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RainbowKey Keyboard for iOS 11- color keyboard with HD background themes, fancy fonts and fun emoji

Customize your own keyboard with your favorite pictures! With RainbowKey integrated, you can create your keyboard with cool fonts, colorful pictures and cute emoji!

RainbowKey provides all the awesome features you want:
• Create your own keyboard with your favorite pictures
• Decorate your keyboard with 40+ beautiful fonts and colors
• 10+ Built-in themes to choose from
• 30+ Stylish fonts to decorate your words
• Swipe input, enjoy one-handed typing
• Smart emoji prediction with 1000+ lovely emojis
• Auto correction / predication powered by Adaptxt
• Moving cursor feature, swipe on the space bar to move cursor position
• Customize your favorite emoji skin tone
• Support all types of applications on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

RainbowKey supports all the major languages:
Spanish (MX)
Spanish (US)
French (CA)

And more languages coming soon…

Upgrade to Rainbowkey Plus, you can:
* Unlock all themes and stickers.
* Avatar Emojis.
* Unlock all costomized items to make unique keyboards.
* Create as many custom themes as you wish.
* Remove all ads.

Rainbowkey Plus Subscription Description:
* Rainbowkey Plus subscription priced at $19.99/month with a 7 day free trial.
* This price is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.
* Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
* Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
* Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify $19.99 every month.
* We also provide a 7-day free trial of Rainbowkey Plus. Your trial period will begin immediately when you confirm your payment and it will last 7 days. No money will be charged or held in your iTunes account before the end of your trial period. If you did not cancel at least 24 hours before the end of trial period, monthly subscription will start for $19.99.
* You can manage your subscription and switch off the auto-renewal by accessing your Account Settings after purchase.
* You cannot cancel the current subscription during the active subscription period.
* Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

All personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of Rainbowkey's privacy policy. More details can be found here:

RainbowKey - keyboard themes App Description & Overview

The applications RainbowKey - keyboard themes was published in the category Utilities on 2014-09-26 and was developed by ONE App Essentials. The file size is 180.86 MB. The current version is 4.3.7 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Many minor performance improvements and bug fixes.
Thanks for using Rainbowkey!

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RainbowKey - keyboard themes Reviews


Needs some work  😆😆😁😁🙃  4 star

The ads are absolutely amazing it's just that sometimes it freezes and glimmer chest but over I love it


RainbowKey was ok  CristÏ  2 star

It didn’t work for me... it only worked on the app which I thought was weird.


Its ok...  ilovesmoresomuch  2 star

I have had this app for a while and I love it however there is just so much stuff you have to buy with real money just for something on your keyboard it's very annoying when you add a new feature but only let people who spend real money get it I find it unfair and the reason why I deleted it


Hate it  gjfgsyf  1 star

This app is absolutely the worst and I would not recommend to download it on your phone or product the only good thing is about it is that the keyboard designs are pretty sometimes but most of all there’s a lot of glitches and I don’t recommend anyone to purchase this because of the problems that they are having with this app.


Really FUN but...  MeLi_DoG  3 star

It’s really fun and I never have a plain keyboard. My friends enjoy finding out my new designs and making me new ones! The only problem I have with it is that everything is locked, you can’t get what you want without paying for it!! It’s really annoying. I do suggest other people to get it because it’s really cool but I don’t suggest getting it if you get frustrated easily or don’t have very much patience. Overall... REALLY REALLY FUN BUT MOST PEOPLE ARE BROKE AND NO ONE WILL PAY TO GET ONE SMALL THING ON THEIR KEYBOARDS SO WHY MAKE THEM!!! MORE FREE THINGS ARE NEEDED


Why?!!  44☑️  1 star


Tala alomran

Love it  Tala alomran  5 star



Omg  Leirajoy  5 star

I love is sooo much better then games games.

Gacha Girl192008

I mean its great and all...  Gacha Girl192008  1 star

Mostly I love the app, but makes my iPad lag plus my games, mostly when I go on " Rainbowkey" I love it don't get me wrong, I still have it but I really want them to fix the lag on games Mostly my Roblox Game lags a bit.. I wonder why it lags but i always get annoyed by that And By the fact it makes my favorites games lag A bit, even tho they don't lag "auto-correct my spelling." When i am just playing round with my friends telling jokes. Mostly like "tho turns into the " i get really annoyed by that not saying to remove the auto-correct Not that, i am annoyed by the lag, To be honest i have hard times trusting the app while i am typing with my new keyboard Even when i am typing my credit card In even my parents credit card. I Dont know why but here's My problem.. Why turns into shy sky maybe it just me, The real problem is the lag on my games and My turns into mitt THEN it turns into Meh She, gosh turn into Josh, who even is that person! Ill rather use the normal ipad Keyborad and then keyboard turn into my BS order what does that make.. ( i am sticking to my normal ipad Keyborad rather not trust this app 😒🤔)


It’s Good... Not great  krlovekag  4 star

A friend recommended this app to me and I loved it until I found out that there are about 10 free keyboards out of hundreds. If this app wants five stars, they should make more free keyboards available.

jennyashley aston

Unsubscribe  jennyashley aston  1 star

Hi my kid buy it with out my permission and I just don't want this to renewable automatically next month what and how should I do Sent from my iPad


EEEHHHH.....  Jez0777  3 star

I like this app and it keyboards but there's ONLY one thing... W h y d o e s a l m o s t e v e r y t h I n g need premium? I pretty much just dont wanna waste money I was surprised that they added face emojis, AND ITS PREMIUM. and almost all the keyboard are premium! :(


Good app but..  Nitro675  1 star

It tries to steal your data. Done.

raphael (kid/7 years old)

best app  raphael (kid/7 years old)  5 star



Good  Melelage  4 star

I think it is good I just wish everything was free

willow grace ann lee

good game  willow grace ann lee  5 star

its asome


Great but...  LoveYummyCat  4 star

I love this app because it makes it easy to get gifs and pictures that are like Bitmoji but this takes information ( I know there is a Notification but most of the time people don’t read them) So just change the keyboard when your typing passcodes, addresses,phone numbers & anything personal I’m not saying this great game will hack you but it’s still just to be safe! I’m not being rude i’m not hating I really love this app I just wanna make sure that people don’t get hacked I’m not saying that you’re gonna have them just to make sure you never know who could take your passcode. ✋🏻 BYE


Why so expensive!?!  Emstar05  2 star

I had this app and at first I thought it was really cool that I could design my own keyboards. Then I realised I could only do very little on it. Two days later I got an email that I only had five days left and then I had to fifteen dollars! That’s only per month! Please fix this soon. And that is why I only rate two stars.

loopedy poop

ıɬʂ ơƙ  loopedy poop  4 star

The app is so fun but within about half an hour it began to glitch and stuff up so the keyboards kept changing back to the normal one. But otherwise its a great app and super fun to use also its fun using the different. ᖴOᑎTᔕ 😊 IT ᗩᒪᔕO OᑎᒪY ᖇEᗩᒪᒪY ᗯOᖇKᔕ Oᑎ ᗩᑭᑭᔕ OTᕼEᖇ Tᕼᗩᑎ TE᙭TIᑎG ᔕOᗰETIᗰEᔕ


I͙ l͙o͙v͙e͙ i͙t͙!  😑😬😑😬😐😶  4 star

Y͙o͙u͙ c͙a͙n͙ d͙o͙ l͙o͙t͙s͙ a͙n͙d͙ l͙o͙t͙s͙ k͙e͙y͙b͙o͙a͙r͙d͙ f͙a͙c͙e͙s͙ l͙i͙k͙e͙ t͙h͙i͙s͙ (˵¯͒〰¯͒˵) s͙o͙ 🆒!! B͙u͙t͙...y͙o͙u͙ n͙e͙e͙d͙ t͙o͙ p͙a͙y͙ 10.00 d͙o͙l͙l͙a͙r͙s͙ b͙u͙t͙ i͙t͙s͙ o͙k͙a͙y͙ I͙ s͙t͙i͙l͙l͙ l͙i͙k͙e͙ i͙t͙ :)


Why do you have to pay  dbm789064  2 star

It won't let me sign up to be able to actually use this app it is good and all but it keeps saying network connection error and I do it later but it still won't work could you help


Can you please add to rainbow key please  kittylol😹  3 star

Hello,creators of RainbowKey can you please add spell check to this app when I make a mistake my friend automatically respond and say what does this mean because what I am trying to type won’t look like what I’m saying so please add spell check to this app other than that this app is really good love the keyboard backgrounds


o̲̅k̲̅  🍟🍔🦄🦄  3 star

p̲̅r̲̅e̲̅t̲̅t̲̅y̲̅ o̲̅k̲̅ n̲̅o̲̅t̲̅ t̲̅h̲̅e̲̅ b̲̅e̲̅s̲̅t̲̅ t̲̅h̲̅i̲̅n̲̅g̲̅ e̲̅v̲̅e̲̅r̲̅

daiblo mack

Explain to me?  daiblo mack  3 star

How I’ve had this keyboard since I bought my every first iPhone back in 2017, I’ve never had a single problem with it. I prefer this keyboard over all others. So how the heck after 2 back to back updates, you manage to turn something I love into a broke peace of 💩. I keep checking for a update to fix what got broke yet nothing... Is we really going out like this?

poo flingin monkey

I⃣ l⃣o⃣v⃣e⃣ t⃣h⃣i⃣s⃣ a⃣p⃣p⃣  poo flingin monkey  5 star

T⃣h⃣i⃣s⃣ a⃣p⃣p⃣ i⃣s⃣ o⃣n⃣e⃣ o⃣f⃣ m⃣y⃣ f⃣a⃣v⃣o⃣r⃣i⃣t⃣e⃣ a⃣p⃣p⃣s⃣, I⃣ o⃣n⃣l⃣y⃣ g⃣o⃣t⃣ t⃣h⃣e⃣ a⃣p⃣p⃣ y⃣e⃣s⃣t⃣e⃣r⃣d⃣a⃣y⃣ b⃣u⃣t⃣ w⃣h⃣e⃣n⃣ I⃣ g⃣o⃣t⃣ i⃣t⃣ i⃣t⃣ i⃣ w⃣a⃣s⃣ m⃣i⃣n⃣d⃣ b⃣l⃣o⃣w⃣n⃣. I⃣ l⃣o⃣v⃣e⃣ h⃣o⃣w⃣ y⃣o⃣u⃣ c⃣a⃣n⃣ h⃣a⃣v⃣e⃣ s⃣o⃣m⃣e⃣t⃣h⃣i⃣n⃣g⃣ c⃣o⃣m⃣e⃣ o⃣u⃣t⃣ o⃣f⃣ t⃣h⃣e⃣ k⃣e⃣y⃣b⃣o⃣a⃣r⃣d⃣ w⃣h⃣e⃣n⃣ y⃣o⃣u⃣ t⃣y⃣p⃣e⃣ l⃣i⃣k⃣e⃣ a⃣ r⃣a⃣i⃣n⃣b⃣o⃣w⃣. L⃣o⃣v⃣e⃣ t⃣h⃣i⃣s⃣ a⃣p⃣p⃣ ❣️

Taco Is Lit

Taco Is Lit  Taco Is Lit  5 star

I never expected this to work but I got the app and did all the things and I was pretty surprised to find out it worked. By far one of the best apps I ever seen


Problems  Thelenamagic  3 star

I went from 5 stars to 3, what happened??? I cannot log in, it doesnt do what it use to do. No correction at all (i made sure its on), no swipe thing... Please fix it

dave jone

Jay  dave jone  3 star

Hey the swipe isnt working plz uodate soon


Used to love it...  MsMelaRose  1 star

I've been using this app for a few years now. It used to be great, but it's garbage now. 1. As of today, I can no longer use the swipe feature using the rainbow keyboard...without paying for the app or allowing it full access to my personal information. 2. As of a few months ago I can no longer access my emojis from the rainbow keyboard...without paying for the app or allowing it full access to my personal information. This is a normal feature the developers took away to try and make you pay! 3. As of today, I can no longer type full sentences without the rainbow keyboard switching itself back in use when I try to use my normal keyboard (I mean, if I can't swipe-to-text or use my emojis I might as well use the keyboard my phone came with, right?)...without getting a notification on the rainbow keyboard, when it pops back up, about paying for the app or allowing them full access. 4. There aren't many keyboards I like/have access to...without paying for the app...and of course you'll have to give them full access to your personal information to use it. 5. In order to use the features of the keyboard (which is the reason anyone downloads this app in the first place) you have to PAY FOR IT and ALLOW THEM FULL ACCESS TO YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!!! 6. Last, but certainly not least, the "Black" and "African" emojis they made are offensive to say the least. Is no one else experiencing these issues or am I being targeted here?! Deleting...


Cool, but  Omgcoolyes  3 star

Great app. I love the variety, but my auto correct just all of a sudden stopped working with the keyboard and it is frustrating. I do not want to go back to the Apple keyboard, because I love the look of mine, but I need that auto correct back, immediately. What's going on? And YES. I have it turned on.


I do not know  lilytime123  3 star

The thing is I like this app but I wish we could have more keyboards instead of just two and there's another reason because I hate the way they put little adds on top of the keyboard


Auto correct  Xmdksbsbx  2 star

Good app overall but the auto correct is the biggest downside to this app for me and I almost dont want to use it because of this minor issue


Roll💖  Rolo-60😜  4 star

Great but getting all the key boards should not coast soo much money💴

Bella 💖😬

There are a few small problems  Bella 💖😬  1 star

I love this app and I love all the keyboards I have but I wish you didn’t have to pay €4.99 for more than 2 keyboards and I don’t like how it’s monthly and doesn’t warn you when their going to take the payment. It doesn’t tell you were you can cancel a subscription and I emailed the app creators and they still have not responded. So I am stuck paying €4.99 a month and I barley use the app. I think you could make a few more slots before you have to pay and there could be more options that you don’t have to pay for.


Princess123🦄💎  Princess123🦄💎  5 star

I love so do all my friends it’s the best app I’ve ever played and my friends say the same


Amazing  alanna_quinn_xx  5 star

I Love this , but I do lush you could make more styles with out paying or maybe even not pay at all


Omega  Aislynn🔥  5 star



I love rainbow 🔑  Carash.  5 star

I love rainbow key i would give it a 10 out of 10 I love it go get it

leah haggans

Good  leah haggans  5 star

Good job of writing

Aj awesome 22

Cute😍  Aj awesome 22  5 star

I love it my keyboard so cute 👍😉

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