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What is hopper: flights, hotels & cars app? The Hopper app has helped over 100 million travelers find and secure the best price on flights, hotels, homes and car rentals - each and every time they book their trips.

Book Flights, Hotels, Homes & Rental Cars
Find millions of flights, hotels, homes, rental cars (and cute bunnies) – all in one app. Book your trip safely and securely, in just a couple taps and a swipe.

Always Get the Best Price
You can watch a trip right in the app and we’ll send you a notification when it’s the best time to buy — recommending you to book now, or maybe wait just a little longer.

Easily Find The Cheapest Travel Dates
Simply search your preferred destination and use Hopper’s color-coded deals calendar to easily find the cheapest travel dates for your trip.

Not Ready to Book Right Away?
Hopper lets you freeze the price, so that you never miss a travel deal. For a small fee, take the time you need to finalize your plans, or wait for your next paycheck to come in. If the price goes up, you only pay the price you froze it at. But if the price goes down, you just pay the lower price.

Travel with Confidence
Avoid fees and frustration! Make any trip flexible with Hopper’s Cancel and Change for Any Reason plans. Get instantly rebooked without extra costs if your flight is delayed or you miss a connection with Hopper’s Flight Disruption Guarantee. Travel stress free with 24/7 access to Hopper’s Customer Support.

Help the Planet, One Booking at a Time.
With every booking that occurs on Hopper, we pledge to plant 2 trees to offset the carbon footprint. To date, we’ve planted over 31 million trees.

Hopper has no ads, no spam, and no stress — just accurate predictions and travel deals.

So what are you waiting for? Start saving money with the bunny today. Download Hopper for free now, and let’s start planning your next trip!

Hopper Love
• “The 10 Best Free Apps for Air Travel Junkies” - TIME
• “The Most Downloaded OTA in the U.S. in 2021” - Apptopia
• “The app helps travelers find the cheapest flights, hotels and rental cars.” - The Points Guy
• “Compared to exact searches on Expedia, Kayak and Orbitz, we regularly found that the deal quoted on Hopper was the best” - Travel and Leisure
• “Hopper can be a better option than direct booking for those who need more flexibility.” - The Wall Street Journal
• “Find me a hotel on Hopper!” - The Late Late Show with James Corden
• “Travel Unicorn Hopper First Came for Expedia. Airbnb Is Next” - TechCrunch
• “Hopper is committed to offsetting the carbon emissions of every flight and hotel stay it sells.” - Forbes, The Top 100 Most Customer-Centric Companies of 2022

Say Hello to the Bunnies
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoppertravel
Instagram: @hopper
Twitter: @hopper
Website: http://www.hopper.com

Need support? Head over to https://help.hopper.com to find answers to frequently asked questions. You can also reach us toll-free at +1-833-933-4671 if calling from US or Canada, or at +1 (347)-695-4555 if calling from outside the US or Canada.

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App Name Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars
Category Travel
Updated 15 January 2024, Monday
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Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars Comments & Reviews 2024

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Turned into a scam the moment a crisis hit. Flight confirmation VVIYEN from Hartford to Toronto on May 24 and May 31st to come back with two travelers. My entire family has been using hopper since it came out. It used to be reliable and all was good in the hood until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. My boyfriend and I didn’t have a flight until May 24th and on April 3rd i was sent an email stating “your hopper booking has been cancelled” at 1:58 am. There was no info on why it was cancelled, receiving a credit or refund. I was NOT the one who cancelled our flight. I have contacted customer service NUMEROUS times to see where our refund is and have not been given an answer. This company does not have a phone number nor a working email to contact them, you must contact them through their “help” center which is not helpful AT ALL. Supposedly if your flight isn’t within 72 hours they don’t want you contacting them but they continue to cancel flights that are 8 weeks away and not give a refund. I would avoid booking any and all flights with this company seeing as they are stealing people’s money in a time of crisis. I would however look into their millions of tweets being sent at them, and thousands of comments on Instagram of people speaking on how awful their experience has been with hopper and the app stealing their money. It is cruel and selfish. The DOT has put in guidelines that we must be refunded and hopper clearly believes they are above the law.

Refund for Same day cancellation. I waited over a month to get a full refund from a flight that I cancelled 3 hours after it was purchased. The rule is you get a full refund (minus any extra fees that you may have purchased for insurance etc.) if you cancel within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. It should be processed as a void. They sent an email stating they would refund me X amount (which was about $60 less than the amount I paid because the fees are non refundable -understandable) and when the refund went through, it was exactly half of that. When I reached out they tried to say it was due to fees, hello you already kept the fees! Reached out again to get the rest of my refund. They sent me an email stating I’d get the rest refunded within 3-10 business days. 15 business days later and still no refund. I reached out again and I received an email saying they sent the refund via PayPal? (That was weird, but okay) I go into PayPal and there is nothing there. 2 minutes later I get an email stating that the money they sent to PayPal was cancelled. I had to reach out yet again. FINALLY, 35 Business days later I get the other half of my refund via PayPal. The only reason I am giving the app 3 stars is because every other time when I haven’t had to request a refund things have gone smoothly and ultimately they did give me a refund. Just a huge inconvenience to get it.

DO NOT USE THIS APP!. This app is horrible and the customer service is even worse. I booked at the wrong hotel so my fault on that but the amount of inconvenience you have to go through to cancel and get a refund to book at another hotel is horrendous. I went to the hotel I booked at and they cancelled the reservation within seconds but the problem is I prepaid for the room so Hopper had to call the hotel and ask if it was okay to cancel the reservation with no cancellation charge and I’m standing there at the front desk listening to the front desk guy tell the Hopper representative that it is okay to cancel with no fee and he kept repeating that to her over and over and then the Hopper representative wanted him to email them saying it is okay to cancel with a refund and he told her he doesn’t have an email with the hotel name but offered her a fax with the hotels header etc and she would not accept that but at the same time she called the hotels phone number, an employee answered and you would think that would be sufficient enough, nope. Another ridiculous thing is you can’t get a hold of customer service unless you pay for VIP!!! I spoke to two different representatives and they both barely spoke English and I kept having to say what? because their Indian accent is so strong, I would never use this app again let alone recommend it to anyone. Waste of time and waste of money.

Impossible to change flight, no live help+fees. I recently booked round trip flights from New York to Utah using hopper. I paid $1,200 per seat, which Hopper indicated was an average deal (very pricey). Well, my trip is in a few weeks and I need to change my outbound flight. Hopper does not offer live support and customer support is all via e-mail (no phone call, no live messenger). The response is slow and sloppy. I was passed from person to person, each telling me something different and offering different options. Finally someone gave me a clear answer and option and I asked them to change my flight. Well, that person ever changed anything and disappeared on me. So, I started the process over again and submitted a new request, radio silence. I’ve been at this all day trying to change my flight (which, if I ever manage to change it, they want to charge me for even though I am entitled to free changes and cancellation per my ticket). And, upon exploring other options, I found flights for $100. I even found the same flight Hopper offered me earlier in the day that I tried to take, cheaper and still available (I’m now being told that flights not available). So, i got ripped off. I can’t change my flight. And this is an absolute nightmare. I hate traveling. Book direct. Pay the extra few bucks. Hopper is not worth it. The stress and headaches and haste and fees just aren’t worth it. It’s like flying spirit. What a disaster.

Manipulative and filled with Micro fees, use for the Calendar and Make Purchases Somewhere Else. Update: Took 3 months, over 40 emails and a really bad review. But I finally got my refund. after having my email feed disconnected and practically giving up as my reservation was over 4 months ago, i updated my already terrible review to what you see below and then my feed was reopened. For some reason this time I was given more information and it seemed my issue was brought up to a high enough person and my review was alarming enough that I was issued a refund within the week. It should not be this hard to issue a clear refund. But I am happy to have finally received it, and hopper did reply to my reviews both here and in email which I appreciate greatly. This is one of those businesses that will do everything they can to take as much money from you as possible while making it look like they’re giving you incredible discounts. They will overcharge you for micropayments that you don’t realize exist until you pay them, and if you do avoid them you will have an impossible time receiving ANYTHING close to a refund if one single thing goes wrong, like I did. Use their calendar because it’s awesome to see fluctuations in prices ahead of time for tickets, hotels etc. and then make your actual purchases somewhere else. Use them and then leave. because they seriously take advantage of people and will take advantage of you if you don’t.

THERES ALWAYS A CATCH. Hopper promises you best price on your flight with a price freeze but little do you do it’s ONLY FOR THAT SPECIFIC AIRLINE. Although you turn on flight watch and get notified for ALL flights based on your location and date.. when you PRICE freeze, you FLIGHT freeze. You will see the price drop for other flights to the same destination and same date but if you make the mistake in freezing your price you are locked in to that specific airline that had the lowest price at the time. THEY ARE NOT CLEAR ABOUT THAT ANYWHERE IN THE RULES. When the issue is brought to them they chose to belittle my issue by apologizing that I did not understand their policy. I did not even request a refund, just a simple transfer of my deposit to the lower flight (as I initially understood was the purpose of PRICE freeze) and they DECLINED. They offered NOTHING to help even AFTER realizing their lack of clarity. I was told feedback would be submitted but that they are bound by the policy which is absolutely ridiculous because no company is bound by their OWN policy. You make exceptions when you realize there is a problem in your marketing. Long story short: I wasted my deposit on a flight that seemed to be the lowest thinking I was locking in any flight that dropped below that as well and was fooled. They should change the name to FLIGHT freeze not price freeze. Liars.

Be cautious. I have used hopper for most all my travel plans. We just booked a big expensive trip from US to U.K. for 2024. We didn’t need fancy expensive/exchangeable tickets as the dates are very specific to the event we are travelling for. Unfortunately one of the 6 members travelling with us is now no longer able to attend. We purchased insurance through their recommended carrier - Xcover. We spoke directly to the airline as their policy is no name changes allowed (we will be taking someone else in the place of the cancelled ticket). The airline was not able to do a name change or refund per their policy but they did advise that the third party - in this case Hopper- would potentially be able to take it to their team support and be able to at least give us a credit etc as they will of course be able to resell this ticket we cancelled. Hopper refused and advised us to use the insurance. The insurance coverage has declined to cover the cost of the ticket as apparently the “reason” is not covered. It’s a shame in this day an age that they’re just going to take my money and sell the ticket over again… essentially double dipping. I would totally understand an administrative charge for their time etc but the entire cost of a ticket for March 24 is just wrong. Will never be using hopper again and will certainly not be recommending them. Will likely use the app to see when the prices are lowest and then just book direct with the carriers suggested.

Terrible Company. Hopper will steal your money. Don not use this app to purchase tickets. My flight to Dublin, Ireland in June was cancelled by the airline British Airways. However, after submitting a cancellation request through the Hopper app according to their instructions and waiting for two weeks I was finally told they couldn’t help me and I would have to get a hold of the airline directly. They also told me that in the future booking references that start with a Z need to be handled through the airline. Why would Hopper not have their program immediately flag that and let me know within 30 seconds rather than wait over two weeks for them to tell me they can’t help? Anyway, after getting a hold of British Airways, I was told that they couldn’t do anything for me and that I needed to go through Hopper. So at that point both companies were telling me they couldn’t help and I had to get a hold of the other one. Hopper has already told me they can’t process my cancellation, however, and they have absolutely no customer service number to call or an email. All they have is an automated online chat room, which I tried messaging, but nobody even looks at the messages. Hopper owes me over $1600 for a flight that was cancelled, they’re telling me they can’t help, and they’re purposely not communicating in any form. This company is nothing more than a scam. They will take your money and steal it. Do not use this app whatever you do.

Horrible customer service. I tried to extend a stay with a hotel I booked and their customer service representative said that since my booking is non-refundable and non-changeable I couldn’t. They suggested I book a different room for the stay and told them what I don’t want to happen is to have to check out mid-day and check back in, which is what would happen if I booked the same hotel different times. So I tried talking to the hotel instead - their phone wasn’t working and the reservation number I got from hopper wasn’t working on their online reservation modifier. Customer service proceeded to give me 4 different confirmation numbers to try and none of them worked so at this time I am convinced they scammed me. I tried calling the hotel again but they were asking for a specific extension number to talk to someone and I can’t easily look up people while I’m in transit, nor do I feel like I have to do this to talk to a representative. 20 minutes later a different customer service rep deals with me and says I can’t change my reservation, I had to retell my issue and he won’t just cancel my reservation for me. I’ve told them multiple times I don’t even care about the refund at this point because it’s not worth my sanity. But the customer service continues to tell me things I already know and just kept extending the conversation without actually canceling the reservation. I do not recommend this app ever, the savings are negligible and the headache I got is not worth it.

Used to be great not so much now. I always tell my friends family and even strangers about hopper because they do have the lowest rates and cool ways to save money on rooms flights and rental cars! However, ever since the new year my app has been extremely difficult! Everything that it used to do it doesn’t do anymore! For example my carrot cash has not been adding up since December 31st and now my price freeze keeps giving me the contact support message! Being that I have been in a hotel since September 2022 hopper has been saving me a lot of money! But but the price freeze randomly not working and the carrot cash not working I’m back to paying regular price for my room! It’s very frustrating because I wasn’t prepared for this to happen and there’s no way to contact someone in support immediately! They take up to 48 hours to respond and once they respond it’s a generic response then they take another 24 hours to respond to the next message! I’m so upset at this point because I don’t know what else to do! I restarted my phone updated the app deleted and redownloaded the app and nothing is fixing the bugs! When I finally got a response from support in my email they didn’t help at all! You have to pay a extra fee to get a quicker response as well! I simply can not do that! I wish the app would work properly because I loved it sooo much last year! If these problems are fixed I will redo my review because I really did love this app!

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I’ve been a loyal customer for years and loved hopper until this recent lack of customer service. I purchased a ticket, in which I had to cancel due to spikes in Covid cases, hopper would not a lot me a full refund but gave me a voucher to use at a later date. It’s now time for me to utilize my voucher but in order to use, you have to contact customer service (which is odd because I’d think a voucher means I could use whenever however I’d like as long as it’s on the same airline). I’ve been in contact with customer service for A WEEK PLUS and still have not booked my flight. Hopper does not have a phone number so I can talk to one representative and get the issue resolved same day. Hopper only “supports via email” which is slow, unproductive, and annoying since I have a different representative EVERY EMAIL who has a different answer each time. I have a voucher, I’d like to purchase 2 tickets to utilize all of my voucher since HOPPER only allows you to use the voucher on one flight and only on the original passengers, but since my original ticket was a lap child and my ticket, I can only by a ticket for myself and lose the remain amount (I.E PAY HOPPER FOR TERRIBLE SERVICE). I am furious at the lack of communication and resolution to my issue. Hopper was once my go to but after this issue is solved they will NEVER get my service again. Sincerely, Outraged customer

Unreliable Service. Been trying to find reschedule a flight for five days now even though these guys advertise 24hours customer support I only got an reply on the 4th day after submitting my request, the chat feel more like an email conversation, finally able to get a quote and receive a phone call so I could give my credit card info for an extremely overpriced change that I had to do it since im out of options, was received to at least had it over with until I woke up this morning with another message from the service late at night saying that they tried to process my request only at that our... and go a step further to blame it on the airline for not having it available anymore, sending me back to stage 0, putting a bot back at my conversation and giving me only the option to get a new quote, which im assuming it will be more expensive. No reply so far. would never recommend this service to anyone, im glad I'm at a long stay or else I would be really concerned on the reliability of this service to manage any sort of short trip or emergency flight changes that need to be done, the 24hrs service is very misleading and inefficient at getting things done quick. Really wouldn't recommend buying any tickets through it anymore, paying 100 to 200 dollars less its way worth it in my opinion so you don't have to deal with this kind of problems, and any changes on your ticket will have you pay way more than what you got on any deal.

Just book directly don’t use this app. You know those crazy bad ads you’d get from downloading a free game? That’s this app. This booking app spams bull crap so much that it adds it by default and adds a donations without you knowing! For example, my tickets after tax were $184 but it attempted to charge in a bunch of fees and bill crap that amount to almost $300! It even tries to hide your total at the end at the bottom in tiny font. It’s awful, then you have to hit “no thanks” button for donations, Covid-19 insurance, travel insurance, change flights insurance, canceled flight insurance, seat insurance, premium support coverage. More down the rabbit hole, is all these “insurance” and “upgrades” options aren’t directly offered by hopper. They are individually contracted companies that has up to a minimum turn around time of 90 days for claims. The worst part about this app is that it sends notifications about adding “protection” after the purchase without a “no thanks” button. You literally have to force close the app to get rid of the spam offer. If you accidentally press any of these buttons it will quickly charge your card and there are NO REFUNDS. You know they are doing it on purpose when every little thing has a spam offer even right now to hiding the cost of the add ons thinking no one will notice. TLDR: Hopper tricks you into scam insurance offers even after purchase, NO REFUNDS for anything purchased, way more expensive than booking directly.

They removed entire record of my airline credit!!. I booked a trip from Chicago to Alberta last year using hopper for two people, but the flights got canceled due to COVID-19. Hopper sent us an email that our deposit can be used as travel credits whenever we’re ready to book another trip. Our trip was a combination of 2 airlines: United Airlines for our outbound, and American Airlines on our return. On March 16, after several frustrating emails and messages back and forth, we could use our United Airlines credit to book a flight from OHare to Kahului. Even for that, we had to agree to book a flight for a much higher price that what was shown on their app. We still have our American Airlines credit left to be used. The last message I received from Hopper confirmed this, saying: "I would also like to confirm with you that your American Airlines credit is still open under the same booking confirmation ####" I now want to book a flight using my American Airlines credit. But, there is no record for this credit anymore on the Hopper app. In fact , there is no record of our six letter record locator on the American Airlines website either! Hopper has completely removed my American Airlines credit and replaced our the previous reservation information with info about our flight to Kahului. This is a so frustrating, and at this point we’re worried if hopper will ever give us our travel credit back. This is a completely dishonest business!

Loved the App BEFORE..Now, not so much…. I have been using Hopper for over 6 years and when I started, it was one of my go-to apps. I loved how easy it was to navigate and purchase flights right in the app. Now, I can’t spend more than 2 minutes without wanting to pluck my eyes out. It is saturated with things popping up and offers to spin some stupid wheel or win some carrot points. It’s overstimulating to say the least. The interface used to be so easy and fun to navigate. Id spend an hour playing around with different trip ideas but these days I plug what I need and try to get off as soon as possible. 😠 Ux issues aside, the reason I gave it 4 stars and not 3 is because historically the app has been very accommodating to me. The customer service people are top tier and have always helped me out. Like the time I booked a flight in 2021 before the Delta strain of COVID was a thing and I needed to cancel. So Hopper employees helped me fight for my money so I could make use of it a year later. That’s really awesome and I will never forget it. 🤗 While it hasn’t been giving me the flight deals like it used to - and I now have a few other apps I use that seem to give me the same deals - Hopper is still one of the main search apps I use for travel planning. That said, I really hope they redesign it. I’m tired of being harangued by slot machines and carrot bucks and hotels I don’t even want 😠

Price Freeze Fail. I paid for the Price Freeze, got the confirmation, came back 9 days later to book and saw the airline had moved my flight time by 2.5 hours. The price had increased more than $400 per ticket (I was purchasing 4 for my family.) Good thing I had a price freeze, right? Nope! Hopper wouldn’t allow me to book that flight any longer. I was given the option to look for other flights, all of which were massively inconvenient and more expensive, but I selected one to see what the total would be with the deposit I had already committed, and in doing so, they removed my option to get a refund on my price freeze deposit. I was now frozen in to a new flight which I was only trying to understand how much more it would cost. So now I’m paying $700 more for four tickets, because Hopper obligated me to commit to another flight when I was only trying to explore my options for my family. I tried to reach out to customer service, but they said they’d get back to me in 24 hrs. I really hope they can reconcile this, otherwise it’s an indictment of the suggestion they are looking out for their customers. Stay away from Hopper! Google Flights is a better, more honest option without the unfair handcuffs. Now our family plans which I had been saving every dollar to see a niece my kids and wife had never met, is fried in a single apps inability to recognize the human side of navigating traveling in these crazy days! So bummed. I thought Hopper would be better, or at least fair.

First and Last time Using. Purchased tickets for a flight a month before Covid-19 really became an issue. I’m the week leading up to my trip things around the globe really started to get bad and like most we decided to cancel. I first tried to settle the issue through the airline (United) but because I purchased through a third party I was not able to cancel and receive credit from them. This directed me to begin the cancellation process through the app, which has been shady since the beginning. Since going through the steps on the app I have only gotten two emails stating they will try to get the best compensation they can get. Considering we are now two weeks removed from the flight I have to believe that is fluff and in reality no work has or will be done on my issue. To make matters worse along with the few for the ticket I also purchased the “cancel for any reason” option. Obviously this was before there was worldwide panic, but you’d think that the extra money given to the service would secure some sort of refund. Overall I believed in this app to be completely let down. I have come to think that they take your money and buy the tickets on their own, probably from the airline directly. Maybe someone from hopper now has $500 to spend towards a trip of their own. Disappointed, annoyed and let down by this app. Don’t use them, the prices are ok but no deal is worth this hassle where you can’t even speak to a person.

SCAM. Beware!. If I could do no stars, I would. You have to pay an subscription fee to communicate with customer service. If not you will wait 24-48 hours for someone to send a copy and paste email. Not customer focused. Travel rates are no different than any other 3rd party service. Nothing special about what they offer. Lots of hidden fees from the app. App does not function properly and forces you to make selections that increase the total cost. Does not save you money. Recommend that you do not add your payment information until you have read through ALL fine print bc they do not believe in refunds or credits in any situation, unless you pay an extra fee for this service. Use Priceline, kayak or similar services that will provide immediate customer care without an extra expense. The total will be cheaper. Update: I have spoken to multiple scammers posing as developers for this app for days without accountability or resolution. They continue communication through email only with a 24 hour wait times and copy and paste responses. Crazy thing is multiple user encountered the same issues I did on the same day but the response from these scammers is they have not experienced any technical issues. Very strange. Use this app at your own discretion. Read all print before purchase and check out the reviews prior. Do your research! They will SCAM you!!

Not Even the employees will match these low rates!. We recently had a house fire and had no choice but to stay in hotels. With us being a family of 5 suites seem to suit us best and hopper came through every time with the lowest rate of all 3rd party hotel apps and sites. Rate do change constantly but that’s what makes it kinda fun. I find that 2AM I can get the lowest rate of the day , although that’s not always the case. Not only that but on top of fire car broke down and Hopper had great deals for a rental for the week. They are always posting cheap flights and housing or hotels for a vacation or in my case ended up finding an apartment to stay in short term till we got are ducks in a row for the next step of are journey. I have never had a problem with them personally or had to call because they made a mistake. Just be careful when booking rooms that your reading the details correctly or call hotel and double check if you’re unsure what a room type is. For example one time I booked us for a king suite. Thing separate king bedroom and sofa bed in living room….. and we walked in the room there was one king bed. What I should have clicked on was 1 bedroom king suite which had the separate bedroom and pull out couch for the kiddos in living room. All in all Thank you Hopper I couldn’t have found a better site to use in this time of need for my family.

Rip off.. I recently booked two flights for Vegas for a friend and I. I noticed that I had been charged twice for my flights. I contacted hopper through the app because they have no customer service phone line. And they canceled the first flight but I had to talk to three different people to get it done. They also cancelled the wrong flights one was charged for 136 and the other was charged for 180. They cancelled the 136 dollar flights. They when I confronted them on it they gave me a coupon for $70 to be used within 180 days or it expired. I was so frustrated that I decided to cancel both flights. I contacted them again and told them I wanted to cancel all my flights and they told me no! So I contacted the airlines and had to do it myself, where I found out they had booked me three times. So I had to contact hopper and give them the confirmation cancellation codes that the airlines gave to get my refund. When I checked my account they had only refunded 288 dollars out of the 320 that I was charged. So I had to contact them again and then they finally refunded me another 30 and said the other 2 dollars was none refundable. I’ve spent three days contacting them back and fourth to cancel flights. They were booked 24 hrs before cancelling, and it was a nightmare! I’ll never go through this app again. I’d rather pay more money for a reliable booking company than go through what I went through with them again.

I accidentally cancelled my reservation last minute. There was no way to undo or refund my money. Horrible experience. I was at the hotel I was checking into and I was on the cancel reservations page I booked the wrong hotel so I was trying to see what options I had like a return or transfer hotel or just accept the room I already paid for in full weeks in advanced and after one click of a button it was cancelled no double check no warning no undo no nothing no you will not get a refund no anything. Just immediately cancelled I then went into the hotel to see what they could do. They said nothing could be done due to the third party app. I then went inside and bought the same room so I had to double pay. Horrible system it literally says. To submit a cancellation request through the Hopper app, click on the trip details for the hotel reservation that you would like to cancel, and select "Cancel Reservation" and follow the prompts to begin the cancellation process. There was not any prompt or process for me it just immediately cancelled my room and gave me a cancellation email. I then submitted a request the same day for a dispute promptly said we will get back to you in 24 hours. it has now been 2 days with no answer. Oh also if u want them to actually help you need to pay another fee for “vip service” 9$ not much. I think this is a serious issue for user functionality it impacted me greatly and ruined my whole trip. If I could give zero stars I would but I can’t.

Please Fix the Notification Spam. Hopper has a nice looking interface that’s easy to use. I’ve booked and completed my first flight with no problem last month and look forward to using Hopper again soon. I like to use the app to look up flight prices to many different places for future travel plans. However, it saved every search as a “Watched Trip.” The app’s notifications have just been crazy. I keep getting notifications like “Your flight to __ is now $__” It even notifies me of hotels at the places I’ve searched even though I’m not interested in booking a hotel. These hotel notifications are even more annoying because they’re always untrue. They advertise that a certain hotel in __ have gone down to $__/night and whenever I click on the notification, the price of that advertised hotel is NEVER what they said. Also, the red dot on the corner of the app in the Home Screen displaying how many notifications I have is always over 100+ everyday, though harmless but bothersome. I know I can always turn off notifications in my settings but I wished we can customize what kind of notifications we would like to get, plus please stop displaying 100+ notifications to get us to click on the app.

Often great, but customer service isn’t good. Generally, I love Hopper, and have been using it for years. I get low prices and it keeps all my flight info in one place. On my most recent trip, however, I’ve run into issue after issue. First, when I cancelled a flight so I could book a different one, I was not allowed to do that through hopper because it said I had a conflicting itinerary, which never seemed to resolve itself even after a week of the flight being cancelled. Then, I booked my return flight and wanted to get travel insurance through Hopper. Now I’m jumping through hoop after hoop because the automatic dates for my travel insurance are for AFTER my trip. The hopper customer service staff don’t seem to be able to communicate with each other because I’ve had to call multiple times and gotten different advice each time. Like I said, I like the app a lot, and maybe one bad trip out of a dozen over the last several years isn’t a big deal. At this point though, I probably won’t buy travel insurance through them in the future, and I’ll likely just cancel my flights before trying to get through their customer service system again.

Left stranded in Korea. Would give no stars if I could. Hopper left me in a dangerous position last night. Booked a hotel in Seoul Korea for 10 nights, everything confirmed. I get to the hotel and the hotel claimed that they do not accept hopper reservations and that my reservation did not exist with them. I am panicked. It is late at night and I had no recourse. I paid the extra 15 dollars to start chatting with support. I was on the chat with them for 4 hours. Meanwhile I was panicking. And I was left stranded with no place to stay late at night. The hopper representative claimed a “glitch in the system” booked for a fishing lodge in India not the hotel in Seoul, Korea. I mean like what?????!!!! I had my confirmation for the hotel in Korea, everything on file and squared away. After chatting with them for four hours they basically said we can put 10 dollars worth of hopper credit into your account. I was flabbergasted. The hotel I booked stated that they do not work with hopper. So why is the hotel listed on the hopper app illegally and open for booking ? I go into the app and the hotel is still available for booking. This is flat out illegal. Something is not adding up. Hopper suggested I book a room directly with the hotel. Are you kidding me? So hopper took no responsibility and gave me 10 dollars and left me on the street. Oh and the 10 dollars have not even entered my account.

No customer service. I have used Hopper for a couple years now and refer all my friends and family to the app when they are looking for a flight, the fact that it shows you prices for months out has always been a big plus for me but lately i have had nothing but issues with the app and like others have mentioned it is impossible to talk to an actual person. I got charged for a flight it said i booked when in actuality Hopper did not process it because of an error, i could not find a reliable number to call, had to reach out via an existing booking and of course it is not there because it did not exist. I ended up having to call my bank to dispute the charge, and i paid a little more to book thru the actual airline. A couple months has passed and i looked up a flight for my mother the other day (giving the site the benefit of the doubt because i had 1 issue since this whole time i used it), again i booked a flight, it told me there was an error and i needed to use another card, yet that card was charged as well as the one i replaced it with on the app. I don’t think i will be using or referring anyone else anytime soon as i would not want them to end up with the same headache. If there was an actual person to speak to for help it could solve the issue faster. I still gave the site a 3 star because i have flown ALOT via the app until recently.

update i can’t find my original review for the app. i have since given an edit on my review but originally gave hopper the worst review i could as i rented a car from a company that was not disclosed until the payment was made. the car rental place (in tampa) was a complete and utterly insane scam! they tried to steal my money and even tried to get more than $1000 extra from me on-site. it was at this time that it was best that the rental agreement was not signed. at first hopper was very reluctant to refund my money but after their careful review they did decide in my favour! and i never could blame them for what a private company did unless hopper were to side with them… but they did not! and i do appreciate hopper as i have used them 2x now and i will definitely consider using their app again. BUT I WILL NEVER RENT A CAR THROUGH THE HOPPER APP OF AN UNDISCLOSED RENTAL CAR COMPANY AGAIN! there are a lot of scummy tiny companies out there, let alone big corporations. I WILL BE STICKING TO ONLY WELL KNOW CAR RENTAL COMPANIES; BUT I AM VERY LIKELY TO USE THE HOPPER APP AGAIN! one thing about hopper that seemed like an issue but turned out not to be is HOPPER DOES NOT HAVE PHONE SUPPORT, but hopper did a great job with their email customer service. i have given a better rating than 1 STAR to edit it to 3 STARS and i plan to travel again this year so hopefully we can move it up to 4.

Giant Scam!. Warning: DO NOT WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE. They canceled my flight without telling me and kept my money! I can’t resolve the issue because they have ZERO customer service. The only thing you can do if you end up in this type of situation (and you most certainly will if you use this app) is to write them a message and hope for a response. It’s been about 6 hours so far, and no one got back to me. I highly doubt they will refund all my hotel reservations and other expenses. Again: they SOLD the plane ticket that I bought, didn’t tell me and just kept my money. THIS IS THEFT. Finally, if that’s not enough, they ‘accidentally’ double-charged me. I am disputing this through my bank, but I’m very worried they won’t be willing to return the money. Highly suspicious company. For sure, this will be the last time I use them; they aren’t cheaper than any other company and you take a BIG risk going through them. PS: As an update to the developer response below, I just want to let everyone know that their ‘support chat’ is complete BS. Don’t fall for what they say. It’s been over 24 hrs now and no one has even READ my message yet. It’s pretty clear that this company is intentionally trying to make resolving problems difficult so they can cheat you out of more money. It’s safe to say that I will never use Hopper again. It’s a really dangerous company, and I would rather work through a more-reputable app like Kayak or Travelocity. The prices are the same anyway.

Gotcha fees & loooong chat wait times. I just got off a chat after waiting 18 hours to find out I threw away $165 because I didn’t understand how Hopper worked. I booked a nice Las Vegas hotel through the Hopper app, but before I paid for the hotel, I opted for a Price Freeze which costed $165. I then turned around and paid for 100% of the hotel stay. This was wrong. What was supposed to happen was that the Price Freeze would act as a deposit on the hotel, and after 20 days, I would pay for the hotel at either a lower rate, if hotel rates decreased, or the same rate as when I bought the Price Freeze, if hotel rates increased. I didn’t understand any of this because I didn’t read the fine print, and I threw $165 down the virtual toilet by paying for the hotel right after paying for the Price Freeze. The Hopper app never alerted me by stating “hey idiot, you’re about to give us $165 because you’re in a rush and are overly trusting of apps you’ve never used before”. My fault. I tried confirming my suspicions by contacting (weeks later) Hopper through the app’s chat function. I gave up after waiting 45 minutes to be transferred to a Price Freeze Expert. I tied again and hung up after an hour. I tried one more time and just hung in there out of sheer tenacity. After over 18 HOURS of waiting, Hopper, in a very polite way, confirmed that I’m an idiot and there is no way they will refund $165 that I threw at them.

Hopper is not on my good side. I have always taken hopper with a grain of salt. I know that prices can change in a drop of a dime. Purchasing flights is a frustrating process. I have had success but more times I find this not to be too accurate. My issue comes from the “Freeze” portion. Which is advertised as holding your tickets for 48 hours with a $5 dollar per person fee. I got notification that my flight went down and immediately went to buy but when presented with the freeze option I felt it better to hold off on purchasing because I needed to double check with everyone flying that they were okay with me buying the tickets (it was still early hours with most people sleeping). I purchased the five dollar freeze per person. Well that was a horrible idea. While waiting for everyone to respond I started to second guess if the price would go up. I went and googled and saw from Hopper’s website that they will charge you the difference of the ticket prices go up. So now I’m like what the heck. I go back try to purchase and they say they do not have enough tickets at that price. After several tries I was able to buy the tickets for $100 more than originally price when I “Froze” it an hour earlier. Absolutely livid. They should make it known that they are not holding your price or reserving the price for you. Such false advertisement. I also am not sure if they refunded the $5 pp fee or if it got added to my flight price. I will make sure to double check.

More cons than pros. I am not one to write reviews, and understand that people are more likely to leave negative reviews. That said, I can only give two stars due to extremely poor communication. Reasons with pros/cons below. The pros: good prices (but only about the same as other apps) and easy to book individual flights (group flights are tricky if there’s limited availability, and you’ll pay more). If your flying alone and flexible about layovers or direct flights becoming connections, then this is a great app. Cons: they are HORRIBLE at getting back to answering questions and concerns. I have been waiting over 2 months for them to get back to me after they notified me our flight details changed. I have emailed and sent instant messages, and the only response are the template/canned auto responses that they will “respond soon”, but they never respond. This left me a bit high and dry. Also, as mentioned above and as you’ll see in other (more positive) reviews: group booking is not convenient as it’s hard to find which flight(s) can accommodate your family/group. Part of my mistake may have been not paying extra for insurance, but for a family of 5 this is an expensive luxury I’ve never before had to use...I guess there’s always the first time. My suggestion, look elsewhere unless you are a flexible individual (not flying w family/group).

Unable to get ahold of customer service for a previous hotel booking. So my partner and I were recently on vacation in Europe. When we got to Rome, it turned out that the hotel we booked through the hopper app was actually an apartment building, and when we arrived it was closed for the day. Unable to get inside, we were left with no choice but to walk around hauling 100 lbs of luggage each until we found another hotel, which in total cost us more than 100 euros extra. We were under the impression that the hotel booked through hopper would be an actual hotel and not an apartment building. Because of this, we are convinced that this was false advertising. We have tried reaching out to them via the app, but there is no support phone number and no way to message them or get ahold of anybody without an active booking. The fact that you cannot contact them for a previous booking is totally absurd. Frustrated and disappointed about our experience in Rome, but granted we went to 11 different countries in Europe with almost all of the flights and hotels booked through Hopper. This was the only issue and we did end up saving a lot of money because of them, hence the 3 star rating. However the lack of customer service isn’t acceptable, I don’t recommend booking through them if you suspect you will need customer support at any point in your trip. Whether or not we receive a refund will determine if I use this app in the future.

Just trying to report a defect. Hi hopper team, I looked for a way to submit a defect, but the best thing I can do I guess is submit a bad rating describing the defect I ran into, and hoping that you will address it in a future release because it’s frustrating. I planned a trip (aka set up “watch this trip”) for Oct 19-21, and when I went to book, I switched the dates to the 18th-20th. This all was good and went through. I received a pop up at the end to book a hotel, and I am not 100% certain what the dates showed then, but I was fairly certain that it was taking the dates that I actually booked for the flight booking, but I noticed after completing my hotel booking that it used the dates from my original search filters, not the dates from my actual booking I had just completed. I have to be hopeful that the hotel will have the ability to let me switch my dates, or rely on the airlines… all because of this little defect. Hope you see this and are able to fix. Feel free to reach out if there are any questions. Thanks. I will go back to my original 5 star rating once this is fixed! The hopper confirmation number for my flight plans is H-O3KLVXYDGN And the confirmation number for my hotel stay is 948Q75S7PDMH Please note that I am already in contact with support staff about trying to move around my itinerary, so I won’t need any more help with that, thanks!

The last time I buy through hopper.. Ive sent in a request 4days ago about a refund with no response yet. I’ve booked 8+ flights with hopper. This is the first time I use the Price Freeze option. It’s seems very simple when your purchasing but when you’re about to use it, you realized it’s a complicated process if there are no seats available for the flight you originally wanted. With time running out and not wanting to lose my deposit, I tried to book the flight but I kept receiving a message saying the flight is no longer available. I tried multiple times and it gave me the same message so I went to book another flight with a different return.. come to realize the app double booked me. It booked the flight the was supposedly unavailable. I submitted a request to cancel the booking and they told me I had to reach out to the airline to cancel the double booking so they could process the refund. So that’s what I did and I have yet to get a response. It’s very frustrating during this time.... Now I’m out $121 and waiting to see if I will get my hard earned money back. This will be the last time I buy through hopper. *I’ve seen the responses hopper gives to reviews here, they are very generic and advising to reach out to customer service when most people have done that BEFORE coming here to write a review and are obviously are not satisfied with their customer service.

Best Flight/Hotel Finding App Ever <3. I have to say truly and honestly this is one of the best comprehensive tools for looking at flights and hotels. I used it for my first solo flight to visit my long distance partner, and I’m definitely going to use it for the foreseeable future! The team at Hopper are really making one of the best flight tracking apps out there. I’ve tried using other sites like Kayak and Trivago but they usually redirect you to other sites and sometimes have pop ups that I just don’t enjoy dealing with. Hopper has given me no issues, they even offer flight/trip protections, and they include a lot of information of what your flight does/doesn’t include as well as what hotels offer for your stay - all they ask for when you buy is a really small tip that goes to the developers to keep the app as amazing as they do. All I could ask for is that they make the tip adjustable so you can tip more than they ask for (and even then they let you opt out of the tip, but for all their hard work I don’t ever want to). Highly recommend the app, and I hope the team who have developed and run it have nothing but success ahead of them. ☺️☺️☺️

Customer Service. After my customer service experience I can no longer continue to book through this company. While the prices are good and booking is easy when problems arise the company has shown it does not care for its customers. It has been two weeks and I’m still waiting to receive a resolution to my cancellation requests. My bookings have expired and I have no clue the status of my case or how to reach a actual human being within the company. My customer service experience consists of automated responses from “helpful” bots. Although, I did have a one time chat via the app with a representative nothing was resolved. I was told nothing about my case only that I would receive a reply soon...that was 5 days ago. As of now I have no hope of a resolution with the company. I honestly feel as if they’ve taken my money, and have no intention of reaching out again. Therefore, I can no longer confidently recommend others to use this company, and if you choose to do so I ask that you do so with caution. Simply, put if a problem arises with your flight plans you are on your own. ***To whom it may concern, My Hopper confirmation codes for both roundtrip tickets were EAODPH and FFFMTA. The email associated with both bookings is the best way to reach me. I look forward to hearing from you via email regarding a resolution.***

Do not download. I am very skeptical of downloading airplane apps, but I finally gave in and downloaded this one because it had good reviews. As someone who loves to travel, I was excited to find an app I could start using to find cheaper airline tickets. I ended up finding tickets to Barcelona at $600 and saw that I was able to price freeze this trip. Since it was a Wednesday, and I was waiting for my bonus + check, I decided to use this option so I could just pay for the tickets on Friday. Of course when Friday came around, the tickets were at $900. DO NOT LET THEM TRICK YOU INTO THIS PRICE FREEZE SCAM. I looked on Google flights and the tickets were still at $600 but on the app, it no longer was giving me that option. It was only showing me the tickets over $900. And the best part was - my price freeze was useless. They only covered it, if it went over $100. In total, with the “price freeze” I was going to have to pay $800 for tickets that I originally found for $600. This was upsetting and I contacted customer support for them to tell me that I couldn’t get a refund and that there was nothing they could do at all. I lost $80 to this stupid app. It’s just $80 but it’s the principle. I doubt they ever let people know if tickets decrease. Do not download this app. Stick to google flights, you get better deals on there and it makes you book directly through the airline not these idiotic third party apps that scam you.

Price Freeze is great but.... I really like that Hopper takes the work out of finding the cheapest and best (for your needs) flights on your own. I’ve tried searching on Hopper and then searching on the airline websites listed and Hopper was cheaper. It’s great that Hopper has integrated features such as Price Freeze, Cancel for Any Reason, Missed Connection Protection, Baggage Fees, and Insurance. I used the Price Freeze for two passengers which is great, but unfortunately, when I was ready to book, my original flights for 2 passengers was no longer available and the app wasn’t very user friendly in that it would not show which flights could accommodate 2 passengers for the dates originally indicated on my Price Freeze - message: “One or more of your flights selected can only accommodate 1 passenger, please go back and select a different flight or change the number of passengers.” I was going back and forth, and finally on my 3rd attempt for different carriers/times, I finally found a flight combo for $20 more that met our needs. It would be GREAT if Hopper could remove the flight that couldn’t accommodate our reservation request from the list of options completely to alleviate the frustration from guessing which one would meet our needs.

This app is crap!. I started a flight watch more than 6 months prior to departure date. At that time the price prediction indicated that the tickets would drop in price almost $200 in the next 4 weeks. A savings of nearly $800 since I was buying 4 tickets. I happened to notice that the lowest fares increased by $20 about 3 weeks later because I was on the airline website, but I never got an alert on Hopper about the change. At that point I started investigating and discovered all the negative Hopper reviews. After that I purchased 4 tickets at the higher rate directly from the airline but continued my flight watch to see what would happen. A week later the date arrived in which the prediction indicated the price drop would occur but the prices were still higher than when I originally started the watch. The prediction then continued to indicate that I should wait to purchase for another 3 months because prices would drop by that time. The new date being just 2 months prior to departure. I have continued to watch the prices increase (again with no alerts) and the shorter, more desirable flights become no longer available. The first prediction was wrong by more than $200. Luckily I did not continue to wait and it only cost me an extra $80. When reading the reviews, I discovered complaints about fees, the price freeze, the price prediction, and refunds/credits. I am deleting this app and will never use it in the future.

Horrific Customer Experience. I recently made a reservation through Hopper. Upon checking in, I was asked for the credit card that was used to reserve and pre-pay for the room. I provided the card and was promptly told that it didn’t match. I asked what card was used and I was given a card and card number (last 4) that didn’t match any cards I have. The hotel wouldn’t let me use the prepaid reservation and therefore I checked in paying them directly. My card was of course charged twice. Once by the hotel and once by Hopper. Hopper’s rate was higher and also included their fees. I reached out to Hopper and they told me that my credit card wasn’t needed for checking in and that I prepaid the room per their standard practice. Great in theory, but of course not the same in practice. Hopper explained that the credit card didn’t match since they pay the hotel directly. Again I explained that I couldn’t check in and that I paid twice for the room. I was then informed that their system showed no problems with the reservation and therefore I should seek out a refund from the hotel. I had already tried working with the hotel and with the credit card issue, they wouldn’t refund me. The Hopper rep’s script apparently didn’t have an answer for this issue and I was essentially told it was my problem, not theirs. No refund given. Poor service, higher rates and fees - terrible app.

$0 Change is a Terrible Scam!. This has been one of the most difficult years. Not only have I been going through a divorce and custody battle, I also have elderly parents that live out of state. I was making plans to go see them all when my job would not approve my leave for my dates. I thought it would be no problem, I have $0 changes. I tried to change my flight to a cheaper flight for days I won’t need to be approved for from work and “Jen from Hopper” let me know that it was going to cost me $192 extra for each ticket(I had booked 2) because the flight was more expensive. Which when I booked the change, the new flight was actually $25 cheaper than the original price of $75. When I told her this she told me that the air fare prices are cheaper if you are booking a “new” ticket vs if you book a “change” ticket. How does that even make sense? And nowhere in any of the policies does it state there is a different price for a ticket if you are booking a new ticket or changing another ticket. Then when I asked for other options I was ignored for an hour and received a survey asking about my service. 3 hours later and 4 messages sent to support and I finally have another follow up from Jen still not helping the situation. Scam scam scam. Terrible. And I even asked for a customer support phone number because the chat doesn’t work on my app, and it’s updated. They don’t want to help or talk to you. Save your mental health and just book through the airline.

Buyer be aware. This app is great only when it works, they allow for price freezes on Hotels valid for 8 hrs but sometimes you get error messages that doesn’t allow you to book the reservation. Unless you pay $9 for VIP support, you may or may not hear back in roughly 12-24 hrs, which by then they tell you the price freeze has expired and they cannot assist( even though the app did not allow for booking) I also just made a reservation and I removed the hopper tip and VIP support, the app showed a final price for my room WHICH DOES NOT MATCH THE EMAIL CONFIRMATION as miraculously, the hopper tip and VIP support fee was added without my permission!! I would be extremely careful on this app, it appears their app is full of bugs and cannot handle the influx of people using it causing errors, and with the lack of customer service, you will get told, sorry nothing I can do… Policy is policy price freeze is non refundable. Unbelievable they think they can succeed by treating customers this way. Take screen shots of every single thing you do, even for all the errors you get, because the “bunnies” at hopper, are very quick to say no and not help you in any way. I also just discovered via my credit card statement that the Hotel Price freeze which their app says will be applied as a discount its all a lie to make you believe the cost is lower, yet they charge for it.

No customer service. So I had been using hopper for a year without a problem. Until recently I had booked a flight with spirit through Hopper. The flight had been rescheduled for two days prior to the original date. Hopper did not inform me of this schedule change so to spirit it looked like I had missed my flight eventually I got my money refunded back from spirit but since I purchased through Hopper the money was refunded to hopper instead of me. I have not been able to contact Hopper since they do not have a customer service number nor do they respond to their customer service request forms through the app. It has been weeks and I have not heard back from Hopper. Through the app they say not to submit multiple customer service request forms due to it taking longer for them to respond. I don’t want other people to have to go through this as well. As of right now, Hopper has stolen $122 dollars from me and they give their customers no way to contact them directly. Update: Hopper replied to my review and said "Thanks for your feedback. We're really sorry to hear that you had a difficult time getting in touch with our support team and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention. This is certainly not the support experience we aim for and we hope that we are able to resolve your request as quickly and efficiently as possible." They literally offered no way to contact them again, no further assistance, and I have still not heard back from my customer service request.

Great app, except for promotional push notifications.. Very impressed with the functionality if this app, particularly the ability to time the market for flights. This App allows you to gauge when to wait and when to buy flights depending on when the prices are going up or down. So it is Extremely useful for people on a budget trying to determine if they can afford a trip. However, push notifications are essential for being promptly notified When to buy i.e. when prices drop. Unfortunately this app offers no way to opt out of non-essential push notifications and retain the useful ones. They send notifications for “sales” to major hubs regularly. On a scale of absurdity these are not excessive but they still regularly wasting your time and the wording of the notifications sometimes is too close to suggestive that the flight ls you’ve saved have dripped in price when in reality it’s just a flight to Vegas. Were the developers/notifications composers to distinguish notifications for your saved flights more clearly from blatant attempts to generate traffic on the sight this app would be far more useful than it currently is; still useful but scrutinize every notification for direct reference to your interest or just turn off notifications and check it regularly.

Horrible customer service. So me and my wife reserved a room in Vegas months ago. Got the confirmation, show up to the hotel and they say we have no room on file. We called hopper and said all they can do is refund the amount. We told them that was not possible due to all the rooms being so expensive cause a festival was going on. They said all they can do is get us a room for the same amount but that meant it would be a horrible hotel cause prices were so expensive even for the cheaper hotels. I had to fight with them for 5 hours with my pregnant wife in the car. We told them we wanted a room that was equal as nice to the one we had reserved in the first place and they said no cause it was too expensive so they wanted us to cover the rest of the cost which would have been 3 or 4 times the price. After us fighting with them till about 9 pm they finally decided to put us in the circus circus manor which is disgusting. There was a homeless man sleeping under the stairs inside the hotel entrance when we walked in and it’s super out dated. Defiantly the worst experience we’ve had in Vegas and it’s all cause of hoppers customer service . Hopper needs to understand they cannot make people wait over 5 hours in there car while they try to solve the situation. Hope they fix there customer service. I Will never use this app again. Alex and rocio the supervisor were the ones we spoke with. The hotel that we wanted to stay at even told us they always have these issues through hopper.

DO NOT USE. This is my first time making a review because usually I am a pretty easygoing person but Hopper has scammed me and has made this experience HELL. I booked a flight back almost a year ago for a flight in March. Due to COVID, and shelter in place orders, we could not go on the flight as scheduled. However, it was too late to cancel and at that time, Hopper was not offering refunds for cancelling due to COVID. Therefore I could not cancel my flight and had to miss it. In trying to get a refund because now they are refunding for cancelled flights, they tell me they are bound by the airline and can’t do anything. Also, because I did not cancel my flight I cannot get a refund, yet I did not take that flight and couldn’t cancel because Hopper told me basically there was no use as I would not get a refund for cancelling back in March. Yet, I call Interjet who tells me that they are not bounding Hopper to anything, and it is Hopper who must refund me. I even paid for Trip Protection and have gotten $0. I hardly go on trips because of my financial status, and to lose $600 for two tickets I bought is a big financial blow. Ella from Hopper has been ZERO help. If someone from Hopper reads this and can provide me with a refund or travel credit, please do because there is no way to reach out to anyone outside using the chat on the app. I am fed up and will never use this app again. Do not waste your time with this app, it’s not worth it!

Great small short term booking. I’ve used Hopper to book 4 commuter flights from Southern California to Northern California and I plan to continue on a regular basis. So far everything has gone smoothly. The fares (that happen to be on my preferred airline) have been super affordable if I book around 2-3 months out. I occasionally drive and gas is more expensive for an 8 hour drive than flying on a 1.5 hour flight! super easy user interface (cute graphics too) and I appreciate the planting trees part. I feel compelled to comment on something I saw. A reviewer complained that their trip was screwed up by Hopper falsely advertising an apartment as a hotel. I don’t think its Hoppers fault (although I’ll bet they give you the compensation you request). Probably, If you had properly researched your booking you would have known it was an apartment. My point is that one has to be meticulous when arranging travel, especially international. If you’re not good at details (brilliant people often aren’t!) I suggest using an agent. It’s their job to do the leg work and you don’t have to pay them, they get their fee on the other end. Then, if any screw ups happen, you’ve got a human being to blame and not an algorithm!

Extremely disappointed, completely unhelpful. I will never be using this app again. I don’t like to be *that* Karen type but this was so unacceptable and cost me nearly $600. I had booked a flight last year which I ended up needing to cancel because of Covid restrictions. Which was no big deal because I received a travel credit for future use. Come this time when I went to use my travel credit, it wasn’t appearing in the app like the Help section said it should. So I sent a customer service message to Hopper asking for assistance. It was a week later and there was no response. Messaged again, still no response. Ended up basically forced to book immediately because the flight day/times were rapidly filling up. So I booked and once again messaged Hopper asking to apply the credit to my recent purchase. NOW they finally answered and said sorry but it was too late to apply the credit since I had already booked the flight. I responded by saying that I had messaged them several times prior to booking and requested help, which was never provided. They conveniently waited to reply until after I had booked the flight and “couldn’t” apply the credit. Needless to say I’m pretty angry, this flight became several hundred dollars more expensive than it needed to be. And I don’t even know if I’ll ever use the travel credit because I rarely travel by plane. Zero stars for customer service. What a money scam.

Vague Info from Customer Service. I booked a flight months ago for a conference in Canada. Just a week ago (the conference is scheduled for TOMORROW), I received an email from Hopper that my flight had been changed and that I had to either accept or deny their refund. I received many emails with pre-automated text about this, but was confused as to if my flight was cancelled or just changed. I emailed back and forth with Hopper customer support trying to figure this out, because if there was an alternative flight plan I didn’t want to take a refund. Finally, after a few emails of (again) pre-automated emails with me specifically asking “is my flight cancelled” I received a call in the middle of the night from an actual real person at Hopper support. I didn’t answer because I was asleep, and the next morning I got an email explaining that the second leg of my flight was cancelled. I’m not sure why they couldn’t have just told me that in the original email. I was so confused as to what my flight status was, checking the airline’s website constantly which had no mention of a cancellation. I just took the refund but I now have to book a last minute train ride to my destination. This was such a frustrating experience and it happened a couple of days before my trip. I’ve had fine experiences with Hopper before, with no issue. But, it seems like if there’s ANYTHING wrong with your flight, Hoper customer support very slow and confusing to work with.

Don’t buy flights off here big rip off. I purchased a flight in December for my birthday trip pre-covid and had to cancel due to COVID-19. I have about $400 in travel credit that has not yet been reimbursed or been able to apply towards a new trip. If you utilized the “contact us” you will only receive automated messages and a message that says you just wait at least 15 business days to hear back to which I haven’t heard back from. Apparently if you repeat claims it makes the process longer so you cannot re-file complaints to get quicker service. I filed a report and was informed I would receive a response within 24-hrs, that was over a week ago. Great for tracking flights however DO NOT PURCHASE FLIGHTS THROUGH HERE, they do not want you to get your money/travel credits. This flight was in December, its February and I still have not received any assistance nor spoken to an actual person. It’s a red flag they do not have any phone number just an email and the chat within the app for assistance which only gives you automated messages. They do not care about their customers. Just track your flights with google flights and purchase elsewhere! Edited: my confirmation is WBHDNE and it is over two weeks since I wrote this review and I finally got a response asking to update w the Hopper confirmation on the review, yet still have yet to hear from any customer service directly

Was a cool app until I had to deal with their customer service/support. I liked the app and it had good prices but I had booked a King room for my girlfriend’s birthday and our anniversary and we were assigned a 2 Queen room instead upon checkin and told that was all they had available and it was the fault of the 3rd party site (Hopper) that we had booked through and to contact them. I opened a ticket with Hopper through the app and then never heard anything back. I then had to email support/help but all they do is switch me from person to person with all of them saying they are contacting the hotel but that the hotel is unable to refund it. Then a support person even said the hotel told them they offered us a refund and we denied it, which never happened. I called the hotel to confirm and they just said the same thing that it was the fault of the site we booked through. A support person even said they had the conversions with the hotel recorded so I asked to hear them but they then transferred me to another support person instead who again said they would call the hotel. No one at Hopper will take responsibility or offer anything to make up for their mistake. I would be happy with an apology and some carrot cash but instead I’m having to write this review and will never use this app again or recommend it to anyone after this terrible support experience. Worst customer service experience I’ve ever had. So frustrating.

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Terrible customer service. Do not book with this app. Terrible customer service, as in, there isn’t even a way to contact them. My flight got cancelled by the airline and it no longer showed up in my app, so there was no possible way to contact them. Terrible. Lol at your response, how are you going to resolve my issue without any of my details. Nice try, you’re not fooling anyone. I’ll be putting in a request with my bank to get my money back.

Totally Useless app for price shopping not accurate.. I just downloaded the app and tried 3 different locations I am travelling to this year with fully flexible dates to get the cheapest price. Pricing was no where near the price I could get with a 10min search on the airlines website. What an absolutely waste of money and time this app is. Pointless as I double checked and the cheapest travel dates suggested are not correct and no where near the cheapest by nearly 35% on one flight.

Bugs, pushy upselling. I’ve tried to book a flight using Hopper twice, months apart using different cards. Both times, hopper has charged my account and the booking has failed. There is no customer service unless you make a successful booking, and this can leave you without enough money to book another flight until the pending charge expires. Also, the default tip and upselling doesn’t sit well with me.

I mean it’s good but annoying. The app itself is good, it has great deals as well. The annoying thing is the customer support. The page is such a pain to navigate to get to what you want, you have to pay to contact someone immediately so if it’s an emergency you are screwed! I need immediate help but could do nothing 🤷‍♂️. You would like to think they would have a call centre or a customer help in general without it costing money. Again the app is great and does what’s needed just make sure you don’t mess up by accident cause you won’t be getting help!

Do not use this app. Borderline criminal advertising. I have a law degree and been traveling for 10 years. This is the worst customer service experience. Waiting 24 hours for an email response and hours for a response after paying for the upgrade. The freeze is a complete joke, looking like you are putting down a deposit for 24 hours to hold a price when it looks like you are booking. No confirmations and hard to even find the booking or freeze on the app. The hotel was nothing like the description to the point I have screen shots to prove this.

Best for all travelers. I have used nearly all of the so called popular travel sites, Hooper is streets ahead of all the rest, great deals with no hidden costs, do yourself a favour go Hooper

App has saved me a ton of money. this app has saved me heaps of money when booking hotels and get aways for me and my significant other

Awful customer service. There was no way to even reach the customer service up until a short while ago and even if you do get ahold of them they refuse to rectify issues caused by the app and credit you with carrot cash 😂😂 Im not going to use a credit with a company that had an issue and didn’t acknowledge it. I used to love this app but I never had an issue. Problems happen it’s how you resolve them that says something about how you like to business and I don’t trust a company that can’t rectify a situation when they’re in the wrong. The situation was:I paid for a price freeze and it didn’t show up in my account. I even have screenshots of it not showing up and I was told they’re not allowed” to refund the amount I paid back on my card. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂🤬

Easy to use interface and great customer service!. Had an issue with a flight and the customer service was very helpful and professional.

I got the confirmation for a canceled flight. I booked a flight home 7 weeks in advance due to the situation. 2 weeks from my departure and I open the app to check, it says that my booking has a variation, but it won’t show me what, no link is working. Through the airline page I found out that one of my flight is delayed and one is CANCELED. No emails, no notifications. If I ask for the booking confirmation (which is supposed to have the updated itinerary) it confirms the itinerary with no variation. Trusting them I would get to the airport to find out that no flight is departing. Now the airline can’t do anything because I didn’t book through them and there is NO WAY to contact hopper. Do they expect me to cancel my flight? There seem to be no way to get my money back. Highly not suggested, at least not during the pandemic, looks like they can’t handle the situation. I had booked with them once before and it was good, but I’ll never again.

Displayed flight prices aren’t accurate. This app keeps telling me to ‘wait’ because prices will come down. I get random notifications when the fares have gone up but no notifications when the fares have gone down. It’s risky waiting for a better fare when it is so inconsistent notifying you. Then when you find a good fare you want and click all the way through to pay it tells you that fare is no longer available. Reading the reviews about struggling to get any customer service it’s a big risk booking through this app, when the fares/hotel prices aren’t much better than booking through the airlines direct. I found better flight fares/times using google.

so convenient. I’ve been using hopper for almost a year now and it’s made travelling so much easier for me. Me and my bf are long distance so we are constantly booking flights to see one another. The app is simple which I like and easy to navigate, if I don’t have an upcoming flight on my homepage I feel like my life’s a mess. anyways I defs recommend :)

Never let’s me down. It’s always my first stop. My first and second opinion, then I go elsewhere for more research. But ultimately, this is where I land.

It really does save you money. Easy to use app and always manage to find great deals. I always did a check compared to other sites and it was always cheaper

Arranged a multi stop trip. I like that I can enter all of our family’s information including flight loyalty numbers in once and book multiple trips. Recently booked a trip to 3 cities (over multiple airlines) and all went smoothly. Didn’t use the multi stop feature, it didn’t give me as many options for airlines and times. Couldn’t find where to edit my watchlist so kept getting notifications for flight prices for ages, eventually looked it up, it was pretty annoying. Overall very happy and will continue using it

Its well setup to understand options for decisions. Because its simple and because I compared the fares on other site and it was cheaper than expedia or kayak!

Value of money and client services. 10/10 Flexible to use, better choices with flights and hotels Quick responses Hassle free and very easy to use!!

DO NOT USE. This app is not transparent with costs - the ‘freeze’ price functionality is actually a surcharge! I didn’t know this until I checked my bank account and ended up spending far more than Hopper led me to believe ($400 rather than $300) as it also signed me up to a VIP service which I never wanted (which essentially just gets you access to a chatbot)

I want my money back!. I went to book a flight and swiped to pay, once I swiped I instantly received a pop-up notification that said "oh no something went wrong", I then received a notification from my bank stating that I was charged for the flight, however the app doesn't recognise this and thinks I didn't book. I also haven't received any emails about the flight. HOOPER PLEASE HELP!

Hopper. Excellent layout allows you to scan for flights by date

Looks great, currency all over the place and no help available. App looks good but even with currency set to AUD in settings houses are in USD, flights are AUD and hotels are in dollars of indeterminate origin. And it appears that the only way to request assistance is within a booking. I’m not making a booking if I don’t know what currency I’m using. USD and AUD are not interchangeable. Also hotel searches throw up options an hour and a half’s drive from the requested location, which would be tricky for someone travelling internationally. Hopefully these are bugs that can be addressed and I can reinstall what looks to be an app that has the potential to be quite useful.

It was a great app but not anymore. I was trying to change the date of my flight. The app was telling me to head to the airline’s website and manage my booking directly. However, the website is not letting me to access any of the information and asked me to contact my travel agent. I headed back to the app and try to see if there is any solution to this case. It turns out the only solution of changing the date of my flight is paying for the VIP service!!! I could not do anything with my booking without paying for that. I paid for the support and hoped that the service team could help me to solve my problem instantly. Instead, I was told that I had to wait for 3-4 hours for a response from airlines in regards of changing my flight?! I was not happy for all the hassle that was brought to me as my plans were all stuffed up just because of this whole thing. It was a great app, I have made bookings from it before and not anymore.

GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY. I had to cancel my flights due to covid 19 and I gained the value as a travel credit, however I’ve been trying to use my credit to book new flights (for a trip fast approaching) and I am not getting any help. I can’t find anywhere to contact them for help, the help centre option just sends me around in circles to look at other peoples questions. I had applied to change my flights 3 times, no response. Also when I needed a flight home because I was overseas, I contacted them to change my flight earlier so I could get home to my family and they didn’t respond to me until after I had to pay for an entirely new flight home and had been home for a month. GREAT JOBS GUYS some of us can’t afford to be forking out that kind of money because you can’t respond. If I lose the money I have on this travel credit I will be FURIOUS. You only have to look at the comments on their posts on their Facebook page to know that me getting my money back is unlikely

Great most times. Found some of the lowest prices but have found that at the last stage, normally before paying, the price has increased.

Misleading and dodgy. READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE YOU INSTALL THIS APP! Do not book on this app! They make it look like you’re getting a great deal but it’s actually more expensive. Price freeze function is absolutely useless ! Very sneaky with all the default tipping and extra service fees. if you don’t pay attention and deselect them you’ll end up paying so much more for nothing!!! Plus unlike other reliable apps, this one charges money WITHOUT ASKING FOR CONFIRMATION!

Cheaper than Agoda. I’ve always used Agoda in all my hotel bookings, but when I tried Hopper, everything changed. They’re way better in terms of prices!

SCAM - DO NOT USE HOPPER. I thought this app/site was to good to be true - long story short, it is. I booked a room here for two nights at the star casino in Sydney, I booked a TWO bedroom suite & thought I’d check with the hotel after booking through hopper that they got my booking. They did but it was just a standard room.. not even a 1 bedroom suite. After days and days back and forth with the “help” email (and them taking Atleast 1-2 days to reply.. and then a new person each time asking to describe the whole situation) nothing was resolved. The day of my hotel I was so stressed as I booked this for my family and they kept completely ignoring the fact that the Incorrect room was booked by hopper. The hopper team were so insensitive and unprofessional. They completely ignored that my booking was wrong and did absolutely nothing about it. I had to name a completely new booking at the hotel and lost all my money of my booking from hopper. Fast forward to a week after and they messaged back saying they would compensate with $100 refund, my booking through hopper was over $800 and the disgusting refund of “$100” was never even processed. I know how good this app looks but it is the biggest SCAM. Please save your MONEY, time and energy and do not use this site or app.

Very confusing. I don’t understand the whole payment and insurance thing but I paid twenty dollars extra for 100% money back guarantee etc and also paid a hundred dollars more then what it said it would be to what came out of my bank totally different figures. And what’s with the hopper wallet I honestly do not understand this app.

Actual Saving. Downloaded this app and thought why not try it and actually saved $40 in the exact same room that we stayed in the previous night amazing wish i had found the app earlier on😌

Excellent Travel App. I have booked several trips in this app and hotel stays and even car hire have had no problems and would highly recommend the app.

Scammers. Read all the reviews on twitter. They were supposed to rebook my flight and they said they have. When I contacted the airline directly, no booking was done. They stopped replying to my emails too! Checkout their twitter account as a lot of poor customers have similar experiences! And they just stop responding. Terrible company. Also, the app feels like a casino app with lots of misleading promotions!

Great for planning, needs more detail. Easy to use app however I wish the results returned more than just economy fares. I haven’t booked with Hopper, mostly I use it for fare comparison and so the price watching is a good tool. Overall though, the flight search tool and fare tracker on Google travel is much better.

The only company who want their customer to go away. Reported an issue to the customer service. Expected a help but get a response saying to book flights and hotels directly and not using their app. LOL So funny as it’s my first time having an issue with an app and they just want a customer to just leave them. I did actually. Thanks

The best app for flight deals. I use this app to search for flights then save and track them to watch and get notified when they drop in price. It’s been the best hack for making sure I get the best price on flights. I love the feature that tells you to either wait to purchase or buy now.

Good App. I actually don’t mind using the Hopper App. And as of right now I’m looking into flights. Overall the app does seem to lag a bit but other than it’s very useful.

Good deals. Worked super easy and absolutely no issues will be always using it now

Impressed. Actually impressed with Hopper! I seem to book all my flights with Hopper rather than with the direct carriers. I travel a lot and mostly on short notice trips too. Hopper helps finds the best deals while I'm working. Based on my urgency I just book the best found on hoppers, which is found to be the cheapest I have researched anyways.

The WORST. Please whatever you do, do not book through this app. Use it as a guide for cheap flights and then go directly to the airline. Hopper has been nothing but horrific with assistance and customer service. You are sent around in circles when looking for any kind of help, even when you eventually get through to someone it feels like a bot who can’t even understand what you’re saying, and therefore offers no help. If you want help you have to pay $65??? You can’t change or manage your booking with the airline directly, and it is impossible to manage it through hopper as they are useless and impossible to get answers from. Please save yourself the headache and ditch this app

Does not reliably work for regional travel. I have been using tge app for several long-haul flights where it has been somewhat useful. Recently, I monitored my flights for North American regional flights and I got heavily disappointed. I received “wait” recommendations with considerably lower prices predicted over coming weeks. However, over time the app increased the predicted target price until recommending to “buy”, at a price much higher than when I originally checked. The predicted price volatility simply never occurred.

Yea. Took payment for my flight insurance but didn’t actually book the flight. Went back again and booked the flight but without insurance. So I think I just wasted $2 on a non existent flight but whatever.

Easy to search and books. I regularly use this app to book my accommodation. It’s simple, easy to use and prices of hotels were much cheaper than other apps

Great prices. We could find better prices compared to other sites

Won’t be using anymore. I’ve used hopper in the past and it was great! Now? Not so much. You have to pay for VIP support and there is still no time limit on when they will fix your issue. I had a flight that needed to be rescheduled, I paid for VIP support, they got back to me around 12 hours later with a quote. Which I accepted, they charged my card. All good I thought. Then the airline sent me an email telling me to check in for the original flight!!!! When I contacted hopper support they said the flight change had been cancelled as it expired (yet they still charged me…), they didn’t email me or let me know this had happened. I had to scramble to try and sort the issue, reschedule the flight again and this time I was quoted nearly double. No offer from hopper to pay the difference even though they didn’t let me know the original request didn’t go though. After my next two flights (already booked through hopper unfortunately) I will not be using the app again. This is just one in a series of stuff ups by hopper with no offer of remuneration. They booked a flight with an airline that didn’t exist since 2015 and when I got to the airport and had to book a new flight on the spot they offered to refund the flight that didn’t exist but didn’t offer anything towards the new flight. I’ve had issues with flights changing without being informed. Issues with hire cars.

Notifications not linking through. After getting multiple flight deal notifications that never seem to actually link through to anything except a search page without the price mentioned in the notification I’ve deleted the app. The design is pretty but the UI is confusing.

Useful for trip planning. Thanks for offering this service, i am using the flight tracker push notifications, the problem i have the currency is RT, while i have AUD and English in settings of the app and phone.

My number one flight finder took. I always use hopper to book my next flight! I find the best deals and have never had any issues, I’ve been using Hopper for years and I couldn’t book without this app!

Great travel app. It’s great to see the exact dates that will make your trip cheaper, instead of endlessly trying different combinations on other apps

The most useless app ever. I’ve never used such a useless app ever. I was basically charged for nothing. The car rental company from the Hopper wasn’t there to give me the car, the so called Hopper “VIP” customer help couldn’t be more useless, their best offer was to cancel the booking!! I had to rent a car at the airport at 3 times the price for one night. the rental company from the app cancelled the initial booking and booked again and charged me extra $100 for insurance …. These were all without considering the stress on the first day of our holiday with two kids at 9pm!! Simply Don’t use this app. Go direct to the car rentals or use other and more responsible apps.

Different, but works. It’s different than other apps, but it does work, it’s a little confusing, and also doesn’t pass your details onto the hotel which was an issue when a hotel needed to get in touch with me and they only had the contact details for Hopper.

They stole my money. I booked a flight to go visit my family, my mom passed away two weeks prior my flight so I- pf course- could not get on that flight, I bought a new ticket at the airport. Long story short, when I told them what happened they told me they’d give me full refund because of the circumstances. 5 months have passed since then and now they don‘t even answer my emails, and when I call them they tell me the refund is in process. So they kept 1‘500 dollars, def not recommend them anymore!

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Poor customer service. I had purchased my ticket with a cancellation option and a flex-date option. I had tried to change my flight twice due to the coronavirus and then I submitted a cancellation document to cancel my flight all together. They have not responded to any of my requests. Not only did I pay more for those options but they have not even given me an update as to when my claim will be processed. I had to book a completely different flight because I could not get a hold of the company to reschedule my flight.

Really disappointed. I have been trying to reach the support team for almost a month. I have tried though email, phone, app message. None of them have a response! More importantly, I can’t even reach out to the airline directly to change my flight, as I booked with hopper. Hopper used another agency which called CTS fares (Canada) to book my ticket. So I called CTS fare Canada to see if they can help me, however, the said the same thing as the airline “we couldn’t touch your file, as you booked though hopper”. Fine, my ticket is expiring soon, I need to change my flight due to covid-19 situation. Really disappointed in the end! Never use hopper in my life again!

Worst service ever. Do not use this service unless there is absolutely no possibility of cancellation in your mind. There are no advantages as far as price is concerned. Booking thought the hotel itself would have been just as easy and the same price. I had to cancell buisness trip because of COVID 19. This app claims there is a covid 19 cancellation policy but there is no such thing. I called the hotel and they had no problem to cancel my reservation but Hopper will not refund me. Your service sucks Hopper

Worst customer support in the world.. Booked a flight before Covid payed extra to have the no hassle refund option. Tried to cancel nothing happens. Contacted customer support many times. They sent an email 60 days ago saying they get into contact with me in 15 days. Still nothing no option to call.

DO NOT USE HOPPER. Terrible site to use to book a flight. After having to cancel due to COVID 19, I received an email saying the flight was successfully cancelled and “ As requested, your flight booking has now been canceled. We’re currently working with the airline on potential refunds or future travel credits. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can with the outcome!” This was a month ago and haven’t heard anything since! They have no customer service agents to talk to, everything is through the app which makes getting help impossible! DO NOT USE THIS APP! Should be taken down by apple!

Terrible customer service. Amazingly long answering times, if they answer at all, and they don’t address your queries. I strongly recommend to stay away from them, good luck if you have to cancel a trip

Disappointed. I understand that the circumstances made your work difficult. But I am disappointed to get no answer about my canceling my flight. You canceled it but never gave me the option to get a credit for a further flight. I tired to contact you again but the fact I don’t have a reservation anymore I can’t contact you! Yes please. My reservation number is KRORUM.

No flight credit or refund. My Hopper Confirmation code is A-MK2G84. Please contact me via email as this information is confidential. My girlfriend booked our trip on this app to fly to Costa Rica on March 16 2020. We canceled the trip via the app on March 14 2020. We have not received our credit or refund back, despite your app indicating we should have received our credit or refund within 90 days. All we received was an email after we canceled the trip due to COVID. There is no way to contact Hopper customer support either. This is unacceptable. We deserve a refund or we will take legal action. Please reach out as soon as possible so we can solve this issue, since it is impossible for your customers to reach out to you.

Absolutely no customer service. If I could leave 0 stars I would. We booked a trip to Vancouver mid-January for a March 22 departure and of course with everything going on we figured we’d be accommodated re: cancelation and refund. We filled in the COVID cancellation form March 13 and have yet to hear back and of course they have no support desk and clearly don’t seem to leverage a support ticketing platform. There’s literally no way for us to contact them about our request. Will never book with Hopper again. Looking for someone to reach out to as ASAP. Update: Hopper has reached out to investigate but didn’t provide any contact info for me to reply to. The email came from a Noreply from Apple and the link to contact developer leads me to the same useless “help” page in Hopper. Hopper can you PLEASE provide me with an email address. Update: PLEASE look into the refund or credit for the cancellation that was processed. My airline indicated all communication regarding this has to go through hopper. Booking number: FYPZUW

Don’t trust the pricing. We booked a car rental through Hopper at Routes. Price was supposed to be all-included/final. When we arrived at Routes car rental in Tampa, Fla they said that they only accept a few car insurance companies and if we don’t have it we have to pay for their insurance, which bumped the price up 50%!!! We weren’t able to call Hopper and the staff at Routes shows zero empathy for our situation. We ended up going to Thrifty, paying 25% more and are buckling up for the road ahead to try to get a refund from Hopper for our original booking. Don’t trust the pricing on their website. And be careful with the discount car rental companies, especially Routes!

Customer Support. Non existent. I understand Covid-19 causes delays in support but when your app doesn’t work to contact support for a whole day, and when it actually does work and you contact them at 7:00am in the morning and they say they will get back to you when they can and I’ve currently been waiting for more than 17 hours and haven’t been contacted back and my grace period for cancelling my flight is in 15 minutes that’s what is terrible service. They do not have a working phone number for support and they do not have a working email for support. The only support they provide is on the App that is, as I said non existent. If they do not fix my issues and honour my cancellation if I wish to do so then I will keep this review as a 1 star. Hopefully I get some kind of response...

Scam. First booking for a flight was great. Second booking: rent a car, they call me 30 minutes before to tell me that they won’t have my car for today. Finaly got one 3h after, but they charge me double the price (+600$) because i wanted to add a driving. I cannot reach hoopers because they don’t have any phone number or e-mail and the app say that i need to talk to the company. I don’t recommand. UPDATE AFTER RESPOND FROM HOOPERS: I wrote them an e-mail and i messaged them with messenger as they ask me to do. No respond after a week. The only respond I got is here. UPDATE 1 mont later: I finally talk to somebody. They say that I need to talk to the company that rent me a car. A waste of my time. They don’t even bloc them from doing it again. I would put 0 star.

Customer service. Is not available - the worst when there is an issue and are travelling shortly, incorrectly charged and freeze price does not work. This is the worst

Terrible service. Do not use this app. I had a hellish experience. I originally booked a flight direct from Toronto to Victoria for $800. They then cancelled my flight and offered me a flight with a layover for the same money arriving 8 hours later (midnight). Had I not caught the email within 24hrs I would have been forced in to this flight change. They then proceeded to email me with unacceptable flight changes one daily for 4 days. There is no customer service hotline and when you ask them to call you they will not acknowledge. I eventually agreed to a flight, they failed to update the booking app itinerary and I missed my flight back. Waste of time, money and effort. Big no from me. Wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy.

Denied check in because hopper didn’t pay the hotel. I booked room through hopper when i get to hotel . I was denied checkin because hopper didn’t pay them . I was already charged on my credit card . Help center doesn’t even reply . Never going to use this app again . Scam

Unprofessional customer service,fake promises. They charged me for a room but downgraded upon arrival.On escalation they took forever and stopped replying.Try to avoid hopper for any bookings

STAY AWAY!!!. Booking Code: EIEZQK It’s unbelievable that the only way to get any sort of communication with anyone from this company is through the AppStore!!!!!! They don’t respond to any inquiries on their Social accounts! Have an awful chat option within the app and on top of that continue to scam customers of refunds!!!!! Disgusting. Do yourself a favour and never download and use this app. I’ve reported them to the BBB and plan to continue my fight to ensure people are not scammed by this company anymore.

Never ever again. I had to cancel a flight I booked with Hopper as a result of the Covid crisis. More than 100 days after cancelling, I’m still waiting for my credit. I tried to get assistance from Hopper but they don’t have any phone number or email you can contact. I will never use Hopper ever again.

Happy. Thank you so much, and I’m glad to see my new grandson in Ontario you are the best site ever.

Rip off. I was charged by hopper for children’s seats selection and the airline does not charge for children’s seat selection because they must sit with family. When I emailed the airline and company and asked for a refund of $150 they refused to answer me back

Didn’t work for me. I was excited to save on airfare amidst all the glowing reviews. However Hopper told me to wait and then after the price increased it told me to buy. I should’ve gone with my gut. This was for a Toronto to Honolulu flight.

Lack of Customer Service. It’s a shame that in this time of need Hopper had the perfect opportunity to prove their worth, value, and reputation, however have failed to do so. Amidst all this panic, new travel advisories and cancellations due to Covid-19 their customer service has been nonexistent. I understand the large influx of requests however they should have changed their customer service approach to adapt to the current situation. At this rate I have to make the decision whether to completely lose out on all the money i worked extremely hard to save up for of my booking or put my health at risk due to the lack of customer service. Many are coming out saying they are scheduled to fly today and still have not heard back from the company despite paying extra for the travelling insurance. Many are left stranded in foreign countries trying to get home. It’s really a shame. Extremely disappointed.

Double charged for the price freeze. I booked a price freeze, but I was charged for the same flight twice. I haven’t been able to contact customer service, and their website says I’ve lost my “deposit” since I didn’t book within their time period of 5 days. Well guess what? On top of being double charged, their app was having technical difficulties. So I didn’t even get to book my flight. I’m disappointed and upset, I’ve used this app in the past with no problems and this stressful situation is making it difficult to continue to use.

Extremely Frustrating!. I had to cancel my trip to France due to Covid-19 and after 2 months they finally reimbursed me but for my return flight only for some reason. Ive sent multiple messages inquiring about this but I was only told to continue waiting. The flight date has come and gone and I haven’t heard back from them and its been almost a week since my last message. Brutal customer service experience

Don’t book with them!. The deals are rather good, but with the whole covid 19 situation going on, they were NOT accommodating at all. First of all, impossible to communicate with. There was no one that got back to me until 3 weeks after. The situation got worst the time that I had my trip booked, so the common sense thing to do was not to go. My friends booked through Air Canada with the same exact flight and Air Canada gladly gave them credit for it (much more responsive), however, Hopper told me no. It’s Air Canada’s policy, which it was clearly not. They just want to keep their money. So in situations like these, it’s not worth it to book with Hopper. Clearly, they’re greedy and inconsiderate of their clients.

Worst customer experience- do NOT book a flight from them!!. For a company aimed at saving users money and time booking flights, it’s almost comical at how poor their user experience is. No number to call for support; every point of communication comes from a chat bot in the app. Ive been waiting OVER TWO WEEKS for support in changing my flight, and have not heard back from an agent during this period. My flight is in less than two weeks, and prices are soaring as the days get closer to my departure. You can’t even change your flight from the airline, where you’re able to speak to an actual representation. Save yourself the grief & book your flight through a more reputable company.

Disappointed. Not sure this is where you want me to put my confirmation number or if by email. It’s: BBRKAP On the email I received. Like I said, I did not want to give Hopper a horrible review, it’s the last thing I want.. all I wanted was to make sure the credit card name was correct and switch my flight to a later day. Thank you in advance for any help. Megan I used this app once before to buy a plane ticket and everything went well, I’m assuming this is because I didn’t have any issues... Absolutely horrible, I’ve been trying to talk to someone for TWO weeks. The only way you can talk to them is with the “bots” that show up every now and then, I keep starting new conversations and they just tell me I have to wait, so instead of being able to confirm any travel plans in Africa, I just have to wait. Whats WORSE, the credit card used at the time of purchase wasn’t the correct one. The app would NOT let me use the proper name, or kept trying to correct it (illegal Hopper!!! Wake up!!!) so now the flight is going through on an illegal name and they refuse to contact me with the proper info. I really didn’t want to have to give them such a poor rating, but come on Hopper you’ve have plenty of time to get back to me. wake up

Horrible. If there is ever an issue there is no one to talk too. They ignore what you have to write in help messages. Do not use this!

DO NOT USE. This app/service is a scam!!! The worst booking app & customer service I’ve ever experienced! One of my family members was in the hospital for our trip and we couldn’t cancel just 1 ticket, had to cancel the entire booking! When you cancel, the credits have to be used for the same people, which is ridiculous! The airline cancelled & refunded one of the tickets & hopper refused to give any money or credits back to me! They just kept it! NEVER USE THIS SERVICE, all they want is your money and once they have it, they wipe their hands clean from you and continuously give you the run around.

Refund!!!. No respond, i have cancelled my ticket on march 16 and still havent got any email back yet and no number to contact customer service can you please let me know if there is any progress in my refund. A-ZKS1NY is my conformation number

Stay away - Don’t bother. The comments on Social Media are horrible. The features do not outweigh the poor support or developer response. The UE is horrific. How did Apple allow this? Do not download and do not use. You will lose money!!!

Your response/customer service has been atrocious. Atrocious customer service recently. I will be tweeting about this.

Worst app. I booked my flight from hopper in april 2020. The flight then got cancelled sdue to covid-19. Since then, I have been requesting for my refund and hopper is not responding me for a once. It has been more then a year. I would never recommend this app to anyone.

No customer service. The reviews are so fake, this so provides no customer service yet the only way the airline can do refunds or anything is through the third party. Don’t waste your time and money.

Price Drop Guarantee is False. I was a first time user of the app and I am very disappointed with their service. They boast a price drop guarantee on “select flights” but don’t make mention of how you’ll know which flight is “select” or not. I booked my trip and less than a week later I checked back and the price had dropped by $100! I reached out to their customer service and was very disappointed with the customer care they offered. Unwilling to make amends in anyway I can confidently say once I get back from my vacation this app will be deleted because I would have much more rather used something like Expedia where I know they honour their word.

Never again. We booked 3 tickets through hopper on WestJet. A month later we received an email from hopper that our flight has been advanced. We requested that our booking tbe moved back to a later flight through Hopper app as they request. After 20 days Hopper answered, acknowledging that our flight has been advanced butthat they can not do anything and we have to call WestJet. We called WestJet and they told us as we bought the tickets from Hopper and it is Hopper responsibility to help us. Also that if we booked directly with westjet, then westjet would have been able to help us. So we are left with 3 tickets with departures earlier than we booked and that we can not take. West jet suggested that we file a complaint against Hopper with Canada transportation agency. And this is where we are left now 🤷🏻‍♀️ Definitely last time to book with hopper 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Adel

Best App for Booking. I have been using this app to monitor flight costs and find the most affordable dates to fly. The results are great and the notifications of potential increases is a great feature. Great app for booking flights.

SK in Montreal. I am so impressed with this app. I have received all the notifications advising me about the pricing of my flights. I am so pleased with the updates and info I got. Thanks. hopper. 😆

Terrible customer service. With COVID my flights were cancelled and I have been tirelessly trying to contact someone at Hopper to refund me for my flights. You cannot contact anyone. They have deleted my flight booking history in their App and therefore I have not been able to chat with anyone at Hopper to get help resolving this issue. My flight was booked for a date in March and I still haven’t heard anything and it is now April. Seems like a scam. If anyone at Hopper reads this review please have your support team contact me and refund my trip this is unfair to everyone who trusted Hopper and not okay. Hopper should be updating their customers. THIS IS NOT OK. Confirmation code : MQCJYF

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. My flight was cancelled due to the covid-19 situation. At first I was told by Hopper to contact the airline to get a refund. After calling the airline and waiting for HOURS they tell me Hopper is supposed to give me the refund. I contacted them 2 weeks ago and no one has gotten back to me. I find a form to cancel my flights on their website and try to fill it out but a section clearly states “ By submitting this form you are allowing Hopper the permission to cancel and process your booking for a refund or a credit. In the event that your booking is nonrefundable and credit is not possible, we will proceed to cancel your booking regardless and any value of the ticket(s) will be forfeit. “ So basically if they cannot refund it or credit it, you lose all the money you spent!! Unreal and extremely disappointing. Never ever will I recommend this app to anyone.

Worst customer service ever !! Save money don’t use this app. Guys ! This app is a scam ! They take money and never get back for any changes ! Worst customer service ever. It’s been 3 days I have been trying to reach out to them to cancel my ticket and no reply! It’s such a shame that these apps promising of economical fare feeds on people’s hard earned money to fill their pockets. It’s the third day and still no reply from their customer service ! It just take a reply to answer ! What a shame I wasted my money booking through them ! Next time better to pay $50 and have full control of my booking.

Terrible response time. Over a week before my flight and they couldn’t cancel it, change it, or even provide a human response. Also, the airline you booked won’t take your calls because you didn’t book with them. Wish I had known that before throwing away my money on a flight I couldn’t change.

Pack your bags!. This app offers the lowest price for your flight as it compares them to other airlines and it also gives you options to decide for a cheaper flight on different dates! Awesome 👌🏼

Worst App ever. Do not use this app to book your trip, they make mistake and you are not able to soeak to anyone on the phone, only email, new person everyday they lie to you, you have to explain everything again, no good french assistance

RUN AWAY THEY DONT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE. The worst app ever!!!! Be careful with trusting your travel plans with this app. They do not care about the customer at all and have cancelled my seat selection without confirmation making me be removed from my flight. I’m now stuck without a flight home and no where to stay last minute. They DONT CARE ABOUT YOU. They care about money and that is it Please don’t waste your time and money with this company!!! They are greedy and full of bad energy! Run away do not download and buy directly from the airlines I only hope that enough people will read these reviews, as there are many trying to save you from this evil company NEVER USE AND NEVER RECOMMEND I WILL BE WARNING ALL PEOPLE I KNOW ANYONE I MEET TRAVELING EVERYWHERE F*** Hopper, thanks for ruining my travels and adding more stress into my life.

Will be deleting this app. Cancelled flight over a month ago and still nothing. Can’t contact anyone and absolutely no one to speak with. Terrible customer service. Who are these people that give 5 stars??

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am absolutely disgusted by this apps customer service. The only way to contact them is through the in app chat that they take hours or sometimes days to answer. I had weather affecting my flight and was advised by my airline that I needed to contact hopper to change my flight for the next day and no one got back to be in time. If you ever have any issues regarding whether or your flight do not expect a response in time to help you. Will never book through them again.

It’s 100% cheating. They showed in APP $ 375 CAD . When I booked ticket it charged me $ 440 . What the hell is these kind of cheating.

Criminals. I Booked a flight couple months ago. My booking was from YUL - Miami round trip on the Thursday 23march - Monday 27march. Out of no where they modified my return flight to Friday 31 march. 5 days of official flight. That modified booking made no sense, they expect me to stay at my own expense for 5 days like If i didnt have a job to go back to. Reaching is as pointless, they have no customer service even with their VIP program. We Paid an extra 35$ so we can get access to their 24/7 service. They havent got back to us at all after our initial conversation. Booking with them is a nightmare, I have 0 faith in their service and their flight they change it my flight 2 days before my trip. Hopper is to be avoided.

Not reliable. I did a hotel search for 3 people stay got to the hotel I was charged for the extra person even though I booked for 3 then when I write to Hopper they said we only do bookings of 2 so why can I search for 3 people…

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VIEW flights only, PURCHASE through actual airline. I have been using this app for many years as a guide to view cheap airline tickets. Eventually I started purchasing tickets through the app and had no issues, until a recent last minute cancellation. I had purchased a ticket with the TRIP INSURANCE added, which the app offers. This is supposed to give you a refund, but once I had cancelled my flight, the airline that I was supposed to fly with, issued my refund within a few days and allocated the funds towards Hopper. Now, it has been well over a month and I have not received my $600 refund. There is no customer service phone line or email you can get in contact with, unless you purchase “VIP Support” with your ticket. My advice to anyone who reads this, is use this app as a way of finding cheap tickets. Once you have found your flights, immediately go to that airline directly and purchase from them. I’ve had cancellations in the past with multiple airlines and was refunded my money with 5-7 business days, but this is ridiculous. This app would be worth 5 stars, if it was not due to their lack of customer support and bad business practices.

Said transaction did not go through but charged me anyways. I tried to book a hotel room for one night through the app and they were several glitches that ended in that I have a booking a hotel room for a different date and then charging me twice for the VIP customer service that I was not able to get a hold of. When I tried to book the room I had chosen the option to cancel at any time just in case. I started the booking process and when it got to the payment a message popped up saying that the transaction was not completed which was fine because I realized I had the wrong date on the hotel but then I received a confirmation email even though it’s stated that the payment did not go through.I then tried the VIP customer service but a notification kept coming up saying that it was not available even though apparently the app charged me twice for the service. I am completely frustrated with all of these pop-ups that say one thing and then the charges on My card with no help from any time of customer service. So now I’m stuck with a Hotel reservation that I can’t use and have already been charged for plus 30 dollars charged for a service that isn’t available. This is so stressful and unnecessary.

Very misleading and no transparency. They essentially farm your information, they don’t directly handle any of your flights. When your tickets are purchased, they are not purchased using your card information, they use an alternative card with the airline. They also use an alternative email and phone number with the airline for YOUR ticket, when it’s supposed to be your information on file. What this means is that if you have any issues with your flight, the airline can do nothing about it because they don’t have your card information, email, or phone number on file. Hopper’s customer service is incredibly difficult to reach, and to call them or get “instant VIP access” you have to pay $20. Otherwise, you have to file a complaint through an alternative route, which they will get back to you within 48 hours. In my scenario, I had an issue with the app itself double booking my flight. The customer service told me to contact the airline because they can’t do anything about it. To reiterate, for an issue with the APP glitching and double booking my flight, they told me to reach out to the airline You also have to be careful when checking out because they charge you your fare, and automatically add add-ons that you manually have to remove or you’ll get charge Altogether very shady and misleading

Scammer prompts w/ DMV attitude in service. This app does an interesting job scamming with extra fees, so be careful if you use it. $60 for insurance- doesn’t actually work or cover anything if you need it, $9 fee for “VIP” to skip the line- does not apply at any in person car rental agency. Spent an hour and 45 mins in line anyway because it’s a third party app. $5 in “tip” fees so the app can profit off of your transaction. All of these are automatically preselected so you have to be mindful and deselect them if you plan to use the app. The “discount” is the same rate if you went through any rental agency directly. The discounts not actually a discount in terms of rental cars- I would advise going directly through a car agency and not this app. This app is only useful at hotels and that’s IF you don’t mind getting your room doubled booked and given to someone else and you get walked and need to use a different hotel in areas with busy travel times. Wasted a ton of money because I booked in a hurry and didn’t pay more attention like an amateur. Customer service is outsourced to India and reps do not comprehend questions in a way they freely answer but obviously only respond with typed prompts given to them. Would have been easier talking to a deaf robot and I speak 7 languages! 10/10 would recommend any other app- use at your own risk!

charged me for a cancelled flight and no customer service to contact. I picked flights and put in payment info and was told my flights didn't have enough seats and that I was to pick another flight. I went to pick new flights and didn't like the ones the app was showing. So I backed out of the app and closed it down and went to another app and tried to purchase flights on that app. My credit card was declined as Hopper had a pending charge. I then checked my email and received an email from the airline my flights with no seats were on and logged into the airline site only to have them tell me the flight was cancelled. I never received a confirmation email from Hopper either. So I go back into Hopper to get a hold of customer support only to find the only way to contact them is through your booking. Well, I have no booking or trips shown. So there is no way to contact customer support. I have now purchased an unpicked and cancelled flight and no way to get any help from Hopper. I'm filing a dispute with my credit card company for this purchase. I never picked my flights! I would NOT recommend booking anything through Hopper. This was for a trip for my daughter and I for her senior year and now I don't know how I'll afford different tickets.

Confusing/Misleading No Notifications Price Freeze Trips Almost Sold Out or No Longer Avail.. Definitely wouldn’t use Hopper again I created a Price Freeze trip that I thought was locked in and watched it each day until one day it was no longer avail. bc one of the flights was sold out??? So I cancelled got refunded after a few stressed emails and a few days of trying to obtain customer support ...then I went ahead and booked a one way right away bc it said only 2 tixs left on the direct airlines site ...so know I have a one way through Hopper so they still got my business which I didn’t want to but it was a bit less due to carrot cash. My advice if I book a price freeze trip ck how many tickets are left on the direct airlines site bc if any leg of the trip sells out it renders the Hopper price freeze trip unavail. and Hopper doesn’t provide a countdown on tixs. or a warning notification that it’s almost sold out. They need to incorporate a feature on the site or app that gives customers a heads up that their price freeze trip is about to be unavail. bc one of the flights is about to sell out so we have a heads up n can book asap!!! And I should get a free trip for suggesting this addition to the algorithm...or a job offer 😂 throw me some more carrots at least 👍

Stressful Experience (Eventually resolved). I’m currently 20, so I had to reserve a hotel without 21+ requirements. Found a listing stating 18+ requirements and booked it, and also confirmed with front desk, who happened to also misinform me of their policy. Of course when I arrive after driving 6+ hours, I couldn’t get my room. I tried cancelling through the hopper app for hours starting around 8pm. Maybe server issues, try later. Website hopper provided showed no server issues. I have had no luck finding a way to contact their support at all. Only preset pages that just go in circles. Once it turned midnight, I couldn’t even view the cancellation button. My confirmation email said I can cancel for full refund until 6am, and now I’m up at 2am with no sign that I will get my refund. $180 down the drain. Update: I was able to reach support and eventually get my order refunded. The customer support agent was very helpful with finding a solution for me after my very long day. I feel like the app needs some fixes, especially regarding cancellations. Customer support was great, I just wish they were easier to contact and/or if there was a number for calling them

Convenient but poor costumer service. I reallyyyy liked using this app until I needed to contact someone. They do not have a phone line. You have to “send in a request” and wait and hope that someone reaches out to you within the 24 hour time frame that is given to you. This not only has caused some anxiety, but uncertainty. I had $400 worth of travel credit I wanted to use for trip I need to take in a couple of weeks. I had to “ send in a request “ in order to use my travel credit . 48 hours later still haven’t heard from anyone. Not sure how COVID could impact this when less people are flying. Very upsetting. Contacted the airline I bought tickets for and was informed I’d be charged $50 per person in order to transfer the credit which I understand but who knows how long it would take for them to reach a Hopper representative. That would be an extra $200 for my family. I did end up sending an additional request after the 24 hour mark and was Informed this would only delay my response time with a representative. Due to the uncertainty , slow responses, and lack of a phone line, I do not believe I will use Hopper again. This is the second time I have had a hard time contacting someone for flights and I’m not sure it’s something I’m willing to go through again. I will reconsider if these things change.

Helpful but lots of hidden fees. I’ve been using hopper for years to simply track flight prices going up or down, which was great. However, my first time attempting to book through Hopper was disastrous. Hidden fees left and right, every screen has another fee that you meticulously have to disable or opt out of and if you aren’t paying close attention you’ll quickly find yourself paying more. Up til the end when you think you’re all set, there are two last items a $5 “tip” and a $25 “VIP Service” fee that are easy to miss. Moreover, this app will tell you a flight price has increased to get you to buy it then, but if you wait literally a couple hours a flight notification will come up saying “your trip to wherever is only X amount of dollars” and you just ended up paying more beforehand because they trick you into purchasing right then. Also their customer service has no actual employees unless you have a booking, you have to rely on FAQs for help. Not even a phone center, their phone number will take you to a message machine. Overall, great app to get some ideas of when prices will go down but I do not recommend purchasing on the app itself.

Prices not updated. I downloaded this app to save money on a family trip to the Caribbean. I gave it 3 stars for the many tips given for cheapest flights. I found tickets for $461 and was ready to purchase since it stated that this was the lowest price available. When searching other sites and apps, Hopper had the cheapest price. So after filling out passenger information and going to the purchase page, a window pops up stating that prices went up $77 dollars. It then says choose different flights or continue purchase. I went back to change flights and the flights I had previously chosen were still at the $461 price! I then picked the next cheapest flight. Then it states prices went up over $100! I even restarted the app to see if prices got updated. Nope. It even has a little bunny hopping and checking for latest prices! No such luck there either. Update: The price didn’t go up if I tried purchasing one adult ticket. However, when I added other travelers including my kids, the prices goes up. Maybe it’s because of how many seats are available next to each other? It would be great if the app could let you know how many seats are left for each flight!

Completely garbage customer service and deceiving advertising tactics. I don't know how this app has 4.8 stars, but from my personal experience, their customer service is garbage. You don't have any way to talk to someone over the phone. Now They offer a price freeze, but when you are placing it the first time, it will not tell you that the price may increase, and your max discount is only $100. When you try to pay for the trip after the freeze, it will increase cost, I understand that the airline's industry fluctuates, but in my case, they never showed any message regarding this policy. It took me few hours to reach out to CS via chat because if you haven't booked your tickets, you don't have an option to contact. When I put a freeze on fare for 30 days, customer service tells me my freeze is expired, which is why I have to pay the total price. I put that freeze day prior. If you don't believe me, google Hopper reviews online, and you'll see what I am talking about their service. What is the reason to put freeze? Because I will be going to get that ticket, and I want them to hold it, but in my case, they changed their price and wanted me to pay $600 more for the trip. Update: Which customer service are you referring to contact, the one which is impossible to reach out, and even if I want to How??

Hopper is a scam.. I don’t understand how this app is still offered on the App Store. Hopper has zero customer support. Any issues with flights that may arise you will have to deal with yourself. I purchased flights for June 2020, these flights were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I reached out to the airline which assured me I would be refunded for the flight. However, my tickets were purchased through a third party (Hopper) so all refunds would be sent to Hopper before reaching the ultimate customer. I attempted reaching out to Hopper over 20 times to get an understanding of my situation and to report technical issues within the app which wouldn’t allow me to properly request a cancellation (as asked of Hopper through their poorly explained customer service forums). I received multiple automated responses to my support requests. None of these responses even addressed the issue at hand. It has been five months since I attempted to receive some sort of support. I continuously reached out for support during this time. To this day no one has addressed my issue. Personally I have lost all hope that Hopper will do what is right. I write this review in hopes that no one will use this app ever again. I have heard of many similar situations. I also hope the Apple takes some time to investigate and remove this scam from their App Store.

Disappointing first time user. Installed app May 2023 to see if it would actually save money on flights to Europe later this year. Did get a somewhat lower price than was on the airline sites, but then had to wade through a barrage of add-ons, many attempting to charge fees for things already offered by the airline for free, like cancellation. I found the app interface puerile. Since booking my flight I have twice received notifications that my booking has been modified, but neither one told me what changed. A scam to lure me back into the app? Now on the Hopper side my outbound flight indicates First Class. The airline site still shows the original booking class, which was Premium economy. Despite supposedly offering free email support, it is impossible where to find it, either on the app or the website. Instead, I was repeatedly routed to a page where I could ask my question directly to a ‘travel expert’ for only $49. I really just want to find out what you think has changed on my reservation. Not clear why I should have to pay so much to find that out. Won’t use this app or company again and can’t recommend it to anyone else, even for the offer of some ridiculous virtual rabbit food.

Glitchy app, zero customer service. I hope I'll be pleased enough to change this rating when I actually book something, but beware the fact that they have absolutely NO customer service whatsoever. The only option is the "chat" feature which is basically the equivalent of sending an email and waiting for someone to get around to it. The problem is that I can't even use this one avenue they have because it's only accesible AFTER booking which is just ridiculous to me. I downloaded this app to 'watch' a specific hotel that I really like and want to visit when prices are low. Of course it is the only one in the app that the 'watch' button is broken and can't be used. My app is up to date, I've tried force closing and reopening as well as deleting/redownloading the app, and it simply does not work no matter what I do. I feel bad for the hotel and potential loss of business there as well. I will likely continue using Hopper for the time being to see what it's like when actually booking, but will NEVER use it for big/expensive trips as the customer service is so blatantly lacking. Way way too much risk there. Make sure you read the negative reviews and know what you're getting yourself into. If I weren't so broke I'd ditch this app altogether, so fingers crossed!

Misleading. I’ve purchased tickets to visit my grandpa for a surprised birthday party for his 80th birthday. The party was cancelled because of covid to protect my grandpa and moved to July. Because I paid the Freeze Price (where you pay about 57$ to hold a tickets price until you see a cheaper price. If the tickets go up after two weeks you pay that price you froze it at) instead of booking the ticket right away even though I paid for the 100% refundable ticket and flexibility protection I was only due a sum of 4$s for a ticket I paid over 400$ for. If you do a Freeze Price purchase you are automatically forfeiting that money if you cancel! Especially if it’s about covid 19. There’s ZEEEERRROOO protection. Keep that in mind. Also if they do refund you for a flight as a cash credit on their app of you cancel a flight you also FORFEIT that money too. Don’t ever take a cash credit from them. Get your money!! I was under the impression that if I had to cancel that I would be refunded my tickets’ price could be transferred to another ticket for a later time. Just I wanted to see my grandpa and celebrate him while I still can. It’s hard right now and I lost my job and there’s zero compassion on their end. It’s hard right now and there’s no covid 19 understanding.

Hopper support staff saved the day!!. I’m booking a bucket list vacation to Sweden and one of the highlights of this trip is staying in the real IceHotel. I had been watching the room rates consistently go up until I finally pulled the plug and paid over $700 for a nonrefundable room. When the confirmation came back I realized I had booked the wrong night! 😱🥴😩. Immediately, I rmaoled Hopper support begging and pleading for help. Even though this error was totally 100% my fault, the support staff offered to help me out. They reached out to the IceHotel (for three days straight with an eight hour time difference) and advocated for me to be able to make an itinerary change. The support staff went out of their way trying to help me and also keeping me informed about what was going on. At the end of the day I was able to reschedule my booking for the proper night. Yay! 🤩❄️🥶☃️ The hopper support team really saved the day as this loss could have really screwed up the remainder of my trip. Shout out to Nicole, Miles, and Vanessa with Hopper support for going above and beyond for me! 🙃

Absolutely horrible. I was excited to try the app and found some discounts that saved me about ~$16-$30, however upon trying to actually book a hotel stay, it told me several times that some error occurred. No additional details were given, to simply dated it could not complete the booking. This was frustrating and made me feel like the app displayed some fake prices to get me to sign up and provide personal data. Next I tried to book a flight. After selecting the airline, choosing everything from seats to bags and such, I again tried to finalize my booking, only to be told that there were no more seats on the flight. This struck me as strange since I was just viewing this flight online. I checked again quickly on google and was able to book there without an issue. This feels borderline predatory toward people who may not be familiar enough with airline tickets to know to check other sources. If I believed this app when it said the flight was full, I’d be very stressed out and forced to choose another flight which would complicate my travel plans greatly. After both these consecutive failures, I couldn’t delete the app fast enough. Would give 0 stars if possible, but 1 is the least rating available. Overall felt like a scam to receive my data, only to not function whatsoever.

No Customer Service. I did a price freeze on a hotel then we booked in my husbands phone and didn’t realize it didn’t have me signed in. We contacted Hopper after searching for EVER to find how to contact them and they said it was a non refundable deposit. The fact they can’t even try to work with you by offering just credit towards next hotel honestly seems stupid. I wish when you do price freeze they’d actually say on the screen it’s non-refundable. Because all they say is “deposit applied towards booking” and “if you don’t want to book no worries” but it’s not until you actually click in to a tiny link that says terms and conditions it mentions it’s non refundable. I think this is an extremely crappy thing to do because honestly not everyone will click there first. The fact they’ll make no exceptions at all and don’t help is ridiculous. On top of that the two hotels we’ve booked were honestly not that discounted and the room didn’t look like the pictures and we got accessible rooms each time even though we didn’t want one. It’s just a super frustrating company. I wish I liked it more but I refuse to support this company anymore since they just don’t want to help at all.

Customer service is a disaster. I have never been one to write reviews, good or bad, but my experience with hopper has been truly a nightmare. DO NOT PRICE FREEZE! Especially if you are trying to coordinate flights with friends. The validity period for a price freeze is never consistent, even when you and a friend might be trying to freeze a ticket on the same flight. For some reason my price freeze was only available for 20 days while my friend’s was 30 (again, for the same flight frozen on the SAME DAY). I was under the impression that my freeze would also be 30 days, so I did it knowing when my payday was. To my dismay, my validity period was only 20 days (for some unknown reason), so I couldn’t buy the ticket I wanted as i hadn’t gotten paid yet. This meant I was also robbed of the 65$ non refundable freeze fee. Figuring out how to contact customer service was an additional nightmare seeing as you can only message through the app once you’ve booked a flight. There is no phone number or email to use, so I eventually had to send them a DM on twitter to get any kind of response (unprofessional). Finally the response I received was essentially “there’s nothing we can do.” Ultimately I feel robbed and unheard, but I hope your company puts the stolen 65$ of a broke college student to good use.

Trash. First review I've done on an app so you must know they reallllly pressed my buttons on this one. Ive used hopper a few times, i got mmy trio cancelled, delayed another and they told me i had to take it up with the airline, which is trash they should insure me that my money would be given back. Airline didn't want to give my money back even tho i had a positive covid test -500$ in the drain. Then on a separate occasion i booked a hotel and the hotel said they never got my booking when i arrived at 3 am. Every hotel was booked and here i am no rental and no hotel. Tried to give them a third shot tonight and the app wouldn't even load any of the flights all day and turns out that if you go to the direct airline and purchase ur flight you save because you don't paid them the third party fee even tho they ensure nada. I undownloaded the app right now and encourage you to not even download it. Also they don't have any customer service so good luck talking to anyone if you have an issue hopefully it will be on their FAQ. Siiiiiiike. Anyway, i use to love this app, but the more i got involved the more they failed me. If i could give this -10 i would, absolutely garbage. Safe your time and money and go directly to the airline. I hope that everyone reads this, so the veil is lifted from your fake ads making you guys seem legit.

If I could give negative stars, I would.. THIS APP AND COMPANY ARE SO UNDEPENDABLE that they offer a refund option for additional money on the appointment, knowing that the hotels will not take your reservation and knowing it will fail. They wring the customer for every penny and will not cancel unless you pay the extra money. THEY ARE BANKING ON THEIR FAILURE and MAKING MONEY KNOWING IT WILL FAIL. IF YOU ARE SO DEPENDABLE HOPPER, WHY OFFER THE FAILURE “INSURANCE” and offer it at every single agreement point you go through on the app? Oh, I know why… IHG hotels are not really taking this APP- Last week, I booked twice with this app and both hotels refused to take it. It was really late at night and I ended up paying full price for the hotels. The hotels managers have said that they have let Hopper know that they are not taking this app and Hopper is still sending patrons to them and ignoring their requests to STOP sending customers through the APP. The service that the hotels are receiving is non-existent according to the managers. They keep asking Hopper to take them off of the accepting hotels and they ignore the requests and continue booking. This is an awful business practice that puts the customers out and makes for not so nice exchanges when the hotel has to explain to the customer. Hopper is being irresponsible sending customers to hotels that are NOT accepting the app.

Customer service really lacking. I love this app, I really do. They actually do find the best prices and I book through them all the time. But their customer service is terrible. There is no phone number and it can take them hours or even days to respond to a simple request. Today it’s a booking I just want to cancel. I even bought the “cancel for any reason” add on and yet my message sits and sits unanswered. There’s also a couple tricks to be aware of - like how price freeze says it gives you a discount. The discount is the amount you pay to freeze it that applies towards your balance, you don’t actually save any additional money. The VIP support add on costs extra and is not always even helpful. If the airline delays or cancels your flight then steps in and reschedules you hopper will tell you it’s “in the airline’s hands” even if you buy add ons to protect your trip. Research add ons carefully, once you’ve bought them all you’re no longer saving and may as well use a different site or app! TLDR, if you’re 100% confident in a trip or have days to wait to cancel it, definitely use this app because you actually will get the best prices. Just beware that customer service and be wary of the add ons.

Horrible customer service. You had better get every detail of your flight correct on the initial booking because it will take WEEKS to hear back from Hopper for any changes despite a goal of “responding in 24 hours”. You can do exactly what Hopper does by using Google on your own and avoid the hassle. Hopper: My flight was HRACYSfrom Savannah Georgia to Nashville Tennessee. I still have not heard back in response to any of my requests using the app. While I understand that my flight is a couple months out and this may not be “priority” I need this resolved so that I can accurately proceed with scheduling other components of my trip. HOPPER: You did email me on August 28th as you claim and it was a generic message that said my details had changed but still referenced the incorrect dates. The fact that the only way that I can have a conversation with your service is via 1 star messages rather than a phone call speaks volumes about your customer service. HOPPER: Also for the record the dates that I want are November 12-14 flying from Savannah to Nashville and returning Nashville to Savannah

Just alright. Hopper has a great concept. It allows you to compare flight prices between multiple airlines. I have many problems with it, however. First, they don’t include all the airlines. It’s annoying that I have to get off hopper to go look on Southwest, Allegiant, etc etc. Second, they offer many unique features but the price is entirely too high and it isn’t applied toward anything. For example, you can freeze a flight price for about $50, but that $50 is not then applied toward the price of the flight. Similarly, you can extend your window to cancel the flight for $45, add “cancel for any reason” insurance for about $50 (spending on price of flight), or insurance if your flight is delayed, cancelled or affects your connection. None of these prices are applied to your total, so I don’t actually think it’s worth it. Moreover, the analytic feature that tells you whether the price will fluctuate is not very obvious. You have to do some deep digging to discover if the flight is actually set to increase in price soon, and the data isn’t even precise. Overall, I’m not sure what booking through the Hopper app does differently than booking through the site.

Good app to find cheap flights/hotels/etc…. This app is a good app for finding the cheaper prices of travel. I find it better than Expedia, Orbit, and all the rest. Plus you get cash back in the form of “carrot cash”. I’ve gotten free nights at a hotel and discounts towards flights with the carrot cash. They also have price drop guarantee where if the price drops lower than what you paid for it, they’ll give you the difference in carrot cash. If you travel a lot, this app is a must have. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because there was an instance where I bought basic economy tickets and the app said I could pick my seats for free. Well you can’t pick seats on a basic economy ticket for free according to the airline. Hopper customer service was excellent in helping resolve the issue. I ended up picking seats and hopper paid for them since it was their mistake. And so for that, Hopper needs to fix that issue on the app so it is not misleading. I HIGHLY recommend getting the VIP support when asked during purchasing. You’ll get quick responses and good results. Next trip, Italy!!

Unable to contact and unreliable service. Hopper is a third party flight booking app. I booked a flight through them on JetBlue. JetBlue recently changed a flight on me, and I was not notified of this by Hopper. When I called JetBlue to change this flight to a time I could make, they informed me that JetBlue outsourced their ticket sales to third party companies and those third party companies are responsible for managing and contacting me regarding any information on the flight. The only way for me to change my flight would be through Hopper or I would have to pay a $50 transfer fee in order for JetBlue to manage the booking. Hopper has no customer service number and you can only contact them through the app. I contacted the with this method and it said they would get back to me in 24hours. They reached out to me and told me that they could change the flight but I received no confirmation email and they had not changed my flight after 8 hours. Since the flight was originally rescheduled for the next day, I had to pay the transfer fee with JetBlue in order to not miss my flight. Hopper has not refunded me for this and will not respond to any means of contact now. The person's name who I spoke to at Hopper with was Dona and I have screenshots of our conversation as I cannot get back to the text chain in app.

Do not trust this app!!. I was introduced to Hopper by mother who lives abroad. The app was giving her some issues with the price freeze option, so I tried it on my end and it worked. We used the price freeze option when purchasing a flight from GDL to DTW. When I went back to purchase the ticket a day before my price freeze was to expire, I got an error message which I thought was due to the type of card I was using. However, after three different cards I kept getting the same error message shown below. I followed the link on the error message to communicate this issue with a customer care representative, but after leaving a message (there is absolutely no way to contact someone over the phone) I have not received a response. I checked my bank accounts and see that there are pending charges on all three cards for the same flight. I went to United Airlines website to purchase the ticket and it was only $30 more than what Hopper was offering over a week ago. The good think here is that since my booking was never confirmed, I do not have to try and get a refund from Hopper, I will report it to my credit card companies as fraud. I could only imagine how difficult/impossible it would be to try and get a refund or cancel my flight with this organization.

Not sure what happened to my original review. I submitted a review with my story. Long story short hopper cancelled my flight then told me in the email any further questions call the airline directly. Well I tried and it’s impossible right now you COVID 19 to get through. Hopper did not tell me if I would be getting a refund with them or a credit with the then or or the airline ? I also opted for the “cancel for any reason “ and since the airline cancelled not me I wanted to know if I would be getting a refund. It’s impossible to reach them. Self help link after self help link going no no where fast. Chat box doesn’t work going on 19hrs with message not seen. It’s a joke.... I’ve never seen such poor customer service in my life. It’s should not be this difficult to ask a simple question. Also reading through the reviews today I notice they always have a generic response of sorry for the inconvenience or some crap and then say feel free to reach out to support. OKAY ! HOW ?? Tell me how ? Not submit a form or message the chat box tell me an email and official email or a phone number and I’m sure all these people on here would gladly contact customer support, but they never state how. Really unfortunate. Good concept for an app poor follow through on their end. It’s terrible just don’t use it. Pay the extra buck for less hassle and better guarantee.

Unable to book multiple times. I recommended the Hopper app to my younger sister. She tried to book a flight and when she went to pay she received a message saying “something went wrong” but was still charged for the flight leaving her with not enough money to try to book again. I told her it must’ve been a bug/tech related and encouraged her to try again using my credit card since the charge was still showing on her card. The same thing happened again, “something went wrong” and my card was also charged. Two charges on two different cards but no booking. She tried to call customer service multiple times and was told that there is no phone customer service for Hopper flights yet. It was hard trying to reach customer service through the app because it only allows you to ask for customer service through “bookings” and the bookings she had tried to make of course were not there because “something had gone wrong” but somehow both cards were still charged for the bookings that never happened. What a nightmare and disaster. Yes, refunds were issued. Mine the next day but my sisters not until almost a week later and flight prices had of course changed by then. We will no longer be using the Hopper app. Terrible customer service.

I won’t use this app again. I did a price freeze and when I went back in two days later to complete the payment the app kept having technical issues, right when I would get to the payment screen. When it finally got to the pet where you swipe to pay I just so happened to check the individual charges and multiple times this company site attempted to add charges for extended coverage etc, to my fees even when I selected no for all of them. I decided to screen record my check out process which I had to attempt numerous times, I had no choice but to try and follow through otherwise I would have to forfeit my 71 dollar deposit. Luckily I took multiple screen record videos showing three separate times where the app added charges I specifically declined, or changed the final price to where my 71 dollar deposit did not reflect. I finally was able to get the app to match what was the correct charge and then proceeded to pay. I STRONGLY encourage anyone using the app to check your individual charges at check out before finalizing payment. This system and company takes too many liberties, it’s not worth “saving” a few dollars if you ultimately face being scammed and/or charged overall with extra and excessive fees.

Do not book through this app. So I kept seeing advertisements for this app through my Instagram Facebook and some of the hotels look amazing. So I finally downloaded the app and booked a hotel about four days in advance from the date. I received a confirmation email so I thought everything was good to go. Once I get to the hotel which is about a 6 Hour Dr. for me because my son has a huge soccer tournament which we are representing the state of Florida so as you can imagine most hotels are completely booked out. The hotel cannot find my reservation Hopper does not have a number to contact you have to go through the app and speak to an agent which will take about 45 minutes to get to you respond to you and once they do respond it’s a natural 10 minutes after each time you write them. I gave them the hotel phone number just to try to make things easier and told him to please call to straighten this out and they said they were calling the receptionist had the phone right Next to her so no one ever called. So the receptionist felt so bad they just sauntered off the price and we had to just booked straight through the hotel because there was last minute cancellations. And now Hopper says they will try their best to give me a refund and apologized.

Poor customer service. Do yourself a favor and use this app only to find prices. You should book through the airline if possible. The price freeze option is a total scam. They have cut the time to buy from 7 days to 3 days and are completely inflexible to make changes even if an honest mistake was made. I used this function to freeze a flight price and realized I had not purchased this for all members of my family. I went back into the app to purchase for the rest of my family and the same price had shown as the default but was a different itinerary. I realized this after I purchased it and immediately notified customer service of my mistake. Per their policy they stated this cannot be changed and “so sorry for the inconvenience”. Then exactly 3 days later I went back the app to complete my purchase and missed the deadline by a few minutes. $605 down the toilet. There was no notification that the freeze was about to expire, no reminder email. Notified customer service again and got the same response as before. Absolutely, ridiculous that an honest mistake should be so costly and also ridiculous that you cannot speak to a live person in customer service - it is by email only. Unscrupulous if you ask me. I’ll be notifying the BBB as well.

DO NOT USE THIS APP! Worst customer service ever!!. DO NOT USE THIS APP!! I would give zero stars if I could. We booked a hotel through the app for an international vacation a month and half before. Hopper confirmed hotel and sent confirmation number. Day before we are to leave and stay in the confirmed hotel, Hopper sends an email that the hotel was never confirmed and canceled our reservation. They said the hotel had closed. It was the busiest weekend of the year and all other open hotels were 8x the price we originally booked for. We had to pay an extra $15 just to talk to a agent. Was on a chat with agent for 9 hours and they did absolutely nothing. Hopper would not help us to rebook a hotel room. Told us to book a hotel ourselves and they would refunded us our original amount plus a little more for the “slight inconvenience”. While we are in the trip we happen to walk by the hotel we originally booked and it was not closed at all. There were guests staying there. After the trip we try to contact them to send the bill and get the refund and they will not respond. They have no customer service line to call and talk to an actual human and just leave you on read in chat. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD!!! Looks like the developer only responds to positive reviews on here.

Starting to feel scammed.... I bought 4 plane tickets for American Airlines before COVID-19 was as widespread as it is WITH insurance. We ended up cancelling the trip directly through AA’s site about a month before the trip was supposed to take place in September and they issued travel credits. Well when I look on the Hopper app it just states our flight was modified, not cancelled, so it is not showing that we have flight credits. I tried using the flight credit directly through AA and they said I needed to book through Hopper, which is a problem because they are not showing the flight credits. I have submitted 2 separate customer service requests to have this issue resolved in the past month and have only received generic responses stating they would get back to me. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, because I’m sure they have a ton of requests because of the pandemic, but after reading other reviews with similar problems, I’m starting to believe I will never receive my travel credits or get my money back...Hopper, this sketchy customer service system you are using is NOT working. I will never use this app to book travel again if this is how you conduct business and steal people’s money. If I don’t hear from someone within the next month I will be contacting my lawyer to escalate this complaint.

NON-EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. There is NO WAY of contacting them. No email, no phone number, and no “live chat” once your reservation has been cancelled. I booked a non-refundable hotel reservation back in February for June, but had to cancel because of COVID. I messaged them through the live chat asking if a refund was possible due to the special circumstances. It took them 2 days for a bot to respond with a link to a special covid form to fill out, stating that they would do their best to obtain a refund. Fine. I filled out the form, but never got confirmation that it had been sent/received. A week later I got an email saying that my reservation had been cancelled, but it doesn’t say if they’re still working on a refund or if the hotel denied it (which I doubt bc the hotel’s website clearly states that they’re issuing refunds to ALL reservations cancelled due to covid). I tried to contact them again through the app but my now cancelled booking has completely disappeared, meaning that I have NO WAY to access the live chat. The live chat can ONLY be accessed through an active booking. DO NOT USE! Even their responses to bad reviews are automated and don’t provide ways of contact. Their Twitter feed is also full of angry customers and they don’t reply there either. I REPEAT, DO NOT USE!

Price freeze system is predatory in its current state. Their price freeze system was recently changed to no longer apply towards the cost of your total booking, but rather act as a one time fee (separate to your booking) to guarantee a price freeze up to $100. This not made very clear upon purchase as someone who has interacted with the older version of price freeze, where it was in fact applied to the total cost of booking. I purchased the price freeze for $46 for my $390~ flight, then moments later fully purchased the flight as soon as I noticed that the price freeze was only valid for one day until I had to purchase my ticket or lose the freeze guarantee. Upon contacting customer service and communicating that this was an honest mistake caused by my confusion with the price freeze system. I was met with a response that this was their terms of service and that they wouldn’t discuss it any further. This is an example of stiff customer service, with zero adaptation to the facts of the case when resolving concerns. Had the facts of my situation indicated a malicious abuse of the system, I would understand, but when honest mistakes are made their should be room more adjustment, otherwise it looks predatory.

If I could give this app zero stars I would. This app is absolutely horrible, do not download. I purchased some tickets through Hopper prior to the pandemic. I paid extra to have cancellation insurance with the promise that I would at least be receiving 80% of my money back. I am still fighting to get my money back and there is no number to call or email address to contact. Customer service is horrible, the only way to reach them is through a chat and they never get back to you. My friends/family had told me really great things about this app so I was excited to try it out. It’s safe to say none of us will be using it ever again. Truly disappointed and frustrated at the loss of my money. Update: Hopper reached out to me through my previous review stating they wanted to help but somehow that review got deleted so i’m reposting again. They never refunded me for multiple flights. I received an email from Hopper stating I would be receiving a credit from Alitalia for flight (HSKHCC- Hopper | HBQSBD- Alitalia) and I was never contacted by Hopper or the airline with a voucher. Additionally, my flight (KAOEOL- Hopper | Q2ZJQH- TAP Airline) was cancelled by the airline and I never received a refund. Lastly, I purchased a flight and its cancellation insurance (Z-L1G4JJFJC - Hopper | H13R6Y- Ryanair) which I had to cancel and never received a refund for that either. If Hopper needs any additional information they can email me.

No Refund after I paid extra for the insurance. I used Hopper for the last 6 years of my life. Every flight I went on, was through their app. Not going to lie. Easy to use. Generally cheap flights. All of my flights were flawless. However, The first time I had a cancelled flight and PAID FOR THE REFUND INSURANCE, I emailed their support team. Their support team was very responsive (answering in 30 minutes or so). However, they asked to see proof of my cancellation. Once, I sent them the proof, silence. Not one email back. I then emailed them 4-5 times asking for an update on my refund. No response. I then brought it to Twitter, they responded. Once I showed them the proof. Silence. They are a two faced company that will act as if they are trying their best to make things right, however, it’s now been 2.5 months since my cancelled flight and still no response or money refunded. I have now started using Skiplagged for my flights and it has been a way better experience so far. Anyone that I can save from this problem, I will be happy! I then was asked for my email to look up my account 3 different times, which leads me to think it’s just a robot on the back end of their customer support. I can’t believe this experience just to get $120 back. Unbelievable.

Good App. I’ve used Hopper for all my flights (and some hotels) this past year and I’ve never had any issue with it. It’s been great, I’ve found great deals, all has been well. Recently though, I had to change a flight and was a little frustrated initially going about it. The Hopper app said I needed to contact the airline and the airline said I needed to change it through the app. My ticket had a $0 flight change feature so I was a little flustered when the airline said it would be $50 to change my flight. Finding any contact information to speak with someone from Hopper was almost impossible BUT, I sent an email through the app to see what my flight cancellation options were and was in contact with someone through email almost immediately. They were so helpful! I explained that I was looking to change my flight instead of cancel it and even asked for prices on two possible dates to change it to, and they delivered. I paid a total of $0.98 difference in my ticket and got the change processed almost immediately. I’m really pleased with the Hopper app and I will continue to be a loyal customer for a long time.

Horrible app. One star is too much for this review. The app has multiple bugs, and customer service doesn’t seem to care. I was trying to book a hotel a few weeks ago, and I used the “pet friendly” filter to book a hotel. I called the hotel to confirm the booking from Hopper and it turns out they are not pet friendly so I had to cancel the reservation and find another hotel. Thanks Hopper! Today I tried to book a flight and I couldn’t past the option to add insurance. Even if I selected the option to add insurance, I still couldn’t move forward. I called the only customer service number I could find online (the app or website doesn’t have contact information to customer service lol) and I was greeted by someone who probably didn’t even work for Hopper because they told me the app was down but couldn’t verify that they were with Hopper. How can a company not provide their customers with any numbers or emails to customer service? The website says you can talk to customer service after you book something, but what happens when you can’t even book something because the mobile app is complete trash? Hopper is probably the worst app I have ever used and I would recommend to save the time and just book through a legitimate airline or hotel instead.

Do not use price freeze. Last month I booked a flight using the “price freeze” option which ended up working out well and the “price freeze” deposit I paid was applied to that particular flight. This week I did the same thing for an upcoming trip, noticed no obvious change in the “price freeze” screen or options while I was freezing the flight. When I booked the flight I noticed I was charged the full flight amount and thought it was odd and potentially a glitch in booking so I emailed hopper, the CS rep then sent me an email stating that their terms and services had changed and that I what I was charged was a fee and these are no longer applied towards the final booking. Had I known or had it been made clear when I was utilizing the “price freeze” option I wouldn’t have used it and just booked the flight right then. Now I feel scammed out of $90 and don’t feel inclined to use this app anymore outside of monitoring flight prices. Be careful when navigating the app or utilizing the “price freeze” option so you don’t have the same experience I had. UPDATE: Hopper once again told me the same thing that the first rep said when I reached out, this time stating the freeze covered up to $300 vs what the first rep said ($100)??? I’m not sure why they even bothered to give me the back and forth and said to dm on Twitter. Beware

Price Freeze Not Displayed in the App. I bought a price freeze for $90 but I never received an email confirmation for the price freeze nor does it show that the price freeze exists in the app like it usually does. I need to buy my ticket soon and I don’t want the money that I used to freeze the ticket to go to waste just because I’m unable to buy the flight through the price freeze. Also, the only way to contact hopper is through the booking and/or buy clicking on the price freeze, however what’s the solution to this if the price freeze isn’t displaying in the app. The money has already been debited from my account, I’m not happy with this at all. I’ve booked through Hopper several times and this is the first time this has happened. Hopper needs to provide an alternate solution to reach customer support instead of solely relying on the app because when the app glitches customers want to have the option to be able to speak with an actual person either via phone, email or chat but none of those options are available during the price freeze portion of the transaction. I do have the most up to date version of the app on both my phone as well as my iPad so I’ve ruled that out as a possible issue. Please help.

Worst ever. Seriously.. I hate. Hate. Hate. This company. #1. Airline ends service to my airport and cancels my flight. Refunds hopper. Notifies me of the refund. I get emails from airline of cancel and account refunded. It’s hopper getting refunded. #2 I wait for hopper to give $ back to me. No refund after waiting a month. I contact hopper, which isn’t easy, and spend 7 hours back and forth to get them to refund me. (Really 7 hours because they disconnect after your iPhone screen times out and this happens because you are waiting forever.) eventually I get through. Hopper service makes me prove all of the cancellations, which included getting the airline to email a description of the cancel and reasons then forward to service person. Finally hopper agrees to refund me. Unfortunately they give me credit back on my credit card (several days later) but $400 less than I paid. They state that the $400 is for their fees. No flight for me but $400 to hopper. Something wrong here. Do not use this app! I paid them for nothing, literally. $400 is a lot of money. Can a company just take this from me with nothing in return? I rebooked direct with another airline. Oh and paid a premium because it was so close to departure…. Absurd, disappointing, and sooooo wrong.

Terrible Customer Service. I had a flight cancel in April 2020 (for obvious reasons) so I supposedly had a flight credit but couldn’t find information anywhere on how to claim it. I reached out to support and was able to confirm I did have a credit but would have to go through their ticketing team to rebook (no big deal). I gave them the Dates I was looking for and got a response that they could book the flight for an additional $392 dollars after my credit….the flight was under $300 on the app without any kind of discount! Why was I being offered a $500 flight that still cost more after my credit? Their response was if I gave the exact flight details they would be happy to accommodate, so I decided it would be better to book a one way and fly back and my own terms. Sent an email with the exact flight and cost in their app…no response…2 days later American Airlines has a round trip for $215 so I just book it and tell Hopper forget it, I get an automated email saying no one is going to get my email and I need to submit a new request. I hate to lose that money but it isn’t worth my time and energy to get the run around, but I also know this is exactly what they want; for you to give up and they get the profit. I’ll never book with them again.

Wouldn’t give them a star if I could. Went to Charleston,SC… booked a room and when we got there at 11pm and got checked in the room was a mess. We decided to check out and find another room. When we went downstairs to the lobby the front desk guy( which was actually awesome) told us he would give a refund and we thought it was over. However that was not the case. Hopper gave us the run around for 4 hours. Even the front desk guy was calling both him and I got hung up on twice. They don’t have a number to call you have to email or message them if there is a issue. We had to pay 9 dollars just to chat with someone. We had to stay at a another hotel that was shady. hopper wouldn’t help us find another one. We only stayed at that hotel just for the night so we finally got into a decent room the next day and again had issues with hopper and they over charge you. The room through the hotel was 109$ and I paid 141 on hopper. We wasted 12 hours on our vacation to deal with this. Three hotels and all three said they HATE dealing with Hopper and wish they wouldn’t. To say the least this will be the last time I use hopper. I would recommend calling the hotel first to see there price before booking through hopper if you choose them for your vacation.

Hopper = has gone above and beyond what I was expecting!. I literally started using Hopper because I had over heard a couple people talking about it but I couldn’t hear exactly what was said! So I figured it could hurt my situation! Worst case scenario I end up pay the same that I’m already paying, but that was not the case at all! I am saving every time I book a room and it’s almost always at least $25 buck if not more!!! Times are hard for everyone right now but because of the hopper app I have been able to keep my family and i from having to sleep on the streets! I couldn’t be more grateful for the massive savings I have received! This app has truly been a blessing in my life ! Thank you again to the designer/creator and the many customer service representative I have come in contact with while resolving any type of issue that I encountered!!!!! I recommend anyone who uses any type of reservation app for hotels , flights, rental cars or anything of that nature it is worth your while to take a look at the deals they offer you will not be disappointed!!!

This app is a joke.. Okay so - I used to only use hopper however I found that they have tracking that completely jips you. My partner and I were booking a flight home and the price predictions are all lies, when it alerted us to book it said “5 seats available” it showed up for me but it didn’t show up for my partner so I said screw it I’ll book both and then you can pay me back. Ha. Well I went to book and it said “sorry not enough seats… but it said 5 are available. Anyway. So we dealt with this for a week trying so hard to book our flights and finally said whatever and booked through the airline who was selling the seats for cheaper. Moving on - it says I have carrot cash so I figured let me give this one more shot and save the 47$… well yet again it is saying hopper can’t verify my payment but all my payment is correct. Long story short if I were to give hopper a tip I noticed it would go through, ironic no?.. to me it seems like a huge scamming system which is sad because it was never like this. I had given it the benefit of the doubt and said maybe my app is glitching and it needs an update but it was just updated a week prior and said no updates needed. So I’d be very careful especially if you had trusted this app prior.

The price freeze option is worthless. It’s pointless to us Hopper. Their prices are no cheaper than booking directly through the airline, and if you do end up booking through them it’s almost impossible to speak to customer service if you need to make a change to your ticket. Book directly through the airline and avoid the headache. The price freeze option used to be great and honestly was my only reason for booking my ticket through Hopper. They still offer price freeze but not the cost you pay to freeze the ticket is no longer deducted from the final ticket price. This change should be more transparent. I searched the terms and conditions prior to booking and I could not find nowhere that states this. It was only way I logged back in to proceed with my price freeze booking that I noticed I was paying the full price for the ticket, in addition to what was paid to freeze the ticket. I reached out to customer service, ended up getting a response days later telling me their price freeze policies had changed. A change this major should be made transparent prior to the price freeze being locked in. Since my ticket didn’t increase, I ended up wasting additional money on the price freeze and booking a ticket through Hopper for the same exact price as the airline.

All reviews are fake. Guys, I have been with Hopper almost from the day 1. But now I literally payed 1200$ out of my pocket for their mistake. I used them to make my life easier, but they make it just worse. All the prices they provided - expect to add 25$ on top for VIP support, or you never will get respond until 3 -4 days later. They don’t have a call center, only way to communicate is email. So if you need to make changes - only prays can help you. So, what happened to me I got sick with Covid, and asked for refund my tickets ( month before a flight) - nope. Next thing I got tickets for my mother, but she made a mistake with dates we only find out a day before flight - Hopper never responded until later (10pm) when all tickets where sold out. But I tried to call Alaska ( company i was flight with) they said they could have change a flight, but since I booked with Hopper - they can not do anything. So, this is not the end, when I finally got a respond they said - yeah, we will reschedule a flight but no refund or any flight credits could not be provided…. So I am taking this to a court, this company cased me a lot of money, time and stress. This is extremely sad, since I was a member for over 5 years, and all my flights I booked through them. Not anymore. Please safe your money and just get it directly from company.

Price freeze con. I think I should explain how terrible price freeze is. It sounds like a great idea - everyone has been burned by the greedy airlines changing prices on a whim. The implementation is useless. They don’t freeze your price for 2 weeks (as they imply) they just charge you money to insure you against a price rise. I.e. they charge you a $60 deposit and pay up to $100 if the price rises. They DON’T freeze the price if it goes up more than that - you are on the hook for the extra. Transatlantic flights go up and down hundreds in the course of a day so $100 insurance might as well not exist. It definitely should not be called “price freeze” as it does nothing of the sort. The other thing is the “Carrot Cash”. It is useless. Some of it can be used on hotels, some of it can be used in flights - there is no way of telling which. My account has $1400 carrot cash and I can’t use it on either. Ask for a cash refund if something goes wrong - do not accept carrot cash. Overall, I feel like the app is deliberately misleading in its approach. The benefits it claims are nowhere near as beneficial as they imply. If you can get a good deal on hopper, just buy the flight - don’t mess around with anything else. I will delete it as soon as I can figure out what I’m allowed to spend my carrot cash on.

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The application Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars was published in the category Travel on 28 January 2015, Wednesday and was developed by Hopper [Developer ID: 895474819]. This program file size is 228.21 MB. This app has been rated by 1,082,148 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars - Travel app posted on 15 January 2024, Monday current version is 7.51.0 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.hopper.flights. Languages supported by the app:

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