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Boost your knowledge anytime, anywhere with the official LinkedIn SlideShare app. Explore over 15 million presentations, videos and infographics in stunning, full-screen layout - new for iOS 8. No time to read now? Save favorites to read later - even offline!

Use the LinkedIn SlideShare app to:

- Explore over 15 million professional presentations, infographics, and videos in stunning, full-screen layout designed just for iOS 8
- Discover content in your favorite topics, with over 30 to explore - from Technology and Leadership to Engineering and Healthcare
- Save your favorites to read later (even offline!)
- Follow cutting-edge companies like Netflix and NASA, explore keynotes from top conferences, and learn from industry experts who share their expertise on SlideShare
- Check out the top presentations trending in your social network, and share the ones you like with friends and colleagues on SlideShare, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

LinkedIn SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and professional content, with 60 million unique visitors a month and more than 15 million uploads

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LinkedIn SlideShare Comments & Reviews

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- A handy app for slide presentations

I found this app be being referred to many images on Google search. I study medicine and attempt to help others learn medicine. There are many helpful slide presentations such as those presented at conferences that I can now access via Slideshare. One feature I desire is similar to the rapid scan feature on my iPhone photos app where you can rapidly search and scan through many slides to find what you are interested in. I recommend.

- Couldn’t even get in the app

I got it- logged in and then went off the app. When I had gotten back on earlier after finding a poetry book I wanted to read- I was logged out. I tried logged in over and over again. After a bit I realized it must’ve been because my account didn’t go through or something. So I tried creating my account but there was no where I could, I was locked in a screen where I could only login- but I had no account to log in too. So I deleted it and downloaded it again but I was locked in the same screen again. I’m a little devastated because it seems like a really nice and creative app- twas the three star instead of one - but of course I’ll never see the app. Anyway you could help would be amazing!

- Good but few glitches

It’s a pretty neat app with presentations from a wide range of topics. Search results are usually related but with broad sidelines and even 2 matching words appear in search. However I mostly end up finding useful stuff. I rated it 3 because of the glitches of the app itself that are really annoying. For one, my saved slides keep on disappearing even while I’m viewing them. I simply go back and they’re no more there. When you turn to search for them again, it’s a matter of chance whether you gonna come across the same again or not. Pure luck I guess.

- Support animations

This will get five stars for me if slide share would support animated PPT presentations. If it does support animation then there should be an easy way to find out how to do that. I can’t seem to find any instructions or slides they give you information and if so none of them work.

- Can't really tell - Can't even log in

I downloaded the app (iOS 13.2, iPad Pro 10.5), selected login with linkedin acct, and entered my linkedin email/password. The reply was some check the email/password msg. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat - same results! I then tried logging in with my Facebook account - no joy there either. I even tried logging in via both methods using a web browser; got errors there as well - what the hey! BTW, my account info WAS entered correctly. I read a review from someone else who had difficulty logging in. The response was a link at a SlideShare help page. I visited the page and it was something about acceptable behavior for teens!

- Can’t enter app

I used SlideShare for 2 glorious nights many months ago. Tried to get back on recently, and up to now, have wasted at least 4 hours, changing passwords again and again, only to immediately afterward receive a message of “Oops. You clearly don’t remember your email address or password.” Fact is I just changed my password, not 2 minutes ago! I have deleted the app 3x out of frustration. Had to give a review since the help area was no help at all. For content that I feel is so good, the access and help areas are completely lacking for me.

- Why did I just find this?

Year of wasting time checking social media and finding memes. I could have been using this app and enhancing my life. No sarcasm font I promise. In the few days I have had this app I've culled through so many great presentations that I've almost filled the void left by the promoted twits and facething sponsored posts, instantgraphically smarter now.

- Good concept

I do quite like this app and how you can get information on so many different things, but every time I go to click on one of the subjects I want to read it kicks me out of the app. I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but it’s very frustrating. I’ve tried multiple times to get into the subject that I want, but it just won’t let me. Sometimes it will, but most of the time it just throws me out.

- Can’t get login, difficult to get in

So I downloaded this app expecting a simple sign up since I’ve never used this app before and turns out I needed to install another app just to work this app (LinkedIn) which is not very convenient and on that note it still didn’t work it just kept saying “hmm something went wrong, try again?” Like some gave over screen in an arcade please fix this or tell me how to login.

- M&A Bug?

Since the announcement of the Merger and Acquisition SlideShare routinely crashes. Additionally we’re required to read and understand the new policies at each log in or religion after each crash which is likely part of the crash problem. Search is not optimum. How many BS pdf or slides do we need promoting a commercial sale of say a book? It isn’t dozens.

- Helpful App

This App is wonderful for ideas on how to best present information on a number of difficult topics to teach. I want my students to have concise, valuable information presented in a way that best explains complicated material clearly. I appreciate the ideas gained from this App!

- Slide Share So- Good app

I have been using it for two years. All I want to learn about is to be easily found in this app. And It gives short to the point.

- Just Google it...

Nope. Just a time waster. I chose my Favorite categories, but I am only offered 6 or 7 selections in each category - can’t find any way to see any others, without just searching. The FAQ doesn’t open, so is useless. Learning how to use this “educational” app is a time-intensive hunt and peck process, for which I don’t have time. Either offer instructions to use this or don’t bother. Just Google instead. It’s much, much quicker.

- Love this App

It's fantastic, accessible, easy and informative and a much better use of slack time than social networking! Love that you can save something you come across for later. Five stars!

- Why even the “Saved” slides are so pixelated?

Nice app for people to view shared slides online, however, I had the problem with the quality of slides, even I had them downloaded or saved, when viewing the slides, the contents are still not so clear and so pixelated.

- Exceptional

Learning at another level. Works great for me. I haven't been able to stop using it since I discovered it.

- Slide share cares!

Ideas are the true key to any future changes, and slide share is a great way to help others understand your idea.

- Need more facilities

It's good app but need more updates First can't open from Google or versus Second can't download the pdf from it It will become just a wonderful application if can do the previous 2 thing

- Great app

I am so glad that I found this app but mad that it took me this long. It has all the slides that I need for my biology class. It's a great app you can learn a lot.

- Very good

Very good app but I wish I can send or share the document as it is not as a link so I give it 4 stars rating

- 5 star rating for a 5 star application!!!

The perfect app for a student like myself i wouldn't understand any student without it!!!

- Please Fix This!!!

Every time I try to open one of the presentations it automatically gets me out of the app 😓 This is a serious problem because I need the app for school purposes 😵 Please fix this!

- Masterful idea to churn new ideas

Knowing what others are doing to address community problems is powerful, informative & valued! Great contributions

- Very Useful, Very Impressive, Super Robust

Hungry to view slides via LinkedIn from a professional / kindred spirit, so glad to discover that, despite my my super slow data plan and aging smartphone, this app kicked up and shone, fast, clean, brightly, easily :) Kudos to the SlideShare team and supporting ecosystem souls ⚡️ Am tempted to try this on my next visit to Southeast Asia, on even meeker devices. Information sharing is divine 🙏🏾

- Works well for professionals.

Wonderful. Easy to use and access. Works well on Apple products.

- Can’t log in

I can’t log in with facebook Why?? Whenever try to log in with facebook , a block apperas and saying that "Sorry something went wrong pls try again " amd then I have to go into the login procedure again!! why!!!!!

- Open in app not working

Please fix the open in app feature. The most typical use case is finding SlideShare content in search, then clicking the open in app link. Once the app opens, the loading message comes up, hangs indefinitely, effectively crashing the app. Please fix this.

- Saved Slides Disappear

When i save slides after few minutes all slides vanish from saved list and then i have to search them again. Kindly solve this Issue.

- Horrible Website

This is an extremely difficult application to use and is entirely too difficult for what is is. It makes it impossible to create an account and is constantly pushing for you to download the app version. It is very inconvenient.

- This is great!

Fantastic way to stay on top of your game (whatever field you may be in!)

- Love this App

It great to see everyone's content. It helps me formulate ideas and bring structure to my presentations. Thanks for a great app.

- Awesome app

I love this app as I am always close to finding great information when I need it.

- Fantastic

Really good and very helpful. Hope, someday I can also share some useful

- Issue with Facebook

I can’t use this app due to issue with implementation of Facebook and I don’t want to use my linked in account and it also won’t let me make a new log in because there is no option to. So I’m left with an app I can’t use and really want to use. PLEASE FIX

- Love it

It has a lot useful information about medicine. I really enjoy it.

- Scientific commeno

Being a professor of medicine and head if dept of medicine in university of diyala college of medicine-Iraq , I believe the slideshare is very essential for every medical student and teacher

- Great App!

I love the knowledge that can be gained from this app so easily in the area of education. Keep up the good work guys!

- Couldn’t even create an account.

Garbage. Wouldn’t even allow me to create an account. Asked for a different phone number. How many phone numbers do normal people have? What’s wrong with a perfectly good phone number. LinkedIn needs to fix this.

- On Point

Slideshare is a great resource for creating, researching and stretching our development. Thank you.

- So far so good

App looks good, easy to use. My use case is simple though.

- Slide quality

Quality of slides could be better but over all great !!!

- Won’t load docs

I’ve been trying for the last hour and a half to just simply load a slide share from LinkedIn and every time I click a different link it crashes the app.

- I almost get a hart attack

I could not log in with Facebook. I signed up for LinkedIn account. Once I have the account, I tried signing in, it would always say something went wrong. On top of all of this I had to deal with the captcha thing. Gosh!

- Going from bad to worse.

App is now unstable. Crashes every time I view a presentation. Now that linked in has washed its hands off Slideshare, it’s time to leave. I can’t see anything but chaos as scribd takes it over and tries to monetise their acquisition.

- Nice application to share knowledges

Easy to share and exchange our knowledges

- Exceptional Resource

We have used this application extensively to review examples of various presentations on topics we were preparing to present on. Useful tool.

- Educator

I use for extra resources in teaching my content area.

- Thanks .. so much slideshare

Best app for learing and sharing our information

- This app is very helpful but..

The only problem I get is I cannot open the slide from external link. I will give 5 stars when you have fixed it.

- Can’t create account

Was not able to log in through Facebook and there is no create account option on the initial start up screen. Just log in and forgot password

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- Great informative app

This app is really helpful for students who needs to do research and have a better understanding ahead of things, in my case architectural information for students. The documents being shared are actual lectures related and has help me understand things easier. Thanks for the users in this app as well. 😊 The first time I used it, it crashed a few times. Even when I went in the webpage it wasn't working right away. Hopefully they've fixed that. 😊

- Can’t login

I don’t have a LinkedIn account or slideshare account so I attempted to login with Facebook. After being redirected back to the app, I just get an error message saying that the Facebook login didn’t work with buttons telling me to try again or cancel. It never works I just keep getting the error message when I retry. I just wanted to check the app out. If this is all because I don’t have LinkedIn then the error message should notify the user of that.

- Vital Part of Business Interaction

A great tool to make sure our presentation and brochures are easily accessible to our partners. A bit of a burden for them regarding logging in etc but other than that it’s a great product to use.

- Great way to post slides on line

Really appreciate ability to upload updates.

- Requires login

Just like the requirement of app purchase to use the app, apps which require a login to use should be indicated before choosing to install an app. Why bother to use the app if the web version works? They advertise its a better experience but don’t mention the app requires a login - that’s not better IMO.

- Great Work

Such a great source for anything business related, but much much more!!!

- Crashes constantly

I have had no success with using this app. Each time I open a slide show it crashes. Tried everything and no change. Disappointing, I’m hoping this is an easy fix

- Fatima

Excellent .a highly valuable device.

- Useful App

This is a good application for being productivity.

- Review

they force me write this

- Log in

I can’t log in with my Facebook app

- .

Can’t sign up

- Awesome!!

Love It!!

- Auto opening could be imprved

Tapped a link in a SlideShare email and the app opened but not featuring the presentation I was interested in. Had to go back to the email program and reselect the link.

- Needs better search capacity

Good to have categories of note rest to follow but they are to broad, especially those selected by me; education, social media and Internet. Arts should be a specific category not in with Entertainment. If this product is connected via Linked In, why can't we follow the work of our network? Or even the new topics from those we already follow on Slideshare? These somewhat narrow parameters should allow a more nuanced feed of work in those areas not the entire subject from your selection. Being for a portable device this needs to work more like an RSS feed not a random Google search.

- Stunning features

I love the idea how LinkedIn try's to go out of the box with this new idea which make it easier for me to explore such huge database in such easier way

- Simply and straight forward

Easy reference point for anyone looking for some quick ideas as well as more in depth topics of dicussion

- A useful reference for research

Being hard of hearing, I find looking for slides on topic of interest is a good alternative for opinion and discussion instead of listening to podcasts.

- Great resource source

This app is fantastic as a resource source... Have found a lot of items you wouldn't normally find elsewhere

- Why doesn't the app automatically open when I click on a SlideShare link?

I downloaded the app thinking it would give me a nicer experience than your mobile site. Not that the mobile site is bad at all. But whenever I get an email with a link it always pops up and says "would you like to download the app?". I have the app. When I repeat the process, my iPhone realises I have the app and suggests I open it. I do, but I never see the presentation I originally clicked on. So, there's little value in the app from my point of view.

- Excellent way to find out the latest thinking

Brill interface much more fun on a iPhone for a great browsing experience

- Awesome app with tips on the short.

Good to read on short breaks instead of Facebook & playing games.

- Very Helpful

Enjoyed this app...Very great resource and easy to use it...

- Brilliant app

This is a great application for viewing presentations on mobile - thank you

- Needs an update

It work alright but I can't access my liked slides or my saved ones, please fix

- So helpful

Bestway to improve my ideas!

- Great app! Easy to use and navigate!!

5 Stars App! User friendly!!

- Awful

Don't have a LinkedIn and can't make a slide share account within the app. Plus "something went wrong" trying to connect with facebook. Pointless app if I can't use it ugh

- 2 thumbs up

Very impressive!

- Great for inspiration and education

Quality presentations for inspiring or educating.

- Nice app

Nice way to integrate million decks from experienced minds and promote knowledge sharing.. Thanks Slideshare 👍

- Awesome

This is very useful,interesting app.

- Great app

Love this app it is so handy for me for my studies

- Outstanding

8 out of 8 🎯

- Great resource!

Enjoy the variety. Thanks!

- Great

So useful for learning - thankyou

- Great App

Love the idea for sharing such a vast database of knowledge.

- Nerve injuries

Accurate, precise and professionally presented

- .....

What a great app. Its very useful

- Feedback

Nice app

- Love this app !!! Great for readers !

Living and Loving this application 😊😊

- Javid Sam

Great app for everyone

- Great app

Awesome resource :)

- Awesome


- Nothing for iPad

Come on guys, surely, and only in portrait?

- Elevating

Penetrating with heighten enlightenment

- Mr

Perfect app



- Excellent source


- Useless

.... If the app doesn't integrate with the browser. It's impossible to open a link to using the app. Wasn't that the whole point?

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- Helpful

I appreciate it. Gotta search but can find most topics with good information in the slides.

- By far the worst POS

No one at LinkedIn is working to fix it!

- I LOVE IT 👨🏽‍⚕️

As a medical personnel, it offers me personalized contents in simple and understandable forms. The fact that the content is short make it intuitive and time saving. Thanks SlideShare

- Love the app.. much that now that it crashes constantly. Switching to safari web to use it. Too bad tho!

- Great App

Only used sparingly at this time but very convenient way of viewing slide-shows shared by many helpful people online. Thank you

- MeEncanta

Tiene todo lo que busco gracias

- Horrible but don't know the app because can't "sign in"

Since I don't have an account with SlideShare, I can't use it because it doesn't give you the option to create an account. All it says are sign in with a bunch of different things that are either not working or I don't have and forgot my password. Now I can't even get past the log in because I don't know how to create an account and can't sign in. The developers of this app are IDIOTS

- Crap

Can’t view anything without signing in. There’s no where to create a new account. Must use LinkedIn or Facebook to sign in but doesn’t recognize log in for linked in and it’s not supported by Facebook, which makes the app completely unusable. How did this app pass beta testing?

- Another medium of communication

Just a wonderful collection of presentations. I wish all book reviews were accompanied by an underlying presentation.

- Thanks

Thank you for your help

- Par

A lot of good information, but you have to sift through a lot of junk to find the good stuff

- Beta design

Missing filter on iPhone version and not fully working on iPad, only support 2x mode. Please release an iPad version of the app, otherwise don't prompt me to download the app while I'm browsing with safari!

- Love it!

Love it!

- Great app


- love u so much


- My Rock❤️

I am a professional student. Public libraries don't have the books I need. University libraries are great but have logistical challenges wrt time and distance parking etc. Slide share has presentations have almost all topics covered. I encourage more people to upload their presentations selflessly, documents to several people like me may benefit. Thanks everyone.

- love it!

Very useful & informative,, :)

- Love it

Nice app

- Very cool

Just starts using so long term utility TBC but I like the slide platform and the ability to see presentations. Now if I could only make one as good as some of these!!

- Very helpful App

It is a great app. You can basically get insides of everything you want Use the explore tap at the bottom to browse for the desired topic and go from there. Very helpful for presentation prep.

- So helpful

Very useful app... Especially if you are in school.

- Good

I need apps like this

- It is very helpful in any subject

Tou can find any topic you want, very good aid to any study

- hi

verygood app

- Very useful application

I enjoyed using this application

- Slideshare app

It's nice apps and I enjoyed it

- Excellent

You can learn about anything you want, all from your phone

- ❤️

Amazing app❤️

- Could be better

The app looks nice but it is hard to find what i'm looking for. I am only able to put a certain amount of letters in the search bar. This makes it impossible to search for what i want because there is not enough space.

- Great app

Extensive library

- Wow!

Instantly fell in love-so amazing!

- Brilliant.

Simple and elegant design. Wichtige App

- Requires signin

Yet viewing a slideshare on the web is terrible, so what are we supposed to do?

- Looking forward to using it more.

So far so good! Enjoying the layout. Information is clear and easy to read.

- Clean and user-friendly

Great app for learning on the go.

- Upset

The layout seems pleasant and user friendly but I'm having difficulty signing in with Facebook. When I use that option it says "oops we have a problem"

- Easy

Very easy to use.

- Excellent App!

Easy to use. Great graphics. Well structured.

- Wow

Can't believe !! How productive this app is. Thank u. Keep putting great content

- Crashes when changing orientation to landscape

App crashes when trying to view presentations in landscape.

- Great learning tool

This is an excellent way to learn from others: both what great presentations look like as well as very useful content on a huge range of topics. It continues to be a great resource.

- Great Idea

It is an awesome app where one can find award winning and excellent presentations on one platform. Great Job Rashmi Sinha.

- Login required

No idea about the app, but you do need a LinkedIn, Facebook or SlideShare account to even start it. Not really a surprise (the user is the product being sold), but, since they don't warn about this in the App Store, I deleted the app.

- No way to open from web

There is no way for app to open the slide in the app when you shared it CIA email. Search is different from what is available on the web couldn't find the same results Useless

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- Cable industry

I am operating director in cable industry field I need to share and have the topic of cable lectures

- Incorrect Rating

There is a ridiculous amount of cussing in an ages 4+ app. What’s with that? Other than that, most presentations are interesting although the layout of the app is not too great.

- It's amazing

It's really helpful for my AP bio class and it's very easy to use

- Wide subjects

Great for me as a student . I always find my favorite subjects in this app .

- Fantastic application

This is a very useful, nice , friendly application..Thanks for your efforts....

- Great app!!!

I love it, easy to use and the content is really informative 😍

- Awesome app.

Best and most creative presentations. Layout and this display a presentation is very individual. Love this app

- Frustrated

I can’t even sign in to use the app. I had to go and separately make a LinkedIn account. And even after that it won’t let me sign in. And it won’t let me sign in with Facebook either.

- Good educational app

It shares lots of presentation which are very valuable and guide you to the right way

- Amazing app for learning

Better then going to med school.

- What happened to slideshare

I used this app for a long time, but I now I just opened and it doesn't work, you can't read or download presentation.

- Amazing Resource

One of the best professional resources available!

- download

I want view my downloads in Pc

- Great

Good for looking up answers to math questions in teachers manuals.

- Great website, horrible app

Great website, horrible app ! The three stars for the website only.

- Perfect

Saying perfect isn’t enough to describe it.

- Never works

Every time I’ve tried to use this from a link in website it just spins and never loads. Same issue all device for months now.

- Slideshare

One of the best apps out there for sharing knowledge

- Cool

It helped me with my history homework which is a massive pain in the pussius Maximus!

- Couldn’t connect with my LinkedIn profile

It shows up as connected on my LinkedIn but doesn’t let me sign in on the app. I gave up after several tries.

- Hangs Loading app locks up

Like others anytime I try to open a link that is shared with me to a slide deck all it does is open in this app and continually shows loading. Pretty much the app is useless!

- Love this app

Its got everything

- Slide share

This far its been amazing

- Great app

Well put together app. Great info on presentations.

- Nice app

Enjoy the app, it is very convenient and useful

- Slideshare

A must have for any student

- Stay out of my private data

As soon as I downloaded the app it served up one of my social media accounts. When did I give them permission to do that?!

- Loading ....

When I click SlideShare link on iPhone or iPad , it opens in SlideShare app but always stuck in loading... state

- Force closes anytime I open a slide

Anytime i try to open a slide the app closes. I can’t view anything at all. Is any one else having this problem?

- So far so good

So far so good - finding useful info.

- Incredible Useful Simple


- Best app

this can provide me many supports for my research and assignments.

- Not sure how

5 stars to cars 5 thanks to dranks

- This app become useless for me on iPhone x

Its seems like Microsoft will kill slideshare as i cannot believe that any single presentation not working anymore, its redirect me to the app and then hanging forever!!

- Don’t fall for this

Complete waste of time and not what they say it is. Not even useful for previews. Short summaries at best. LinkedIn - what is your goal here? Waste my time? You succeeded.

- good

I found what I needed

- Crashes

Every time I click on a presentation it crashes. Makes it a bit useless.

- Keeps crashing

Haven’t been able to open a single slide deck this week. Keeps crashing.

- Never ever able to open any slides from another app such as safari

Fix these obvious issues!

- Terrible app

Won’t even let you sign up or log in with Facebook even though it’s an option! Garbage app

- Can't get in

The apps great but I don't have Facebook or LinkedIn

- Currently unusable.

Hard to give a rating as app Is currently unusable. App crashes and closes on its attempting to open any deck. Currently unusable

- Error and bugs

App closes when i open files

- Excellent app!

It is very much helpful.

- Nice help

Easy to explore

- Splendid

Amazing program

- Help

It’s keeps crashing everything i try to open

- What’s happening?

The version keeps crashing! :( the change of ownership is not starting in a good note.

- Good app

Helpful, easy

- Dr. Bhashantha

One of the best app I have used

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Carri Bugbee

I missed the news last month that #LinkedIn sold #Slideshare to #Scribd! I just saw the msg today. I wonder if this will change how slides appear on LI profiles? Most media/links on profiles don't work all that great.

Chuck Brooks

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Mark Finnern

Looks like @LinkedIn sold @SlideShare to @Scribd I feel Linkedin didn't do a good job integrating and developing Slideshare. Let's hope Scribd is doing more with it.

Jenny Halasz #BlackLivesMatter #MasksForAll

@GregGifford @patrickstox @Scribd Slideshare and LinkedIn did not own your content. From Slideshare's TOS (LinkedIn is similar): Whether you think it matters or not, you are giving Scribd exclusive license to your content by letting it remain there.

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Lee Englestone | MVP | 💡🧠👨‍💻🚀

In case you forgot that LinkedIn/Microsoft sold SlideShare.. Looks like Scribd will start running it from tomorrow.


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Website: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Slideshare: Instagram: Youtube:

Roberto Carlos Arias

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yousaf aftab

Great webinar on inclusion and diversity. How to build a diverse pipeline and understand our vulnerabilities #diversityandinclusion


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Yannis Charalabidis

Some time ago, within the Government 3.0 project we started the initiative for a Digital Governance Science Base, a way to systematise the knowledge and the tools for assisting organisations, cities or countries. Have a look at…

LinkedIn SlideShare 1.15.7 Screenshots & Images

LinkedIn SlideShare iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

LinkedIn SlideShare iphone images
LinkedIn SlideShare iphone images
LinkedIn SlideShare iphone images
LinkedIn SlideShare iphone images
LinkedIn SlideShare iphone images
LinkedIn SlideShare ipad images
LinkedIn SlideShare ipad images
LinkedIn SlideShare ipad images
LinkedIn SlideShare ipad images
LinkedIn SlideShare ipad images
LinkedIn SlideShare Business application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
LinkedIn SlideShare Business application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

LinkedIn SlideShare (Version 1.15.7) Install & Download

The applications LinkedIn SlideShare was published in the category Business on 2014-10-02 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation [Developer ID: 288429043]. This application file size is 54.26 MB. LinkedIn SlideShare - Business posted on 2020-08-11 current version is 1.15.7 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.linkedin.slideshare

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