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Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own Pizza shop? Now you can with TapBlaze’s newest game, Good Pizza, Great Pizza! Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep your shop open. Upgrade your shop with new toppings and equipment to compete against your pizza rival, Alicante!


* Featuring Pizza News Network (PNN), the first newscast about all things pizza.
* Over 80 customers with unique pizza orders and personalities.
* Pizza toppings including pepperoni, sausage, onions, and more.
* Equipment upgrades to help you become the master ovenist.
* Simple, fun and challenging gameplay.
* Created by pizza making professionals; the game designer worked in a pizza kitchen for four years!

Can you become the master ovenist? Only time and your pizza skills will tell!

Download and start pizza making now!

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Good Pizza, Great Pizza App Description & Overview

The applications Good Pizza, Great Pizza was published in the category Games on 2014-12-02 and was developed by TAPBLAZE. The file size is 84.35 MB. The current version is 2.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for all your feedback! We have improved the overall gameplay and fixed several bugs from your suggestions.

Added Quest System.
Adjusted some UI.
Adjusted customer wait time.
Adjusted play time.
On/off functions for most of upgrade options.
Fixed other minor bugs/issues.

Be sure to update to the current version of Good Pizza, Great Pizza for the newest content.

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Good Pizza, Great Pizza Reviews


Great game  Kenya001  5 star

I have always loved games centered around making food. This is by far one of the best ones I’ve ever played. Sometimes the game crashes but I can deal with that because it is such a great game. I love how each customer is different with own special orders. I especially love the homeless man in chapter 1 that always comes in needing food for himself. It’s even better that this game rewards players for helping this man. This helps people become more generous. I highly recommend this game to anyone thinking of downloading it.


Needs another update !  Ashmarie1996  2 star

I absolutely love this game but ever since this new update it keeps freezing on me as soon as I finish a day. The sound stops working in the middle of the game and then it exits out 😡 PLEASE FIX THIS. Because I really do love this game !


First impressions  Nfbhgdn  5 star

So far I cannot get enough of this game. Ive already put 3 hours into it on the first day. So far I enjoy the mechanics and sounds of the game, I can tell that this game has a lot of heart in it which makes it feel more personal for me somehow (which creates an overall better experience for me). I can’t wait to continue the story and find out what’s next.

P callstio

The cheese  P callstio  4 star

It’s great but the customers say I don’t put cheese on the pizza or not enough but other then that it’s great

Isa Kaner-Roth

Amazing game  Isa Kaner-Roth  4 star

I adore this game, and I’ve gotten to over day 100, but it’s getting a bit slow. Although I still enjoy it greatly, I’ve gotten all the upgrades and there isn’t much else to do besides buy decorations.


Fun game to play in class  MercenaryToast  5 star

Fills time when done with class work


Amazingggggg game!  Elaine783  5 star

This game is amazing, I play it constantly. It would be so cool if you guys could make other food games just like this one to make a wider variety, I love your game, keep up the good work!


I love this game so much  rissathagod  5 star

I really really love this game. I love the art and a little skit they put in in between each day nice work✨ also I’m glad it’s free!


Best game you'll ever play!!😍  Frapichino  5 star

This game is so fun!!!i got it just two days ago and it's so fun it's a like having a real pizza restraint you will love it!!!!!!! PLAY PLAY


So much fun  arschlock  5 star

For the price tag of 0,000,000 million dollars it’s pretty good


Good pizza game, best pizza game  Flappy007💚💜💚💜💚💜  5 star

I’ve only just begun playing and I’m in LOVE with this game! Simple, easy to learn mechanics, cute as hell artstyle, perfect amount of upgrades and collectables, this game is perfect to pick up whenever I need to relax for some time. Best pizza game I’ve ever played! 💕


Counters!!!!!!!!!!  Luis123ok  3 star

I love the update but I want the 3 counters back! It’s so much more quicker with 3 also more challenging.


Hate this game  wgfndsgub  1 star

When I got this game would near Have any money of this game and a lot of stuff in the store is super expensive and if you need fix you oven you cant and if you need to buy something you can’t so that is why I HATE this game


How  ashli135414  5 star

Fun game but how do you make a perfect pizza for these ungrateful customers 🤣🤣


New update confusion!  MareMom  5 star

This is a very entertaining pizza making game! I just did the update this morning and, at first, I thought that when you clicked on the picture of an item to buy you could no longer see its placement in your particular store. I discovered when you click on the price, it takes you to another window where it does show you how the item will look in your store BEFORE you have to do the final purchase. At first, I had thought that you had to actually buy the item with your pizza earnings in order to see how it would look, and then, if you didn’t really like the look, you were just out the money. This is a little confusing to those of us who have been used to clicking on the picture to see how the item would appear in our stores and tapping on the $ amount to finalize the purchase. Anyway, I recommend this game!


Good but..  C-man!  3 star

The gameplay is great, it’s a fun time killer that can be very addicting at times but after I switched phones all my progress was erased, including the currency that I bought


Wider Counter????  Dannybatt  3 star

Before the update, I was able to have 3 pizza spaces at a time and now only 2 again? I’m very confused. Can you make it 3 again please? It makes it harder to do the 3 pizza orders


woww  elenatheguccipanda  5 star

this game is so amazing. great job ❤️


🍰  🍫🍪🍫  2 star

It needs more things to do like also a cake buessness

bess b

great indie design yet fun 2012 type game!!  bess b  5 star

i love this so much! the design is beautiful but it isn’t the main focus of the game!! It’s like papas pizzeria, but stylized. i’ve been trying forever to find an adorable, funny, aesthetically pleasing game that isn’t SUPER story based and is a repetitive game. this just feels like a perfect combo.

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