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Important! The application is not for downloading or watching content.

My Movies allows you to catalog your entire collection of movie and TV Series from our world class online data service containing data for disc titles (DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD), movies (Digital Copies) and TV Series, from various counties and in various languages.

Attention Upgraders! Users of the first version of our application for iPhone or iPad, simply log into the same user account that you previously used, and your existing collection will synchronize to the new application. Contact us on [email protected] if you are in need of help.

Our database of titles is the best available, containing more than 1,000,000 titles on DVD and Blu-ray, supplemented by a large catalog of movies and TV Series for digital copies. If you have one or more titles that are not in our service, you can report it and it will be created within 48 hours by our staff - a service you will not find elsewhere.

You can evaluate the full application, by downloading My Movies Free, which is a freely available identical version with the exception of being limited to 50 titles, and only 10 items in release and trailer lists.

You can use the application as a standalone product on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, or use it as a companion to our other software packages, available for all popular platforms, allowing you to keep your movie collection synchronized between clients.

The application requires you to create a user account, log onto an existing My Movies account, or log in through Facebook to be able to use the program. Your collection will follow your user account through our online servers, allowing you to switch between different clients without ever losing your data - we have clients available for all popular platforms. If you log in to an existing account, your current collection will automatically be synchronized to your device.

You can within the program activate an online web based listing of your collection, allowing you to send friends and family a website that allows them to browse your collection.

Notice! If you have a problem or a suggestion, please contact us on [email protected] We are unable to help you with problems if you only leave a comment in the market. The quality and stability of the application is our top priority, and we will happily help you with any problem or concerns you might have.

Feature list:

- Scan large DVD and Blu-ray collections fast using our quick multi-scan option.
- Search for disc titles, movies or TV Series by title.
- Keep track your collection of disc titles (DVD and Blu-ray) or digital copies.
- Keep track of movies watched in theaters, or movies or TV Series watched on streaming services.
- Personalize titles with location, tags, notes, rating, purchase details and more.
- Mange interface customization options, including different views, and both a black and white interface.
- View with synopsis, full cast list (10, 20, 30 or all per title) and much more.
- View audio tracks, subtitles on disc titles.
- Links to IMDB.
- High quality front and back covers as well as theater posters.
- Watch trailers.
- Search collection.
- Many sort options.
- Advanced filtering.
- Integration with Facebook and Twitter.
- Parental control functions.
- Shake to random title.
- E-mail collection as TXT or CSV.
- Loan titles to contacts and keep track.
- Online title collection to share with family and friends (
- Tabbar badge with title and/or person count.
- Person section with photos, biographies and starring in lists.
- Releases section with upcoming DVD and Blu-ray's.
- Use same collection on multiple devices and platforms with automatic online sync.
- Automatic profile update for latest and most accurate data.
- Remote control for Windows Media Center and Dune players.
- Report missing titles to our staff.
- Report incorrect data to our staff.

- Much MORE!

My Movies Pro - Movie & TV Collection Library App Description & Overview

The applications My Movies Pro - Movie & TV Collection Library was published in the category Catalogs on 2014-12-12 and was developed by Binnerup Consult. The file size is 90.84 MB. The current version is 2.28 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Notice! If you are having problems with this update, please contact us on [email protected] - we unfortunately cannot help you through app reviews.


This release rolls back the version of our scanning library due to no support for iOS 7, which we missed, sorry. This caused a startup crash for iPhone 4 users (yes, they are still in use). This version will be the last supporting iOS 7.


Added: Option to include a cover scan when reporting missing titles.

Change: Icon of the application displays the word "Pro", to clearly distinguish it from our "Free" version, which is no longer showing "Free" on the icon, as users can now upgrade within the application as an in-app purchase.
Change: There have been some adjustments on searching for movies and TV Series profiles, where you no longer specify a language to search in, to make it easier to use.

Fix: Various minor incoming issues have been fixed.

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App review  WindWalker6968  5 star

I can look on my cell phone where ever I am and see if I have it before I by it . I can also write down who I lent a movie too and what date I can put my movies in categories ,this is a fabulous app I recommend buying it I used the temporary version that I only let you put 50 movies in but since I have way over 1000 it is well worth my time to put the full-blown version in my collection of apps


Essential for DVD Movie Obsessives  dmlones  5 star

Great app. Enjoy browsing my film collection from my iOS device. Also great for tracking to whom I've lent discs.

Mr. Maxx

Excellent!  Mr. Maxx  5 star

The only thing that can be said about this app is that it is EXCELLENT!!!


Impressively awesome!  ajglinski  5 star

I've been searching for an app like this.i have over 350 movies and I catalogued them with this in until 2 hrs. Had the all been barcoded DVD/blu-rays it would have taken me under a half hour. This is an excellent, robust app for all movies whether you own them or not. So great! Go buy it—you won't be sorry! -1 happy customer.


Great app for creating a movie library!! Where's the 3D??  AimMeesh71  4 star

I just found this app yesterday, and have been busy adding my collection of over 300 movies. I love that I can access from all of my devices. Also, I have mine in sleeves inside a case so I don't have the front of the case to look at and remember what the movie is about. I now have a photo of the cover along with the description and list of actors to access when trying to decide what movie to watch. So much better! The only problem I'm having is how to add 3D movies, as I have a good size collection of those too. I would love to have them separate from my others, but I can't find any 3D titles??


Love It!  ChiScott66  5 star

An easy way to inventory my movies.


Awesome App  Rglopez21  5 star

Great way to keep track of my collection. Still fully content with this app!


Not a free upgrade? What kind of scam is this?  teamgeotrax  1 star

I have to pay $6 again for the same app I had before??? LAME. Way to take care of your existing customers.


Wish they had this for CDs  Boozer2000  5 star

This app is fantastic. I have 700+ movies on DVD and Blu-Ray and adding movies via scanning the bar code works great. I wish I could catalog my CD collection this easily. And I wish they added the functionality to track digital only copies of my movies.


Know your movies  Dowi99  5 star

Do you have so many movies, that when you go to the store, you don't know if you have it or not. Now you can look it up on your phone.


Nayan Bhowmikbdnayan_243 star

My Movies Pro 2 – Movies & TV v2.25 Build 1 [Patched] Apk


افضل التطبيقاتyahya__Aati3 star

تحميل تطبيق My Movies Pro – Movie & TV 2.25 Apk for Android النسخة المدفوع للاندرويد تحديث…


rexdlrexdl_com3 star

My Movies Pro – Movie & TV 2.25 Apk for Android

Dragon writer

Love it!!!  Dragon writer  5 star

I started using this app when I had just under 300 movies. I now have over 900 and I never have to worry about buying duplicates because of this amazing app!!!


Great app  EMSanders42  5 star

Great app if you have a large collection of blu-rays and DVDs. Has almost all titles I have scanned in. Also has ability to categorize by you preference by category. Love this app, highly recommended.


Excellent option for tracking collections  jonEangel  4 star

My only hesitation with 5 stars is the ability to track both a disc and digital copy of the same movie. The disc will indicate the digital types available, but if the Blu-ray comes with iTunes or Vudu, there's no easy selection to know which I redeemed. I'd love to easily filter between my iTunes copies, Vudu copies, and Blu-ray disc without having to add categories. Other than manual category selection, the only way I figured out how to track this way is to have the movie added twice – once as Blu-ray and once as a digital copy where you can select your provider.



Absolutely the best app for movie collections bar none !!!!


Very helpful if you have a large collection  KiraJ202  4 star

Just a few suggestions: I understand movies are added via a user based system, but it is a little frustrating to require the UPC code for upcoming releases. Would it be possible to provide a link to a site such as Amazon to verify a film's existence and release date, such as The Lego Batman Movie (which is not yet available in this app but shows a release date of June 13), and then a UPC can be added when it is available? I would also like it if the search option would not be quite as broad. When I looked to see if The Lego Batman Movie was available, I saw Batman v. Superman, The Lego Movie, and even The Peanuts Movie show up as options. It would also be extremely helpful if when synchronizing my collection that I could minimize the app as the process is occurring.


Love it!  dionnesga  5 star

I've used this app for a few years now and it keeps getting better!


Enjoyed this App from day one!  arnoldasl  5 star

I've had this app for years, and it's been a joy to have all my movies logged and movie trailers to let my friend and family review a movie before they watch them at their fingertips, what a great program.


Love it!  Typdamsel  5 star

I couldn't be happier with this app. It makes it so easy to avoid purchasing duplicates. It's also easy to scan through them by genre to find a movie we feel like watching.


A must have for your collection  Keiod  5 star

This app really keeps track of everything you have, so when you are ready to buy that movie and you're not sure whether not you already have it, you can check. It's perfect!!!


Excellent archiving app for videos  thummert  4 star

I tried the free version (same app but with limit of 50 DVDs) and within an hour was so impressed bought the full version. The bar scanner is very fast and their archive is very complete. I only had a handful of videos that did not register. Only odd thing would be one of titles. These are set in their database and cannot be altered, but you can go into your "personal" settings and personalize the titles. This is a similar problem with CDs in iTunes, Gracenote accepts alternatives, and you can alter it within iTunes. An example is the movie "Dune." The original title is Dune, but an alternative movie of Dune is titled Frank Herbert's Dune" and when you go to look for it you have to know that exact name. You an go into the personalize settings and put a name, and then sort. An example of the title problem is the TMC series that may have "Natalie Wood" or "John Wayne" or "War" as a topic for 4 films, and sometimes the first film dominates the title rather than "TCM Movies Classics - " and the "film star name" which would be better organized and easier to find. Also series may be "vol 2" or "vol II" and can throw the set of 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. off to be out of order when reviewing for titles or missing parts of a set. In iTunes this can be customized and changed then submit an alternative title to Gracenote. There is no such option in this app and have to assume it is related to their database, but you can make those changes in the personalize settings, which is really nice for organizing. Too bad it cannot be a change like a Gracenote offers. I don't know enough about movie databases to comment further. Missing titles usually obscure or sports related, like soccer training, etc. All being said, very happy, found place for my notes and rating, etc. My only change would be for preference of category after scanning to select beforehand when scanning multiple titles, this adds an extra step each time, and if you are scanning for the first time this adds one extra set each time. They could add a button to make this the same each time, then turn off after compiling your initial library, but that said, very fast to use and very happy. They are also very quick and responsive to comments. I would highly recommend to anyone, very glad I got this app. Addendum: Reduced one star due to lack of response after three attempts to adding title that is clearly scanning wrong. Sent scan shots and they also wanted photos, tried two methods, missing title and contacting support, still no response other than telling me to do this by another method, which I also tried twice. In addition, no way to add the title manually as it keeps telling me there is already that title in the database and if I want to report a problem....same story in a loop. They have generally been great and responsive but this has been a pain. Also they need to add the ability to paste a cover or picture when different than what they have, or don't have. Tried to send to add but obviously no luck. If they can fix this I'll go back to 5 stars.

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