Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes [Games] App Description & Overview

Live your Star Wars™ dreams as you fight with your favorite dark and light side heroes across iconic locations to become master of the galaxy. Create and customize your dream squad using characters from every era, including new characters from Solo™: A Star Wars™ Story, Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™, and Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story. Engage in turn-based RPG warfare, confront giant bosses, pilot legendary ships in space like the Millennium Falcon, and take your strategy to the next level!

Rebel leaders? Imperial stalwarts? You’re free to choose as you construct elite light and dark side teams while collecting heroes and other characters from the Star Wars™ universe. Develop your strategy and make key moves in this epic RPG. Pick teammates with complementary abilities and go to war with unbeatable squads!

Defeat opponents and rise to the top as you dominate the galactic hologames based in a far-off cantina. Improve your combat strategy by upgrading your heroes’ abilities as you play for even more powerful attacks and bigger wins. Then fight other players in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena, and Squad Tournaments to conquer the galaxy.

Make smart, tactical decisions and equip your heroes with cool gear to enhance their damage. Unlock fun abilities to make your team unstoppable as you unleash commanding moves like Luke Skywalker’s Destined Strike, Darth Vader’s Force Crush, and Young Han Solo’s Trick Shot.

Collect iconic starships, including the Millennium Falcon, and massive Capital Ships, like Admiral Ackbar’s Home One, to construct your war fleets. Keep your cool in fast-paced space combat, deploy reinforcements, and turn the tide of battle with the right strategy. Face fun new challenges and compete in the Fleet Arena to test your prowess. Gather unique upgrade materials for characters, available only as rewards for ship battles. Each vessel has its own crew and strategy, adding special skills to individual ships. Recruit powerful pilots to create the strongest armada in the galaxy!

Lead Raids with friends and fight against bosses like the Rancor, AAT Tank, and the Sith Triumvirate when you create a customizable Guild. Collaborate to form a strategy with your Guild in Territory Battles where members unleash their entire arsenal of characters and ships against a progressively evolving battlefield. Show your dominance when you face off in games against other Guilds to conquer territories and top global leaderboards in Territory War.

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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Welcome Galactic Legends to the holotables, Heroes fans! Featuring Ultimate Abilities – some of the strongest, most thematic abilities available – these are the most powerful units you’ll find in the game. Complete your Galactic Legend prerequisites to unlock a Galactic Ascension event, filled with moments from STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker shown through the eyes of your character. This update also features quality of life changes. Thanks for playing!

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Comments & Reviews

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- A cash grab

So I’ve spent over one hundred dollars on this game and every time I have to gamble in the hope I will get a character I want. But the worst part yet is when you get a character you need to continue spending money until you get enough shards to activate them which still costs in game credit. I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s a waste of time unless you have a few thousand dollars to spare.

- Amazing game 👍🏻

Hi this game is frickin awesome, is it possible to make this game more F2P friendly? Why are there characters on your preview that aren’t even in the game? Please add rotj Luke, Star Wars Jedi fallen order characters and the stinger mantis, the Tantive IV or the profundity if going with Tantive IV make Leia the crew or if going with The profundity add Admiral raddus. Just recommendations to make the game better but you guys at CG don’t have to use them, please add the rebellion y-wing, b- wing and a-wing also add the Razor Crest. DON’T DO GALACTIC CHASE EVENTS EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Ogspar 5 signing off! R3 hit the hyperdrive!

- It’s all good

My previous reviews always positive.. I’ve been playing almost 4 years... and it’s difficult but not impossible sorry developers :) shouldn’t talk before you think I’m having a really bad day and it’s my fault for not collecting the right toons at the right times .. I love this game and it’s been a saviour with the lockdowns thanks for making a epic game that requires patience and time... I’m in a really supported guild they help a lot ..😀 the game evolves as time goes by what was good years ago are still good for Raids and territory battles but now with relics and new characters and teams need to move with the times .. my suggestion is do some research before starting will help get the right toons and get the best characters it’s so interesting and many things to do won’t be bored playing this game it’s really fun and difficult at the same time exactly what you need while playing any game.. the graphics are great and it’s unlike anything you have tried before I’m not even a Star Wars fan this has converted me 😊 occasionally it’s overwhelming but that’s way down the track to start it’s really pretty easy again I’d do some research saving heaps of time and improve really fast

- Good but frustrating

You won’t win if you don’t pay! If you don’t pay for the ‘special’ characters you won’t get far. Totally one sided AI, ie: you loose. The computer cheats to win! It doesn’t matter how good you think you are, you loose! Over, and over and OVER again. Only for diehard fans with big wallets. Shame on you EA for being such a bunch of money grabbers and ruining what was once a great franchise.

- Ace


- Introducing a practice arena where you pick your opponent?

Love this game I play it every day and definitely would recommend, it is a bit hard to get characters but once you get them it’s an amazing feeling. I just had a thought it’s probably been mentioned but to maybe add a practice arena where you chose your enemies and mix and match different powers and then test them with your own, I think it would be great fun while you wait for your energy to restore.

- Best Star Wars game

This game is so good I play it every day but I wish they we’re more clone troopers in the game but 10/10

- It's a ok game but could still be better

One problem I had was when I signed in after 1.5 yrs lots of my characters were missing not to mean him admiral ackbar is unkillable so fix this and getting characters takes sooo long it's painful note: plz make the time for energy 1-1.5 minutes instead of 6

- Master your credit limit!!

The description of this game is very misleading. If you assemble a squad of your favourite characters and battle you will get romped. It is absolutely NOT free to play friendly. I say this as a long standing veteran, not a newcomer salty I can’t make top 10 in arena. If you wish to be remotely competitive, you will need to pay mega $$ for the specific characters they want you to play with. They have removed any choice in which characters you can use competitively by making the new ones they release periodically and want u to buy so ridiculously overpowered they ruin everything else. In doing that they have nerfed the viability of just about every other character in the game. In fact, they made the new “galactic legend” characters so stupidly powerful they broke every raid in the game and as a result they have even had to cancel the new raid they have been working on for the last year. The requirements to unlock these characters are horribly egregious also. They force you to upgrade 12 characters to almost maximum level just to participate in the event, but you don’t even use those characters you upgraded, in the event or elsewhere as almost all of them are really bad characters. They quite literally just said “spend mo moneyyy!” No new content has been released for ages. (Well, the devs seem to think “gear packs” and “bundles” that you have to pay outrageous amounts of money for is classified as “content”). The drop rates for gear when farming are also savagely low, it is not unusual to do 50 battles and receive only 2-3 pieces of gear, of which you usually need around 50 salvage pieces to combine into 1 piece. Then u need 3 full pieces per slot, there are 6 slots just for 1 gear level, all the way up to 13. Let’s not even discuss relics apart from saying to take 1 character up to relic 7 it will cost approximately $100. That’s on top of the $3-400 it costs to buy a new character and another $1-200 it costs to gear them enough just so you can add a relic. It can cost literally $600 just for 1 character.. and they wipe that investment overnight with the release of a new character.. Even the art in this game is very average. Rey looks like a potato and Rose looks like she has Down syndrome.. This games time has passed and they are clearly milking it for its got left. If you decide to pick this game up, Don’t put money into it, it will be dead soon. It’s at that stage in the cycle where development has all but stopped and all the new content revolves around ripping money out of your wallet. Almost as bad as The Last Jedi..

- Good luck with broken game

Downloaded the game I got to play 3 rounds that I had to play than my account is frozen on that quest screen I have deleted that game and reinstalled it but nothing works so if a game can’t let you play past 15 minutes it’s useless

- No

Why TF is rey more powerful than Vader. Fuck this dumbass game

- Want to restart

I want to restart because I screwed up, and to no point of return. I would play if I could restart my account, Thanks.

- My favorite game

When I changed iPads I lost the game because I didn’t turn on game center it was my favorite game and I lost it. I was heartbroken and I got to level 79 . But because it is such a good game I tried again and now I am level 84 and three quarter's. I lost 2 years of progress but I gained 2 years of progress. Also can you make a baby yoda like C3PO.

- Games fun but uh, P2W

The game is super fun in my opinion but I cant progress much cause it wants money

- Star Wars hero’s

It is fun I think it can teach a lot about the famous movie Star Wars

- Star Wars

I love Star Wars it’s the best soo sad because the ending rise of skywalker

- Just get it!

This game is so good I love it like it’s another member of my family don’t just read reviews download it now

- Star Wars galaxy of heroes review

This game is such a grind which is why I love it there is so much to do unlike other games and they are still adding in regular updates. 5 stars from me.

- Crazy overpriced

At the core it’s a great game, however it has been ruined by what I can assume is greed. $159.99 on a bundle for an app... and that’s not the only absurd cost. It’s almost impossible to earn enough credits in the game to fully upgrade characters and the guilds are nasty. Used to love this game, not any more. Very disappointing.

- Awesome

Ok, this game has been around for ages and you are way behind the eight ball but it doesn’t require paying. Yes, it will take longer, but that occurs with every single game in existence. It takes preparation to get the end game toons but is totally worth it when you do. Buying might shoot you up early but it eliminates the wow factor of having to grind for a toon. Easy to play, time consuming and a load of fun!

- All about $$

I like this game but it’s becoming a game of $$$$$$, it’s also pointless trying to keep up. If you are prepared to spend a few hundred dollars from the very beginning, u might get some enjoyment for about 3/4 months. After that you going to have to spend even more thru in game packs if you want to progress. If you can resist spending any money and just play for fun and don’t mind losing squad arena, grand arena,fleet arena ,there’s plenty to engage in. Just don’t be in a hurry to get anywhere.

- Hard to get characters

I can not get characters because either you need gems or you need real money I do lots of sim thing but I’m left with no energy but if you fix some of that then you might make a really good game but after all it still is a great game

- Heroes

THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME I FULLY RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE it is filled with lots of mode and characters it isn’t one of those games where you play for a day and finish it there is tons of levels to complete .

- Needs this!!!

This game is good but it really really needs to make it a lot easier to get a hero or villain.

- Awesome!

This game is absolutely Amazing! Though you could make the journey guides easier to access by making there be no character star requirements. Also, PLEASE add Baby Yoda (The Child) and the Mandalorian. Otherwise this game is flawless!

- OG Player Quitting

I’ve been playing this game since launch. In the beginning, the game was fun as hell. Levelling up characters like Mace Windu and other Star Wars characters which turned out to be useless. That was the fun of the game at the beginning. Then you enter into a guild playing with like minded players who are all around the same level as you. You grind it out, discover Raids, Territory Wars and Territory Battles which are coordinated by your guild and using a third party app like Discord or Line to communicate commands. All while climbing in the fleet and arena shards daily. New characters would come. You could whale on them with real money by buying packs to help you have some form of exclusivity in the Arena shard, or you could just wait it out and get them when they become free to play. Packs are regularly thrown out into the store to entice you to spend real money. The exchange rate from the United States to the rest of the world is ludicrous and NEVER changes despite inflation. You buy one pack. Get a slight advantage. Another character drops. Then another, then another. You level them all up. Suddenly you have a nice looking set of characters. You become the envy of your Guild and Shardmates. But where did all my money go? It’s ok, I’ll not spend next week. But you do. This becomes an addiction! You spend more and more and more and before you know it, the Capital Games slot machine has taken $100,000 plus! The worst part is, you don’t even realise you are in that much of a hole. The game always had enticing packs to make you want to spend. From increased daily crystals in the beginning, character shard packs, material packs or even gear packs there was always something there to entice you...but you didn’t need it. Approximately two years ago (writing this in April 2020), this game took a massive turn for the worse. They released the Sith Raid. At the time there were about 12 to 15 teams that you needed at maximum gear levels to even compete. If you finish in the Top 10 of this raid, you get rewarded with premium gear pieces. So it paid to whale on those top teams. Following the Sith Raid, Capital Games releases a game changer in Knights Of The Old Republic characters. These characters will be needed to get Jedi Revan, Darth Revan and Darth Malak. If you didn’t get these characters immediately you would have to wait for 3 to 6 months to have another go at getting them. (This has now changed with the Journey Guide). While the Journey Guide for OG characters is only new and good from a new player standpoint, the developers continue to make each “new” event exclusive for those that whale out on the game. Everything now from Gear, Character Shards, Relic Materials etc are all now behind a paywall! Hell even new players are now asked to catch up with a Hyperdrive Bundle!!!!!!! So begins their whale journey! The developers have made a billion dollars out of this game, and they continue to treat the community like dirt with no communication and paywall after paywall after paywall. It’s really not worth it! I wouldn’t even recommend this game to myself at the beginning knowing what I know now. Other players are so far “invested” it’s sad that they continue to sink real money into a game that has done nothing for its player base for 2 years! The community are unreal, so are the Youtubers like Hynesy, CubsFanHan, Urzzatron, The Escape Pod Cast etc, but don’t fall for the spin with this game! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!

- Star Wars

Add free maker characters to the game plz

- Didn’t like it

Looks the goods but I don’t like it and don’t enjoy it.. uninstalled it after just an hour of game play.. sorry but simply don’t like it at all

- Good game

Epic game

- Is just good game


- Pay to play....

Don't get sucked in. This game is rigged to make you spend money. The drop rates on the things you need are awful. I don’t know how much time, $$ and effort I have put into this game and I’m still floundering. They took a great concept and turned it into a cash cow.

- Offers

I was buying a $22 Darth Vader offer but I didn’t get it and that was my 4th time I got tricked by the game and I’m only 9 and I really want to delete the game because I’m not getting what I bout and it’s irritating to just buy something that you pay for 100% so if you the company that makes this game please just give me the OFFER and something to make up for the offers one thing I would like for you to make up for is the Darth Vader but it’s a 7 star so I so far HATE THIS GAME right now because I’m not getting what I asked for you hear me.

- Runs off of steam quick. Feels P2W

Whilst the game is interesting enough it grinds to a halt after about an hour of play with nothing unlocked. Stamina recharges super slow. Game itself reeks of Pay2Win. Offered a $160 ‘pack’ almost straight out of the gate.

- This game is broken - Capital Games has lost it way

Good game concept but very expensive to play if you want to advance to higher levels. They tend to screw with players [a common EA thing] - That was my review 2 years ago This have only gotten worse with the latest event . they make you pay to upgrade characters to do events and you don’t even need the characters for the event. People have spent 4 month preparing for a big event and it was just an expensive let down . Capital Games doesn’t even care because they made their money in the build up of the event. They have used 10 year old cinematic start a first year student in it could better by 1000%. If you thinking about downloading this game. - I suggest you don’t. My view is that EA has gotten to the point where they have made a billion $ and now they will retire the game soon. So don’t waste you time on money on a game that has been seriously damaged by Capital Games. That don’t care any more and probably they will be fired by EA if it has any moral compass. The latest event and update was a game killer . It will die soon as a result of Incompetence.

- Good game but it’s not free to play

Good but it’s not free to play content

- CASH GRAB!!!!!

Shame on the App Store for giving games that are literally a “pay to progress” game “editors choice” YOU CANT ENJOY ANY OF THIS GAME WITHOUT MICRO TRANSACTIONS And not just a little $$ here and there but literally big $$ need to be spent if you want to enjoy the game. So sick of apps like this. I really hope it ends. These are god damn mobile games for god sake.

- Amazing game

It is an amazing game you collect heroes and play with them

- ( waves hand ) This is not the game you’re looking for

Not free to play friendly. Pay to win mechanics are very expensive. Latest update of galactic legends is a joke, forces you to upgrade characters almost to the max level which will cost thousands of dollars ( or 1+ years of free to play ) and the worst part is that you don’t have to use them for the event. The event is basically the same thing repeated multiple times. Absolute laziness of the highest level. Also the new galactic legends ramps up the power so much that every other character is useless in comparison. Ever wanted to know if Rey could beat Vader? Well she could beat him, Yoda, Anakin and any other of you actual favourite Star Wars characters without breaking a sweat, in fact she could easily 1 v 5 them, that’s how broken the character is. No balance in this game, just power creep after power creep and pay wall after paywall. Steer clear.

- 😀

Awesome but should add old Luke Skywalker Snoke and knights of ren

- Add the imperial shock trooper

I really really like this Star Wars game it’s one of the best ones out of the mobiles and can you add in the imperial shock trooper from Star Wars battlefront 2 he would make a great new character in the game anyways thanks.

- ??

Where is Star Wars commands? I want to play it ?

- Good Game but Pay to Win

I like the game a lot but it is quite hard to be a free to play player like myself and stay at the same level as the pay to win players.

- Amazing

This game is by far one of the best I have played in a long time. All things have flaws but this game has very few.

- Shut up I’m keeping my money

Don’t bother if you’re new, everything in this game is designed to take your money. New players must grind for two years before the will get any satisfaction from this game, unless you spend heaps on the hyperdrive pack, then you’ll have a bunch of useless toons which you’ll be penalised for in matchmaking for GAC and TWs. Good luck.

- It is EXCELLENT but not much to give

I don’t get much characters but it is fun

- Loot Boxes Loot Boxes Loot Boxes

Loot Boxes eradicated from a galaxy far far away in Battlefront 2 but ended up staying like a hot mess in this title.

- Hi

Great game but it needs more characters

- Great Game

Mesa likey freey fo play mesa like grind mesa like charcters mesa like game mesa jaja binks

- Star Wars

Great game love the graphics and gameplay chewy should be a lot taller tho he was over 7 ft talk should tower over all

- Good but

The only reason I’m giving this 4 stars is because there is no cal kestis, and the inquisitors. Cal is the top priority so add him

Payoneer 💰

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- Amazing game!

This game is better then I expected! It has a pretty good balance between challenging and fun. But your deals cost too much money my favorite games cost $7 for everything in the game I would understand 15 extra dollars for the levels to go up but $100 is too much it’s just $7 more for electricity for a month! I’ve only spent $14 on games like this my whole life. The things I like in this game are your training events because they teach you how to play better and you get prizes and I LOVE your SIM tickets. The only other thing is the characters that you need 400 shards to get the characters. This is my favorite game right now and I’m going to tell all my friends about it my uncle already got it and he loves it his favorite parts are ships mods and Phoenix characters. so anyway I love this game I’m glad you made it.’s the best(:

- Progression System

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is, at its core, a good game. I have been playing the game for over 3 years and I enjoy it. The problem with this fame is the progression system is awful. Your whole objective is to unlock and upgrade various characters in your collection, and play different game modes that all use the same combat turn based system. If you want to keep up with all of the newest characters and events, you will need to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, I kid you not. The thing is, all additions to the game are permanent, if you miss an opportunity to get the new character, you can unlock in your own time. This is what myself and many other players do. If you want to play this game, you have two options. 1. Spend the money to buy and use the new content. 2. Accept that you may not unlock the newest content for another couple months or years.

- I get you need to make money, but cmon now

Look, I love this game, I play it every day and I have since pretty much the game came out (took a couple month long breaks but you get the point) I have never spent any money on this game, and I never will, I’m ok with getting big name characters a year or two after they come out, and I’ve accepted that I’m never getting galactic legends, i used to love this game, but EA makes it so hard for me to keep the love, there are so many reasons why, but I think I speak for the entire fan base of this game when I say, please for the love of god, fix your drop rates, I can spend all 144 of my energy, just to get 2 pieces of something I need 50 of, that just doesn’t make sense to me, it is the absolute most discouraging thing I’ve ever seen in a game, multiple times when I get unlucky streaks I almost deleted the game, and 4 years of progress down the drain simply from the drop rates, that isn’t even talking about the shard packs, please please PLEASE, throw us a bone, and fix your drop rates a little, it’s the most infuriating thing in the game, I’m desperate enough to write this review, I’ve spent so much time on this game, but if you want to play the game for free, you’re destined to fail.

- Love the game but got scammed

I’ve spent well over 500 bucks in this game supported for awhile now but I spent almost 100 bucks on a pack never received it and ea help keeps ending my help cases so please think twice before you download this game

- Missing Things

The game is fun but the absence of a storyline leaves little motivation to endure the grind. The pool of characters is very limited unless you are willing to pay out of pocket for worthwhile characters. I recommend trying “Fate/Grand Order” if you want something like this but with storyline, better mechanics, and a more F2P-friendly atmosphere.

- Best game ever

Move over state of survival there’s a new number 1. I love this game it really opened my mind up to Star Wars. Thank you whoever made this game


This is a stupid game because it is pay to win.

- Great game, small issues

The game is great overall. There are plenty of challenges and opportunities to earn credits, characters, etc, but the energy system isn’t the greatest. Once you run out of energy, you can’t even go back and play old matches. So if you’re out of energy, you basically can’t play the game for hours on end.

- Heros

This is the best stars wars game I’ve ever played in my life

- It’s for whales

If you plan on never spending money then sit back and get ready for a long, long, long grind. Starts out fast but once you get to level 50 or so it comes to a crashing halt. Drop rates are trash and you can spend weeks on one character just to gear them up one tier. Sure you could spend thousands of dollars to expedite things but just know that all that money you spend stays with capital games. You get no return what so ever. There is no sandbox mode to test characters. No PvP. And the gameplay is glitchy. You want proof? Go watch YouTube or twitch and see for yourself. Capital Games was voted worst company at least twice and they have no plans on trying to improve. In my opinion, go play Marvel Strike Force or Raid Shadow legends instead. Way more support and a better overall experience.

- It’s a fun game, but...

Like everything EA does, you have to pay to really get anything good. Even when you do pay, your chance of getting anything good is still around 10% chance. Also, no Obi-Wan character from Episode III kinda blows

- Love it but one thing

It’s way too hard to get characters 😥😥

- Flawed and stressful

Great game but becomes flawed after level 60. I was causally playing and leveling up and doing the daily events. Then boom, ships are introduced and I just get trounced on and can never complete the fault challenges again. Great game but flawed.

- Cool game

The game is very cool but for me I can’t talk to my guilde. And I want to know how to do it. Some people told me that you can talk to the guilde down the screen but there’s nothing. So if someone can help me. Thank you and made the force be with you.😁

- WARNING: Amazing game, wish was best for all

Star Wars has always been a really big thing to me. This game truly envelopes you in the Star Wars universe in spectacular ways, showing your favorite characters from Han Solo, to Darth Vader and R2D2. Experience Star Wars at it’s highest in extraordinary ways. Fly ships, take on Darth Vader and the Imperial army, unlock your favorite villains and heroes, and most importantly, have a great time. This game was so amazing to me. UNTIL..... I hit level 85. That’s right. I grinded hour after hour, day after day, time after time, to get to that level. Boy was I heartbroken. First and foremost, you cannot unlock some of the most iconic Star Wars figures until level 85. It makes sense, they want you to play their game. No C3PO, Chewie, Luke and a few more until level 85. It was so disappointing to me when I got to level 85, to play such an amazing game for so long, only to find if you want the most iconic characters, you have to pay lots of money or play a really, really, really, really long time. I was so sad to finally find a game that gave me one of the best Star Wars experiences ever, only to realize you really don’t get the best of it unless you pay lots of money. If you are playing this game for the thrill of getting the old gang together, Han, Chewie, Leia, and Luke, or the rush of using some of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, Bobo, Cad Bane, Bossk, Greedo, please don’t bother. It truly hurts me to say that. After getting to level 85, your characters have to be strong enough to pass levels to gain enough character shards to obtain the characters, ie Chewie. It takes bounty hunters to get him. But the catch is, they have to be strong enough. To get them to be strong enough, you pretty much need to pay money, let’s be honest. And that’s how it is for more than just Chewie. Also for Luke (Jedi), Rey (Jedi), BB8, C3PO, and more. DEVELOPERS, if your reading this, please make this fantastic game fun for everyone. I’m not saying remove all purchases, that would be absurd. But please at least let us get characters like Luke, Chewie, Han, and C3PO and get them to seven stars for free, (with lots of time playing the game, although not enough to spend half your life playing), and leave even better characters like Jedi Knight Revan or Hermit Yoda to the paying players. It really takes away the fun when the most iconic characters, even ones featured on the trailer, can’t be used until level 85 and takes years of playing to get to their best points. To make up to the paying characters for giving us free ones they bought, maybe you could give them even more unique ones, such as a rancor which takes up two slots, or a speeder bike, which takes up two as well (although leave at least one of the unique characters for non paying players). Maybe even add in a tauntaun, or the Death Star in ships. Maybe a sarlac pit, or a star destroyer. This way, paying players get an advantage but non-paying players still get the most iconic characters and get to have even more fun. Thank you.

- Scam!!!!!!

I bought a $20 crystal pack and it just stole the $20 from me!!!!! Fix NOW please I am upset. Please give me my money back or give me the 2,800 crystals.

- Not fair very expensive to play

Like the game aspect but you have to be part of a guild to get up to the higher tiers which is not easy because the captains of the guilds set the rules which aren’t really fair and then you can not upgrade so you’re stuck there is no way you can play by yourself without getting into a guild. also spent hundreds of dollars trying to get up to the top tiers and playing the game for three years. I like the Star Wars series but it’s a very expensive game. The makers of this game make it make it very expensive when there a new more powerful toon they make you send the money if you want to get ahead n the game

- AMAZING Star Wars Game!!

I have been playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes for a while now. I have always enjoyed the simple and easy gameplay that immerses you into the Star Wars universe. This game is especially good because there are always ways to make your team better and advance in the game without spending money. This is another thing I REALLY like about this game, that many other games do poorly. Galaxy of Heroes makes it so that the game can be played and you can become good at the game, without spending any money. While there are offers that they give, they don’t force it in your face, or make the game so hard to advance it that you feel the need to purchase things. I love this game and can’t wait to see what the developers add next!!

- Star Wars

I love this game because you can fight good guys and bad guys

- Matchups Are Unfair

The PvP matchup selects matches that are above my power level by 2,000 points or more, or ones that you cannot win. It does not provide any that are evenly matched. The odds are stacked against a new player and this makes it difficult to progress without spending real money. Please fix this matchup system and make it equitable for new players.

- Eh

This game is just another basic “rock paper scissors” game with Star Wars on it. The worst I can say is that it’s boring. And they deleted FORCE ARENA for this.

- Good


- Awesome

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome

- Grand Arena and Squad Arena r not fun anymore

The game is fun but it seems to be tacking FOREVER to spam for characters that I need for Darth Revan and Jedi Knight Revan in the heroes journey and its tacking a longtime to spam for the counter squads for Darth and Jedi Revan squads and not to mention that Darth and Jedi Revan squads r really HARD to beat, Padme with Jedi anikan, c3po, grand master yoda, and Ashoka Tano ya I don’t even try way too hard especially if they r reliced, and plus it’s not really fair that all of these other squads r getting reworked/better and new characters when there r others that a lot of people invested a lot of time and effort for r slowly becoming trash compared to those squads, for me it’s nightsisters all of which r relic 6 and I’m really happy with them but they can not at all what so ever take down a relic Darth rev squad, resistance with galactic legend Rey as leader, first order especially with galactic legend Kylo ren as leader, Darth traya squad, some empower palpating squads, some Jedi knight rev squads, clone trooper with shaak ti or general anakin skywalker lead, bounty hunters especially with bossk or jango lead, and some grievous squads without having it be a tie or all of my nightsisters dying. It really makes me mad that if have more characters alive than the opposing team does and the time has expired for squad arena that it’s a draw and u study in the position u once were before u attacked that squad it’s not fair because um hello I had more characters alive than the opposing team did, but whatever. The squads that seemed pretty easy to beat with my nightsisters r a whole lot harder if they r partnered up right in 3v3 grand arena which I hate because people in 5v5 grand arena were sometimes unable to get my nightsister snow with the 3v3 going on in grand arena people r able to take out all of the squads and get passed my nightsisters I hate 3v3 and just grand arena and squad aren in general, reliced up nightsisters r suppose to be like the in the top 10 for strong squads but hears this question do u see them being used by people who r in the top 50 for squad, at least not for me, if there were reworks going around for All the characters/squads in the game then u would a good combination of them being used by the top 50 people in the squad arena I mean right but I surely don’t in my squad arena so I’m really not that all impressed with the so called “character and squad reworks”, so then ur probably thinking that well if ur having problems with weak characters join a really good one of the top guilds when their requirements r unrealistic for example: u need to have this amount of galactic power, or squad power, u need to have discord, or some say that u need seven star maxed mod whatever character that the list how am I suppose to join a really good guild Also what’s the point on having recommended mods for all of the characters when most people out there don’t use them if u make the recommended mods for characters be the required mods then that will surely help with the diversity between squads at least I think so anyway but what do I know, there r probably many people out there have made very similar complaints to mine and they r how old and r maybe still an issue, I mean u guys r really busy I get it and all of these bad reviews u don’t want to hear because ur already stressed as it is coming out with new stuff for the game and u especially don’t want to hear it during this pandemic going on but is still see a diversity among squads, some squads that have been reworked r still hard, the heroes journey is awesome cuz we can get those hot rod characters but the characters that r required to get the hot rod characters r hard to spam for especially when ur close to promoting them up a star, so anyway I hope some if not all of these get resolved or something some how one by one possibly in the long road ahead and the game can be like it was when it first came out, which was like 2015 I think, and oh ya I’ve been playing the game that long, but I don’t expect them to be resolved or some of them to be resolved like right now or in a couple of years especially during the pandemic going on but I do hope u see this and other then all of that I listed the game is ok so.

- New Mandolorin update is great

Mando is a great add to the game. Drop rate still a bit too low. And I think it would be nice to give a bit of rewards when you win an areana match. Right now there’s not much motivation to hit others and players just sit still most of the time Drop rate is too low. Just sim 10 and got nothing, it happened more than once

- Missing Crystals

Fun game, but this is the second time I wake up and I’m missing crystals, I had 700 and something and when I woke up I was at 104, I have been saving crystals for a while and for them to be just gone, I don’t recommend this game !!

- I think this game should be popular

I love the game as you may not know I’ve been leveling up like CRAZY.My career is 20 or 12 stars a day. Thanks for making this Star Wars video game please say something about my feedback.

- The Grand Area is broken

The Grand Area is seriously broken as it allows for a few squads that are horribly unbalanced to make the mode completely unplayable. The mode removes all strategy from the game because you are stuck watching you squad being knocked out before you can even make your first move. It would be nice if the mode were fixed so that it didn’t benefit the people who pay to win.

- Fun game

Fun game

- Awesome

This is the best Star Wars game I ever played on mobile. The graphics are awesome , but I am having trouble gettin Bobbe fett and general grevies they are my best 2 characters

- Love it

I love this game the only thing I would like to see different is the game having the inquisitors.

- Problem with payment

I purchased a pack for 20 bucks and it did not process. The previous day I bought a 10 dollar pack. It went through but only after I purchased it again. The game charged me for double the price. I want my money back for it in total charged me 20 bucks. I am worried this will happen again. For I bought the $20 pack and did not go through or give me anything. It charged me $20 and did not get anything. Fix this please. I also want my money back for the times it charged me and I got nothing.

- Fun game but...

I got this game because I love Star Wars and I like playing RPG,s on mobile and I was not disappointed the game was very fun it goes like any RPG complete battles upgrade your character and stuff like that but although it is fun it is filled to the brim with micro transactions you can’t get any of your favorite characters without spending hours grinding the levels and even if you do it is not a guarantee you will get that character it is all random for example I would like to get captain rex but I have to pay 100$ to get him although you would get everything in the game max rank witch basically takes the point away actually playing the game. So I would say if your really interested in getting everything or your favorite character it will take a very long time. Fun game but unless you have hours to spend each day then would not recommend it.

- Some things about the game (and a 5 star rating)

Revan. Darth Revan and Jedi Revan are enormous challenges for Free to Players, but to P2W players, it’s a milestone that’s close than normal (for players with the hyperdrive bundle). Other than that, it is a very good game, polished with the finest characters, but I think they should add some more. Take Cal Kestis or Cere Junda for example. They are very potential characters for this game- no, masterpiece- for people who have played Jedi Fallen Order. Cal could have a Force Meter beneath the Turn Meter, and could have a widespread pallet of attacks. His Force attacks use Force, while using his Basic could give Force. Cere could have Cal Assist whenever she takes a turn. All in all, this game can and will have more content as time goes by. Very awesome game, Capital Games. 5 stars.

- GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!

Really fun!Great for ALL Ages!!! I’ll play this ALL Night and Day!!!

- Money

If you want to spend money it’s a great game. But if you want to play it free it’s absolutely terrible. Please make free to play better. Because I just get crushed because I didn’t spend money. It’s a great game just you have no chance.

- Good but...

I think that the prices for gems is way too much, and it takes years to get good characters like Vader or Maul or Jango Fett or even Boba Fett. And you cannot even have ANY Dark Side levels until you finish I think two sections of the Light Side Campaign. So pretty annoying but still SO FUN. If you have enough money that you are willing to spend some on this game, (like me!) then it’s a really great game.

- Worse and worse

I’ve played this game since the very beginning. I like most features, but it seems like the developers noticed the monotony and have WAY OVER COMPENSATED!!! Every single change (notice I didn’t say “Improvements”), goes way over the top complicated or characters are indestructible or new and inventive ways people can buy their way to winning. I even left several times for months at a time hoping it would get better. Nope. What a shame! You’ve taken a nostalgic and epic franchise and perverted it so bullies and jerks buy their way to invincibility. This is no longer a game worth anyone’s time or money.

- Awful scam of a game

This is my third review. After saving up thousands of crystals for weeks upon weeks to get two expensive packs to get character shards for Jedi knight revan’s squad, I get basically nothing. I have one of the characters already at 7 stars but of course the game is rigged and gives me HUNDREDS of shards for her and NOT the other characters I require! I only got about 25 needed shards in total for the other characters! This is not bad luck! It’s rigged! My odds were great for both packs and yet they give me everything that is undesired!

- Bad Power Ratings

The power is not relevant to the movies the most powerful person in in the movies (Darth Vader) has a lower power level then Kylo Ren. :(

- Battery issues.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great game, but it drains my battery life. I played it for ten minutes, and my device lost 77%! My device doesn’t have many problems regarding battery, but it may have been an issue for only me, but if this happens to you, delete the app immediately!

- Great fun but one main complaint

Great fun game but seriously the recommend levels and tier gear has no reality in them if the battle say 5 stars and gears 8 and level 75, you can be level 85 with gear 10 and 6 to 7 stars and still can’t get past level one so either make the recommended levels work or stop giving suggestions and just say max it out

- Its great... partially.

The game itself is amazing, absolutely fantastic but there is some stuff worth mentioning about its flaws. In my personal opinion. All characters should be available to get, without paying or grinding for hours a day. All of the packs should only cost gems, so that it’s not limiting early game players. Anyways, that’s all great game just needs a few improvements.

- star ship battles are ridiculously hard and its un fair

this game is a complete money grab and it is a impossible grind to even remotely enjoy the game without spending hundreds of dollars

- A work in progress...

I HAVE YOU ~NOW! Arrrrggggggrrrrrhhhhhhhh!!!

- Definitely a lot to do BUT

Definitely enjoy this game BUT would like to see this game level go farther than 85 to make it more challenging. Aside from definitely would recommend this game

- Cool game

Ok,this game is super fun, but... to be honest,We really can’t do anything like,1st person or like,arcade mode where we can be in 1st or 3rd person and you would go around playing with your friends and do quest and stuff,of course it would be multiplayer

- 5 out of 5

Only in one day this game pulled me in and I can not stop playing it.the characters in it are alive and even tho it’s a iPad game it feels like it is real life

- No point simulation game

This game is just your typical simulation game no point in it and boring AF

- Great Game, But a few Suggestions.

This is an amazing game. Only a few things to complain about. First, make an area where you can change your name, because I am stuck with Mol Eliza. So allow people to easily change their name. Second, Make a free play area. Like a sandbox mode. Where you have everything at max level and you can set your opponents skill level. And you can do it without using energy. Finally, make events for newbies so it can be easier to gain character shards. Thanks for reading!

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- Arena miscalculations

With the latest update came the unfortunate happenings of arena miscalculations. Squad and ship arena alike. I’ve lost count of the number of matches that were wrongfully miscalculated for me as draws or losses. Please fix this. Thank you.

- One corner( popular dance from ghana)

This game is real fun. Wish I could start all over again. Most of popular characters lowkey trash.

- Amazing game.

Would recommend it 5 out of 5 times.

- That jaggy

Amazing game

- Rubbish

It can't play on my iPad....always loading cantina. If it plays, will probably give it a much better star.

- Interesting Game

I have just started to play the play and I am tremendously enjoying it. From what I have seen so far, it's a fantastic game. Kudos!

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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes 0.19.2 Screenshots & Images

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iphone images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes ipad images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes ipad images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes ipad images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes ipad images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes ipad images
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes (Version 0.19.2) Install & Download

The applications Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes was published in the category Games on 2015-11-24 and was developed by Electronic Arts [Developer ID: 284800461]. This application file size is 187.79 MB. Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes - Games posted on 2020-04-28 current version is 0.19.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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