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Peeks is the world's first purpose built, video streaming monetization platform. Peeks allows both users and advertisers to monetize a global audience in ways previously thought to be impossible. Peeks' patented and proprietary technologies allows it to monetize users in its social network at levels significantly higher than all of its peers. Peeks content library encompasses live, user generated and licensed content from all over the world.

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The applications Peeks Social - Live Video was published in the category Social Networking on 2014-09-25 and was developed by Riavera Corporation. The file size is 98.44 MB. The current version is 7.19 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

In-app feature has been moved from app.

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App is Dead Now  Notrab13  1 star

It seems Apple took Peeks off the store because of the 18+ content. Peeks resorted to removing the content from the App to try to get back into the store. Unfortunately, the 18+ was the only reason to have the trash-level app in the first place. Despite its awful design and customer and creator unfriendly policies, it was nice having an app to view adult content. With that being gone there is no reason to have the app, or use the Peeks website for that matter. Any camsite is formatted better for mobile, and will be better for free and paid experiences. The non-18+ content on the app is less than a third of the 18+. tldr; Dead app has been buried 50 feet underground


Update  Jacson69  1 star

New update has destroyed the functionality of the app. No 18+ content in the app, you have to close the app and open Peeks in a browser. Unacceptable. Good luck


Bad  trim44  1 star

Removed 18+ from the app making most of the streamers to leave most likely the death of the app


Fix 18+ NOW!  Budmanrc51  1 star

18+ Needs to be accepted on app too for settings, going to website is BS! Why have an app if you have to change settings on account on actual website?! Peeks is also no longer available on Apple Store / iOS and I want to know why?


Deleted App  D-gizzle9999  1 star

Removed 18+ content from app.


removing app content  Ced1011  2 star

removing 18+content from the appe was a terrible decision and makes it so inconvenient

pharoah Marco

Sick of all of you  pharoah Marco  1 star

What is the point of having 18+ content and then not allowing it to be viewed in the mobile app when you started as an app. You’ve made the content not accessible to kids and your website is horribly designed


THEY DO NOT PAY YOU  Animeboobs  1 star



APP DOESN’T ALLOW 18+ CONTENT  Unknown3025687  1 star

The app doesn’t allow 18+ content to be viewed through the app which becomes a nuisance because you cant chat or do other previous feature through the website.


Took away 18+ section on the app.  Babes523  1 star

My account has always had the allow 18+ content option marked. With the new update my account still has it checked but will not allow me to even check 18+ content on the app. I can only access it on the regular site.











Please fix  Batmancurt1  2 star

Keeps crashing fix this please


I miss keek  SludgeHooker  5 star

I miss keek a lot but this it still better


Scam  Mostasa  1 star

This app is bugged and steals money.


Policy doesn’t mention what to do if we don’t get paid  Maetane  2 star

There are times Peeks have a delay on our cash. It took 2 months once upon a time to get my money. They need to list something in their policy about what we can do when we don’t get our money. It’s annoying !! They still get their platform fee and yet we have to wait til whenever to get paid. It needs an update ASAP!


I like it  Fitzsta  5 star

It’s a great app. A step up from periscope.


Messages !  Yunqvisionary  2 star

Plz update the messages... almost every time someone sends me a message I can never see it! FIX this bs


Need to fix the app to make it more reelable  tee6072  3 star

Must need an update ASAP! It crashed whenever I watch live stream and replays. It automatically kick you out the app and for the message box need to be fix ASAP. Need majority updating to do seriously.



UPDATE: stopped using the app and cashed out on 10/24. Its 12/12 and I still haven't seen my deposit. I've contacted them SEVERAL time over the past two months about this and first they said it was an error. Now they just don't respond! - Pees takes about 40% of the money I make from live streams. The percentage is based on how many stars you have but I have sat in a room and watched 12 ppl give me a 5 star rating and my average NEVER went up! I like the idea of monetizing live streams but I'm waiting for a big fish to steal the idea so they can perfect the process and technology! Basically all FB needs to do is monetize Live & I'm happy! - When trying to login from FB, it accepts the connection then never goes past the login screen. Still asks for a username and password, but has the log out button for FB. Rebooting the app does nothing. I basically have to wait it out until it starts acting right, which disappoints followers as I have my live stream schedule online. Very unreliable. - Audio cuts in and out and I don't notice until watching the video later. - Streams will terminate for no reason (not by Admins) - Coin system is horrible. I don't know one person who hasn't been annoyed with the whole coin system thing.


They don’t pay you. Total Rip Off  mzdollaz  1 star

They take your money then they’ll tell you wait 3-5 days for deposit. They don’t reply to emails, they steal your videos & money


This app is a scam  harley.marie  1 star

I been using this app for some time and building a following. I had been saving tips I got from followers to cash out. About a week ago I withdrew my money and yet to see it. The app takes there cut from tips you make and also takes your money too. I wouldn’t suggest using this app just rob you of the only money you make on there app!!!! This app should be removed and reported. They use you to steal your money!!!

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