1010! Block Puzzle Game

1010! Block Puzzle Game [Games] App Description & Overview

1010! is a wildly addicting brain teaser - a simple puzzle game that will challenge you, while also training your brain. Put your puzzle skills to the test with this exciting title - we dare you to try and put it down.

Not only is 1010! a blast to play, but it will help you develop logic, and train your mental capacity. The concept is simple - on a 10X10 board, combine puzzle blocks and clear the board by placing them strategically to create lines. Play alongside your friends, and enjoy the mental gymnastics 1010! force you to do!

There’s no limit to play, no color matching, and no match three repetition - just fill the grid with shapes, clear the play area, and see if you can beat your high score. Plus, now try out special game themes to keep your gameplay endlessly exciting.

Check out special in game features and skins to make your 1010! experience even more exciting!

Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at www.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service.

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1010! Block Puzzle Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

1010! Block Puzzle Game Comments & Reviews

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- fav game for passing time!

I always play this game whenever I need something to pass the time. It’s really fun and simple. I’ve never had an issue with it, I don’t see why it only has 3.9 stars. It does show you an ad every time you lose, but that’s really not that bad considering some games I play show me an ad every 30 seconds.

- Biased political ads

Why am I getting ads for flirty housewives and biased political ads an a game app?

- 4/5

I wish there were less ads but it’s really fun and addicting

- 1010!!!!!!

I wish it would let u lift the squares you put in case you made a mistake. But other then that I think the game is challenging!!!

- Ads

I paid for no ads, but the app will glitch a lot and they show up... very frustrating.

- Why the stars??

I am addicted. Have almost no complaints but one big question is that, now and then I get a star in the upper left. The stars add up. But....then what? I dont even know for sure how to get those stars. But does it matter? My biggest complaint is that once started I can’t quit. I miss dinner. I forget to go to sleep. Yes the ads are a nuisance but for a free game they’re a necessity.

- Took my money!

I paid to have the adds removed, and it only lasted 2 days. Now I have those annoying adds back! What a rip off!!

- Give a second CHANCE!!!

I have been playing 1010 for two years, and I am addicted to this game. Lately, I started to feel that it is becoming very depressing, and frustrating,! Yesterday, I reached 68800 , but after a small move I lost all!! IT IS NOT Fair. At least we have to be given a second chance, so we’ll be encouraged to go on and on. Please suggest this to the developer a second chance should be given, or divide the game into levels so one would loose the level not the whole game!

- Yezzir

Don’t fall for these fools saying the game makes you fail. That’s like saying your career made you fail. Master the game.. get better and quit crying.

- luv it

been playing for a couple years and i even paid to get rid of ad’s, worth it in my opinion

- I’ve been playing this game since 2014

So from the title, I guess you can already imagine that I seriously love this game. However, reading all these negative reviews makes me a little upset because it’s a great game. Yeah I know EXACTLY what these people are talking about, ads after games, & sometimes it glitches, but is that really a reason for one star ? So sometimes it sends you to the app store, BFD. If you have an iPhone X it’s literally one swipe at the bottom to get back, & if not, it’s 2 home button clicks & a tap on your screen. You’re telling me that THAT’S your deal breaker ? How lazy & entitled you must be. The creators of this app make money from ads, & that’s because this game is free. People truly will never be satisfied with anything. I’ve never left a review before, but I figured as a 1010 veteran with a high score of over 40,000, my opinion was warranted. This is a great game. Well worth your download. I can’t even imagine how many hours i’ve spent playing this game, and I’m still not tired of it, even after 6 years. So yeah. Download this if you don’t mind an ad now & again, and want something mindless to do while watching netflix.

- Fun app but big battery hog

This would be a 5 star app if it didn’t drain the battery so quickly! I paid for no ads because as others have said, the ads are over the top annoying and way too frequent. If they did some battery performance fixes and at least played the ads with the sound OFF, it would be a much better experience. That said, the game is really great for when you need to use up some time, if you’re bored, standing in long lines, or while watching mindless TV, this is a good diversion! But I hate when I’m up to 290,000 points and they serve up four 9 bangers in a row! 😊☹️ Oh, and one more thing; a wonderful enhancement would be to allow landscape mode so we can play on an iPad! Why isn’t it already available for iPad???

- Needs some work

This is one of those mindless stress-killer apps. I wouldn’t even call it a game, it’s more like a relaxing activity. I’ve been using the app for years to help me fall asleep mostly, but I’ll also open it up for a few minutes when I need to give my brain a little breathing room, or when I’m on hold (very common due to my work). I’ve never focused on my score, and re-starting has never bothered me... I’m literally just organizing blocks as a stress reliever. For that reason, it was worth it for me to purchase the ad-free upgrade, so I did. But the sudden pandemic crisis situation has put me in more situations where I’m stuck waiting, which has led to me spending more time on this app. As a result, I’ve started paying more attention to the app itself, and that’s given me some ammo to write a review. Most importantly, this game must have internal glitches/errors quite a bit. I noticed yesterday while playing that I was approaching my high score, and so I started paying attention to my score. Like I said, I play the app for seconds or minutes at a time, several times throughout the day, and it saves the board and score automatically as you go, so when you open the app, you always just pick back up where you left off. But now that I was paying attention to the score for the first time, I noticed that it started me from scratch one of the times I opened the app! It’s silly, honestly, but eclipsing my previous score was something I had started looking forward to. Now I’m certain that I’ve come close to high scores plenty of times, but because I close and re-open the app so many times a day, I’ve “lost” those boards and scores and simply never noticed until now. It’d be nice to get an explanation of how the score is calculated, too. I see an animated icon sometimes when I place a block, even if that placement didn’t result in any lines cleared. Do you get more points for eliminating multiple lines at a time? Are certain lines worth more than others, and does a line’s value depend on its position on the grid, or on the blocks that make up the line? Or both? Also, what are the stars for? What do they represent? Are they something that can be used/spent somehow? I haven’t a clue, and can’t find an explanation. I have 68,015 stars, but I have no idea what that means. Lastly, I have had to “restore purchases” on the app before, to get it to remember that I had purchased the ad-free upgrade, but I’ve only had to do that twice, so that’s not a huge deal to me. In closing, the app is fine as a mindless time-killer or stress-reliever, but if you’re going to analyze your moves and actually pay attention to your score, you might want to choose a different app.

- I love making rows

You did a good job making this app

- Falsely advertising

I saw an ad banner across top end of my screen while playing a different game. This ad banner was for this game I am reviewing (1010!). This ad banner showed this game had a 4.5 star rating out of 732,677 reviews. Although the ad didn't state what I am stating here outright, your ad is misleading. Misleading people equates to lying. You are falsely advertising your app. I will never download another one of your apps again.

- Horrible ads and far too many

Not family friendly

- I love this game

I’ve had 4 phones in my life and on every phone I have this game 🙂

- Love it!!

I play this game so much! There aren’t a lot of ads, and it’s really relaxing. I love this game!!❤️❤️

- Best game to zone out to

Love playing this game! Put on airplane mode if you don’t want to get ads and thank me later

- Breaks and makes you start over

For no reason, the game will break and you can’t put pieces down. The next time you open it, you have to start completely over

- 1010

Why does the game end when you still have matches to make?

- Eh

It’s a good app just too many ads

- Fun but paid for upgrade and still get ads

That says it all. Pretty aggravated. Plus it now crashes now that I paid for the upgrade.

- Still see ads

Paid to not see ads, yet I still do. Hooong someone from the company fixes it.

- More

Can y’all add more themes... it’s been years and I’ve collected so many of those stars and they’re just sitting there

- Stress Killer

This game helps me to avoiding many things. Boring conversations, sad moments, and the most important thing (the mess inside my head) It amazing how it can make me focus sometimes on all of these things, and it also a great way to escape them at the same time.

- Potential for greatness

I bought this game so ads aren’t an issue for me. This is a fun and somewhat addictive game but it definitely has some flaws that holds it back. As another reviewer mentioned, there doesn’t appear to be any logic built into it. You could be doing well until a random set of shapes that can never be used is presented. Sometimes a successful game just quits for no reason. It feels unfinished - there is more the developers can do with this - instructions would be good. For instance is there a timer and that’s why the game quits? Warnings about improper shape placement would engage people more, a pop up letting players know they lost instead of leaving them with a “what just happened?” moment. Maybe a continuous stream of shapes to give the player more opportunity to strategize instead of presenting just three at a time. It seems like the developers just stopped working on it once they filled the minimum requirements for an app. If there is no opportunity to win or compete against their own score, players will stop playing.

- Gram games 1010

It might be fun if it wasn’t constantly hijacked by ads that freeze it so you have to delete it. I wish I could rate this zero because it’s so frustrating. Done. Yep, DONE trying to play it.

- 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

I used to LOVE this game but now it’s more frustrating than fun. I agree with the other reviewers, it sets you up to fail after you get so far. I wish they would bring back the earlier version.

- Good

They fixed the game!!! And less ads!!!

- Ads

The game has started locking up when an ad pops up. Cannot close ad and resume game. Tried deleting game from iPad and starting with new App but it didn't help. No more game will find some other time waster to play.

- Glitchy and no responses from support

I’ve been playing this game for a long time.. was up to almost 200,000 points (a personal beat that took months to get to after years of playing, and the app crashed and made me start back at 0. I reached out to support for help to restore my game to where I was with no answers at all. This has now happened 3 times wen I was at a super high score. Deleting this one and looking for another.

- Meh

I like the game but full of glitches. When an ad pops up mid game when the screen is completely empty of blocks and then it suddenly is making me start over again. Same thing if I close the app mid game when I go back I have to start over and it’s super irritating. It never used to do ghat when I first used the app

- Rip Off!!!

I purchased this app, to eliminate the adds a couple of years ago and now, when I tap on restore purchase within the app, I still get the advertising. This is a rip off! They collect your money and continue to produce buggy software. Do not get this app!

- Best mini game ever

This game is so fun that I could play all day

- 3 sets of 3x3 at the same time???

Not fair, no es justo how can I play tenten if after playing for hours the game send me 3 sets of 3x3 at the same time???????? This game is not fair at all, it will end your game wherever it want.... not fair at all

- Too many ads!!

What’s with all the ads? Either make the game like it was before or give me an ad free option. And please stop the game from ending prematurely even when I haven’t lost just so you can show me an ad!!

- great game

i never leave reviews for games or apps in general, but 1010 is amazing. it’s a simple game but i still haven’t gotten tired of it for months. i have had no problem with glitches or too many ads. i 100% recommend getting this game if you’re looking to pass time or just have a little brain teaser.

- Disappointed

I “played” this game way too much but after it recently started me over( yes, back to zero) for no reason, and I should mention I was on the same game the last six months and had a lot of points, I have made the decision to delete the app.

- Glitching

I love playing this game but with a score over 200k it kept glitching. It started to go slower and sometimes place the piece in a spot I hadn’t intended. But sadly and annoyingly it just glitched and restarted a new game when I had more than half the board empty. My score was over 229k and I’m so bummed it ended my previous game.

- Use to be Fun!

I have enjoyed this game every since I downloaded it a few years ago. BUT NOW, the last few updates have been lousy. It freezes a lot and the big annoyance is that the game resets/loses all your points you have achieved on many occasions and start you over with zero points. I am at the point that I am going to delete the game if the freezing and ads are not improved!! PLEASE FIX cause I would hate to stop playing one of my top games! Thank you!

- ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵍᵃᵐᵉ ᶦˢ ʳᵉᵃˡˡʸ ᶠᵘⁿ

uɐɯ ǝɯ ʇsnɹʇ ʎllɐǝɹ llɐ ʇᴉ ǝʌol ᴉ ʇnq sᴉɥʇ ʎɐld uǝʌǝ ʇou pᴉp ᴉ

- Best game ever!!

This game is so relaxing and helps relieve stress and anxiety. I 10/10 would recommend this game if you have anxiety!

- Even more ads that lock game :(

So tired of having to shut down locked up games & restart them due to poorly programmed ads. Free games = ads, I don’t mind the short ones or the small bars at the screen’s bottom edge. But this makes 3 of my preferred simple low-stress games that locks up with every other, sometimes every single ad.

- Ok

It could be better

- Keeps Freezing

Love this game. However it freezes all the time. I have to delete, then reinstall. Drives me crazy.

- Woah


- Developer Taking Advantage Of IOS Flaws

Attention Apple Security Team!!!!! This developer has found a security flaw that allowed them access to cellular data even when it turned off for the app. I believe this is against Apple rules in other to protect us , the customers.

- New update

The newest update is horrible. SO MUCH LAG! Pretty much unplayable. FIX NOW PLEASE!!

- Freezes then resets

Been playing for years. But now, mid game it freezes and resets. Spent days working on a game? Say goodbye to all your efforts. Resets back to zero. I’m done with this game.

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- 1010

I love both of the 1010 games

- 1010

Such an amazing game....makes you actually use your brain and think ahead. The game is like a drug....I’m addicted to it, just can’t beat my own high score 10,702

- I-

so uh, I was playing this game and like there was a place for my block thing right? but then it just stopped and like I’m pretty confused, fix this issue please. 🌬

- Addictive.

I have 10,000 pts and 30 themes. Nothing to spend the 29263 yes that’s right 29263 pts on. :

- allgoodmorning

This app is really bad “forget about it”

- 🚨SwAg ALERT🚨

The game kinda swag ngl

- Ever smoke crack

Me either but with how addictive this game is...I know how it feels! I be lining everything up to disappear that sh!T

- Crashes

The app freezes and the game resets

- Non stop ads

This used to be a good game but recently the ads have been overwhelming in frequency, repetition and most are incredibly boring. One ad also appears to be a low budget gaming scam.

- Tile Mutiny

I love this game but...the tiles won’t go where I want them to go. It happens part way through the game when the score is getting higher. Tried the usual things to try to reset it. Nothing. Usually have to start a new game to stop it....but then it starts doing it again.

- Unplayable and makes you force quit

Such a shame I can’t even beat my high score because ads will force your game to end lol no point of even having this up to download 👎👎👎👎👎👎

- Good game

It’s an awesome game to play when you have anything to do but turn off wifi and data because all of the ads are not legit and bring you on safari and App Store

- What’s up with the ad volume???

I absolutely loved this game until the endless ads began playing in blaring volume despite having my sound off. Very annoying!

- Addicted

I got this app per a recommendation made by trusted a colleague of mine. Without question I downloaded the app, naively. I never noticed the vacant look in her eye upon her pushing me to join the 1010! hive. There are now two historical classifications of my life: My life before 1010! and my life after getting 1010!. It is the best game! Life changing actually. I haven’t been able to stop playing. I barely eat or sleep (hello body goals!). Truly revolutionary! I feel less human overall (and I for one welcome our robotic AI overlords and wish to be one). I love the ad walls that occur once a level defeats you and reminds you that you’re nothing compared to the undefeated hive mind of 1010!. I strive to fully integrate. Take me. I don’t even want to better myself and gain new life skills, because it doesn’t matter... all that matters now are the blocks. 11/10 - I play it all the time. It’s the only app on my phone.

- Best game ever

This is the best game ever, relaxing to play :) <3

- This game ROCKS

I used to have this game when it was new it was awesome but then I got bored of it I see it in trending so I downloaded it and now I am addicted it is so GOOD!!

- Awesome!! I LOVE IT

It’s obviously a very exercising for my brain, I challenge hard throughout the game and I am successful at it on the iPhone 8+. Thank you! 😄

- The 3x3 square blocks is unfair

I don't like the 3x3 blocks. It makes me rage when theres no space I place it on the grind boxes, also the puzzle should able to fit by rotating in the blanked box that are in not the blocked are placing it

- Too many bugs

I also was crazy about the game and now I cannot even download it on my new iphone 8.

- Stuck

Stuck on Dairy Queen ad and can’t get it off. Urrrrr

- best game ever

been my fav game for like 5 years. don't need wifi and themes are relatively cheap if you play a lot and earn stars. love it!

- Freezing constantly

Love this game but can't play anymore. It let's me put down 6 tiles then freezes. I have to close the app and wait for it to reset itself.

- Addicting game

I just installed the game and got sooooooooooooooooo addicted

- Good game, BUT

This is a great game, fun and addicting. BUT every time there’s a update it turns ads on again and tries to make me pay to turn them back off, which I paid for many updates ago. Quite annoying and kind of scammy.

- Awesome

I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and I absolutely loved it... UNTIL, they just stopped making new background skins. I have all these useless points saved up. For this I’m giving it a low rating

- doesnt work

with the new upgrade my game does’nt work at all. I can’t open the app now:(

- Nope

The game sucks it lags to much and I can’t play it every time I go in to the game it wants me to buy a another game like do you want me to play the game I have Rate now or not

- Ads

I paid for no ads and now I’m getting ads.....BS

- Night Mode?

I love the game, however at night I would love a night mode..it’s hard on the eyes in bed and I like to play while I listen to audiobooks before bed. I’ve stumbled across the night mode over the years but can’t seem to find a control to keep it on? How does it work??

- It’s ok

I don’t like that when I am in the middle of a round an add pops out and when it’s over u can’t continue ur round plzz help over all it a great game

- 1010!

I think this game is VERY ADDICTING I have it on almost every tech in my house I LOVE IT!

- Awesome game

I love the game, been a playing it for years. I would personally like if I could redo the last turn I made though. I get we can’t re-place pieces but sometimes I drop it in the wrong spot by accident and it’s frustrating that I can’t move it when that happens. It doesn’t change the way the game is played of difficulty if that was an option. Still placing one piece at a time and if you place a new one you can’t go back to the other ones.

- Too many adds!!

New adds are impossible to close out!

- My review

I like the game it helps me plan ahead to think of what shapes will come next.

- Help!!

1010! was my favourite game... until, of course, the game deleted my history. I had got the ad block, no ads or whatever it is, and now it’s saying I don’t have it?! It also deleted my skins, colours or whatever, and know I don’t have my favourite skin?!?! Please fix this. I love this game. Love, love it. Please fix it. Will give five stars once you fix it.

- Undo option

Love the game. Just wish you could have the option to undo the last move.

- Ads now make it unplayable

Okay, so I’ve played this for ages without giving them a cent, but today something’s changed and ads are taking over the entire screen. That’s bad enough, but if you were in the middle of moving a piece into place it just gets dropped wherever. For this I blame the advertisers, honestly, so not only am I now not playing 1010! any more, I’m also not submitting myself to your ads. Still a 5-star effort in recognition of years of play in five-minute chunks, but it’s probably game over.

- Fun

Tip: play game off WiFi for no ads a better turn out. ❤️🖖

- can’t play

every time i open the app it freezes and doesn’t let me play. this is starting to get annoying

- Fun game but crashes often

Fun and addictive. Frustrating as how it crashes whenever it tries to load an advertisement, causing you to lose all your current progress 😤😤😤

- Ads keep redirecting to App Store

Game works fine but these ads would pop up out of no where and redirect me to App Store. When I try to go back to the game, same thing happens after 2 seconds unless I quit the game. And then it happens again soon after I start playing again.

- Pretty good, pretty unstable

This game is pretty good, but I would prefer that it not malfunction so often. It regularly gets glitchy with pieces “sticking” and shrinking. I use a fully updated iPhone 8. Otherwise, it’s great. I live that there are no stupid power ups or timers.

- Won’t open

I was playing this game for well over a year. Now all of a sudden it won’t open. Really sad about this. Loved it.


I think this game is awesome! I give it five stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! It’s a great mind game for kids and adults! It really gets my mind going in the mornings! Thank you for making it!

- nice

i play this game 24/7. my wife and children left me because of it. it’s addicting. 5 stars, love it. but please Karen, come back.

- 1010 has turned to crap

The game used to be fun ,but after the last update it sucks! You can only play for five minutes or so and then some stupid ad comes up then the scream goes blank. At that point you have to wait for hours for it to reset or try to reload it.

- Worst game

This is the best game I ever played please make it better you crap developers I don’t want to start a dictatorship but I might have to with these crap delvopers. I think that they’re actually Kim Jong Un trying to take over the US with mobile games. Overall 10/10 IGN would play again.

- 1010

Good game love the game. Maybe you should add power ups and stuff

- Great

This game is a very good game does not crash fun and uses you brain not like shouting games and over all it’s a great game. As you can see in the add you can change the skin but it takes a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot of time to gain “Stars” and unlock them. But it is a good game and I very recommend. :)

- Love it

I love this game, keeps me busy for hours

- Love this app thank you 1010 very much winner.


- Used to be good

It was good originally, but now the AI makes it quite difficult. Then there’s the ads. Aaargh.

- No

Very laggy game cost me from beating my score tons of times and made me very mad that I could not, not write a bad review

- Good, but...

Fun little time waster but I updated the app and it deleted my high score. Not happy.

- Too many adds - don’t update

Omg!! Almost every 10secs there’s a pop up add. That’s just going way too far even for a free app. That’s one way to get ppl to stop playing the app in its entirety

- Unstable

Very unstable but fun when it is working smoothly.

- Regular problem

I have enjoyed this game for some time but now I find blocks will not stay in place. I have deleted and reloaded the game a number of times but it keeps happening. So disappointed - I may just give up soon. Now I have trouble registering a nickname!! You have to be joking!!!!

- This app is amazing

This app is so much fun and I really enjoy playing the game I love how you can bye background and new squares this game is great I hope you will make an update thanks

- Love it

Title of my review speaks for itself

- Best Game

I suffer from bad anxiety especially on car/train/plane trips and this game saves me from huge panic attacks. I literally love the game so much as it distracts me from thinking and I just focus on playing the game. 10/10!!!

- !!!!!


- Love this app!!

I have read the other reviews and they weren’t as happy as I am. They have updated it a lot! It’s really fun. You get these Stars that you have to get to be able to get new themes. It’s fun to beat your scores. I haven’t been able to play a different game because this game tops them all. Really enjoy. Ads are fair (1 every 2games) and you can skip them very easily. Has a cute lay out too that is easy to use and appropriate for the game occasion. Over all I love this app and will show this to all my friends

- Latest update👎👎👎👎

Your latest update has died!!! Would have given 5 stars (luv this game)but now it won't complete its update and has 😱😡

- uh oh stinky

Uh oh stinky - Le monke 2019

- A simply great game

I can’t really remember how I stumbled upon this game when I downloaded it. Since then I have played absolutely countless times. I’ve played it on planes, between exams, on night shifts and even through some of the worst moments of my life as a simple distraction. It’s a simple game block/puzzle game but it’s subtly rewarding, relaxing and addictive. Thank you!

- Really very good

This game is great, but it makes me feel dumb when I stuff up, but even with that it's still a great game

- 1010!

It’s good and all but it lags alot and it is also very slow and whenever I restart ads pop up but yeah its good

- paid for no ads and the ads are back grrr

Hello I have played this game spite the glitching every now and then the game is really good. The only thing though is I paid to have no ads when I first got this game a few years ago and now all the sudden the ads are back?? Do I get a refund or can someone help me get rid of the ads. Obviously not paying twice to remove them! Please advice?

- Great game, may need a brightly coloured theme.

Great game. As you know I have been playing similar games (noticing the same coding formula for a game like this). I would recommend more themes, probably a brightly coloured one. Otherwise, it’s still fun to play

- Best ever

This game is the best so satisfying!!!

- Block regeneration

The game is really good very enjoyable the only thing I have a problem with is when the next set of blocks it gives out automatically ends your game because the blocks it has chosen won’t work with the spaces I have left so can you please make it so the blocks will automatically pick a selection that will work a certain way every time I just have to figure it out cause it’s very annoying when the next set of blocks won’t fit and it ends the game

- Ads are back

I paided for this app and enjoyed the game for many months. Now adds are back and it’s annoying as hell! For that I give 3/5

- Really good but glitchy after ads

This game is obsessive but it glitches after ad breaks and when all your spaces are full and it goes to a new game/round

- Original

I’ve been playing this game for years now and it’s been amazing! And also for the people that don’t know this is the original/first game to do this type of game. One more thing for me it’s NEVER lags and I really enjoy it.

- Gives me impossible options

I really love this game and find it extremely fun. However I have had numerous times where it gives me three options that are completely impossible to use all three. There is no possible way to destroy any rows in order to fit the big pieces. Have had this happen a couple times and I am certain there is no way to complete the pieces some times

- Baby review

But hdhhehehrhrjejjjjfnvkkjn?&@?&@)&&@()5555. Qqqqjjidiidufuiifiiffjhgjjjrrerrtttttttrrriritiiiotttooeirwifiqqq-11-

- Amazing!!

Favourite game ever. Have had it for over a year!

- Love this app

I’ve had this game for I don’t even know how many years now and it never has failed to entertain me. I’m always playing it when I’m bored or I’m sitting around waiting.

- Fantastic game😍

Very great game, love it So good for kids and addictive love the game! Maybe an update💕

- The game is amazing

I like the game it makes me get going and it's really fun I like the physics 🤩♥️

- 1010!

I have been playing this game ever since the start of last year and the highest I could get was only 4456!!!!!!! I’m so addicted my friends tell me to stop playing it at school 😂 it’s seems like a childish game but if u could get a high score in the late thousands than I’ll be impressed 😂😂 I cant so dw 🥰 I also love how I can listen to my Spotify playlist and still be able to play this game as I sing along 👏🏽

- Paid for adds, still get adds, email to the developer bounced back

You can have 5 stars if you give me what I paid for! Paid for no adds. Still getting adds. Contacted the developer and email sent back because their email program thought I was spam! I like the game but so far follow up gets a gong! 2 emails now bounced back! Apple refunded me after the 3rd attempt to contact the developer.

- Its so hard

It’s really fun but it’s super hard it’s really fun

- Deleted

When I’m asked to agree to their terms and conditions without seeing them I see red flags. Deleted immediately.

- Long time player

I've been playing this game since 2015 & it's now 2019. Such a great game to play to pass the time, on a bus or train? Play this, got to an appointment early? Play this. It's such a great little brain teaser that will keep your mind sharp & the ads are not intrusive like most other games.

- Good but...

I really like this game and enjoy it a lot but there is one problem with it. Whenever I do it for a while an ad pops up. That’s fine I mean most games have ads right? But when the ad is finished and I try to reply my game it says my turn is over. It’s really frustrating so could you please fix that? Thanks.

- Pornographic Ads

I really loved this game. Until today when I returned to it, every minute or so a vulgar and very graphic ad for a game called Family Affair keeps popping up! Do not let your children play! Will be deleting and reporting.

- Block Puzzel

Really enjoying this game but cuts off at the end too quick.I would really like to see if I could have gone somewhere else instead.


Why are there ads?? I paid for it to be ad free yet they’re still popping up

- Love it!

Truly addicted , can’t get enough ! Lol. It’s a great way to unwind and relax. Would really love it, if we could save a shape, and have an undo button!! Even if it just let you undo once. What do you do with all the stars you collect? Tried the other colour themes, but soft mode is my fav.love how there is no time limit and no rush, Thanks a great fun game!

- Lagging

1010 is an excellent game to play but when you play it for a while it starts to lag


This is a great game for passing time and relaxation. I totally recommend it!!!

- Love it

So addictive :)

- An idea:

I love this game but would love an ‘undo’ option. I have no need to change colours or skins, so Maybe the stars could be used to purchase undos?

- Was good but...

Opened up with a notice to accept new terms since Zynga took it over. Yeah, sure, why not. Anyway, part way through the first game, in the middle of a move, I get a 30 second ad! When it's done, I've lost my game & have to start again! So, it was good, but now I'm deleting it.

- Irritating ads.

I love playing this game but recently the banner ads now “pop up” and need to be cancelled in order to continue the game. This is frustrating and I no longer wish to play it.

- Ads :/

I loved playing this game. Was a good relaxing thing to play when I was overwhelmed with uni work. Now an ad plays every 30 seconds while I’m playing and it’s just annoying. Such a shame to always see games end up this way.

- Love it

I love love love this app but hate the adds other wise love it when you’ve got no internet like best app and I could not stop playing after I got it like yeah

- It’s so laggy!!!

I love this game but even when I updated it it has recently become so laggy!! I love this game and it was one of my favourite and now i can barley use it? Also ads still pop up and make it freeze for 2-5 seconds whenever I’m not on wifi or data. Please fix how much it lags!

- D

This app is very good I got 700 tokens already.

Payoneer 💰

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- Very silly

No 2nd chance !!! Game is play against you, always give you no option

- Great game, but has glitches

I really enjoy passing time by playing this game. However, lately the game will start over when I’m getting close to my highest score. It is extremely frustrating. Also, I’ve been playing in quiet place with the sound off at times and the ads will still play with sound.

- Hard

Just because It’s really hard

- Awesome!!

Love this game!! 🥰

- Recent Glitches

This is a great game hindered by a few glitches. The main infuriating glitch is the game randomly resetting deep into a run. I’ve faced this two games in a row now. It’ll be next to impossible for me to beat my high score unless this glitch is fixed

- 1010!

This game is the best I play it 24/7. It’s the first game I play everyday download it and play it. This game is so addicting

- Pretty addictive

It’s like Tetris, only better. No stress. No rush. One of the few games that will hold your place no matter how long you’ve been gone! Bravo!

- So frustrated!

I love this game! Been playing for a long time. I’m frustrated! Since the last update to fix the “bugs” I’m having issues! Every time an ad pops up on the top banner the game freezes! Only way to fix it is to close the game and open again! It’s sooo annoying! But I still play! 😉

- Ads came back

I got a gift card for the App Store so I was like I’ll remove the ads why not. I paid $1.99 for no ads and now some how I have ads again. I tried to look around if you have to pay a fee after a certain amount of time, but can’t find anywhere that states that. So it’s deceiving.

- Please fix this game.

I have enjoyed this game for years and have reached scores over 100,000. Then one day you did an upgrade and you wiped out the game I was playing (which was breaking my record) AND my record. Everything was reset as if I had never played. Since then, at random times, my game closes by itself and I’m back to the start screen as if I lost. It’s becoming very frustrating and it’s sucking the joy right out of the game. Please fix it so I can enjoy this game again. I don’t want to rate this game now because I don’t know which one to rate. Earlier version was a 5 but right now it’s a 1.

- Unplayable

I have been playing this game on and off for a while. My current score is over 110,000. But since it was updated, the ads break the game. And apparently even paying for the premium version doesn’t remove them. The app is busted and I WONT be back until it’s fixed.

- Love this game

I’m addicted to it and made my mom addicted too, we love this game!

- Skins

The skins don’t look very clean like the neon one... I love to play this game a lot it’s a great time skipper, I’ve been playing this game constantly ever since like October I got a new phone and now I can’t beat my highscore lol

- Fix this!

During game play it has gone to a teaser on another game. I wait it out and try to go back to my game. Once at 45000 once at 16000 score and IT ZERO’d me out. My game was gone!!! WTH! Not cool. Deleted game!

- Block Puzzle’s version is Better

So Block Puzzle has a version of 1010 where the stars actually can earn an opportunity for the player,to flip the pieces from horizontal to vertical (or visa-verse of course). This Gram Games version does not have that cool feature - but maybe people prefer that ... I need all the help I can get!

- Trash

This game it terrible. I can’t win

- report

The game wont start But the is super good

- Forcing ad clicks and dropping pieces at random

The game is fun. Like Tetris. The bad: it forces ad clicks while you're playing. Super annoying and fraudulent. While you're playing it randomly drops pieces.

- Squares

We paired this for the

- Stars store

Love the game, but a little peeved that if you get a new device, there’s no way to transfer your stars/star purchases over. I got a new iPhone and I had purchased several themes and had almost a thousand stars built up. I’m having to start from scratch now and needless to say that’s frustrating. If there is some way to restore your themes, it hasn’t been made clear. I did get a data request but all it does was tell me which skins I had, star amount, etc. not how to actually retrieve the data.

- Addictive game

Played this game so much when I downloaded it several years ago that I actually purchased it to remove the ads. I still play, but it has become increasingly unstable with each update. Pieces won’t go where you place them; oftentimes, even must quit & restart because it is no longer how well I do, but what the game “lets” me do. Now, add to that, the promo screens for additional games are back; on my paid version, and it takes a LONG time before the x shows to get rid of the full screen ad. Be aware, also, that when you upgrade to the paid version on 1 device, it does not apply to a second device. If you want the game on both your iphone & ipad, you have to pay twice; I didn’t. Still an enjoyable game when it works right.

- Omg

I have been playing this game for years now (2 years)and I love it I never get bored of it and the new themes that come out the special ones I always play for so long just to get them and always do ! But I accidently Deleted the game and all of my progress was gone but luckily the same themes would go again and I have them all back.in Conclusion :ALL STAR 🌟✨🌟💫⭐️ and the sun is a star to sooooooo☀️

- Ads in Paid Version

I still have ADs after every game even though I bought the ad free package. What a waste. I tried to use the contact information on gram site only to have it not go through.

- It’s awesome sauce

I absolutely love this game.I sat in my room for hours playing.I only have one complaint...ITS WAY TO ADDICTIVE.I love it I highly recommend getting this game!Thanks for reading my review!❤️🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪 Written by: Dany Davis (I’m at girl FYI just because when I say my name people think I’m a boy

- Best

This is the best game ever

- Great game, but...

I paid to get rid of the annoying ads, but they’re still popping up. Not good

- Immortaly Great

Since its release, the game continues to be simple, addictive, and fun. Thank you for making a game I have played for years and enjoyed every minute of it.

- Ads for paid version?

I was enjoying this app and decided to pay for no ads. At some point, the ads came back, and seemed to get longer and longer. Now it’s just intolerable.

- Great games but needs bud fixing

I love this games it’s one of the only phone games that I come back too. Unfortunately there are a few bugs that keep on recurring and haven’t been fixed yet.

- Hate to love it !

It’s awesome and addictive but so annoying at the same time 😂

- Don’t pay for add remover

I have paid 1.99 twice for ads to be removed.. still allows ads. Highway robbery!

- Can’t get above 8000

I used to find this game fun. However, once I get over 8000 points it will give me two blocks of 9 when there is only room for 1. The game is not fun when it decides to make you lose after you get over 8000 points.

- Too many ads...too long to tolerate.bahhh, not playing this anymore.

Bah humbug!

- Love the game, hate the app

I have had to purchase the ad free version each time I change devices. Why does it not transfer the purchased ad free version with your Apple ID like other games? All other apps transfer easily and I do not have to purchase them again.

- Night mode.

I enjoy playing this game, I mostly play it at night, when I can’t sleep. There used to be a night button, so that it wasn’t so bright. For whatever the reason, it has been removed. I miss that option terribly.

- Inaccurate Leaderboard

I have a friend who has gotten highscores above the top scores on the leader board, but the game fails to show the correct scores. Please fix the leaderboard!

- Funniest game ever

I am trying to win the game but it’s hard. I am up at 200,000,000 points and beat the everybody

- New update??

There have been no new background colors to buy in months

- Bougth the app and still have commercials

It is a good game, but do not pay to play with no commercials!!! I bought it cause I hate 1 minute commercials after every game, and initially they were gone, but the are back! and it is such a waste of time waiting for two or three 30 second commercials to play with no option of skipping them! Not cool to pay for nothing.

- The ads causes the game to glitch

I don’t mind ads, especially if it’s on a free app. But ever since they added ads on this game it glitches, I can’t place tiles properly and they glitch all over the screen and end up in wrong places that causes me to lose the game. The only way I can play the game is if I turn off WiFi and put it on airplane mode. Please fix your game... :/

- Purchase not provided

I paid to get rid of ads, which were not removed. I reported the problem but got no answer. It is so annoying to wait minutes to start a new game because I am forced to view an ad I paid to avoid.

- One thing 😬

I love the game in all but I wish that the rows that can vanish and get points for, the spaces can turn gray so you know that you can get points for. Anyway this is a great game.

- Ads???!!! And no way to get rid of them!!

I’m disgusted with the recent update of what was my most favorite relaxing game. I use it to help. calm me down from anxiety. Now there are intrusive video ads! I’d pay to remove them but there seems to be no way to do that. I’m so sad. Please create a way to remove ads!

- great game!

i love playing this game whenever i have free time, but one thing i find extremely frustrating is when they give you three pieces that are impossible to place in and essentially kill you. it’s especially annoying when you have a high score.

- Been playing this forever

I’ve had this game on my phone forever and keep coming back to it. It’s a nice game to play while waiting somewhere and I never have to worry about the ads getting in the way or interrupting play time. Very much appreciated and I won’t be deleting this game any time soon. I’ve not experienced any of the glitches that others have mentioned.

- iPhone 11 Pro Max

One of my favorite games for years now. I would love to see an updated version that fits the screen on iPhone 11 Pro Max.

- I love it😍

I would really love the game if it wasn’t for all the adds and glitches when I first got the game I loved it and always play it but lately it’s been really annoying because every time I get full and die there’s been an add almost every time but other then the adds and glitches I loved the game

- Great game. Aggressive and annoying pop ups

This game is totally addictive. However, I’ve had to delete and reinstall the app a few times because the pop up ads (particularly solitaire) are so aggressive and won’t go away.

- Love this game but one problem

So I absolutely love this game, I play it literally all the time and everyday (when I have a bit of time to do something). The only problem I have is the color schemes of the blocks. Like a month ago I was looking around the game and found the store, where you could buy color schemes/themes for your game/blocks. I thought this was really cool, and I decided to save up points to buy them. I saw the coffee one, which looked really nice. Shown as different shades of brown and then a yellow which did look nice with them. I saved up for a while only to purchase it and find out that other than these colors I had assumed would come with it came with other colors that were ugly as hell. Im sorry but I really could not stand how it looked and had to change it back to normal. If you could please use better color palletes that look nice together I would appreciate it. I could recommend some to you if you would like.

- About to delete

I love this game but what’s with the ads with no way out? Fix the problem!

- Lagg

Le jeu ce ferme tout seul

- Lies

It is awesome don’t listen to the lies

- 1010

Ok what's with the adds ??? cant open app without watching more adds and it opens a scam e-mail from time to time , its too bad cause i like this game However, I think it needs a adjustment

- Score

Can i please know what’s the highest score on this game ? I am at 208947 !! And i wanna know if there is a higher score. Thank you

- Keeps crashing

5 seconds after I open the app the game freezes, so then I swipe it closed and open it again and it keeps happening, please fix!

- Bad update

The new update does not work on my iPad

- Disappointed

Crashes and slows/glitches very badly when airplane mode is on.

- Paid and still get ads

I loved the game so I payed the ~$3 to get rid of the ads to make it more bearable. Still get ads. Y’all are scamming people. Yeet

- App stoped working adorer app upgrade today!

Does someone have a solution


It's an amazing app with loads of fun action personaly it is my favourite Game get this app do not lesten to the haters

- Tyler Wanless

Love this game. Good time. Love it for me.

- Please make this for apple watch!

i love this game so much!! i would love to be able to play it on my apple watch too!!

- Point négatif

Trop de publicité après les parties.

- Get this game now!!!!

Love this game so much. All I play perfect for anything. Plenty of different themes and more. ❤️❤️❤️ I play this alll the time

- Awesome Game

This game is so great and fun! There’s lots of different themes to choose from and some of them are really cool. I would say this is a 5 STAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ game except for the ads everyone once and a while and when it freezes but overall it’s fun and a great game to play I’m literally addicted to this game and probably will for the rest of my life 😂😂😂

- Not impressed

Was playing this game and a pornographic ad popped up. My kids play this, not acceptable, extremely unhappy

- I

Very addictive. Love this game. Would like to see bonus points when clear the board completely

- Underrated

This is such a good game that I’ve had for years I LOVE IT. Beat my high score? 9598

- Great game!

I think that this game is awesome I have been playing all day well not actually all day but I have played and it’s really good only maby can add more things to buy with the stars?

- Helpful for anxiety

I really like this game especially for anxiety. It provides something to do in times of extreme anxiety without over working my brain.

- Just awful.

Awful app. Never works.

- Ads and Crashes

Wish I could give zero stars, app is lagging a lot on top of the crashes and there are way too many ads now. Would not recommend.

- Too many ads!!

The number of ads increased significantly a few months ago. Now you spend more time with ads playing than playing the actual game. I really like this game and would buy an ad free version but there isn’t one so I’ll be looking to buy a similar game elsewhere...

- 💕💕💕

Omg love this app so addictive😫

- Really relaxing

This is the only game that I’ve kept consistently for over a year now. I wouldn’t say that it’s particularly enthralling, but I always find myself playing it when I’m particularly anxious and it makes me feel better to some extent! My one complaint is that every now and again it will forcibly take me to a website through safari out of nowhere and the only way to make it stop is to shut down the app completely and reopen it. I wouldn’t get it if I was looking for something thrilling, but if you need to pass time or need some stress relief, this helps a lot!

- Akki

Loved it first, but the game keeps going to ads for other apps. Very frustrating

- update

game is slowerrrrr, always pop up ads, takes me out of the game and opens the App Store and sometimes safari...

- Inappropriate Behaviour

Launches the AppStore with inappropriate apps selected. Starts safari on inappropriate and dangerous phishing web sites. Has this application been hacked?

- Un-Playable

Actually love this game but the latest update is SO FRUSTRATING! The game consistently forces you to be redirected to safari or the App Store for ads! Please fix this and I’ll fix this review...

- Deleted it

Used to love playing this game. However, recently the game keeps pushing me to the app store or Safari after I play for a min. Cannot make it stop and won't go away. Extremely annoying. Deleted game from device. Will not play again.

- App is just ads

The latest update is just ads won’t even let you play the game. What a piece of garbage

- Switching

Whenever I try to play it keeps switching over to either Safari or the AppStore and it’s really annoying and it won’t stop😡

- App keeps forcing you in the middle of the game

On the last update something the developers did and the game sends you to the App Store to get other apps. Forces you to go visit their paid subscribers

- Great time passer

Great game. Works fine though wish you could play in both horizontal and vertical. Other than that it’s fun and addicting.

- Keeps shifting to ads

This app is just nasty in that your playing and it constantly shifts to the App Store for you to add an app. Not just once but like 5-6 maybe more I give up after the 2nd time soooo annoying will be deleting this what was once an awesome app

- Garbage app, frustrating and useless.

Worked ok for a short time. Now keeps popping open the app store every time I try to place a piece.

- New update sucks

I was obsessed with this game but with this new update it takes me to the App Store trying to get me to download other games or apps? Is anyone else experiencing this? I just wanna be able to play the game

- Was good but now just annoyed

Can’t play the game without it taking me to the App Store to get me to download whatever app you are trying to advertise, ads are ads but when I can’t even get the game to open to play the game not gonna waste the memory space... time to move on to a new game

- have to pay again for no ads??

i purchased the no ads option & deleted the app...when i re downloaded it says i have to pay again for no ads....

- Annoying full page inappropriate adds

The game keeps stopping and showing full page adds and links to things I do not want on my phone at all. Ashley Madison adds are the mildest of these and I don’t want them on my phone ever. Please Stop them or I will just have to stop using Gram games apps at all.

- Random ads in the bottom left corner

You can’t play the app, it keeps opening up random ads when you try to click on any of the pieces on the left side,

- What the ...

Why would my kids want to see a pop up during this game for Ashley Madison?!? Fix this soon!!!

- Force quitting to App Store

Same thing happened to me, I was enjoying the game but every time I opened it, it would send me to the App Store and continue doing that so I deleted the game.

- Keeps taking me to App Store for other games

It was fine for the first month, but lately, about 1-3 times a week, I will be playing and all of a sudden it will take me to the App Store for another game, I hit the back button and before I even touch the screen, it takes me back to the store for a different game. I can go back and forth until I close the game. Sometimes if I close the game right out, and re-open, it will stop, but other times I wait a day and then it is fine.

- Too much ads

You are forced to play it on airplane mode, because the ads make it unplayable!

- Keeps bugging

Love the game, but it keeps opening to the App Store for other apps midway through my game. It won’t let me play! Even if I close it and re-open, it continues.

- Used to be great

Game is great, but lately has started switching to the App Store all the time. Literally, within 5 seconds of switching back to 1010, it force switches to the App Store. The game is now unplayable. :(

- Stop the AD insanity!

I really love this game but the amount of ads in it now make it unplayable. The App Store repeatedly ope s in the middle of a game and every time I go back to the game it sends me back to the app store. I will sadly be deleting from my phone.

- Absolutely love it

I play it constantly always trying to beat my high score!

- Good game, but redirects to App Store

Lately when I go to play the game, instead of an ad playing periodically, it redirects me to the App Store numerous times before I can even play again. Super weird and very obnoxious, would rather just have regular ads

Libertex 📈

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- Review

This is an amazing app it has become one of my childhood games. The ads aren’t too long and you can take photos and share your high score. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is stressed because it is a really relaxing game. I am sad to see that the ratings aren’t high because this is such a great game and it is so much fun. Thank you for creating such an amazing app!!

- Removed dark mode

I used to love playing this game but now dark mode has been removed I can’t play it anymore as it drains my battery and gives me a migraine. Really disappointed!

- 1010!

Best game I’ve ever played!! No complaints.

- Update crashes games aaah

Software update crashes yet another high scoring game, annoying to start from 0, 470k bosh back to nothing, great game 750k top score just frustrating to open to find game frozen, followed by a big fat zero

- Rrrrrr

Very friend and I are a friend and a good girl she has a good friend and she is a good girl and I am so good friend and I cannot she has she had the opportunity she is she was so she is so she was a friend

- Rubbish

I think you should sort this game out. I have complained on previous occasions and the same problem persists. Ilkve the game but have to give it up as it keeps resetting itself without any warning or reason for it I can no longer put up with it I will find another game. Sort yourselves out.

- Game resets

Enjoyable game but occasionally resets you back to zero when opening the app. Very annoying.

- Amazing puzzle game!I

I really like this game as it’s nice and challenging, it’s also fun as well!

- Was good but ......

Hey thanks 1010 nice start to 2020 ! Had this game for years but I log on and everything is set to zero, my score in current game my high score and my stars. Delete for you

- Feel cheated

When I first got the app I paid for the ad free version. Why am I getting constant adverts. Since last update I can’t override them. I am being asked to accept ads and I have declined. I purchased an ad free version. I feel conned.

- Worth paying to remove ads

This puzzle is really addictive. But the end game is too sudden and can caused by being supplied with three impossible prices in other words it’s more luck than skill. But the revised terms and conditions and privacy policy of 18 December don’t look that user friendly to me, I may now delete. NB according to the terms and conditions under 16 year olds may no longer use the app. Shame to see it going downhill like this.

- OMG amazing

I got this app on my iPad and then when I got my phone it was the first app I wanted! Thank u so much developers for creating this app! The only thing is, the different themes are really expensive and I was wondering maybe if you beat your high score you could choose a new theme? That would be nice because sometimes I spend hours trying to beat my score and no reward!! If you could fix this that would be great thank you!! ❤️ JulieJulie82 x

- Just crashed on startup and wiped score of 200,000

Game was stating up then crashed. When re-started had reset game back to start. I just lost a score over 200,000, not happy! Same thing happened again, score of 80K this time.

- Simple addictive

Love the game. Need more to do or more to buy. Have all the themes and so many credits, but nothing to spend then on. I have over 20000 stars. Would be nice to have options with stars, for example, More themes, in game options, like undo (eg. cost 10 stars), Game modes, ..... Something we can use those stars on.

- keeps losing my score since update!

I love this game and I’ve been playing it for years. The latest update however has messed it up completely! I start the app and it freezes. I start it again and it has lost my score which took me hours to get to. What is wrong with developers that they don’t test their apps any more before making an update?!

- Game Crashed

I’m livid. My game has just crashed and I was on 700000+. Can’t get any response to my emails. Will never play this game again and advise everybody to do the same to save people from the utter disappointment.


Amazing I play this game a lot on the way to my mums very addicting my favourite one is the space but like I got the most points on the ice one it’s amazing LOVE IT!!!😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😆😆😆😆😆😉😉😉☺️😉

- 1010 and adverts

I am sick of playing this game as adverts pop up continuously after each game and most of the time you can spend up to 5 minutes or more to get rid of them, the screen refuses to clear, very bad practice from this games by do your adverts refuse to clear when there is a cross there and you have clicked on it at least 10 times and nothing happens, do you really want people to continue playing this excellent game or go elsewhere due to frustration .

- Too many ads

I love this game but there is way to many ads after every ads after every time you lose 🙄 if there wasn’t so many ads I would give it a 5

- Advert sound Issue when phone is on silent

Have been enjoying playing this game but what makes me think that I’ll have to delete is that the sound on adverts are always on and there’s no way to turn it off indefinitely!!? I use to get round this by putting my phone on silent so it wouldn’t play the sound but now it has!!!? Particularly a Sony PlayStation advert. When you mute the game that should mute all sounds including from adverts!!! PLEASE FIX ASAP!!

- great game

Really enjoy playing this game and it often makes me feel more relaxed.

- No new skins

Keep adding new skins what do I do with all the stars

- Update has messed up

Just found that after updating the app, I am back to the version with ads. Having paid for the app a while ago, I was not impressed. If it continues to display ads I will be deleting the app

- Oh come on

I have played this game on multiple devices, if you loose one device for instance and want to restore any purchases forget about it!! It will only restore your high score!!! What is this crap?!? I’ve had limited skins, no ads purchase and need to get them all again. Waste.

- Ms M. Howie

I love it...it is addictive and improves brain power...also frustrating when it gets the better of you... but that’s the game you play. . go for it..

- Endless fun

Highly addictive game once you start playing you don’t wanna stop! I’ve had a few issues regarding ads but it’s nothing major. Turn off Your WiFi and your good to go. 😁

- Don’t buy ad free!!

Game is excellent really enjoy playing which is why I paid for ad free version. Now though I’m seeing ad’s again & developers not interested in sorting out the problem. Very poor.

- Forcing us to accept terms

Deleted it after they didn’t let me open the game without accepting to some privacy terms and conditions. What’s the need for such a thing with this game? Sounds fishy to me. Had to delete it

- Love it!! Suggestions!!

Love all the different backgrounds and that you can get different ones with ‘stars’ (money on the game you earn by playing) . It’s cool. As another review writer suggested it would be cool for a time limit aspect on a different mode. A catch the stars activity could be added for only once you get a certain high score and repeated every so often. Overall the game is fantastic. A fun block-placing game with an extra feature of backgrounds. Be warned if you’re bank account is on your device you may be asked to pay money for the backgrounds.

- Addictive

I warn you of playing this game... I’m addicted and you might be too. It’s a great game though, and a fun way to pass time.

- 1010

Really fun game. Addictive and really helps you loose track of the time by playing this game. Recommended game.

- Very fun game!

If you are bored and have a long trip or something ahead, I highly recommended this game.

- TV? (What TV)

This game is so addictive I have barely had the telly on for a few weeks. And I love the different backgrounds. It would be great to see high scores & leaderboard.

- New ads ruin game

This was an excellent game until they started selling advertising on it now so annoying and no way to purchase ad free version

- Great game but...

Personally I love the game, whenever I’m bored or have nothing to do I just go on this however I have encountered 2 main problems 1. Way too many ads, when you are finally relaxed after playing a long game an ad pops up and just ruins it 2. Not sure if it’s just me but the game keeps my highest score but delete my tokens/coins even though I didn’t spend it on anything. I’m not sure if this has happened to anyone else but I am finding this very frustrating for a nice and calming game

- Problems

I’ve played this for a very long time and until lately it has been a good way of filling a bit of time. However, lately, it has been impossible to play. The pieces cannot be dragged around where you want, they stick and more annoyingly jump away to land in some random place. I’m afraid it’s another game to delete.

- Beat

I got 1080 so i beat the game (smart boi)


I have to constantly uninstall the app and reinstall it, even then it only works for a couple of games till it does it again. I’m sure the came creators are doing it on purpose to get more data out of players so they get more money. If no bug fix for this I will uninstall and I won’t be installing its again!!

- Great but now the ads are driving me crazy

Too many ads. Otherwise fun.

- Awesome game, love it!

I love this game, it’s sooooo addictive! There is hardly any ads, so you can actually play the game without getting interrupted every 5 seconds. It’s very relaxing too, and would highly recommend to anyone!

- This suked

This game did not work it ceped on freezing and glitching I got it again and it still did this

- Great game

This is a great game that keeps me occupied when I’m bored!! Totally a 5/5 game and very simple to play.

- Good game but I’m experiencing a annoying issue

I’ve just re downloaded the game but when the ad pops up it is automatically ending the game no matter how clear the board is? Really frustrating as the game is pointless with this glitch!! Needs fixing ASAP

- No life refills

There is not an option to buy ‘Life Refills’ as advertised! Worse still, the developer refuses to respond to an App Support question.

- It is good

This game is amazing no lag no anger like fortnite

- Help

Great game, been playing for years. But I paid for no ads and now I have ads again? Tried to find support to see if I need to re buy it. Apps at the top just too distracting. Will stop playing if this is permanent.

- Sooooooooooooooooooo good

I love this game and its so much fun

- Love it

I absolutely love this game. Even my wife goes on it when I finish. I have asked before, but can’t find a response. What am I collecting the stars for. I have over 1400, but can’t see a reason for them.

- It’s good

I love this game it is very good for people who like problem solving like me I think in my opinion it needs to be much more exciting like you should put a square on like a thing where if you land on it you lose points or you have to go in a certain order or leave certain squares out I really think it is a good thing for just before bed also if you start playing it you can’t stop I it is very addictive and not frustrating it is good when you need to calm down or have some ME time as people call it I personally think other than that it is great 👍🏻 i think everyone should play it if you make it more exciting

- Goinggoingone

Last update totally hopeless on iPhone, keeps serving up two sets of blocks, making impossible to play and lost high score. Additional, now keeps locking up and serving up different layout and games. After years of happiness now hopeless. Sorry but it’s like it is.

- Ads!!

I love this game but the ads are ridiculous! They pop up every minute or so, to the point that it’s too frustrating to play now.

- Great game but too many adds

I love this game and I would have given it 5 stars but I am going to give it up. The ads have become relentless. They used to just appear at the end of a game but now they are popping up in the game.

- Was a great game until recently

I used to really enjoy playing this but recent updates have made it so impossibly slow when you play offline that it’s totally annoying. What a shame!

- Love it but there are movement lags

Love this game but it has become a bit laggy. The response time from when I tap and drag a block is slow and quite frustrating. I thought it was the ads causing the lag so I purchased the remove ads option yet it is still happening. Otherwise I love this game

- Too much lagging and too many Ads.

This game would be so much fun but for some reason the game is lagging very badly and the ads are really loooonnnnggg.

- I WOULD give it 5 Stars but...

This app is usually really fun and a good thing to do in your spare time, but it glitches WAY to much. It used to be really slow, not delete lines when it was supposed to, and give me a star every move ( this part wasn’t so bad ). But now it just lags a LOT and is really slow. Please try to improve this as its a really good game. 😊 Also, making it easier to earn stars would be awesome as its hard to get enough stars in time for the limited offers. 🤙🏼 Tx

- I like it buttttt

Great game but it is lagging and crashing all the time! Please fix

- Very glitchy

It was good until I had to delete it, because it started to glitch out. It was also glitching out my phone. There is a lot of room to improve, but apart from that the game was quite enjoyable.

- What’s going on?

I’ve been playing 1010 for the past (roughly) 2 years, all of a sudden since the update I believe, there is an ad banner at the top and since then it seems to be super glitchy, to the point my partner and I no longer want to use the app. Very frustrating and I hope it’s fixed soon or we may be ceasing using the game. It’s almost to the point you cannot play!

- I paid for no ads.


- Love it but

ADORE this game and play it 24:7 but, I’m finding it’s a bit laggy. Please fix it! ☺️

- Upgrade to ads

Game was working fine. Now there are flashing ads across the top and a full screen video at end of game. Horrific

- Ads😡

I really love this game but the ads is just horrible. Please do something about this.

- Was fine but then...

This was my favourite game and then I updated and seriously you’d make a few moves and an add would freeze the game for like 10 seconds and then put the piece somewhere I didn’t want. And the ads just kept coming. If the ads don’t stop I’m deleting the game.

- Lagging

Every time I play it lags non stop I can barely move a block without is completely freezing on me

- Horrible after update

The ads stops me from playing it Goes super slow and annoying

- Laggggg

Would be 5 stars but lately the game has been so laggy and crashes heaps. Please fix this or I might delete

- Pretty good

I really do enjoy it a lot. I play it everyday but lately it has been really slow and I’m getting a bit impatient when it does become slow.

- Best game, worst update... period.

This has been the longest love affair with a phone game. It’s ridiculously addictive... well it was until it was updated and now it glitches and freezes every move. Please rectify it.

- 1010

So annoying as it keeps jumping to ads every 2 seconds and after tapping back to 1010 it stops then starts again. Annoying so ready to delete this game from my ph !!!!

- Was addictive, now annoying.

I was loving this game until a recent update spoiled the fun. Now constant lag, drag errors and redraw issues have made this unusable. Needs a fix guys.

- Virus

Used to love this game but recently every time I drop a block it takes me to the App Store and then today after a few unwanted trips to the App Store I had a pop up for my phone to call a phone number and I couldn’t press anything and it just came up about 50 times over and over and I couldn’t use my phone. Had to reset to get it to stop.

- Game keeps freezing

Game keeps freezing

- Well...

It was fine for a little while but the game keeps freezing every two seconds and won’t stop. All my other apps are fine just this one it keeps freezing and I barley even get to play. /:(

- Still getting Ads 😡

I paid to update the app to get rid of adds and now since the last update the adds have come back and I cannot “update purchases”. Please fix it otherwise I should be entitled to a refund.

- Overrun by advertising

At first I was ok with the short video at the end of each game, then recently I started getting automatically redirected to the App Store and the Sportsbet app (sometimes 3 or 4 times immediately after each other) during game play. Finally had enough and deleted the app tonight when a pop up came up advising me “single women in your area are looking for a F@*KBUDDY tonight” and only appeared to have the option of clicking ok to proceed to that site.

- Love it but glitchy

I absolutely love this game and I have played it daily for a long time! Recently though, it has got very glitchy and slow. I always play on aeroplane mode because it allows the pieces to move quickly. Now, even on aeroplane mode it freezes and pieces accidentally drop in wrong places. The ad bar never used to show at the top but now they do- must have something to to with it!

- Fallen out of love

Since the last update the game had gone “jerky”. When you pick up a set of tiles and line them up to drop, the game jerks and drops them where you don’t want. Getting very annoyed. My hubby has refused to play anymore. Very disappointed 😢

- Arghhhh

I've had this game for a while and now it won't open at all. I have uploaded it several times but all I get on the screen is a flash .... Then it's gone. 😟😠😡

- Game glitches

I love this game. I recently updated and now it glitches. So frustrating to play. It’s the same if your connected to wifi.

- Bug

Ever since the last update the app barley works for me. It super slowly and jolty and they end up going in the wrong spot because it’s so delayed that you can’t tell where the blocks are going. Please fix this bug. The game is nearly impossible to play when it’s like this and I love this game.

- Furious.

First of all, this app used to be paid for. I BOUGHT this app and for a while it was so much fun and ADLESS. But now its free with ads. Theres an add above the board and you are presented an ad every time you lose. These ads freeze my phone due to there beign so many. Its now unplayable. It really saddens me that this used to be such a good app. I can’t believe I wasted me money on this.

- Good game👍👍

The games pretty good and it’s fun to play when I’m bored..but I’ll say that their are ALOT OF ADS, and I seriously think u don’t need that many ads being promoted in a game like that. Also I watched a video, well not JUST A VIDEO but a lot of videos to gain stars🌟🌟 but I haven’t been getting any. It might just be my phone or the games just glitching but you should fix that! CAUSE I WANT MY STARS!! But other than all of that, I think it’s a really fun game and I do recommend people to get it😁👍

- Glitch

I love this app especially to play before bed but lately it’s been so glitchy that I’d rather not even open the app, if you could fix the glitching that’d be fabulous

- Good but needs fixing

Love the game but since your latest update there has been a lot of glitching connected and disconnected from the internet please fix.


So, ok. There is an ad every time the game finishes, but that’s fine, it doesn’t bother me too much. But DON’T try to be smart and put your device on aeroplane mode, or turn wifi off. Yes, the ads go away, but the game gets glitchy and makes you put the blocks in the wrong places. Overall, it’s a really good game, and the ads are either short or you can press skip or the cross, so everyone’s being a little overdramatic. My advice is: 1. Don’t turn wifi off 2. Don’t put aeroplane mode on 3. Put the game on soft mode either in the morning when it’s dark, or before you go to bed

- 1010

I love this game so much 🤗

- Addictive but drains battery

This game is lots of endless and relaxing fun when I just want something casual to play with. My main problem is that it drains my battery extremely quickly, even with battery saver on and on lowest brightness. This was the case on my old iPhone 5S as well when I had this app on that phone.

- Really good app but

To many ads 🙃

- The ins and out on the AWESOME game 1010

1010, it has changed my life for the better. I’d like to think it has made me a better person, and enhanced some of my qualities such as: organisation. The game 1010 has made me a more clean and organised person among many other things. Although it has no mercy for if you’re about to beat your high score and have no space, it really is a great game! Don’t update into something bad, you’re perfect the way you are! I’m addicted to the game and if you’re reading this know what you’re in for, Love, The best 1010 player, Jk, Biggest fan of 1010, Me :) ❤️

- 10/10

I love this game. I love it because it helps me relax at night or when I feel stressed. It is such a simple uncomplicated game. Great to keep distracted when your overthinking🙂

- Review

Love the game it’s challenging and fun but it’s a bit boring too.

- Cool game for smart non tech-y adults

Cool game, just start playing it, by a few games youll pick up the feel for it. Can play quicky and loose or take your time and really aim for high scores. Similar to tetris in a way, but can take your time.. only slight negative is the ads between games but game its self is a great entry point for adults who want simple rewarding fun but dont have the inclination/time to become uber gaming nerds .. ie you play sudoku and/or do crosswords but would rather have a glass of wine/beer with mates than nerd out in front of a computer

- Addictive

My daughter introduced this game to me. I love it because it is not competitive. It’s calming and never ending. Make sure you drag up for more colour themes.

- Favourite

This is my favourite game and since getting the iPhone x it’s been harder to play because it doesn’t fit the screen properly. Please help!

- Ads make it unplayable

Loved this game until I started getting banner ads every 20 or so seconds interrupting game play - the game actually freezes for the ad. Extremely annoying and now uninstalling.


So 1010 is the best game ever because when you stack the blocks it's really fun.

- It was okay until...

An game ad kept popping up and interrupting the game every 2 seconds.... not even kidding. The ad banner was in the most awkward place - middle right hand side and freeze the game until you click and take you to App Store - literally every 2 seconds!! The ad banner was supposed to be at the top but that's where the game name is. It's a mindless space filling game, like Tetris without being timed, except trying to put pieces down before the ad freezes your game - every 2 seconds! >:( no! I don't want to play Township! I played that years ago!!!

- Bobby1

Love the game but it used to be night and day ..can’t get the night option now ????

- Spammy ads

Was great until recent onslaught of scam ads including pop ups and fake alerts.

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1010! Block Puzzle Game 68.8.0 Screenshots & Images

1010! Block Puzzle Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

1010! Block Puzzle Game iphone images
1010! Block Puzzle Game iphone images
1010! Block Puzzle Game iphone images
1010! Block Puzzle Game iphone images
1010! Block Puzzle Game ipad images
1010! Block Puzzle Game ipad images
1010! Block Puzzle Game ipad images
1010! Block Puzzle Game ipad images
1010! Block Puzzle Game Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
1010! Block Puzzle Game Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

1010! Block Puzzle Game (Version 68.8.0) Install & Download

The applications 1010! Block Puzzle Game was published in the category Games on 2014-09-25 and was developed by Gram Games [Developer ID: 1202264615]. This application file size is 141.53 MB. 1010! Block Puzzle Game - Games posted on 2020-03-04 current version is 68.8.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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