Aqua Map: US - Marine GPS

An app to satisfy all your Fishing and Boating's needs, developed with the help of professional fishermen. You will download the best nautical charts and enjoy your new fishing season. Press the RECORD button, put the phone in your pocket and record your fishing trolling track....and much more.

►► Features:
• Optimised for both iPhone and iPad use.
• Amazingly clear nautical charts, thanks to the Retina map display.
• Full coverage US NOAA Nautical charts (including Great Lakes, Alaska and Hawaii).
• Plan and navigate your ROUTE
• You can download maps (for FREE) on the device, to be used later without any internet connection.
• *** NEW *** Expand your horizons with mapXpan (patent pending).
• Easy to use.
• ActiveCaptain community integration
• Optimized battery usage with battery consumption monitoring.
• Share tracks, markers, routes and pictures in various formats (KMZ and GPX).
• You can enable unlimited storage with the PRO version via inApp purchase.
• Customize your Marker's icon and Track's color.
• Switch between Map display modes (Offline, Satellite, Roads).
• Measure distances on the map.
• Load any track, marker and route from internet communities (KMZ, KML, GPX also if zipped)
• Query map objects with your finger tip
• Search map objects around you or search places by name worldwide 

*** NEW ***
► mapXpan
This new mode will greatly extend your display; you will have the details you need for a safe navigation seamlessly integrated with a large overview area.
Using this new mode you will see a map 64 times larger than the standard mode without losing any detail in the center part of the screen.

Aqua Map lets you download - for FREE!! - the best US Nautical charts (from NOAA) and US Major Rivers (from USACE) with depth contours, buoys, lights, etc. and all it is necessary to enjoy your best fishing experience. A complete land chart with roads, tracks, and important places is also included. No additional purchase is required. With an amazingly clear display at all zoom levels, you can download the maps at home within your device and then use them on the boat without any Internet connection. Check our Nautical charts at:

Why do not sharing your favorite's markers on Facebook or sending an email with your last daily track, with all the pictures you captured to show them on a PC ? With Aqua Map it is just a click.

Plan your trip, insert and edit waypoints. Navigate your route and monitor distance, time and direction toward your next waypoint.

► ENJOY ActiveCaptain Community
Join the community of more than 100.000 boaters who write reviews, update data and provide up to date hazard information.
Read and contribute reviews and rating about marinas, shared local boating knowledge, anchorage and hazards

Aqua Map can load any KML, KMZ, GPX (also zipped) you can find over the internet or received from your friends. You can load tracks and markers generated from any application (e.g. Google EarthTM, Maps, or other iPhone/iPad apps), obviously including Aqua Map, or any device (e.g. Garmin, Nuvi, Magellan, etc.).

Unlike many other apps, Aqua Map is designed to use at the best the battery power. Its Battery Consumption Monitoring will stop the track recording when the battery is too low, in order to ensure the phone is still usable at the end of your outdoor's day.

Aqua Map works also when in background, you can receive/make calls and messages while the track recording is running.


Like any GPS, the signal quality can vary very much depending by the amount of visible sky, foliage, weather condition, etc. GPS is not reliable indoor.

The continuous GPS usage, also in background, can drastically reduce the battery life.

Aqua Map: US - Marine GPS App Description & Overview

The applications Aqua Map: US - Marine GPS was published in the category Navigation on 2014-10-15 and was developed by GEC s.r.l.. The file size is 78.75 MB. The current version is 7.3 and works well on 8.2 and high ios versions.

- Improved the Safety depth colouring
- Enhanced the GPS filtering for poor signal condition
- Solved a problem about wrong depth unit
- Solved a problem with the import of some KMZ

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A surf fishing must have.  ampegv4  5 star

I use this app to find new spots to surf fish constantly. Totally amazing.


Great customer support  FAA_flt_test  5 star

Great customer support. Quick response

Jay in MD #32

Chart  Jay in MD #32  5 star

I was searching for a detailed nautical chart and I found one that exceeded my expectations...AquaMap was by far a great find with awesome charts and easy to use features...I would Rate this way above 5 stars if that option was available. I not only use this App, I depend on it!!!

Capt. Mike C

Best fishing app ever!  Capt. Mike C  5 star

I can't afford the gps I would like, so I downloaded this app. After using it for 6 months now I am amazed at how accurate and easy to use it is. The only thing I would change to improve this already awesome app is have a "mark" button to mark the location you want when you are right over a target. the way it is done now is a little tough in rough seas, and you are never sure if it is correct. For the price this is well worth the money. I have tracks saved in the cloud and on the app I follow all the time. I have fishing spots saved for Grouper, Trout, Redfish, etc that I just couldn't do without now. Fix that one issue and you have a winner!


Great for Route Planning  19560101  5 star

This is the best app I have found with Active Captain integration.


Aqua Map USA  TBone1950  5 star

A great app for planning my trips.


Aqua Map USA Pro HD  Galeyork  5 star

I really like this app. It’s the best viewing I’ve seen or used. The graphics are sharp and really great. The navigation is intuitive…just the best as far as I’m concerned. Everything loads quickly and is very snappy on my iPad and iPhone 6. I highly recommend this app. I think it’s ahead of everything else our there. For my sailing, it’s got everything.


Waste of my time  npcess  2 star

I spend 15 minutes trying to,get it to download a map. 4.7m and stopped three times. Deleted it.

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