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The eagerly awaited sequel to the BAFTA award winning 'The Room' (Apple Game of the Year 2012) and 'The Room Two' (App Store Best of 2013-14) is finally here.
Welcome to The Room Three, a physical puzzle game within a beautifully tactile world.
Lured to a remote island, you must draw upon all your puzzle-solving ability to navigate a series of trials devised by a mysterious figure known only as “The Craftsman”.

Easy to begin yet hard to put down, enjoy a unique mix of intriguing puzzles with a simple user interface.

A tactile experience so natural you can almost feel the surface of each object.

Lose yourself in a variety of stunning new environments, each spanning multiple areas.

Rotate, zoom and examine dozens of artifacts to discover their hidden secrets.

A haunting soundtrack coupled with dynamic sound effects create an unforgettable soundscape.

Use the new eyepiece ability to explore the world in miniature

Return to a persistent environment and change your fate

Re-read hints to get the full picture

Share your progress between multiple devices and unlock achievements.

Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.

Fireproof Games is an independent studio from Guildford, United Kingdom.
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The Room Three App Description & Overview

The applications The Room Three was published in the category Games on 2015-11-04 and was developed by Fireproof Games. The file size is 887.72 MB. The current version is 1.0.2 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes

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The Room Three Reviews


Good games but  chroko29  3 star

When was the last time they updated? Six months to a year. And no support for the iPhone X and up. Seriously what the... are they thinking. iOS is their bread and butter but they ignore it


Help, I can’t stop playing!  Jortiz  5 star

I love it!


Amazing!  Stimpymama  5 star

Can not wait for the next one. Totally worth the money!


Room 3  ljg50  5 star

Fabulous game. I wish there were a lot more. There is nothing like this out there.


Spectacular  Meirw  5 star

Another spectacular experience by this game maker. Challenging while providing guidance via tips that don’t revel too much at once. The graphics are AWESOME. The whole thing is a work of genius. Thank you


Fantastic! Captivating!  ccpoul  5 star

The whole series is a universe of excellent puzzles, stunning graphics, and enthralling cut scenes. Challenging but not to the point of frustration - downright addictive! This may be my favorite of the series (although it’s difficult to choose). The different endings were a splendid twist.


Almost Perfect  Svstoltz  5 star

Now for something completely different.


Awesome puzzle, but could be better  SZyeay  5 star

I really enjoyed playing the room. The puzzle are designed very nicely. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have AR or VR enabled puzzle? Looking forward to see them in the future releases.


An excellent game  KamSoldier  5 star

I really appreciate the FPS and graphics improvements. And the puzzles were easily on par with the 2nd game which remains my favorite. The world building was also perfect.


Change my fate.  BigSledDog  5 star

Love all Room games. Smart and beautiful. At at the end knowing I can change my fate is awesome.


Got stuck  12rabny56  4 star

I was finding the game really fun, but then I got stuck on the star chart thing. I was bummed about it. Still a great game


Outstanding  OzBoomer  5 star

I played Room 1 and immediately bought 2 and 3. Absolutely outstanding games.


Thoroughly enjoyable  Jcao101  5 star



A beautiful Puzzle that’ll last you hours!  Shecee  5 star

I’ve played the whole trilogy and I’ve never had a game be so engaging and complex. The amount of detail gone into this game is unbelievable and I’ve enjoyed every puzzle. Amazing job and will keep you engaged for hours through the many rooms and the extended endings. Good job developers! Well worth it


Awesome  Snoofo  5 star

As good as the old Myst game!


Another Great Room  shaneshine  5 star

I have all 4 Room Games and they keep getting better. I hope to see more Room titles in the future.


The best app by far...  EllisD&N  5 star

This is the best of the 220 apps on my phone by a country mile. It is so much better than any other puzzle game and I've played a few. The drawings, 3D, mystery, surprises are fantastic. The fact that playing is not time limited is great. I showed some of it to my wife on the big TV through the Apple TV and she thought it was a beautiful movie. It's incredible. Well done.


yoyo  桃飯團  5 star



Something to make you think!  Sakura1976  5 star

Such a clever game design, full of seemingly never ending puzzles that keep you thinking. Amazing graphics and great used/sound effects, just make it even more enjoyable. Absolutely love that it has alternative endings. By far the best of The Room games so far. Make more please!


Awesome game as always  Roscent  5 star

Love love love The Room, played all 3 of them. Can ease up on the music and atmosphere, but I love that it’s not actually scary.


WOW...  MacMcIntyre  5 star I just played straight through this whole series in just 3 days, and that isn’t a testament to them being too short and/or simple: I literally could not put them down, and ended up playing in every free moment I got (The Room 3 alone clocked 8:02 for me, playing intensely and as quickly as possible). I love these games so much, and I have had A BLASTY BLAST playing them.


Fantastic game  12444737373  5 star

This game is much better than other escape games, it isn’t just point and click, it has 3D rooms ,smart challenging puzzles and a story!! Worth every penny.


Still wonderful  Birdy24eva  5 star

I’ve played this game at least 5 times since my purchase when it first came out! It’s well worth the $, it has beautiful artwork, and amazing story lines & very long gameplay! I actually purchased this one before getting the Room 1&2 AND was so glad when they made a fourth! Although, this is one is still my favorite, since you can walk around a mansion & go to other ‘rooms’ & because of the alternate endings! I hope they make many more like it!

Frustrated, Like the rest.

Excellent Game  Frustrated, Like the rest.  5 star

I’ve loved all of the Room games so far, and the third is no exception. They’re all the fun of an Escape Room with gorgeous art and things that could not be done in real life. The added element of the multiple endings was a neat choice; it adds another element of replay-ability to the game. On occasion things can get frustrating—every now and again you have to poke around in juuust the right way to discover something. The hints system, being automatic, sometimes gives you a nudge to do something you already have done (but that’s what we have internet walkthroughs for, am I right?). However, neither of these things is SO frustrating that it affected my experience of the game, which I can’t always say for point-and-click adventures. Overall, I eagerly await playing the next installment and whatever else Fireproof games has to offer.

Orion Leafman

Great puzzles, amazing 5 hours, 40 minutes of annoying  Orion Leafman  4 star

Loved the game other than the back and fourth between puzzles. Just slightly annoying. However, I don’t believe there’s much they can do about that other than add some sort of speed up while walking. The worst thing by far is my iCloud saving and then going back into the game and having to replay a puzzle because iCloud saved before it and forces you to the main menu. Yet, 5 hours and 40 minutes of pure brain straining fun. Have loved all the rooms and I’m off to get the 4th one now! Definitely a must play for a puzzle lover. Thank you to the creators! About time to make a giant console one, right?:)


Perfect  Kazylady2  5 star

I love all these games in this series. They are challenging so they make you think but not so hard you have to let a walkthrough show you what to do. This is how escape room games should be made. My only complaint is that you finally reach the end of the game though they are plenty long with multiple chapters; also there aren’t enough of the games to go on playing forever. I don’t hesitate to spend the money to purchase the app because there is never a place that makes you wait for energy to play & nothing else you’re required to purchase once you start playing. I hope more of The Room games are on the way. I’m on my last one now. Thank you for making such thoughtful games with great graphics & story line. I’m definitely entertained for hours.


Phenomenal Game. So well designed  Choachy  5 star

I think this is THE best game I’ve ever played on iOS. It’s beautifully designed. The puzzles make sense. Everything is logical. I hope they make more The Room games. This was 8 and a half hours of content well spent. I tried my best to do it without hints or walkthroughs and I did everything except the 4th ending. I needed one clue.


Fantastic  Spn807  5 star

Such a fun and impressive game! Can’t wait for the next one!!

Truffles 8D

Best Room Game by Far  Truffles 8D  5 star

Let me start off by saying I have never left a review in the App Store for any app before until now. This is an amazingly creative adventurous exploratory game with puzzles! This is my favorite room game and I’ve played room pocket and room old sins. The reason why I enjoyed room 3 the most is because you are walking from room to room solving puzzles and it has more of a storytelling effect with moving visuals than the other room productions imo. Hats off to fireproof games for always making high value games and pls don’t stop coming out with more of the room!

Ms. Phoebes

Total fun  Ms. Phoebes  5 star

I love the attention paid to the details of the rooms. Yes, I groan every time a new one is opened, because I have to remember what I’ve done and what needs attended to; small puzzles solved lead to the bigger puzzle at at hand! A great, enjoyable challenge.


Best puzzle series on iOS  Tacksterino  5 star

This continues to be a top notch, challenging, beautiful and atmospheric series of titles. I would purchase and enjoy any product brought it by this studio. Amazing!


Fantastic  Conois  5 star

Having already played the first two in this trilogy I of course had to buy the third and boy I wasn't disappointed! Such a well thought through game, keeps the player intrigued. I did not want to put this down until I had completed it!


Awesome!!!  Ncbk13  5 star

We were so lucky to find this game. Highly recommend to play from the 1st till the 3rd game. Extremely enjoyable!!!


Stunning  Stevencampbell01  5 star

I'm a big fan of all 3 Rooms but this is my favourite. It expanded significantly on the other 2 both in narrative and depth but also in the amount of content! This is a must have.


Beautiful Graphics  Flannery123  5 star

Wonderful game, hooked since the first series. Well done


Best mystery puzzle game out there  StaceyCC白丽  5 star

Seriously absolutely well worth the small fee. The graphics are outstanding. It reminded me of "Inception". I hope "The Room four" will be coming soon.


Best game ever!!!  Wakka666  5 star



Worth the money  SopKan  5 star

This game was worth it. Lots of puzzles and takes a while to complete it all as it has different endings. I really loved it, highly recommended if you like computer games like Mist. :)


Addictive and brilliant  Jadorejesu  5 star

Definitely the best room escape game out there by far. No other app developer has gone to such lengths to make an amazingly in depth game. Enjoyed every second.


Excellent addition to the trilogy  Irishane  5 star

Just as good as 1 & 2. Maybe better. Well worth the money

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