iClicker Reef (formerly REEF Polling)

iClicker Reef allows you to answer questions using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Tap to provide your answer and receive instant feedback. Compare your vote to the rest of the class. After class, access the saved poll questions to study for a quiz or exam. All data is stored on the cloud so you can access it anywhere from any device.

• Free trial subscription with account creation
• View your instructor’s questions as high resolution screenshots
• Compare your response to the class results
• Session history is stored in the cloud so you can access it anywhere
• Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Numeric, and Target question types
• Receive correct/incorrect feedback when your instructor grades the question
• Review the questions and answers to study after class
• Works alongside all iClicker remotes

iClicker Reef (formerly REEF Polling) App Description & Overview

The applications iClicker Reef (formerly REEF Polling) was published in the category Education on 2014-07-31 and was developed by HPHLP. The file size is 31.74 MB. The current version is 3.6.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

We'd like to introduce you to our new name, iClicker Reef. Check out our new logo and head over to our iclicker.com website to learn more! We've also included bug fixes and performance improvements in this update.

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iClicker Reef (formerly REEF Polling) Reviews

Cu zbao

App keep stop working  Cu zbao  1 star

App stops working continuously


Pretty Good  schoolsucks10  4 star

The app works 90% of the time, but has issues with logging in on occasion.


Amazing!!!  Allan_AllTimeLow865  5 star

Reef is the best educational tool their is, the only thing that I would like to see would be a notification sent to my phone whenever an instructor opens up the lesson for questions!


Annoying  Hehhdjw  2 star

So you have to buy the app AND the subscription, um this should've been made clear since i had to miss a quiz because my "free subscription " ended. Not okay. Shouldve just bought the iclicker


Not reliable  EmFan886  2 star

App tends to crap out unexpectedly. Safer just to buy the clicker

Best breezy

College  Best breezy  5 star

I use it in class, my professor has a PowerPoint with multiple choice questions that we all click answers for extra credit.

Chad Hirsch

Written response needs longer input.  Chad Hirsch  1 star

Please give a larger character input for written responses. 😁


App is good for what it does, but went backwards in screen resolution.  benwoohoo  4 star

This app went from 4.7 and 5.5 inch compatibility to just 4 inch compatibility, meaning that the developer went backwards. The app looks horrible when it's stretched out on a 5.5 inch display.


curshes 9.9/10  项赛娜  1 star

The worst app ever! Crushes all the time. If you are using this as I clicker, don't use it. Because it will kill your grade.


This app is trash!  KayTaybb  1 star

I made the mistake of purchasing a 6 month subscription for this app and I regret it completely. It works roughly 50% of the time that I need it, and it is affecting my attendance grade! Save yourself the money and just buy the regular clicker.

Uncle Jaspie

Convenient  Uncle Jaspie  5 star

I love the convenience. My iClicker is right on my phone. It makes one less thing to have to remember to bring to class. Not to mention, it's so easy to use. The only sucky thing is I wish all of my professors allowed us to use it.


Awesome app  Blonde3rdrowdown  5 star


3's all day

It's okay  3's all day  3 star

It's okay


Loads fast, no unnecessary features  Yarnboy  5 star

Quick and reliable.


Easy to use  Lib.a  5 star

No problems with it

Nishant Chettri

Like its premise but not cost effective  Nishant Chettri  3 star

I am going to be using this for a 3-4 month class and having to pay for 6 months subscription makes little sense 👎🏻


Could use some fixes  BrennonWillia  3 star

A few recommendations: 1. Make the 'back' button more present after answering a poll 2. Allow badge notifications for every time a poll is opened in the app Otherwise a good app


Usually Works  Hydra1122  2 star

Though for whatever reason is no longer working for me, causing me to be marked absent and lose points in my class. I don't know how much I trust this app right now


Good but  Tbentley1993  3 star

It's good and cheaper than the iclicker but it exit me out the app multiple times


Easy!  CollegeKid9999999  5 star

So simple, and it's cool being able to see the results. Way better than the iclickers

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