Edpuzzle [Education] App Description & Overview

With the Edpuzzle app, your students can benefit from flipped learning wherever they go!

For teachers, Edpuzzle allows you to make any video your lesson. Embed your own questions, voiceover or audio notes in videos from a wide variety of sources including TED Ed, Khan Academy and YouTube, or upload your own. Your students will love it!

The app for students is perfect for frequently absent students, as they'll be able to complete their video lessons anywhere they go – it's a total game-changer.

So have your students download the Edpuzzle app so they can join your flipped classroom anywhere, anytime, and don't forget to leave us your reviews!

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Edpuzzle Comments & Reviews

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- Absolute Nightmare

This has to be one of the most horribly designed apps on the App Store. It’s mind boggling how much of a buggy mess this app is. It cannot be that hard to design a video-playing app for mobile devices that doesn’t stall for 2 minutes and reset the video every time your device orientation flips. If you accidentally exit the video, unfortunate for you because you will now have to rewatch the last 2-6 minutes of video and constantly click through questions you have already answered. The fact that they don’t have an answer mode that distinguishes between single answer and multiple answers leads to a lot of wrong answers from thinking you had unselected an answer choice (or thinking the app would automatically do it for you when you select a different answer, like anything with good design would have). This feels like an app created by some amateur company run by maybe up to 3 people, yet it’s widely used (at least in my schools) by many teachers. Disgusting.

- Could be better...

I get the purpose of this app and in concept it’s very useful. It can be a very valuable tool in the classroom because it lets you answer questions as you watch the video. I’ve gotten some pretty easy grades from this app. However there are many aspects of this app that make it rather inconvenient. The app tends to lag when you tilt your screen or try to do full screen mode. The time stamps can be pretty finicky. When I speed through the video to get to a part with important information it will sometimes glitch and send me back to the beginning. The way the multiple choice questions are set up can also be inconvenient. They are all set up as checklists. When I try to change my answer by clicking on another one it will highlight both answers. The questions don’t always clarify how many answers are needed so this can be problematic. Overall I think the app is alright at best. While these aspects don’t completely diminish the app’s usefulness, they make using it a tedious experience.

- Orientation flippage

Guys, Why in gods great infinite purple galaxy would it be a sane idea to allow the orientation to switch so much with so little prompting. I try to watch a video at full screen and even so much as setting it down or moving it at a slight angle will flip the rotation. This wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it didn’t have to buffer every single time. I tried to lock rotation but now it won’t let me watch it full screen. Which is important when I’m trying to learn how to do math in a pandemic. I’ve taken time out of my morning to write this review I have class in 10 minutes and I have to watch a 15 minute edpuzzle, except I can’t because your app infuriated me so much. I can’t help shake the feeling this app has been abandoned based on the fact I wasn’t the only one with this issue and it hasn’t been updated in 4 months. The public school system depends on apps like yours especially rn. It’s truly a shame to see people not only abandon their own creations but also the kids that have to use them to learn. Sincerely, Jordan

- Fellow teachers & administrators!

To all school faculty members, this app works amazingly well. There may have been bugs in the past, but it works smoothly now. In fact, I would say the only bug is that it pestered so many young people to lash out against it. So many of the reviews for this app come the scorn of students. Teacher do not want students to skip through the videos. Teachers can see how much of the video each student watched along with how many times they view segments. Teacher see what questions students missed and got correct. Students do see the mistakes they make. Students can see the results and even review the videos. How do I know this? I am a teacher that always tests the technology out thoroughly to make sure students can use it easily. Plus, I like to troubleshoot any problems they may have when using unfamiliar tools. This app works.

- Annoying

Okay so I will admit, this app did help my grade when I got easy hundreds and that was a pleasure, however this app isn’t fair in the way it projects the answers. I will have to ask my teacher to resend me the video twice because the app marked questions wrong I got right. For example, one question asked me something it just discussed and I picked the right answer, what I did not know is I had to pick more than one which wasn’t explained properly or at all. Sometimes it will ask a question before the video discusses it and it doesn’t even give you a chance to fix ur mistake. I feel like the app would be better if students could fix their mistakes for points back or at least half points for the question they got wrong. Not allowing students to fix their mistakes doesn’t teach them why they got their answer wrong and it doesn’t encourage them to want to do the assignments provided. This app SHOULD be giving students a grade boost but instead gives them extra stress, wasted time, and poor results.

- not the worst

Honestly, this app I would rather do than do class work with text books and stuff. But, especially on a student’s grade, this app should be more careful with their bugs and glitches because it is risking someone’s grade. There’s bugs, like you can’t answer a question or something and no matter how long you refresh it it won’t work which makes it frustrating and puts a lot of stress, especially when the assignment is due. Another is the multi choice questions. If you change your mind, you press another answer, but it marks it as you chose TWO questions and ends up getting the question wrong. Lastly it is the time. It’s really finicky with the time stamps, so you can’t go back sometimes or sometimes you’re forced to go watch through the whole thing or whatever just to get where you completed. Even though this app has a lot of bugs, would much rather do this than have to carry around a text book everyday..

- This app is horribly made

I just want to give up trying to use this app but my school is requiring it. There are so many issues with it. First of all, there is no way to skip or fast forward, so if there are announcements not directed towards you there is no way of skipping it. Also, it makes other issues 1000x worse. For example, there is a glitch I keep having that sends me back to the beginning when I pause, making lessons that require taking notes impossible. In addition, if the app crashes or your phone gets turned off it sends you back. Also, sometimes full screening changes where in the video you are. I’ve used it for 1 week and all these issues have already surfaced, so I can only imagine how much worse it could be. Honestly if you are given the choice of whether to use this I plead you not to, as you’d be more likely to have your work successfully submitted by throwing a paper airplane and hoping it lands on your teacher’s lawn.

- I can’t log in.

This app was fine for about two days, but recently, I have been completely unable to log in. I have taken the link from the web page provides by my educator, and when I open the app, I tried to log in. So far I have tried every possible way of logging in on there, and none work. When logging in with google, I inputted my email address and hit go, but it took me back to the exact same page. The next button is not even functional, and I had to use return on the keyboard. Setting up an account will not let you see the assignment, and signing in in general has the same issue as google. I have deleted and reinstalled the app three times, but the problem persists. For fellow students, I agree with you all with your issues, as I have had most of them also, and for teachers, if you use this app, do not be surprised if there are reoccurring issues. This has caused my somewhat okay grade to drop almost five percent. Please fix!

- Worst app ever

I did several assignments on this stupid app and for one thing, you can’t skip through the video at all, you’re forced to watch through the whole video, wasting time if you just want to get through the thing, and you have to watch the whole video just to complete the assignment. This app glitched and said I had turned in all of my assignments and when I checked it this weekend it told me I hadn’t finished a video even though it clearly told me I had, I refreshed the page a few times after just to make sure and checked the completed section and it was there. Now this app has possibly cost me points in my class because it decided to glitch and say I didn’t finish the video. I JUST HAD TO FINISH WATCHING THE VIDEO NOT EVEN THE QUESTIONS, I did those already but it still wouldn’t accept that. This app is pointless and I can’t even trust it to work, worst app ever if it glitches because now my work could be counted as late when I did everything before it was due.

- Couldn’t Be Worse

This app is your standard “we want to help the teachers help their students” kind of app. It reminds me a bit of Khan Academy. The idea behind it is amazing and everything, but the app itself is horrible. When watching a video, make sure your phone/tablet has the lock orientation “ON” because every time your phone/tablet switches from landscape to portrait mode or vise versa, the video stops and reloads. That wouldn’t be a huge issue, but there’s also no high-speed scrubbing on this app. That’s just what I have to complain about the video aspects of it. I also found that it is not user-friendly at all, where I find myself getting sent from Safari to the App Store to the app after clicking a link to a video, only for the video not to work, and I have to manually find the video. It’s absolutely horrible app, I really wish that they could fix the app, because other than the mechanics its a super cool way for teachers to teach their kids.


I was forced to download this app because if my classes, and let me tell you, it’s a HUGE waste of time. I was reading the reviews while waiting for it to download and was thinking, maybe these people are exaggerating or something, because NEARLY EVER REVIEW is one star, and the teachers seem to like it. Now I see that they like it because they can be lazy and not do crap. So I got a HOUR long Edpuzzle in geography, and it was so boring. You literally can’t skip forward so you are stuck watching the whole thing. Also, it makes you watch it all the way through, so even if the last question is 20 minutes from the end, you still have to watch the last 20 minutes even if it’s not relevant. Sooo stupid. Honestly, I don’t know why teachers use this abomination of an app. It’s a time waster, and it’s super boring, and I’d rather do any other lesson in class than sit here and be forced to watch hour long videos. Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

- To teachers and students that use this app.

This app was supposed to be created as useful but some of the teachers abuse this app by assigning several ed puzzle assignment videos and put in a question for every 30 seconds, it does mark whether you got the question right or wrong but it's more like a test than an assignment and I get at least 2 ed puzzles to do every day and they are typically between 10-25 minutes long plus other assignments for that class and other classes, this is what I've noticed and I don't think assignments should act like tests that's why they aren't tests. But it doesn't make learning enjoyable or fun it makes it seem like it's forced and it's harder to learn on this type of platform, we need a more interactive and rewarding app that actually makes students learn something. And you can't be watching an ed puzzle and do other assignments on different tabs.


This app is a nightmare sometimes I click into the app and it make me log in again. Many times when you accidentally click out of the video unfortunately the app will make you watch the whole entire video and make you answer the same questions you already answered. This app locks where you can’t move on and when you do that it will move it to the part where you already watched. This app should take out were teachers can comment, sometimes if you get it wrong some teachers will say things that some people won’t like. The thing that I HATE the MOST is that when you click on a answer choice but think there is another answer that you would like to pick instead the app doesn’t take the first choice that you picked it selects both of them. THIS IS THE WORST APP EVER. It’s like 2 amateurs created this app. 😡

- Good App, Better Website

This app is getting a lot of hate on the App Store, and I think it is probably because most people dislike their schoolwork. However, thinking of the app developers just makes me feel bad. But, I won’t let these thoughts get in the way of my review, as many people seem to genuinely dislike this app. So, my thoughts for this app are that it is a very good concept, but it needs more space to be executed as well as it could be. I would recommend using their website on a computer, as it’s very helpful and easy to use. As for the app, it is a little hard to use, but I think it sufficiently serves its purpose, so I don’t think it should be getting so many negative reviews.

- Pretty good!

This app is overall pretty good. I’ve been reading a lot of other recent reviews and I’ve got to say I disagree. From my experience with the app, there are no bugs or glitches. Maybe that was the case earlier but now the app runs very smoothly. My first critique is to make the app give nicer feedback if I get an answer wrong. Whenever I get an answer wrong the app always tells me this: “WRONG! :( 0 out of 100” . It makes me feel really bad about getting that answer wrong instead of learning from it. Maybe it could say something like “ Nice Try!” or “Ooh! So close!” instead. My final critique is that on multiple choice questions where you have to choose multiple options to get the question correct, if there is a time where I choose two correct answers when I was supposed to choose three, it marks the whole entire question wrong and gives me 0. I think the developer should make the app take into consideration how many answers I got right and give me partial credit instead of nothing. Other than that, the app is great!

- Ugh...

Look, I completely understand the concept of this app and I like the idea. However, this app came up short by a mile. It’s pretty self evident at this point. I have looked through your reviews for myself and have to agree with what everyone is saying. The fact that you can’t skip in the video if needed is extremely aggravating. I can only hope I will not have to use this app for class work in the future if these annoying mechanics continue to stay implemented. I’d ask you to please please please consider making the videos easier to navigate through. I mean, I have experienced moments where it made me start over an ENTIRE video because I accidentally skipped ahead. The system in which you limit our access to certain parts of your videos is flawed. Please listen to your reviews.

- Not user-friendly

This app has a great premise. I like how it connects to Google Classroom, but I do not like how it is full of bugs. Not only that, but it also is not user-friendly. Well, not student-friendly. There is no way to skip through sections of the video, there is no way to back the video up once a student has reached a question, and there is no way to speed up or slow down the video. Also, once a student had finished they video, they have to push “see the results” for the video to be counted as completed. I think that all of these would be extremely helpful for students, to help them save time watching mind-numbing videos, and to help them learn the most out of each video by allowing them to back the video up once they have reached a question.

- Pretty ok

At first, when I started EdPuzzle for E-learning, I was fine with it. The only things that bugged me were the fact that I couldn't skip ahead (Chosen by the teacher) and that it was a little laggy whenever you tilted the direction on your phone. My teacher has started using questions in it and so far it's going good. He usually explains it before the question so that I have a chance to know what it is. I also like the addition of the Rewatch button if you didn't quite catch it (We have to take notes in this class on a sheet that he gives us). Overall, I would rate it a 3.7, because it does help me a bit. There are just a few bugs here and there but it's fine for me.

- Not too great

Honestly, I understand the purpose of this app, but it just doesn’t work well. One problem is that if I select an answer ,in a multiple choice question, but I end up changing my mind, it’ll select both answers and mark it wrong. Second of all, it glitches a lot. If I tilt my screen while using this it glitches and makes me restart the video. Lastly, I’ve never used this app before distance learning and my teacher sent the class a link to do the work. It never once asked me to create an account or make a password. Today when I went to the assignment, it told me to sign in, but it NEVER asked me to create an account so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Long story short, this app is pretty bad and I don’t think it’s that great of a learning tool.

- Cost me my grade

Edpuzzle is honestly a joy. I love watching the videos and doing questions alongside it instead of a handout. But where edpuzzle really falls out is not letting people know what questions are and the glitches. First off, I never know whether a question is multiple choice or to choose all of the following, so many times it counts my answer that I chose out of all of them wrong whenever I was supposed to click all 3. I narrowed the answer down to get the best one and edpuzzle never had anything staying “more than one answer,” which could’ve saved my grade! On top of that, not showing choices or glitching out a lot has cost me countless points over the years. Please fix this because I’m at a B instead of an A thanks to this!

- Kinda Glitchy...

I like this app. I use it for my school for some of my classes and honestly it’s a good concept. It helps you pay closer attention to the video so that you remember it better. The only problem is that it’s SUPER GLITCHY. Recently all of my edpuzzle assignments (old and new) are frozen. You can enter them, but it’s just a blank screen. This caused some unforeseen problems when it came to homework. I hope that in the future versions they can help fix minor individual problems like mine. I got three stars, take it or leave it.

- Great idea, horrific execution

The idea of Edpuzzle is great, you can assign videos for your students to learn, and have them answer questions as they go along to ensure they're paying attention. However, the app is so poorly designed. The amount of bugs and glitches is just astounding. When you’re typing the keyboard blocks the question box so you can’t see what you’re typing, if you exit the app it sometimes resets the video so you have to skip through the questions to get back to where you were, the dimensions are completely off, you can tell it wasn’t designed to be used on a phone. Edpuzzle works well on laptop, but it’s horrible on phones. They need to get their act together and fix this app.

- Good App But Has the Potential to be a Great 1

Love the setup, the concept is easy to adapt to for all learners. Love the video and questions process. Only thing stopping this app from being 5 stars, is the simple fact that you can’t skip the videos. I can’t go to a question because in order for me to access / or be able to respond to the question i have to physically watch the video. Until it gets to that question. Khan Academy has a similar method but unlike Ed puzzle your allowed to skip and fast forward videos. I highly recommend implementing that into the app. :)

- some glaring issues

i know its probably not optimized for ipad, but there are some glaring issues i noticed with my brief experience with this app. for me the largest issue is the fact that the split screen function is borderline non-existent, when this is a commonly used feature in many modern educational apps. this means that it is a struggle to view or take notes on the side. i can understand how this can prevent cheating, for me it is too invaluable to give up. another issue is the “scrolling” function, or lack thereof, when answering questions under a video. occasionally you must refer to what the screen says, i.e. a math problem, when the teacher has it projected on the screencast but did not have it typed out. i know that’s a smaller issue, but present nevertheless. one final issue is that there is no edit button for answers. i accidentally double pressed enter while attempting to go to a new line, and this resulted in me submitting an unfinished answer. you should be able to edit it, as long as you have not continued watching the video.

- Two mistakes, that’s all

When I got this app, I loved it. l used this app instead of the internet, but I started to realize that THE PICTURES!!!! I wanted to do the drawing, how to draw a house, the picture gave me how to write cursive!? I have no idea what happened, but please fix that, I could have gave a five that way. Also, I AM DONE WAITING!!! It takes a loooooooooong loooooooooog time, yah, that long to load. I am a pretty patient kid, but even I, feel like that need to be improved. Otherwise, THIS APP IS AWESOME. Just these improvements, and I will give it a five star. For now, I am using the internet. ^u^

- Incompetent and confusing

This app is so hard to use. When answering multiple choose questions, multiple answers are able to be selected. One of my biggest problems is when I answer a question and it’s wrong because another answer was also checked. If I selected a certain answer, then changed my answer and forgot to deselected the previous one, the app will count it as wrong. It should be changed so that if there’s only one correct answer, then you can only select one answer. Also, trying to navigate forward or backwards in the video is difficult because it’s extremely glitchy.

- Defeats Purpose of Learning

This app should be a learning at home tool that gives easy 100s and makes learning actually fun and not waste too much of your time. However, it completely does the opposite of these things and makes a monotonous, boring video unstoppable so that you have to watch through to the end. If you get the answer wrong, there is no correcting system, and you have to live with the wrong answer. Isn’t the whole point of education to get people better than how they were before? If you never let people correct themselves then they will never learn! This app should not qualify as education as it should it’s just a app that triggers the student for no reason.

- An actual unbiased review

A lot of students here don’t like the app simply because of how many assignments they receive on it from their teachers. This is a fantastic app to use for online education during quarantine. I don’t like getting assignments while I’m at home either but this is a very simple, effective, and efficient app. The only issue I have with it is that sometimes it bugs out in the middle of a notes video and I have to restart, but that could just be an issue with my internet. In conclusion, great app, bad reviewers

- Giant waste of time

So my Spanish teacher started using this app as a way to teach us material online. Let me start off by saying this app really does not like people who do not have time on their hands, you cannot answer a question until the point marked in the video (which could be up to 10 minutes), and if you exit out, then tough luck kid cause you have to watch the whole video over. Google forms or google docs is so so so much better than this, I cannot see why anyone would enjoy using this app over those alternatives. As well as there not being a clear indicator on whether it’s a multiple answer question or one answer question. Don’t get this, it does not save time.

- Needs Improvement 2/10

I’ve been using this for math since my teacher likes it so we’ve all been signed up on here for about a month. After struggling to complete work for that amount of time, I can confirm this is definitely a bad app. If you have any other device, go to the website. Don’t download this. Pros: • Videos are watchable • Multiple categories for work (Due, Not Due, Completed) making it easy to browse through. •Shows scores on previous completed tasks Cons: • Transitions are delayed and very laggy • Glitches when you have to answer a multiple choice question, shaking the screen and making it impossible to press. If you do press on one, you can’t change it because... • Say you want to change your answer, you can’t. You can choose another answer but it marks it as both of the ones you’ve chosen and you get it wrong. • Videos are not skippable • If you exit video, you have to rewatch a minute or so to catch you back up to where you left off. Overall, a 2/10, don’t download.

- Good app and everything works ORIG: Crashes

5 minutes later: App works fine and on sign in screen, but App is riddled with bugs. Orig: I have no problem with home learning, but this is unacceptable! After opening the app on my iPhone 6S, which has all the required specs, I can’t open the app! (Keep in mind the 6S is 64-bit like all new iPhones such as the 11, so it should work. The 6 and 5 are 32-bit and unsupported by Apple.) Unacceptable. I used this app fine before, so why won’t it work now? Uninstalling and reinstalling right now.

- ehhh

Ok so a lot of the points I’m gonna bring up might be solely because of my teacher, but I don’t really care. I’ll start out with some pros: -It is functional -Not the worst thing I’ve ever had to use -Gives me some easy grades Now for some cons, which are mainly quality of life: -The fact that “multiple choice” questions function as check lists. Say, for example, you choose an answer, then decide to change it. Instead of only allowing one answer, you end up selecting both answers and getting it wrong. -You don’t know the questions beforehand, keeping you from knowing exactly what to look for -Really finnicky with leaving and coming back, sometimes moving you back three minutes and forcing you to rewatch -Due dates are automatically in red, even if it isn’t late, adding unneeded stress to my poor little boy heart Overall, this app works, but there are plenty of things that could be improved, and in its current state, EdPuzzle is something I dislike.

- Absolute trash fire

This app was horrifyingly slow, and it took at least 7 minutes for a video to load. This app was obviously rushed so then more people would download it during digital learning. They’re lying about the update, because it’s still extremely buggy. The website was way better, but they now make you use their stupid app. Please improve this app >:( Also, don’t believe the good reviews, because they’re awfully suspicious. Like, I’m pretty sure the developers may have had some people write those because just about all of them have responded to by the developers telling them thank you. Highly suspicious 🤨. I’m just saying please don’t come after me ;-;

- Horrible content!

I was assigned a video that contained the worst content I’ve ever seen, and I saw several more just like it! The video contained things I learned in kindergarten, but didn’t have words so a kindergartner who could learn something from it wouldn’t be able to read the words anyway! That video and others like it are useless, and worst of all the pictures were horrible! It was badly drawn, had magnets with faces and rocket boosters, nails that could move underwater and also had faces, and metal with faces and hands. It made no sense and all to tell a garbage story, while not teaching anything. This video ruined edpuzzle for me and I hope not to be assigned another video like this!

- Most annoying app ever

This app is the most garbage learning app I have ever seen in my life! It is way too slow paced and it does not even teach anything! Sure it breaks down the video so students can understand it , but there are also so many problems the way the questions are. There are so many glitches in the questions that I might get wrong when I am right , but since I don’t want to waste 1sec more on this garbage app I honestly do not care. And plus most of the times I don’t think people need the annoying pauses because you get what they are saying but it is like they are trying to annoy you. I wish I can rate this negative stars because it is beyond bad.

- Bug after bug

Every time I try to rewatch something then answer the question it makes me rewatch the whole video and won’t let me go back to where I was in the video after I find my answer. Plus the questions a lot of the time are before the video even gives the answer which has been causing me to incorrectly answer questions and lowering my grade. Recently (when the question does come after getting the answer) the answer to a question won’t show up leaving me to guess and hope I click the right one. I really dislike this app it may sometimes be an easy 100 but most of the time I’m just dealing with bug after bug.

- Honors American History 1 Work

I have to use this in my Honors American History 1 class. It is god awful. It bugs every time I have to use it, and sometimes it marks the wrong answer and I get a poor grade because of it. I just finished one about 5 minutes ago, and I got two wrong. It didn’t even mention the answers in the video. It gives you the option to rewatch it, and it doesn’t even say it when have to rewatch thirty seconds of the video. I have to play a guessing game every time I answer a question, unless it is something I know from prior knowledge. How can students like me be expected to use this, and enjoy getting an education?

- There’s an issue!

Okay, so I was writing an open-ended question on a certain video, and I decided to rewatch the segment of said video, but when I went to that point, it said it was already sent! I was so upset because I was going to finish my response to the question, but now I can’t! Why is it like this? This is a major, stress-inducing problem that I demand be fixed right now, or else I’ll get lower grades! Or if you prefer not to fix it, you can always allow students to unsubmit and resubmit their answers just in case. Still, this is a major issue that I demand to be fixed right now so I can finish my responses!

- I hate this

I need this app for my choir class and this is frustrating. I need to watch a video and answer questions. The thing is that I tried to fast forward when I done a question, only to go back to the beginning of the video. That’s not the only problem. I even had to answer questions and I wouldn’t answer them correctly either because my family was too loud or I had to do a chore in the middle of doing my homework and I wanted it to try again but it won’t let me. It doesn’t give me a second chance or (god knows what) telling me to try again. I just got this app and already this app is just getting dumb.

- What a fantastic way to spam

This app is a good idea with quite possibly the WORST execution I have ever seen. My teacher thinks it’s a good idea to spam about 5 of these per day, and the app gives no notifications so I constantly have to check to see if there’s a new tidal wave of videos to watch. The multiple choice system is just plain bad, when a question is only supposed to have one answer, you shouldn’t be able to check ALL FOUR BOXES. Oh and did I mention how if I do a video on my own and then a few days later it gets assigned in classroom, I have to do the WHOLE THING again??? Like bruh, get this app straightened out, then we’ll talk.

- Amazing!!!

I think that this app works perfectly fine and that the only reason why it has 1.5 stars is because other students are complaining about the work and how you can’t skip, etc. However, all of those things like not being able to skip are set there by the teacher not by the app. In conclusion, I think this is a great app and I 10/10 recommend!!!!

- Ehhh

Not the worst thing I’ve had to use for school work. But the bugs make it hard, especially when it’s risking my grade. One of them is when it glitches and says you didn’t complete it, even though you did. Hasn’t happened again, but it made me lose points because of this app. And another one is answers. The multiple choice glitches and makes me not be able to move on. This app should really fix these as soon as possible or try to, because they should know a lot of people in school use this and can risk their points

- Meh

The concept of the educational tool is understandable, having you actually watch the lesson to actually understand the content and learn through it. However the way the classes are taught and how some questions don’t make sense until after 10 seconds because the lesson hasn’t taught it just yet. Now the part about teaching, there are lessons on there that make sense, leading mc questions and the like at every specified interval, but the nerve of that is the lesson teaches audaciously slow, and you get no work done because it took ten minutes to explain a simple principle/formula. Also I’m downvoting this app for the memes. Sorry about that devs


honestly this app should give me an easy 100 daily grade, right? WRONG! I can rarely get them turned in on time because the app is so glitchy and laggy. Literally this thing only plays the first 0:01 second them cuts off. It’s not my wifi because it does this everywhere I’m at. It’s not my phone because it has been doing this for months and I just purchased a new phone 3 weeks ago. At this point... throw the whole company away. Literally y’all are ruining my GPA. I read another review of someone saying they hope you drink spoiled milk as lactose and I honestly couldn’t agree more! Bye and good luck trying to work the app.

- Discusting

Ok School systems and Who ever the ____ else is slowing schools to use this. Take a perspective of a 15-17 yr old kid. Parents around every corner always calling you or nagging you about your grades, chores etc. And you have practice, community service hours, mabye there’s a party you really want to go to and it’s equivalent to project X. But sadly you cannot because the audacity of edpuzzle and how it resets the video whenever you even move your screen!!! I mean C’mom I’m waisting an hour of my day trying to watch a 20 minute video and be done with it. It’s like nails on a chalkboard embedded in your ears for eternity. Somebody please help me out here. This _______ app😤

- Do you mean I actually have to watch the video?

Doesn’t watching videos defeat the purpose of learning? Clearly we have better things to do than get an education, so why can’t I skip forward, nor learn anything and keep being my illiterate self? Now I have to watch videos AND answer questions! Unbelievable! Who do these teachers think they are, teaching and all!?

- Amazing!

This app saves us a ton of time in class when taking notes. Instead of taking notes we just play some sort of fun educational game. I love how if needed, you can go back and rewatch the video when answering questions. It helps me a lot and I just feel like that it is an amazing application to download for schools. I would recommend this to teachers, of course if I could.

- Worthless and a complete waste of time

Whenever I do a multiple choice question, it never says what the options are, so I have to guess. In the open response questions, you have to write word for word the correct answer, so if you phrase it incorrectly, it’s wrong. It takes about about 7 minutes to load, every time, no matter what I do. My Spanish teacher uses this for homework, and I dread every second of it. If you have an option to get this or something else, GET THE OTHER APP, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. the people who created this app have a gap where their brains should be, and a love for torturing kids.

- My honest review

Everything when so greatly until it didn’t. 1. Whenever you hit send on an open response question, you can’t edit typos. 2. Whenever you hit the full screen mode on a video it freaks out and if you rotate your phone it goes the opposite way that you want. 3. I was doing well despite these issues until it entirely prevented me from finishing the last two questions. I was watching a ted talk video on this app, and it reached the 17 minute mark before it buffered and jumped back to the beginning. Every time I reach this point in the video, it repeats the same process. I alone am not facing this issue because it occurs on multiple phones and not just mine own. If these simple bugs were patched, it would make this app very useful for the user. In turn, it should improve the rating.

- Frustrating

I was trying to do work on my phone and this app was what one of the assignments was on. It is so difficult to use! I couldn’t sign in, it wouldn’t take my email. It also kept saying that there was an issue. So it took forever to even find the assignment. So a 7 minutes assignment has turned into a 20 minute arguing match with this app. I finally got my assignment done, it’s submitted, I’ll get a good grade. THE NEXT DAY my teacher says I DIDN'T DO IT!!!! I watched myself finding and hit submit. Yet the ed puzzle on. her computer says I DIDN’T COMPLETE IT. So now I have a missing assignment in class. Thanks ed puzzle.

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- Trash

It’s sooo bad and is a bunch of nonsense. It also keeps lagging all the time

- Hard to use and to understand

When I try to do my second question,I want to make it looks neat but there is no return button to make the words go down.It’s also confusing to use because It accidently submit my answer without me actually finnish answering the question.Basically this app is useless and you cant answer back the question.EXAMPLE(on what i mean by make the words go down) 1. 2. 3. yes,u cant do this!!! ‼️DISAPPOINTING‼️

- Engaging your Students

Short, targeted video enable content to be readily grasped by students with little effort. The totally engaging manner of viewing individually with their headset on has enabled me, as teacher, to get the lesson sharply focused in quick time. My 11 yr old students do EDpuzzle eagerly.

- Where is the submit button???

As a student I need to use edpuzzle for some assignments and I try to find the submit button. I now lost my grades. Please update.

Payoneer 💰

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- Fuck everthing to do with this app

My teacher is using this gay headass of an app and I wish corona just killed me already or if Donald Trump coulda started that war from the beginning of this year

- This is the worst app ever invented

This is terrible No one like this app because it’s terrible

- 🤢

I don’t like the colour

- This is worse then google classroom

Please don’t use this app teachers it’s really annoying to use instead leave us a google doc with a link in classroom

- This is a Crapp app

This is the worst app and it's a waste of time. It asked if I understood the lesson and I said yes and it said I was wrong and gave e 0 out of 10 instead of 100%. I thot I was actually gonna succeed 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🥴🤮🥴🤢

- Trash

Too much battery usage, to slow, laggy, probably the worst app for school ever🤦‍♂️


My senses are burning. It hurts too much to look, hear and touch this app. The info I get is how to get my eyes, ears and fingers burnt.


Me no like school, me like games. Bad servers and very buggy

- Technically your mom

*insert vomit emoji here

- It bugs

Bugs and sucks

- Trash

Actual garbage

- Worse then garbage

Absolute trash. I’d rather drop out

- Bruh

It stings

- Bad

Just bad

- Bad


- Why

Don’t use this

- The app won’t let me control the orientation of the video and I hate my teacher

It’s bad

- Why

I’ve never used anything more garbage in my life. The moment you leave the app or even accidentally go back you can’t get back to your spot it’s ridiculous

- Slow

The app is really slow and takes a very long time to load.

- 🤢

It uses too much battery

- I don’t like it

Me no like this app

- Worst app ever!!

This app is incredibly frustrating to use, and there is no return button so you have to keep tapping the space bar. Teachers please don’t use this app!!

- Nul

L’app ne nous laisse même pas revenir sur nos réponses. Tu te rends compte que ta réponse est mauvaise ou tu croyais que tu pouvais juste sauter une ligne, MAIS NON! UNE RÉPONSE EST C’EST TOUT!

- edpuzzle

Cest vraiment pas une bonne app.les vidéos n’arrêtent pas de boguer👎

- Nul

Bug tout le temps. Utilisez le site web.

- Trop de bogues

A chaque fois que j’essaie de skipper pour voir la question l’écran devient blanc et il faut que je recommence 😩

- Very BAD!

This app use a lot of my battery and it drains to battery very quickly! It very annoying that my device keeps heating up while I use this. Plus you only have one chance to answer the question so if you want to rewrite your answer but you already have submitted you can’t change it, so bad feature. I don’t recommend this app

- Wow

This is pike, so bad

- Absolute Garbage

School sucks

- poop

poop poop poopsex poopsex poop fart poop piss

- Absolute Garbage

This app makes me want to rage and i do not recommend it at all because it sucks.

- Edpuzzle

Impossible to complete a video after rewinding or fast forwarding

- Worst app in existence

This is the worst app to ever exist and I wanna kill myself

- Sucks

One of the worst teaching apps Teachers, don’t do this to your students

- Trash

This app is trash

- Lettt us get 2nd tries!!

I feel like this app should give us 2 tries per question And not one! >:/

- Hgiuvv一g


- Hassle

All you need to know are these things: - Eats battery - Heats up phone - Can’t watch videos due to bugs (a lot) - The app is just not worth it use a comp

- Sssss


- love it.

practical! and underrated💛



- Horrible Horrible app

I absolutely hate this goddamn piece of garbage more than any app I’ve ever had. It’s slow, it eats up battery, it’s a mess aesthetic wise, and it’s just not very intuitive, efficient, or well organized. Not to mention how often it screws up during setup or joining a class, it happens to basically every single person in my class. This app should burn in the depths of software hell.

- ......

I hate using this for class it’s annoying how many times I have to use it and I feel like it ruins my battery

- Poche

Toujours assez lent , bug tellement, mauvaise application

- I am puzzled

I didn’t think it was possible for an app to be worse than war robots but holy hell ed puzzle surpassed that level by 200 and 2% I have it on the computer👌 but the phone app man 🤢🤮 I couldn’t see anything the videos didn’t load it was slower than a hermit crab and if the chance came to be able to watch a video on it it’ll probably be worse quality than pub g. I am sorry about the complaint but I am on the verge of insanity from this app, thank you and have a fantastic day.

- Trash

sucks, slow, terrible

- Bad

Have to use it for math. It chews up my battery (iPhone 7) in a matter of minutes and makes my phone very hot. It “freezes” but the video still plays, you just can’t answer questions or see the annotations that your teacher put in. Crashes very often. Hate using the app.

- Good

Good for homework. My teacher chooses to use it. With the new update the app signs you out every time you close it and it’s extremely annoying. Fix it please.

- Mind bogglingly Horrible

Forced to use this amateur app for class, having it crash on me for more than 20 times. Please fix this and I will change my review

- C’est trop nul

C’est vraiment nul votre app

Libertex 📈

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- actual trash

this app is glitchy and takes me back to the beginning of the vid and makes me rewatch it. trash. actual garbage. do NOT download this app. if ur teacher makes u do tho stuff, drop out of school. or at least do the edpuzzle on ur computer cuz this is garbage. GARBAGE. i wanna puke just seeing the logo. whoever invented this app should dump spoiled milk on their head. and then drink it. off the floor. hopefully he’s lactose intolerant so it makes his belly feel bad. the video also takes about a million taps just to get it to play/pause. spend those taps on something actually useful, like a garden app. thank you for ur time!!

- Pretty awesome if you ask me

This app helps you quite a bit. It doesn’t take a ton of time and it’s kinda entertaining. It gives you the option the rewatch which is good especially if you didn’t understand something or if you missed something so you wouldn’t get the answer wrong. Overall I think this app if good and y’all should get it if needed.

- Made extremely poorly

I think this app is very convenient for teachers, but the button layouts are absolutely terrible. Every single time I click on the screen while watching a video it either, 1. Closes the video and then returns me to the apps home screen and I lose my time stamp, 2. It skips to a random part of the video because the play button at the bottom of screen is invisible but still works when not toggled, or 3. In an extremely rate occasion I can skip back to see something I missed which was my intention in the first place.

- A bit buggier than the computer version

A lot of the problems other people are talking about (like the checklist multiple choice) is present on computers too, so as long as your teacher specifies those questions it's not too bad. The app is very buggy but the videos are playable if you don't tilt your screen and don't touch the progress bar. Overall I can see why the bugs can get frustrating, but it's about the same as on computer.

- It’s a Good app

This app works perfectly but the thing is people don’t like it because of the things that the teachers do such as not giving enough information or not giving the things we need to answer the question, therefore it is not the app’s fault it is the teacher fault. If you have a problem with the “app” you should probably rethink about the rating you gave this app.

- Buggy

This has been useful for virtual school, but it’s really annoying that you can skip anything in the videos. It also constantly crashes, and when you try to turn your phone the other way it goes back to the beginning. If you accidentally exit, it either goes back like 5 minutes or restarts completely. This is really annoying especially considering how you can’t skip through anything. This app is useful but needs some work.

- Does not function like on a PC

This app would’ve gotten a five star review but since it decided to be stupid on me, I’ll give it a one. I was able to watch the video that was assigned, no complaints there. However, since it did not show the notes the teacher put on it, the assignment was not turned in. This costed me an easy 100 for a daily grade. I suggest you make the pop ups pop up so that my assignment can be turned in and not be late when I have to go back and turn it in on a pc. So please improve your app so that students don’t fail school. Have a nice day.

- This app needs improvement

There have been multiple times now where the wrong answer is put in for me without me even clicking anything and this keeps bringing my grade down. On top of that if you accidentally leave the app it takes you all the way back to the beginning of the video and this has caused me a lot of trouble already. This app is glitchy and annoying to use as it constantly is loading and not working. It doesn’t seem like these issues would be that hard to fix

- Edpuzzle ruined my life

One day after school I was required to do a 1 minute edpuzzle. I decided to do it while walking down a flight of stairs. It was when I got to the bottom of the stairs that I was eaten by a t-rex. He soon spit me out at the top of the stairs and broke of the bones in my body as I fell down the stair case. I am dead now. Worst app 1 star #edisdumpuzzle

- Using this app is like licking gas station doorknobs

This app does not let you skip to where you need to be in a video and if you try to go back in a video sometimes it makes you restart the entire thing. If people aren’t going to take the time to learn from a video, enforcing a no skip policy won’t fix that. It just annoys the hell out of people who are actually trying to learn something but don’t want to rewatch the same part 100 times. I don’t know if this was like a teacher added restriction, or the entire app. But yea it’s pretty gross.

- Why

This is a completely unnecessary app designed to give kids nightmares. Hearing your teacher drone on about decimals and whatnot, is the most cruel and unusual punishment you can think of. I believe that apps like this should be outlawed and prosecuted. Furthermore, this app encourages students to want to smash their iPads and iPhones against the wall. The only thing keeping them from doing that is the knowledge that a special event is happening in Bloxburg. Thankyou for reading my opinion and I hope you agree with it. If you don’t, no offense, but you are a cold blooded monster.

- This app is meant for chrombooks as in for kids

Many of our high school students have complained about this app, and as a mom I would give it a 3 because of the hard work my kids are doing, just to warn all of you, this is more made for the ages 8-11, and on mobile it works terrible, I suggest that more teens need to stop going on this app, it’s more use of school computers, if you are between the ages 12-14 I suggest you use Kami or Zoom.

- Good app that’s rated low from young and clueless people

It occasionally glitches, but the fact that you can’t skip forward is not the apps fault. Your teacher turned skipping off. And the checklists are on purpose. What if there’s two answers? If you get the question wrong from clicking two answers, that’s on you. It’s a great app, despite being a bit buggy.


I’ve noticed that this app has a 2 star rating but yet teachers use it all the time I swear this is like ixl they seem like they’re good ideas but in practice they are bloody stressful as hell. And also why can teachers make 2 part questions I thought the point of an app was to make it easier 2 part questions make it almost certain you’ll not just get one question wrong but 2 if you get the first one wrong

- Love the idea, hate the product

The idea of watching videos and taking a couple questions is great! Until you use this app. The questions are usually mentioned either right before the popup or after. And sometimes even though you get it right, its projected as incorrect. And since there are at most 4 questions, getting a bad grade is extremely easy. And the most annoying part- YOU CANT RETAKE IT YOURSELF! You have to reset the entire video (which your teacher has to do) to try and get a better score.

- I hate this app

This app not only requires you to watch the entire video but also at the speed it is set at. So if you are one that likes to learn at a faster speed, that’s too bad. Not only that but it will glitch me out and say I haven’t completed the assignment. Then of course the question in the middle of the video are designed horribly. They are multiple choice answers to single answer questions, it is so confusing. And if you want to do this through your phone, good luck. Screw this app

- Great

i don’t understand why this app has so many bad reviews. when i try to use the website it hasn’t worked so when i tried the app i was a little worried based on the reviews, but i got it anyways and it is great and so easy to use! i don’t know why this app has a 1 star review

- Pretty good

Fully functional interface is a bit awkward but works just fine. Would give it 4/5 but since everyone seems to hate it I’ll give it 5 stars definitely worth trying on for the convenience of having Ed puzzle on your phone.

- 0 stars

If i could give this 0 stars i would but i cant. Its so irritating to use this app because there are so many bugs and glitches I’ll get thrown back to the beginning and sometime i cant get back to where i was and i just give up. It practically gives me an option that i can either watch a 20 minute video and get back to my spot or get an F. If the people who created this app is reading this maybe you should actually fix your app because its pretty obvious why you have a 1.5 rating.

- Absolute Crap

This app may seem amazing to teachers, but the moment a student gets onto the app they are bombarded with horrible quality. If you try to skip ahead a bit, you get reset, and when you are trying to cram in stuff before you turn it in 5 minutes, then you might want to skip to the important stuff in a twenty minute video. In total, please fix your buggy and overall crappy app, sincerely, someone who actually wants to not fail their chorus class

- Hell for Students

This app is just another way for teachers to assign busy work and try to feel like they’re actually doing something. Being forced to sit through half hour droning videos with no option to skip forward or even speed up is a complete waste of time and makes almost every student want to claw their eyes out. But hey teachers, if you don’t like actually teaching and or need a class period to catch up on grades or even your own personal life... here’s a great tool!

- Is my phone the problem

I was using this app for a while now for classes and out of no where my phone starts glitching. Every time I would open the app and go in and out of it, my phone would be weird, at first I thought maybe it might be my phone but I stoped using it for a while and everything worked smoothly really poor designed and developed app. I told my teacher about This and as an alternative I did everything on Microsoft teams.

- It’s functional and convenient for IPAD Users

Despite the mating horrible rating t has, if yo are a student complete task, or learning new subjects. This platform fits those standards. Yes there are some bugs and annoying defects within the app, but this platform is used by many teachers, and as a student. I enjoy doing my assignments on this platform.

- It’s a decent app with massive flaws

There are problems with the app that shouldn’t be happening, up until recently it’s been working like a charm for me, but now half of the questions aren’t even loading up when prompted and no amount of waiting or resetting helps, my grade is taking a hit due to it and I suspect thousands of other people’s grades as well.

- Failed

For a while the app worked properly and provided the services it said it would provide. Despite the poor quality of the services rendered (Permanent answer choice and generally buggy, sometimes preventing completion) it seemed usable. But after a few weeks it completely shutdown and wouldn’t even open thus failing at providing any services and just taking up space. Overall I rated this product at one star for providing unusable service.

- Why this app is getting bad reviews

Idk if the devs know this but this is a great app, with amazing design, easy use, and I look forward to edpuzzles more than my other work. The reason this app is getting such bad reviews is TikTok. I have seen many tik Toks saying that if we all one-Star apps like google classroom and edpuzzle, their rating would drop below 1.6 and teachers will no longer be able to use it. I feel so bad for the devs who could have devoted their lives to their app, and boom some high schools destroy it. This is a great app. Don’t call me a boomer.

- This app makes me so frustrated!!😡😡

This app makes me want to break anything and everything around me when I have to sit and I’m forced to watch a 50 minute video and I can’t skip ahead sometimes my teacher talks and talks and I have to sit and listen I HATE THIS APP!! It should be taken down it causes stress and makes me not even want to watch the video when I see the word edpuzzle I try to avoid it. Thanks if u read this so u also should rate this app 1 star and get this cruel app deleted

- Passwords

I seem to always have trouble with my password, amongst other people. I have changed my password and it still doesn’t work. I know it’s correct because I have it written down on a paper and it’s still not working. I type it correctly and I sent get on. As a student this is really frustrating because we are just trying to do our grades and it won’t let us do our work? Honestly very frustrating.

- Don’t listen what other people say

They may say this bc they have school. But not really a big deal, your good for kids and teachers to work better and for this time In 2020. No glitches and no bugs and this app is perfect

- It’s pretty confusing

I’m teacher and my students complain about not knowing that you have to pick more than one answer on the pick that apply.I wish there was a thing that signifies that.

- A Bug?

Until now, all my video experience has been fine. However, today I’m trying to watch a video on my phone and it will not allow me to watch it full screen. Every time i press the full screen button it would go for a second and then jump back into default mode.

- Huge glitch

So I have to say this, if it works it is ok but when I had gotten on to a question it decided to make the answers move up and down very quickly and for whatever reason I could not click the answers I closed the app, fully powered off my phone and multiple other things so I have given up on the assignment so please fix this but overall and okay app

- Terrible functionality

Every time you switch from landscape to portrait or vice versa it pauses the video and loads for about 10 seconds. If you leave and come back, sometimes it puts you back about a minute. If there are like 15 seconds of nothing at the end of the video, you still have to watch it to be marked complete. There’s a reason you have a 1.9 star rating and you should fix it before people abandon your app.

- Can’t go to where I left off

This app is helpful for school purposes, but the thing that annoys me is that whenever you switch to another app, you can’t go to where you left off on whatever video you’re doing that involves questions, and it’s the absolute worst when the video is minutes long. Please fix this it’s been on here for way too long

- ZERO stars if I could

This app is horrible! If my students need to rewatch a part of a video it make them re watch the WHOLE video even after they answered the questions. This app always crashes on any devise we try to use it on. This app would be deleted. This app never helps students. Even though this app sounds easy it’s not. And it not fun for student or for me. I WOULD GIVE THIS APP ZERO STARS IF I COULD. Form one Thea her to another please do not give your students edpuzzle.

- Can I give this 0 stars

The minute I got the app, it started to glitch and then immediately brought me to my assignment. I flipped my phone to get a bigger screen and the video restarted, really annoying. I got fed up with the restarting problem, like, how hard is it to make a video app that doesn't restart automatically. This is a really bad app, don't waste your time downloading it until these problems are fixed

- Tell your teachers not to

This app is infuriating, every time I W watch a video and I have to answer a question with more than one answer and I get at least one wrong of the two or three other correct answers it gives me a 0-100 and Mamés my grade look a lot worse than it should be. You also can’t skip through the video and every time I tried going back it would just restart the whole video.

- Anything but this

I would rather break glass and slit my wrists then use this app, it barely even loads up doesn’t show me the questions but only the answers and I still lose credit even though I can’t see what I’m supposed to be answering if anyone is making you use this app, make them feel as bad about it as humanly possible because they deserve worse then whatever you’re giving them

- Useful

I’m a student, and even though you can’t click through the video to skip ahead, I think that it is a great idea for an app and works very well on the receiving side.

- Definitely deleting app

I am deleting this app because the app will submit my (I did not press submit!) and the answer will be incorrect. I can’t go back and change my answer! And I admit, sometimes I will press submit and the answer will be wrong. And than before I press continue, I will realize it is wrong. And guess what? In can’t change my answer! It is stuck like that! I hate that! That is why I am deleting this app.

- Disgustingly Slow

This app is absolutely terrible. It takes about 2-3 minutes for a question to be submitted, not to mention the fact that about half of the multiple choice answers never load. I got a question wrong simply because the question did not load properly. It’s very frustrating to use! I wish that I could give it -1 stars because that’s what I got on my video quiz thank you very much.

- Never use this (even if you have to)

I had to download this app as part of my school and I can say, after my first video lesson, that I want to burn the app off of the face of the Earth. The app stalls every time you flip orientation, it does not change your answer, it has questionable Taptic feedback, and the video player is unintuitive. As the son of a user interface designer, this app is a nightmare (and my parent agreed). AGAIN NEVER GET THIS APP IF YOU CAN!!!!!

- I don’t know why people don’t like this app

I don’t really enjoy school but when I get assigned a red puzzle I get happy I love these edd puzzles and I don’t know why people hate this app I think it is one of the best school things to do

- Getting better

The bugs are beginning to be worked out and I can tell, there aren’t as many glitches as before

- Bruh

Literally why are you giving it 1 star if the app gets removed I won’t be able to use it while playing cod I will just have to use my computer

- Love this app!!!

This app is amazing for me and my class! It lets us watch educational videos while answering questions in the video just like we did in class! Quality is great! This is one of the best apps I have!

- It’s ok but there’s some things to fix

I have been using this app for a while due to my teacher liking this app and making us do homework on this app. There’s a problem with the app. It’s saying the assignment was due a week earlier then it’s due. Hopefully things get fixed and don’t glitch too much.

- Pfft.

Kids/students really out here thinking rating this app 1 star is gonna do anything. It aint gonna be taken down. Its a pretty good app and i love using it in school because its super easy to understand and use.

- I'm disappointed

Ya know ya I got ya ya lol ya know ya I wanna hang ya it out with ya ya know ya I ya dig a lot more like a real good day to go get some stuff done in a few hours and then I gotta was a good night to you get it out with your dad for the weekend so ya I don't have a ride I don't have any money to go pick y'all guys up so y'all know ya I know ya know I don't have a ride I just over here and ya I wanna is a good day for us and we can do it tomorrow night and I wanna hang out with you and hang with you I wanna was your birthday day

- I hate online school

I have no issue with the app I just hate online school like I get it were at home but like you don’t have to assign us the entire store. Just let your kids rest work at home is a lot harder than work at school because we could very much be distracted by tv or video games and we want to talk to our friends but we can’t because we have to do pages 17-18 and write a whole essay on it. Ly

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Katie Oliver

A9: I love flipgrid, drag and drop rubrics and checklists especially when made on slides, and comprehension checks on Edpuzzle!! #edtechguys

Jenn Broekman

@msruggerio Have you tried a nearpod/perfect/edpuzzle wrapper for the videos? If they're being asked questions, they might do the work.


"[Video] increases engagement and provides an opportunity for students with strong verbal but weak writing skills to shine." 💡 Have 𝘆𝗼𝘂 considered using Edpuzzle's Student Project feature as a summative assessment?

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Edpuzzle iphone images
Edpuzzle iphone images
Edpuzzle iphone images
Edpuzzle iphone images

Edpuzzle (Version 3.5.1) Install & Download

The applications Edpuzzle was published in the category Education on 2014-09-28 and was developed by EDpuzzle, Inc. [Developer ID: 919598208]. This application file size is 35.09 MB. Edpuzzle - Education app posted on 2020-11-19 current version is 3.5.1 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.edpuzzle.EDpuzzle

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