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Be My Eyes [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

Whether you need a pair of sharp eyes or have some sight to lend, Be My Eyes is a simple, free tool to help people see the world better, together.

Be My Eyes connects people who are blind or have low vision with a global community of volunteers and company representatives who are ready at a moment’s notice to lend their eyesight for everyday tasks.

Be My Eyes is a support community millions strong, available globally day or night, and has volunteers answering calls in more than 185 languages. Join the community today!

Sign up as a user to get free visual support with tasks like reading labels, matching clothes, troubleshooting technology, setting up home appliances, or any other simple task a volunteer can complete over live video. If a task is too complicated or requires expertise, call one of our company partners for on-demand video customer support via Specialized Help.

If you have eyesight you want to share, sign up as a volunteer and answer calls from our blind and visually impaired users! Tasks are usually completed in just a couple minutes, and if you’re busy there’s no need to answer – someone else will get it.

1. Anyone 17 or older may sign up as a visually impaired user or volunteer.
2. Calls are connected based on daytime timezone and language. Average wait time is about 15 seconds.
3. When a call is answered, a live one-way video (two-way audio) is initiated, allowing volunteers or company reps to see what’s in front of the user’s camera and provide verbal support.
Note: Specialized Help availability varies by region and company opening hours.

• Reading home appliances
• Reading product labels
• Matching outfits and identifying clothes
• Help in the kitchen
• Reading digital displays or computer screens
• Navigating TV or game menus
• Operating vending machines or kiosks
• Sorting music collections or other libraries
• Picking jewelry or crafts

Visually impaired users can call for on-demand video customer support from professionals at any of our well-known partner companies, without leaving the Be My Eyes App. Providers vary by region and language, but include households names in the following categories:
• Web and Computer Technology
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Health and Beauty Products
• Banking and Finance
• Blindness Organizations

• We’ve just reached 3 million volunteers! Thank you for making Be My Eyes the biggest community support microvolunteering platform ever.

• 2020 Dubai Expo Global Innovator.
• 2018 Winner of the Dr. Jacob Bolotin Awards at the NFB National Convention.
• 2018 Winner of AbilityNet Accessibility Award at the Tech4Good Awards.
• 2017 Winner of World Summit Awards - Inclusion and Empowerment.

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Be My Eyes Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Minor bug fixes and improvements - Translated into even more languages We release updates regularly and we're always looking for ways to make things better. If something is not working, if you have a great idea, or if you just want to say hello, then email us at, we would love to hear from you! Be My Eyes will not prompt you for a review. If you feel generous or have a couple of minutes, please leave a review. It makes a huge difference to us. Thank you in advance.

Be My Eyes Comments & Reviews

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- Willing and able

I am so excited to be able to help someone during my free time.

- Ms. E

This was an amazing idea to come up with this app. I’m more than grateful to be apart of the. Be My Eyes Family ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- The best app I ever downloaded

Great idea! Downloaded thinking I could help someone. Every call I get helps me more.

- عمل انساني حقيقه يعجز الشكر والامتنان لكم ان يفيكم حقكم

Well iam truthlly surprise and iam welling to work whith companies which care about good for humanity iam greatfull for that gifts goven to me which is I knowing you. Really appreciate all of you Thanks with all my love, respects for all of you. Saud Alkhaled

- Does anyone else have trouble answering calls?

I think that the idea of this app is Ana it I have had two phone calls and each time is says we get disconnected? Has this happen to anyone else? I have had the opportunity for a few months?

- Amazing!!

I registered 3 days ago & while on a Job conference call I literally hanged up & answered my first call! Super excited and Grateful ❤️ & Humble

- As a volunteer, I LOVE this

Great way to help others, especially when you have a lot of free time on your hands

- Takes up space

No matter how quick you are at answering, it’ll always say someone else answered the call.

- Olivia Dodd

I really like this app because it shows that your wanting to help someone in need my future sister in law showed it to me. It’s really a good app I would recommend you guys to download

- Horrible

I have been a member for at least 2 or 3 months and I ha e not gotten one single call. When I first got the app I was so excited to help people because I love helping but now I’m just really sad I never got to help or even got a call.

- Be my eyes

This app gives me a feeling of comfort believe me from the day I went blind I relieving sighted too even from the day that I downloaded this app I would have a human help me rather relying on an OCR app to help me with my job

- Best app out there

Get help if you need, be help if you can. Got my first call yesterday. Made my day. Took a few months but worth it to have on your phone. Be a part of a better world

- Shaikha

Viry good

- No calls

I never get any calls. 😔

- Love this app

I Love the concept of this app. But, with all of the wonderful people that want to help out I’ve never received a call! And it’s ok, as long as people are getting the proper help that they need it’s ok with a people’s person and also a giver, I just want a chance to help someone out.

- Be my eyes

I am so glad that we get to help the blind and help them do everyday things we would do!

- Got my first call from a business traveler. So sweet

Thankyou for the opportunity to be of service. Just got my first call from a traveling executive who wanted to be sure he was using shampoo and not conditioner. Great guy.

- Great

Wonderful service!! Great way to help and connect with people!!

- Amazing

i love how they are giving opportunities for people like me to help people in need

- Been a member for 3 months never got a call


- I think the idea is great

I am some one in school so I just wish there was a way that you can make it so there is a time no one can have a chance to call you so you don’t have to let anyone down

- 5 stars

love this app and it’s concept

- God bless you guys

Compassion at it’s best. Apart from the help for the blind. To this day I haven’t been consciously grateful for something, until used for others is overwhelmingly humbling, resulting in real and instant happiness & gratification. The app works great. If anything I wish To be utilized more often.

- So awesome

I just got my first call today

- Great App

I haven’t had a call but love the cause!

- 10/10

It is helpful

- Amazing service

I am so happy to be so easily connected to offer help when I can!!

- Very very cool

Ive just helped someone find the ice water button on their fridge, such a great idea. Highly recommend

- Helping people never fails

This brightens my day more than any other app. Happy to help anytime I’m called

- Ughh

I haven’t gotten a call yet

- Carolyn

Love feeling like I’m truly helping someone!!!

- great app


- Receiving Inappropriate Pranks

Do not sign up for this. I received an inappropriate prank phone call yesterday. People are sadly misusing this application.

- Amazing!

I’ve been able to help two people. This makes me feel so good knowing it’s this easy to help someone else.

- Volunteering for this app is cool!

I love being able to help out others by being able to volunteer to answer calls!

- Awesome!!

This app fills my heart with joy.

- I was so happy to help.

What a service

- Give back app ❤️

I finally completed my first call and it was an awesome experience!! Costs you nothing, just a few moments to help someone complete a task. The call was very clear and I can’t wait to complete more!


It’s the best feeling to be able to help someone.

- Prank calls

Someone is playing pranks with this app. I’ve actually helped people before but someone is using it that doesn’t.

- Awful

I’ve been getting a bunch of inappropriate calls where it’s just random guys showing there dicks!! If this what this app is going to be about instead of helping the blind that’s stupid.

- the most amazing thing

i’ve always had a passion for helping people. this app allows me to do for others what they can’t do for themselves. i had the sweetest interaction earlier today, actually. a young boy reached out and i accepted his call. he was trying to differentiate between essential oils. at the end of the call, he thanked me, and said “i love you”. it was the sweetest thing, coming from such a young child. of course i told him i loved him as well :) the smallest things mean the most to them❤️children make my heart happy. i love helping others, young and old. best app on the store, 10/10 recommended.

- Favorites?.

I just had my 1st phone call and it was a beautiful interaction! We got to chatting after I assisted her and I asked if I could be her go to person and she said that the app doesn’t allow that. It just randomly picks who it calls. If that is not the case, I would love to know how to tell the next person that I bond with, that there is a way to do that. If that isn’t a thin, I was wondering if on the next upgrade you folks could maybe make that possible? Could someone choose us as a favorite to call? Maybe put a heart next to our name or something of the sort? I’m still giving it five stars Because I think this is a beautiful and app but that would be such an added bonus. Warm regards, Jodi L. Risden

- Incredible!

A perfect way to be helpful and compassionate! Such a wonderful tool to help the visually impaired.

- Great app

I got a call to help someone out with their mail.After my call I had a huge smile on my face because it felt so good helping out.Definitely would recommend.

- Dark Mode

I ask you many times please do it work on Dark Mode this app Please DO IT NOW on Dark Mode because iPadOS 13.3 already have dark mode setting.

- Genius App!

Great that one can help others without going anywhere!

- Awesome app

If you love helping people and want to to help someone in need this is the app for you. When you get a notification it only takes a few minutes of your time and you feel good knowing that you helped someone else.

- I’m a volunteer

I am so grateful to you for giving me this chance to help someone. That is such a good feeling that I can’t describe it❤️.

- Feels good to be able to help

It feels good to know that I can help someone in even a small way.

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- Great app for helping the visually impaired

If you love to help people then this is a great app to use to help the visually impaired. I’ve been using the app for a few years now and I enjoy every minute of it

- Great app and experience!

App works great, and the experience is very rewarding!

- Had my first call!!

I was so happy to finally get a call today! I was able to help someone blend their make up for a Valentines night out. I can’t tell you how full my heart feels to take a minute out of my day to help someone. What a great app!! Really redefining my feelings about humanity ❤️❤️😍

- It’s a great concept, but needs some work.

For all of the apps out there for the blind, this ones probably the most innovative. My only issue with it is that it’s been 6 Months, and I haven’t gotten a call. Not once! And I know it says a couple weeks, but it’s at months on end at this point. Maybe spread the calls internationally more, that could be, and probably will be, quite a booster for your help lines.

- Revolutionary

This is how technology brings us together

- Amazing app!

I downloaded this app yesterday after seeing it online. Today I got my first call! It is a great way to help someone and is very simple. I can’t wait for my next call. Would totally recommend this!!

- Please Read

This is a great app, and the developers should be reading these reviews to improve it. However, to all of you who have decided to take the time out of your day to COMPLAIN that this app is taking up space on your phone, please delete this app or your review. It is fantastic that this app has so many sighted volunteers, that means that there are a lot of people who care. I have had this app for over a year, and I have not been able to answer ONE call. Sure it’s a little “frustrating” that every time I pick up a call, it goes to another volunteer, but who cares? That person got the help they needed. THE REAL problem is that there are many people who need help who DONT HAVE THIS APP. That’s the real issue. How can the developers get this app to more people? Can those of us who have this app help? These are the things we should be thinking about. Not how much space an app takes up on your phone. Which most likely has over 50 G of storage. Put it in a folder, delete it. As you know, there are enough people on this app who don’t care about how much space an APP takes up on their SMARTPHONE. Get over your first world problems! Xx

- So easy

Everyone should have this app. It takes two seconds of your time to help someone out and make a difference in their day-to-day activities.

- App does not load home screen

App only loads stories and not the home screen

- Awesome app for helping others

I was very happy to be able to help out a person. He needed to be sure of the setting on his washer and dryer in his new rental apartment. We went through all the dials together so he was confident it was set up the way he wanted it. Great experience!

- Brightness shines

Salute to the ones who came up with this idea. I'm glad that the cell phones are made use for the good side. We need to spread more love and compassion

- app function

110% great app

- Amazing Service

This is absolutely an amazing app that is made for the good of the people with disabilities. I can’t stress how thankful I am for this app even though I’m not blind, but helping is the best feeling in the world. 5 stars for sure and if there was a 6th star I would give it in a heartbeat.

- We’re officially in 2020

Holy crap just tried this. This really shows that we are loving in the future. I Connor express how cool this experience was. OMG

- Worked well!

After a year I finally answered a call and it worked perfectly. Tip: if you can’t see anything, remind client to turn on light.

- So helpful!

What an awesome experience helping another in need

- Great technology

An amazing way to be able to help others from my device.

- Seems fake

I have received 8 total requests in about a year. Not one of them was valid, apparently someone else “got it” before I did. Strange, since I was prompt, and don’t live in a metropolitan area. However I have been receiving notifications of “community stories”, which - as far as I can tell - are “feel good” stories. I do not care about feel good stories, and I didn’t sign up for that. Helping people makes me feel good, but so far I am not convinced that this app does that at all. I’m a little put-off by the idea that this app uses “feel-good” to drive social media content. As such I am removing it.

- Love being a helper

I have enjoyed my experiences in helping people with reading something or choosing something or with cooking. It has been a pleasure

- Jamal


- Got no calls

I have had this app for months and I have gotten no calls it is just taking up space in my phone

- Great app.

Just received my first call for aid, the exchange was simple and quick!

- Just wow

This is the best app I ever downloaded you can help someone who is blind that’s in need and the way it works is nice

- Amazing. Try it urself ul see what i mean

I love helping people and this app just warms my heart..

- Wonderful app

Signed up as a volunteer last year and have answered 3 calls for help (out of 5 that have given me the chance). Each call lasted only a few minutes but not only helped someone but made my day. Brilliant app.

- Extraordinary App

I love to use this app, as im very busy with my full time work using this app i can actually volunteer and help out someone in need. Makes me feel great :)

- Such an incredible app

I'm a volunteer and so far I've only gotten one call but he was such a sweet person. Makes me feel really good that this type of app exists

- Be my eyes


- My 3rd eye

This app is life changing it needs more promotions for more people use it I’m surprise at the ratio between cited and non sighted

- Just met wonderful person and we actually talked for awhile

This app is absolutely amazing! what happens when something comes up that is unexpected? There are countless people here ready to help out at a moments notice! if we can all band together to assist with anything that someone is going through that makes our community stronger.

- Better than expected!

Randomly read about this app and was very excited at this simple concept that could make quite a difference to others. When I read the reviews it made me a little hesitant as many volunteers complained it just took up space on their phone and there were too many volunteers vs vision impaired on the app. But I still figured I would give it a shot. I downloaded it at night and had my first call the next day before lunch, and one since then also. And I haven’t had it for a week yet. So I definitely would recommend it to anyone wanting to help out others, it only takes minutes of your day to help someone do something they just can’t on their own. Only flaw I have is it doesn’t make sound or vibrate when you get a call, so you have to already be looking at your phone to see the notification. But still a brilliant idea and app.

- Everyone should have it

I recently had my first call and I helped a woman organize her closet and pick out a shirt. It felt good to help and I’d recommend everyone have this app. The ratio is about 200,000 blind to 2,000,000 sighted so don’t expect to answer lots of calls

- A lovely idea

I think the idea of this app is extremely heart warming. Unfortunately every time I go to answer a call an error message pops up that “something went wrong”.

- Fantastic service

Fantastic app! Much needed service.. so happy to help! Easy to use, people who have called are so polite.. I stay available every minute I can, highly recommended!

- Eh

I’m sure the app is incredibly useful to those who actually need the help, however the number of volunteers should be limited. I’ve had the app for well over a month now and not a single call. The app is just using up space on my phone.

- Can’t give this app anything less. But

As a sighted person, this app is kinda a space hogger. You’re lucky if you get one call a month. You have actually less than 30 seconds to answer the call. The app doesn’t ring when someone calls. It’s silent. So good luck catching that notification in 30 seconds

- Heartwarming

Just had my first call today and it felt so nice to help out someone in need! Very easy to use and simple to answer calls and help :)

- Great concept. Simple and making a difference

Here is a small way to actually do something for other people in life. I’ve had this app for years now and I get so excited when someone is calling so I have the chance to help make a difference in someone’s day. I don’t really have anything negative to say Interface and signup is easy No ads or any junk attached Simply turn on notifications for calls (it has its own ringtone like Skype) My only bummer is sometimes I swipe to answer and it says connecting but someone gets it before me lol.

- I feel great. Let me tell you why.

While in my kitchen in Vancouver BC I just helped a guy in Cornwall UK find the password for his router. Sound strange? It is and it isn't. The guy in Cornwall is blind. I'm not. We're both registered "Be My Eyes" When a visually impaired person needs the eyes of a sighted person they use the camera on their phone and the Be My Eyes App alerts an available volunteer that a client needs assistance. When the volunteer answers the call he can see what the client's phone sees and can talk to the client. It's that simple. Yesterday I felt great too. I helped another guy select the right temperature on his new washing machine. You too can feel great. Download the The Be My Eyes App and make technological magic happen.

- Amazing

What an incredible idea!

- Bravo

Cette application es magnifique pour venir en aide 👍👍👍

- Love the Concept

This is a really easy way to help someone with the simplest of tasks

- Amazing

It’s such a brilliant idea. I just helped someone, it was super easy. I’m glad this exists!

- Hands down to the makers of this app!

I just received my first call today after 2 weeks of installing the app! The lady I helped needed some guidance to find the foods she wanted to buy in the grocery store and I really feel honoured and glad to help her. I salute the makers and developers of this app for being able to make something that can help people who needed help and helping people like me, be able to help.

- ❤️

It’s so heartwarming to be able to help a blind person, and to see how many people are willing to help.

- Mutual help

A friend showed me this app, and I didn’t know what to expect. I just had my first call. It was brief, and to the point. I helped someone figure out the colour of their clothes for the day. Such a simple thing to help them, probably helped me more. It is a reminder to be thankful for my vision, among other things. What an AMAZING idea to be able to use technology to help those in need. I hope I get more calls!

- Impressive

Great concept

- Great concept!

This is the first app I’ve downloaded where I’m excited to see a notification. Helping anyone is great, but anyone from all over the world when they really need it puts the icing on the cake!

- Still waiting for sign up email :(

I am trying to be a volunteer but can’t seem to get the email. Checked junk box etc. No emails.

- Important

If there’s ever been an App of great importance, it’s this one. Making lives easier for those who are in need should be everyone’s first priority. Great job to who ever created this.

- Love it


- A beautiful concept

What an incredible idea, executed well too. One of those wholesome apps that rarely come along

- Just had my first experience

And to say it was awesome would be an understatement. I helped a guy choose the right colours for a painting he was doing for his sister. So happy to be a part of this app - I want more calls please!!!

- Why is Be My Eyes even a thing?

If blind people needed others to help them see, how would blind people even know which app to press on their phones and what else to press after that. This app was made pretty much for no reason but to create connections but I don’t really think this is app needed overall. Blind people should have friends or people around them to help. They don’t need another air of eyes from across the screen. One of the pics nice even show a blind person asking what colour is this shirt. They are blind, do they even know what colour is what?

- First Timer

I thought I was going to wait weeks to receive my first call, I’ve only been a member for less than I week now, and I got a call about 5 minutes ago. I can say this is one of the greatest things ever made, so helpful and straight to the point. So beautiful how an app can help a person in need with just a call away.

- Overarchingly must be useful for people visually impaired but staff managing it very dismissive

I received a prank call which I reported and i needed to request a response from the management team more than once to ensure it was a prank call and the girl in question wasn’t actually going to be attacked. Very poor management of what I imagine is an amazing service.

- Great for when your bored!

It is a great way to connect with people and show how many people would like to help in this large world!

- Be My Eyes rocks!!

Why doesn’t EVERY smartphone come pre-loaded with this ???

- Straightforward

What else can I say? Very easy to set up

- Such an amazing app. So humbling.

I had my first call with Be My Eyes yesterday and was so excited. It’s such a great idea and I love that Apple has used Christian and Hans‘ story in their Today at Apple session.

- Great idea

Terrific simple app to help people when they need it. There’s always someone awake somewhere in the world when you need them. This app highlights the true strength of the internet.

- So fabulous!

I love being able to help people - I get excited when I get a call as they are all so different. It makes me appreciate my sight even more.

- Just Amazing and Kind

An app that actually allows people to connect and help others! Such a simple idea that helps people with things that others take for granted every day! Love love love this app ❤️

- Wonderful

Connects people!! Love helping whenever i can! Feels good to make a positive impact!

- Great app

as a person who is legally blind I have use this app in various different aspects great app keep up the good work with all the features you are adding

- Wonderful service

I have had several calls but the caller seems to hang up much too quickly before I could answer. Luckily today I help my first caller an amazing feeling being out to help someone

- Amazing App That everybody should have!

Make someone’s day a little easier by getting this app :)

- Great app

Great idea. Worthwhile especially if you speak additional languages to volunteer!

- Fabulous idea

I signed up as a volunteer and even if I don’t receive a call requesting my assistance, I think this app deserves more stars for taking the initiative to help people who are unable to see. Well done!

- Haven’t tried it yet

Love the idea and it makes me so happy to help

- Great

What can I say, awesome app

- Thankyou

How amazing to be able to help vision impaired all over the world. Right from my phone! Now THIS is what the internet should be about.. helping others

- Best app ever

This app is one of the best apps ever created, when a blind person need help you will get a notification, you can either answer it, or decline it if your busy. There was this lady and she wanted to know what cake box was vanilla, se was so sweet.

- Recommend to everyone!!

Heartwarming, great ease of access & a great progressive simple yet greatly affective design.

- Wow

Such an amazing use of technology.

- Love this app

So happy to be able to help others. Wonderful idea.

- An app with a purpose

Often app are based around a business model. Rarely do you find an app that completely is for the greater benefit of living humans. I’m exited to help others, thank you.

- Small difference have a huge impact

Being a volunteer with this app although maybe a small difference you are making but it’s a huge impact on user’s life on you are helping. I have helped a few people out and the feeling you get after successfully helping is amazing. Give this a shot! And great app guys !👏🙌

- Refreshing old skills

As a retired teacher of children who were blind or vision impaired, this app keeps me feeling useful. So many skills are still valuable - when needed - even just making contact. I love getting calls via Be My Eyes!

- رائع!!!

شيء حلو لمن أشوف تطبيقات تخدم فئتنا الغالية، وخاصة إطا كلنت تدعم اللغة العربية❤️❤️

- Beautiful App

Filled with beautiful people. I’ve not come across anything like it. What a joy it is to be part of this community.

- Wonderful opportunity!

What a wonderful opportunity for us to lend our vision (which we often take for granted) to those who need help in the simplest things that we can assist with in a matter of minutes or seconds. A gentleman needed to know what the instructions were on a packet of flower seeds - which would have taken a long time to Google for himself. But I could read it to him in 10 seconds. Definitely recommend this app :)

- Brilliant

I just assisted a man in Miami USA to select a shirt colour, I am in Roelands Western Australia at the opposite end of the world. Well done to the creators and whoever came up with this idea.

- Absolutely amazing

Easy to set up, not a complicated UI, very simple. Great way to give back to the vision impaired.

- The good of humanity

This app is such a brilliant idea and it makes everyday tasks that most of us take for granted so much easier for those in need of help from the wonderful volunteers. Two minutes of your kindness is all it takes to make someone else’s day so much easier.

- La mejor aplicación en mi teléfono

Me llena el corazón de felicidad cada vez que puedo ayudar a alguien gracias a esta app

- So awesome

Just got my first call. It was from a blind person whose dog has stolen a basket of potatoes and we went looking for them in her back yard. So cool.

- be my eyes saved my life

let me tell you something people as a totally blind and hearing-impaired person I have lost my carer from a massive aneurysm! My carer would help me in day-to-day tasks of every day living, but now he's gone I can't always ask my neighbours for help, thank God for being my eyes! Today I had to use it to make sure that I could find some dog poo to clean up, then I had to use it to make sure that both my dogs were outside as someone was coming to do something for me, I have never ever had any problems with connectivity or assistance! I could seriously not be happier! Who ever developed this app needs a medal, maybe 1000 medals or maybe 1000 isn't enough, but seriously I have not had any problems :-)

- Awesome to help out

As a volunteer, I recently had my first opportunity to help out someone visually impaired. I was so so so happy to do so and can't wait to help out again. Outstanding app!

- Great app

Great app to not only have people help where they can but to raise awareness of the struggles that we can help with outside of this app in our lives for blind people. I will be more aware in life outside the app thinking about what I could do to make things easier for someone who is vision impaired.

- Fantastic!

I am a sighted volunteer. I think this is an amazing app and I love being able to help.

- A new world of caring

This is the best idea I’ve seen all year! Sign up and be a part of something bigger! :-)

- How fabulous!

A fantastic tool for so many people.

- What a great idea

I just took my first call and that was so easy. I'm glad to be able to help and I'm looking forward to taking more calls.

- incoming calls won’t connect

twice now I have received calls and tried to answer. The app just kept loading and displayed “connecting” but did not connect me with the caller at all. I have full speed internet both times. What’s wrong? I really like the whole idea, please fix the app/issues so we can be part of the be my eyes community

- Amazing!!!

I love the aspect of being able to help others and this app does it so perfectly. It’s simple to use and click on a notification when someone needs some help and really easy to use. Main menus is clear and so are settings. Perfect in all aspects!!

- So rewarding!

I was sitting on the couch watching Netflix and being lazy when I got my first call... a lovely girl needed help finding out which level she needed to go to for her job interview. Made my day being able to help.

- Emilee

Fantastic! What a great service

- Try to filter

Its a good app as I can help people in need but the problem i found yesterday was a guy with perfect set of eyes asked for help I accepted it and he was like “ i bought a new computer how does it look like “ i was like what.... why would a blind man care for the look of his computer later “ he was using mouse perfectly and could shut down his own pc “ he sounded like someone from India

- Making the world more connected

I absolutely love Be My Eyes. I am a volunteer and have been lucky enough to assist a few people since I have joined. It is really so easy to help. You get a phone call and the person needing help will ask you the question and you just need to answer. I’ve been asked things like which cereal says gluten free, reading instructions and reading numbers on a blood glucose machine. As someone who doesn’t have much free time outside of the kids and work, it’s nice to know there is still a way I can help others. I did used to receive more calls in the past then I do now but I guess that is because there are so many volunteers willing to help which is a great thing. :) Congratulations on creating such a fantastic and really fundamental app that brings people together.

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- Such a beautiful app!

So excited about this app. So amazing that you guys created this app. Can’t wait to help people around the world!

- Love

I love meeting new people. The people on this app are amazing!

- Grateful

It’s amazing being able to help someone!

- Most useful app of the century!

I can’t think of a more useful or thoughtful app!

- Very wholesome

I waited about a month to get my first call but it was so worth it to be able to help someone in their time of need! Highly recommending was very uplifting and I hope more people find out about it.

- Thanks

Great app Thank you for helping

- What a way to do good!

Amazing idea and app! Call came in perfect and I was able to help someone in a big way by doing something so small! Great job and thank you!

- Abuse

Ppl abuse this app and make prank calls

- Awesome App

This is such an amazing app! A couple of mins of your time can really go a long way in someone’s life

- Waiting for a call

With so much volunteers on this app makes me so Sad that I have to wait to get my first call. I really Want to help out but I have patience l

- Good

Love helping the blind community

- Great concept

I think it’s a great concept but I have had this app for about 3 months and only received 1 call with which I couldn’t answer because someone beat me to it! I so badly want to help but seems as if there is no need for me

- I see Joy

I’ve been dealing with a lot of crazy things in my life and to step outside of myself and help someone for maybe 5 seconds brought me joy and showed me the things I’m worried about may it be as important. Thank you allowing me to help!

- Beautiful App

I just got my first call after having this app for a month. I got to help someone turn their air on because it was stuck on the heat. He was so grateful & the feeling of being able to help someone with such a small gesture is addictive. I wish I could answer calls all day lol!!

- I love this app

I love that I can help people as soon as they need it. This is a great way to help the community ♥️ Thank you for making this app.

- I’ve tried to answer 2 calls and was unable to

tried to answer 2 calls and was unable to. I actually got this app to help people not to just have the app.

- Great

Whoever created this app is a blessing, I got my first call today and I have been so happy all day with the thought that I was able to help someone today I was so excited receiving that call, and can’t wait for many more!

- Love the entire concept of this!

This is a great idea for an app! I love helping people as much as I can even in the smallest ways! This makes it even easier to help out your fellow man! I recommend this app to everyone I know! The ones who sign up seem to truly enjoy helping someone else out and it’s a great way to even make an amazing friend!

- No callers

Nobody has called me for help!

- Easy, helpful

Practical way to help someone with day to day tasks. Simple to use—anyone can do it. Conversations are task-focused, but it’s nice to have some friendly chatting, too.

- Amazing app

it gives people who are blind and visually impaired a lot more independent so thank you for that

- Amazing - wish I got more calls!

Love this idea. And love this app. I wish I was called more, because it’s so cool and great to be able to help. But happy when I do get calls. Issues sometimes with video quality, but it generally works well

- Amazing

Being able to help others is so wonderful and it’s so easy. I’m always humbled by a call and I’m glad to be apart of such a great app.

- So great to help!

This app is a wonderful way to help others. I have done everything from read business cards to assembling children’s birthday gifts. I’ve never had a bad call!

- Purely amazing

I think this app will help so many people across the world and I am grateful an app like this exists.

- Won’t Load

Just spins and loads on home page.

- Amazing idea and exciting app

This app is life changing for people and I commend whoever created this app because this is what life should be about. Helping others and giving a hand when needed is what makes us human.

- Makes my day when I get a call!

I’ve had this app for about 2 years! & because there are over 3 million volunteers, I’ve only gotten about 4 calls. But every call I’ve received has been life changing. I’ve helped someone find offices, throw out bad food, and even pick nail colors! I’ve been able to subscribed to someones YouTube channel, follow them on socials and just got to witness their everyday life! Such a great app!

- Definitely recommend

It’s such a great concept to help those all around the world!

- Incredible app. Not sure about use!

Absolutely in love with this app, but I wonder how many people are getting the help they need or maybe everyone is good? I have received one call since I downloaded the app. It also makes me wish I spoke more languages, as I feel much less useful because of my lack of ability to communicate in multiple languages. I am curious if there is app is truly useful, or if this is just not quite what the visually impaired community truly needs? More conversation with visually impaired would be good. I would love to have a “chat” feature where the visually impaired community can just call out for “friends” to chat? Maybe improve connections and connect? Like a “seeing” Facebook?

- Love it

Easy to use I just wish it was more often. I love helping others and it helps you understand how we take even little things for granted.


It’s the little things that mean so much to those who are less fortunate. It’s so easy and it’s beneficial for both sides! Such a satisfying feeling knowing you can help someone through the phone! I highly recommend, it doesn’t take up any time, I downloaded it, leave it active, even if you’re just chillin at the park or something, & if they call they call, if they don’t, they don’t! But what’s wrong with a little help and being the helper! :) love this app, such a beautiful purpose. -Yessica Contreras

- How does a blind person use there phone

How does a blind person use there phone

- Perverts

Answered my first call to see someone in a bathroom. He asked me where his toilet was, I said to the right, and then he proceeded to urinate without hanging up the line! There is no way to filter this out so beware.

- Inappropriate request

I just got a call from someone who wanted me to measure their poop- I knew it wasn’t legit because someone in the background was yelling for the caller to stop. Wasting time and resources for people who actually need this service. Caller ended up disconnecting the call. I will continue to answer calls, because someone may legitimately need me to measure their poop.

- 👍🏻👍🏻

It makes me so happy to get a call and help a complete stranger, even with something small. And the app is run well.

- Passive way of being of great help

Download the app and simply wait for an opportunity to help someone else. Couldn’t be easier or have a better mission

- Great app that makes helping easy

I’ve been a volunteer since 2015 and taken several calls. They’ve all been unique, fun and simple. It’s a great opportunity to easily help someone and it feels good to do it. Human connection is important and I hope they’d do the same for me if I needed a bit of help.

- Review

It has a really good concept but I feel like it’s just an app on my phone taking up space

- Amazing service

What a way to feel helpful and to be able to give time to another. I had my first call last month and what a joy it was to help out a complete stranger who lived 1500 miles away. Thank you to the creators of Be My Eyes!! 💕💕💕

- 🌚🌚🌚

Don’t nobody ever call me, I wonder how are they even gonna get a hold of me if they can’t see?🤔

- Pay it forward

Isn’t it amazing to be able to see what color socks you will put on in the morning? They are some people that don’t have that luxury, we as a human race know how to share with one another. The ability to help one another is embedded in all of us. The kindest gesture to help a person in need, is to be able to give them your time. Just a few moments to ease the persons mind in this time of struggle. I don’t have the resources to be able to fund $1 million project but I have the ability to help a person choose a color shirt, the correct socks for the day or night, and maybe your thermostat isn’t working and you can’t remember whether it’s on hot or cold. There is many of us that will be awaiting a call no matter the time no matter the situation. It all starts with one little change, being compassionate to one another can go along way.

- Christopher O

This app literally gives meaning to my life

- Wonderful Idea

i think this is a fantastic idea and I love being a volunteer.

- Not the apps fault, but...

This review is from a helpers point of view . It’s been 4 months since I last received a call. I understand the odds should be about 1 in 17 that you receive a call , but it just seems like that is a long time between a chance to assist. It might be useful to see call stats so that people can understand the frequency (or lack there of)of calls, and understand what may be a normal “wait” period .

- Be my eyes

This is a really good app

- A little goes a long way

I got my first call today! Yes, I feel great! Yes, it’s good to give back! Yes, it took less than a minute to help someone out! She asked,” what kind of candy bar is this!” I was overjoyed to be able to provide her with such little information, yet it felt wonderful! Enjoy your candy bar.

- The little things that count

I had my first call came all the way from England She didn’t necessarily need help at the moment, she was just checking out the app. We had a beautiful conversation and told each other to have a great day. I live in Florida. ❤️

- Best app ever

Feels so good to have an app to help other people with their life quality.

- My first call

I am thrilled at how well the call went. It felt AMAZING being able to help someone who lives there life without sight. What a wonderful app! ❤️

- Amazing!!

For a long time now this app was just sitting on my phone taking up space, however recently I’ve been getting many more notifications about a blind person needing my support. I’ve so far only been able to answer one call but it was such a cool experience! I wish I was getting more notifications to help however! Thank you!

- Great app for great heart!

Thank you to the developers, and thank you for those who are using it, you make feel us living in a better world!

- Helping is fun

They just need more users

- Great app

Awesome App , love helping people 👍🏼

- Awesome!

I have helped 12 people so far and loves it! Only thing to note is if you don’t click or interact with the app for awhile it won’t say you’re active and not send calls your way so make sure to just click on it every few days or so

- Awesome App

I seriously appreciate this app ... purpose and intent behind it ... yeah at times it does have crashes at time as an app ... but who is perfect ... I really appreciate team behind this app ... keep making more useful apps like this ... and best of luck ....

- Hecking love this app

Just opening it and seeing there’s 2 million helpers to the 100K people needing a hand is so heart warming

- It matters!

Now this is an App that matters!

- Amazing app

Was so cool to help my first people. Thank you for making this app. I got to help a blind couple put eye drops in their dogs eyes.

- Amazing app

I’m very disheartened to see all the low reviews because people have not gotten calls after downloading this app. If anything it’s a good thing because there are so many volunteers you might not get a call. I got this app a few months ago but I just answered my first call today and it’s very easy to use and communicate with. Please download this app you might not get a call soon, but you should have it just in case.

- Savage


- I love to help people

Great app! I have been called one time and I was super excited about it.

- So impressed!!!

As a volunteer user of this app, I love how simple and easy to operate and answer calls! It makes it easy to help other people with technology, and I’ve been able to answer three calls very easily :) the ratio of volunteers to visually impaired individuals also makes me feel good for the couple times I’ve gotten a call but haven’t been able to answer at the moment. I also used the “turn on the others flashlight” feature and it worked perfectly! Thanks for helping make the world a little easier for some of us :)

- How can you not rate this a 5?

Any app that can help people in need is a 5 in my books. As a person with sight, there is no better feeling after you get off the call helping a person that really needs it.

- The app is great

This app is great for blind people, and it is very thoughtful of a sighted person to help Blind people, and it educates sighted people that blind people can do things by them selfs, however, they still need help and sometimes just a little more help then sighted people. So fare, I have had no bad experences with sighted volentears in this app. Keep up the good work.

- Such a great cause

Absolutely LOVE this app. I’ve had the app since Oct ‘17 and so far I’ve given aid to 4 visually impaired individuals. I love how such a small gesture on my part equates to such a big help on theirs. It’s addictive. Being able to help others is the noblest of causes and a complete no brainer for me. Do it. Download the app. Be someone’s eyes.

- Wish it was used more by the hard-of-sight!

Almost time I get the notification I'm just a little too late. I got to hemp my first person the other day and it just Lights my heart and lifted my day. ❤ Thanks for the great app

- Not usable if you're Deaf-Blind

I can't hear, so this app doesn't work for me since it requires a voice call. Please add text chatting to this app to make it possible for sighted volunteers to chat with Deaf-Blind people. If that feature were added, I would probably use the app for things that weren't confidential.

- Feel good

I wish there were even more calls. This app seems even greater for the volunteers 😉

- It’s of a great use for the blind

I’m very happy to see more number of volunteers than the blind

- This is an excellent app! I would be lost without it.

I give the app an excellent review. I have had good volunteers, only once have I had a volunteer that didn’t know what they were doing. That is not their fault.

- So happy

If you enjoy helping people n get a warm feeling from it this app is for you!!! I jus had my first call to help a woman n the feelings I have are fantastic!!! This app will continue to be on any phone I ever have again!!! Keep up the great work!!!

- Great app

A chance to help out .

- Amazing

Nothing makes me happier then when I get a ring to help someone out. Everyone who calls is so friendly and amazing

- I love being able to help!!

Im always happy to help and its fun to find out where the callers are from!

- Dave in Saanich

Awesome service. So many volunteers so the calls are infrequent. A nice problem to have I suppose.

- Available Switch

please add an available switch. typing in my password and giving access every time is cumbersome and unnecessary.

- Excited

Got first call day after download but didn’t answer fast enough lol. Easy interface and a genuinely great thing to be able to do for someone

- Génial

J’adore qu’on puisse aider les non voyants de façon si simple !

- Humanity at its finest

I am a sighted person who has mobility and other challenges. I used to be a successful businesswoman and lived on the treadmill focused on climbing the corporate ladder. I have been unable to work for five years now, and am housebound. Despite being loved by my family and friends, about 90% of my time is in my little apartment. Asking for help is hard. I was able to help someone with their thermostat so he wouldn’t be cold, through this app. I feel useful and helpful and that I still matter despite losing my old life. I can’t do very much for other people anymore and it’s the core of who I am. This app has enabled me to achieve what keeps me going! Thank you, Be My Eyes ❤️. The helping flows both ways.

- Great idea.

This is an app I think all blind or low vision people would find helpful.

- Perfect application of technology

A wonderful idea for the 21st century.

- amazing app. Everyone should download

Joined June 5th 2018. My first call was December 8 2018. I think this app is amazing. I just wish there were more calls or opportunities for helping. I think it would be a great idea to look at advertising this with governments/businesses in other countries. It is an amazing opportunity to help people in need! I think everyone should download this app because it could help someone!

- Amazing concept. Great app!

Love this app

- Awedome idea

I am so impressed, really great idea 👍🏻

- Great idea

Such a wonderful idea to help so many people and I wish that it could reach more and more blind people

- 5/5

An app that really do something to humanity

- Very cool

I’ve gotten two calls from people, and it’s been a pleasure both times. It really does almost feel like you just ran into someone while out and about who needed to ask a question. The ability to remotely trigger the caller’s flashlight is very helpful! I hope to keep helping as long as the app is around.

- Amazing app

I am a sighted helper. I was able to answer my first call the other evening and was so happy to be able to help another. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, helpful app.

- Never used it

I’ve had it for about 6 months and have never been contacted. I only get community stories of people who have been contacted multiple times.

- Needs some improvement

That’s the best idea, however the app needs some improvement. When someone calls through the app, you should see someone actually calling you (like Skype). The notification itself needs to be removed and replaced by the new feature on phones. It also needs to improve multilingual support for whom can speak more than 1 language.

- Could do way better

Constantly updating me with “stories” not a need for help. I always check right away assuming I’m going to help Someone but it automatically logs me out every time I open it. I go through the whole remembering of the password, log back in and it was nothing. A “community story”. Waste of time

- Super helpful for the visually impaired

I really like how useful it is for the visually impaired. I enjoy helping people so it’s a win win on both ends

- Genius

Just got my first call today, i was soooo happy to help, to the developers: you are geniuses!!!!

- Great in concept, but...

I downloaded this app as a sighted person. I’ve had this app on my phone for three months, and have not had a single opportunity to use it. I understand that there are way more people who are sighted that have signed up then those who are visually impaired, but if that means having an app on my phone that never get used, I will find other ways to support a global community.

- The best app

The coolest experience when a person who needed help lived fifteen minutes away!

- Blind user

I am a blind user, awesome app.

- A Bridge between two worlds

Such an amazing idea and such a quick and easy way to give back! :) Love it! Will use this app for a long while still! - Taylor

- Wasted space

This app is wasted space. Two days shy of two months and it’s been worthless.

- Awesome

Amazing service! You may not receive a call right away but when you do you feel great after helping!

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- Amazing

Best feeling ever when you answer a call

- Nice in theory

But in practice, try helping somebody who can’t see where they are pointing the camera !

- Great app

It’s great to connect with new people and help them out

- Excellent app - very easy to help people

I’ve had one 5 minute call trying to figure out how to help a man turn on his washing machine (which wasn’t working). It was so awesome to be able to provide real help with no effort. Lovely simple interaction

- Absolutely genius app

As a helper on this app, I have to say it is absolutely fantastic and so rewarding. I have used this several times now to assist blind people with day to day tasks that don’t take too much of my time. I do think the calls come in waves. i.e I don’t hear anything for a couple of months and then it’s a few over a few days and then goes quiet again! I would strongly recommend getting this app to support people who need it!

- Absolutely amazing app - download it!

I have had the pleasure in the past few years of answering 3 calls. I’ve helped a lovely American lady read which Artists she had download codes for, a polite and friendly Englishman with cooking instructions at Xmas, and just now, a lovely couple with best before dates on their drinks. This really is the best app on my phone, I feel so honoured each time I take a call. The people I’ve spoken to have thanked me but they’ve brightened my day so much by letting me be their eyes. Please recommend this app to anyone that may need it, and also to any volunteers that can assist. You may be waiting a while to answer a call but it’s so worth the wait.

- Useful

Great app just wondering how the blind people managed to download it and set it up

- Feel good app

Instantly makes a crappy day fabulous and all because i get to help someone unknown . Had 4 calls and missed 3 and each one has left me humbled and in awe of how wonderful technology can be to someone in need .

- Great

It is great know that I can use my sight to help someone who has none.

- What the internet should be for

So happy that I can help someone just by using a sense I sometimes take for granted and am very lucky to have. This app is what the internet should be about. ❤️

- Did not get a call

I have had this app for months but not had a single call.i know their is loads of volunteers but it is Ridiculous. Just a warning if you get this app you will have to wait a while. Had a good idea though wish I could actually get to help.

- Ok

Been using it for a month and I haven’t received any calls yet, not sure if this actually works

- Wonderful. Simple. Helpful

I'm so glad someone created this app. As a sighted user my only complaint is that I don't get many calls! The few I've received were short and easy to do. Picking up a call takes very little time but helps to someone else and enables them to be more independent. I've recommended it to our accessibility network at work.

- Indecent exposure

I volunteered to help on this app and picked up a call within a couple of days. I was subjected to indecent exposure by someone who clearly was not blind. This app has good intentions but is too open to abuse.

- Custom ring tones

Hi, I’ve always been happy to help but, we need to be able to choose a ring tone in our phone. I’m hard of hearing and I’d like to help those with sight deficiencies but more than once I haven’t heard the call I have ring tones on my phone that I can hear. I’d like to be able to choose one of them.

- So simple, so clever

Quite simply, an amazing concept

- Amazing

It is very heart warming to see this kind of service especially for the people that need it most

- Brilliant

Excellent use of technology. Brilliant

- Suggestion

I am visually impaired but it’s not bad enough for me to need this app. I downloaded it just to have a look and I saw that there was no other way to ‘see’ things apart from calling. Obviously this is a good idea but my friend who is severely vi doesn’t like attention regarding her vision so if there was a thing where it answered simple questions like colours or dates like the images it would be even better than I have seen.

- Unbelievable

More people need to know about this app!!!! It’s amazing

- Awesome app

This app is example how technology can make a huge difference to the quality of people life’s

- It’s a very happy and helpful app for the blind!

It’s nice that the blind have people to help them with every day activities!!! The only downside is that it takes a couple weeks to get your first call... but that’s ok 😺😊

- Great app

I can help blind Or visually impaired people when they need it

- Be my eyes

Wonderful app.

- Such a fantastic concept

I’ve done 4 calls now and it’s such a great idea. So easy to be helpful!


Thank you for this app which connects people from all over the world and gives us an opportunity to help another and just to remind those in need that they’re not alone! It’s one of the most amazing experiences.

- Brilliant idea

Very good app. Only criticism it really drains your battery through out the day when not using it.

- So fun for me and the blind/ visually impaired person.

I just helped a really kind 70 year old lady pick out pickles at the grocery store and she started telling me a story on when she was blinded and it was so emotional so I told her some jokes and we started laughing historically in the store! Love it, keep it up guys.

- Wonderful app

Wonderful app, it’s great to be able to help others

- Brilliantly simple concept

I finally got to take my first call, how awesome to be able to help someone and make their day a bit easier. Can’t wait for the next call now. I’m not visually impaired but I imagine it has the potential to really help people who are be more independent, such a brilliantly simple concept - the sort of thing the internet should be for.

- Excellent

Fantastic idea and gives a real buzz to know you can spend 30 seconds helping someone out!!! Bravo

- Such a great tool for the visually impaired

This is amazing

- Amazing

Makes me feel amazing ! 😇 but i have one problem in my country it’s filter and I have to turn on the VPN for answering , it will take time and sometimes I lost my be my eyes call 😞


Be my eyes is so good! I know it’s small but I helped a person pick out his tights and what colour they were I felt like I did something nice he was such a lonely guy! I got my first call in just a few days!

- Enabling 👌


- Incredible

I’ve never reviewed an app before, but this one is so incredible that it deserves 6 stars. What a way to help people out!

- Was hacked

This app is being abused by men who asked for my phone number when I answered . Appalling

- Nice idea and very worthy of recommendation

As a sighted person we take so much for granted. If you have a visual impairment, then life can present many every-day challenges, like choosing the right colour shirt when going out or sorting through a few bottles of spices in the kitchen. That’s where Be My Eyes can be an instant life line for thousands of people every day. As someone with visual impairment you can ask someone at any time and as many times as you need. Due to the large helper database of very willing volunteers you will always get a helping hand and you’re very unlikely to get the same person twice. This means that there is always a willing volunteer waiting to take your call - so what are you waiting for? As a volunteer you will be notified, occasionally, when someone needs help of a sighted person. An alert pops up on your phone / tablet and you have a few seconds to answer the call. If you don’t because you’re busy, don’t worry someone else will answer usually in a few seconds and you’ll be notified that the call has already been answered. If you’re lucky enough to be able to help someone and answer a call then you will see a live stream from someone looking for assistance. You may need to provide some helpful instructions to the person so that the phone camera is showing what you need to see in order to help. Then just chat away and provide the help required. As there are so many volunteers the number of calls received in my experience is very low, maybe one call per 30-60 days on average. In short this app is an inspiration and I cannot recommend it enough.

- Fab

This app is so easy to use. Once downloaded and logged in, done. I received my first call the other day and it was so great to be able to help without evening getting off the sofa :) the call quality is similar to a WhatsApp FaceTime call.

- Genius or nahhhh?

I really thought this was a genius idea but I’ve been on here for months and I’ve not had one call or anything which is disheartening to say the least. I would suggest investing in advertising & getting the word out there, bc as I said this is a brilliant idea, one that could expand once it’s becomes Viral, but it needs to go viral first! until then there’s too many helpers & not enough receivers so it’s many would delete the app thus defeating the objective. So in all, u need to get the word out & then this app could pop off.

- Feels good after helping.

Hi, so I got this app 2days ago and it sais it might take weeks before I got my first call... I’m 11 and I got my call today at 9:05pm from a guy in Africa to find a plug! Me and my mum answered and it went pretty well. I feel good now and happy that I helped find someone something! Amazing app.

- Just amazing!

Imagine someone who is visually impaired needing help, then through an app being able to help them. Well that’s what this app does. Amazing and glad to help!

- Be someone’s eyes

I love this app, it makes me feel like I’m really helping people. Situations that may seem medial to someone who can see but it’s everything to someone who struggles and I can help with that, ITS AMAZING...!!!

- Multilingual

I’ve just downloaded be my eyes on my daughter’s recommendation. I saw only an option to choose a single language. Some of us are multilingual.

- Glad this exists

Not had any calls yet, but I like that this exists and works.

- What a blessing

This is an amazing app I have answered several calls now and it is a wonderful way of helping a stranger. What a fantastic idea

- Outstanding App

Amazing idea for a an app. Everybody should have this. The potential to help and make a positive impact on someone’s life is 100% worth the small effort of downloading and signing up. Do it.

- Fantastic app

Great idea, whoever came up with it!

- So great to help someone!

Just had my first call off a lovely woman to help her find her black shoes, can’t wait for my next one!

- Amazing

What a great thing to do to help

- Amazing

Haven’t used it yet but great idea

- This is the best app.

I love this app so much, please download it to help those in need. Or if you are a visually impaired person, please download it to make your life a little easier! Much love for the apps creators. Really making a difference.

- Amazing app

This app is incredible! We can help others person and this is very good! I love this app 😍

- Love this app since 2015

This app is very useful for the blinds and it’s always made my day after I helped someone with some tasks. Thank you for creating this app and now be my eyes have reached 822.981 people who are willing to take their time to help

- No One Ever Calls!

No one ever calls! It would probably be a good Ap if could help someone. Deleted after not getting a call for the first 6 months.

- This is a scam

Do not use this app how dare you take advantage of people with disabilities. If you have downloaded or let your children/family/friends download this delete it now.

- It’s a privilege to help someone 😃

It is a wonderful privilege to be able to assist someone who is vision impaired. This app is awesome, you get such a good feeling when you have helped a person in need.

- Excellent use of technology

Since joining as a ‘Be My Eyes’ volunteer in February 2016 I’ve witnessed first hand how this app helps people with everyday tasks. The app works flawlessly every time and the great thing is, if I can’t answer a request I know someone else will.

- Amazing use of technology.

What a fantastic experience. Everyone should sign up to help others! Fantastic application of this technology.

- GreAt

Was just surfing the App Store for a game and did not expect to see this and I’m only 13 so it’s for all ages

- Thanks for making the world a better place for all

It’s a an amazing app and a great feeling when you have the ability and means to help total strangers asking for help.

- Timezone

This is such a good idea and app. Unfortunately I suspect it is USA based and so when I had my first call at 4am this morning I missed it. Very sad. Would love to see it rolled out across other countries.

- The best use of technology!

People helping people. We need more apps like this in the world, restoring faith in humanity & connecting people in a more meaningful way than ever before using everyday technology most have access to. Simple but genius.

- Such a great app!

Love this app. Love being able to help people

- Fantastic

What a great concept have helped a few people now very rewarding

- Delightful

The app that not only enable me to help people but connect me with other people in different part of the world. More importantly it put a big smile on my face. Latest update is really nice! Curious to see if there are any feedback from the guys on how best we can best assist them?

- All the stars

An amazing idea with beautiful execution. I count myself fortunate to be a part of the Be My Eyes community.

- I love this app

I honestly love this app & the fulfilment that comes from helping someone out!

- i see how everyone loves this app


- Be My Eyes 👁👁

Had the pleasure of assisting many people with different questions, from all over our globe. Have shared this app to many of my groups and know more people have loaded the App to their devices. Well Done to all who assist others without hesitation. Encouraging to see there are so many willing to help a person in need. 15 to 1. Will continue to share, so more people blind and sighted can help each other. #BestApp

- Really disappointed

I read the instructions for the app which clearly stated to log out when you're unavailable. So, I did that, thinking I'll log back in when I've got a day off tomorrow. I got a call at 6:55am this morning while I was STILL LOGGED OUT. I'm upset because it woke me up, and also I was not coherent enough to take the call. I've now deleted the app as this for me is a failure of the software and borders on a breach of trust. The premise is a great idea but it obviously needs a lot more work.

- Brilliant! Altruistic!

I have had the opportunity to assist two sight impaired people. Two successful connections out of about 14 notifications over more than a year. The first was very simple assistance with two different coloured wires for a device of some sort. The second was a bit more complicated - the gentleman had just returned from his local pharmacy, (drug store, New York, I believe), and was trying to sort his medications. Having him align the labels on the (curved) bottles to his camera phone and getting them a suitable distance to focus and rotating as necessary was challenging for both of us! He knew which meds he should have received. Unfortunately, they did not match what he had been dispensed. As best we could ascertain, he'd been provided the wrong drugs. Knowing that if I'm not in a position to assist when a notification comes, that the request will be sent to someone else, means there's no concern that a sight impaired person will not be assisted. This is a brilliant altruistic app!

- Love it

This app is amazing, I have received a couple of calls and worked great.

- Truly life changing app

Fantastic concept- Crowd source practical help for blind people. The App interface for the helper is very easy to use. I am sure the technology that underpins the App is far more sophisticated then it seems. Good UX design. Brilliant usecase and helping others will certainly provide its own rewards.

- This app is so amazing!

It's very simple and it usually takes me no loner than 1 minute to help people. Definitely recommend it :)

- Great fun

Love this app, have helped people from overseas doing lots of different things. Enjoying helping out very much.

- Wonderful idea ...

Great idea. I have been on as a helper and have not had a call yet like probably 60% of users. I am not sure how effective the app is for blind people nor in what sorts of scenarios is it practical ... as according to stats each blind person has used it 5 times on average. One nice thing to see is how many people out there are willing to help each other ... 15 to 1. Humanity is wonderful. Keep improving the app really hope it takes off.

- Great app!

This is such a great app and being able to help someone who sometimes needs a little assistance is a great thing to be able to do 😄

- Let's get together to see different world

Very excellent app and always made my day to help blind people. so far I help 8 people and I wish I can help more and can help everyday. Hope I this app will encourage blind people to use and sight to come and help to better world to live together :)

- Great way to help people

I've helped two people already and I feel great

- That's a great app

Such a great idea, today I've helped a blind lady from the other side of the world and it was such an amazing experience. I loved it. I hope I can help many more people!

- Satisfying people's needs

Okay so I do feel good about life when a simple phone call helps a stranger by reading a label, picking matching clothes or identifying an objects. It is so easy!

- Awesome!

Great idea and well implemented!

- Great app

Great app... Easy way to help out

- Fantastic!

I love this app! As someone who has no issues seeing I never realised how some daily tasks could be so difficult. It's a fantastic feeling helping others. If anything I wish I received more calls.

- Feels good to help!

Love the feeling of helping someone. Nice and fuzzy for me, very useful for the blind. Really clever crowd sourcing help this way!

- Great feeling to help!

I love Be My Eyes, you're able to help others without getting anything out of it except for the feeling of selflessness and happiness of knowing that you've helped someone you don't even know. It's a great feeling and I love simply love getting calls!

- Love this app

As a sighted person, I love being able to help people all over the world. Clearly one of the best apps on my phone.

- Fantastic Idea & Application

Needs a slight bit of work keeping up to date with the iPhone iOS updates other than that great initiative and innovation.

- Not great

Always gives me a cannot connect at the time error when I try to help... Haven't been able to take even one call

- Awesome

Great way and opportunity to give back to those in need... Thanks Heaps!!!

- Such a wonderful application!

Most requests for help only require a minute of your time which is repaid in excess with warm gratitude. Should come preinstalled on all phones =] Great job developers!

- Great App تطبيق جميل

تطبيق جميل ساعدت من خلاله عدة أشخاص. لا أعلم كم عدد المبصرين الذين يتحدثون العربية استخدموه لمساعدة إخوانهم و أخواتهم الذين عندهم إعاقة بصرية. إلى الان ساعدت ٣ أشخاص أحدهم أخت تتحدث العربية عندها إعاقة بصرية. Thanks for this great app. I helped 3 people with blindness. If you speak Arabic please share this great app to your relatives and friends. Thanks

- Great idea but a little unreliable

I've used it for a while but have only be able to help about 50% of requests as the connection isn't reliable

- Unable to help

Unable to login via Facebook as the email address is already registered, unable to login with my password as it's the incorrect password & unable to request password as there's no internet connection, so how am I supposed to help?

- Incredible app. A must for everyone!

A simple app which is easy to use but has a great impact on others. Helping others has never been so easy.


.... A gift of help to those in our global community who are blinded or have problems with their vision, for those of us who can see to give them the help they need. It's fantastic that an application like is available and free. A truly must have app for any Smartphone / Smart-tech users. Thank you so much for this!!

- amazing!

Such a nice and helpful app and Im glad to be apart of this! Take a few moments of your time to try it out for the good of others :)

- Awesome!!!

This app is truly awesome! Such a fantastic idea, it works and it is so helpful!

- It works

I just answered my first call and it works well.

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Be My Eyes 3.1.25 Screenshots & Images

Be My Eyes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Be My Eyes iphone images
Be My Eyes iphone images
Be My Eyes iphone images
Be My Eyes iphone images
Be My Eyes iphone images
Be My Eyes iphone images
Be My Eyes ipad images
Be My Eyes ipad images
Be My Eyes ipad images
Be My Eyes ipad images
Be My Eyes ipad images
Be My Eyes ipad images
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Be My Eyes (Version 3.1.25) Install & Download

The applications Be My Eyes was published in the category Lifestyle on 2014-09-24 and was developed by Be My Eyes [Developer ID: 905177578]. This application file size is 91.91 MB. Be My Eyes - Lifestyle posted on 2020-02-24 current version is 3.1.25 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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