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Browse from one of SocialSell's many categories including Electronics, Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel, Household and Yard, Entertainment, Music, Antiques, Automotive, Children and Kids, Collectibles and Memorabilia, Education, Living, Outdoors, Sports and Fitness and more! Whether you are just trying to find the next hottest deal, or if you are trying to make some extra money selling your used items, SocialSell is definitely for you!
Buying and selling used and new items locally has never been easier! SocialSell allows users to list items for sale in seconds, shop items and deals near you for sale, contact buyers and sellers through direct messaging, email, calling, texting and so much more! Follow your favorite sellers and buyers with the new and improved user profiles.. Get started today for FREE!

Fun. Fast. Friendly.

SocialSell combines all three for this unique spin on Classified ads.

Our users love SocialSell! Here are some of their testimonies!

"For me, this app is an alternative to Craigslist. It's actually a safer and more reliable alternative because it takes away the anonymity and puts two interested parties in direct contact. This is great for people like me who love to buy things at great prices but have been taken advantage of or conned by people on other sites. I enjoy the easiness of this app especially when searching for items. The search functions are good for getting specific parameters and making the transactions quick and painless. It really puts the fun back into bargain shopping. In fact, I feel like it's a modern day version of garage sale shopping."


"I'm a self-employed single parent and I really enjoy working from home so that I can be with my kids. A few years ago, I started selling items online mostly through Ebay and Craigslist. Now, I enjoy the perks of these sites but they also left me wanting more opportunities. I came across this SocialSell app and I decided to give it a try. Instantly, it realized how great this will be for my at-home business. It's easy to use, easy to communicate with potential buyers, and very intuitive. I've had some early success selling items on here and it's less of a headache than the other places I mentioned. If you are looking to sell some items, or buy some, then check out this app. It's worth your time."


"This app is part marketplace and part social network. You can connect with others as you are trying to sell something. It's easy to use and you can post something in a matter of seconds. There's unlimited postings which is great if you have a lot of items to sell. This app also eliminates the anonymous info and makes it so two real people can contact each other. The search parameters are easy and convenient. I've already sold a few items and bought a few too. It was as simple as saying hi and I would like to buy your item. This app is almost like an online treasure hunt."


For questions, recommendations, or support please email us at [email protected]

Twitter: @thesocialsell


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SocialSell - Buy and Sell Used and New Items Locally, Shop Deals Near You App Description & Overview

The applications SocialSell - Buy and Sell Used and New Items Locally, Shop Deals Near You was published in the category Shopping on 2014-09-17 and was developed by SocialSell LLC. The file size is 26.65 MB. The current version is 3.1.75 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and performance updates.

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SocialSell - Buy and Sell Used and New Items Locally, Shop Deals Near You Reviews


Not Worth it!!  BuyHitOrMissOnItunes  1 star

Such a hassle to even make an account, not worth it!


Is this a real app??  Nickickk  1 star

Once you post an item, you cannot update it. You cannot change the price or pictures. If you sell the item, you cannot delete it. It's stays on forever. This app shows your EXACT location to the whole entire world. Selling a valuable item? Don't be surprised if you get robbed in the middle of the night. You can't delete your account. There's no comma symbol on the keyboard. Pictures are cropped horribly and the best part: You pay $2 to post while 5miles, OfferUp, letgo and every other selling app is free. For my own safety, I drove down the street and updated my location and deleted the app.


Will not create an account  AbraxusLLC  1 star

Just purchased it because of a web review recommendation then try to create account and it is stuck. I should have heeded to 2/5 star review and walked away.

Nappa man

Social sell  Nappa man  1 star

Waste of time, money, and effort.


Terrible, worthless  Millo314  1 star

Put some more categories on there so people can post more items


Unhappy with this App  lisarox41  1 star

First of all, I will say that I have sold several items on here, but not worth the headache that comes with it! Seller beware!! You may sell your beautiful designer bag, get it to your buyer within 3 days.....don't plan on seeing your money anytime soon!!! It can take up to 21 days for Tradesy to release your money! My buyer personally called and confirmed delivery and authenticity and a week money. Not worth it. I am done on this app...too shady☹️

Gachikysfda lkudx j

Shipwreck  Gachikysfda lkudx j  1 star

This app may look appealing but.. No. If I had to describe this it would be a very poorly created remake of the other big local sell apps. They go as far as to try and make a cool looking keyboard but no they forgot to put in a comma, and rearranged everything to their liking because their way is obviously better then everyone else's. Also a seriously horrible idea trying to charge for promotion. No one in need of money wants to waste money.. Just a really bad cancerous app.

Skis place

Unsure  Skis place  3 star

Every time I try to post something it bumps me out before finishing not to sure about this app


Naaaah! C'mon?? Seriously??  Sariles  1 star

You guys have a posting fee of $1.99?? You guys are not thinking right... I appreciate the effort on making the app but for that I already have 5miles / Offer up and I can post for free as many times I want... Guys don't charge and square layout?? Not Instagram guys... You guys are cropping the photo too?? Neeh bye


Bad  RGPATX  1 star

3 Square pictures? This isn't Instagram. Bad layout too.


Sweet User Interface  WCband08  5 star

Really cool interface and concept. Friend of mine told me about this app when he heard I was having a garage sale. Will be using this in the future!


Useful App  AgDad79  5 star

Been using this app for a few months and it's continued to get better and better. More and more posts each day/week. Cool new feature allows you to follow your friends or people you buy from! Way better than Craigslist!


Not working  7up11  1 star

Settings and profile don't work You can sign up but you can't do anything else You might be able to post but that's it Good luck trying to update Nothing works


Great app  Dealseeker10  5 star

Really cool app and easy to use. Finally someone took craigslist and made it safer and user friendly. I hope more people start using this so I can find some deals and also sell some of my stuff.


Horrible & definitely needs improvements  tazneem_t  1 star

I dislike how there's no option of deleting your SocialSell account, they should really add that feature.


Great app  Jct14333  5 star

Great app! At first I was worried it would be another Craigslist and difficult to use but it's actually really easy to use and has a real sense of community. The fact that many people are able to sign in through Facebook allows users to see a profile pic which can be comforting knowing that you aren't buying from some nutso crack addict soon-to-be serial killer.


Fun App to Use!  Steph0830  5 star

I've used this app a couple times to shop locally and definitely recommend it! Every time I get on it the list of stuff grows and while I haven't bought anything, it's still been a good experience. Great interface and user friendliness


Amazing selling application!  Tgsgirl37  5 star

Love using this app, so easy to sell stuff!


Amazing app!  Blakepow123  5 star

It's the most convenient tool for trying to find cheap stuff in my area, or just browsing while I'm bored. Can't wait until it gets big!


Love this App!  Hanzies18  5 star

Friend of mine showed me this app a little while back! I downloaded it and have loved using it! It's been really easy to post things and have had some success selling stuff! Definitely recommend it!

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