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***Best Mobile Game 2015 DICE Nominee***

The most addicting tower defense game returns in an all-new prequel adventure - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Origins!

Praise for the Kingdom Rush series: the #1 Strategy Game franchise for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Apple’s Editor’s Choice Award, IGN Editor's Choice, Slide To Play Must Have, GameInformer Gold Award, 148 Apps Editor's Choice, Jay is Games Game of the Year, Pocket Gamer Gold Award,CNET Best iPad Games, CNET Editor’s Choice Award, Gamezebo 4.5/5, Touch Arcade 4.5/5, Venturebeat94/100.

What critics are saying about Kingdom Rush: Origins:

"The Kingdom Rush franchise is one of the best tower defense series around, and the third entry, Origins, is as fun as the franchise has ever been.” –Entertainment Weekly

“I’ve played plenty of tower defense games over the years, but none have ever captured my heart the way the Kingdom Rush series has.” –The Verge

“Kingdom Rush Origins HD is more of the same, for the most part, and that’s an excellent thing." –148 Apps

“Great looks, super fun game play, enjoyable music and fun Easter Eggs. Anyone who loves tower defense games ought to have this on their device." –TUAW

“Everything you might expect from a new game in the wonderfully addictive tower defense series: new towers, new heroes, fantastic gameplay." –Kotaku

"If you’re a fan of tower defense, you’re well acquainted with Kingdom Rush and its sequel, Kingdom Rush Frontiers. This third entry in the series is available now, and yes, it’s the best to date." –Gamezebo

Kingdom Rush: Origins is the third installment of the award-winning Kingdom Rush saga, loved by millions and earning accolades from gamers and critics around the globe. Take a trip back to the beginning, before Vez’nan ever thought to threaten the kingdom with the gem of power, and experience even more of the lightning-fast, exceptionally captivating gameplay that made the franchise a cornerstone of essential tower defense games. In this exciting prequel, command your elven army and defend mystical lands from sea serpents, evil sorcerers, and wave after wave of gnoll tribesman, all with the help of brand-spankin’ new towers, heroes, and spells to fend off every last baddie.

Kingdom Rush: Origins packs in a treasure trove of new content and features while keeping the signature look that millions have come to love.


• Re-enter the world of Kingdom Rush: visit mysterious elven forests, magical faery realms and even floating ruins of an ancient metropolis!
• Unleash the power of the elves with brand new towers and troops! Elf Archers, Mystic Mages, Stone Druids and the Elven Infantry make up the backbone of your army.
• Discover eight new specialized tower upgrades with over 18 abilities! Vanquish your enemies with elven marksmen, runed bears, magic-wielding wizards, and even giant animated trees.
• Take up arms against 30 new enemy types and engage in epic boss battles! Face hordes of Gnolls, giant spiders, and the terrible Twilight army.
• Master and upgrade nine legendary heroes and their awesome powers and spells!
• Rain lightning, summon reinforcements, and use each hero’s unique power to obliterate scores of enemies!
• Immerse yourself in hours of gameplay with over 70 achievements, with three difficulty modes for the newbs and veterans alike.
• Play different game modes - Classic, Iron, and Heroic - and prove your mettle as a master tactician.
• Purchase new-and-improved equipment using your hard earned gems in a revamped Gnome shop.
• Study your enemies and your towers with an in-game encyclopedia

Kingdom Rush Origins App Description & Overview

The applications Kingdom Rush Origins was published in the category Games on 2014-11-20 and was developed by Ironhide S.A.. The file size is 277.46 MB. The current version is 2.1.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Several Bug fixes.

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Kingdom Rush Origins Reviews

Matty Pos

Here’s the thing  Matty Pos  3 star

It’s the best tower defense game I’ve ever played, BUT, actually charging people money to gain the extra characters is embarrassing for the company to do. Just make it so you have to beat the game or earn tons of points to earn them. It’s so stupid doing it that nazi way that game companies do to earn more money. Enough people will buy this game, trust me, but that’s a bad route to go. Charging people to use a character. Stop acting like EA.


Faustus is cool  BWCTorgrimm  2 star

Until you get past halfway and his damage is seemingly reduced by at least half. And your towers don’t seem to do the same damage values past the halfway point either. Really annoying.


The best one yet  Awsome_Cookie01  5 star

This game is amazing! I think it's the most challenging game yet but that makes it fun.


Awesome series  Fbfalcon  5 star

The kingdom rush games are among some of my favorite games. I got recently downloaded this and played the first level, and I love it. Great graphics, challenging levels, fun towers and upgrades, achievements and heroes, I mean how much better can it get? I’ve always loved tower defense games, and this is my favorite one along side the Bloons TD games. Also, for being 1 dollar and a mobile game, this is amazing! Thanks ironhide for another amazing game.

Lord Ten

Blah.  Lord Ten  1 star

Blah blah blah.

Traffic Cone Guy

Well done again.  Traffic Cone Guy  5 star

This installment in the Kingdom Rush series is very fun and engaging. Origins does have a slightly more difficult campaign (in my opinion), but it gives an enjoyable challenge, as well as the greater sense of accomplishment when you achieve those three stars for a stage.


WOW!  DGR69  5 star

This is the most fantastic game ever on iOS. Buy it now! You won't regret it. Please update to iPhone X.


Not optimized for iPhone X  BandarBinYazeed  3 star

I love all kingdom rush trilogies but when I bought a new phone I discovered that its not optimized for the new iPhone X which is a bummer


Decent game could be better  descri  3 star

The targeting priorities need optimization, several times I have lost because the ranged units focused on ground instead of air. The prices for heroes are way to expensive and no ability to buy in packs or with diamonds. Still no ability to sell before match for full price of towers which is super lame. Still boring one way upgrade tree. Lack of auto adjust skills for hero and iron maps. The game is still fun, but needs much improvement.

I don't like crashes!

paid 7$-asking updating!  I don't like crashes!  4 star

When my wishes come true 5 star! I know how much you guys need 5 stars it means a lot to you all! )I have bought myself 7$ dragon so I like you all as a group of support in this game to create a change I like to offer you guys! I payed for it so I own my wish! GRAND me "3" WISHES!(1)I like you guys to lower the cost of items that I need to buy with diamonds by 1/2 price! (2)extende the time by (2x-3x)longer! because those items are super expensive and last so short amount of time! (3)Check out the app of BUILDAWAY! And my wish would be to copy the method from that app for daily bonuses!(14 days only that after finished repeat over again 1-14. Just replacing the cases to diamonds,coins,(time skip(free iteam that you can only buy with diamonds),same rules!(if you miss 48hrs!(the list resets to day 1!),and something very good each 14th day like the 999 diamonds item for ex)(each 14th day add some different!)something very expansive(like a free hero!)(to 7$ worth!)


Heroes  Alexander_Da_Panda  4 star

I love The Heroes But I Think Some Achievements Should Unlock Other or Special Heroes. Great Game By The Way.


Boom  Muntologist  5 star

Figured I'd write a review. I've played this game since the beginning (kingdom rush) and it's the best game I've ever played on my iPhone. I was 1 achievement off completing the whole game before I switched phones and started all over again. Love it. Saved me from boredom more time than I can count. Wonderful work


Great tower defense game  Excen  5 star

Great game, spent more time playing this than some AAA titles.


Best. Game. Ever.  PegTGaming_YT  5 star

AWESOME graphics. AWESOME gameplay. AWESOME new towers. AWESOME EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pretty Dang good!  YouCanCallMeTK  5 star

Im genuinely surprised hahaha Pretty damn good and surprisingly challenging!! The only thing I would ask is that there wasn't so many heroes that you had to pay even more for. There are a number to choose from and level up but but there are like 20 just teasing you in the game!! Just a couple more would be nice lol


Fun  Elissa456  4 star

Half way through a game, go off for a few hours and you need to start again- disappointing. Rest of the game is fun.


Best game on iOS  ElectricGeetar  5 star

So few games on mobile are this polished. Great replay value, 5 stars!


The best  bwhitey  5 star

Best iOS game ever!


Great Game  DaMuffinMan123  5 star

Great game, one of the best tower defence games ive ever played. Love the series!


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥  edo.213  5 star


Takers fan 87

Addicting and insanely fun  Takers fan 87  5 star

Been playing on and off for a couple years now only game i've kept for this long


Good game  guccipolosocks  5 star

I like playing this game.

Zachary 111111111111111&$$$

Amazing Franchise  Zachary 111111111111111&$$$  5 star

These games are great when you're away from you're computer or even if you don't have one almost everyone can enjoy these games.


Awesome  Nickbobnick  5 star

They help me right away with my problem evolving the game. Great game play, hours of fun.


Thanks for Korea language !!  Daizo29  5 star

Thanks for Korea language !! The game are great, but the game are old. Korean patch?!! Amazing Wonderful!! I love this game. 여러분~!! 이 엄청난 게임이 한글화까지 되었어요..!! 정말 재미있습니다. 이 게임은 꼭 해봐야되는 게임입니다. 킹덤러쉬 시리즈는 정말 명작이에요.


Game  oDDjOB7979  5 star

Great game.


Favorite game app!  ProPicEditor  5 star

I've played and beat this game on all levels many times. Deleted the app just to find myself downloading it again and again. It's seriously addicting! Though I wish it had a 'speed up' option bc it takes a bit to get thru waves. Other than that, this is my favorite tower defense game!

Brandon Elijah Adams !

Hi  Brandon Elijah Adams !  5 star

Hi this is good


  这么一来就是sffFgh  4 star



Love this series!  Darkmist767  5 star

One the best mobile games out there.

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