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Get a Free Psychic Reading ! Psychic Txt introduces a brand new type of palm reading- Get psychics and horoscopes right in the palm of your hand. With Psychic Txt, you’ll be connected with your own personal spiritual guide for advice on your love life, job and future.

Our psychics specialize in everything: whether you want to talk to a palm reader, an expert on tarot cards, or even a medium. Psychic Txt also lets you check your own personal horoscope for your astrology sign. Using a zodiac calculator, we can determine your sign based on your birthday and you can see what your future has in store for you with both our psychics’ advice and our free astrology horoscopes updated weekly.

The Psychic Txt tutorial shows you just how easy it is to get answers to any life questions you have; the first question is always free! Tell our psychics your gender and birthday and you’ll get guidance from real spiritual experts.

From testing compatibility to seeking financial advice, our psychics will have an answer for you!

See your future with Psychic Txt’s features:

* Get advice on your love life, job and your future in general with psychic or tarot card readings

* Speak with 10 different psychics for readings and wisdom tailored to your current situation

* Our psychics are real, handpicked professionals who are always available for an answer anytime you have a question or need advice

* Psychics have a wide range of specialties-from tarot reading to clairvoyance to relationship and compatibility advice; our psychics can do it all!

* Ask questions anywhere and anytime you need guidance or are curious about what the future holds in store for you

* Your first question is always FREE

Psychic Txt also includes personal horoscopes for your astrology sign. See what life has in store for you by reading your weekly horoscope. Our horoscopes give you insight into your future love life, job opportunities and personal relationships.
Zodiac Sign Reader

* Free horoscope readings show you what’s in store for your future according to the Zodiac

* Our readings provide insights for all astrology signs

* See into your future with new free horoscopes every week

* Test compatibility with friends or partners

Are you uncertain of where life is taking you? Do you need advice on certain areas in life? Have you wondered what your future love life, job or relationships hold for you?

If you’re curious about the future or need advice on the present, Psychic Txt can be your guide for both. Get live responses and guidance from our experienced psychics who have been practicing the spiritual arts for years. With Psychic Txt you can have access to a palm reader, a medium, a clairvoyant, and a spiritual advisor all in the palm of your hand!

See what our users think!

5/5 "You need to get it looking for love and maybe for your soul mate there are some experienced psychic you should be talking too. If you are a skeptic try it out and wonderful things will unfold in your life and every day events."

5/5 "Excellent app... She told me to stop waiting for him to call back and live my life, just what I needed to hear"

5/5 "Amazing Truly amazing did not have to say anything.she was right on the spot really happy I made the choice of having a solution about my love matter. Definitely will be calling her in near future Thanks !!"

Isn’t it time that you get some answers? You can have answers to all the big questions in life in the palm of your hand! Download Psychic Txt and get guidance from a live spiritual expert today and experience a different type of palm reader.

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The applications Psychic Txt: Live Psychic Readings and Horoscopes was published in the category Lifestyle on 2015-01-28 and was developed by Activepackets. The file size is 53.32 MB. The current version is 12.1 and works well on 9.2 and high ios versions.

Better UI, showing you top rated advisors and special featured advisors. Bug fixes and increased speed and responsiveness. We strive to make Psychic Txt the best possible app for our users. Please feel free to send any questions, comments, suggestions, to [email protected]

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Psychic Txt: Live Psychic Readings and Horoscopes Reviews


Getting 50/100 accuracy  Nannon  2 star

This app has some decent readers, but the rest are just off their mark. Either they've brought on inexperienced individuals or people who are only good at guessing. I've probably had one decent reader out of the 8 that read for me. But she was still kind of off. The only truly accurate ones are not on the purple ocean texting app, but it's main app. Why? Because you can do a video or live reading, which promotes an almost 100% accuracy due to energy they can read better pick on anyone else's energy you need a reading on. This is why it works better when any reader can see you or a picture. So till this texting app delivers the option for then to SEE YOU, it's going to be off its game with readings.


Extremely Disappointed in Service  Elaina0714  1 star

I heard great reviews on this service and one specific woman on the app. I purchased the additional one question and was OVERCHARGED $5.99!! Yes, I clicked the $2.99 button and no I do not have any additional credits. I am completely appalled at the professionalism of this independent app. I expect to be refunded the money that I was overcharged.

Amber is fantabulous

Amber is fantabulous  Amber is fantabulous  5 star

I would totally go with Amber. She has helped me a lot. She tells you exactly how things are. She's the truth. I've been using this app for a while and out of the psychics I've contacted, she's been the best one. I used Michael once and he wasn't clear on anything. Amber helps me relax and gives me peace of mind when I need it.


👍🏽  Divatall  5 star

Overall a great resource for guidance in my life


I love it!  Zombiemamma  5 star

I have had such a wonderful experience on this app. The readers are so helpful, kind, and honest.


Review  Annan7  5 star



Mahalo  Talutor1969aloha!  4 star

Thank you Daniela and Janet! Always a pleasure and spot on


Tommy & April is amazing  BrandyV  5 star

This is the real deal. Barbara and Janet is the best


Love this app  LovethePlum  5 star

I absolutely love love love this app i never start my day without it!!!!

Chuppa chabbbra

Truly insightful  Chuppa chabbbra  5 star

Since I started talking to Joseph, he has given me so much insight about my relationship and has been extremely accurate in when the person talk to me again. Even accurate about what has been going on with that person. Cynthia is really good on time frames and giving advice on what should happen. I miss Ann, who is not on here anymore. She knew about things I never told her which put me in shock lol.


TONYA IS AMAZING ❤❤❤❤❤❤  OVO_Crew214  5 star

Tonya is so generous with her readings takes her time shows compassion and gets to the point you must try her you will not be disappointed. I've tried many apps and many psychic readings...with Tonya I truly got my answers and I Saw,results just as she predicted ...🔮🔮 she's a very lovely woman and I recommend you get a reading with her you will not be disappointed. Tonya is The real deal


Not happy  MisterAppEater  1 star

Didn't work for me at all


Horrible app!! (Updated) They refunded me back after about 2 weeks  BreeeezyB  3 star



WASTE OF MONEY  Silverthepanda  1 star

I asked a question and got the most vague answer ever. I asked when I would be in a new relationship and she replied way too fast and said "a new relationship is coming your way". I paid $4 to hear that? I wish I could get my money back. Deleted this app.

Greetings Ken

Tonya is amazing😘🙏🏻😇  Greetings Ken  5 star

Tonya, is a true gem she has help me through situations she has giving me the truth whether it's good bad or ugly now I found a peace of mind and know that I need to move on by her giving me the truth and not false answers. I truly do love this app. I'm glad that I have found her and see that her predictions have came to pass just as she said they would thank you Tonya!!


PATHETIC  BThugz72  1 star

Been using this app since 2015. Total of 60+ questions asked to psychics. Nothing has come true from ANYBODY. These people don't have a gift. Honestly, people should put their faith in God or do tarot spreads. If you do tarot spreads, research how to use them properly. Also, I asked a psychic a question and she responded two minutes and 27 seconds later. I'm so serious and customer service said psychics have their own way of getting answers. My question was at least three paragraphs long, and i put a bunch of dates. How is that possible? FRAUDS!!!!


Fake! Fake! Fake!!!  Lola121992  1 star

I was hoping this would be true but the information received was completely inaccurate! I talked to two psychics, April and Cynthia. April told me that the relationship between me and the guy I was in love with at the time would be successful. Well it just recently ended, terrible and nasty. Cynthia told me I would pass this semester and graduate in December. I failed this semester, so there is no way in hell I'll be graduating in December. She also told me I would hear from the guy I was in love with in 4 weeks. I have yet to hear from him and it's been over a month!! Beware!!!! This is a scam! It crushed all of my hopes! Put your hope in God not these psychics!! Thank God I only spent $8 bucks


Dora!❤️  __Holly__  5 star

Dora is amazing! I really hope that her predictions will come to pass! She always calms me down and gives me faith in my future endeavors. I believe that things will get better and better since I have her by my side as a supportive friend. No sugar coating, very insightful and realistic analysis. I'll definitely keep consulting her on my relationship/career stuff! I consulted Cynthia twice, she's also very nice and cuts to the chase, a good psychic! Thank you Cynthia!


Love this app  Aivilo11  5 star

Shawn and Dora are amazingly accurate. I highly recommend this app and asking one of them a question!


Ann is amazing & Cynthia  MadonnaGirl09  5 star

Ann is amazing! Holy cow. I didn't know if I believed in this until I asked her a question and she knew something that wasn't never mentioned. Wow! Cynthia is my favorite psychic though!! She seems to know me and my situation. I'd say she's right 98% of the time. As for the other 2% I'm unsure. Still waiting to see what happens. But I feel confident in her readings. I'm having issues getting on the app. It's just spinning.

Psychic Txt: Live Psychic Readings and Horoscopes Comments

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