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Uses advanced computer vision algorithms to automatically remove the caption and countdown watermarks from Snapchat screenshots.

"Pretty dope app" (5 stars)
– Continu15

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Caption Remover for Snapchat* App Description & Overview

The applications Caption Remover for Snapchat* was published in the category Social Networking on 2014-08-12 and was developed by Robert Mozayeni. The file size is 35.52 MB. The current version is 3.1.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes.

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Caption Remover for Snapchat* Reviews


Still great 4 years later  TommySadler  5 star

I remember designing the app icon for this app way back. Started using the app 4 years ago and it has stood the test of time. Still works great!


I would like my money back please  samanthajane123  1 star

App didn’t work on the photo.... huge smudge line. Please return my money and I will delete app.


Junk  Bschoe77  1 star

Does not work as claims!! Wastes of money!!!!!


Dank  Pulqswaqcg  5 star



Best Caption Cleaning App there is!  mltant  5 star

Do not try all of the rest! This is the only app you need!


What happened?  SkyBradu  2 star

Used to work perfectly now leaves lines where the caption was and the app doesn’t fully remove emojis.


Don't use  Hannahb57182  1 star

Very angry I paid money for this app. It leaves lines where you removed the caption from.


What was I thinking (don’t buy!)  US-Grant  1 star

What was I thinking (don’t buy!)


👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽  Jaileneeee  5 star

Works great for me thanks


Garbage  WAHS17  1 star

This app is so bad! Literally the free one does better! The smudge is so visible it hurts and you can’t do bigger captions! Would not recommend to anyone! Literally you be paid to use it not pay for it! Horrible app! Doesn’t even get rid of emojis!!Smh!!!


Waste of Money - distorted above and below caption  Broski92  1 star

Doesn’t work well on filters at all, doesn’t identify the caption properly. The top and bottom of the caption distorted. Not worth buying.


Wasn’t working  tjdemon  1 star

Did not work for me I request a refund please.

Boring So Boring

Works really well!!  Boring So Boring  5 star

Better than others I've used and free!


Does NOT work  Brodsta1990  1 star

This app does not work it ruined my photo

Rhonda Davey

BAD  Rhonda Davey  1 star

didn't remove caption. instead made it blurred !!


Terrible  Loz27364  3 star

Absolutely devastated that that I bought this app! Paid $6 for it and it just leaves a dodgey blur where the caption was and wrecks the whole photo! Wish I could get my money back! Absolute waste!

Zachary Cauchi

Yeah did the job for the basic line caption  Zachary Cauchi  5 star

I imagine it wouldn't work if there was a detail hidden behind it but worked for my purposes


Did not work at all  Loulouflop  1 star

Very poor for a paid app


Useless app  Reeeeba  1 star

Absolute waste of money, leaves lines all over the photo


Worked  Graymal  4 star

Removed the countdown and the caption, didn't remove the name from the top right

Courtney Rasmussen

Distorts color?  Courtney Rasmussen  1 star

It distorts the color of the image... though it successfully removed the text. 🙃


Meh  Acl2116  2 star

It removed the black bar but barely the text and emoji. I think it probably works better for large text on the picture. Waste of money, since I still have a balloon in the middle of my shirt :|


Don't bother  Jrjs0900  1 star

It does not work save yourself the 3.99 it completely distorts the color of the picture!


Yes!  Dberan16  5 star

I use this so often! It is great. Hopefully updates will work with taking screenshots of other people's stories, but it gets rid of captions great!

Anonymous unlike ask

Works great  Anonymous unlike ask  5 star

Does the job

J Lush

Good for what it's needed for  J Lush  5 star

Forgot to save my photo before I put a caption on it so this was pretty helpful so I can use the photo on other social media now.


Fff  Oeinciend  5 star



No  Lissaguar  1 star

All it did was create a huge blue streak where the caption used to be.

Lonly island

Love it  Lonly island  5 star

Much better quality! Highly recommended getting this app over any free one!


Do not buy this  Naljsjskwkwj  1 star

It does not actually remove it, it just makes it blurry do not waste your money


Does not work  3567cjunv  1 star

Absolutely disgraceful I want a refund it doesn't remove the banner with a high quality image it's just a big blurred line across the picture


Works Great  Cassy792  5 star

This app actually works really well for me. It's great for uploading snaps to Instagram without making them look like they're from snapchat. Doesn't completely get rid of emojis but still does its job really well.


Worst app ever  -----€:€&/8&:  1 star

I have tried it and it doesn't even work! All it does is lighten the selected area (including the image itself) does not do what it says at all, don't waste time on this excuse of an app.


Suggestion  Jason1332  4 star

If the app could remove emojis it would be great but unfortunately it can only remove text which is not great considering most snaps u send will have an emoji and this is why it doesn't get 5 stars


Yass  Siviiiiiiiiii  5 star



Emojis  Bri-nn_7  3 star

Please make it possible to remove emojis in the caption, would get 5 stars if this was possible


Rubbish  Niikki69773  1 star

Doesn't work

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