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Why type when you can Swype? Swype is the most accurate keyboard on the planet. Whether you type or Swype we enable you to input words faster and easier. It learns the way you type so the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

“There is no faster, easier way to input text on an iPhone” -– CNET
“My favorite is Swype...It’s surprisingly powerful” – The New York Times

Note: Go to the Swype App on your Home screen to preview and purchase new themes.

Product Features:
• Incredibly intuitive language models that accurately predict what you type or Swype
• An Emoji Keyboard with hundreds of Emoji to choose from and Intelligent Emoji support
• Seamless regional dialect support and trending new words
• 5 Free themes and more to purchase
• Quickly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters with Swype gestures
• Add or remove words from your personal dictionary
• Customizable keyboard layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY)
• Use Swype on your iPad or iPhone

Supported languages:
Arabic - العربية
English (AU)
English (UK)
Czech - Čeština
Danish - Dansk
Dutch - Nederlands
Farsi - فارسی
Finnish - Suomi
French - Français
French(CA) - Français(CA)
German - Deutsch
Greek - Ελληνικά
Hebrew - עברית
Hinglish - Hinglish
Hungarian - Magyar
Irish - Gaeilge
Italian - Italiano
Norwegian - Norsk
Polish - Polski
Portuguese - Português
Romanian - Română
Russian - Pyccĸий
Spanish - Español
Swedish - Svenska
Tagalog - Tagalog
Turkish - Tϋrkçe
Ukrainian - Українська
Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt

* For best results Swype is now for iOS 10 and above.

Swype App Description & Overview

The applications Swype was published in the category Utilities on 2014-09-17 and was developed by Nuance Communications. The file size is 56.53 MB. The current version is 1.7 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• New Emoji suggestions for English and Portuguese
• Emoji keyboard improvements
• Updated languages
• iOS 11 support

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Swype Reviews


Constantly Freezes with the newest IOS software  CruiserGa  1 star

Only way i have found to unfreeze is to restart phone. I just deleted it although i love it when it works!


iPhone X bug  Chris7478  3 star

I keep having to delete and redownload this app because of a bug on my iPhone X where the very bottom where the space bar is becomes unaccessible over time. Please fix!


Unusable the last couple of iOS updates.  GandalfTheFunky  1 star

The keyboard freezes and becomes completely unresponsive. I’ve deleted and reinstalled twice and it was fine for a couple of days, but I’m not doing it anymore. It’s very frustrating to have to stop what you’re doing and go into settings to uninstall a keyboard before you can resume.


Frequent freezes and other bugs  aogail  1 star

I normally use android and I love Swype for android, so i purchased it for ios when it was released. It has always been very buggy. It regularly locks up, meaning no response whatsoever to touch input. It's also often very slow to appear when selecting text fields. When it does function, the swiping accuracy is maybe 80% of the android version. You also get none of the great swype key gestures. It is really disappointing how badly the ios version behaves when the original android version is so good. Update: Swype is basically unusable. With a keyboard you need it to just work. I'd say half the time it just fails to load. Nuance really needs to fix this.


No Longer Satisfied!  MtthwFshr  1 star

Upon first purchasing the Swype App everything worked fairly smoothly. For the past few weeks the app has been freezing and even force closing. I would recommend trying another gesture typing application such as Swift Key. At the very least do some homework and research prior to making a purchase. Even if you own an older model iPhone, as long as your software along with ANY downloaded application are both updated to the latest versions most everything should run smoothly. ** I have an iPhone 5s and I'm assuming this applicant along with many other applications in the App Store are tailored to work better on the new model(s).


Auto Correct Bug & Hang ups  BIllyMc2011  2 star

I quit using 3 weeks ago because of the same autocorrect issues others have stated. Very frustrating to have your word replaced just when you are done and hit a punctuation. Since iOS 11 it has been real buggy and hangs up a lot. I have to back out of the app in using, go to another one (ex. Safari) type something then come back to the original app. Even shutting down the original app and swiping it off does not fix this. Please send some hope that you are working on it.


Fatal flaw  Bufftwr  1 star

Sadly while the program works well it is missing the voice to text button on its keypad for those of us that like to speak to our phone for messages rendering this program quite useless for you have to keep switching keyboards just to go voice to text


Auto "incorrect" really a problem  elliekadams  1 star

This app is too buggy to be useful. Just now I typed the word "deer" spelled correctly. Three times in a row it autocorrected to "feet". Waste of money when it takes you longer to fix errors the app is introducing.

My name 1977

Horrible  My name 1977  1 star

I wish I could get a refund since it doesn't write what you Swype. You have to go back constantly to correct things. Very annoying


Keyboard Freezing  MikeAnspach  2 star

I’ve been an avid fan of Swype for a few years now but these last couple of weeks have been frustrating. The keyboard freezes at seemingly random times. I’m typing this review using the default iPhone keyboard (which I absolutely hate) because Swype froze for the third time today. Please fix so I can get my favorite keyboard back!


Love Swype but please don't change numbers!  jgmm39  5 star

THE GOOD: Swype has changed the way I input text quickly . When need to shoot off am email or text I don't have to spend half an hour typing anymore. THE BAD: why does Swype need to changed inputted numbers?? Dates, amounted, street numbers all get changed to something really stupid that makes no sense whatsoever. Devs PLEASE change this!!! Otherwise it's by far my favorite app!

Mr Edward

Excellent alternative for medium speed writing  Mr Edward  5 star

Continues to be my primary keyboard for both iPad and iPhone. In meetings at work, the combination of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to “Swype” in text is fast and quiet for typing in notes. Colleagues have commented that it looks almost magical! - like waving a wand over the page to write. More accurate and enjoyable for iPhone when writing emails and texts quickly compared to the standard keyboard. I like the fact that for many longer words I can miss a few adjacent letters and it is still at least 90% accurate (better than the native keyboard). Compared to similar alternative keyboards I have tried from the App Store, the swipe function in this one appears substantially better at recognising entered words correctly. Engineering or medical jargon mostly needs to be entered once with key-presses and then added to the dictionary as it is not included in the built in dictionary. After a week or so of use most of these words were successfully added and then recognised to suit my requirements. For short numbers the built in press-and-hold number option (black keyboard) is handy but it is no longer better than the iPad native keyboard with its “swipe down to enter numbers” function. Best option for me aside from a separate Bluetooth keyboard with navigation arrows


Can’t see space bar anymore!  PCowan  1 star

New update introducing emojis means I can’t punctuate, switch to numerical keyboard or hit space. I had to uninstall it to write this. LOVED it before but unusable now. Fix it!!


Great. Love the emoji update  imijko  5 star

The new update is great.


Crash, terrible prediction  Harrehlah87  1 star

Correction, predictions and swiping are all terrible. Went back to Gboard after trying this POS for a week


Worth using but really needs to be updated.  Anonymous2546  3 star

The Swype typing works really well. The issue with this app is that it keeps freezing randomly on the numerals and symbols menu so you can't type and won't let you switch keyboards. To fix it currentlyvyou have to disable the keyboard. Also it has its own version of the emoji keyboard and will not allow you to access your normal emoji keyboard without returning to the normal keyboard first. If these things could be fixed then I'd rate this app 5 stars.


Too many bugs  DaniMcGoo  1 star

Doesn't load half the time


Too many bugs  DimDimLongLong  1 star

As much as I wanted to like this keyboard app it has too many bugs. For example. Type in $4,000 and it always converts to$4,8000. Drives me crazy. It has another where the automatic full stop at the end of a sentence lands at the end of a row. It deletes the last character in the sentence. So frustrating. It also gets in a mode where it sticks in the numeric keyboard. Not to mention the random capitalisation of words in the middle of a sentence. Has potential but needs some serious debugging.


Fix the bugs already  iUser24601  1 star

This app needs an overhaul!!!


Please fix the bugs  JenH83  2 star

Love this app but so frequently crashes and hangs my keyboard and the only way to type again is to restart my iPhone. So annoying!!


Squirtz stacyxosquirtz 3 star

Apple really needs swype for texting...


Scott Markwell - d2UgY2FuIGFsbCBiZSBiZXR0ZXI= scottmarkwell 3 star

@JenMsft Any chance of getting something like in the keyboard?


Bruce Black WindyHorace 3 star

@ron_mould @PaulaHoneyRose @JohnnyDundee @WingsScotland Join the club. I love to hate Swype: the autocorrect on that gets worse by the day.


Freezes  Jcgbkn  2 star

I used to love Swype on my Android so when I got an iPhone I had to get it for iPhone. I love the set up of the keyboard when it’s actually working but it doesn’t hardly ever work. It’s so glitchy and the keyboard freezes all the time. Please fix this issue or I’ll just get rid of the app.


Not stable, keeps crashing my phone  tim85254  1 star

I'll try and stick with it another week but not sure if I'll make it that long. Swype freezes up at least twice a day requires a total restart of the phone. Have seen erratic behavior where the keys on the keyboard actually rearrange during a crash, and it's not a language swap. Anyway Swype, I'll stick with you just a bit more but if things don't get more stable pretty quick you'll be voted off the island.


Not bad, but could be better  IT-Doc  3 star

I've used this app and SwiftKey for quite awhile in hopes that one of them would eventually win me over for good. My only complaint of Swype at this point is that it doesn't have the option to NOT auto capitalize the first word when you start typing. I don't typically use that feature for other keyboards and this app not only doesn't offer that capability, which seems a little ridiculous since that's a standard option in any other keyboard.


Word predictions agree bad  SopranoPadrona  2 star

Word predictions are bad I'm gong to toe this and then fix all the words Swype makes. I feel like half the timer it's bit faster than three standard iOS keyboard because I hand to go back and fix so many it of contact words. How many times do you really your Abbe?! It dies that busy about every time I want to say 'and.' Pest add a Altru to text function as well so I don't have to switch between keyboards just for that. And sometimes when I add a punctuation it changes re previous.org, Abbe will do it again when I go back to fix it. I'm gong to type this and then fix all the errors Swype makes. I feel like half the time it's not faster than the standard iOS keyboard because I have to go back and fix so many out of context words. How many times do you really type Abbe?! It does that just about every time I want to say 'and.' Please add a speech to text function as well so I don't have to switch between keyboards just for that. And sometimes when I add a punctuation it changes the previous word, and will do it again when I go back to fix it.


Was good  Gjt416  3 star

Was a good keyboard, but updates make it inaccurate and over corrects spelling.


I hate this current update  Bushmaster225  2 star

Please remove the emoji from the keyboard. I liked three old version better

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Autocorrect on Swype for iPhone should be auto-incorrect!  Don't Worry, Be Happy!  1 star

More than half of the time I'm using this keyboard I have to delete and re-swype it in some cases several attempts. It gets frustrating having to pay for this keyboard and it doesn't even work correctly. Swype fix your issues!


Froze on numbers  HimuraKenshin  1 star

You would think with as many bad reviews going around, bugs would start getting fixed. The keyboard froze on the numbers keys and would not push any keys. Freezing my keyboard is not acceptable.


New update  Chels:))  1 star

I do not like the new update. Please go back to how it was.


Nice  BJT117  5 star


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