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*** 7.500.000 users from all over the world!
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Scorp is the most genuine social media of the world. Do you know why?

It is because thousands of topics from politics to football, relationships to fashion, are being discussed here everyday with 15 second videos!

Scorpers can easily meet new people, become friends, follow the trends, speak out their thoughts...

1.Choose your topic or create your own.
2.Shoot your 15 second video.
3.Wait for the response and let the conversation begin!

Or simply watch funny, thought provoking, and interesting videos under different headlines such as...

"Best team in the NFL",
"How to make a college student",
"Relationships vs. One Nighters" and millions more!

Scorp is exclusive for college students!

Whether you want to create entertaining media, speak your opinion on controversial issues, or just see and listen to what interesting things others have to do and say- Scorp is your place!

Follow your homies, make new friends, view what's trending, and most importantly... just be yourself.

It's not hard to meet new people and make new friends on Scorp.

1. Select an existing headline, or start your own
2. Shoot your 15 second video.
3. Witness the conversation begin!

So what are you waiting for?

Download Scorp and join the conversation now !

Scorp - Social Video Community App Description & Overview

The applications Scorp - Social Video Community was published in the category Social Networking on 2015-02-07 and was developed by Scorp Sosyal Medya ve Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi. The file size is 57.07 MB. The current version is 1.6.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Now snap videos are on Scorp! You can send or receive a snap video from any user, just by sending them gifts.
Scorp has released a new feature! Now you can order a cup of coffee for your favorite

Scorpers and chat with them or you can eat desserts, like baklava, and have sweet



Now you can send virtual gifts to your favourite Scorpers, through the app. Scorpers and

their fans who send them gifts can chat on the notifications screen.

Gift Points

You can earn gift points by receiving gifts. These gift points are not just a number on your

screen, gift points can be turned into real money. The revenue of the gifts that you receive

will be shared with you! Don't forget to check your gift income on the settings screen of your


Popular Lists

By sending out more gifts you can get to the top of your favourite Scorpers' "Top Fans" list

or Scorp's "Most Gifts Senders" list.

New Badge

You bought gold and sent out your gift, but did you realise the new special badge in your


You can share your problems with us through [email protected] You can share your

payment problems with us through [email protected]

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Scorp - Social Video Community Reviews


Invest In Scorp USA  BlackGirlMedia  1 star

Unfortunately Scorp feels as if investing energy and funding into the U.S. side isn't their focus and that the U.S. format of the app is too expensive. The theme of Scorp USA was immature, juvenile and high school sets of teams only promoting drama, favoritism and chaos. Change the team based method of the U.S. Scorp and invest in us.

MontDad Tv

MontDad  MontDad Tv  5 star


Rocío Argentina123

La mars  Rocío Argentina123  1 star

Podrían haber contratado a Marylin Manson o Hitler, y aún así sería una mejor influencia que alguien que no quiere estudiar.

Juan 0

Pésima app  Juan 0  1 star

Pésima app está idéntica a vine,y aparte aparte apoyan a la Mars, pésimo

Sostén del mundo

Wacala  Sostén del mundo  1 star

Si lo que quieren es darle trabajo a gente con preparatoria trunca deberían de echarse una vuelta por CU y pregunten por los muchachos de la rebel o en el Azteca por los muchachos del Ame. Les aseguro que nunca padecerán de fuerza de trabajo.


Bad stuff  Frankiemorris  1 star

Dont use, slow, looks old. Horrible


La Mars...  Sahaqiel  1 star

Do I have to say more???


SKETCHY BUSINESS  Haiandnowcniskend  1 star

Scorp treats their employees like crap. They're sketchy and liars. Do not download this app!! Not worth it


Don't download this app  Aliater5552  1 star

Just don't


Worst mistake you made  Dibbscggkksd  1 star

Worst mistake you made was to hire a spoke person who doesn't understand that it's not the message, it's the way she is delivering. Arrongance has no room for greatness good luck scorp :)


I love this app  ItsTheTito23  5 star

The best way to express yourself


AMAZING  AlyssaLucerox10  5 star

Scorp is awesome. I love it!

Teri Dade

I Can't Put It Down!  Teri Dade  5 star

Since I started Scorp, I have not been able to put it down! It's my new Constant! And I LOVE every minute of it!! I especially appreciate that it's a much more mature audience who can understand and appreciate the topics and opinions discussed. Many of my friends are Scorping and I'm meeting many more AAMAZING Scorpers. Thank you for creating this App, and creating new avenues of socializing. This is the Best thing I've come across in a long time. Teri Dade

Mr. Maryville City

So Original  Mr. Maryville City  5 star

I absolutely love this app. There's no filters or effects to be messed with. Just you and your fellow scorpers. Voice your opinions and be heard. If you haven't downloaded Scorp it.. You'll love it!¡

Jenny Alvelo

Scorp and the new update  Jenny Alvelo  5 star

I like it. I need to get used to it though but, I was waiting for a new update! @jenniferalvelo


I love this app!  JoeB2015  5 star

After downloading Scorp, I immediately became addicted! I can already tell it's going to be the next big thing. Everyone you know, please tell your friends to download this amazing app! I've met a lot of great people on here! :)


Scorptastic  AfroMagic85  5 star

Love interacting with people this way


Nıce  Mimotaktak  5 star

İ like it

Davin from BAY

Way behind its time!  Davin from BAY  1 star

Not worth it.


Genuine and Unique  Flexlikethaiboy  5 star

What makes scorp the go to app for me is its honesty. Yes, there is plenty of entertaining an funny content, but it transcends that level and becomes a place of self expression and discussion. The biggest question is, what are you waiting for?? Hop on!

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