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Checky answers a simple question: how many times a day do I check my phone?

By giving you insight into your phone checking habit, Checky helps you become more aware. This awareness can help you make changes to your phone usage, if you feel you need to make a change!

It's also fun to find out exactly how much you are using your phone, and to compare your stats with friends.

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Please be aware that Checky requires continued location tracking. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Checky - Phone Habit Tracker App Description & Overview

The applications Checky - Phone Habit Tracker was published in the category Productivity on 2014-09-14 and was developed by The file size is 11.73 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

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CEV Rules

:/  CEV Rules  2 star

the app stopped working for me after around 3 days. it started to say i only checked my phone once/zero times a day when i clearly checked it more than that :/


One week  maab75  1 star

After working well for a week, app crash and always is 0 visit.


Ads block content, crash problems  chrissyannthomas  1 star

I’m using an iPhone 8s and the banner ad at the bottom of the screen blocks what appears to be a bar graph that would show my daily phone usage. Since I can’t see it, this part is useless. Also, every time I touch the location icon in the upper right corner the app crashes.


Good idea, terrible execution  SMC1101  1 star

I don’t write reviews but this app is really frustrating. I have an iPhone 7 Plus. This app is difficult to use, doesn’t count unless location services are fully on for it, which results in the app needing to be open at all times to track. This then results in having a blue nav banner at the top of your screen that doesn’t go away without closing the app completely, and that burns your battery like crazy when it’s on. Finally, it didn’t event count accurately. Would not recommend. Needs a lot of R&D.

Jessica Snow

Caution: the app won’t work if you disable the location service  Jessica Snow  1 star

If you just want to know how many times you check your phone each day, this app does a good job. Showing you exactly how many times are you swiped your phone open to check messages, respond to notifications. However, you need to enable your location service all the time. Even if this app is just running in the background, it’s tracks your location all the time. Once you disable the locator service the app stopped working. This is very annoying and unnecessary which is why I decided to uninstall the app. Verdict: if you want an app just tell you how many times you check your phone, do not mind the location service being on 24/7, . Then this app is for you.


1 check per day!!!???  Aaronvindi  1 star

I’m short, this app always provides me with the exact information as the day before: yesterday: n/a Today 1


Works great to tracking opening my phone  The64Diamonds  3 star

I’ve had it for a day, and it works great. But I’m supposed to be able to see a map of where I look at my phone, and every time I try it crashes the app.


This app does not work  Jayneinsayne  1 star

I checked it several times throughout the day and it always said 1. Believe me, the number should have been way more than 1.... waste of time app.

Potato hips

Why is my location needed  Potato hips  2 star

I was loving this app until today I started realizing how unnecessary it is for them to use my location. If we think about it, they have no actual reasoning to using my location. I was loving the app before I thought of this, and it worked just fine, but after disabling my location it absolutely stopped working. Overall, it does work when using location but seems too fishy for it to be true.


Love the concept  ReeseeMae  1 star

Hate that it needs location and has to be open all the time. Uninstall coming up.👎🏻


Why do I need a title  Glitterypink  2 star

I don’t like that it has to use your location services constantly for the app to work. Great way to run down your battery.


Doesn't work  VAS  1 star

Doesn't work at all. Always says 0.


Rubbish  人可愛いです。  1 star

Does not work. I have most definitely checked my phone more than once


Works for me  Dune2014  5 star

Wouldn't mind an update though


App causes phone to freeze  Robert875  1 star

Immediately after installing this app my phone (6S) would freeze up at completely random times. I thought Checky was meant to monitor phone usage, not limit it by freezing my phone. 👎


Just plain doesn't work.  tilleysong  1 star

Says I haven't checked my phone at all, or maybe 3 times, when I've definitely checked it WAAAAY more.


nope  zaimc  1 star

after installing the app.. my phone kept locking up.


App is temperamental  Aimeelbm  2 star

Sometimes it counts the number of times I check my phone accurately, sometimes it stays on zero all day...


Doesn't work  rachelhomburg  1 star

Good idea but the app is not working, stays stuck on same number despite how many times I unlock my phone.


Doesn't work.  Seaohseas  1 star

Nice idea- but doesn't work. Had it a week. Deleting.


Doesn't work  Sal4416  1 star



It'doesn't work  Dinhtan2107  1 star

It's doesn't work on my iPad mini 2.


USELESS  Gkap99  1 star

Tracks every time I get a notification even if the phone is in my pocket. Told me I had 14 usages when I knew I had 2!!!



THIS APP IS A SHAM! IT DOES NOT ACCURATELY COUNT!! Showed I used my phone twice one day and 66 times another. Don't waste your time with this.


iOS 8.1 + iPhone 6 = no functionality  Yeperse  1 star

This app was great with my 4S and iOS 7. It's unfortunate that it no longer functions with iOS 8.1 and my iPhone 6. I hope it's fixed soon.


Pretty much useless.  Ariannajeanette  1 star

It only tracks how many times you've checked your phone if you have the app open and running in the background. I'm not going to leave the app open 24/7 and kill my battery. I'm pretty consistent about closing apps compulsively, even to the point where I don't realize I'm doing it. Not useful for me at all.


Does not work  drdance  1 star

I check my phone 50 time a day or more and it never registered anything (ios8 iPhone 5s)

cutiepie 38

😜😋😎😎😘😝😊💖😄💗😀✌️💛👍  cutiepie 38  5 star

Awesome app I use my iPhone a little less now 😜😎😋😋😘😝😊💖😄💗💗😀👍👍👍✌️✌️💛💛✌️😋😜😎✌️😝😀😜💖😘😀


Doesn't work  sushimanly  1 star

Too bad because I'd like to keep track of my phone time.


Doesn't work  ProfessorEnzoG  1 star

Telling me I checked my phone once yesterday (I am sure it was at least 10 times) and 0 times today? Deleting. Also having GPS doesn't make sense as others have already pointed out.

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