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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release [Shopping] App Description & Overview

Explore, buy and unlock the best of Nike and Jordan Brand sneakers. SNKRS provides insider access to the latest launches, hottest events and exclusive releases that Nike and Jordan Brand have to offer.

Learn about the inspiration, benefits, and heritage of featured sneakers with exclusive content, straight from the source.

Set notifications about upcoming releases, and share news, photos and videos with friends.

Buy sneakers in seconds, directly within the app. Store your billing, shipping and sizing information to expedite the process.

Submit your entry into a randomized selection system to purchase key releases.

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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and enhancements.

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Comments & Reviews

- Can use little work just a few bugs

Like the title says just a few bugs sometimes when you click notify me all your notifications like all the sneakers that you click to notify somehow get reset... what can really screw you up on limited sneakers sometimes it ask you to put in your password for your account even though touch ID is on so not only does it ask you for your password and also then pops up and ask you if you want to enable touch ID and then your CCV which in all honesty he if you could just use your touch ID and put in your CCV it would be perfect you need to understand that most people like me aren’t using box and the bots create no errors and are moving at speed’s we cannot that second bug is a major bug for me I have seen a few more other glitches here and there I will update my post when I find them again can’t think of anymore of the top of my head other than that the app is amazing saves me tons of time and effort trying to get pairs of sneakers are used to be a huge sneaker camp out back in the days i’m talking about years ago and that was only for super limited sneakers not for general releases I work long hours but still sneaker head at heart and this makes my life 100 times easier thank you Nike keep me in mind allow my purchases to go through wink wink

- Great app

This app is absolutely terrific! At first I was feeling dreaded on constantly trying to go to stores to get my Jordan’s just to find out that it’ll be sold out in my size anyway. When I came across this app I contemplated because I didn’t know if it was a scam or if it was actually legit. So I took the courage to order one of my Jordan’s which were the air Jordan retro 9’s that were all black. I went to my local shoe store and they were sold out at exactly 9 am so when I ordered it off the app I didn’t know if it was gonna be sold out or not, but comes to find out it wasn’t! They had my exact size and all I needed to do was create an account with my touch id passcode and just like that I got them. A few hours later it emailed me saying my order has been received and 2 days later emailed me again saying it has been shipped. About 3-4 days after I got my shoes in the mail! I just ordered another pair which was the Homage To Home retro 1’s and the same thing successfully happened. I absolutely LOVEEEEE this app and do not regret getting it, and will continue using it for here on out. :)

- A big set up

This app is bogus, it allows you to purchase shoes that are not hot and sought after, but as soon a major drop is coming out it just says error with payment and kicks you out. Shorty thereafter the sneakers are sold out and if you really want them you have to pay ridiculous mark up prices on other resell apps!! This is all a set up by Nike to keep celebs in the exclusive drops and keep all of us “regular” folks just that!, “REGULAR”! Sure you can have a pair of Jordan’s that no one really wants with no problem..but who needs those when I can get them in sneaker stores? This app was supposed to be for the everyday sneaker head that could afford to cop shoes on release dates. All this is good for us false hope because Lord knows you’ll go broke trying to pay these ridiculous resell prices...hats off to the bots in conjunction with The sneaker business..what a fraudulent way to keep us hard working folks thinking that our petty dollars could ever compete with our dear entertainers and top level athletes..some children may fall for the over inflated prices, but as a hard working adult I know the value of a dollar, and I’m not about to go broke trying to buy off white or anything pop culture tells us is “hot” I’ve always liked what I like and if I work hard enough to afford the already high price, the least you all could do is make exclusives a draw, this way we could all have a fair shot...sincerely fed up..peace!

- Ridiculous

I recently tried to purchase a new pair of 1’s that came out. I logged on just in time my payment info was already in all I had to do was click the purchase button come 10 o’clock and I did just that. It told me my order was pending and that they’ll let me know if I got them or not. 2 seconds later I got a notification that I “got em” and they sent me a verification email with my shipping details. They gave me an arrival date of May 29th and now today I received an email saying my order was “cancelled”. Confused, I called nike (waited 45 minutes so I assumed this happened to multiple people) and they basically said the reason my order is cancelled is because they have no more in stock. So my whole point is don’t send people verification that they “got” the shoe cause that makes it seem like you guys have an absolute pair reserved for me when you didn’t. When you purchase shoes on snkrs and they send you verification saying you “got” the shoe it actually IS FALSE they have no reserved pair for you once they check your order in which it was received in and they have no more in stock they just cancel the order. Very silly. Don’t get me wrong I believe in “first come first serve” but if I wasn’t one of the first and don’t actually have a pair reserved for me dont send me verification saying I got them then cancel my order 5 days before the day you guys TOLD me they would arrive. Makes no sense to me.

- Another regime that doesn’t listen to us.

I’m a Cuban American, unaccepted by Americans because I’m not white and unaccepted by Cubans because I’m not from the island. Shoes are the way I express myself. After years of being a loyal customer I’ve had major trouble with this app. While most get an L and some get Ws...a lot of us can’t even try..this is where my complaint is. I get errors on Apple Pay and PayPal about my address being wrong which isn’t wrong it’s built into the payment system. I’ve taken it up with the EXPERTS on my member service in the other Nike app. None can help and all they do is patronize. It’s a lot like my normal life being excluded from trying is not how Nike presents itself. They show all people together blah blah, as long as you don’t try to explain that you’re having issues. They don’t have a place to complain or technical support. It’s basically a regime used to take our money and guess what minorities really are the ones that take the bait huh? I know I do, what black or Puerto Rican kid doesn’t like jays?? I’m jaded at this point Fidel Castro had a regime and bled our island dry without taking a complaint. Nike is not Fidel but I can’t help but see the similarities. My voice is important and being a customer that has embarrassingly spent well over 12k a year for years I thought maybe I was even special to them. Make no mistake Nike has enough of us to feed them and they don’t care about you or me.

- Not Dependable, Flawed Processing

I went on the app today at 9:59 am to purchase the Jordan 1 Pine Greens and as soon as the time hit 10:00 i purchased the shoes just to be told they were sold out. My order was pending for about 5 minutes and then i was informed they were sold out. This was a complete waste of time in my opinion. If you purchase the shoes within 5 seconds of availability how could they sell out that fast?? I thought this app was supposed to counter all this nonsense but I see that it’s still impossible to buy Jordans. The process is flawed or either Nike needs to make more, its obviously a high demand so why make the supply so limited??? I ended up paying a full hundred dollars above retail from the EBAY app. If EBAY is more reliable than the Nike SNKRS app itself i see no point of having this app at all. I am fed up with this Nike App at this point and this is the reason people are being killed and robbed over shoes. I’m starting to believe Nike is intentionally making a small amount to hype the products and i think its absurd.

- A few bugs. Other than that it’s worked

So I’ll start off by saying that I’ve been able to cop every shoe that I’ve tried get on this app. From the cement fours, to the bred fours just this past Saturday. My main problems with the app is every time I got to purchase a shoe, I need my password. Even tho it’s setup up for Face ID, and in the past, Touch ID. Another bug I’ve noticed is on the account tab of the app. When I click on my favorites tab, and also the purchased tab, all of my favorites and purchases are not shown. Some show up when they want to. Others never show up. And others never move. This is frustrating because I like to be able to show people stuff that I have bought, or things that I think are cool. But it like every time I go to those sections it’s like the app plays this game of “ what are we going to show today “. I’ve literally had to go and re-favorite things that I’ve already favorited and at this point I’m like what’s even the point of the feature.

- Great design, love the app, but never get notified of drops

SNKRs is an awesome app and love the way they’ve designed it. It’s simple, easy to use, and easy to buy your favorite sneakers. It’s outfitted similarly to Instagram with large photos of the shoes you want to purchase. I do wish they showed more photos of the sneakers on feet and with outfits to give me some ideas, however its not that hard to instagram or google outfit ideas. One bug that I’ve noticed that “bugs” me is that I’ll hit “get Notified” on a sneaker drop and never get notified or alerted that it is happening or will happen. I’ll open the app days later and the sneaker will evidently be sold out. This happens a lot. I double checked my Notifications settings on my iPhone and everything is set to alert me, but I never get alerted of a drop, so I always miss out on the best sneakers. Also, its confusing to go between essentially 2 apps to get the shoe I’m looking for. If SNKRs doesn’t have it, I’ll have to pop on over to the Nike app to look for the shoe. I’m not sure why there’s the complexity of jumping between 2 apps to buy something that should be as easy as a 1 stop shop from one brand.

- Terrible App

Has now ruined two releases for me in a row. Apple Pay does not work on this app. Every time I try to buy shoes, it says there was a problem processing your payment. This is the cards hooked up to my Apple Pay that I use to purchase everything else in the world, so I know it’s not my cards or my phone. Don’t try to get your release on this app, it will only screw you over. Thank god for footaction and finishline, they saved me both times. I will never use this app again though. It doesn’t even tell you if you got the shoes right away. How do you not know if you have them in stock? Every other website does. Then after 5 minutes of it sayin pending, it just says there was a problem processing the payment. I tried all of my cards, including credit cards that have a ton of space on and it doesn’t work. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP. You will be disappointed if you can’t the hottest shoe because this app can’t handle processing a simple payment. There’s so many better sites and apps than this one. Very disappointed that this app is so bad but is run by Nike. This app is pathetic and you can’t even purchase shoes on here so don’t waste your time. I would say it’s only good to send notifications when the shoes are being dropped

- Love the app but it has lots of flaws.

Much of the last year “2020” was very disappointing. Not that sneakers and being able to buy them is that important in general, not being able to make a purchase for an item on an app is very frustrating on so many levels. Most of the time, it seems like I’m just wasting my time trying for a sneakers release. Even if it is limited or not, odds are that I won’t be getting anything. I’m hoping for a better year and overall better experience with the SNKRS app as I’m sure many are. True sneaker enthusiasts who actually want to own and wear Nike/Jordan brand products but are unable to do so thanks to bots and very limited stock numbers being available. Add to the the constant “back door” rumors we hear about that happens as well and we’re all pretty S.O.L. I hope improvements are being made and am glad that so far for the year 2021, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to buy a couple new releases so far.

- Too susceptible to bots; too many bugs

Bots absolutely destroy this Nike app — I think more than any other other sneaker app available or online site, Adidas, finish line, etc. — and the number of bugs it regularly has to fix are insane. On a hyped release?...forget about it. 9/10 the site/app is more likely to crash than for you to actually secure a pair. Matter of fact, on a hype release, you should probably hope for an app/site-wide crash. That’d actually increase your odds of getting a pair (not your size, necessarily, but A Can’t even simply input online gift card information without expecting delays, or entire resets, on said information upon trying to check out. Kind of a joke at this point. You’d expect more out of a major company like Nike, at least after this amount of time has passed since the app has been out. Disappointing.

- SNKRS needs to evolve

Like many who are writing reviews, I love sneakers and especially Nike sneakers. However, the SNKRS app needs to evolve to combat bots being used by resellers to allow those who choose to play by the rules a fighting chance to purchase the latest hyped sneakers. I and many others are increasingly and repeatedly unsuccessful when attempting to make purchases using this app. I’m unaware of any effort on Nike’s behalf to update the user interface or experience for this app that prevents bot usage. Brand owners like Chris Gibbs of Union worked with Shopify to combat this very issue and were successful in thwarting rampant bot usage when the Union x AJ4s dropped. It’s not rocket science, Nike, and you can do something. However, it appears you don’t have a desire. There are even pre-order sales models that could ensure a win-win scenario for Nike and the consumer. “Just do It” or something because if you’re really paying attention, the community is becoming more vocal with their dissatisfaction with this app and its ability to deliver fair results. Please do something, Nike. Hopefully someone from the SNKRS dev team that can influence change will read this and positively impact future sprint development for SNKRS.

- Too many issues with the app & Nike

Ordered Concord 11s. While trying to order the app kept stating my home address and my parents address were both invalid addresses. I finally got it to accept my parents address. My shoes were shipped out. The app said the tracking number was Fedex. Later found out was a UPS tracking number. After I was finally able to track my package, UPS said my address was incorrect. I called and told them it was not and that they delivered to the address plenty of times. Long story short, my shoes were never delivered. UPS lost the package some time over the weekend after I called them to “update” my address. Once they found the package, they sent it back to Nike instead of delivering them to me. I had been looking forward to getting these shoes all year and now I do not have them. Nike customer service is horrible. I asked if I could just repurchase my shoes that got sent back to them because I did not request them to be sent back and it was UPS fault losing the package and not attempting to deliver the shoes at all. They simply said there was nothing they could do and most of the customer service reps were pretty rude at that🤬😡😤

- What a joke

Nike shows all the future releases and gives you a “notify me” option but it doesn’t really matter because you can NEVER get the shoes you really want. I have everything set up with fingerprint recognition and the second they go on sale push purchase and always end up “in line”. After 3-8 minutes of waiting “in line” I get a message saying the shoes are sold out in my size and I should pick a different size and try again. Are you serious?!? They’re shoes. It’s not a flavor of ice cream. I wear a certain size and that’s it. Why would I want a different size? But don’t worry. Nike will reserve shoes for you that they think you’ll like. It’s just weird that they only reserve shoes that are widely available and don’t need to be reserved. I’m a true sneakerhead and want to buy shoes that I can wear, not that I can resell to make a profit. It’s an absolute joke the way it’s done and Nike doesn’t care as long as they get their money. Don’t waste your time with this garbage app. It will only frustrate you to see the shoes you actually want being bought up by resellers. I’m just wondering when Nike is gonna start selling clown shoes because that’s how they run this app. What a joke. 🤡👟

- App is trash now

At the start of this app, all was fair in the sneaker world, you had a good chance of picking up limited releases. Now it is trash 🚮 garbage, it stinks 💩 because people have created Bots to target this app now and I look on twitter after every release on the developers pages who supply these bots and they retweet all the success their customers have snatching up the shoes. I’ve seen people send in complaints to Nike about this matter but they go ignored. Nike needs to go back to the drawing board because people sit around and past up chances they have with other shoe stores waiting to see that their size is sold out in 60 secs. In my personal opinion, the best way to grab the kicks you want is to try a local store or go in person, that how I have been picking up some of my releases now, which is a shame because I stopped due to the threat of being robbed or getting into an altercation over shoes, but with bots ruling the internet world and all these companies worry about money and not total customer satisfaction, this is what it comes down to. I really hope this review give awareness to those who all downloading and taking a risky chance, wasting precious time

- Buggy

For in-stock items the app has worked well and I have purchased about 7 pair of shoes On multiple special draw opportunities the app has failed leaving me a bit frustrated. Today all my information was cleared from my profile except credit card info and the app wouldn't let me re-enter it or update it causing me to miss the draw (the submit button stayed grayed out and would never allow me to complete even for the entry portion) Previously the shoe size and CVV were cleared causing me to miss out. I have yet to have a successful draw event and only a couple times have I even been able to receive confirmation of entry despite being up to date on app version and profile, this while trying to enter within 1 or 2 seconds of the draw opening. I would expect better from Nike but they are selling out of the limited edition shoes anyway so i don't hold my breath for any change from big Corp. Sometimes the notification doesn’t work. Sometimes presets don’t fill in.

- 3 strikes you’re out.

I have tried giving this app a try just to give Nike some respect. The overall design and information this apps lays out is top tier. I can say the app is easy-to-use, aesthetically appealing, and a complex app made into something simple (buying shoes). Now I don’t write reviews, but now that I have attempted to buy 3 different shoes. Waking up earlier then my alarm sets because I don’t want to miss a released timeframe. I have everything set up so that all I have to use is Face ID. I refresh the app as soon as release is a minute away. And now I’m in line. 3 times. 3 times I have done this process with no luck. I get hit with a pending status to find out in 3-5 mins my size is out of stock. Maybe I just don’t have the luck of draw. Maybe it’s the app. Whatever it is. My recommendation will be to use another source. I have used another app and got the shoes I wanted, the size I wanted, 3 times in a row. Great app. Not so great experience. And maybe the app it’s not at fault. But I’m tired of waking up earlier then needed to find out it was for nothing. My services are now placed elsewhere.

- Trash trap, they don’t care you.

I used this app 4 years. However, I just got less than 10 pairs which every one can get it, like off white x Nike Vapor street. There are all bots in there, and they don’t care. They just let them got. Then sell higher prices to customers. That is all for advertising effect. It’s just a trap. I do not want to use dirty words in there. But it is absolutely trash trap app. You can see adidas yeezy, they also have bots problem. But they will think about some stratagems to deal with customers. And to update their technology to fix bots problem. But for Nike, SNKRS, they don’t care you. They could be deal with bots, sell 95% pairs to bots, and only 5% for real customers. If you are real fan of sneaker. Let me up. And let’s together say no. You see the environment of sneakers, they don’t buy shoes for wearing, just reselling. Putting the price straight up. They destroyed the original environment of sneaker culture. Let’s kick them out from our culture. FK u. By the way, I miss that culture like before, we bought sneaker and wear them on the street. Share with friends, some we can exchange them or trade them, shoes for shoes. But now… you saw that.

- This app has a lot of problems 😞😢

I just tried to buy the Travis Scott air Jordan 1 high sail color way I was on the app since 9:58am-11am I tried everything restarting the app I used my phone and my girl friends phone on her account with 2 different payment methods me and he have 4 bars LTE on our phone plus super fast WiFi and our accounts have all of our information saved and when we go to purchase we sign in with our Nike pass to pay and it kept telling us there was an error I double check all our information on the app everything was correct and the app continued to tell me there was an error from 10am-11am the app never took my payment even tho I have over $7,000 in my account that doesn’t make sense why would there be a error for taking out basically 200$ from my account when ever I try and purchase a limited sneaker on this app I never get a chance to win and it’s really unfair and I feel like these sneaker companies don’t care about the people who actually try and purchase the shoe the proper way with all their information saved and everything there still no way of winning

- Just like the dealers do it...

I like the idea of this app as it allows you to attempt to get limited release sneakers without having to wait in line at a store. However the major draw back is that the app VERY RARELY works as it’s supposed to, especially if it’s a shoe that has a drawing involved, at that point you might as well forget it. Today I tried to purchase the Air Max 90 Mars Landing and I went about my normal ritual of being up at the crack of dawn waiting for the release and just like always I completed the purchase protocol in about 3 seconds and got the “You’re in Line” message. After about 5 minutes of no notification I picked up my phone opened the app and saw that it was frozen and when it refreshed itself I got the “All of your size is sold out” 🤣🤣🤣. It’s laughable how pointless this app is, but we all keep trying because we’re sneaker junkies. So good on Nike for tempting us with a few transactions that actually worked, like dealers that sell a pure product but then cut it to keep you coming back for more because the high is weakened. Nike we love you but this app is an insult to your customer and fan base.

- Not A Good Shopping Experience

I like having the SNKRS app as a way of seeing what shoes Nike has available, but as an online shopping experience it's been incredibly frustrating. Over the last three months I've had five separate occasions where I've been unable to order something because of technical problems in the app. There have been times where the app won't refresh, or I'll enter in shipping information and it won't let me click save and continue. Other times it won't accept my default payment method and then time out. Perhaps the most frustrating part of all this is when everything finally works like it's supposed to, but then you get put in a queue to see if you secured a pair. You'll sit there and wait, sometimes up to two or three minutes, only to be denied. I like the concept of this app, and am hopeful that it will eventually work as intended, but it's quickly turning me off of Nike shoes. Every time I see amazing sneakers like The 10 line, I know it will be almost impossible to get, because the SNKRS app will get in the way.

- Disappointing

Over the years this app has NOT gotten better at processing orders correctly it’s either you get it or you don’t and for me, family & friends sometimes even strangers over the internet it’s 98% of the community that don’t get to cop, even with pre set Information like your size or payment information this app continues to freeze or just don’t process your info correctly or on time 10:00 am drops an sold out at 10:00 am makes 0 sense you can have the highest WiFi or 4G 5G service nothing this is so disappointing, you can’t even get regular sneakers sometimes much less SBs or Jordan’s etc smh just very disappointing because I love the app an all the exclusive sneakers it offers but it’s VERY DISAPPOINTING that this app has NOT gotten better smh!! it’s not fair for those that want to cop sneaked at RETAIL PRICE!!! I refuse and maybe this is why I’m so upset an frustrated but I refuse to go on other 3rd party apps an pay $350-$500+ on sneakers that RETAIL for $110 that’s not fair in anyway I really hope you guys get it together GET RID OF THE BOTS SO US REGULAR FOLKS COUKD ENJOY SNEAKERS AGAIN!!!

- Functionality with Style

By far one of the best app to have in your collection if your a sneaker enthusiast. Everything is pretty simple and laid out for you. If you don't want to forget some of the biggest release of the year this is the app for you. If you just want a easier way to purchase kicks that have been on your radar ( Nike x Jordans only) then this is the app for it too. Just a clean app and awesome with the Apple Pay. Update: After having this app for awhile still Is an awesome app. Im still giving it 5 stars despite the once in a while glitches ; like having to refill in payment , shipping info that is already saved to your NIKE profile , and getting error message your first attempt to purchase exact when it drops. Honestly thats with any sneaker related website or apps apart of the sneaker game when everyone is trying to get the same sneaker.

- Waste of Time

This app is ridiculous. Furthermore, I am inclined to believe that it is rigged. The notifications come 15 minutes before a shoe release which is nice; however, at the time you select the shoe to buy, or even get through to the payment page, there is an issue with the server. There have been enough shoe releases at this point that there should be minimal to no “server errors.” When trying to enter payment information, an error message appears stating “we encountered an error” with no indication as to what the error may be. For example, I got through to the payment screen 10+ times for one pair of shoes, and each time there was an error. I recommend that detailed error messages be included to assist users in identifying exactly what the problem may be, such as “we could not verify your card.” If you get through to wait in line for the shoe, then they’ve all of a sudden “sold out” or “no longer have your size.” It’s truly hard to believe after receiving error message after error message, and then waiting for a ridiculous amount of time.

- Consistently disappointed

This app would be cool if it didn’t deny purchase from almost every single exclusive release. You can literally hit the purchase button as soon as a shoe releases and still be denied or “not chosen”. Meanwhile they allow all of these resellers and their bots to get the shoe only for them to drive the price up at least 2x the retail price. Most sneakers drop at 10am. I’ll be on the this app at least 15 minutes early and still not get my submission chosen. This app only pisses me off and makes me want to shop elsewhere. Maybe I’ll just start wearing yeezys. At least it’s fair when they drop shoes. This app is terrible. What makes it even worse, I could’ve went to stores that had pairs available, but thinking Nike would have my back I decided to cop from this app. I clicked purchase at 10:00 not a minute later today just like l always do and didn’t get selected for the shoe. This has literally been this way for years with this app and now I am completely fed up with it. This app just gets your hopes up only to screw you when it’s time to purchase.

- I liked the app until bugs caused me to miss chances at certain shoes

Purchased my sneakers from the app multiple times. But when really popular releases are coming the app somehow resets the “notify me” button and if you don’t have the app running 24/7 you’ll have to continuously hit “notify me” over and over. Had this issue in the past thought it was fixed until both the Gatorade NRG 6’s and the recent Cap and Gown 11’s, where a new issue has been occurring. With a notification set, on the release date of the shoes all of a sudden those that you had a reminder set for somehow aren’t listed and don’t show up as if the shoes don’t exist. I work most mornings and NEVER have the option to go to a store to pick up new sneakers so this app was my last resort. Unfortunately I won’t be using the app until I can trust that these bugs will be fixed.

- Bots, scams, crashes, LIES

I WISH I COULD GIVE NO STARS! This app has honestly become INFURIATING to even use. Sneakers sell out completely in MILISECONDS which I can only assume are bots bc there's just no freakin way. I was watching the clock for the new React Element 57s and clicked to purchase at EXACTLY 10am and somehow they were already sold out?!?!! Reservations are "fully booked" as soon as they open up which also makes 0 sense. I can tell you how many times I've literally waited phone in hand for the very second a sneaker drops just for it to say "sold out". It's beyond frustrating/annoying to then see those same sneakers on GOAT, StockX, etc for quadruple the amount! It's a total scam! Don't even get me started on how often the app crashes. It's just become annoying and frustrating and I'm ready to delete. Don't even waste your time tbh

- App has had problems since update

This app has a tendency to make people either hate it or love it but that’s just how we gotta get the heat now a days. Frustrations aside taking an L on the app isn’t too painful, but waking up to not even be able to get in queue is terrible. Since the update the last 2 times I’ve woken up at 7 I was first greeted with “problem with payment information” along with the screen freezing on the “submit order screen”. Keep in mind I haven’t changed the shipping or payment information, I shrugged it off as a glitch and said let’s try tomorrow. Woke up this Saturday to try for the Notres and another glitch but this time with my shipping info. I don’t mind taking an L on the app, but not even being able to try and losing out on bonus sleep for the weekend makes the current version of the app unusable. Please fix the bugs so everyone can try, or just let the resellers keep driving your market.

- SNKRS app Truth

Ok so let’s all not pretend that bots have a super advantage over us normal human sneaker head. The question here is how do we adapt and overcome? I have hoped in the past that Nike would fix this problem but so far no luck. 🦗’s. So you have to wonder how do we get this super dope heat without paying 3x to 4x cost? Yeah, still trying to figure that out myself! But in the meantime this is the best app out there for true heat at retail. Now a little heads up for you so you don’t get your hopes and dreams crushed out the gate. If it’s a super limited release like say the Supreme AF1 or Tinker JTH III you can forget it bots bots bots. But Air Jordan 13 White/Royal Blue or say Air Jordan 9 breads you will cop if you do your homework and are ready to go at release time. So with that said I would highly recommend this APP it beats going to your local mall and dealing with all that work. 😎 Sincerely your Dope af Sneaker Head.

- Inconsistent

Decent app to use. Makes it easy to purchase shoes that may not be readily available in stores. However, inconsistencies sometimes hinder the app’s effectiveness. For example, the notifications for new drops don’t always come. You get to choose when you want to be notified but sometimes you don’t get a notification. I have missed out on a few pair because the notification didn’t come. Also the touch to purchase doesn’t seem to want to work when new Jordan’s release. Also the club benefits are unclear...some people get shoes reserved for them, some don’t...I’ve been a Nike club member for close to 7 years and buy at least 2 pair of shoes a month...never get anything reserved but I know people who just signed up and get the majority of the new releases reserved...what’s up with that?

- Top Rated SNKR App

This application is awesome no doubt. I’ve literally had to limit my hours of scrolling the SNKRS feed. My only gripe is the Drawings and that “Frozen Processing” screen. I won my first draft and haven’t won since. That seems to be a trend from talks I’ve had with others. As well as the hypest drops where I literally click BUY NOW AT 10am and my screen says processing for 20 minutes not allowing me a purchase and then finally refreshes to SOLD OUT 😰😢. That’s basically a mock drawing, might as well set it up as such on those drops. I’m humble though. If I don’t win I just plan for the next release. What may hurt the most of all is that I’ve spent so much on this app and still do not get offered ALL THE SHOCK DROPS/SNKR Pass Events. I literally get notifications and when I head to SNKRS the shoes isn’t even available. Idk who controls the shock drop/SNKRS pass offers but I should definitely be privy’d to ALL ACCESS.

- App lags during limited releases

There have been numerous times when I go into app right before a release and when the clock turns to the time of release, the app will sit there and load for a while until you either reload the app or log out and back in. And a lot of times when that happens, it’ll say you’re in line with sale pending, and then say that your size is sold out. It did that once again today, it happens so often, I’ve become accustomed to it. What made it worse is that it didn’t show the “Jordan Reserve”(restock of limited Jordan’s) on my feed until I logged out of the app and back in. I have been checking in on the app every 2 hours since 9:30 for the earth day releases and I didn’t even know about the “Jordan reserve” stuff until I got on Instagram and I still missed out on the earth day releases too. So if you’re a sneaker head, get used to missing out a lot of releases, especially if its been hyped up. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, now join me in taking these Ls.


The App crashes as soon as shoes are release! Receive error everytime when clicking BUY. If a shoe is released at 2pm. I click at 2pm and purchase under 1min. “In Line” then minutes later say SOLD OUT.. How! Nike needs to figure out a better way. It’s still not fair. I believe the BOT SYSTEMS are still getting through. The app is user friendly but when it comes to high anticipated shoe releases it is chaos. Leaving everyone in the sneaker world wondering HOW? 9 shoes of the OFF WHITE collection by Virgil Abloh released. SOLD OUT IN SECONDS! Who can humanly move that fast in checkout out process? I was also told the more you interact and use the SNKRS and NIKe+ apps and purchasing on the regular the better and get opportunities to reserve early. I have never gotten reserves and I spend too much with Nike monthly. The Draw is terrible as well and the wait line process is too even tho you click the purchase shoe box as soon as the shoe launches. Literally shoes disappear in seconds! Out of 9 shoes released 30min apart. Not 1 was carted. Error at checkout every single time.

- The App That Ruined The Shoe Game

You will have a 0% chance of ever getting any new shoe drop on here nothing but bots if you really read these reviews only good reviews from actual people are years ago most of these recent 5 starts are probably fake accounts to keep the ratings up I don’t see how any person would give this a good rating when the purpose of the app is unrealistic you click buy the millisecond it’s released and it’s already sold out it’s beyond ridiculous this app is for bots and keeping the rich rich they buy everything and resale everything it's been known and Nike will do nothing to fix this (most likely due to them being in on the reselling I wouldn’t be surprised) this app single handedly ruined the shoe game for real sneaker heads now it’s for bots and hypebeats to resale to the actual fans who want to keep and wear them I’ve been a huge Nike/Jordan fan since 05 I refuse to get anymore now going to stick to other brands who give the people what they want not going to support a brand who’s for bots reselling shoes and their own pocket

- Long-standing issues

For the better part of a year (if not longer) SNKRS has been suffering from major issues. Bringing them up to Nike CS personnel hasn’t done a thing. 1) Notifications will not persist. ‘Notify me’ is the equivalent of writing a letter to Santa Claus and hoping he’ll actually read it. Any time the app is closed or you log out/back in, the notifications reset themselves. This brings me to the next point... 2) Sneakers just disappear arbitrarily or don’t appear at all. “Oh man, I can’t wait for those 1’s to drop. Let’s check the date!” Spoiler alert: they don’t show up even through they’re supposed to release on Saturday. Constantly having to log out and back into the SNKRS app just to get content to load is extremely annoying. Is it a server problem? The app is always up to date but this has been going on for a very long time. I’m not even going to discuss actual releases because I realize there are an obscene amount of people trying to get sneakers at one time. This has gotten better over time.

- Still waiting for its full potential

I've secured a few releases using SNKRS, unfortunately the consistency of features doing what they are supposed to do is non existent. Simple features like,"notify me", do not work as I have to continuously go back into the app and select "notify me" under the shoes I want after I have already done so several times. Each time I exit the app the notify button mysteriously is unchecked 🤔. Unless I am actually on the app during release I don't get a notification . If I could screen shot and show my settings I would . This needs an update! Also weird that a large market like Los Angeles doesn't get no where near the amount of stashes or 1st opportunity drops that NY and Chicago have. Treating us like the unwanted step child for lack of better cliches.🤷🏽‍♂️

- Error

I’ve been trying to log into my account for the longest time. I even tried making a new one on the Nike SNKRS app and the Nike app but it always says error cannot process your request, or our servers are down! How long is this going to continue?!?! I am very frustrated with this Nike. How else am I supposed to order new shoes when they release if I can’t even get in the app. This is not at all what I expected from you guys! This has been a problem for almost a month now, so for the love of good, please fix it! Or, let me know what is taking so long that I might not be able to buy anything off of my phone. Seriously Nike, why has there been an error message for almost a month! Truly outrageous! And please do not respond saying you will look into it, and not do anything. As a customer, I should have my problem treated immediately, and not have to wait this long for an app to work on my phone. It amazes me really. GET ON IT! Let me know why I can’t even log into my account or even a guest account.

- A true customers appreciation.

I have been a loyal customer for over three years now, and I have asked several times through surveys for some way the SNKRS APP could reciprocate that loyalty- and I must admit that SNKRS APP has responded to my request in grand fashion. The app has offered me ‘early exclusive access’ to one of this years most coveted collections, the Off-White Air Max 90’s. That was an amazing offer of which I took full advantage of and most importantly a stress free checkout process where I didn’t have to compete with the rest of the world to acquire. Also, the actual checkout process for shoes period has been uniquely upgraded, as well as the confirmation and payment invoices that are sent out expediently are welcome additions. Great job of responding to a true customers cares and concerns. Thanx in advance SNKRS APP!!!

- SNKRS in 2020

SNKRS is great when you get the item you are going for. As an app SNKRS works very well and allows to user to know what is going on in the world of Nike. As for actually getting a product in 2020... that is actually another thing. It does not seem to be a fair system when looking online on social media and the same people seem to get a win all the time. The LEO system in my opinion does not seem to be working. Hopefully next year will be better or maybe more product will be available. As for the end of the this year... my mind my change a little bit if I am able to be granted the opportunity to successfully pick up the Sacai tour yellow sneakers that are coming out on Thursday... (sigh... that would be great☺️).

- Needs improvement

Nike needs to find a way to get shoes into peoples hands that really want them. The whole purchase and draw system they have in place is a joke. It doesn’t matter if you are fast at checkout because the whole process in general is randomized. Being fast at checkout only guarantees your spot in the lottery and nothing else. They do this to “protect” the shoes from getting into the hands of resellers and into the hands of people who want them. Well Nike let’s face it, resellers across the country are using countless devices to improve their chances. On top of that, the shock drops are a joke. Bot sites have monitors that know when these drops will occur. I come across countless of online pages where these Bot sites brag about notifying their users before shock drop. Not really a shock is it Nike? Nike caters to the resell market. They should honestly just set up a preorder for a limited time for in demand shoes. This way everyone who preorders gets a chance.

- You’d be surprised

I’ve been ordering shoes from this app for a while, and so far I’ve had no difficulties, apart from one. I sought to purchase the AJ23’s, and made sure everything was set up correctly, buuuttttt… I was a bit too cocky. It processed my order and told me to wait in line, which was a first for me, and so I did. Not so long after it kicked me out of line, like, why? I was confused and dejected but mostly bewildered. Ignoring it like the ”peaceful” civilian I am, my eye had already caught another pair of shoes, the Samba. And so began the awaited release. For days on end, I would repeatedly check the app for anything sus, to make sure the same thing wouldn't happen again. Hah, but to my surprise... IT OCCURRED AGAIN. My body shook uneasily. How does this manage to take place 2 TIMES?! I was so confused I started to think I had walked under some kind of ladder...?! To conclude this thought up story, I probably won't be buying from the internet anymore, I think the best way would probably be going to the actual store.

- stop bots

I love the app because it gets me excited for future drops but with all the technology that people have it is so hard to get a pair of shoes. many people are out here using bots to buy countless amount of shoes in every size for retail price and then selling them for prices way above 170+. i understand i'm not always going to win a pair of shoes but bird and hacks have made that 10 times harder and even more unfair, not even taking about myself but jordan's are one of the most popular sneakers out right now and not everyone has the money to go on another website like goat or stockx and buy a pair of shoes for 400+ when they could have had a chance to win a pair on ur app. your app was supposed to stop bots from taking the fairness out of getting shoes and i think we all would like for u to consider stopping bots and hacks to be allowed from kids buying the shoes the dream to have

- Needs to change it’s Bot protection and secrecy

The biggest problem with the SNKRS app is it’s protection against Bots and multiple users that live in the same house but with a different IP address. It is not fair that you never hear a nice story of someone who got a pair of OFF WHITE Nikes or Travis Scott Air Jordans from the SNKRS App. The only people that do get them are resellers that changed the market for the worst. Stock X has improved these crazy resell prices that cause this in the first place but it seems that Nike is fine with people who take advantage of limitations on apps and websites. I understand it is difficult to combat this but there must be a way to do so since we are the old sneaker heads that camped out for SBs and Jordans in the older days. Now we’re camping out at other stores because they provide a more fair chance. We need a better raffle system. You’ll be making the same amount of sales anyway.

- Fix the bugs

I’ve had this app for like 6 months or so and wake up at 6:50 to buy shoes. I make sure my payment method is correct and shipping address is all good and saved. Every time it comes to 7am I click purchase and submit order then it tells me to put in my Cvv number so I do. Then it asks for phone number verification so I do it. Then it says please verify your email so do. And by the time I get through all of that they are all sold out. This has happened the 6-7 drops with out fail. On the resent bodega legend dunk high drop i picked my size and it had me type in a phone number verification number 3 times when I clicked purchase, when I selected my size, and when I hit confirm order. That is ridiculous I have had the app for a very long time and have verified my number at lease 25 times.


Downloaded app specifically to buy the jordan adapts. Needless to say, “[I] didn’t get them.” Even though my order was placed within 20 seconds of the shoes being made available. All an advertising ploy. I’m never buying nikes/jordans of any kind ever again. Nike had the nerve to send me a promo email touting the “benefits of membership.” To be clear, there are no such benefits. I spent over $700 on sneakers in the last month through this app. Nike-this is a horrible time to be engaging in morale killing exclusivity. If not all members would be able to realistically purchase the shoes, why not flag this so people don’t try in vain during these awful times. Being rejected by a consumer app when you’re trying to spend $500 on a pair of shoes to have fun leaves such a bad taste in my mouth that I’m never purchasing from nike/jordan ever ever again. I am seething bc of this classless exercise. Really? Getting people’s hopes up during a pandemic? Who on your Board signed off on this awful approach??

- Warning to Nike...STOP BOTS & HACKERS

Your Nike SNKRS App is filled with Computer Bots, I’m really disappointed in the way your app is corrupted. It doesn’t allow a real consumer to purchase shoes without fear of resellers sending bots to buy up all the shoes in seconds. These bots can refresh a page 100 times a second. Myself and many others will take our business elsewhere because of this problem. I just got back into buying Nike classic shoes, these unfair practices will cause me to stop purchasing Nike shoes. I actually wear my shoes and I don’t sell them to make a profit. Please fix this problem, Nike is to great of a company to let Shoe resellers and computer hackers corrupt your SNKRS App. Regular non exclusive Nike Air Max 97 should not sell out in seconds. I witnessed this on multiple occasions not just a single time. The Computer Bot corruption will cause people returning from a long hiatus from buy Nike shoes to disappear for good. I am sure your Nike company will fix this issues. I am lone consumer but I’m sure others like me share the same concern.

- Settings that dont work.

This app has a very clean look to it. Very easy to use and straight-forward with how to use and operate. One thing that truly pisses me off though, is the Notification system. Yes, my notifications are on for the app and Do Not Distrib is NEVER on. I choose to be notified when a shoe drops a couple days beforehand so I don't forget, yet it never notified me. I find myself having to tell the app to notify me EVERYDAY to the point where I might as well not even do it. I have missed out on many shoe drawings including the Travis Scott AF1s, The Doernbecher drops, etc. So stupid to have a setting that when used, does not do its job whatsoever and as a matter of fact, erases the users defaults all the time. I have it set to notify of all shoe drops twice (once the day before and again 15 minutes before the drop) and it has failed to notify me AT ALL on every single one of the 12 shoe drops I have wanted. Extremely annoying.

- Terrible Experience

So I pre planned to purchase a shoe that was suppose to drop today I tried to use another device & it delayed my payment option & kept asking to verify my number over & over again & after I did so it just kept saying pending it wouldn’t let me add my debit card on the computer which was the other device I was trying to buy off of. It’s really crappy to have to get my hopes up & try to work the app multiple ways but it doesn’t even work. I should have got this release I was up soon as it dropped trying to work my way with the money in my account I don’t get why everything starts acting up as when it’s ready to become mines. There must be some hackers or something cause now my phone number isn’t even linking up to my account anymore!

- Elias

I like Nike & the SNKRS App overall but recently it has been experiencing issues on the highly coveted sneaker drops which would idle and not allow you to submit your entry for over a minute at times and cause you to forfeit your chances of getting a pair, many reasons relate back to BOTS and an unforeseen amount of people using them. It’s giving the everyday fair users slim to no chance of being able to get the shoes they really want because Nike refuses to updated there app to a version that will cut out majority of the bots. Up until a few months ago I enjoyed this app, now I’m starting to see that Nike only cares about there bottom line, making a quick dollar and selling out there new west releases and don’t care how they go about doing so. At this point the only people who get the “rare” shoes are very very lucky people and the rest BOTS.

- NO

This app is absolutely the WORST for buying shoes. You want shoes? Do NOT use this. Every single time, I have attempted to make a purchase, an error message pops up. It asks to re-enter my password, which it states is wrong and then when I change it upon prompt, it STILL says that it is the incorrect password. (Even when I have typed it, copy-and-pasted it, etc.) I’ve entered my payment information thousands of times on this app, verified my information and profile, corrected my password, submitted changes for touchID (to prevent those issues) and have YET been able to make a purchase. This app needs updating. And I absolutely would never recommend anyone to utilize. Also, the feedback button in settings is disabled! I have had to call them to ask to troubleshoot and they have not been able to help me. The developers need to start work on this absolute torture of an app. Or at least fix the feedback glitch so I do not have to write reviews elsewhere.

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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release 4.19.0 Screenshots & Images

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release iphone images
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release iphone images
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release iphone images
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release iphone images
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release iphone images

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release (Version 4.19.0) Install & Download

The applications Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release was published in the category Shopping on 2015-02-12 and was developed by Nike, Inc [Developer ID: 301521406]. This application file size is 125.95 MB. Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release - Shopping app posted on 2021-06-28 current version is 4.19.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: