lying to themselves or stuck at the mercy of the $$ gods. Just don’t get involved here. The game forums will tell you everything you need to know about how fed up the community is with this hot trash.

- Great game, but...

I really love this game and I’ve been playing for a few years now. It is complex, yet has a good management set up, and is incredibly immersive. The downside to this game, though, is that it is built almost exclusively for the Pay to Play (PtP) players and all the updates they make now further cater to this. Not only is it just that, but, also, the prices for gems and character packs are comparatively high and the money you pay only leads you on to paying more for top-grade gear. Otherwise, you are seriously crippled in what battles you can win - or even play at all. It takes a VERY long time to upgrade characters without the cash and, for someone like me who isn’t out to spend a small fortune every time I see the newest character release, this is discouraging. I wish they would do something to help out the little guys - even if it just meant increasing the character shard farming rate or something. I hope they will continue to make this game better in the future and, if you’ve got either the time or the money to invest, enjoy it for the present as well.

- Research issues before downloading

This game started out great, and as a free to play player it’s a grind to keep up with people that pay and to stay competitive. It takes months to farm characters and max them with gear and ability mats in order for your characters to actually be usable. But when the developers decide to change characters that you have put time, effort, and in some cases money into just because that character starts to do well in certain events then all your hard work becomes undone. And this hasn’t been the first time this has happened. Unfortunately this method of “nerfing” characters and their abilities is beyond frustrating. To add to that, new content is pay to play only. The use of marquee events makes it so that no one truly gets excited for a new character because they won’t be obtainable for months unless you plan to drop +500$. And then when the character does become accessible it’s behind a wall of limitations within the game that make it so that you won’t have it at a usable level for another couples months. If you believe that this game is worth all the headaches and being let down when you invest so much into a team that’s supposed to do well but gets changed, then go ahead

- Everybody uses same exploitable teams of toons, pay 2 win

Jittery graphics on both my galaxy s7 and iPhone 7 plus. Sometimes previous screen overlays lock into place and you have multiple screens overlapping Making it impossible to navigate, this forces you to manually close he app and restart it. Its pay to win as well. Started off fine but eventually every human opponent has the same exploitable Over Powered team of characters. Well there are three basic teams of over exploited characters, like 1. Darth Nihilus, Count Dooku + whoever else 2. Wedge, Biggs, mostly Chirrut Imwe or another counter attacker such as K2-SO, + whoever. 3. Chirrut, Baze, + whoever. They are undefeatable in time limit as they (dooku and chirrut or baze) always receive their health back after each move by any friend or foe. Ridiculous to have all my teamates up (5 vs 1) and just dooku still left and stalemate for 4 minutes because can't kill him unless you yourself have Nihilus which is only character with one shot kill attack (if he survives that long). Oh and the kick in the balls is when the enemy doesn't have any gear and power level half your lowest toon and level is more than 5 levels below you and your characters. Seems you Must pay to get characters up to full stars and most top 1000 players or more pay to get max 7 stars so quickly.

- Amazing game

You know the drill. You love a film franchise and get a free app based on it. You quickly realize the only way to get characters you want or play competitively is to cough up hundreds of dollars. Well wait because this game isn't that! Galaxy of heroes is really good. It combines engaging turn based combat with a really fun art style. Attention to detail will make Star Wars geeks very exited (they have KOTOR characters in this game) while also having enough film content to keep the movie goer exited. This game does require grinding. That's the point of the game. It's not freemium though. Even if you cough up hundreds of dollars you still won't be much better than a free to play player which is nice. The grinding is actually really satisfying and never feels tiring due to the times at which you get to upgrade heroes or unlock new ones. If anything I’d say more than anything it feels rewarding to unlock a character. There are cool special events that make the community come together such as guild raids and events that let you get characters like R2D2, Thrawn, and Luke Skywalker.

- Cash grab

The reason why i downloaded and started to play this app was from a review that said you didn't need to spend money to play and have fun. While you don't need money to play, to have fun you do. This is by far the most mismanaged, poorly executed and imbalanced game i have played and at great cost. They use casino tactics to get you to spend more and lock important characters behind paywalls that take 2 years to level. Not only that, they use loot boxes to give you a chance at the character you want 5-330 shards. 330 being a full character which you will never see. You will get 5-7 shards for 1299 gems which equates to 11$. So do the math. You want a new character you’re going to spend between 300 and 600 US and is absolutely ridiculous. This game should not be able to offer certain microtransactions due to rules imposed by the apple app store about gambling so we are seeking legal council. This isnt a couple hundred, this is several thousand $ a month and is teaching our children how to gamble at an early age. Its unacceptable. So if you want to try it out go ahead. The instant you want to buy a bundle to help you ahead, delete the app and write your senator. This game should be banned. And in the last year they have gotten worse. Also there is no free to play winning here.

- Trash

I’ll start by saying I’m 100% free to play and have no chance at all of doing the galactic legends events within the next 3 years but watching the videos of people completing the event, it is just mind boggling how apparent it is that Capital Games does not care at all about the players and is only looking for money. Forcing people to relic characters that are useless and then not even requiring them in the event, the event itself being one of the worst legendary events in the games history, a tier of the event essentially being Rock Paper Scissors, spending 4 months talking about the art of the new characters when they look no different than any other characters in the game. On top of all of that, the last tiers of the galactic legends event give you a title, and emblem, and the very last tier gives 1 ability material, which is far from the “juicy rewards” CG promised players would get from this event. I’m glad I haven’t spent money on this game because if I had spent the almost $2000 it would have taken to get the characters required for this event, I would have been beyond infuriated. Capital Games has clearly stopped caring about the people that actually play the game and are using Star Wars as their personal ATM machine. They should be ashamed of themselves for putting out “content” like this.

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- 2021 and Still going strong

I initially picked this game up about two years back. Since then I have hopped on and off this game quite a few times, but always finding myself hooked to it each time I’ve come back. The gameplay is probably the most advanced and well designed in its genre. Characters actually feel as if they have purpose and character synergy is even more important. Unlocking and utilization of characters are actually pretty well paced. Till this day I haven’t spend any amount of money on the game and have managed to unlock and upgrade many of my favorite characters to max stars (including darth vader, darth maul, darth nihilus and anakin skywalker yo name a few) The only two negative I will add is that 1) in the early game, recourses are quite limited and would probably deter people from pushing further deeper into the game. 2) energy runs out too quickly, especially in the late game I hope this game continues to see support and that more people come on board to play the game. I think it’s important to note when a mobile game does good and does well in its design and gameplay and who’s core mechanic doesn’t rely on spending cash to be successful.

- “F2P friendly” is an absolute lie

My old review on this game was really positive, because it’s genuinely a good game, but the devs have lost their way since that time, and after nearly 4 years of play I uninstalled it a few months ago. Gameplay is good, events are fun, it’s got all the right stuff. BUT it’s turned into a massive cash grab, if you don’t spend literal hundreds a month you won’t be able to experience 90% of the game. People will say “invest your resources better” or “wait until next time” but if you do either of those, you’ll be waiting 3+ months and those characters will literally be useless. If you save resources and spend them somewhere specific the devs will immediately drop something else that you will HAVE to spend money on to obtain, there’s no avoiding it. Playing this game F2P is a nightmare, you shouldn’t have to feel genuine anxiety for what you do in a mobile game, you shouldn’t have to spend thousands a year to enjoy a MOBILE GAME. And unfortunately CG will never change a thing because the whales that are in too deep will continue to put up with this bs. One positive is the community is solid, there’s some unnecessary drama because you have to basically make it a full time job to be a guild leader, and the Facebook groups are toxic, but the YouTubers and their followings are really cool. I still would never recommend this game, go play BF2 or fallen order or something if you want to actually enjoy yourself.

- Great game but stupid meta

The game is great, sure like most apps there’s a pay to win scheme but what game doesn’t these days and you can still unlock it all without paying a cent. But the devs clearly don’t see the problem with half their characters. Unlike a game like league of legends who constantly rebalance their characters when they become too powerful these guys don’t. Take Grand Master Yoda: can take 3 turns in a row and critically hit on all 3 and can deal 5 figures on each attack without even being max stats, gain damage immunity for one turn and give it to all allies and cool downs are all reset by the end of his 3 turns so he can do it again next time. Or how about the fact they’re about to give Galactic Legends class characters changes that mean they can only be beaten by others of the same class (all of them takes months to get, I’d wager a year without paying) so new players don’t get a chance to use the characters they want cause everyone else just uses the meta build team so if don’t think you can use your favourite team cause topic they’re not the meta team they’re never gonna win and you’ll have to spend time and resources on the meta team making your favourites so much weaker and non-playable

- Polished and established, but a Freemium game nonetheless

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a fine game that comes with a caveat. It is every bit, down to its core, a Freemium game. With all the good and bad that entails. Does it provide you a daily play experience and a sense of progress and enjoyment as you grow your characters over time? Yes. Does it also utilise every predatory trick in the book to try and manipulate you into addiction and into spending money? Absolutely yes. Spending money in-game is ridiculous and not even worth considering, $10 is worth nothing, $50 is barely a drop in the bucket. $300 *is a start*. You’ll notice very poor value for money for all in-game purchases, with some being worse than others. Otherwise the game is functional and fairly enjoyable for what it is. You can acquire, upgrade and use a very large number of your favourite Star Wars characters. But the primary reason most of us long term players keep playing is for the large and active community that surrounds the game. It’s not overly buggy or clunky to play, though there is the odd game breaking bug that can sour the experience for those unlucky souls who experience it. I’ve been playing 3+ years and never seen one though.

- Good gameplay, bad for paying customers.

Fist let me say I love star wars and this game is really good from a gameplay perspective. I’ve played it for over a year now and will continue to do so for that reason. The reason for the low rating however is the booster packs that very rarely has any guarantees for characters unless it’s promotional. Most of the time you will spend days and weeks saving crystals to buy a shard pack to only get a minimal amount of shards for the wrong character. Even if you do spend money which I have on several occasions I’ve never come close to receiving the characters I wanted or even their shards. Also if you want a powerful character you are going to be farming for a long.......long time. Think in terms of months rather than days. Also customer engagement and complaint resolutions is pretty much nonexistent. Really at times it feels like they are just there to milk you for all you are worth with zero f$@&s given. I know this is not the only game that has this problem but if I’m dropping money I’d at least like to know what I’m getting.

- I love the game BUT it is ridiculously unbalanced

The game has the potential to be amazing but in recent times it has REALLY swayed towards the players that are prepared to spend thousands of dollars. I love the game and thus my weakness since I have been playing for coming on 2 years but it seems, especially recently, ea is throwing it back in the long term players faces. It is choosing groups of players, that to any Star Wars fans should not be beta players, to be these amazing can't win without players and leaving those of us who have been loyal and what we think is a smart way to spend our currency in the lurch. I really enjoy Star Wars and will continue to enjoy such titles as kotor in app form but even after 2 years of dedication I am seriously starting to consider dropping this game. I love the idea of mmos and other interactive games to connect players and enthusiasts but unfortunately that means companies will continue to exploit people to make a buck. I understand that companies exist to make a profit but maybe if they lowered the prices to such as the average player could afford then more people would feel that their dedication has not been wasted.

- Amazing game 👍🏻

Hi this game is frickin awesome, is it possible to make this game more F2P friendly? Why are there characters on your preview that aren’t even in the game? Are you going to use the neutral tag I can think of a few people that could be in it, mando and greef carga. (Sorry for the bad spelling.) Just recommendations to make the game better but you guys at CG don’t have to use them, please add the rebellion a-wing. DON’T DO GALACTIC CHASE EVENTS EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Please lower the level requirement for the journey guide, from 85 to 60 or you can individually unlock the events when you complete the character requirement? Why does JKL have galactic legends restrictions in his kit? Like the Vader redesign please rework mace windu. For the mace rework make it if the target is exposed then attacks can’t be evaded even if they have foresight. Like the new Chewie, please make the next event a bit harder cuz it took about 5-6 minutes to complete start to finish. Can the next marquee characters be Ahsoka (season 7), Maul (season 7), dark side Anakin (blue lightsaber) and obi-wan (episode 3)? I like the new mando, add the Outland tie fighter for Moff Gideon. Also more clone troopers, eg Waxer, Boil, Jesse, Hardcase, the list can go on for a very long time. Just add more class please Delta squad from Republic Commando. Ogspar 5 signing off! Gary hit the hyperdrive!

- Free to play friendly

This game has been a huge success and has done amazingly over the three years of its release, I have been playing for just under a year and agree with the fact that it isn’t as friendly to new players as it was this time last year. However I don’t think there are many characters that are locked behind pay walls, apart from the marquee characters but that is to be expected. Even some of the most powerful characters are free to play, granted they may take some time to get, like Darth Nihilus for instance but put enough patience into the game and you will see benifits. In my year of playing I have managed to not spend a cent on this game and I am a strong player in top 500 arena and constantly moving up. It is hard to start getting those powerful characters in the lower levels and there are definitely times where you have to wait a few days to get a little bit of progress but stick it out because it’s worth the wait. Overall it’s a great game and I would love to see the developers implement some more features and bring back a use for allied points but other than that, it’s great

- Worth every minute!

This is probably my favourite game on the App Store to date and I’ve downloaded and play tested over 1,000 games spending WAY to much time in each but I’ve felt every minute to be worth it in Galaxy of Heroes! The gameplay can feel a little slow at the start especially around levels 30-40 but once you acquire your first 7* (7 Star) character and find a friendly guild the game starts to pick up. The leveling system is really good too as it rewards long term players to reach level 85 but unlocks enough stuff on the way to keep you busy without overwhelming you. With the recent addition of PvE ship battles there’s constantly new characters being added and new raids being developed meaning your never short of things to do. The turn based combated makes for a fantastic strategic game and competitive one when versing real players, it also great to see other players team and manage your own to create the strongest one possible (you’ll most likely reach the conclusion of empire/Sith or Phoenix). Thank you EA for finally making a great Star Wars game I can play wherever and whenever I want!

- Exceptional game

Absolutely brilliant game, a must get for any Star Wars fan. Just one problem is that there are some basic characters missing like C3PO and Mon Mothma, other than that it is definitely my favourite game and will be for a long time. A new idea for the game would be to add a vehicles mode that you can fight with vehicles from throughout the history of Star Wars. I see a lot of of people complaining that it is pay to win only and it is a terrible game i agree that EA and Capital Games try to get money out of people but if you are patient you can do just as well as any pay to win player. I can see that a lot of the people writing the reviews are impatient, but SWGOH is a patience game so just relax.

- Fun but Pay-to-Win

While Galaxy of Heroes is Free to play and has no ads, you almost have to pay hundreds of dollars to get anywhere fast. Most events for good characters won’t let you participate unless you are max level, AND have all the required characters maxed. I’ve been playing since 2016 and many people have gotten far ahead by spending money. EA, if you read this, can you please give us players who have been playing for a long time some sort of benefit or make things less advantageous for those who can afford to spend thousands on this game? Definitely rating 5 starts if one or both of those happened.

- Pay to win + uninvolved developers

The game has always offered a pay2win formula but it has become even more predatory in its strategy to hook whales(big spenders $$$) and cull the small fishies(low pay/f2p). The most recent examples of this is ships 2.0 and the nerf to the raid team featuring the night sisters. Players invested months into farming this team (f2p) got shanked. The devs response was awful and just flat outcontinues to prove why any game owned by EA is just purely a money grab/cash cow. $12 million+ revenue a month this game makes and it can’t even make any new non-pay2win/pay2play FUN content, can’t afford a proper community management or player engagement team and constantly release varying levels of graphics from breathtaking environments such as the trayus academy backdrops to the steaming pile that is like 60% of faces in this game looking at you sabine, qui gon, Emilia Clarke’s character from SOLO and pretty much any movie character with slender faces and pronounced or feminine features.

- This game is very good!

I have been playing swgoh for a while now and it’s really awesome unlike any mobile game I have played I love it! I think there should be more energy (Cantina and Dark side / Light side battles. Because I want to play more battles but I can’t and I have to wait till way later or tomorrow to play more because it takes long to regenerate. Which does go up when leveling up but not by much I also think a “Test” or “show case” Something where we can test the characters to see how good they are, and to test synergies. But this game is so so good thank you for making such a fun game it’s worth every minute of it! 😊💯

- Star Wars Lovers

Have not been playing this game for long but I can see already it can be a very highly addictive game. It’s set up is fairly easy and you will progress easily at your own pace. Lots of objectives to complete or just go back and fight battles already won. Choice is yours. Character progression is good too. If you wish to spend real money then spend away and if you choose not to then the game is still playable. I am thoroughly enjoying this game and hope to continue to do so. I would recommend for players to have a look at this game, especially Star Wars fans.

- Great base game... with recent issues

It's a really good game, and has done well with the Star Wars license, can't recommend it enough.... That said, recent developer choices have ruined it, and caused the community to dissuade any new players from joining up. New guild game mode is long and pointless, new character makes all before it completely irrelevant, and most importantly, a well known YouTuber recently posted a video aimed at the developers with productive criticism, and the devs have removed him from their "game changers" program. TL:DR, either the developers, or more likely EA, don't care about the average player experience, and only attempt to cater to the whales, which I understand is good to an extent, but kills a great game in the long run The game has a great community and a few community driven devs, but it's being completely mismanaged at the moment, and things need to change before I can revert my review back to 5* :)

- Great game, but hard to play without paying

I’ve been playing this game since a year ago and I still enjoy the game to this day and I would highly recommend it for everyone, but most of the game hard to complete without serious grinding, or paying, it takes a long time to unlock new things and if you don’t have lots of free time, you will have to pay to unlock new things, when I started playing last year the prices where reasonable such as $10 for a few new characters, but how it’s extended the price for around $20 for a single character, it’s a pricy game but I still would recommend it. Thank you

- Clone Team and Ally Points

It’s a really good game, and it has a lot of potential, however, it needs to work on life improvements. Many of us high ranked players disregard ally points and it’s respective packs. This is because there is no button that allows us to redeem multiple packs at once. I have been an active player for many years and I feel many teams need to get buffed. I use a clone team and although it performs well with raids it has no chance against arena metas. It would be nice to see the ARC Trooper (clone) in the game which provides a different leadership synergy and provides turn meter reversals.

- Great game overall

Amazing game have been playing for years and am only just reaping the rewards now so it takes a lot of dedication to play ( almost ) as a free game. Suggestions I would have would be to make relic 8 gears a little bit easier to obtain, I enjoy my guild and am a long term member but we are very far off obtaining the power to challenge the rancor elite raid so without leaving my guild or spending money I’m stuck at relic 7 and I’d really like to push my characters past that stage and have all the resources besides the aeromagnifier. I’d also love for the geononosis raids to be a bit more realistic, my characters are stronger on the light side but my light side best team can’t get past one wave where as on the dark side offensive I can beat many more waves with much lesser geared characters, this makes obtaining Ki Adi Mundi ( my favourite SW character ) nearly impossible without changing guilds. Overall I absolutely love the game and have been playing for many years and will play for many to come hopefully. Thanks guys !

- Just some ideas....

I’ve played this for about 3 years now and I still love it. There’s always something new to work on. Couple of simple QoL ideas to suggest: could you create a ‘Skip’ button for the raid cutscenes? I’ve done hundreds of raids now and having to wait for these to finish (even though it’s only about ten seconds) is really tedious. Also, with ally points, could we have an option to use them all at once rather than plugging away at them 250 at a time? Much like the multi-sim in GW. Just some ideas,... cracking game👍

- Not a bad game but starting to pander to pay-to-play gamers

Started playing this game over a year ago and it was really good back then. Lately however, the new content has been almost unattainable unless you spend cash. The RNG odds on getting shards have reduced dramatically to a point it takes days sometimes to see 1 shard. Even double drop days don’t have notable returns. I understand that the developers still need to earn their keep and I’m willing to spend a little every now and then but at this current rate, a lot of mid-upper tier veteran players will start dropping out or stop playing regularly - there are more value for money games out there.

- Great game, slow energy renewal

For the most part, I love this game. I played a few years ago and just found it again and fell straight into loving it all over again. My main issue is energy regeneration. 5 minutes for 1 energy to renew, when you need 6-12 to actually DO anything is insane. That’s a minimum 30 min wait to do one tiny battle. Even with the bonus energy in the daily quests, it still barely equates to anything really. I would love to spend more time on this game, and there are so many great aspects of play, but the renewal time really cuts that down a lot

- This game is broken - Capital Games has lost it way

Good game concept but very expensive to play if you want to advance to higher levels. They tend to screw with players [a common EA thing] - That was my review 2 years ago This have only gotten worse with the latest event . they make you pay to upgrade characters to do events and you don’t even need the characters for the event. People have spent 4 month preparing for a big event and it was just an expensive let down . Capital Games doesn’t even care because they made their money in the build up of the event. They have used 10 year old cinematic start a first year student in it could better by 1000%. If you thinking about downloading this game. - I suggest you don’t. My view is that EA has gotten to the point where they have made a billion $ and now they will retire the game soon. So don’t waste you time on money on a game that has been seriously damaged by Capital Games. That don’t care any more and probably they will be fired by EA if it has any moral compass. The latest event and update was a game killer . It will die soon as a result of Incompetence.

- Love this game

Love this game have played it for 4 years now. Love Star Wars and this game has great characters to collect and use. The game has great potential to last many many years. As much as I enjoy it there are a couple of complaints. A lack of content has hindered the game for awhile now a new game mate de would really liven things up as at times to game can become a grind and dull. Also egged communication between CG and the community would benefit everyone imo. All round great game just need more creativity choices put into the game

- It’s fun but it’s got issues

It’s heavy on the in app purchases (Cough cough EA) like the hyperdrive bundle is total bs and as someone who has played since before it I just wanna say the game has only gotten worse since you added it. Other than that it’s pretty good, although they just doubled the rewards on every node except the few I’d like to farm so thanks for that... I know my opinion means little to a game giant but I think you should add some things you sorta left out like A Cls and R2 x-wing Commander Wolfe Commander Cody really needs a rework Although Lando is a rebel fighter now he is underpowered and could use a zeta I have a bunch of other comments about the insane lack of balancing between old and new hero’s, but more importantly, the grand arena keeps putting me into championships even when I’m not playing like thanks let’s just throw you into an online match while you’re afk for weeks because not enough people actually play our game so let’s use all the dead accounts to our advantage

- Alright Game with a few minor issues

This game is really good don’t get me wrong but some people in the early game have been giving up early because of the lack or resources they get. Another reason is because when they are grinding their characters they need to sim lots of games which takes lots of energy as you only get about 100 a day, which is not nearly enough for how much you need as a beginner. Nevertheless this game is the best Star Wars game by far and will keep evolving as time goes on. So I hope you know why I think that this game needs to have a minor update and how much effort it needs to put in

- A great feature feature to improve the game more

I’ve played this for years and it’s so much fun, but with all this fun I think there is one thing that would improve it a little more... when acquiring Bronzium Data cards from the daily store, it would be good to set how many you’d like to buy, rather than clicking the buy again button over and over again... I have 200k ally points and it takes too much time to burn through all of it... do it similar to doing upgrades or using SIM cards.

- Introducing a practice arena where you pick your opponent?

Love this game I play it every day and definitely would recommend, it is a bit hard to get characters but once you get them it’s an amazing feeling. I just had a thought it’s probably been mentioned but to maybe add a practice arena where you chose your enemies and mix and match different powers and then test them with your own, I think it would be great fun while you wait for your energy to restore.

- It was a really good game (edited)

Now it has become the worst money grabbing scheme. Besides the gambling in-game purchase which only gives the lowest rewards, they intentionally force people to buy their overpriced bundles and packs through short noticed events. If you say anything they don’t like in “their” forum, they will remove your post and ban you. They have banned a lot of people until you learn what they want you to say and what they don’t want you to say. I have played many games, this is the worst because people have to spend thousands to barely keep up with the game. They have lied and broke their promises all the time. If you have a few thousand to spare, go buy hundreds of other decent games developed by decent people for decent players.

- Update brings nice features!

I think the negative reviews surrounding the game are common for this type of game. Forget that stuff: the content is great and regularly updated, the game is also regularly updated INCLUDING quality of life updates, re-balances and fresh modes and characters - these things are the bots that make playing the game more enjoyable and make this game stand out from the other games of the same type.

- Very addicting and enjoyable

This game i has reserved thoughts on but a started playing 2 years ago and been hooked since. Really good collector character game over the whole star wars franchise with both individual characters and ships. Pretty cool raids and updates regularly. The main issues are overpriced micro transactions built in the game however you can play free to play. Still the prices can be halved at least and the ships aspect could have more attention and polishing, especially in regards to the amount of ships currently available.

- Mo money mo problems

This game is problematic on many fronts. The biggest one being the pay to play which is constantly shoved in your face in the form of annoying advertisements trying to get your money. Also because you will get to a point after playing the game for a few days where you hit a wall that only paying for will fix. I don’t believe that all these reviews are for real either, this game is boring and half the time you don’t even do anything but auto attack so I doubt many people like it for anything other than the fact that it’s got the Star Wars theme. Ever since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars it’s just been one money grab after another and this game shows it at the most extreme way.

- Too much of a chore

I started this game over 3 years ago, I loved it back then. But the character drop rates are rubbish, so it takes so long to unlock and upgrade characters. Now with Galactic Legends requiring all required toons to be relic’d before attempting these events it’s really becoming a time consuming, money grabbing chore. Some toons/ ships can only be obtained by completing the Conquest event time and and time again. As a single parent of 3, I can’t afford to spend all day every day on this game to try to complete this type of event, so I’ll probably never get these characters. I’m seriously considering quitting and just keep playing games like Marvel Strike Force that doesn’t have these long drawn out events.

- Cash grab

I have played this game for nearly 4 years and it was great at the start but it 100% pay to win these days and in no way F2P friendly. The game is so stale and the developers are so out of touch with the community. the new content is rubbish and the ban one of their best content creator’s account. If you do download it and start playing don’t spend a cent for 2 reasons. A: you will never catch up to the end game at the point. B: you probably won’t get any longevity in the game as ea seems to be shutting all Star Wars game servers down. The game has become a cash grab preying on a loyal community who are the only reason it is still around. I hope CG has nothing to do with the next swgoh.

- If you’re not a whale…

Okay. The game has a lot of appeal. Daily challenges, regular competitions… but, we have to remember it’s EA. They run on micro transactions. It’s accepted in the community and well, we all just do it. The problem is that you work hard to get somewhere… I mean… REALLY hard… and you do make progress… but then EA creates another tier of OP characters for the whales to pour money into. So I’ve been playing for years now… every day… I’m jostling in the top 1000 players. But I’m not going to make any more progress… my best squad is no where near as strong as the top squads. Let’s say, I’m tier 1… and there’s new tier 4 characters that are so OP they can take out my whole squad… and they are ‘earned’ by people who pay for it… you have to fully upgrade scores of characters that can only be accessed by fully upgrading another series of characters… I only play now because I’m addicted… all those hours… all the $$… and today, I’m going cold turkey. Good luck

- I like this game but

There's 2 problems! 1: I can't play this game! When I go to play the game it saids "new client available" and when I click the "okay" button it takes me to the App Store and show me the game but there's nothing to be done! No update no nothing! And when I go back to it, it just sits there for infinity doing nothing! Plz fix it! 2: it gets lagy after playing for awhile! When I first play it it's perfectly normal but after a bit it gets lagy, Fix the lag and fix the "new client" / nothing thing plz! Thank you 😊

- Few small mishaps

Easily one of the best games I’ve ever played. Unfortunately, you kind of have to pay to play to reach the really high levels. I’m the 1531st highest on the leaderboard, but I can’t reach higher as others have obviously payed to gain the character shards that are harder to get. Some characters I can only earn 1-3 shards a day as their on fleet or hard battles. I’m loving the new Sith Empire Group, but there’s only four characters technically from the same Sith empire. Maybe add a Sith Soldier or Sith Officer from KOTOR. Even Saul Karath possibly. The team simply seams incomplete.

- Developers make game worse

Take a new game mode - Conquest, and over iterations remove good features, make it more demanding and harder so that you have to use crystals to get through it. Work to remove any aspect that would allow smart players to do it easier (such as completing multiple feats simultaneously)... just to make it a long grind. Make it cost more energy so the grind gets worse... and worse... Then redesign the whole thing, make it confusing so players have to use 3rd party sites to work out the extra rewards, then put more feats in that require teams that cannot be mixed... and in 14 days, you have no time to get through it all. Ah... so the plan is to make this game mode worse each time around, frustrating more players and giving them less rewards - but you can pay now to get the same rewards as before, if you can get through it... which most cannot do any more. Great win for CG the developers - Bad play for the players however

- Bugged updates

I have invested both time and money into this game, logging in near daily to collect rewards, battle, and support my guild. As of late however, the numerous updates are impossible. Instead of updating as any other app does, every page load triggers a download. The latest occurs on the splash page, and kicks me out. I haven't been able to play to for days. I will not be investing any more money into this game. I’ll earn the crystals day to day, and will gladly give the whole thing up if it continues this way. I have been playing for over a year, but new, buggy updates, and restricted availability for X gear and above have sucked the fun out of playing.

- Awesome

Ok, this game has been around for ages and you are way behind the eight ball but it doesn’t require paying. Yes, it will take longer, but that occurs with every single game in existence. It takes preparation to get the end game toons but is totally worth it when you do. Buying might shoot you up early but it eliminates the wow factor of having to grind for a toon. Easy to play, time consuming and a load of fun!

- Fun Star Wars, but completely Pay-2-Win

A well designed gameplay and great Star Wars canon and legends lore to work your way through. Content is reasonable, but could be more fun for late game. However the game is utterly geared towards big spenders and feedback is never heard by the developers. If you are just starting this game you either pay for the Hyperdrive Bundle, or give up as a disheartened player. And even with the HD bundle you will never ever compete in the big leagues. Overall, you have to be a Star Wars fanatic to even mildly enjoy this game.

- The drop rates are awful

So I’ve been playing this on and off since 2016 and it’s been a good couple of years, but you really really need to adjust the drop rates for certain shards/items. I get it you need to encourage replay ability but seriously? 5 attempts at hard on a double rate and nothing? That’s pathetic. It will take literal months to make any progress. It’s not a bad game, truly it isn’t, but there’s a lot of room for improvement

- Stop

Decent game but why WHY WHY IS REY THE COVER FOR THIS ? No one likes her character in the movie’s or even the new movies for that matter and she’s far to OP in this game hate when she’s in the opposite team. Stick MANDO as the cover! I’ve literally pre-ordered a ton of the mandalorian toys for my kids as he’s the BEST thing in Star Wars at the moment.. I doubt I will get a reply as the real STAR WARS FANS DONT MATTER This game is getting worse with every update pure cash grabbing

- Is what it is

Great game but don’t spend any money it’s not worth it 5 years in this game spent over 1000 dollars should of just waited and got there for free but that would of added another two years on my journey don’t play much anymore because they charged me for packages I never received or ordered so that was that don’t like being robbed that being said it is still a great game for starting and enjoy but don’t spend any money on it.

- Second review, updated

The game has improved a lot in the last 6 months, I have played for more than 2 years and really didn't like how much its pay to win. But it's fun again, they keep introducing new characters and gameplay. Its still pay to win and has devious gambling tactics to rob you of money but as mostly a free to play player I believe they put enough effort into making a really good game.

- Great initially But.

Great game. I do enjoy playing it. Played since it came out. But....... seriously favoured toward pay2win players. I spent some money on this game but have not for a while now as the reward for cost is stupidly low. Any shard packs you buy to get characters burns you every single time. Eg: shard pack for character 1299 crystals. Which costs approx $14. Only 5 shards. I dont know of anyone in my guild who has got more. If prices were lower people would actually occasionaly spend on crystals. But unless your willing to spend thousands you ll never be a top player to get characters needed. Farming drops have significantly dropped. I love the concept of this game and what it is. At the same time i understand a business needs to make money. But its obscene and pbvious anything EA touches turns to a pile of puke. There greed is crazy. Dont start playing unless you want to spend hard earned real money

- Lost the magic.

I’ve played since this games launch and enjoyed playing it every day for a long time, but however the game has become “who has the deepest pockets” free 2 play players are completely unviable today, the paywalls are obvious. I will not be spending more money in this game until the developers begin to care for their community again, and show us they can have open communications and accept their failures and mistakes rather then not addressing them and just sweeping it under the rug. We all want this game to thrive and live, but not with the predatory tactics currently at play by Capital Games.

- The most misleading game ever

The ads for the game promote you getting the new character so you should play - you can’t get as a new player, but they won’t tell you that. New character events are advertised with missing requirements so last minute morons with money open their wallets to collect them all. The character packs come with “enough materials to level the character to 40” but the reality is, they don’t. You only get 40 shards, you don’t get enough to even unlock the character for $15 Aussie dollars. This games nothing more then EA using gambling and false adverts to get money from people who have that sort of addiction. People think the boxes in battlefront 2 were gambling and bs but this games 10 times worse, wait til you pay over $10 for a chance at 5-330 shards and only ever see 5 if you don’t believe me. There were screenshots of getting 330 but half of them were faked because it’s that rare.

- Losing faith

Loved this game when i first started playing and still do. BUT……Free to play ( or relatively small investment) was still fun if a little slower to make progress but still with lots of worthwhile pve content. However recent changes are making it impossible to compete without spending lots if money and the developers look like they are trying to drain as much money as they can before the game runs its course. Very disappointed and probably only a matter of time before Free/low cost is completely unviable..

- Once great. Now dying.

This is not a raging, ‘I want to make a point’, one star review. That star is deeply considered, and it really pains me to give it, but this is a game squeezed to death by cash grabs that mangled the most passionate fan community of any franchise ever into indifference. Mistakes by the developer, bugs that linger, bizarre and arbitrary ‘corrections’, when they make mistakes they don’t realise until later, and which demonstrate the almost total absence of testing and development they do... Was once great, and may be again, but the prognosis does not look good. If you pick it up, it’ll be fun to start, but you’ll find yourself in an abusive relationship without question.

- Predatory business practice and false representation of products

You have the option to buy characters but I would not rush in if I were you. Quite often the Marquee events will show you how a very expensive character will function when you buy with real money. Sadly, as shown again in the recent VISAS MARR event she was released with a “bug” that made her way more powerful than she was. A bug they didn’t announce until AFTER many players spent real money. Two days later they “fixed her” and suckers like me who had bought her based on the way she was advertised were shown the door by EA’s customer service department when we asked for a refund/compensation saying they can’t help bugs, that’s the studios issue. If you do plan to make in game purchases for you or your kids - wait. Wait for reviews, check Reddit, wait to check for bugs. Don’t let them falsely show you one thing but deliver another. Horrendous customer service

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- Wow


- Feels like a second job because it’s not that fun anymore

I’ve been playing this game since Christmas 2015. The game came out in November 2015. It was fun at first which is what game should be like but over time, the developer didn’t really release fun new content so it was more of the same since the beginning and so the game has become stale for me. Recently, the developer released what they consider as fun new content but again, it’s the same grind with a new face on it. Also, the new content requires players to spend more time in the game and if you don’t, you can fall behind. Many long time players such as myself are planning to quit or have already quit because of it. I understand that the grind is part of the game but when the payoff is so little compared the time spent in the game, it becomes more of a chore and therefore a second job. I really wanted this new content to be fun and exciting but it simply wasn’t. It feels like the new content is still in beta. Also, in-app purchases are ridiculous. I would have spent more money on this game if it was worth it but if you have played the game as long as I have, you’ll know it’s simply not worth the price. It’s too bad. This game had high potential to be an awesome game. It still has but not in it’s current form. It’s current form is “pay to win” and not “play for fun”.

- Addictive

EA has been taking a lot of heat lately over their loot box system and whether or not this constitutes gambling. A young person with access to online purchases could easily find themselves dropping hundreds of dollars trying to speed up the advancement of your game characters. This game is indeed crafted to be incredibly frustrating for the free to play gamer and will drip just enough advancement for the paying player to keep you reaching for your wallet. Unless you have really deep pockets, you may want to lock up your credit cards or choose another game.

- Game developers do not listen to the community

I'm giving you fair warning now as someone who has consistently played for over one year, this game is initially fun, but as you continue to play you'll realize it is completely pay to win and is designed to make you panic spend to get the characters you want. It is specifically designed to feed off of gambling behaviors. Not only that, but EA is extremely stingy, greedy, and will not listen to the community that plays this game. They will even delete posts on their forum that give constructive criticism to this game. But what should you expect from EA right? Do not waste your time and money on this game.

- Boring new content

After waiting almost a year for something new in this game we get a boring kill the same 5 things 18 times a day for 6 days straight and then get some poor in game items. It’s boring the rewards are not great and after claiming to improve the rewards this week instead it’s just bugged and a lot of people got even worse.

- vous voulez

Worst connection ever!

- Removed characters

Characters are so cheap, only way you can go up the rank is pay with real money. I had earth nilhus then they removed him from my account and all the shards I’ve earned.... ridiculous waste of time

- Used to be good, now pay to win over top

I’ve played for a few years. Used to love it. But now every new hero and expansion are getting more and more impossible to get unless you spend hundreds of dollars on the game. Uninstalled after 2-3 years of play. Don’t waste your time/money

- Could be great!!!

This could and would be a great mobile game, if it wasn’t for one problem. Ea are behind it. The sooner use morons lose that star wars contract the better.

- Too many paywalls

With every new update the paywalls get worse. Relics, Epic Confrontations, Kyrotech, reducing hard node tries from 8 to 5, reducing events from two days to one... General Skywalker requires insane characters to beat and you only unlock at five stars and have to farm him in a guild store so that by time you can 7 star him he won’t be meta anymore. Absolute garbage. The only updates these days are more choke points and paywalls.

- Game use to be fun and exciting

This game is no longer fun for me or my friends anymore we find that people that have paid to play, owe this game and you can’t Compete as a free to play player you’ll never catch up you’ll never beat them as every day that goes by, they only get stronger and you cannot. Even at this point if you were to start today it would take you years to get to the end game content. The developers seem to only care about the money rather than the player. I hate how this game has turned this way it used to be so much fun and enjoyment. Now it’s nothing more than a disappointment

- Money grubbing game

The arena is shared by communist like people who manipulate the arena so they can “earn” their crystals and they gang up on anyone who refuses to accept their collusion....very garbage game design where they reward players who share the top rank instead of those who fight for it

- They’re tanking their own game

Quit after 3+ years of playong daily , being on at every reset for energy and shops The current message is if you don’t spend a few thousands a month on their low value overpriced stuff you should leave They keep adding gear crunch, low drop rates pn everything , no new fun and playable content The release of general anakin skywalker was the last straw for me , yet another lightside broken op character , pay to win Game was so much fun in the first two years , leave it to EA to ruin star wars

- Full of Anti-Consumer Practices

The only reason this game is still around is because of the Star Wars IP. The last 18 months has seen no increase in content—only increases to gear systems or replacing moderate content with re-skinned harder content to promote buying gear upgrades. Their entire raison d’être seems to be to wring as much money as they can out of people with gambling addictions. Beware!

- Another stupid STAMINA system game

Why make a game with stamina system? If you don’t want people to play your game just don’t make it! The whole limit players to play with stamina is just lame.

- Great, but...

Awesome game! Best ever, except... Money. Yes, to beat even a few battles later in the cantina, you have to literally spend hundreds of dollars. Gems are kind of hard to get, and cards for characters cost lots and lots of gems. Have a deep wallet prepared, years of work, and a SECOND deep wallet, because this game was designed to strip you of all your money.

- Cheaters never prosper... or do they.

Don’t know if I’ve ever written a review for an app before but had to speak up here. Been playing for years and been through many ups and downs but the recently exposed cheating debacle and the very poor treatment of those who are trying to make the game better by exposing it is just too much. I’m standing by to drop this game.

- Warning to new players!

CG, the company that makes this game is punishing Whistleblowers for having the guts to expose long-term cheating. Once you start this game, you have to commit a lot of time and energy into it on a daily basis. Further, this is a pay to win game where some individuals spend thousands of dollars a month. CG has lost the respect of many of us who have a love for Star Wars and the camaraderie that belonging to a Guild brings.

- Update

Since the update lots of lag and kicked out of the app every 5 minutes

- Recent MALAKgate

CG allowed players to collect shards when players shouldn’t have....this created an environment of all players (those who spent and those who didn’t) feeling cheated. Purchases were already VERY overpriced. Paying leaves me dissatisfied and playing leaves me unhappy.

- Developers Destroyed the game and community

This game used to be fun... used to be. Developer moves in recent months have created such a massive pay wall that they have literally run YouTubers, the game’s advocates to the community, away from the game. Unless you are interested in literally paying thousands of dollars I highly recommend you choose a different game. I’ve played this game for over 3 years, devastating to watch the community collapse as a result of developer greed...

- Do not download

What was once a fantastic phone game featuring a fun and rewarding grind is now solely focused on milking the player base for everything they have. With the recent malak controversy, I will no longer be playing this game. Any new player should not download this game as it is impossible to even think about being competitive without 3 years of time in the game minimum.

- Yeet

Awesome game to play

- Long slow decline of a once fun game

I loved this game for the first year I played it, but the company has been moving, over and over again, to make progress slower and to invalidate choices that the players have made in the past. They continue to make announcements that they want to improve the game for new players and alleviate the gear crunch for what are now mid-game items, but then they continue to scale back events that allow players to SLOWLY aquire these items, making it bad for established players, but horrible for newer players to progress

- Random shard BS

I like the game, I do. BUT the random shard drop from crystal purchases has me annoyed. I was working at Kylo unmasked, I needed only 15 more to get another star, so I worked at the game until I got 1299 crystals, spent them and got...7. Ok fine. Started plugging away AGAIN, finally got to over 1299 AGAIN, spent them and got.. 7 AGAIN!!!! I am at 29/30. This doesn't feel like coincidence. I don't even think there's anywhere other than the store I can get those shards and I'm not going to have time to earn another before the time runs out. Pretty frustrating.

- Interesting...

Was lots of fun at first, but then they kept introducing new characters which made the old ones obsolete. Felt like I wasted my time over the last two years building up the old characters, but hey, if wasting time is your thing, then this is the game for you ;)

- Killing time and spending money my two favourite things

It’s a neat concept. Take every Star Wars hero, villain and creature you can think of (except jar jar) and even a bunch you didn’t know existed, and pit them against each other turn based style. As long as you are willing to hand over large amounts of real cash for packages of in game currency crystals. The largest being 15,170 crystals for 140$. Those crystals are used to play Star Wars lottery for characters, equipment and other various forms of in game currency. As well as playing past pre determined limits for a 24 hour period with diminishing returns. It’s a never ending treasure hunt for better gear, stronger characters and the next “meta” or game breaking ability/hero while trying to navigate how best to spend the multitude of currencies. This all leads you to build a team that you can take on the road and fight the rest of the dwindling playerbase for bragging rights amongst your clan of other active people because everyone else has already left the Canadian doctors office waiting room. Or you can team up with your 6 remaining clan mates for a raid which features some of the most fearsome creatures from lore. You and your clan can also command the lonely, lonely battle field of some of the most iconic battles in Star Wars history. I’ve been playing for 4 years and haven’t paid a cent.....that’s probably why I don’t have any of the good characters...or gear....or currency. But hey, I’ll probably keep playing tho. It’s an alright way to kill time before the cold, cruel, unforgiving universe reclaims the star dust that is our existence. Gotta do something while on a train, or waiting in the airport, or while a family member is going on a racist rant during family dinner, or in an awkward social situation, or while waiting for food at a restaurant, or on a beach in Jamaica, or while at the Vatican, or in a cafe in Barcelona, or in a tiki burger hut in Barbados, or....well you get it....unless you don’t have an internet connection or cell service because you need to be connected to play.

- Lost it’s luster

I’ve been playing this game for a few years. It was fun getting new characters and getting occasional new content. It feels like they are running out of ideas. The upper levels are either paid for or a very long grind. I saw one reviewer compare it to FarmVille and they aren’t far off the mark. If you like spending hundreds of dollars to get ahead or you have lots of time to waste and don’t need to be competitive, this game could be ok for you.

- Garbage

Nothing but a huge money grab and if you voice your opinion you might as well grab the Vaseline and assume the position ... straight up folks

- Not much left

Player base is angry as a hornets nest. The last year of this game has been a catering to its pay to win player base. There is a shallow glass ceiling to player base who do not spend regularly and frivolously. You could at the the beginning grind your way past this, but that is no longer the situation.

- CG is a bad company

Lack of new content for 2020 plus CG giving free passes to cheaters makes it demoralizing to play the game. Lack of communication from devs is also a big issue.

- Stay away.

I’ve played this game since it’s inception. Of late, the developments or lack there of have left a bad taste in most players mouths. The game is hugely expensive. And generally not worth pursuing.

- Too much expensive

Good game, really additive, too much expensive to be worthy, they fix the bugs that they want just to keep the cash machine working. Free to play only if you accept that you will be playing against people that expend money and you will lose for them all. And also all the new cool heroes takes you six months to be free and another month to get them fully upgraded. We stand together against Capital Games

- Developers treat players like trash

I love this game, but the developers need to be better. They allow cheaters in their game and ban content creators over constructive criticism. As long as the current development team at Capital Games is at the helm, I would not recommend this game.

- Fun... if you pay to play

Played for 2-3 years now and have noticed a gradual decline in the game over this past year. Literally can only play 15 minutes MAXIMUM per day, and the rest of the time is looking at my characters hoping I can equip them well enough another year down the road. The developers have not put in any new content and there’s this whole conversation that they will negotiate with cheaters and hackers due if they ever spent money on the game. So if you are willing to shell out literal THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS (people have spent over $100,000 USD), to even participate in their content, this is a great game for you! You get a hacking and cheating pass that is included in all that monetary investment and the chance to stare at (but do nothing with) the great characters you have obtained. Never spoken up until now, the new players need to know this.

- #westandtogether

No new content its dying

- Ahnald

Banned the streamer that got me to buy this game and spend money on it

- Game is getting worse and worse

CG (Capital Games) does not care about this game whatsoever. They put things behind absurd paywalls (sometimes thousands of dollars) and also refuse to listen to the community. They ban content creators, but they let cheaters roam free without punishment.

- Don’t support

First of all the game is bad. Second of all they expect you to pay 1000$ + A YEAR, yeah that’s right 1000usd a year. Lastly they treat their creators like garbage and blackmail them

- They banned Ahnald

Bring back the Grand Admiral... I don’t appreciate your treason

- Devs don’t care about the community

EA and CG are probably both rubbing themselves to the idea of how much everyone hates them and how they ruin games. If I could rate this below zero I would. Anyone who’s rating this 5 stars is either paid off or bots to boost it . Do not play this money grabbing game that is old and stale and if you already play do not spend money when the community gets sweet f all back. Also free Arnold!!

- Most pay to play game ever.

The developers have long since stopped doing anything of value to this game. Sadly it’s gotten to the point where they are just milking the fan base to death. Only doing enough to keep the whales spending while everyone else in the game gets nothing. Sad abuse of such loyal star wars fans.

- NOT free to play, please read.

I want to advise everyone before you get involved that after playing this game for 3 years, I decide to write a review. This game is EXTREMELY deceptive with a “Free-to-play” label. You will not even get to the max level without starting paying already. Not to mention that NO End-game content is accessible, unless you invest hundreds of dollars. Game is fun don’t get me wrong, but extremely disappointing in 2020 seeing how much you need to spend to merely access a few new characters. I give 2 stars especially for deceptive marketing.

- Disgraceful

Galactic Legends Event is a joke. A Billion dollar game that copies and makes a rock paper scissors game mode worse. Forces you to upgrade chararcters not even required to use for the event. No thought, care or creativity exists in these developers. They hyped up this event for 4 months and bragged about their “art” and it is the biggest slap in the face to all the players of this game they don’t even pretend to try anymore. They only care about selling you packs. This is the only game where the character models get uglier with each new release.

- Used to be good

The galactic legends which took months to make are op, have bad art and a bad event. The game is also very pay to play and I can’t do many events anymore

- As someone who has played for almost 5 years...

Save yourself the trouble and just don’t jump into this mess.... used to be great but devs are way out of touch.

- Nerf count Doukko

Count dukko op

- Help!

I really want to get back onto this game but I want to reset my account and I can’t so is it possible to reset it or can you add a reset option in game

- It’s a lot of fun

A must game for all Star Wars fans young and old. I’ve been playing for almost 2 years now and I’m still enjoying it - actually my enjoyment level now is higher. Warning though: be prepared to be addicted

- Needs more jar jar

Why isn’t jar jar binks not in my game one star! >:(

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Star Wars Facts and Info

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Event Calendar for January 2021 Disclaimer All event dates are subject to change #starwars #swgoh #galaxyofheroes #starwarsgalaxyofheroes #eastarwars #swinfo #starwarsinfo #starwarsnews #swnews #firstorder #resistance #poedameron #january #january2021


600,000 Power Difference Grand Arena | Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes via @YouTube


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: GAC Live-Stream 5v5

Chicka D. China

@HamillHimself Here is my Ally Code: 628-481-676 Tad’s ally code is: 943-859-243 Install Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes here: and play to level 18 to add me as an Ally.

Chicka D. China

Here is my Ally Code: 628-481-676 Hubs’ ally code is: 943-859-243 Install Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes here: and play to level 18 to add me as an Ally.


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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Event Calendar – January 2021

Life's a Screenplay

@ludwiggoransson, nice to hear “The Mandalorian” score added to the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mobile game and I appreciate it! I fell asleep playing and dreamed I was main character. I knew it was a dream because someone had to reminded me to put my helmet on in a firefight. 😂

Joe Ritchie

@JettaRosewater Which one did you choose? No more Star Wars for me tonight (minus Galaxy of Heroes).

Star Wars Info

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game that was released on November 24th, 2015.


@AD_Strider Depends which Star Wars you're talking about. Episodes 7-9, Solo, Resistance and Galaxy of Heroes?? ...not at all.

Sarah / SilvanCosplay

I'm still waiting for them to add Hondo to the scoundrels team in 'Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes'.

Fandom Collective

THE STAR WARS GUY ❖ Let's Play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Episode 188: One Step Closer To Thrawn! ❖ ❖ @tswg_

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes 0.28.6 Screenshots & Images

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone images

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes (Version 0.28.6) Install & Download

The applications Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes was published in the category Games on 2015-11-24 and was developed by Electronic Arts [Developer ID: 284800461]. This application file size is 153.21 MB. Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes - Games app posted on 2022-04-28 current version is 0.28.6 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: