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The eagerly awaited sequel to the BAFTA award winning 'The Room' (Apple Game of the Year 2012) and 'The Room Two' (App Store Best of 2013-14) is finally here.
Welcome to The Room Three, a physical puzzle game within a beautifully tactile world.
Lured to a remote island, you must draw upon all your puzzle-solving ability to navigate a series of trials devised by a mysterious figure known only as “The Craftsman”.

Easy to begin yet hard to put down, enjoy a unique mix of intriguing puzzles with a simple user interface.

A tactile experience so natural you can almost feel the surface of each object.

Lose yourself in a variety of stunning new environments, each spanning multiple areas.

Rotate, zoom and examine dozens of artifacts to discover their hidden secrets.

A haunting soundtrack coupled with dynamic sound effects create an unforgettable soundscape.

Use the new eyepiece ability to explore the world in miniature

Return to a persistent environment and change your fate

Re-read hints to get the full picture

Share your progress between multiple devices and unlock achievements.

Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.

Fireproof Games is an independent studio from Guildford, United Kingdom.
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The Room Three App Description & Overview

The applications The Room Three was published in the category Games on 2015-11-04 and was developed by Fireproof Games. The file size is 887.72 MB. The current version is 1.0.2 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes

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The Room Three Reviews

U C Woody

The Room Three  U C Woody  5 star

A wonderful game with incredible ingenuity and unsurpassed detail. A challenge for puzzle enthusiasts of all skill levels. I don’t feel you could complete the game without the clues, however, and each scene could benefit from additional lighting.

Abode v2

Perhaps the best game...  Abode v2  5 star

Perhaps the best game I have ever played on mobile... They should keep making these... What an amazing experience... Simply masterful game making !!!

Dustin White

Fun for the whole family  Dustin White  5 star

This is a family game, for sure. I can see this or something similar being played at family gatherings, or just at home with a loved one. We played part 1 on separate tablets here at home. It was nice to have people to talk to about the game. Part 3 here is a bit more complex, but just as mysterious. The only thing about part 3 I sometimes got frustrated over was going from one room to another to find a part and go right back. There are times the player thinks they are “zoomed in” all the way and nothing is working. It’s because they’re not zoomed in fully and simply have no way to know. Overall, this is one great experience.


Room 3  LegacyII  5 star

Excellent! One of the finest games ever played. Have completed all, 1-4. Hope there is a 5.


Best  RbB62  5 star

All of these games are the best! Deff worth the money.


Loved this one the most.  TrentonAnthony  5 star

I played the newest version of The Room, and then went back through 1, 2, and 3. This was by far my favorite. I really hope they continue with more. A must buy!!


This is truly the best game ever crafted  NAZ A RETH  5 star

From the graphics to the unique puzzles, this is hands down the most intriguing game ever to be crafted for the iPhone or any game console for that matter. It is dark and eerie, while at the same time beautiful and mesmerizing! I have played and beat parts 1, 2, and now 3, and each one is better than the last! I cannot wait to play Old Sins. Thank you guys for taking phone gaming to a whole nother universe! Nothing compares to your games! Please keep these games coming!


Won’t work, not reliable  Cac111111  2 star

I love the game room one and room too. But room three keeps syncing to iCloud then I turn it off turn it on and then it starts with new profiles. Not sure why in this industry it allows people to put out apps that dysfunction after a period of game playing? I think there should be something a law where they close the app down if there’s a certain percentage of breakdowns reported. Really really disappointing! I loved what they did with the first two room games but maybe it’s a different staff or the business was sold.


Amazing game  ReandJodo  5 star

I love playing these games. It really makes you think. Plus the alternate endings were great!!


Does not disappoint.  jplumbob  5 star

Excellent game. Can't wait for the next one. Was difficult enough to think but not so much that you get frustrated. Perfect balance. Keep up the awesome work. Don't wait so long for the next one. I want another one. Are there any more in the works?


Amazing  Lily-May87  5 star

Fantastic game!!! So much better then #2 was totally hooked!!!!!


Great game but I have a glitch (probably just me)  Nawzle  5 star

The room 3 is easily the most well designed, well crafted and beautifully made game I have ever played. I simply love it. I do have a problem though (spoilers): I have made it past four pyramids and am in the observatory with the telescope. I have placed the metal plate on the symbols chart and can see the planets, but one of the symbols that come up is a star, and on the wheels I have no star symbol. Should I delete and re-download the game? Or am I simply not seeing something?


The room3  Lovie2u2  5 star

Wow. I loved the Room 3. Better than 1&2. 6 hours of gaming isn’t enough. Loved the visuals. Enjoyed the puzzles and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of 3. Well done folks.


Best game ever!  minkymoo1  5 star

Such a clever, challenging and visually stunning game. Constant WOW when a new challenge appears. Cannot put in words how much I enjoyed this.


The prophecy was true!  ACisAustralian  5 star

“Best of the series!” they claimed. “Yeah right!” I replied. “Best of the series!” I now say upon completion. “Believe it!”


Diabolical and brilliant!!!  ElysiumDevi  5 star

I can't rate this game high enough. The best advice I can give is to play the Room 1, 2 & 3 in order. It's well worth it. 100% the best game I've ever downloaded and utterly satisfying to play.


THE best game apps available!  jeff-skunk  5 star

I love this series and this instalment is the best yet. Sheer brilliance. If you only have one game in your phone it should be this one.


Love The Room... continued  BTD314  5 star

Definitely my favourite series of games ever. Beautifully crafted both visually & audionically (yes, that’s my tailor made word😆). Devs have done well to try to please everyone, tho’ they’ve obviously had to simplify it - just a little - for that reason. Price is creeping up so I hope devs don’t become too greedy or it will be their downfall despite such brilliance. Bear in mind you need patience & perseverance, so dust off your thinking caps & don’t be in such a hurry. Its a great experience if you immerse fully. 👍


Awesome game.  birney49  5 star

Wow what challenges. You need to use the mind to solve all the puzzles. Beautiful graphics and a joy to play. Love it


Engaging  Voyager123  5 star

Thoroughly enjoyable, incredibly detailed environments, puzzles varied enough to make you feel clever then leave you baffled.


Freaky and Cool  Android7  5 star

This game is so addictive and fun. It just keeps keeps getting better and better the more you play. The graphics are amazing and the logic puzzles are just hard enough to challenge, but not impossible to solve. I just finished my first go through and now I see there are alternate versions! It’s cool that you can play again with a different outcome!


MORE!  gggkkklllmmm  5 star

It was almost impossible to put down. I can’t wait for another installment of The Room!



Wow! These puzzles are designed to make you really engage your brain! An excellent brain workout. I’ve had to even ask my 12 year old son for help! I love that the hints guide you without revealing the full answer. Fabulous puzzle game!


An adventure!  Coze3  5 star

It’s so satisfying solving a piece of the puzzle and moving on to the next clue. You never know what’s around the corner. I thing the graphics are fantastic! Room games are unique, clever, super fun and addicting. I’m ready for Room 4, 5 and 6 please!!!


The Maintenance Man  supergmr  5 star

Pretty sure the subtext of this version is that an old guy needs his manor house fixed up.

Shopping machine

Wow  Shopping machine  5 star

Loved me and my friend started to play and now we just hope this isn’t where it ends we love it keep going with this since there is legit nothing like this game!!

casa crawford

The Room Three  casa crawford  5 star

Terrific! Intriguingly satisfying and rewarding. Absolutely recommend!

Chad Beudrot

Fun  Chad Beudrot  5 star

Great way to pass the time solving puzzles.


A must  Cornfield870  5 star

Great games. All were great and left me wanting more. Very intriguing, mysterious puzzle game. And excellent addition to my phone.

whatever idc about you

Amazing and one of the best.  whatever idc about you  4 star

I absolutely love love love the room series. I was browsing the App Store one time be I was bored and saw the game old sins. So I downloaded it and loved it. That led me to all the others in the series. As I came across this one, I played it and loved it. The only thing I have to criticize is that, because I am not that good at escape room things, when the point in the game said that there were more endings, I was like sure ok sounds fun, more games in one. Then it said that I would have no more hints for the rest of the game. I tried to, but could only find a couple things that didn’t even go together. My conclusion is that is it is an amazing game and worth the price, but would be 5 stars if it had hints at the end.

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