Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

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Live your Star Wars™ dreams as you fight with your favorite dark and light side heroes across iconic locations to become master of the galaxy. Create and customize your dream squad using characters from every era, including new characters from Solo™: A Star Wars™ Story, Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™, and Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story. Engage in turn-based RPG warfare, confront giant bosses, pilot legendary ships in space like the Millennium Falcon, and take your strategy to the next level!

Rebel leaders? Imperial stalwarts? You’re free to choose as you construct elite light and dark side teams while collecting heroes and other characters from the Star Wars™ universe. Develop your strategy and make key moves in this epic RPG. Pick teammates with complementary abilities and go to war with unbeatable squads!

Defeat opponents and rise to the top as you dominate the galactic hologames based in a far-off cantina. Improve your combat strategy by upgrading your heroes’ abilities as you play for even more powerful attacks and bigger wins. Then fight other players in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena, and Squad Tournaments to conquer the galaxy.

Make smart, tactical decisions and equip your heroes with cool gear to enhance their damage. Unlock fun abilities to make your team unstoppable as you unleash commanding moves like Luke Skywalker’s Destined Strike, Darth Vader’s Force Crush, and Young Han Solo’s Trick Shot.

Collect iconic starships, including the Millennium Falcon, and massive Capital Ships, like Admiral Ackbar’s Home One, to construct your war fleets. Keep your cool in fast-paced space combat, deploy reinforcements, and turn the tide of battle with the right strategy. Face fun new challenges and compete in the Fleet Arena to test your prowess. Gather unique upgrade materials for characters, available only as rewards for ship battles. Each vessel has its own crew and strategy, adding special skills to individual ships. Recruit powerful pilots to create the strongest armada in the galaxy!

Lead Raids with friends and fight against bosses like the Rancor, AAT Tank, and the Sith Triumvirate when you create a customizable Guild. Collaborate to form a strategy with your Guild in Territory Battles where members unleash their entire arsenal of characters and ships against a progressively evolving battlefield. Show your dominance when you face off in games against other Guilds to conquer territories and top global leaderboards in Territory War.

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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes App Description & Overview

The applications Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes was published in the category Games on 2015-11-24 and was developed by Electronic Arts. This application file size is 174.90 MB. Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes current version is 0.17.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Now introducing Relic Amplifiers, Heroes fans! Build the ultimate version of your Star Wars™ collection, with a unique weapon or icon for every single character in the Cantina. In this update, you can:

•Collect unique weapons and items from all over the Galaxy as you power up your characters
•Grant stat boosts with Relic Amplifiers to create better-defined “roles” in combat and massive power increases
•For the first time, use your existing gear to create brand-new items with the Scavenger – every single piece of gear in your collection is valuable
•Celebrate your collection and your power with all-new alignment-specific Gear 13 frames and League Portrait frames

The update also includes several performance improvements and fixes. Thanks for playing!

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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Comments & Reviews

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many sad customers   1 star

Horrible company horrible game. CG decision to handle the Malay event cost me over $50.00 dollars in lost gear and Relics pieces. Horrible customer service.... just stay way and give your hard earn cash to another better developer

Tuvshindj   4 star

Grand arena. Can u please match same lvl opponent in grand arena when i play grand arena 80% of them is way more powerful got all characters and gear lvl 13 how can i defeat someone who ten times powerful than me. Its so unfair. U gotta work on this. Or make your gear upgrade kits easier to get?

Stinking awesome   5 star

Amazing. I’ve been playing for three years and this game keeps getting better. The one thing I would say that I would want added is more characters from the sequel trilogy. But that’s probably going to come after the ninth movie is released. Great game. Keep up the good work!

DrTroglodyte   5 star

Dang near impossible to progress.. They must have lowered the chances of getting shards for characters. I’ve been playing this game since about when it came out and there wasn’t much to do (except for a couple months after Disney bought Star Wars). And earlier this year I was able to get a character unlocked and 7 stars after maybe a week and a half or two if I use my energy on it every day. I was actually able to grind for characters. But at some point, I started only getting maybe 1 or 2 shards a day (even spending saved gems to refresh I won’t get any) so I’ve spent dang near all this entire year of 2019 trying to get 2 characters to 7 star. 2 characters. They have been 5 and 6 stars for longer than I can even remember specifically anymore. And when I try to get support. It’s just send an email or post. Nothing happens. But that’s probably just EA. I love this game and I love playing it. But for months upon months all I can do is use all my energy every day and get 1 or 2 shards sometimes getting none. I’ve started just to play other games and forget to come back. If this can’t get fixed I’m gonna quit and I’d recommend new players stay away. You won’t get anywhere and it’ll be a waste of time.

nsadaniel   1 star

Pay to play aka win. Win by spending all of your money.

PrincessLeia66   5 star

Addictive. Its fun but if you don’t buy the upgrades it takes forever to advance a character

Orphilly    1 star

Greedy EA. Pay to play.

Chrissy_Kissy10   1 star

Use to be fun and battles closed match. Not the case any longer. As long as you pay the right price you can have a 11 gear or less beat a 12 or higher team beaten at ease. Like an 87k beat a team with 118+. Like nothing. So yeah this game has taken turn for the worse. Thanks to the one sided unfair disadvantages it’s time to delete and move on. Best of luck.

Quincy123abc   5 star

Star Wars is the best. Quincy123 thinks that Star Wars is the best thing created😁

Adfgjcru   2 star

Won’t load - stuck loading cantina. Is there maintenance. It won’t open. Do I reinstall? Been this way over a week.

Druc   3 star

Crap since latest update. Also have to restart my android device to be able to play.. I feel that the “new 3v3 fleet battle” is crap, as well as everything you did to change the battles and the abilities. When I have 20,000 more power on my fleet I should not be losing. Somehow, with the help of the damage immunity disappearance from Mace Windu capital ship and every single person dodging or resisting the effects that my ships deal or should be dealing, I lose. Also, was the timer reduced in battle? The mechanics of that part of battle were really good, until you changed it. You made it from a game that I get excited to play, to something that rivals Boom Beach or Clash of Clans where people are only going to get ahead if they spend real life dollars, in turn making me want to never play it again. You just chalked this up as a game that will probably not be played anymore. Thanks EA, for ruining a good thing.

PM in the Tropics   5 star

Super Addicting. Guess I have to give it 5 stars since it’s the only game I’ve played this much for this long. If I was married this would probably end us up in counseling.

ch. xhfcthcFh tu   5 star

Addictive. I can not stop playing

Duclan2   2 star

Unbalanced. Typical greed from devs. Many issues with this game and I have played off an on for years. Built up two separate accounts and still have same issues with gameplay. 1) Pet peeve with all this type of game. Devs do not leave you alone to build the characters you want but instead hide the best characters behind a wall of garbage characters. Example - cannot get C3PO unless you build up an entire Ewok team of 7* and geared to the hilt. Nobody wants five Ewoks and this is the way for the devs to get people to spend money to get a character they want. Just let me spend my money and time on what I want. Selfish, greedy tools. 2) Way overpowered characters. But be careful because once you spend money and time to get that character they will nerf it weaker or just being out an even more powerful character. 3) No deals and lottery system. Supposedly you can get 10-330 character pieces. You only get 10 every time. Believe me, I have purchased at least 25 of these packs, never more than 10. 4) Ships is still awful. After all those time is still not dynamic, boring as can be. Just play it to get experience. Once I reach 85 level again, never play ships again. 5) Forces socialization. I don’t want to be part of a guild and be forced to play with others and forced to follow their rules and drop everything because someone decided to run a guild event at midnight. However, if you aren’t in a guild and do guild events, some gear can only be purchased at ridiculous amounts. I’m bored with writing this so I give up pointing out the issues. Another app that simply does not allow the player to follow his or her own path. You can only succeed if you do what the devs want you to do. No thanks because I don’t follow greedy, stupid people. Avoid like the plague.

VGCole   5 star

It needs a reset feature. This game is very good, needs a reset feature though.

_G.O.D   5 star

Great. Love it although more clones would be nice (:

DjKnollwood   2 star

Good engaging game has become pay to play. Game is good. Watched it become a major cash run from the creators. Was f2p and a good one when I started. It's become strictly pay to play recently. New characters and stuff comes out, can't get the new stuff unless you pay. They haven't updated any levels or areas of the game just keep having us build toons with false promises of things we really want. Jedi luke, the biggest toon in Star Wars, is not even in the game. Disappointed but still playing...... Wrote this review months ago and finally quit last week. This game is ridiculous now. I’ve spent thousand over the years and was super competitive. I’ve watched other around me leave. Gear toons for money and get no content or toons you want. Keep playing the same TB over and over. All the new content they release it buggy and it not even new. It’s just reskinned crap. I swear there are only two Devs working for cg. Nothing works and when you take advantage or a bug, not even your fault, they take and take. Steer clear!!!

Shareholder129   1 star

Garbage Game. Game makes all its money from China and Russian transactions. Russian Mafia and Triade launders stolen credit cards and then resells items in this game to consumers at reduced cost. Like playing games with cheaters from other countries? This is the game for you.

Riggsinator   1 star

Once upon a time a decent game. Now it’s a total cash grab that requires you to spend thousands. Strategy and intelligent playing has been patched out in favor of whoever pays more.

Ryan Siracusa   1 star

Typical pay to win EA Trash.. Nothing new here another game with any hopes of getting ahead lay with a pay-wall if you want to be competitive be ready to spend lots of money.

FREE BLADER   5 star

Too many ingame purchases. I know it’s made by EA but come on it’s like you make free to plays (including me) to buy things just to progress!

XWrty00833   4 star

Highly addictive!. Enjoying this, immensely. So far, no complaints. 👍

Shoca123123   1 star

This review unlocks at 1 star. This review is farmable in the GET store. It will cost $500 to unlock at 1 star. Yep, thats what this game has degenerated to. F2P is gone.

636484616   1 star

Waste of time and money. I feel like this game isn’t fair and you have pay a lot to get anywhere also don’t like all the pop ups I swear there’s a pop everytime i wanted anakin and a pop up came up for him along with other jedi but you only get half the shards to make him for 20$ thanks

kogarvandalin   1 star

Makes you feel punished for not playing. By the time you catch up to the meta the game has already moved the bar for the whales. I play not because I want to but because I feel social pressure from my guild and feel as if I am punished for not logging in and farming each day. I have played this game since it launched for multiple years. At first I was having fun and free to play could be competitive. They started releasing newer and stronger heroes that would dominate the meta and cost anywhere from $5 - $750 depending on how lucky you get with their loot boxes. You need 330 shards to make a hero and loot boxes is 5-330. The Average cost of a hero is $500. Or you can wait for it to become available to farm for free in about 3 months and with how low drop rates are take another 3 months. Here is where you start to feel punished for not playing. You get 5 chances a day. Sometimes you get 5 shards a day and feel great and others you get 0 for a week straight. Recently they have been releasing legendary heroes that require 5 heroes at max level to farm. These legendary heroes started out as needing 5 free to play heroes and quickly escalated to now taking 5 heroes that cost $500 each on average. So the meta of you want to be in it you’d have to spend $2500 or get extremely lucky. You can enjoy the game if you aren’t wanting to be at the top. However all progression after about 6-8 months of playing is based off guild progression so there is a lot of social pressure to stay competitive. You need to spend money or farm what the best is. Not what you want to play.

ibsmittyq   1 star

Crap!. This game is the best if you like graphics & sound. However, unless you like seeing dodge, & resisted bout 10+plus times a match keep looking for a game with no bs. The matches are ridiculous! Just did galactic battle and 3 times in a row, didn’t even get a chance to attack before my team was wiped out. The turn meters are absurd, counter attack for AI is absurd, and almost every match AI has taunt, and when you use a player who supposed to have taunt it doesn’t work. EVER! The arena battles are also ridiculous. When playing an opponent who has 3 less stars on their characters and 30k less power, less shields, and still wipes your team out in few turns , its a waste of time. You’ll spend energy trying to unlock characters and you may get lucky enough to get 1-2 shards here and there so takes forever to one to lvl 7 stars, or even unlock. Would be best game out there but they never fix the bugs, make a fair playing ground, or give you more from energy used, and the battles, ALL of them, ridiculous! 🙄

Nztnorman   4 star

The latest update fixed the issues I was having with the game.. Overall the game is fun. People seem to have the biggest problem with the way new characters are turned out. Sometimes that can be annoying. Sometimes to get one character, you need ten other characters at a high level, and when you get that one new character you will have a key figure who puts you in the top 100 of squad arena. To keep the game interesting you need new characters with new skills, but you don’t want your old characters to be rendered useless. This puts developers in a no win situation: they need new players who can be competitive quickly, but if they are, old players who have 80% of toons maxed out are going to be annoyed when newbies with 20 characters they bought are at nearly their level. Bottom line, the game is fun, but: you will be disappointed if you expect to immediately have every new character that comes out without spending extra money, if you expect to be in the top 50 without spending any money, or if you just join the game and expect to have every character there is quickly.

Stephen Montgomery   3 star

Championships. I think it is really fun but now that they have taken zeta mats out of the rewards I am very angry if they do not add them back I will get everyone I know to quit

beebop9191   5 star

SWGOH. Now all we need are some more ships and a more balanced GAT. Relics have helped with new TB’s great work please keep it up

Good reveiw!   5 star

Amazing and original. Fun to play and no bugs what so ever and like a classic RPG!

Advertorial    5 star

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nativeprd   5 star

Sweet. Pretty good when I’m high

alberta 7   1 star

Money grab. Another EA pay to play game that is actually really boring.

jtocky71   1 star

Developers have lost relationship with community. Sad, people love the game and devs have taken advantage of this. Great game, pathetic service model.

benrankel   1 star

Pay to win garbage. Title says it all

deathbite   5 star

Trying to get my old data and it keeps saying error reset game :(. Please fix this

Simono10   5 star

More characters please. Great game but you should add more toons to make it more fun!!

JJP419   3 star

This game. It takes too long to load😡. But the game is good

simbiote   1 star

bait young kids into buying “crystals”. I am so mad at this game because it advertises to children to buy crystals. In two days my ten yr old son somehow spent $54 on my visa for crystals without my knowledge. I have since changed all passwords but I reached out to apple support and to the game developer for a refund with no response. KoT clearly doesnt care about customers.

squrrelflight   5 star

Not rp. It’s totally not role play you weirdo

Allik Laires   1 star

Review Unlocked!. This review unlocks at 1-Star. The shards for the rest of the Stars are only available in the GET Store.

Lemendis   5 star

Awesome game. Engaging and complex game that gets better as you advance.

Someguypronazi   1 star

Awful game.. This game is just dreadful with its pay walls and mandatory micro transactions to keep up with the game. Even when you do catch up, they just release new gear walls for characters which force you to spend money to compete at all. There is very little actual game content. This game is not fun, unless you like spending money.

VinnytheTank   1 star

Do Not Spend. I have been playing for years. I just quit buying anything a year ago because it was never enough, $400 to $500 for the latest character, or farm it for 6 months or more. However, new pay to play items way more often then that. You can’t keep up without spending thousands.

Disheartened33   2 star

What happened?. I’ve been playing this game for 4 years and have loved it but it seems as of late they just don’t care anymore

UKentDoThat   1 star

Love the IP, can’t stand what the devs are doing.. I’ve been playing this game for four years now, you’ve sucked as much money as you’re gonna get out of me. Become a lil more player friendly and maybe I’ll reconsider. You’ve read the forums. You know what you’ve done wrong. Learn the definition of compensation and act on it.

Rigbus   1 star

Won’t listen to player base. Cg refuses to listen

Mr.Butler   1 star

SWGOH. It’s a pay to pay game

Cheeser78   1 star

On its way out...... It’s a shame but I just can’t say anything good about this game anymore. The dev team has just lost control of the game. I’m a f2p player and I’ve never felt so left out. They only care about sales and not actually making any parts of the game fun anymore. Nothing to do but hoard resources and wait for the next broken thing that comes down the pipes. I’ve played for four years now FYI. Glad I’ve never spent a dime on this game/job.

Minic_st   5 star

It’s a great game! I have however noticed some possible hacking.. Thumbs up

jalessi7   5 star

This game awsome!!!!! 😀😃. Thi love it

Leavinggame!   2 star

Dramatic decline in quality and return on time. Preys on an addictive model, should be audited!!. I have played this game for 1 year, initially it was engaging. However, each month the game has become tedious, error prone with lack of communication from the developers. Not worth starting, I am done with this game!!

CG sucks   1 star

They don’t care. They don’t care of players only get more money from us.

Gugcyjcs   5 star

Great game, great community!. I’ve been playing for over three years now the game is great. The community and guilds are awesome! Contrary to all these you have to spend posts, you don’t as long as you have patience.

Yes it does   1 star

$. There is nothing to do in this game but spend money.

JJ 357898:($(?'j   1 star

Great game if you’re a whale or kraken. Awesome game I Loved it. I played since day 1 but I decided to delete it today and I don’t regret the decision. The game is too expensive even Bill Gates would go broke playing.

MkCatt   1 star

Becoming a nuisance. This game was great up until the last few months where the Revan meta killed the game. Now they’ve struggled to keep the game bug-free and have cancelled the Malak event twice. Not how you do business. Save yourself and go play something else.

Adam 777   2 star

Mistakes. They update the game then when they make mistakes they punish the player for it super frustrating

Dark Yod   4 star

Good community and game. Bad dev and really expensive.. That it

Louder then cats   1 star

Not much left. Player base is angry as a hornets nest. The last year of this game has been a catering to its pay to win player base. There is a shallow glass ceiling to player base who do not spend regularly and frivolously. You could at the the beginning grind your way past this, but that is no longer the situation.

x_UrCuRse_x   1 star

Review Reconciliation Plan. Due to bug this review was unintentionally given 5 stars. I will be reverting my review for this game back to 1 star. Unfortunately I cannot allow these stars to remain in the review system without undercutting other game developers who earn their 5 star reviews. Additional stars can be earned by actually putting out content that makes the game fun and exciting instead of introducing shady mechanisms to gouge players into spending money.

Advertorial    5 star

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Ajrustyyyy   5 star

mint game. for the comic book lovers

Pops be tops   1 star

Too expensive, no value ..... Too expensive $$$$$$ to do anything even when do things with $$$$$ needs even more and more and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to do next things ... Game is totally rigged to rip the player a new hole every tim, if ya know what I mean ;-/ bad bad ugly cash game

Bean_701   5 star

Awesome. This game is the best game ever! My all time favourite game, best star wars game, just.. yeah, 5 stars m8 😉👍

moomoss101   5 star

2nd review on this game. The events are too hard ☹️ but it is a good game

Rocket pack man   5 star

Great game. Where’s Malak shards Events usually pay some shards) rewards

GRAMJ50   3 star

Star Wars game part 2. Sorry about GG this game is the best!!!!!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🐙😍🐔🦖🦂🐀🐀🐡🐀🐀🐀🐀🐖🐠🦈🐓🦍🐓🐀🐀🐀🐀 by GM Takes forever to load

The Review Guy 101   5 star

Amazing Strategic Game. I downloaded the game almost instantly. It’s an awesome progress game that’s not pay to win at all! Patience is certainly required at the beginning, but it is definitely worth the wait. You can always buy packages and energy to continue playing for longer periods of time if that’s what your gaming style is. Overall a great game more people should know about.

Mypetmonkey   1 star

Money grab..... Newest content was a $40 pack for 3 character shards (you need 300) and trash gear. Stupid levels of money grabbing.... gear brackets, mod brackets, now relic brackets. Not fun anymore, just a chore. Team battles are an absolute chore with the recent addition needing near impossible levels of gear, mods and relics just to make a dent. That is unless you’ve got an unlimited credit card.... pay to win trash with a boring meta. 3 year player 3.5M GP and just over it. The game is a chore.

Secret Hill   1 star

Money Grab. What was once a great game has turned into an epic cash grab by uncaring developers who don’t care about a loyal player base. Such a shame

Blompeyyyyyyy   1 star

Do not get sucked in. Good idea for a game, absolutely ruined by developer greed Do NOT download. The whole game exists to drain money out of you.

Pickle1371111   1 star

Bugs, cash grabs, abuse of Star Wars license. There is no content once you hit level 85. Drop rates are pathetic at even low gear levels, massive gear bottlenecks, predatory sales tactics aimed at whales with gambling addiction hidden under the disguise of a Star Wars game. Developers literally never listen to their community. Terrible game. Look else where

Abdiel Josh   1 star

Review unlocks at one star. Review unlocks at one star

Sonno Joi   1 star

Whales only. This game has turned into a blatant cash grab. It was always somewhat pay to win but has now got completely ridiculous. Time to find a new game.

Domecafe   1 star

Galaxy of Stores ...... Pay more, get less, get less pay more.... if can do that you can enjoy. Just when you thought it was that bad it gets worse new players forget even trying.... old players giving up trying, game has truly been destroyed by greedy Corp.... game modes require tens of thousands of dollars to even pass one single area ...yes TB geo looking at you not even g13 toons can handle it :( sad Corp yes you sad... bye bye galaxy ...BOOM!$!$!$!$$$

[EX] Orc   1 star

Darth Malak.. Can’t get bugs fixed and the gap is getting bigger between higher tier players and lower. This is the second time I’ve had to wait to get Darth Malak and still can’t because the event gets pulled out of the list. Makes me want to stop wasting time on this game.

Steve2772evets   1 star

Like crack without the high. Horrible cash grab. Thanks for ruining a great game CG.

Darth Yaco   1 star

Digging for shards. This review unlocks at 1 star, the other stars are available at the GET store.

Jimmy5927   1 star

Do not play this. I’ve been playing this game for several years since launch and it’s been getting progressively worse for free to play players. The game devs only care about the people who sink huge amounts of money into it and continually find new ways to f*ck the free to play players or people who don’t want to spend as much money. Even those like myself who have played since launch are still unable to get some of the newest meta characters let alone how tf are any new players meant to stand a chance.

MaatyG   1 star

Don’t bother playing. Ruined the game with Relics literally a couple weeks after g13 announcement. Been playing for 3 years and they absolutely destroyed this game

Masonator2   1 star

What happened to this game :(. Insanely overpriced items. Expensive packs that give you a chance to earn a percentage of a character. Increasing paywalls. Rampant power creep. Bugs. The devs ignore bugs but as soon as people are getting shards of a character by mistake(talking about Malak) they immediately go into lockdown, postponing the event and reversing people’s malak shards. There has also been a big lack of content with the only new things being gear for people to pay insane prices for and new characters that require absurd amounts of power or heroes. It’s sad to see what this game has become :(

agenthunt   1 star

Save your money. Developer have made it pretty clear this game is on its last legs and they are trying to squeeze whatever they can before shutting it down. Save your money and play something else

Joseph Geiger   5 star

Star Wars Galaxy of hero’s. The best Gaming App I’ve ever played has everything thing that u would hope for in a game very addictive I’m loving it!!!! play it everyday thank u for creating this absolutely awesome game cheers

WEEGEE!!!!   4 star

I like this game but. There's 2 problems! 1: I can't play this game! When I go to play the game it saids "new client available" and when I click the "okay" button it takes me to the App Store and show me the game but there's nothing to be done! No update no nothing! And when I go back to it, it just sits there for infinity doing nothing! Plz fix it! 2: it gets lagy after playing for awhile! When I first play it it's perfectly normal but after a bit it gets lagy, Fix the lag and fix the "new client" / nothing thing plz! Thank you 😊

Aribean07   1 star

EA Money Grabbers Do it Again!. EA makes major mistakes and then punishes the loyal player base - yet again. It's all about the money now, and NO NEW CONTENT, just more Pay To Win strategies.... Do not even begin playing!

Nickname was takendkalbgnsifjd   1 star

Cash grab update. Cash grab update after cash grab update, focusing heavily on the big spenders who play this game, with less and less to do with the characters we gear up.

Mattz4327   1 star

Almost Dead Now. I have played since the game launched early in Australia, and it was never perfect but it was never as bad as it is now. The game hasn’t had any new playable content for months, the devs are only releasing cash grabs and scams and calling it new content. Hundreds of big spenders have left the game but the devs just don’t care. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone ever.

Dave from au   1 star

Starts well but that’s all. This game is a great start up game. You will enjoy it early because the game play is great and your favourites are all there. As you progress you will hit a wall. That wall is massive unless you are prepared to dump thousands of dollars. The developers don’t care about the player base just the money they can make.

Nick_Cook   1 star

Once great. Now dying.. This is not a raging, ‘I want to make a point’, one star review. That star is deeply considered, and it really pains me to give it, but this is a game squeezed to death by cash grabs that mangled the most passionate fan community of any franchise ever into indifference. Mistakes by the developer, bugs that linger, bizarre and arbitrary ‘corrections’, when they make mistakes they don’t realise until later, and which demonstrate the almost total absence of testing and development they do... Was once great, and may be again, but the prognosis does not look good. If you pick it up, it’ll be fun to start, but you’ll find yourself in an abusive relationship without question.

N4LIVROU   2 star

Not as it once was.. This game was once fun and you felt a sense of pride and achievement for unlocking a new character. Now everything is just being continually put behind a pay wall and you must spend a lot of money to keep up with the top players. There is no pride in unlocking anymore, and I wouldn’t recommend this game to new players unless you’re willing to fork out thousands of dollars.

bugzy_80   1 star

BORING. Don’t waste your time. Seriously.. Run. Don’t look back. It’ll drain your life and if you want to compete on a decent level you have to use serious $$$. I’m serious now. Don’t download if you haven’t already. You won’t get anywhere in this game unless you invest years. It’s dull, time consuming and requires no skill (other than a credit card). Go play Tetris. Download tennis, or archery. Something else other than this. It’s as pointless as wipers on a submarine. Tetris. Honestly. Go.

Bling bling ha gay   1 star

This game is on a roller coaster to its death. Me and my alliance of about 300 members have officially quit the game. This being because the pay to win gap is so huge the only time you move up in arena at max level rank (which isn’t hard to get to) is when your passing up dead accounts using old metas. Most people that still play the game spend hundreds of dollars and have the biggest advantage over your possible. Therefore, me and my alliance have moved to dragon champions which is exactly like this game but less pay to win.

$acrageking   5 star

whisper)-guess what I GOT MORE IDEAS. ill be the most annoying person reviewing your game but itll be ideas and ideas only the game might look like its at its peek right now to some players I know this because some people have told me they have already finished playing the game but i think i can change their minds if something new was added this idea might not sound like the best but it can be something new to start “farming” speeder/ speeder battles - this doesn’t need to be a big thing but it will be new and simply something else to try play while on the game (ahnald might not be able to wipe away his smile for a few days) also it will have to be a good number of speeders ao their can be arena i also have requested this before but i think sand box but only with characters you already have just to practice or learn or for fun but also somewhere else to spend time MULTIPLAYER !! very simple just invite ally to fight and do so more youtube content and communication with players games like COD and JWTG have this event thing that goes for all players around the world to do missions like get a total of kills and stuf swgoh one could be like earn 30000 shards in a week or you know stuf like that i will not give any nore character requests because y’all probably have alot in mind + any character counts alot whoever reads this thankyou and tomorrow will be the best day of your life be blessed

maxALfredo3210   5 star

Good game. This is one of the best games I have seen so far and I really like it the only thing that I do not like about it is that you need a lot of time to be good at it even if you play mostly all day.

vas oap dai   5 star

Star Wars galaxy of hoeros•. I love your game

Iv450   4 star

Lost progress but still fun. I was level 48 and every time I reinstalled this game I still had my progress. But this time I didn’t and that took me a very long time. I think I had a 5 star character but I had a lot of 3 and 4 star characters. And I was also more than half way done with the light on the hologram table. And I think I had a character with level 5 equipment and almost to level 6 I think. Well, now I’m surprised that I didn’t get my progress back. Pls get my progress back if you have time. I don’t know if this helps but I do have a Game Center account but thank you if you can do it

answers42   1 star

Unbalanced. Bots are ridiculous to play against this this game. They know every statistic and will basically always win, it’s unfair. Getting character to rank 13 also takes about a year if you don’t pay real money. Ship battles are waaaaay too unbalanced and everyone uses the same squads over and over and over in arena to the point where it’s unfair or impossible to win. This game is a pay to win game and I hate it. The most unfair squad is the geonosian squad. Who in their right mind thought of allowing every geonosian to attack at the same time when one uses a special ability. Also you’re ridiculous to allow them to have 8 or more turns before you can even have one!! Fix this or get a new job!

Homework finisher!   5 star

BEST GAME EVER... but something happened. Ok so for years I have been playing this game! It’s the best! But I took a long break from it... and when I came back on... EVERYTHING, and mean EVERYTHING IS GONE. All of my data, people, just everything! GONE! It reset! How did this happen and how do I fix it!? Please let me know ASAP PLEASE!

1191018   5 star

Heros. Dark side easy

heweltnick   1 star

Galaxy Of Hoarders. This game went from the greatest mobile game ever to something that’s just a chore. I still play with the hope of a turn around.

GratitudeBlessings   5 star

It is great. This is a good game to play!

Jacob .H.   5 star

What A Game. This game is really fun and engaging. With many levels and events, you never get bored.

DrGhostly   1 star

Trash. Don’t let this game’s star rating fool you - it absolutely is pay to win. CG, as an arm of EA, is absolutely greedy. They even pride themselves on that fact - addressing bugs that affect their bottom line but not ones that actually break what they call gameplay.

rushfan2007   4 star

Good game, but.... The game is pretty good, however some of the events are ridiculously hard even if your characters are maxed out. It’s too the point that I don’t even play them most times. Some of the events need to be adjusted. Also the ships part of the game seems to be off as well.

GodSaved0808   5 star

Don’t download. This game has gone to complete incompetence failure at the highest levels. They say the curb and deal with cheating but they don’t if you spend enough you can do whatever you want. #FakeNews. Cheaters should be stripped and flogged not rewarded

bullbroa   1 star

This game is a fraud. Pay to win and your account can get banned for no reason whatsoever. This game is a joke

a revanite   2 star

Make special events to hard for non paying players. Trying to get malak,chewie, both revans are a pain. Then after all the work and time you spend to have them ready you have a horrible time trying to beat it. Best example lightside malak for moment. Also having separatists at certain power level to even use in tb is messed up. I got the droids done and was defeated first round.

Battlestar5   1 star

Unhappy Player(s). I’ve been a Free Player for 3 Years (F2P) & I have managed to unlock Emperor Palpatine , Grand Master Yoda, Hermit Yoda, R2D2, All the KOTOR Characters, All the Jedi, All the Bounty Hunters, All the Rebels, All of The Elite Clone Troopers (my favorite), All the First Order and 50% of the Fleet Ships and a lot more along with average 3 Stars on each and evenly at Gear Level VII. Only ones I cannot unlock are the Tier 5 Star Unlocks. And I am just concerned if the Tier 5 Star Unlocks is going to be the norm hence forth? In other words: Are the Tier 2 Marquee Character Unlocks Gonzo or will we ever see the return of any Marquee Events? And whats up with Pilotless ships? Like Boring - Count Dooku should have a that Solar Sailing Ship & Grand Master Yoda should have a Republic Capital Ship! And where’s the Biker Scout? His Portrait is in the game but not his character and WHEN will they ever create Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker?? And is sad to see all these negative reviews! And for Star Wars? This is unbelievable! We see TONS of negative press on almost every website & on YouTube regarding the slow death to Star Wars thanks to Disney’s mishandling of Star Wars on so many levels & I am almost 100% Positive that Disney came to EA & CG sometime a couple of years ago and I am pretty sure they told them that they need to change course to SWGOH and find ways to not allow unlocks for almost free anymore because I know what Disney is and it all about the $$$. I mean the game was already making Millions but just like any corporate capitalist mentality - “Why settle with Millions when you can have Billions?” Like how much is enough? Sad to say but SWGOH is just going to be another gaming victim of Disney & yet another Star Wars Failure that’s going to let all of us fans down again unless they turn things back around & get everyone happy again because THAT is what made Star Wars so amazing - The Happiness of the Fans. Books, Comics, Action Figures, & The Games!

Youngoldguygirl   1 star

Greed. All the fun has been soaked up. They are pushing the boundaries on how much they can sell content for. $100 packs have become the norm. $300 to unlock toons. $60 for relics. The drop rates are insane. If you have a $1000 a month budget to play than you might enjoy this.

25thD   5 star

What can I say?. I have never written a review, for anything, before. Well, this game has been very addicting to me for a long time. I have been playing this game for roughly around three to four years, taking at least a four month break every now and then. It has taken a long time for me to get to where I am currently in the game since I am a free to play player and haven’t spent a single dime on this game even though all my guild mates spend hundreds on it. I’m not the best but I still have a blast earning all my heroes and increasing their strength. Also if you’re new, don’t buy the packs, quite the rip-off, hence why I’m free to play, the chance to get shards more than 7 for a character is insanely difficult. Just buy shards if you really intend you use money. Thanks for a great game, creators!

Pd Wordsmith   1 star

Another Geedy Grab Update. First of all, I need to re-iterate how fun this game can be. So why 1 star? GREED! This update is another greedy grab by Capital Games to try to get you to spend THOUSANDS of dollars just to keep up. Yes, that’s THOUSANDS. I had several of my family playing this game together, but my youngest son who is in college took started calculating how much it would cost to every get decently competitive, and he saw it would take several thousand dollars just to compete, and then at least a $1000 a month to keep up, so he quit the game. Less fun for all of us. Many of the most experienced gamers are now moving on from this game to play less expensive knock-offs. Maybe the creators of this game will finally take notice and drop the price tag down, but I am not hopeful. My advice if you are considering this game? If you can afford to pay $1000 a mont for a mobile game, go for it. If you can’t, you might try one of the many other knock offs that are starting to appear.

Bruce lee 1992   2 star

Sell me old ben. I am expecting old ben pack. Sell me old ben

cbipskabip   1 star

Hot garbage. This game is garbage. Players pay for the creators mistakes. They give and take, money-grub, and cheat the players. Their customer support is some of the worst in the industry. Avoid this game like the plague.

BenWayneL   5 star

6 Months of my mobile gaming life. I started playing this game in May of 2019. It’s now October 31 2019. I have read many reviews. People talking about scams, leveling difficulties, a pay to win wall. I’m here to let you all know the truth about this game. After half a year of playing I have gone from player level 0 to player level 85. For those that don’t know, 85 is the max level. I have managed to build 3 formidable offensive squads. I have built 3 formidable defensive squads. I have found a guild with great players. I have earned a promotion in that guild and am looked at in high regards. Though compared to my guild mates, I am weak. My galactic power level is around 650K. Many players claim they can not get characters passed star level 2 or 3. In two of my main squads all my characters are 7 stars. My 3rd main squad has three 6 Star characters and building the other 2 characters. I’ve also seen players claim they can not get passed gear level 5. That is a damnable lie. Any character I use on the regular is a minimum gear level 9. Mind you I’m a free to play player. People claim it’s all about certain squads. To a degree I agree with this statement. This game is all about synergy. If you have a 100K squad that has nothing to do with one another, there is a great chance a 60-80K squad will dominate you if they have synergy. If your squad leader is weak then your squad will more than likely die quickly and stand no chance against those of us that have gotten to know the way the game is supposed to be played. I will say that if you are a free to play player it will take awhile to really feel like you’re strong. That’s how these games work. If it were a perfect world we could just play and the best players would win. That’s not the situation though. If you have the money to spend you’ll dominate early and quickly. All of my guild mates are F2P. The stronger guys, a good half of the guild, are top 100 players in squad arena and fleet. Some are even top 10. They are reassuring to those like me that are weaker, that in time we will get there as well. I believe in them and will keep on keepin’ on. Unlike a lot of games, this one doesn’t throw ads in your face after every match or anything. After I collect my daily log in, an ad to buy something pop up. That’s the only one that pops up. One exception to this, If they have a new item or sale. Which is about once a week for sales. New items/ characters/ ships, features are about once a month or so. If you’re going to be a free to play player expect a grind. The first 60 player levels go by pretty fast. After that is when the grind happens. Especially from 75-85. New people have fun. Veterans keep at it. Deuces.

MrDrProfessorPhD   1 star

Paywalls are not content. This review unlocks at 1 star. The other stars are available in the GET store.

PopeFrancis666   2 star

Dark Malak. They keep pulling the event from the game as soon as a I play it. Will change review once fixed! I love Star Wars and this is a good game otherwise but needs more content!!

Woppledorf   5 star

Pretty fun. This is your normal pay to win character builder battle each other thing. It’s just more fun cause it’s Star Wars. On a positive note, you can still get all the good stuff just from playing. It takes years, though. Can’t log in after me update, though.

Peymanxp   1 star

So slow. Just download the latest version with ios13.2 on iphone - in the middle of arena fight - the app just crashes - and throws u out - losing your credits!!! What kind of scam ! With yr new update the game is so slow loading and crashing even more

arbofett   5 star

What’s up with Malak?. 4 lom and zuckuss capital ship and jango ship would be cool. And f2p friendlier

ふじさきはやと   5 star

Empire Update. I would greatly appreciate it if you added an Imperial Update with these following changes: all Imperial Troopers know have this new ability: For the Empire! Whenever another Imperial ally attacks, they have a 70% chance of assisting, and have a 30% chance of adding 10% attack bonuses with a stack limit of 5. The Royal Guard has a new ability: Stand Together, and he will grant bonuses of Speed and attack power to any Imperial ally that gains a critical hit. A new character (s) are: Iden Versio, Del Meeko, Gideon Hask, Imperial medic and Admiral Versio.

MaximusMuttaroo   1 star

What once was good.... The dark side (greed) has set in the universe. No longer can good battle evil for a reasonably priced coin. Today, you can spend $99 for a CHANCE to get what you need. Expect to play competitively? Invest your cash then. I am a long time player, and while I’ve always enjoyed the idea of the game, it doesn’t work out anymore and the game has become a cash grab. Leaders are leaving, new content is only released to drive income, and unless you build a team in a very specific way, you can’t compete (less mirror matches today than 6 months ago, but still very limited options).

by . Jimbo   1 star

Star was Galaxy of heroes. It was a fun game when it came out . Now it’s pay to win. Get anywhere in game .

Alres3   5 star

Great game. Started the game back in 2017 and it was great. Took a break and got back it!! It’s still a great game and yeah it takes time but trust me. You don’t need to pay to win and besides you get a lot of free gems that you can use for packs but there not worth.

CunninghamOne   1 star

Could be great!!!. This could and would be a great mobile game, if it wasn’t for one problem. Ea are behind it. The sooner use morons lose that star wars contract the better.

nuttynutkick   3 star

Woohoo. Taiwan #1 China #4

Switch421   5 star

It got me. I was cleaning out the apps on my phone and came across Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes...I had downloaded it the week of release and now, more than 2.5 years later, had never even opened it. Instead of deleting it as planned, I thought I should at least see what it was like. I’d had friends play it but had t joined in. 1 year later, I haven’t failed to login even one day, belong to a great guild and compete for elite spots vs other players. If you like Star Wars, this is a must. ‘Nuff said.

Mit W   1 star

Removed characters. Characters are so cheap, only way you can go up the rank is pay with real money. I had earth nilhus then they removed him from my account and all the shards I’ve earned.... ridiculous waste of time

NovaLegends   5 star

Amazing. This game is so fun and it is also hard but that’s the fun part

Card Boss   4 star

Needs more Teamwork aspect. Love the game. But when you get high up it just becomes a SIM game. All you do is simulate all your battles. Needs more tea, interaction, all you can do is donate gear. There is no co-op battles etc. No teamwork.

Fabianicius   2 star

Latest Update Broke this Game. Since the update on September 11, 2019, you cannot play this game without experiencing connection issues that ruin all enjoyment of the game. Waiting two to three minutes to load another section of the game, or waiting equally as long to finish a battle and go back to the main screen is not the least bit pleasurable. I’ve been playing for more than a year now and have never experienced issues like this until I updated.

187Trigger187   5 star

Very good game. Love the game

Thisguy228   1 star

Used to be good, now pay to win over top. I’ve played for a few years. Used to love it. But now every new hero and expansion are getting more and more impossible to get unless you spend hundreds of dollars on the game. Uninstalled after 2-3 years of play. Don’t waste your time/money

Uncle buckky   1 star

Game use to be fun and exciting. This game is no longer fun for me or my friends anymore we find that people that have paid to play, owe this game and you can’t Compete as a free to play player you’ll never catch up you’ll never beat them as every day that goes by, they only get stronger and you cannot. Even at this point if you were to start today it would take you years to get to the end game content. The developers seem to only care about the money rather than the player. I hate how this game has turned this way it used to be so much fun and enjoyment. Now it’s nothing more than a disappointment

prhcugnr ybejcy uskrn   4 star

Fun game. Me and my dad play the game together

Boredone75   1 star

Update. Since the update lots of lag and kicked out of the app every 5 minutes

RangiToa   1 star

Bait and switch scam. Developer expects you to spend thousands of dollars on this game per year just to stay competitive. Pure pay to play scam. This “game” utilizes predatory (addictive and highly psychologically manipulative) gambling mechanics to get you to spend money and keep you spending by continuously devaluing your previous purchases. Avoid at all cost.

Stud911   1 star

Another stupid STAMINA system game. Why make a game with stamina system? If you don’t want people to play your game just don’t make it! The whole limit players to play with stamina is just lame.

Ltn.creechmaster   4 star

Il manque une option !. Bon jai réinstaller le jeux il va bien maintenant ! Tout ce qui manque c’est un bouton dans les guildes pour faire renvoyer les joueurs inactif 👉( seulement pour les joueurs inactif depuis un certain temps .Rendu a 1 an inactif ,c’est par ce que tu ne joue plus )👈 ! Dans ma guilde ,il y’a au moins 7 joueurs qui ne jouent plus depuis plus d’un an le grand chef as le record en plus ! Ils ne servent a rien et ils nous empêchent de faire des missions car ils ont des grades chef et commandant de guilde et on tout bloquer ! Si ont pourrait passer au vote ( le garder ou le renvoyer du poste de chef et autre grade de commandement meme s’il as créé le clan car ça fait plus d’un an qu’il ne joue plus ) les joueurs qui jouent chaque jours pourraient recruter des nouveaux joueurs , placer a la tete de la guilde des joueurs qui ferait évoluer la guilde en démarrant des missions et des combats de guilde ! C’est triste une guilde qui stagnent sur place !

Legend of gizmo   5 star

Very addictive. The best mobile game

Kami_Jo   1 star

Devs don’t listen.. Day one player. The devs don’t listen to what the community wants. All we want is new content. Why is that hard? Instead we get more gear to grind and re-skins of old content. I want a refund for all the useless toons I wasted time and money on when this game told us to be a collector. You need to be focused and rich. There is an event on now and no gear packs for sale in the store. It’s like they don’t want you have fun and play they try to hold you back and pay. All I want is to have fun again. Here your future. Log on grind. Log on sim and auto. Log on lose. Have fun with that.

Mandoweldar   5 star

Since launch. Been playing for years..good fun..perfect for star wars fans

Lightsabersrock   3 star

Expensive in both money & time. When you start playing the game, it’s fun and you can progress quickly without emptying your bank account. Once you get to the medium levels and higher, the game quickly loses its luster as you soon realize that you’re either going to spend A LOT of your money or A LOT of your time to just advance a little. And the game is designed to match you up against players that are stronger than you so you’ll want to spend more money just to play. It’s not a lot of fun watching half your squad get obliterated before you’ve even had a chance to take one shot. Personally, I’d say avoid this game like the plague. They’ve spent the money to do the research to know exactly how to get you addicted to the game. And addictive it is. Be aware. Seriously, there are better ways to spend your money and your time. Play at your own bank account’s risk

XxDarkFireGirlxX   1 star

Great, but.... Awesome game! Best ever, except... Money. Yes, to beat even a few battles later in the cantina, you have to literally spend hundreds of dollars. Gems are kind of hard to get, and cards for characters cost lots and lots of gems. Have a deep wallet prepared, years of work, and a SECOND deep wallet, because this game was designed to strip you of all your money.

knight conquest   5 star

Awesome game. Really hope to see characters from force unleashed 1 and 2 or Jedi fallen order. Love the new 501 faction and can’t wait for the next update

GameingBeaverWeazel   3 star

Fix bug pls. The game keeps crashing Pls fix it kept saying to restart the game because of poor connection or whatever even though I had strong wifi connection

bznekeyeb   4 star

Great game but. This is a very good game but does take a lot of time into it to be good and get good characters like getting shards for characters is hard

MrCoreyJLarge   1 star

Money grubbing game. The arena is shared by communist like people who manipulate the arena so they can “earn” their crystals and they gang up on anyone who refuses to accept their collusion....very garbage game design where they reward players who share the top rank instead of those who fight for it

Awesomness999   3 star

Amazing. Amazing but can you add Luke’s X-wing?And can you also add vehicle battles like with at AT-ATs and tanks and stuff? And all out combat(You have a leader like Captain Rex and a bunch of regular clone troopers and you can call in starship strikes and vehicle assaults. Each side takes turns ex. a basic attack would be like an attack of the clone troopers and a special one would be like a tank blast. Essentially army fighting and moving on a holotable. You can choose the leader of the army and what it contains ex. Regular clones with a few clone sergeants and Commander Cody leading it and you have defeat the entire enemy army’s health bar to win). I think these would be great additions and would make the game more fun and enjoyable for everyone. PS: Like I said the game is great but I can’t change my name. I hate being Bameiro Kulumie or whoever. There’s no way I can edit it either. I really want to change my name to become unique but there is no possible way. I’m asking if EA can help me out here and help me change my name. I’ll give you five stars if you help me. I also have no scocisl media account so helping me through that won’t work. Please help fast!!!

Lagoose1   5 star

Great game with this legendary star wars storyline.. Fun to play and addictive so be careful, it can be time and money consuming if you fall in the EA games dark side! May the force to resist be with you!

angel2infinity   5 star

Great game. I’ve been playing since it released and it’s a great game and as a free to play player I can tell you it’s not pay to win like some reviews are saying I’d spend some money at some point in the future just to support the game because it’s that good. There is a grind but there’s enough different stuff that it doesn’t get boring. Also the “loot boxes” as one review said aren’t loot boxes.

Carl0Sx   3 star

High Paywall, Pay2Win Scheme, Gets Repetitive. A highly paywalled game built for whales, this is a pay2win game. Difficult for F2P players to grind and compete at early events. Repetitive dailies. Lack of things to do with your squads. No sandbox mode for theory-crafting squad combinations. Arena metas currently last months and are long gone by the time F2P can unlock. New content is locked off in end-game access requiring high powered squads that take long periods of time. All that being said, this is likely the best Star Wars franchise game on mobile to play. If you are super passionate about Star Wars and super patient with long grinds, or have bottom-less pockets with rolls of cash... you can meet some great people and have some fun. If not, you may get discouraged fast.

DolphinDolphinDolphinDolphin   5 star

Epic Games. This is an epic gamer experience.

@做為你們的心態在場⋯⋯在   1 star

Disappoint. This game is ripping off its players

Gamzboy   5 star

Great game. Top game and easy to get addicted to but it can be expensive if you want to progress and compete with other players. I wish they gave out more crystals to everyone to upgrade their characters.

General_____Zod   5 star

Star Wars. Great Game 5*

player-991027587   5 star

great game. I love it it is amazing

John from Aus   1 star

Great game but lots of bugs and no support. This game is fantastic unless you are playing on iPhone. Sadly it freezes and crashes daily. Each time it freezes you lose data I have contacted EA several times over the last 3 months not a single response. All of my guild members using an iPhone are having the same problem, The game was great for long time but EA seem to have abandoned it now don’t bother downloading it.

NoahWayneCheesman   5 star

Star Wars. It’s amazing please make more Star Wars games like this.

Shayne_____   2 star

Really enjoyable but one major flaw. I’ll get straight to the point, I really do love this game but it’s one major flaw is the clear gap between F2P and P2P.

jam luck nap   5 star

Log in?. It won’t let me in Black screen

jiml46   1 star

It’s all about the money. They constantly bring out new characters which is good but they do it in a way to try get players to spend money.

drekky1976   1 star

No support for bug / glitch. I have been dealing with a major glitch and contacting the EA “support” team, contacting what is clearly a call centre (overseas) to get resolution for the last FIVE DAYS! I have played many games and NEVER been left hanging for a week (two days before I started having to message people). I don’t want to have to take time to send messages and call people to let me know about fixes to a game. Pick up your game EA! When I called the call centre for support they said they can’t guarantee anything, can’t tell me if or when it will be fixed and can’t complain formally. Seriously disappointed.

Pollyifka   4 star

Star Wars galaxy of heros. Hi there, love this game, however there are a few bugs that I would love ironed out. The rebels basic training event tier three bugs out where when I try to use R2D2’s smoke screen it won’t allow me to select anything.

Lord Dozer   3 star

Pretty good so far. I was enjoying this game more until the last update. But now on load it ignores my settings and plays music, even though I have it switched off

Dyeshan   1 star

Play this if you’re happy to never be at the top tier unless.... You are happy to spend dollars every week/month then this is the game for you. If you spend some cash and get ahead then decide to stop spending you drop to the bottom like most people. So spending cash in this game is only worthwhile if you are happy to KEEP spending

ksjbgjkhrfkbsfrjb   1 star

Full of bugs. Garbage pay to pay game, used to be fun, but not anymore

jwndbc   5 star

Star Wars. Is perfect

MWB UNKY MERV   4 star

Improvement. Hey there I am a big fan and a Star Wars fanatic, I have spent quite a lot of money on the game, over the years. I think the shards are hard to get and sometimes feels unfair & now it’s been reduced from eight to five making it even harder. I get grinding and making money but I have spent money and it takes me still long to grab toons and upgrade them. Also the grand arena may need tweaking with match up system

Princess Camm1   4 star

Few small mishaps. Easily one of the best games I’ve ever played. Unfortunately, you kind of have to pay to play to reach the really high levels. I’m the 1531st highest on the leaderboard, but I can’t reach higher as others have obviously payed to gain the character shards that are harder to get. Some characters I can only earn 1-3 shards a day as their on fleet or hard battles. I’m loving the new Sith Empire Group, but there’s only four characters technically from the same Sith empire. Maybe add a Sith Soldier or Sith Officer from KOTOR. Even Saul Karath possibly. The team simply seams incomplete.

Jezzagamer03   5 star

So good 😁😁😁. I love this game! The gameplay and graphics are amazing. :)

Jaxon Bamford   5 star

Heroes Fall Journey. This game is brilliant but please make a heroes fall journey for Anakin Skywalker. I also think that you should add a Darth Plagous.

gclmn71   5 star

Quality game for the long haul. Great game, a little to easy for the rich people, but time and patience game has it all

KuroOneechan   5 star

Good game. But it’s so p2w with events recently, literally DR & Malak , ridiculous high gear requirement It’s a good thing u stop the unlimited release of Marquee event as last year but recent events just getting too much for any1 but whales to keep up. Just a reminder u don’t want this awesome game to be same conclusion as Star Wars force arena

Ed the one and only11223   1 star

Was once a lot of fun. Highly addictive game, and fun if you keep away from the spending side. Actual Star Wars content release can be quite pitiful at times. But I suppose they need to make as much cash as they can before lose the rest of the current player base

GumbootsSplash   5 star

Great game, but not good for your budget. To get anywhere quickly you need to pay. This game is well made, great graphics; is constantly being updated and is fun. Just a bit $$, don’t be put off though. I’m FTP and doing well. Although it’s getting increasingly difficult to try and keep with the Jones’s.

Itchumweavie   1 star

What a shame.. I have played this game for close to a year and in that time I have spent hundreds of dollars, by choice, and I have achieved the maximum level and own most characters. Unfortunately due to the greed of the owners/developers I will spend no more. Subtle changes that they have made (not so subtle to those that have played for some time) are geared in such a way as to get you to waste the resources you earn by playing or purchase more resources (which are expensive by any game standards). Great game, greedy owners.

Arakeesh   1 star

Game is now P2W. The most recent update with Malak has resulted in the almost death of F2P viability. Game is almost P2W.

smearoo   1 star

Swgoh = stupid war game on here. ROBBERS BEWARE!

Pogo1984   5 star

Totally addictive. Awesome game. I’ve been playing for 3 years now and still love it. New and updated content and challenges keep it interesting.

918643   5 star

CASH GRAB. This game once used to be one of the best. But in recent times it has changed into nothing more than a cash grab to further succeed in the game. Don’t waste your money!

LJM1991   1 star

Darth Revanue. Played game since its inception but now losing complete interest. You can only progress by spending huge money in game. Way to many paywalls. The introduction of Darth Malak is a blatant cash grab. Thanks Ea and Cg for ruining the game

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