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What is marvel contest of champions app? Prepare for epic versus-fighting action with your favorite Marvel Super Heroes & Super Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown! Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine & more await your summons to battle! Assemble a team & begin your quest to become the Ultimate Marvel Champion!

Captain America vs. Iron Man! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! The greatest battles in Marvel history are in your hands! The greedy Elder of the Universe known as The Collector has summoned you to a brawl of epic proportions against a line-up of vile villains including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and many more! Experience the ultimate free-to-play fighting game on your mobile device…Marvel Contest of Champions!

• Team up with your friends and other Summoners to build the strongest Alliance
• Strategize with your alliance, help them keep their Champions in the fight
• Battle to the top in Alliance Events and take on Alliance Quest Series together in specially designed quest maps to earn exclusive Alliance rewards
• Test your Alliance’s mettle by battling it out with Alliances from around the world in Alliance Wars!

• Assemble a mighty team of heroes and villains (choosing Champions such as: Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord, Gamora, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto and Winter Soldier)
• Embark on quests to defeat Kang and Thanos and face the challenge of a mysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor, ultimately to prevent the total destruction of The Marvel Universe
• Improve your team’s offense and defense with multiple Mastery trees

• Collect, level up, and manage your teams of heroes and villains wisely to receive synergy bonuses based upon team affiliation and relationships taken from the pages of Marvel Comics
• Pairing up Black Panther and Storm or Cyclops and Wolverine for bonuses, or making a team of Guardians of the Galaxy for a team affiliation bonus
• The more powerful the Champion, the better their stats, abilities and special moves will be
• New Champions are being added to The Contest all the time!

• Journey through an exciting storyline in classic Marvel storytelling fashion
• Fight it out with a huge array of heroes and villains in iconic locations spanning the Marvel Universe such as: Avengers Tower, Oscorp, The Kyln, Wakanda, The Savage Land, Asgard, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and more!
• Explore dynamic quest maps and engage in a healthy dose of action-packed fighting utilizing controls developed specifically for the mobile platform

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Marvel Contest of Champions Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Marvel Contest of Champions Version 37.2.219 January 2023

NEW QUESTS AND EVENTS: OVERTURE OF EVIL: The Collector calls on Aegon, Hyperion, and Howard the Duck to investigate a break-in with sinister implications. Alongside the Summoner, these heroes will uncover the arrival of the Masters of Evil - Baron Zemo and Absorbing Man! Mojo’s Choice: Mojo is running his own “Mojo’s Choice” event this year, and the Summoner can help by being his flunky! Challenge the “best” The Contest has to offer to inform your voting choices. Mojo will graciously allow you to fight the loser of his choice each week. Eternity of Pain - Acceptance: Pain is eternal, and soon a special set of permanent challenges will be made available to those who have become a Thronebreaker and higher! This quest is the culmination of your grief and ACCEPTANCE, where you will be tasked with dealing with all 16 of the previous Eternity of Pain fights spread out over 2 paths, with Nameless Thanos as your final opponent! This quest will be accompanied by Carina’s Challenges Volume 3, a special set of Solo Objectives that will further increase the pain and difficulty. Grandmaster’s Gauntlet: The Grandmaster’s Gauntlet returns to challenge you. This time you will need keys to get the greatest of rewards! Players will be awarded keys based on how many times they have previously completed the hardest path of the Gauntlet, so that no one is left out if they missed it before. Keys will also be added to the end of Act 6, so that even future players can experience the full difficulty of the Gauntlet for themselves. NEW FEATURES AND IMPROVEMENTS: Hassenstadt Environment: Deep in the cold, foreboding lands of Languria sits Castle Haasenstadt, former home to Queen Haasen and the accursed blade ""La Fleur du Mal"". What was once a throne room of resplendent opulence has since been left to rot after the people of Languria turned on their cruel Queen, and imprisoned her inside a torturous iron maiden. But now the chilling husk of Haasenstadt is alive once more, revived to serve as an arena for The Contest of Champions! Champion Updates: Iron Man (Infinity War) and Wiccan have been updated! All this and more! Check out the complete list of exciting updates on

Marvel Contest of Champions Version 37.0.117 November 2022

NEW QUESTS AND EVENTS: Sea Of Troubles: The plague of Galactus continues to consume The Battlerealm! The hungry eyes of the World Eaters have turned to Wakanda and SHURI has requested the aid of the Summoner in an important diplomatic task. They will need to convince Namor to open his gates to the woes of Wakanda, but the deadly ATTUMA may have other plans for these new arrivals. It’s up to the Summoner and Shuri to save both their homes from becoming lost in a SEA OF TROUBLES! Enter The Reliquary: A stash of Relics has been uncovered! Battle through the Reliquary each week to claim your prize! The Reliquary consists of a collection of Boss fights, with some Paths containing many fights while others have only a few. In addition a new temporary difficulty, Elder, has been made available to those who have become a Thronebreaker or higher. Complete it for extra Relics rewards! Eternity of Pain - Depression: Pain is eternal, and soon a special set of challenges will be made available to those who have become a Thronebreaker and higher! Each week, for 4 weeks, a new fight will be featured and the previous week’s fight will be removed. The 5th week will result in the culmination of your grief and DEPRESSION, where you will be tasked with dealing with all 4 of the previous fights in one painful path! Each week's fights will also be accompanied by Solo Objectives that will further increase the pain and difficulty. NEW FEATURES AND IMPROVEMENTS: Relics: Players will now be able to collect Relics that they can Bind to their champions to greatly enhance their abilities. The first type of Relic releasing are called Battlecasts, which allow you to summon in a Striker to help you during combat. Battlecasts can be obtained in different Rarities, each offering more benefits to your Champions, but all of which give you access to a Striker and at least one other benefit. Champions bound to Relics will gain access to a Striker Gauge, which they can fill through hits and strikes. Once filled, you can tap it to summon in a Striker who will perform a combo that you can chain with your combo or special attack. All this and more! Check out the complete list of exciting updates on

Marvel Contest of Champions Comments & Reviews 2023

- Great game but need some fixes

This is the best marvel game I’ve ever had (and the only one)! But let me just say it would be awesome if they added some more champions. But before I go into the update suggestions, I have a question: is there supposed to be a Thanos with the infinity gauntlet? Because I’ve seen some videos where Thanos had the IG but I don’t see him with it. I would appreciate if you got back to me about that question. Anyways, update suggestions. I know you don’t have a mode to where you can’t actually duel and fight other players, and I’m serious, I totally get that. But I’m sure it’s possible to turn the player around and for the controls to be the same. And also, I would be cool to have the iron venom (iron man and venom mixed) I saw a LEGO set with iron venom and he looked like a boss! It would be cool to add a venom update soon because he’s one of my favorite champions. Also, it would be awesome if you had a customizable champion mode or maybe a sandbox mode where you can test out champions you don’t have and/or face any champion you want. And lastly, it would be cool to have skins for certain champions like for iron man, it could be suits from the past or Scarlett witch age of Ultron appearance or cull obsidian with his mechanical claw. That’s all my suggestions, but I would definitely ask you to get back to this response and keep the updates coming!!

- Great game, but lack of diverse gameplay and slow leveling up

All the characters you could ever want are in this game, but getting to them might take months, or longer even. Unless you have ca$h, leveling up takes a long time if you don’t play all day everyday. There is also a large lack of gameplay variation, which helps and hurts the game. It keeps gameplay simple, and gives the opportunity to delight in the cinematic power moves, but many characters feel like exact copy-paste versions of themselves…Especially ground level characters that they have not updated to mirror the comics nor the MCU. For example, the MCU version of scarlet witch and black widow in this game are OP, but there is yet to be a Giant-man move added to ant-man, and all the updated versions of characters are very very rare. They are the ones that actually have been updated with more dynamic gameplay and attacks but you can barely enjoy them. My roster is pretty dope anyways, I multiple versions of the x-men, defenders, avengers, sinister 6, midnight suns, west coast avengers, etc. Nonetheless, you get so many champions along the way it’s fun to mix them up and fill out teams from the comics. Just wish the developers would actually read these reviews and take the game up a level. Like no matter how many stars a character is, it doesn’t make sense that I can beat a 4 star 4500 level character with a 3stat 1760 character purely off taking advantage of the simply gameplay.

- Amazing game, slight recurring problem

Have made about 5 or more accounts of this, some of the reason I had to make so many were my fault because I forgot a couple of my account infos when I got new phones and just can’t log in them anymore. The other reason is the data was just lost, I opened my phone one day to play a couple years ago and my account was gone, this happened a couple times also. And now, I get hit with this, I’m spinning a 4 Star crystal after nine levels of incursion, and as I’m about to land on Archangel, the game crashes and then I got stuck with Gambit. I was so close to such a good 4 star and the game crashes and then I get stuck with an inferior champion because the game was bein screwy. I’m pretty upset about that, things like this have happened in the past quite a few times, it’s irritating, but other than these little problems I keep having it’s an amazing game with a great combat system, awesome storyline and side stories plus random events and missions, fantastic game. I love the game 5/5, however if someone could get back to me about the whole, me losing my account randomly and then I can’t log into it anymore and it’s just gone, and the game crashing and ruining my experience and making me lose great champions for trashcan champions, make sure these things stop happening.

- Games great and fun but....

This game has been amazing so far I originally picked it up around it’s release and then somehow lost my games data but around this year I got it again and to my surprise I had everything I used to have so as a seasoned summoner who has been playing this game for a few months (again) I find that this game is incredible and I don’t mind the really expensive crystals and anything else pay to win the game is still fun but if the quest crystals could include energy or increase the chance for it so I could play the game more often that’d be great! But that’s not all I find that a lot of the older champions fight in a really similar way like Thor and Ronan nothing is much different about them they both have the same exact effects and specials and that bothers me a little bit but not too much. The only main complaint here is energy and it would just be fantastic if some of the older or newer champs had unique combos like domino or massacre. ALSO last thing I promise there should be more champs available for exploration so the newer players could start off nicely and for the older players to expand their roster or dupe their champs. Anyways that’s all but thank you for making this one of my favorite games to play in my free time keep up the amazing work.

- This game had/has great potential. Update

New Update: I'm still here, playing this game after 3+ years. I love this game and can still see/feel the potential here. That being said, coming from a game development background, Kabam seriously needs to be more transparent as well as fix what is STILL broken. Every update brings new things, good AND bad. Pushing the envelope is great, but pushing it while things are broken is not a good way to keep players. Recruiting is becoming hard. Players are leery of continuing. I get that keeping this thing running is tough, but many other companies(including your parent company) handle issues and player problems much differently and efficiently! You've got me as a long term player, and I know there are plenty of others out there. I want to give a 4+ review, but I can't do that until y'all fix the current issues, just listen to your players/customers. *Old: I'll upgrade my review to 3 stars. They are making progress but still have a long way to go in terms of a potentially great game. I've played this game since almost the beginning. There have been a lot of changes over the 2 years, most of them have been good for the game and balance. HOWEVER, the 12.0 patch has literally made the game into something completely different and has so many bugs that it is practically unplayable. I have hope Kabam/NetMarble will come to their senses and fix what they broke. Until that time, 2 stars is the best I can rate it.

- Fun and easy mechanics with disappointing elements throughout

Fun and easy fighting mechanics that are simple to pickup and get good at. Unfortunately, the game is littered with a bunch of series of the sort for rewards that are just the same style of competition with the same game mechanics used in every game type, the only thing that is changed is the rewards. Although I never bother with that and only play a little of the story mode, which includes a basic brain dead story and multiple paths that can be replayed with no indicators of which path you played before, I usually always play versus 1v1. Although this game mode is fun to play and quick/easy to just pick up a few games to have fun, the battles will sometimes pit me against enemy’s that have high advantages over my characters, doing more damage to me and taking less of it from me. Other times I’ll face an enemy that is hopelessly outmatched and will go down with 10 light attacks. The game never fairly balances fights. When it does, it feels great because the competition is fair and rewarding when won or understandable when lost, but this rarely happens. I’ll still play, but usually when I get paired against high level enemies that will destroy me in 5 hits while my 20+ hits to them does 30% damage over and over, I’ll quit and play a new game app altogether. If that were to be fixed, the game would be perfect as it is, at least in the sector of overall gameplay.

- Great game, but it’s pay to win

The game is tons of fun so far and I love these types of games where you collect more powerful characters as you go on. Of course to all great things there’s a problem with them. This games arena is kinda unbalanced for those who don’t pay to win. I was testing a new character I got and I had only 3 wins at the time and it paired me up with a guy with 89 wins. What the heck am I gonna go against a guy who’s got twice my power. And if you win or loose your hero gets a 2 hour cool down which is kinda dumb. You have to use the items that you save up to get hero’s with to reuse them or wait the 2 hours. I would understand 1 hour or even 30 minutes, but 2 hours is crazy. Also there are some game mechanics like effects that happen after an attack that are completely stupid like bleed or daze. With bleed you hit then play defensive and with daze you just beat the crap out of them when they can’t do anything and that’s is kinda broken. The game itself is fun, but the pvp needs some work. (Updating review) pvp in this game is so bad at choosing who fights who. I chose my bronze two star wolverine and it put me against a two star silver advanced iron man, the perfect counter to me, and he had twice my power level. I literally did at max 25 damage on higher critical hits and he did 4 to 9% of my health per health per hit so I got destroyed even though I combed a 25 hit combo. So it needs fixing.

- Great game, Bad End Game

I have been playing Marvel Contest of Champions for about 2 years, and it is by far the best mobile game I have ever played. But as you progress further down into the meat of the game, map 5 and 6 of alliance quest and tier 3 and bellow alliance war, the game loses the fun and the wallet wars comience. With the 4th of July offers showing us that Kabam favors the big spender, shown in the all father Odín a offer where if purchased 3 time, would grant a full tier 5 basic and 2 tier 2 alpha catalysts, the minimum spenders and free to play player in the beginning stages and end game are at a HUGE disadvantage. Kabam needs to get there head in the game, and think about the community, and not how full their wallets are. As a side note, I would like to see and new 5 star crystal system added, where instead of trying for every champion, you can pay a bit more shards and specify what champions you want to try for. For example, if you want to try for one of the avengers ( Spider Man Stark Enhanced, Captain America, Hawkeye, etc) you could pay some where along the lines of 2500 to 5000 extra 5 star shards to guarantee one of those champions, instead of a trying the 10k basic pool for a less than 1% chance at the specific champ you want. All in all, Kabam has made a great game, but with the issues I have discussed about above be resolved, it would go from great, to incredible.

- Great game needs improvement

For the most part this is a fun game however it involves a lot of grinding, if you aren’t one of the higher levels such as uncollected or cavalier your rewards in this game isn’t worth it. The money / gold system in this game is horrible you don’t get enough gold to do anything. At the end of a quest you can be awarded 300 gold, but to level up a 5 star hero to rank 3/5 it will cost you 271,000 and everything else cost. The percentage drop of champions from crystals is broken. You have a 80% chance at getting a 2 star champion and a 0.5% chance of getting a 3 star and after a while 2 star champions don’t serve a purpose in advancing into the story mission so they’re useless, But my main complaint is gold. You simply do not get enough to do anything even the gold crystals don’t give enough gold I suggest dropping prices on things or increase the amount of gold given because this game does not care about you if you aren’t UNCOLLECTED or CAVALIER. In order to reach the high levels such as uncollected or cavalier you need to upgrade your champions so you can advance through the story mission but if the game does not give enough gold or catalyst to upgrade these stronger characters to advance into the story you’ll find your self in a position of being stuck not being able to move forward until your characters are upgraded but that’s almost impossible when the game doesn’t help you at all

- Played for years, honest review

Playing this game is like going to Las Vegas. You’re going to keep coming back for more, but in the end the house wins. The game has changed so much over the years to force pay to play. Characters you get really don’t matter because only the people who spend get the top champions and really it doesn’t matter about fighting other champions. It’s all about the buffs used to make the AI champions more difficult to beat. So in the end you’re really fighting buffs, not champions. Plus, there have been game play problems with MCOC for months that the developer, Kabam, refuses to fix although they say they are “working on it”. But, in the end they know you’re paying to compensate for the errors they’ve made to “update” the game. So the “fix” is in, if you know what I mean. In the end, if you love Marvel and fighting based games, you will be hooked just like me. Just like going to Vegas. You know you love it, but you will get frustrated and upset because the developer does everything it can to make sure the “house” wins. I give it a 3 out of 5 because honestly, it’s a gamble as to if you’ll like it. Sometimes you will, when you win, like in Vegas. Sometimes you will hate it, like when something improbable happens, like in Vegas, and the house, I mean AI, wins all the time, until you drop down more money to better your odds at winning.

- Awesome Game, Character Improvement Suggestion

Hey, just want to say you made an awesome game. I want to suggest some updates on characters, since my ideas are based on Marvel. My first idea is that if a champion launches an combo attack following an special 1 or 2, I think it would make sense if the opposing champion receives stun. I’m just saying based of logic, and based on the show Luke Cage, I think he should get regeneration if he is poisoned or stunned. Hear me out, so in the show, Luke Cage managed to get hurt by a bullet made out of a asteroid that hit earth. (It’s not vibranium. I can assure you.) so Luke cage and someone else (I forgot their name) went to the doctor who gave Luke Cage the ability to be Bullet proof. So the doctor examined Luke, and notice his muscle tissue keeps on regenerating, making it hard for the doctor to pull the bullet out. So it would be nice if you give Luke Cage regen effect if he is poisoned. Also can you explain (I’m saying in a friendly way) why do you not have Jessica Jones a champion? She is part of the defenders. Please reply to tell me why. I have more ideas, and I would happy to share them, just need to make sure this comment is noticed before I waste like.. a whole paragraph of words.

- Game review

Overall a great game to play. Loads of fun but a few things I think that could improve the game would have gotten a 5 Star out of me. First, I think the game should allow you to purchase energy and health potions with gold. The units are hard enough to come by yet alone what you are in need of spending it on. You don’t receive enough units in the game to spend on everything you need. It takes lots of playing and saving to get what you want. Throwing energy and health potions in the mix makes it all the harder especially if the only thing you really use gold for is to upgrade characters. Eventually you have an overstock supply of gold with nothing to do with it in between upgrading because you need to first get enough iso units. Second, the drop rates are becoming ridiculous. You spin more times or not getting duplicate characters then you do receiving someone new. I get trying to make characters rare but the drop rates could be a little better to still hold value and keep players interested. Lastly, character individuality! Some moves are the same amongst characters. Put a splash of their own character into it with their respective time eras. All the captain americas or black panthers shouldn’t be the same moves. Otherwise all this the game is still great. This could also increase player time.

- Money-Pit, Poor RNG

Year two player. Highly disappointed. Poor reward system, poor balancing of developer’s events, story events, arenas, and incursions. Stamina based, handcuffed game modes. Zero versatility. After five years or so of playing, My roster should be stacked and I should be at end game level. But no. It is nearly impossible to obtain the high level five and six star champions, and the resources are not farm-able. It’s a money-pit. Spend enough to buy two next gen console games and feel swindled because you get a two star champion and some stamina. Haha. It’s a joke. The “updates/upgrades” gave little improvement to overall playability, however, sill far from what we deserve. The “Summoner’s Sigil” for $9.99/mo + tx, has zero perks unless you do it for 12+ months. The in-game currency store limits and prohibits offers, that players would greatly benefit from. The story quests that are filled with ridiculously unbalanced, overpowered, buffed A.I. champions, while debuffing player champions. Zero freedom or versatility to simultaneously play different modes due to outdated stamina based quests and locking champions. Think “Mafia Wars” just slightly better due to Marvel licensing. The alliance aspect is salt in the wound. Poor rewards for completing difficult tasks. It would be like a physician getting paid $8.50 per hour. That is the reward system herein.


This game is fun. I have greatly enjoyed this game when I have it. I like the fun levels and the many different characters you get to fight through them. The Alliances are fun and I enjoy the many rewards throughout the game. However, there are many reasons that you should avoid this game. I found that this game is a big money waster so you should definitely be aware of the money that can be wasted. I personally dislike the fact that you will spend most of not the entire game with characters in Marvel that you don’t care for. I’ve battled through much of the storyline with characters that I personally dislike but I have to use because of limited characters (and so, so many duplicates). When I first got this game, I was very excited and planned to play my favorite characters like Cyclops, Punisher, Mister Fantastic, or the Thing. But much to my displeasure, after 2+ years of playing this game. I still haven’t unlocked the characters I’d enjoy and I’ve been sick depending on characters I personally don’t give a crap about — like Cull Obsidian. I feel it’s just such a bummer and anyone reading this that’s just starting out, if you get this game to play your favorite characters then you’ll be very disappointed and will be stuck playing a bunch of Woke D-List marvel characters you’ve never heard of.

- Way too much fun

Way to much fun if you have a lot of time on your hands and money to spare. You can play this game for free but you will be stuck for a very very long time. I love this game so much but sometimes after working so hard for over a month for 1 -class 5 catalyst, and you need several to upgrade your champion. You want to scream. And they will offer you amazing deals but they cost anywhere from $5 (not common except for the daily one) to $99, Usually though the average decent package worth getting to help you out in a tiny way will got your $40. So beware if your kids play and are hooked up to your account with freedom to spend. Just to be clear, I play on an average of 8hrs out of a 24hr period. I am disabled and unable to move at times and this helps get my head out of the spiral of pain. So I don’t have lots of money to spend but i have noticed that I just have to always say to extras! I have been playing over a year and I have seen the increase in prices and how very far and few cheaper add-on come out, and when they do they are worth nothing. Just know before you get sucked in and get stuck slowly doing the same tasks over and over to upgrade to eventually move on. But overall I still love the game.

- Apple quit allowing gambling on mobile games

First off huge marvel fan always have been. Secondly gamer for life. Played the game for 3 years now. Gameplay is fun. Graphics are good but kinda glitchy. I have an 11 pro max for the trolls. So there is no equipment problem on my end but still glitches. Kabam server problems are a part of the game now. But after playing daily for about 1000 days, I warn all who like completing content to stay away from this game. They make you spin crystals to get champs(standard mobile stuff) but to complete certain content you are required to have certain champs and rarity of those champs. So you have to spend real money for a chance at a champ. Which is terribly rigged against you. Also the gameplay itself is extremely rigged and bugged. They have had problems every month that I’ve played. 36 months and some change. They use there player base as their beta testers and then throw out rewards for compensation to soothe everyone. I really don’t see how Apple hasn’t shut them down yet. I mean it’s basically a casino fighting game. It’s shameful the way company views it’s players and how it treats them. I wish I could post their customer support responses. So spend you’re money at a real casino where you stand a chance of winning instead of with these lazy incompetent greedy people. Apple don’t greedy look into kabam and there practices. There too lazy to really hide it. Should be easy to find.

- This is an awesome game, BUT...

The system in place for you to continue moving through each contest is rather annoying. I get it, app developers/companies want to make a profit. I’m all for the system of offering people the choice to spend money or “fight” their way to upgrading/unlocking new characters, or certain items. But the limited “lightning bolt” (amount of forward moves through each contest) system is rather frustrating. I open the app, play for 10-15 minutes, and then I’m already out of turns. You do receive tokens when you win matches that you can exchange for more “lightning bolts”, but it comes to a point where you run out of those as well. The “lightning bolt” system is fine in theory, but give me a larger amount to work with so I can enjoy the game for longer, or else I’ll probably end up moving to the lesser Injustice II game, cuz at least I can play for a longer duration. Maybe allow users to use some of the gold that ends up just sitting there to purchase more turns/bolts. Also, “catalysts” (the item that lets you upgrade your characters Star/Level) are really hard to come by and sometimes take weeks to obtain. You obviously don’t wanna make it easy, but spending weeks just to get 1 is kinda ridiculous. Otherwise, solid game all around.

- BoycottMCOC2018

First of all I would like to say I love this game have been playing for over two years and gone through the ups and downs of previous changes to the Meta. Overall I enjoyed this game and it is a way that I have used to escape the reality of every day life a little bit. The proposed changes to alliance war for season three are making me second-guess myself and this game as a way to enjoy my free time. There has never been a change in the game that has been more geared towards pay to win mentality. I spend enough on this game as it is and now, with the proposed changes, it seems as though I will not be able to win decent rewards for the alliance war season 3 if I do not pay for things like revives and health potions to continue fighting in alliance war. There are so many other things that we can purchase from the game for the owners to still make money. These changes to alliance war and especially not offering rank down tickets to those of us who took the time and spent the resources to upgrade diverse champions for war defense is preposterous. A change this big to the Meta of the game warrants providing your customers with rank down tickets. It is my sincerest hope that the owners and creators of marvel contest of champions will hear my and so many other voices of concern from all the players/customers that enjoy this game on a daily basis. Until that time comes, I cannot see myself continuing with this game or spending one penny more.

- They dig deep, this game is a ripoff

First of all the prices are outrageous to bring your guy back when you are in an incursion, alliance or quest because they know you cant go out of it to get it anywhere else, they won’t let you bring anything else in. They don’t let you get enough of the stuff you need to rank up your guys without spending hundreds/ thousands of dollars l. Buy the time you have spend hundreds they got you locked into. Then they beat you out of $60 when you have already spent thousands of dollars, they won’t give you the $60 back when they are making tens of thousands off the thousands of people that on this game. There are so many manipulative sneaky things they do to just keep raping your pocket, the whole game is literally setup to just keep drawing money from you, you can pay for and receive the same crystals thousands of time with the same exact one or two star guys that you have already had hundreds of times, it’s like 1 good guy out of every hundred that you pay for or are given through defeating a quest. There are so many f*caked up things about this game it’s ridiculous. Its ok to play but I would never put one dime into this game again. If you look at anybody that is successful in this game ask them how much money they put into it. There is a little bit of skill level too it but really it’s about how much money you continue to dump into there pockets.

- I got 7 letters for you, Kabam. (Maybe a bit more)

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G You know, it really annoys me when people complain and complain about the tiniest things. I mean, seriously, the drop rates are fair! Just actually put in effort to increase your luck. And besides, when you buy the in-game money, its worth it because it’s a fair price and you’ll usually get good champs. People complain about the in-game money buying and saying its “too expensive” or its a “rip off” and some people say that “kabam is greedy and they take your money when you buy the in-game money and get trash”, this annoys me so much ESPECIALLY when the person hasn’t even played it/only have played it for a bit. I have been playing this game for almost a year and I am happy with my champs. Yes, I know, here and there are minor flaws, and sometimes I may get mad because I lose a fight or if I don’t get a high tier champ, but I get over it. This is why I give it a 4 star rating, The quests for tier 4 basic catalysts are ridiculously hard for someone who needs it and so they will have to wait a month to get one from the daily gifts. Lastly, Kabam, your game is amazing and I will continue to keep playing it and adventure through all the many glorious updates you put on the game. Kabam, thank you for such a masterpiece of a game.

- Why does this game not work properly

Game glitches, parry which is a mastery fails 75% of the time even tho the word pop up on the screen to confirm it was done. The AI has become to unstable and plays better than the humans. The end game content is and has become too reliant on units/ money and not enough of in game times to find on maps or units to grind in a broken arena that has people in 100s of millions score and every month they come out with a new event quests but December’s event quest and the paragraphs we have to read just to know what we’re fighting is beyond wasteful. Who wants to read a novel when playing a arcade like fighting game?? It’s a complete waste and your tuning this game into an early grave which I’m very sad about. Loved this game but too much needs to be fixed and it’s too many times the players are told it will be fixed and nothing is done. It’s been a year and they are still trying to give people game issue compensation for AQ and AW but players really need it for the main quests and they compensate for that once every 2 months. This whole team needs to be fire and a new face needs to be brought to this game. One that actually listens to its fans and does something with that info compared to the current team that goes in one ear and out the other cause they think they know better than us the player community itself.

- I LOVE this game

I have been playing mcoc for a couple of months now, and I have to say, I love it. Although KABAM has made some questionable choices in the past, I am able to overlook them with how much fun the game itself is. At first glance, this game just looks like your normal street fighter type game, but there are so much more mechanics to mcoc that sets it apart from other games like it. It’s difficulty is good no matter how far you are into the game (except for the collector boss), and while a lot of the endgame stuff is really hard, it’s fair with how much of the game you’ve mastered. It’s exciting when you get a new and good champion, and fun to fight with them once you’ve leveled them up. It’s cool to try the different play styles of champions, and learn new tricks with others. You can gain a lot of rewards from doing different stuff, and join alliances to unlock even more stuff. It’s such a complex but fun game. Also, the updates every month are amazing, introducing new champions, and progressing the story and more. There is much more that I love about the game, but it would take too long to type, so I’m just going to say, KABAM, thank you for making a game that I actually enjoy.

- Better chances

I have had the game for over 2 years it’s fun but I have a problem I’ve opened so many crystals and got nothing good u have opened more than 90 premium crystals and haven’t gotten a 4 or 3 star same with the 4 stars I had been getting bad characters and today I opened my second 5 star crystal and got a red hulk it seems like my luck has never been good but it is a good game but needs better chances for good characters from premiums crystals I made on purchase and on that week I got the best luck ever but after that I have been getting the worse luck and it makes me mad to think that this game wants you to spend money for some luck mcoc needs to give you better chances for good characters and not relying on money to get you characters and resources like the chances of you getting a 4/5 star rank up gem is low unless you spend money you getting a 5/6 star will be hard unless you spend money this whole summoner appreciation login bonus is good but at the same time I don’t think I’m gonna be getting a good character from the crystals they give you unless I spend money the only part of the game I like is the gameplay but the crystals are garbage I want easier ways to get awakening gems other than waiting like 4 weeks for the summoner appreciation I will give this a 2 star rating just because of the luck I have been getting unless I have payed money

- A good game

For me there comes a point when all the diversity becomes to much to remember. Each character has their own strengths, weaknesses, awakened skill, other characters they get a bonus from, and class that they get a bonus/deficit from. Add in the differences between 1-6 star opponents. For me it’s to much to remember. Then in war or in spots on some quests they have nodes where what you know about a character doesn’t matter because the node changes everything. I’ve been in this game a long time. Over 6 years at this point. I’ve struggled with the monotonous repetition of the fights. The random hand out of meager rewards makes it very slow to grow if you don’t spend real money, especially at 5 & 6 star level. The energy requirement is one of the dumbest things on the game. All of the quests in the game run on the same, way to small for the number of quests, pot of energy that refills way to slow. Unless you are in alliance quest or war, you only get 5 moves with them replenishing 1 every 45 min. Way to slow! The skill levels for quests start reasonable, but then jump so fast that average players will struggle to make it without paying money. The first 2 levels are fine, a bit close together but the progression is good. The 3rd is where it starts jumping to much.

- Honest Truth

As a player of the game since it has been out, everything has been taking a wrong turn for years. The game heavily, heavily, heavily favors pay to win. Everything added into the game now seems to be another ploy to cause an increasing need for potions and boosts, which cost units, which cost money. If you join the game now, there is no way to even close the gap between the highest rated players and yourself, unless you are quite literally a m/billionaire with seemingly endless expendable funds. There are many unaddressed bugs, which continue to go unaddressed. Many aren’t huge factors, but are quite annoying, especially when they occur for months on end. Kabam support cannot help, and will not give out any proper compensation for errors caused on the games end. This is the worst part of it all. Kabam seldom give out any form of compensation for their constant incompetence. Their support teams will copy/paste scripted responses if you attempt to contact them. Constantly changing huge aspects of the game, seemingly without warning. Tending to the big spenders, and not updating old aspects of the game to keep up with the ever growing demands. The only reason I continue to play this game is my love for marvel, and the alliance members that have become my family. The game itself is not too horrible, but a big ZERO out of any rating you please for the developer. The community calls them Kascam. Ask around the game... anyone will tell you.

- Marvel Contest of Credit Cards

Up until recently I have greatly enjoyed this game. The premise of getting to use your favorite Marvel Characters to battle opposing forces is great fun, and the general combat system is very enjoyable. Cue Alliance War seasons, a change to a game mode that was previously a back-burner thought for many, just an extra gameplay mode to play with your alliance for some rewards that while great, didn’t require much stress or investment. Alliance war seasons revamped Alliance War to be the most stressful, and resource consuming game mode that has left many people feeling burnt out. While Kabam has made it so that the war season staring with season 3 will be shorter than the previous two, they once again decide to drastically up the difficulty, without addressing the rewards for changes that are designed to make the player expend more resources than before. Their stated goal is that players will be unable to complete wars fully, which is to say, that every usable resource must be expended so that Kabam is able to increase their revenue from a game mode that had already become the least enjoyable aspect of the game to many. To summarize, the developer’s greed has made this game feel more like an expensive chore than an enjoyable pass time, and has burnt out many players from the game, feeling unheard, and tired of all changes that make the game more stressful.

- My review has disappeared

I played this game from the start and after 4 yrs and thousands of dollars spent I’m done. I’ve played competitively and built up champs only to have those champs get nerfed and become a shadow of their former glory. They did this because they say they were over powering or not working correctly, then proceeded to release newer champs that were much more powerful... leaving a player with a champ with tons of resources put into it nothing more than a regret. Not only did they do this with the champs but almost every option of the game I spent real money on , masteries , gifting badges and the list goes on . So after 4 yrs of work on my profile it’s worthless , over 20 rank 5 four star champs , 12 rank 3&4 five stars hundreds of old champs that do nothing to help me clear and new content. Unless you’re planing on spending lots of money on a regular basis don’t waste time on this game , Hell even if you’re planing on that don’t waste your time . I’ve moved on to a much better marvel game which takes into it planing the ability to upgrade old champs with new uniforms and other ways of maximizing your champs . I’ve spent about a hundred dollars on future fight and already after about 8 months of play have a better profile than this game and have fun instead of getting unbelievably mad at a game that is supposed to be fun . Quitting this game was the best thing about it , I only wished I had done it years ago .

- Great game with very little bugs/glitches

With many different modes and special events constantly being updated and renewed there is many stuff to keep you playing for hours to days on end this game has been with me since 7th grade although I see myself as casual player the only bug/glitch that gets irritating because it happens all the time now is there is problem where I get units in a crystal story/arena I never actually get them all I usually only get 5 which doesn’t make sense because I’ve won the 45 units from an arena crystal more then 4 times the past two weeks and 15 units from story crystal once I’ve been robbed of more then 170 units please fix it and give me the units I have won fairly my account is droopy1020 my other complaint it isn’t a bug but since there are now 5&6 stars that are necessary I would like to see the premium hero crystal odds raised to 33% for 2-4 stars since using them in later on quests is nearly useless otherwise then arena battles and with higher odds means more people will spend more money because they simply keep getting what they’re looking for otherwise then these annoyances I love this game a lot and have been playing since 7th grade I am now a junior and have never been bored of the game

- Great Game with Countless Good Features

Well, first off, if you saw my first post, ignore that, I was incorrect. Well, where do we start, maybe the graphics. Well, the graphics are very very good and used to run pretty dang well on my old iPad 2, so I’m pretty sure any device could run this game. There is countless other things that’s good about it, like it’s characters, events, and many other things. I just don’t have anywhere near enough time to write about all of those, so I’ll just focus on the negatives for the people who want to know what hard problems they’re gonna face. Well first we should start with the mid/end game grind. You better believe it’s hard as crap to get 5 and 6 star champions. It’s very hard to get them and I really wish there was another way to get them. But besides that there’s a minor character problem. I like how there’s limited characters, which I usually don’t, so props to them. But I think there should be characters that are only for 4 star, 5 star, and 6 stars. Don’t get me wrong, you got limited characters but if there were like ~4 characters each that you could only get as a 4, 5, and 6 star that would be majorly cool. Anyways, I hope this helped some of you.

- Money Hungry Company

Don’t get me wrong, this game WAS AMAZINGLY FUN. Recently I have become quite frustrated with Kabam and how they handle their forums and customer service. They are sitting on a money pit with this mobile game with thousands upon thousands of players dropping house payments each month to play.. Now, I don’t spend as much as these top end players, but I do have a 900k power index account. I have spent a hearty chunk of change... With all this money thrown about you’d think the company would care about its player base (and ultimately its customers) but it’s clear that they don’t. Little to no communication on forums. Champs abilities being BROKEN for 9+ MONTHS. Not days... MONTHS. (Ex: Symbiote Supreme) You need to invest A LOT of time, or of course, A LOT of money to max out these champs.. it should be common knowledge that they should work and interact how their own abilities state. But, these broken champs stay broken with no change in site. Players have desperately pleaded to fix BASIC bugs and issues to make this game run smoothly.. Don’t even get me started about the tweaking of AI change.. Behind the scenes with no fair warning, they will change the complete meta of the game overnight, and your accounts best champs are now useless. This company is shady, non professional, and just out for your money. Do yourself a favor and steer clear. You’ll thank me later.

- This is a really good game

First of all I need to say one thing. If u don’t like the pay to win then STOP PLAYING! Almost every game on the App Store has in app purchases. U don’t NEED to pay for this game and it is completely possible without spending a penny on this game. Now that we have covered the “pay to win” otherwise known as the way this game makes money, let’s move on to the actual game. This a nice good game with only a couple flaws. Not every game can be perfect, so I have a couple of suggestions.1. More events. Right now almost all the events are made when a new movie comes out, which is great and all, but movies take time to make, and the events are generally pretty short.2. Better alliances. Now this suggestion is just me being in a bad alliance, but a lot of alliances are bad and that’s because there isn’t much you can do with alliances, sure you can help people but half the time they’ve already dealt with it themselves. And there are alliance events but those are like REALLY hard and that’s fine but for lower lever players there isn’t much you can do in alliances and that kind of ruins it. 3. Keep up the great work! You have made a wonderful game!

- Loading issues

The game is fun, been playing for about a week now, but I’ve been noticing a lot of connection issues and crashes. Sometimes when you’re going through a quest or chapter and you click too fast on the marker to move forward, the game just does not respond to anything unless you completely close out of the app. Along with this, sometimes getting into an actual fight itself takes way too long, sometimes even a 1 minute wait just to fight a low level villain. Personally I think this game is very fun and has a lot more potential, however they need to fix this issue for it to standout a lot more. Otherwise it’s 3 star for enjoyment (Correction) Been playing this game for a couple months, so far my experience has been alright, I will say that this game has a lack of content and things to do when you finally get your team up to date. Another big problem is how tedious it is to get resources, constant hours of grinding, days and even WEEKS of grinding just to upgrade one hero, and then you need to grind even more to level them up. Other than that, epic game

- Good but.....

This game is a rollercoaster of emotions. Every update, new characters, new missions, and new challenges. Every update, new emergency maintenance, new nerfs to characters with no warning, new changes to the mechanics of the game without warning. The gameplay is great, I’ve been playing for about 2 years, I love marvel and the characters and I’ve been playing with a group that makes it worth it, but the company seems set on trying to eek as much money from you as possible. Your blocks dropping so they hit you mid combo, removing a revive that’s been there since day 1 because they say they don’t promote farming, yet they have arenas and a daily map for upgrade materials that is the very definition of farming. Any advantage from maps or characters that benefit the player is labeled as a “cheat” whereas any advantage that benefits the game and weakens the player is labeled as “how the game was intended to run.” Im not saying I don’t like a challenge, quite the opposite, I want to be challenged and I want a sense of achievement when I finish, what I don’t want is to be utterly frustrated when the game glitches constantly, and when I finally do finish, all I feel is cheated. At this point, I play for my alliance, not myself, and most definitely not for the game, and this is a sentiment shared by many. I sincerely hope this games turns around and becomes what it used to be, but in the meantime, I’m gonna play clash of clans.

- Kabam is ripping players off.

I’ve been playing this game for 4-5yrs. In the last few years I have spent money on the game. Well after getting champs that I bought with my hard earned money and built up to make the game more fun and manageable Kabam decides they want to nerf the champs. They’ll say the champ has a bug or it isn’t working as intended so they rework the champ. The problem is they do this 6 months to a year after the champ is released. They wait until people spend resources to build the champ up and max him out. Once people aren’t spending as much on that top champ they decide to nerf him to force you to spend resources to build up a different champ (that they’ll nerf once everyone has spent their wad on that champ). Its ironic how the bugs and gameplay mechanics weren’t noticed while everyone was spending hard earned money on that champ. The list is endless of champs they’ve done this too! If you nerf champs refund people’s money! I couldn’t imagine why people are fed up with Kabam and their customer service. Apple should look into this company about ripping off their customers. I won’t even get into the fact that they double charge people for a 1 time offer and know it’s a offer you can only buy once yet they refuse to refund money! I have talked to several people who’ve had this happen. However if you ask Apple to refund your money Kabam bans you from the game? Seems fair!

- Been playing for 6 years

I’ve been playing this game for about 6 years now and decided to give my opinion on it. The combat is great and the line up of characters is awesome. However if you plan on playing this game and using some of your favorite characters think again. The chances of you getting a character you want at the rarity you’d like is highly unlikely unless you plan on spending loads of money. The crystal gambling system hasn’t changed much over the years. To get the best odds you’ll have to spend a lot of time in the game and reach the end of the story mode which is extremely long in itself. You’ll spend a lot of time grinding for a crystal that has the champion you want and you still probably won’t get it. The best time to pick this game up as a new player is around the holidays. They have good deals and give free things to players so it would be better to start your roster of champions and leveling them up to progress through the story faster and reach the best odds. I hope this helped you deciding on this game. You’ll have fun playing and learning the mechanics but I promise you will get stuck at a point and will need a specific champions to help you and it will take you a lot of work to get it.

- Good game but should focus on the small players not just the big guys

Been playing since the very beginning and still love the game. Would be nice if issues could be fixed faster instead of taking months. All 30 members in my alliance and a few other friends had “connection issues” for several months even though I had great internet and this issue took quiet a long time to finally be fixed. Lately the talk has been about the “four star ban” this will not affect me at all because I have a very nice five and six star roster. But I do understand people frustrations because it can take a long time to build a good five star roster especially when you don’t spend on the game. Lastly I understand there is a business behind the game and certain decisions hav to be made for that business. But personally I would prefer for the older champs to be reworked, fixed, buffed, or even nerfed but changed in a way to where it fits the stage of what the current game is in, instead of getting two new champs every month. One example would be Black Bolt, his awakened ability says he has a chance to gain a fury or cruelty buff with each critical strike. We have no idea what the chance is although we do know the chances/drop rates of crystals including the new crystals that have not even come out yet from completing act 6.

- Honest Review

I’ve been playing the game for about 2 years & It’s the Best Marvel Mobile game by far; but the game has a ton of flaws. As a player your unable to select which new characters you get to add to your team. This is important because on specific levels you need specific characters ie: immune bleed or immune poison. So good luck on getting your favorite Marvel Character smh mine is AA & IceMan & I still don’t have a strong version of either lol. You can earn/purchase character crystals & still end up with a whack character. Other option is spend countless hours playing Arena mode which if you have any type of real life outside of this game your not going to be able to obtain that character. The culture of the game is they want you to spend $; charging astronomical amounts for these items that are essential to you ranking up. If your not rich the other option is to just play the game like a normal person & earn your rank up items. Huge issue with that is Rank up items are given out at a snails pace. Literally can take a year to rank up a character. Fun game But very frustrating when it takes forever to improve your characters.

- Why kabam

I know ur company is from Canada but I’ve played ur game for 3 years and no I’m not the best I’ve had some of my accounts hacked so I had to restart many times to me the game is pay to win I’m on act4 and I can’t to crap to beat a champ and I get that doing the big daily reward this is killing u to do it but it happend I love ur game it’s so amazing but if u added some changes that would be great and no this isn’t over u need to make deals better if u would add trading that would be a big game changer ur game came out in 2014 it’s had its twists and turns not all where great but we can change it I know I’m not the head manager but this might not happen but if ur doing arena can u put people in ur rank I’m proven people are caviler and uncollected so if u can put people in ur rank for arena to me it would make it easier because I grinned arena I had almost over 688,000 points and I know it’s not even gonna scratch the tip of the surface of what people got example people like Brian grant he normally stacked about 87,000,000 points in arena so please for the love of god and everything that is good please listen to my review and think about it please kabam ur the only game I play now I love it but please do consider these changes

- 5 Star, but needs easier 5 stars...

So, I love this game...literally have an alarm set to login on my phone for “dailies” (don’t judge me)...that being said, I believe there should be a “cost of living” increase on the game, I.e., 4 &5 stars and shards more easily obtainable. I’ve been playing this game for over 2 years, and I have THREE 5 Star champions...I feel like especially since I’ve put so much time in, that’s kind of...crappy, to be honest. And yes, I have actually sunk some money into this game as well, which to me makes it even worse. Especially now with 6 stars dropping...also it seems a little messed up I’ve logged in almost every day for 2 years, and I’ve only received ONE 3 Star from daily crystals...ONE...I mean I’m sure you guys care more about the players sinking serious $$$ into your game, which I understand completely, but it just seems like as a dedicated casual player of the game, 2 years should definitely have netted me more than just three 5 star champions, again, especially now that 6 stars have dropped...I mean I feel like that’d be fair, yea? In any case, thank you guys for your hard work and a great game-just a suggestion!!!

- Great game, until it wasn’t…

I had played this game near the inception of it, so nearly 7 years for me. A great time, highly addicting, especially if you are new to mobile gaming. So one needs to be really mindful of that. Bugs started to pile up, which took away from the game. Last straw was them claiming my account wasn’t my account when I asked for a simple refund of resources for an in game mistake. After I have spent a good amount of real money on the game I figured they could help me out with an in game mistake. Nope. In this event what I was looking to rectify was resources that were equivalent to minor amount of gold pieces. And it would have been a simple swap of taking back gold and giving me back the event resource. I jumped through hoops for a week, while going through a funeral by the way. and it ended with them essentially saying there wasn’t a way for me to prove the account was mine. This was because I got one of seven or so question (the whole thing begun with two questions) incorrect. The whole experience was ridiculous. It pushed me over the edge and to deletion of the game. Recommend the game for a romp, don’t spend money, run into problems just delete the game it ain’t worth jumping through a million hoops to fix.

- Be Very Wary of Kabam

Update: The game is full of crashes and bugs. If it benefits the player base it is fixed immediately or you are punished for taking advantage of it (not me but others), if it benefits Kabaam or leads to more revenue, it is fixed at a snails pace. They have made it so you are almost guaranteed to take damage as they changed blocking and parrying abilities and cover it up as a “bug”. I also later learned I was banned because I did too well in arena. Absolutely did nothing wrong and never got any explanation. Terrible terrible company running what could be a fun game Although this game is fun and similar to street fighter and mortal combat with marvel heroes. The company that runs this game is extremely shady, has terrible customer service and will ban you even if you don’t do anything wrong. I would highly recommend never spending any money in this game, you don’t get anywhere special progressing fast and when you do, they will target your account. I got banned because I was paired in dungeons with cheaters and even though I reported the cheating I was banned for a week. The also have many scams in the game to drive you to spend money. Do not do it! Their customer service is basically automated email responses that never and I repeat, never, help you out. I left the game a while ago because of the company, but now want others to not make my same mistake.

- Disappointed

This game is at heart a great game but with many flaws. I just purchased a crystal today that was supposed to have The Thing as a winnable character. I waited until the crystal stopped spinning yet not one character icon of The Thing appeared. I have been robbed of my favorite characters more times than I can count. Either stops just before or just after the character I want but the worst issue is when the crystal lands on your favorite character but than inches to the right denying you the character you want so bad. I have been playing this game since ints beta run and have yet to receive any of my favorite characters. The idea that you can’t even choose one character to run with is aggravating to say the least. Upon request for explanation all I get is a Drop rate explanation that does nothing to fix the problem. The older characters are terrible compared to the new and yet I continually get the same lame characters I always get. Getting anything other than a 4 star is impossible without dropping a ton of money on this app. When it first came out I would’ve given it 5 stars. After how many times I’ve been robbed of my favorite characters and the monotony of using the same people over again and again, I’m over it and 2 stars is all this game has given me the past two years.

- Change annihilus

I Recently looked on the forums and saw the changes for annihilus and I must say I am disappointed. It seems like you guys don’t understand what needs to be done. Increasing the damage of his furies doesn’t make sense, since he can already gain a massive amount of them. The stifles are the problem, they don’t last that long, which makes it hard to keep the stack of stifles, thus making it hard to gang a lot of furies when using SP2. Another problem is that his medium attack takes away a stifle and converts it into a temporary fury buff, this also makes it hard to keep the stack, considering there are times when you may need to throw a medium attack. Due to these two factors annihilus can’t reach his full potential so he’s basically rigged to be disappointing in terms of performance. You guys at Kabam need to take this into consideration, there are a lot of other people that are disappointed about the annihilus buff and those people also think that the runtime of the stifles should be increased. This would make annihilus a more viable champion. I don’t know if you guys value the opinions of your players but if you do please consider this.

- Set some things straight

I’ve seen some people mention some absolutely bogus things in the reviews here so I figured I’d help out any newcomers that might read this. This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played, and the best mobile game ever created hands down. There’s hundreds of hours of content to be done, new characters and events every month and lots of freebies for the f2p. Skill means just as much as your roster in this one, despite what some trash tier players might tell you. All of the 170 something chiaracters have different and usually unique abilities that have to be learned in order to master the game and that’s not even including added challenges in The form of “nodes”. I find the game truly fun and rewarding, especially if you have a little extra cash every once in a while to throw at it. Some people might tell you the game is rigged, or that it is p2w, but we live in a world of entitlement and sadly those people are the byproduct. I’d say give it a try, join an alliance, and don’t give up because your first 4* champ wasn’t the best in the game. I mean that’s what it is after all, a game, you should play to have fun, not be the best


I wrote a review 3 years ago praising this game. Yes, there are a lot of great things to say, BUT I've learned over this time that it cheats. It will take away the ability to block, move forward, or punch in a timely manner so it looks like I'm swatting at flies. It goes from being super responsive to molasses. It doesn't matter at this point how skilled you are or that your hero is rated the same or higher. But the opponent is lightning fast, blocks almost all of the moves, and the hits completely drain you. You will get so angry that you'll either quit or $$$$$BUY$$$$$ units so you can level up your heroes without playing to get what you need. I'm not against buying things to support the game artists, but it shouldn't be done in this way. When the game is playing fair, I really like it, but when it cheats I absolutely hate it and now am tempted to quit and find something else to do. Adjusting my rating once again. Can I go any lower than one star?! I’ve put a lot of time in this game unfortunately. I may have to quit. The latest update has made getting daily catalysts very tough. My characters don’t respond like they did and every time I press an attack, the opponent blocks without fault. Slow response. Can’t block. Doesn’t move forward and backward like they used to. Taking the fun out of this game.

- Used to be great, but it’s getting worse.

I’ve played this game for several years and many years ago this game used to be very fun and entertaining that will keep you playing for hours. But now the Kabam company has become a lot more greedier than ever with this game and is making most content in the game becoming more worthless of your time playing with a lot of outdated content and removing arenas for lower starred champs, and making a lot of new content that might force you to pay to win along with some unbalanced matchmaking. If don’t want to pay to win you might get forced and hooked on to playing this game for countless hours which I highly doubt anyone would have time for, and sometimes you’ll end up playing for a long time and will probably not get what you want until you spend $$$ or spend years to get something in the game that might be useful, but by the time you’ll finally get what you wanted there’s a chance that it could end up being worthless and might make you regret spending time and money in the game. I highly recommend not playing this game if you don’t think you’ll have a lot of time to play the game or don’t want to spend too much time or money in the game.

- Thieves !! No honor

I have been a loyal game player and client I say this because I have spent thousands of dollars on the game. Other than the fact that the game at times fails in the game play and always has issues with the characters abilities and buffs. At times the game over charges or charges twice for the subscriptions or daily specials. I have contacted them. Submitted the information they asked for and followed the steps exactly and they want to pretend they do not have the info they need to issue a refund. They have done this several times on my account and on my friends account. This company steals from their customers with double charges at times and they will make any excuse to not give you a refund. No honor or accountability. I gave them two stars cause of the graphics and game play. Last month I spent over 100 dollars on subscriptions and daily specials and they want to fight me over 10 dollars that they charged me twice for caused by a glitch in their system. ( by the way they’re always having technical issues) . Do not spend money on them if you get charged twice you’ll never get a refund even if you do everything they ask. They lie and say you did not do it right so you won’t get a refund, a double charge that was their fault.

- Glitches no Stitches

I’ve been playing this game since about 2 months into its inception, there have been ups and downs, however recently it’s been more of a downward spiral. The game has been glitching, overheating, and just recently my Alliance’s Alliance Quest tier has been re-set to far lower then we were prior. There has been little to no compensation for the recent slew of missteps within the game, especially since even if there is an update to fix glitches more always rear their ugly heads each update. Instead of it being a game of skill and a game of chance(crystals) it’s a game of coin. End game content has been created to be near impossible to finish without spending exponential amounts of money or grind your self to death in hopes of acquiring enough units to achieve it. It’s unfortunate that a once fun and great gam is no longer a game of skill. In place of that there are glitches that could kill your champions, overheating which causes the phone to be unbearable to hold, and rewards for harder content is becoming less of a reward as content continues to grow. I’m disappointed, the game has lost a lot of its sparkle and now a lot of the content feels like a chore, instead of an exciting new challenge. For the downward spiral of content and the pay to win motif that now exist I must give this game a 1 star review. Unless things change this game isn’t worth your time.

- You don’t get what you pay for! 4star ban!

Yes, you can enjoy this game while being free to play, but like so many, I have made the mistake of spending my hard earned money and an insane amount of time on this game buying deals for rank up materials and grinding arena for champions and units. It has helped me advance quicker than I would if I was free to play and opened up doors to more content! As time has passed I have realized that spending money and time on this game is an incredibly large mistake. This game changes the value of characters by modifying them with no warning and/or admission and changes star rating value with no warning whatsoever. What you pay for/grind hours of arena for today might literally be pointless tomorrow. This game recently instituted a ban on upcoming content, limiting 4 star characters from competing in the newest level of content. My problem isn’t just the ban as much as it is Kabam’s lack of transparency and communication with the player base. NO ONE has any idea this was happening and this is just a symptom of a larger issue of this company treating the player base horribly. I am 100% done with spending time and money on this game. If you buy anything in this game or spend time on anything, I warn you that it could be unusable or completely worthless tomorrow. I don’t feel anyone should play this game without this warning before hand.

- Very disappointed lately

This game is so much fun. The fusing of marvel characters with a rankup system makes it very addicting and fun to grind out for rewards. Unfortunately, as of late, the game has been very buggy and the most recent update to the game caused many many phones to overheat after about 5-10 minutes of gameplay. There have always been some bugs here and there but lately there have been numerous and the game team does not correct them in a timely fashion, if at all. The overheating issue was supposedly fixed but it persists anyway. The game team informed the community here would be compensation for the overheating issues which caused many players to miss out on many rewards that require grinding in the game. The announced compensation package is disrespectful to say the least. For a whole month, the community was unable to maximize the usual gameplay and rewards and the compensation that will be offered to us is a slap in the face. It’s disappointing. It is clear to the community that the game team is very out of touch with the community’s needs and does a poor job of communicating more transparently with the community, even after they told the community they would be more transparent after their atrocious 12.0 release a couple of years ago. I hope they turn things around fast or this game will not make it to Christmas this year

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- Kabam plz read

It’s a great game with characters from abomination to Yellowjacket but it is a bit hard to make progress without paying money and there’s a few more characters I’d like to see like machinesmith,stryfe,thunderstrike,the fire demon(I can’t remember his name)And I would like to see the characters from 2099 and maybe enchantress, baby groot and the eternals and maybe galactus could be part of the game? And there’s a few swear words that need to be patched and can you make the crystals more random?but overall it’s a great game with lots of character and 100% for marvel fans so if you want to see your favourite characters in a fight then this is the game for you and no endgame has nothing to do with the movie apart from thanos but yeah it still great and if you like marvel this is the game for you so I’m giving this a 5

- Just a grind

Played this game for a number of years and the shine has long worn off. New champions spice things up but it is just a constant grind to keep up to speed with everything. I opted a long time ago not to bother with joining an Alliance because although it accelerates your progress through the game and grants quicker ranking up of champions it soon compounds the daily duties and adds to the grind. Just becomes overwhelming and no longer enjoyable especially with picky alliances who set daily requirements/chores. Even now that I don’t deal with alliances I still have to grind arenas just to receive decent champions. Constantly crashing when fighting and opening crystals lately, needs constant internet connection and will basically grind all your phone battery to dust each day. They really need to strip half the content out of this game and refocus to have clear objectives and make them achievable for those not wishing to effectively take on a second day job just to stay competitive. Shame. So much potential but they are just hell bent on spreading their attention over far to many areas that it just becomes a never ending scavenger hunt bordering on gambling/poker machine like behaviour consuming hour upon hour of your precious time.

- Great gameplay, trash support

Love love this game but the developer KABAM really doesn’t care about the players and are just here to milk the playing community for cash with little to no support. Opened a ticket for a crashing issue every time I used a particular character and I got two emails within two min, one that said thx for opening the ticket, the second to say the ticket was closed. They did NOTHING. Furthermore, the decisions of the developer for the game content that affect mid tier player rosters and synergies also reflects that KABAM’s main concern isn’t putting out a great game that makes players want to spend their money, rather they’re invested in monetising the game first for character offers and bundles that are nothing more than a game of roulette where the RNG ensures that you’ll get the weakest character possible. Last but not least, questing while fun can feel like a waste of time at the end when you receive little to no reward for what can be challenging effort. Again, love the gameplay but in my years of game playing have yet to encounter such a blatantly greedy corporation that shows blatant lack of concern and condescension for its cohort.

- In the beginning.

It’s an awesome game. Me and my partner started playing at the same time and we both played roughly 2 years. Unfortunately it takes a lot of dedication, commitment and money to get better and maintain your title. Be mindful that the game is very demanding and will take up a lot of your time depending on how eager you are to get better. I had to take longer breaks, multiple toilet stops, the sneaky phone ones whilst I was working just to keep up with my alliance. Even outside of work, hanging out with friends and family we were playing so much it almost started to feel like it was robbing us of precious time with loved ones including my partner. It was fun in the beginning because we played with other friends but it becomes too much. Me and my partner decided to give up the game when we moved overseas. Not long after all my friends left the game too for the same reasons. And honestly it felt so good to not worry about having to login every single day to claim rewards, keep up etc and to finally put your phone away and just enjoy life.

- Garbage

A glorified slot machine (players beware – particularly if you have an addictive personality). While this game has so much potential, Kabam (in true capitalist fashion) has made sure that either a hell of a lot of money or a hell of a lot of time are the only ways in which you can advance within a reasonable timeframe within this game, thus ruining any kind of long-term investment in their product. I have been playing this game for nearly two years and I’ve finally had enough. Kabam has THE worst customer service I’ve ever experienced, in-game or otherwise (copy and paste responses from the support team, and don’t even bother with the official forums). There are so many bugs in this game that it is not worth playing, unless you are content on spending money on potions and revives to get through the content. Kabam do not care about fixing their broken game unless the spending player base at large start a boycott campaign – (Google 12.0 update and its response from the player base for a better understanding of what you are dealing with). My honest recommendation – spend your money on superior (and, at the very least, beta tested) console or PC games (or free to play, stress-free mobile games) and avoid this garbage like the plague!

- Superhero suckers

Okay I gave it a three star because yeah it’s a great game it’s got all my fav marvel characters but that’s pretty much it I do it because Kabam make it so addictive that you must always login. And I have spent alot of money and time as all would do on this game and there’s been some joyous times and good open crystals dupes which took alot of hacking but when you try to contact kabam which is written on the forums it’s true as they don’t respond back as good as what you want with customer service and the gameplay has a lot of clinches and bugs but they revert to giving you gifts and that tends to keep the punter happy. Anyway I’m still gonna be hacking away on the game because I spent too much time and money and they dont do refunds so I hope Kabam can come up and fix most of the problems with the game and kind of give a bit more bonuses and things to their customers instead of always having to buy potions and more potions and more potions and revives just to keep the game going try to make the revives a bit more cheaper 180 and 360 is a lot of money to pay for a third of the energy.

- Good But A Few Issues

Marvel contest of champions is a great game which I have been playing for a few months now. The combat is top-notch and the alliance system is cool but, the crystal system bothers me. I’ve seen many other reviews saying this but they’re basically gambling and are not random at all. They’re basically claw machines. I’ve opened at least 100 premium crystals and have not one once received a 4 star. Which is weird considering I sometimes watch people who get 2 4 stars in a row from premium crystals. I’m sure Kabam is not reading this but if you were please, fix this. Another thing is that this game is completely pay-to-win as spending hundreds of dollars on this game will most likely result in you getting several 4 stars and maybe even a 5. Some champions cannot even be gotten without paying money. For instance Deadpool (which I did buy 😂) is only able to be purchased with real money. And he is quite a good champion. So please, at least fix the crystal issue and we’ll all be happier. From GamePlayer

- Great Game

I've played this game for several years and it is one of the best I've played on mobile. It is not actually true that this game is pay to win- you can pull more champs by spending money but its also based mostly on how good you are at the game and how patient you are. You can definitely become really good at the game without spending money. Also the crystal system is not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be. The premium cyrstal percentages are real, and not pulling four star champs from them is competely normal. Because it says on the game it's a 3 out of 100 chance of pulling one, and you shouldn't even be spending units to buy premium cyrstals anyway because they are not worth it. Four star champs are so easy to pull later on in the game, and therr are so much more things you should be spending your units on, rather than prems. The downside to this game is that when your in the later part of the game, you need to spend too many hours grinding to progress faster.

- Brilliance

An incredible game that I’m still baffled is a fully fledged mobile game as it has enough story, characters, online interactivity, game modes and incredible game play to be an entire console game. Incredible gallery of characters that is continually growing and with each character comes a unique set of abilities and items you need to progress them, making each character a special journey. This game is constantly slammed for being a pay-to-play, when in reality I have spent no money, and very little in game credits, yet I am considered one of the highest levels achievable in the game. Even after not playing for a few months, the game is so easy to get back into as you can play casually and competitively with equal fun. Best mobile game of all time.

- Pay to win

1st: when I got to the higher levels of the game (4 to 5 Star champions) it became way to hard you get a decent hero no matter what I did from grinding quests to doing 100 daily rewards in a row i nearly got the hero’s I needed to succeed the crystals would always give you 3 star or less when you need 4 to 5 stars even if buy 30 of the same crystals in a row you have like a 4% chance of getting a good one and the quests on medium difficulty only gave you 2 star hero crystals when it was 4 star difficulty. 2nd the story line is terrible they spend so much time screwing around to make millions of different quests they forget about something called good content. I played this game until it became nothing but getting on my phone every single day just for the crappy daily rewards. If Star Wars battlefront 2 can get better than so can this game... hopefully

- Love this game!

Your app is a very fun game, along with the fact that it’s Marvel! The gameplay on this is super neat, and the fact that you guys update it like MONTHLY, is really cool. You keep adding awesome characters, like Mister Sinister, Havoc, and I loved the Fantastic 4 update! You can upgrade your Champions, level them up, rank them up, and buy crystals from the Collector’s Vault with units, loyalty (which are earned in Alliances) and battlechips. You can do online versus, Infinity Dungeons, Alliance Quests and Wars (if your in an Alliance) Event Quests and of course, the Story Quests. And you can’t forget, every good game has to have an in-app store. Many, many more things apply to this game, like a LOT of Champions, etc. Marvel Contest of Champions is very fun.

- Very bad support, but great gameplay

Marvel Contest of Champions has some of the best gameplay I have ever seen. Unfortunately, if you have been hacked or have purchased and used a crystal, you will have a hard time getting your things refunded. Kabam has has awful support as I have experienced. On my main account, I used to have about 550 units. But that all changed when I got on Mcoc and saw I only had 12 units. I had not used any units since many months ago, so I reported the issue and got a reply saying that I apparently used some of them, which I didn’t as I couldn’t be on the app. I asked if I could get the rewards refunded, and they told me the player that was on my account a had used the crystals and they couldn’t refund the rewards. It was outrageous. They could only refund things that weren’t used apparently. I am very sorry Kabam but I had to shout this out.

- Money for nothing, but some things for free.

The positive is the gameplay is fantastic, the game adapts to skill levels making things harder to master as it progresses. A multi faceted game which combines strategy, skill and sometimes a lot of luck to obtain popular heroes. It’s a fun test of skill, and enjoyable to be sure. The detractors are some overly priced value adds or in app purchases to the game which is basically as the title suggests a whole lot of nothing. The random crystals opening which bring on the games main point, to accumulate Marvels Super Heroes in an ever increasing world of challenges and timely marketed new heroes to coincide with the latest Marvel Universe releases, are sadly often disappointing and hardly seem random at all. Add the annoyance of having to login every day for a month to gain some heroes for free, or having to spend countless hours to reach levels where rewards are sadly too little for the effort. The game requires constant updates to unlock the latest content, and needs a steady internet connection, email address for login to continued progress, and relies on servers which need weekly maintenance outages of varying lengths to service the large number of subscribers, of which in groups called alliances, users tend to take the game far too seriously... Worth a go, but make sure your mortgage has been paid first.

- Only The Rich Will Advance

I love this game and have only given it a low rating because it money hungry and not a fair playing field. However if you have a lot of money to waste you'll do well in this game. It's just another example of how things are setup to suit the rich! I've been playing for years and there a people of have literally just joined and have become more powerful and can advance further in the game because they have deep pockets. Apart from that it is a great game and well thought out I used to love this game, but as an early adopter I now say "Don't Waste Your Money On This Game" in the beginning this game was good but you still had to buy units if you wanted to obtain more champions or items. Now you just feel like you've entered s mobsters casino and will get bent over at every opportunity. The game is rigged so your odds are like 0.01% of fair chance. There are way too many things to list, but trust me.... Your in the be ripped off

- Pretty good but...

Cool game with lots of good characters however I would love to see some more girls and a few more modern versions of the characters to add to the line-up. For example Valkyrie, Scarlet Witch (MCU version) and all the amazing Wakandan women - why simply add Erik when u could have added Shuri, Okoye and Nakia for a bit more female representation? Also I’d just like to add that for some reason there seems to be something wrong with my block since the last few updates. Countless times I’ll be holding the left of my screen to block yet my character won’t block and I’ll end up losing half my health. Very frustrating. Please fix soon! Besides that a fun game if not a bit hard and expensive to rank up characters higher than a few levels.

- Broken Game

Don't start, don't play. There is a saying for long termers which is you "just got kabammed". This relates to you helping a company build a game with hard earned dollars and then they check your prostrate for more dollars without asking how you feel about it. How do I feel ... like some checked my prostrate without permission or lube. Game is the equivalent of drop boxes. You could have good random openings and own the game, you can brute force this with money, alternatively you can have bad luck and grind this game for rewards for little achievement. Your call ...but be prepared for the 2% good luck acting like they are the best players in the world while you work hard. They like to act likes it’s skill but you get bad pulls and I’d like to see how they go on higher content levels. Gave it 2 stars because it could actually be a cool game. Unfortunately when Netmarble (Korean) took over they also joined the Chinese servers and bots (cheating) meant the game skewed away from skill to user pay (ask a youtubers how much they spend or merc). Netmarble haven’t countered this as it means more for their bottom line as ordinary Joe’s try to keep up. Don’t believe me? Just google it and you will see hundreds of entries around bots and cheating ..,

- The Amazing Champion

This game was soo cool and easy and very inproductive. I already have Iron Man and Spider man and Hawkeye and lots of other heroes. So if it wasnt this game, it will kill my life so thank you for making this amazing game. Now im gonna play Marvel Strike Force again but just let me know if I can tell you about marvel because I watched all the movies. I know you hate spoilers but I would rather spoit in Marvel Strike Force. Have a happy Marvel weekend. See you in your game text next day. Bye. Thank you for everything. Yiu know I love Marrvel. Ok what am I talking. See you next game text. Bye owner of Champion and strike force. Love you and love Marvel and Marvel life. Bye, have a sonderful Marvel life

- Very good game

I’ve been playing this game for a couple years now, and it never ceases to amaze me on how good it is. Graphics are top notch, plot is very detailed and the game is original in its own way. It’s characters aren’t just from the MCU but it’s from a different array of universes, such as x-men and fantastic four. I honestly I couldn’t ask for a better game than this. However as I’m writing this review, I was wondering if you could do me and possibly many other people a favor by adding another version of Scarlet Witch, or preferably the Infinity War version, because I think she at least deserves this much recognition. Thank you, and keep going at it!

- Money hungry

I’ve been playing for 3 years even through the rubbish that was the 12.0 update and They continually change the meta of the game at the drop of a hat and don’t provide their players with the necessary compensation to let them make those changes necessary to compete fairly, but they will give u a free 2* champion that will do nothing but sit on the bench the whole time and they think that’s ok!!!! The support you get from them is terrible, all the stock standard responses you get makes u feel like ur not worthy of their time. Imo don’t get stuck in a game like I did go buy a pc or a console and have fun on that.

- Not here to review

While I have been playing the game for two years and I have had no issues, I am here to clear up some of the stuff in other reviews. Now the game isn’t great for people that take games to seriously because it does consume a lot of time, just join a chill alliance. Another thing is while premium and a few other crystals are luck there are 2,3,4,5 and six star crystals where you are guaranteed a 2,3,4,5 and six star(you might get a bad character though) Lastly, you don’t need money, you just need to be patient with the game and join an alliance. Like nearly all the games in the App Store inn-app purchasers May boost and enhance your play, there is never anything that you can only get by money. Side note reason for 3 stars are: kabam being useless and how it has being getting easier for new players to get stuff us 2,3,4 year players could have never gotten when we played back then.

- Actually a very fairly structured game

Although the game does say 12+ the in game chat will censor you like you’re 5 & the actual mechanics of the higher tier gameplay really would be beyond the comprehension of most 12y olds (there’s some fun strategy behind it) Downsides are with the amount of revamping that’s going on it will be a very steep learning curve for new players. Likewise even as an experienced player it’s impossible to keep up with the new champs being added and buffs. Just too much change. Recently the game has been taking so long to load my screens already switched itself off and I’m away doing something else already so I’ve kinda given up on it

- Used to be fun, now all about the money for makers

This game was truely the best game on ios for maybe 2 years, the past 2years however they have been all about money and greed, first was version 12.0 which everyones hard earned work they put in got smashed and granted this is and has been the only descent compensation anyone has had from game makers. Since that time kabam have made more bugs and more glitches to make people spend $$$ but then give compensation that is not even 1/50th of what was spend to get through bugged content, 80% of the champions dont get buffed they are pure junk, and all the new guys are freaky strong so if you wish to play open your wallet. If you want free to play i advise to skip downloading this because it isnt made for fun but to make millions of suckers who fall for the bull.... Regards a person who omce loved the game

- Was good now just a massive cash grab

As a player if 3yrs am really disappointed the direction the game has taken over the last 12months. Previously if you worked had and played well you could advance your characters and completed content. However sadly this is no longer the case. Wide spread cheating, a lack of communication with the gaming community and almost all end game content and resources requiring big dollars to complete have turned a once great game into A MASSIVE CASH GRAB WITH ZERO REGARD FOR PLAYERS. Even then if you do have a great roster of champions and use these very hard earned resources to rank up eventually they change those champions and make them worse instead of fixing the massive amount of broken/unfinished/useless champions in the game. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME UNLESS YOU ENJOY WASTING MONEY ON A RIGGED GAME FROM A COMPANY THAT ONLY CARES ABOUT ONE THING $$$$$$$$

- Predatory gambling at it’s exploitative finest

Fun and addictive game. However is run by an incredibly predatory and immoral company who deliberately design the game in such a way as to punish you immensely if you don’t play or pay constantly. People who play this grind hours and hours a day, pay large sums of real money constantly, or else risk being left behind in the race against others who are all doing it. The controlling company Kabam then change everything whenever they want in order to destroy everything you’ve worked for and forced you to reinvest again from the start. They do these changes purely to destroy people’s accounts and force addicted players to suffer and start again. This game WILL have a negative impact on your health, your free time and your relationships, as well as your sleep patterns if you play it properly. Do NOT let your children download this game. Do NOT let your partner download this game. This game destroys lives and relationships and is nothing but glorified gambling run by predators.

- Good game but money hungry

The game is good and fun but the difficulty is bit high without purchasing in store. NPC champions of same level/rank have very high response and it gets extremely hard to win sometimes. I have to keep topping up and create a gap between mine and NPCs. However a good game shouldn’t be like this. Player should be challenged with their skills, not to be challenged by the overwhelming programme that makes it too difficult without enough purchased resources instead of REASONABLE purchases. Asked my brother who’s a professional gamer/developer at a world leading company, got the same response from him. Will try for another 2 weeks then I’ll probably be gone and rate it again with 1 star

- Great but problems need fixing

The energy runs out to fast to progress especially in the events quests. Multiplayer can be insanely easy and also brutally difficulty. These two major problems but other than that great game. Graphics is awesome for a mobile game. And a long story is involved. Good AI difficulty makes hard but not crazy hard. There also should be a trading sequence where you trade currency for ‘battle chips’ but have a lock so you can not rip people of fix these and I will give a 5 star review

- This game is BEAST!

Omg I don’t know where to start! First off This game has GREAT MARVEL characters and great campaign and second of all u can play these new events, and new characters come out with updates, it also updates every month or so! My only complaint are some glitches(plz fix) like if u have a big character and ur opponent jumps in the air for a special move I can hit them to the ground and u should make three and four stars easier to get and my last request is make more characters and keep up the awesome, great work!!!😄

- Largest money making cash-cow app of all

I’ve played this game since it first came out and it was wonderful and amazing. So much fun to play. Now, however, it’s all about you spending money. Every possible chance there is, you’re encouraged to spend money. The fights are extremely rigged so you are often made to lose. You have “connection issues” even though your wifi is perfect. When you turn off wifi and are on 4G, you still have connection issues. When you get “dropped out” and you have to restart the game, that counts as a loss and you lose health. Therefore you need to spend your valuable money to heal up Saying that Kabam hates it’s players is an understatement. If you do not spend money on this game, you are an enemy and every effort will be made against you to make you lose and make your experience absolutely horrible. For new players: DO NOT continue. Ever. Don’t be tempted by these money hungry fools who are only good to society if they neck themselves. Do yourself a favour a favour and enjoy life. Because these money-sucking leeches clearly don’t have one

- Just not worth it...

Marvel: Contest or Champions is a game that’s reviews made it seem to good to be true. It seemed to have great gameplay and challenges, constantly creating excitement for all players. Unfortunately, I was right. The game needs constant attention as logging in daily for free heroes is merely too much work for the effort that is put in. If the game is left for a while (This might differ for you but it happened to me) it takes many painful minutes to load (For me it took 97 minutes). All in all, with the in-app purchases resulting in rewards not worth the money to the need for constant checking up on I cannot recommend this game.

- Best Game ever thank you

This is my favourite game out of all the games roblox, minecraft the lot I love this game so much it is the best I love how there are individual characters like there is not just spider-man (classic) there is Spider-Man (stark enhanced) well that is just an example there are a lot more I am in the process of trying to get a 4 star black panther civil war I just started again a couple of weeks ago but my last account had heaps of 5 stars and 4321 stars but I forgot my password. Keep up all the amazing work kabam. Joshua Cuthbertson

- It Keeps Crashing

I’ve been playing for a few days now, love the game. But I have three complaints. 1) The game’s crystal system is rigged. It is made so you get the worst possible character. 2) If you want to progress in this game, on any front, you either need to have tons of time or tons of money. It is a constant grind, with basically little to no reward. 3) The game keeps crashing. I have never experienced this problem with a game before. Every time I press on the app to enter into the game, it gives me the “MARVEL” logo, then crashes. I want to play this game, but it will not let me.

- Broken game

The game used to shine a lot. Nowadays the game’s joy is decreasing. You may have noticed the gifting event? How rigged the system is especially with scammers. You may have noticed top content creators not uploading much? It all happens because of how bad they games performance is. Every month the same thing is happening , new characters and new quests but the side quests it self take loads of effort to get through. Kabam should not be making this game something where you need to pay to get higher. Overall this game is now one of the worst games ever. I could go in more about how bad it is but I don’t want to waste my time. I hope you understand how boring this game is and sorry if I offended anyone.

- Boycott MCOC and Kabam!!

Kabam has really pushed the buttons of many players this time around. They have changed the meta of the game meaning that champions that were once very good are no longer. It takes too much money and too long to obtain enough catalysts to upgrade champions, and the time and money players may have invested in the game are being undermined by the pricing structure and game structure. This game becomes incredibly difficult really quickly and those with a lot of money will progress. The average player has no chance of affording the high pried options which give very little rewards for their price. Kabam needs to listen to players and consumers a be more reasonable in their prices and making it a level playing field for all!

- Great game! Really love it

I am very true to myself when I say, the gameplay of this game is AWESOME. It’s so much fun fighting with your favourite Marvel characters and doing challenges. Some people say that the game has a few annoying aspects (e.g payments, crystals) but in my opinion, this game is great if you do or don’t have cash to spend on it. You can still upgrade your characters by getting crystals from spins and challenges. Overall, I think this game would be most enjoyable if you are a Marvel fan (being one myself).

- Great Game! My fav 😍

I love this game. Granted that people who have spare money to spend on the game will progress faster but I have my own alliance in the game and simply play for maximum fun and I always enjoy myself. Love the characters, the fights, the quests. As a fan of Mortal Kombat, I was waiting for something like this for a long time. I have only ever spent around $7 in my years playing the game but am glad others spend more because those who created the game need to be rewarded and paid. They’re geniuses and artists!

- Too many issues

I love playing this game I play it religiously daily but since update 17 . Whatever my gameplay is badly interrupted my phone shutting down phone overheating during mid fights which I lose either half my life power or lose the fight all together it really frustrates me so I only hope the latest version fixed this because I know I wasn’t the only consumer with gameplay issues but I still give it 5* because i love everything about this game thanks kabam

- Can’t get any new characters

I can’t get any more characters. All I get are 2 star champions that I already have! I mean most of my champions are already 4 star hero’s or whatever you call them. This has been happening for about 2yrs! Also the story mode is very long, which I guess isn’t a bad thing, but if all the fights are as difficult as the hardest-I could be in for a rough ride. Apart from these two things, there’s nothing BAD about the game. Just give me more champions, PLS!!!

- Totally Rigged

I was opening a special crystal, when it was landing onto a 4 star champion. That’s when the wheel skipped the 4 star and landed on the 3 star. WHEN IT DID THAT, IT AUTOMATICALLY DID A EXTRA ONE TO ME GETTING A 3 STAR CHAMPION. IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A 4 STAR CHAMPION, AND I SAW ANOTHER GUY THAT WAS A FEW LEVELS BELOW ME AND HE FRICKING HAD A 4 STAR CHAMPION!!!! If you even care about your players and their reviews, you would actually make the wheel less annoying and not automatically skip the good guy and land on a bad guy. But of COURSE you won’t reply to this, so I don’t even know why I bother. I have just ( and I mean NOW ) saved up for a crystal for Proxima Midnight, and it was about to land onto a 4 star guy, BUT IT FRICKIN SKIPPED THAT GUY AND LANDED ONTO A 2 STAR RHINO. AND I FRICKIN ALREADY HAVE THAT GUY!!!!

- Marvel casino of champions

RNG clown fiesta of a video game. You have no control over the champs you can obtain and most content is gated and rely one specific champs. Massive gap between easy and hard/expensive one you complete act 5. Act 6 is horrible and I won’t play it. Without story quest the game loses its meaning and fun as you have nothing to chip away at. Rewards are all outdated. Gold is impossible to come by unless you invest hours each day or spend on cav crystals. War is horrible. Long stressful seasons for very little reward. With horrible nodes (flow especially) Season should be weekly like AQ. AQ is repetitive and boring and donation’s for map 6 and above are too expensive. I’ve played almost since day one. Game used to be amazing and the hands down the best on any mobile platform. As it is I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone even with the amazing graphics and high quality control/play style. The demand on your life and wallet if you want to progress is worse that having a narcotic addiction. Stay away.

- Awesome game! Except...

This game is great! It really is! But Kabam has made it quite hard to advance in the game, without having to buy things. There are definitely still ways to advance, but it takes time and dedication. The game advances faster than you can unless you make in-app purchases. It’s quite annoying and Kabam should be thinking about enjoyment of the game instead of all the money they make out of it. Because there are ways that they can make money and keep players happy. This game is truely addictive and hella fun to play, the only thing that turns me off are the prices and purchases.

- Other reviews by Kids.

Kids find it hard to get far in this game because it isn’t designed for their age group. They also believe what they hear with the “You have to pay to proceed” lie. You really just need to be good, I have payed before, but I didn’t need to. Also, the crashes happen because of your device/ internet connection. Please remember when making a review not to blame others about your own problems.

- Great game but room to improve.

I love this game, it’s my favourite game on ios matter of fact. I love this game for many reasons but that list can be for a separate review. The only reason I rated this game 4 stars was because I always find myself losing valuable rewards from limited time events because of the lack of energy. In the late game it costs way too much energy to improve, please change this or atleast let us watch ads for energy! Please try and do one of these things! Your number 1 fan. Flo

- This is not a game for the fans

I’ve been playing this game for 3.5 years now and, as everyone will attest, it takes a truckload of time, energy and ultimately money, to make the kind of progress required to play it at the top level. That’s not the problem. The problem is, that along the way, you come to realize how shady the Developer is because they’re constantly nerfing champs we’ve invested a lot into getting and ranking; and introducing more and more content designed to cost you money, no matter how perfectly you fight. Then there are the Loot Box crystals, which they charge a fortune for, and give odds less than a Casino. In fact, the way they run the game...they should be required to hold a Gambling License. And finally, if it wasn’t bad enough that the Developer is shady, the players in the top alliances are even worse, constantly looking for ways to cheat the game and cheat each other. It’s now endemic and will never change - this I know because I’m in all the Line chats with them. My advice - steer clear.

- The grind is too much

This game was amazing in the start but it just got to much. The grind involved to getting u better is just horrific. The story quest heroes just get too hard and therefore you need to grind just way too much and to get credits you basically have to pay money because u get little too none with the quests. Cut down the amount of grading that u must do to get better and have u get more rewards then it will be better. Thankyou.

- Amazing but could use more Characters

This game is incredible let me just get that straight but please KABAM, there is some extremely cool character suits that you are missing like half the endgame suits, what about Captain America Endgame with Mjolnir and his shield, his character would be awesome and another cool character such as Fat Thor, it would be so cool to see that fat beast strutting around the battlefield with stormbreaker and Mjolnir. And lastly (another Thor Skin), Infinity War Thor with Stormbreaker is a necessity. But other than more characters this game easily tops my charts as one of the best games ever

- Money-hungry company not interested in community

Have played this game since it’s release and while it was awesome at the start, within the last 6-12 months it is clear Kabam have no interest in fixing in-game bugs, glitches or causes of device overheating, which has made playing the game almost impossible to play or be enjoyed. The constant release of new content should be viewed positively but as this usually comes with a high price and at the cost of game functionality the balance is way too much in the favour of the developer and ignores community concerns. It is a true shame that greed has taken over and sent a once great game downhill at lightning speed.

- Love the game

Just wish revives and potions weren’t so dear especially when going up against a node called poison and bleed in act 5, sure i have a bleed immune champ and sure i have a poison immune champ but not a good enough champ that’s immune to both so I essentially just die and I manage to get maybe half the health down of the opponent and that’s just 1 opponent out of the 8, 1 path out of the 20 or so. So yeah there shouldn’t be a good enough reason why a level 1 revive is 40 units alone.

- An actual review

This is a great game if you’re just starting but for those who have been playing for ages it’s just getting boring, I’ve been playing on my account for over a year now and I’m on the last act but there’s no motivation to complete it, the rewards are worth the pain to complete it, if they create more quests to involve the lower star characters like what they did for varient 4 and the month of May (it’s alright but I expected it to be a bit harder for uncollected) then yeah I’ll definitely push to complete act 6 to go back to quest where I can used maxed out 2 stars to complete content

- Good game but limited potential to finish

Great fighting game with animations and mechanics. Though requires a lot of unrealistic time consuming grinding to make some marginal progress. Game can be a bit unstable with each new quest update and you lose your progress when it crashes, makes it a bit frustrating for the time V reward when you’ve spent your credit and you lose the fight progress if the game crashes. The idea behind the game is good but it is just unrealistic with how long they expect you to fight through side quests etc to make any progress

- Great game but ....

I started spending plenty of cash upgrading characters however in my haste I have accidentally deleted 4 star silver champions in the process and kick myself for deleting anything so I recommend not to delete anything in a hurry. I don’t spend too much after realising I can purchase a PlayStation or Xbox for the cash it would take to upgrade my team so I have played Red dead Redemption 2 and can’t wait to play it again from scratch. So moral of the story don’t delete in a hurry and save ya penny’s for Rockstar latest editions like grand theft Auto & play this whenever ya bored or ya will regret all the money lost on impulsive spending... wise up fellow gamers and save ya $$$$$

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- Amazing

Love the game

- Fun

The games fun

- Not recommended

Game pushes ridicules priced tiny chance at anything good rewards. Like you could buy a video game console for the price of a 1% chance at a top prize which also has like a 5% to actually be what you might be after 🤦‍♂️

- Game

Good game

- Lack of communication with the Community

Kabam has turned this amazing game into the money hungry machine, pumping out more and more content that requires specific champs, while letting 90% of champs become outdated and useless. However, keep pushing OP new champs to excite mass spending. And nerfing community solutions to problematic content. ...this game used to be fun. Hell using my classic DD used to be fun. Make it right Kabam!

- Fills the Gaps

Fun to play and easy to advance without spending money

- Rubbish

Rubbish mate

- Idk

It's good

- Why???

Why ban 4* from content, see complaint after complaint and go around and issue cash deals relating to 4*’s? It’s like you’re purposely trying to piss off your player base so well... enjoy the one star reviews then!

- Champion restrictions

Why restrict who I use for a given contest. My champs, my choice.

- Legit


- Horrible developers leading to horrible game

Worst update of any game ever. Cannot fathom the amount of moneygrabbing and outright deception this game has done to the community. Horrible execution and using absurd excuses to make us pay more money while creating a game in which every character you play feels like trash while the enemy after the update just laughs at you.

- Nerfing wholesale changes without consulting

Kabam has been consistently putting out champs that are awesome so people will buy with real money crystals to get that champ in some cases hundreds even thousands of dollars only to nerf them later saying they are bugged with out giving cash compensation to those who have spent their hard earned cash. Recently they wholesale changed their aq system with out consulting players at all which will have significant negative affects on all alliances that run mixed bg. Until kabam reverses these practices I cannot recommend anyone downloading this app

- Kabam doesn’t care

Kabam doesn’t care what summoners(players) have to go through as long as you spend on the game you’ll advance. Either you have to grind your soul away in the arena or spend money on the game to complete contents like act 6. Only a handful of champions(in game characters) are useful to complete the content. Champions are getting nerfed after being released for years and they give the reason that the champion is not supposed to work that way. Whenever something is good for the summoners it’ll get nerfed or changed coz else kabam will lose money. Even the big spenders are having hard time with this game now. RNG based rewards make everything worse you grind for months to get a 6* and it’ll be the worst champion there is. There is so much more when the community asked for open conversation kabam said ok but they keep doing same things.

- Greedy Company

This game should be named Marvel Casino of Champions. This game has specific patents that allow them to manipulate crystal drop rates so you never get what you actually need. This forces the player to continually spend money to attain the champ they desire via 10$/crystals. They also sell progression based items instead of allowing players to attain them in-game by completing content. STAY AWAY!!!

- Take my money!!!

That’s what Kabam wants. This game is a lot of fun with some very cool people in the alliances. Unfortunately, the devs have little to no regard for the players/community. The move to ban 4 stars from act 6 is a prime example of this. Add the ridiculous prices for in-apps and you have to wonder what they’re thinking. Make it a little easier for more people to improve and you’ll earn higher revenue. Everybody wins

- Bring your wallet

The developers don't care about anything besides profits. Get this game if you plan on spending for paycheque. Worst digital game i have ever played. Very disappointed on how this game is managed

- Pay 2 Win

Arena and other stuff is impossible once you beat beginner stage. Act 6 is impossible if you don’t get random champs needed

- This game is worse everyday

Poor management, they don’t listen the community and don’t really care.#loggedoutmcoc

- Disappointed on the recent update

I have played the game for 2 years now, when I first started I was amazed this game and its functionality and especially being Marvel which I am a big fan. I loved the content Kabam has created cheers to the team for making an awesome mobile app. Throughout the years they’ve made great improvements, great and bad offer deals, constantly bringing new events/quests every month and also bringing new champions to the contest. Now I wanna simply address for the recent update they’ve made for Act 6 of BANNING 4* champions, which is a BIG ISSUES FOR MOST OF US PLYERS. Listen Kabam, you should reconsider and unban the 4* champions that a lot of us have invested into it. Your response of the 4* is still invalid and haven’t giving us a clear answer. Shame on you and for that you will lose a lot of LOYAL players because of this ridiculous decision.

- Unban 4 stars from act 6

BS cash grab and so out of touch with community

- Almost Unplayable

Constantly lagging/non-responsive in fights

- 1 Bad glitch

It was a good game but there’s this glitch where I want to view someones profile it thinks I pressed report user

- 19.0 update is OVERHEATING and CRASHING the phone.

Ever since the latest update, I can’t seem to play for longer than 15 or 20 minutes before the phone overheats and crashes. Before the update this never used to happen at all but suddenly the game is unplayable. My biggest fear is that it’s causing permanent damage to the phone and battery. Kabam, please fix this immediately!

- It’s like a bad relationship

The company keeps promising to change, listen, and be better but after 5 years they exhausted all the chances I could give them.

- Oops I slipped

Ya boi Seatin sends his regards

- Cool

Good game fun to play...

- Downhill game

This game used to be fun when I started playing 2 years ago, but now it just seems like Kabam just wants to take peoples money with ridiculous content that is designed for only top players and not for the average person wanting to progress and have fun.

- Greedy

If you want to progress through this game you’ll need to invest thousands of dollars with nothing promised

- Disappointing...

I really enjoyed this game i started in 2015, thats about 5yrs playing this game my only real game where i loging every single day... It has come down to that you need to spend A LOT of money to get content done, the champ pull % it is really disgusting, they added the 6* but they added the crappy champs that are most of the time useless.. There is a bunch of not fixed bugs... that still causing a LOT of lag.... When ever you send a message to the support they reply like idiots they never want to assume their mistake... i am still waiting so they can give me back some glory i spend for their fault.... Act 6 it is disgusting... They have inpute nodes that no champs os good ... even a beyond god is useless... Kabam fix your game , you need to give a good compensation for all the crap you are giving us...

- Money grab and lack of integrity from Kabam

This is my 6th year playing the game, and the only thing I can see is how Kabam lack of research, development and logistics, has impacted the players repeatedly after they realize how poor their developers are. Selling hot products with a clear intention to later on make modifications that take away all the value is just unprofessional and pure stealing. The game dynamics turned to be a joke and no body seems to believe that is the right way to conduct a business; But they keep doing what ever they want recklessly. Kabam extremely unethical with no knowledge of what customer service is considering they are dealing with a millionaire company that involves real currency to be played. Looking for a Change soon!

- Greedy company that doesn’t listen to the player base

All they care about is getting your $. They will sell you a champion and then “fix” that champion months down the road saying that they aren’t working as intended. They make the content so that you have no choice but pay to get through it.

- Pay to get good pull

This sucks jnow you have to spend to get any lucky high end champs

- Enough Already - Boycott

I’ve been a player for 5 years now, since the very beginning of the game. I’ve seen a lot of changes, including the disastrous 12.0 release, but lately things have seemed to take a dark. Kabam has totally missed the boat with content (especially Act 6 and the ACT 7 beta), given crappy champs for finishing the Abyss of Legends, and of course the quiet “accidental” nerf of Corvus Glaive. All this without talking to anyone from the player fan base. It’s devious, despicable, and borderline corrupt. I personally am sick of it. Won’t be spending any money any more.

- Good Game but the developers are

I’ve been playing this game shortly after it’s inception - this is over 5 years now and counting. Recently they have undermined their customers/end user of the game by changing a characters ability without notice, not to mention this ability has been the same since the character was released over 2 years ago. Their claim to fake was “it was a bug”. The “bug” at hand was the champion would defy death as long as he has charges keeping him alive. Many people who play this game has spent their hard earn money to get this champ/character and now can no longer reap the benefit due to the developer changing its ability without fair notice - mind you this is 2 years later, they’re now calling it a “big”. There are other dishonest things behind done behind the scenes with the RNG (Random Number Generator). The likely hood of your getting any decent charters in this game all depend on how much you spend. You’d have to dump easily $300US to get 1 may be 2 high tiered champs out 30 chances. If you ask me, the numbers are skewed. Yes, you shouldn’t be spending that much, but with that amount being spent, your odds should be a lot better. This spending hasn’t come outta my pockets but you can see a video of a guy who plays the game named Seatin on YouTube - he spends that amount with donations form others. The amount of trashy champs you pull outweighs by a landslide of the good ones

- Fed up- boycott

Well, I’ve been playing this game since the beta version back in 2014. It has truly changed and developed so much. For the last 12 months content difficulty has been questionable. I’ve lost out on aw season rewards 3 times. Act 6 got boring after 6.2 and clearly a cash grab. I ranked up ms for that fight only for a nerf. I ranked up she hulk for that fight, only for a nerf. After they made these changes without compensation to those who spent money for rank ups. Kabam than has the nerve to nerf yet another champ yet again because they decided his signature ability was saving players from spending.(rip Corvus) I strongly feel that this game will not be around next year hence the new direction and attitude from them. I will not spend a dime on this game until I feel a secure future for it. 12.0 was a wake up call, you would think they would have learned.

- Kabam is really greedy and moving the goal post on his gamers

I love the game but lately too much changes and content optimized to make you spend and an increasing gap between free to play and money players. Talks of removing time out method to the game (a unit saving strategy), has me thinking of quitting this game i love over spending more tine or money. Hope next month that rating goes back to 5.

- Fraud?

It’s a shame that it’s come to this after playing this game for over 3 years. I’m sick and tired of being treated so poorly after spending so much money in this game. Kabam continues to lie and shaft their customers. They recently introduced a “fix” into the game which has nerfed one the games MVP’s. This nerf completely contradicts this champions signature ability. This company has decided to do this 2 years after this champion was released! They claim it was an accident but we all know what the truth is. They finally realized that it was the only way we could get thru the ridiculously difficult content without us spending lots of money. So they nerfed him. Simple as that. Makes me sick. I’m done with this game

- 1star game

Pay to win only Free to play suffer Same cash deals offered for 5 years( needs update)

- Developer is dishonest

Unfortunately this game continues to suffer from the developer being willing take players money for a chance to win or earn certain characters but then they changes the attributes of the character to make them less powerful. Can’t stand such deceptive business practices.

- G

The game is really great

- Best heroes

Love the Marvel sauce!

- Cool

Awesome game really adictive

- Awesome!

Can't put my phone down!!!

- Love this game, buttttt

This is my favourite game but the only wish I have is if some of the better champions were a bit easier to get, like the premium hero crystal, you almost NEVER get anything good, please fix

- Rate it

It's so bad the chances of you getting a 3 or 4 star are sooo low and the game is boring

- Game kicks me out constantly

Game was great in the beginning. Now it just shuts down randomly on me. I’ve upgraded my iPad as they suggested it helped for a while but now back to the shutdowns. So why play a game if it doesn’t work properly?

- Badly damaged!

Game is currently broken. Stay away until it has been fixed. Still months away.

- Garbage

Marvel contest of glitch. The most frustrating game ever. Do not recommend!!!

- Worse customer service

Kabam has just have turned into money hungry fools with terrible customer service and game issues which they don’t fix as it cost u money

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Marvel Contest of Champions 37.2.2 Screenshots & Images

Marvel Contest of Champions iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Marvel Contest of Champions iphone images
Marvel Contest of Champions iphone images
Marvel Contest of Champions iphone images
Marvel Contest of Champions iphone images
Marvel Contest of Champions iphone images
Marvel Contest of Champions iphone images

Marvel Contest of Champions (Version 37.2.2) Install & Download

The applications Marvel Contest of Champions was published in the category Games on 2014-12-10 and was developed by Kabam Games, Inc. [Developer ID: 1453908357]. This application file size is 1.71 GB. Marvel Contest of Champions - Games app posted on 2023-01-19 current version is 37.2.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kabam.marvelbattle