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Imagine scrapbooking without scissors or adhesive or tools … or without having to print photos! Never before has scrapbooking been so easy, so fast, or so available in the palm of your hand! The Project Life® App takes simplicity to a whole new level.

Built-in templates and pre-designed artwork allow for scrapbook pages to come together in just minutes. Pull in your photos from your Camera Roll, Photo Stream, or Dropbox. There are hundreds of fantastic designer cards to choose from within the app and more being added on a monthly basis. Add some quick journaling notes and you’re done!

Don’t allow your memories to stay trapped on your device. The best part of this game-changing method of scrapbooking is seamlessly sharing completed pages with your friends and family - and of course getting those pages printed that you can enjoy actual, real scrapbooks! Follow @BeckyHigginsLLC on Instagram and Twitter for ongoing inspiration.

- import photos from Camera Roll, Photo Stream, or Dropbox
- zoom, crop, edit, rotate, and rearrange photos
- easy drag + drop photos and cards between spots
- zoom in and around your page for closer details
- adjust font style, size, color and more
- colored background options
- lots of page layout options
- a library of card designs and kits available
- corners can be rounded or square
- several 4x6 and 6x8 collage options
- use Speech-to-Text for fast journaling
- pages in progress automatically save to library
- completed pages and collages in one place
- view specific card designs for Project Life collections
- export, share, and print completed pages
- order individual page prints or photo books

Project Life App Description & Overview

The applications Project Life was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-09-18 and was developed by Becky Higgins LLC. The file size is 184.63 MB. The current version is 2.9 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- free Documenting Disasters Edition card kit
- new template pack
- iOS 11 compatibility fixes
- weekly backup reminder

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Project Life Reviews


YES!!!!  Bill8987  5 star

Amazing. Awesome. Get this app if you love to document your memories!


Awesome app, but I have a wishlist..  bhsnbx  4 star

I do love this app. It's amazing being able to journal anytime, anywhere. It's simple and easy to use, tons of cards and layout options. Don't mind the in-app purchases at all! I'm rating this app 4 stars for now because I do have a list of wishful improvements for future updates: 1. Would love to be able to layer text or artwork onto images. Currently have to use other apps to do this. Very time consuming. 2. Be able to insert/paste photos onto cards 3. Ability to resize overlays or cards. 4. Wish I can save pages in progress in a Cloud so I can access between devices without having to share manually. So I can edit on my phone on the go, but cont to edit on my iPad at home for a bigger display. Otherwise an awesome app.


Good, but I wish it...  imjustsarah515  4 star

This app is very cool, but I wish it would let you layer photos on top of the backgrounds you choose. Instead, you either have to select a background (card design) OR a photo... and that’s a total bummer. Good stuff otherwise, great idea.!


Love to Scrap  Secure66  5 star

Love this simple quick way to scrapbook my memories. Pages are beautiful and slide beautifully in an album.


Best app ever!  Summeristoowarm  5 star

If you're a busy mom who loves to scrapbook but never has time...problem solved!


So Easy to use and Love it!  Swagmoney2415  5 star

So happy with this genius idea. Loved to scrapbook but hated all the clutter and time it took to make a page. I always felt behind! Love the digital world but wasn't scraping anymore and Project Life makes it so easy to digitally scrape book anywhere any time! I am keeping up with the current year, and loving all the new kits!! I wasn't going to go back to previous years but it's so fun I started 2016 too! Just learned how to add QR codes to link to a video!! wow AMAZING, now I know what to do with all those cute videos we take with our phones but can never find later add the code to a page and presto you can scan for instant video-no searching- love it!! Thanks BECKY HIGGINS!


Great! Need to remove unwanted kits and re download as needed.  spywax  5 star

1) Great! Need to remove unwanted kits and re download as needed. It's a great update. I'm loving the new kits. That being said, I have A LOT of kits. Too many. WAY too many and I'd like to be able to hide some or only show my favorites first, some type of sort/filter or a way to reorder them as I see fit so I can access the ones I actually use. 2) And I want to be able to write on any photo and use overlays on any photo regardless of dimensions. The ability to simply remove an overlay would be great too. Currently I have to delete the entire entry to do so if I decide I don't want an overlay. Positioning overlays would also be welcomed. I'm also eagerly looking forward to the following enhancements: I would like to have the option of round vs square corners on collages and an option for images to be either be flush or to have the bordered appearance that pages have. Sometimes I would prefer the look of the standard pages with a white or colored border and that isn't available in collage format. I would love to be able to journal on any card and I would love to embellish cards via the app with a photo layered on a card. Thank you!


Disappointed  Schnickelfritz36532  1 star

I think You would be better off with a free app. No options for scrap booking. You can only use a boring preprinted page. The collage options are either square or rounded corners, yawn.


Amazing!  VVS8VVS8  5 star

Love how convenient it is to scrapbook on the go!


Extremely overpriced  lishespieces17  1 star

This app is designed & functions beautifully! I just wish it was Shutterfly that had an app this great instead. The photo books are absolutely outrageously priced, and the fact that you have to buy layouts/stickers/etc is absolutely ridiculous considering how little freedom you have to actually design nice looking pages. I already spent money on the app, and you would be getting my money if I bought a photo book - how greedy of a company is this? I definitely will still be making my photo books through Shutterfly and I'd recommend everyone else does so also.


La Generala xicana1983 3 star

Two hours before it dies! I'd love your help to bring my project to life:


Project Life Project__Life_ 3 star

Stalled so many times today 🙄 still learning and getting better just an off day #struggle #stick #manual #car #clutch #annoying #stall #pain


Sam Greene SGdoesit 3 star

@JimOwczarski: An incredible project by @ctrent - a year in the life of the minor leagues. It’s everything. Visuals by @SGdoesit https:…

Kristi Lou 17

Love love love  Kristi Lou 17  5 star

The app is awesome! I love scrapbooking on my phone. I am catching up on years of pictures. Love love love!


Love!!  Our6crazykids  5 star

So easy to use!! I'm not a scrapbooker but this makes it so so very easy!!


My most used app!  Foggyideas  5 star

This app has changed my personal documenting life!! I can get pages done just a few minutes with just a few taps!! LOVE!!!


BEST way to document your life!  McQuinna  5 star

LOVE IT! I CANNOT recommend this life-changing app enough! I always thought I'd be on top of documenting my kids' lives. But with the sheer number of photos we take now bc of digital cameras & phones, it was definitely overwhelming. I didn't know where to start when I had my first child. I didn't have the time. I didn't know how to stay up to date & combine all the iPhone pix & DSLR camera pix I had. Thankfully, I discovered Becky Higgins & Project Life once my second child was born. I remember Becky saying on her YouTube videos that it was better to have SOMETHING than NOTHING. And my kids had nothing. :( Most of my pix were on my phone since I always had that with me when breastfeeding or chasing kids. So it seemed like a perfect place to start. Not only am I up to date, but I've gone back and scrapped the years I missed. It. Will. Change. Your. Life.


So simple!  Krysta|iz€  5 star

I love this app! Make sure you join the Facebook group for the project life app.


Fun, easy, and cute!!  Anadi2000  5 star

I ❤️ project life!! It has changed my life by helping me to catch up on my scrapbooks! Before using this app, I was YEARS behind, plus I had hundreds of digital photos to wade through. Project Life App has made scrapbooking fun again, and not overwhelming. I am able to do it anytime, even while feeding my twins in the middle of the night! I love the cute fonts, cards, and layouts. There are so many options. And this app pairs well with other apps if you're interested in photo editing, adding embellishments, etc. It is also easy to print or export for other purposes. Thanks project life team for such an amazing product!


Changed the way I scrapbook  Toritia  5 star

This app is so user friendly. And they give you free tutorial videos. There are so many card kits to choose from. Definitely worth the money.


So easy!  Jeanann35  5 star

I absolutely love this app. I've been a scrapbooker for many years and the Project Life app is now my main way of keeping memories. I love the kits and choice of layout templates. There are usually app updates every month with additional kits and features added. It's very easy to use and app support is great.


Great for quick & easy memory keeping.  LZGeL  5 star

Love this app for my memory keeping/scrapbook pages. Most pictures are taken with my phone anyway so this app makes it easy and fast. Company has great tutorials on their webpage as well as YouTube. Customer service is super friendly at answering questions. If you're looking for modern day memory keeping, this is it.


Life Changing!  Jleigh903  5 star

This is an amazing to PL but have been scrapbooking from early Creating Keepsakes' days....the fact that we take more pictures than ever but can scrapbook on the fly is truly an example of technology keeping up with lifestyle.

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