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Prepare for epic versus-fighting action with your favorite Marvel Super Heroes & Super Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown! Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine & more await your summons to battle! Assemble a team & begin your quest to become the Ultimate Marvel Champion!

Captain America vs. Iron Man! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! The greatest battles in Marvel history are in your hands! The greedy Elder of the Universe known as The Collector has summoned you to a brawl of epic proportions against a line-up of vile villains including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and many more! Experience the ultimate free-to-play fighting game on your mobile device…Marvel Contest of Champions!

• Team up with your friends and other Summoners to build the strongest Alliance
• Strategize with your alliance, help them keep their Champions in the fight
• Battle to the top in Alliance Events and take on Alliance Quest Series together in specially designed quest maps to earn exclusive Alliance rewards
• Test your Alliance’s mettle by battling it out with Alliances from around the world in Alliance Wars!

• Assemble a mighty team of heroes and villains (choosing Champions such as: Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord, Gamora, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto and Winter Soldier)
• Embark on quests to defeat Kang and Thanos and face the challenge of a mysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor, ultimately to prevent the total destruction of The Marvel Universe
• Improve your team’s offense and defense with multiple Mastery trees

• Collect, level up, and manage your teams of heroes and villains wisely to receive synergy bonuses based upon team affiliation and relationships taken from the pages of Marvel Comics
• Pairing up Black Panther and Storm or Cyclops and Wolverine for bonuses, or making a team of Guardians of the Galaxy for a team affiliation bonus
• The more powerful the Champion, the better their stats, abilities and special moves will be
• New Champions are being added to The Contest all the time!

• Journey through an exciting storyline in classic Marvel storytelling fashion
• Fight it out with a huge array of heroes and villains in iconic locations spanning the Marvel Universe such as: Avengers Tower, Oscorp, The Kyln, Wakanda, The Savage Land, Asgard, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and more!
• Explore dynamic quest maps and engage in a healthy dose of action-packed fighting utilizing controls developed specifically for the mobile platform

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MARVEL Contest of Champions App Description & Overview

The applications MARVEL Contest of Champions was published in the category Games on 2014-12-10 and was developed by Kabam. This application file size is 213.19 MB. MARVEL Contest of Champions current version is 25.0.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.


When Titans Clash!
The Fantastic Four have located their final missing member: Dr. Reed Richards, A.K.A. Mister Fantastic! Unfortunately, rescue seems impossible as Richards is stuck inside an anomaly which resets time and space every 4 minutes. With their friend's rescue within their grasp, the Fantastic Four soon realize that the true villain behind Mister Fantastic's torment is none other than Doctor Doom!

Fantastic Doom Invasions
Mister Fantastic and Doctor Doom are waging an all-out war! Will you help Mister Fantastic defeat the Villains of the Battlerealm, or will you side with Doctor Doom to annihilate the Heroes? Log in Daily to play either a Fantastic Invasion or Doom Invasion Quest!

The Final Beacon has Been Located!
Collect the 4th and final Beacon to claim your special Profile Picture in December!

Fantastic Family Event
The Fantastic Four are mighty alone but become truly powerful when working together! In that spirit, we’re asking our Summoners to band together for a common goal. Every successful fight across The Battlerealm this month will be tallied up, and the more fights won mean more special Events which will be released in The Contest! All successful fights count towards this goal! Stay tuned for updates as Milestones are reached all month long.

Act 6 Chapter 3
The Champion has been stopped, but Carina’s team is exhausted and wounded from the battle, with Ægon in particular at his limit. The Grandmaster is nowhere to be found, and the anger over Carina’s past mistakes are reaching a boiling point. Continue the epic story in the 3rd Chapter of the final Act of the Elder’s Saga!

Alliance Quest Modifiers
A brand new optional feature to Alliance Quests! Choose from a selection of Buffs to apply to the Defenders of your Alliance Quest Map to customize the difficulty, and earn Honor Rewards! Watch for these later this month.

Alliance Quest Updates
Watch out later this month for an update to the Glory Store and Alliance Quest Rank Rewards, as well as a change to Minibosses in Alliance Quest Maps 3-6, and the addition of a new Miniboss in Map 7.

Automatic Succession of Alliance Leadership
If an Alliance Leader has been inactive for an extended period of time, Leadership will now automatically be passed on to the next eldest and most active Officer or Alliance Member.

• Fixed an issue where Ægon was not able to intercept after having achieved a Combo Count of over 750
• Fixed an issue with Wasp’s Evade ability description to clarify what damaging debuffs she will shrug off when she shrinks.
• Fixed an issue where Iron Man (Infinity War) would only remove 1 Stack of Bleed when gaining Molecular Armor.
• Fixed an issue where Robot opponents could still gain power after being Armor Shattered by Medusa.
• Restored Medusa’s Armor Break functionality to how it previously behaved.
• Fixed an issue where the Bleeds inflicted by Medusa during Armor Shatter would persist after the Armor Shatter debuff had expired.
• Fixed an issue where Corvus Glaive would take Bleed and Coldsnap damage while he had Glaive Charges active.
• Fixed an issue where Domino’s Critical Failure would not trigger on Human Torch, when Incinerates failed to apply on Domino.
• Fixed an issue where Domino’s Critical Failure would not trigger on Thing, when Rock Stacks failed to activate.
• Fixed an issue where Domino’s Critical Failure would not trigger on Cull Obsidian, when Combo Shield failed to activate.
• Fixed an issue where Domino’s Critical Failure would not trigger on Vision (Aarkus), when Armor Break or Power Gain failed to activate.
• Fixed an issue where the Special Attack 3 of Vision (Age of Ultron) would Power Burn an inconsistent amount of Power.

All this and more! Check out the full list of exciting updates on the MCoC blog:

MARVEL Contest of Champions App Tips, Tricks and Rules

MARVEL Contest of Champions Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Realsolution9   1 star

Worst marvel app ever. Game is convoluted, not like the board game, and frustratingly awful. The game makes no sense and is just a piece of crap made to make money.

Sacho del rancho   1 star

Beware!. It’s a pay to play game

bryce0293   5 star

Yes. Your game is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![email protected].poop not

Lj2play   1 star

Very Bad Customer Service. I’ve been playing this game for 5+ years and the response when you contact their support staff is very generic and they don’t address your issues and close cases without ever actually giving any type of real response that would acknowledge that they even read your concern. Game is very unstable and crashes constantly often times during events costing the players money and effort invested. The game had been fun up until recently but the developers seem out of touch with what made the game great for so long. Hopefully they can get back on track and can make the game balanced and fun again.

Jdkdnelcjekdiwmnec   3 star

Fun and easy mechanics with disappointing elements throughout. Fun and easy fighting mechanics that are simple to pickup and get good at. Unfortunately, the game is littered with a bunch of series of the sort for rewards that are just the same style of competition with the same game mechanics used in every game type, the only thing that is changed is the rewards. Although I never bother with that and only play a little of the story mode, which includes a basic brain dead story and multiple paths that can be replayed with no indicators of which path you played before, I usually always play versus 1v1. Although this game mode is fun to play and quick/easy to just pick up a few games to have fun, the battles will sometimes pit me against enemy’s that have high advantages over my characters, doing more damage to me and taking less of it from me. Other times I’ll face an enemy that is hopelessly outmatched and will go down with 10 light attacks. The game never fairly balances fights. When it does, it feels great because the competition is fair and rewarding when won or understandable when lost, but this rarely happens. I’ll still play, but usually when I get paired against high level enemies that will destroy me in 5 hits while my 20+ hits to them does 30% damage over and over, I’ll quit and play a new game app altogether. If that were to be fixed, the game would be perfect as it is, at least in the sector of overall gameplay.

22Chase02   4 star

Amazing. Look the game is very fun for me personally but it does take time and some dedication especially as you progress but other than that the game is great but the offers are not good for your money most of the time but really fun

Flipper 8888   1 star

Awesome graphics but........ I would give the graphics a 5 star but a -5 star for the gameplay - to many built in computer advantages (cheats) especially designed to frustrate & coax players to spend money on items that will never improve their status in the game.

unkown for now   3 star

This is good but .... It’s a pay to win fiesta Once you pass act 4 it feels like your stuck This game has so many little “fun” and interactive nodes and other little things that’s FORCES you to spend money on this game I dare a developer to question my this statement I’ve played this game for almost a year and I see trends MONEY THEY JUST WANT MONEY KABAM HAS NO REGARDS FOR THE PLAYERS EVERYTHING LITTLE NICE THING TO HAVE IS BEHIND PAYWALLS IS IT SO MUCH TO ASK TO SHOW YOUR PLAYERS A LITTLE MORE APPRECIATION You guys rather lose players than lose money which is so sad And I truly love this game but at the end of the day you are not getting a dime I see nothing but downhill for this game

problema con el internet   1 star

Señal del internet. La señal de mi teléfono

gumballistrash   5 star

Almost perfect. I would love more packs that can give a 5 star hero’s other than that it’s perfect. I once used money on the game and it crashed not giving me my bundle and costumer service helped me the whole way through giving me my bundle. So please add more 5 star bundles or 6 star because many people would definitely use money for a guarantee 6 star for 100 dollars by the way make it dr doom or stark spider man or a featured champ bundle please I would 100 percent buy it along with many others and make it free for any one to buy, but limit is 1 please I would love such a bundle that lets anyone that is lv 10 or more can buy, also the new maintenance messed me up big time for compensation give everyone a 5 star champ over lv 20 and 4 for lower this messed me up and just made me mad this is the least you can do.Also add more 5 star awaking gems for money people will buy that too.Also if not don’t put limited amount of buys on packs you do want money and to make players happy right?

Prince Nam0r   4 star

You guys rock. Thanks 4 adding Namor it’s about time that he gets some shine.It takes entirely 2 long too get certain characters. I only started playing this game 4 Namor and I still haven’t gotten him. Same review still haven’t gotten Namor I actually don’t play this game as much because I have Namor on two other games. Also it’s way to hard to level up. We should be able to level up through pvp as well.

hit or miss 8483)2638;94   4 star

This game is good but..... I have been playing this game for years but I have deleted it many times becuse I could not stand one thing. thing is it always says I don’t have WiFi when it’s working fine it always 247 says I don’t have WiFi its very stupid

gmanturner05   5 star

marvel coco. i love it

allenber   2 star

Poor functioning game. Too many bugs for a game that has been out this long. Game hangs up and game play pauses for long periods of time. Customer service is non-existent except for form letter responses that fail to address complaint issues. Game play can be enjoyable but the above concerns bring my rating down to two stars.

13ugadawg   3 star

Good game..but...... I’ve been playing MCOC a couple of years. I’ve had no problems except some drop rate issues. But what really got me recently was that fact that I was in global chat and discussing football with some other people, next time I got on, my alliance chat, my Dm, and my global chat were deactivated. I contacted Kabam support (which is nearly impossible to find) and all I got in return was some generated message ab how it may be bc I violated their “terms of service” its a great game but that irritated me. Global is a great place to get advice and connect with other Summoners from around the world so I’m disappointed.

madmoose0420   5 star

Sweet fighter. The rest of this genre should stand up and take notice this is what all Mobile fighting games should aspire to be character and background art are phenomenal story top notch Controls are easy to learn character upgrades are relatively easy to reach The game flows really good it’s one on a short list of games that hasn’t glitched or randomly dumped me offline The alliances are deep without overwhelming you with tedious tasks it’s refreshing to come across a game who’s developers obviously take pride in there work in this age of epic let downs like anthem BRAVO developers take the time to give yourselfs a pat on the back for a job well done keep up the good work

oh_que   1 star

Terrible. I downloaded this game within the first week it was alright, then after that just went complete downhill. They made it complete pay to win, and not actually play the game. My uncle and I, both play the game frequently and dont even get anything useful from quests/crystals.. then the lack of amount of gold for non-summoner’s sigil is like.. wow. Complete pay to win, the graphics on the game are outstanding but the annual server updates and just recently network issues even though my internet is fine?

Clahman96   2 star

Game has been playing like garbage. This game has been fun, and I’ve been playing it every day for waaaaay too long. But this means I know how the game should work, and right now it’s playing like a pile of hot garbage. This in turn causes you to waste resources you have to fight hard to get, or pull your wallet out and pay them for resources due to their game causing you to have to use them. It’s a Money grab for sure and it’s just gotten worse since they were bought out a couple years ago. Don’t expect much in the way of them making things right when they screw up either. You’ll get a generic message and only if it’s absolutely ridiculous and affecting all players, will you get any kind of compensation on resources.

game player8664   1 star

😡. I usually don’t write bad reviews but this app, it made me restart even though I logged in to my account I was doing great but I had to log back in and it started me off from the beginning!

jendbdhdbdbd   5 star

Ya. Good game

Lost0187   2 star

Kabam in the wrong. So I just don’t understand how you can market a game where you clearly cheat players and make them work so hard just to come up short 90% of the time. Also in endgame content like act 6.2 your game is bugged to make you use more items then necessary especially on boss fights like mordo just please be kind to players who have put there heart and soul into your game.

Stacmoss21   3 star

Recover old account. Can’t recover my old account have to make a new one and I don’t like making new accounts fix this

Njnoi   1 star

Only give you the lame characters. Played the whole first chapter didn’t get a single good character worth investing time in. Let players pick at least one character they want. Terrible waste of a game and another shameless Marvel money grab.

craxy head   4 star

How do I get a character!?. When I downloaded this app I got spider man classic and iron man then I got superior iron man but I don’t know how to use him and I don’t know how to get a new character!!! I learned how to get a new character but this app is not updating

IronMurloc   4 star

Fun At First But.... When I first played this game I believed it to be so Hard to get good crystals which require lots more grinds than other Grindy Games. The Summoning of great heroes is pretty slim as well. What this game could improve on is quests that give you shards. Some quests are completely pointless and some quests you accidentally finished. This game only has a couple of minor flaws though, I am completely immersed in the Marvel Universe and experiencing something different than what I usually play. This game is fantastic but the work you have in to this game is more than I can complete. All in all, but this game.

top meme yeet   5 star

Poop. This game is trash

bdbshebs   5 star

Butthead. You are so bad for making this game

big guy gaming   5 star

Al tomasello. Since my last review they have made verse more fair and you can get more than 10 wins in verse so I report that they have noticed my concerns and have changed the verse part of the game .I would like to thank the developers of the the game for the consideration they took to help the players and that they have taken the time to fix the issue Thank you for your time and your support of the customers that was very nice of your company and team thanks guys and gals very much!

Emcee Moe   1 star

To many questions. Stop asking so many questions and let me fight dang. I lost interest several times because I had to sit through a interview before I can actually fight something. Sheesh

qergh3445   5 star

Normal. Abecés faya y no da compensación

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Mike - A.   1 star

2 things. 1 it is very laggy and 2 it I downloaded this game 3 month ago a now I can’t get anything back a part fro BOOOoOooOoOOoOo this game it sucks 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

thepinkkk   2 star

Time consuming, boring & expensive. Once U rank up a champion to level 4, good luck ranking up any further. Quest are long with respective fights to complete, rewards stinks. What can U do with a 2 star champion? which is 77% what U get. After opening 60 premium crystal consecutively didn’t get any pass a 2 star champion. Unless U want to spend through your nose, good luck. I finally just shelf the game too much time for too little advancement.

supermegathor   5 star

This game is so awesome. People should totally play this game. It’s good for those people who love marvel and those people who don’t and it has a pg rating, so no blood and gore

supergoodatYEET   4 star

Good game. Good game but there’s an event and I have the recurred people to enter but it won’t let me in!!! But still a good game

Darxyxyxy   1 star

Good and Bad Game Design. The game is now abandonware. Arena, which has run for years broke this week. Daily events, which have run for 5 years broke. It’s like the developers are working on the new titles. They’ve left the interns in charge. Whoever remains doesn’t know how to do their job. Promoted beyond their level of competence. And now they are sending canned insulting messages about compensation. What they apparently really meant is: here are your missing items. Compensation comes next week. I stopped going for the champion due to arena collapsing. The failure stopped me. I bet they won’t give me the champ. 1 in 150 is not a big ask. I expect a few % of a champ. Put the player in a pressure cooker (time limited, survival of the fittest/richest) and then give us automatic, incorrect spam ingame? Wow. Failed customer service. Since the game is abandonware, expect similar or worse support. ———- From 2 years ago: Good things first: Beautiful graphics Interesting champion powers New game content monthly Free (login daily) items that eventually (near the end of the month) give significant reward Now the warts Champions not fully functional when you get them. Game mechanics of awarding champions opaque: random? 1/x, or a tiered system where most of what you get it weak.. but with 1 or 2 great ones every now and then. Arenas where you compete against other players treats all players equally after a couple of months. So, you're trained if you really compete strongly, you will be rewarded. Only, once the early period is over, you'll never win an arena again. The game is weighted only to the players with the most powerful and plentiful champions. You can never win as they win (and grow) every week, and you don't. They just get stronger while you remain essentially the same. Devs could restructure so you compete within your own month of players only--that would stop the new players from dropping out as people don't play to lose. Female fight sound effects are all the same. They cheaped out and only ever paid one voice actor once. Male fight sound effects are more varied. But still repetitive. They need more voice actors. This month's version of the game introduced bugs in the duel system. Dormamu vs Black Panther black graphics blur D's energy shield. Red Hulk as an opponent has no sound for his heavy attack. A fight I had against Venompool stalled and skipped over blocking --fortunately I didn't lose my block. These video/audio bugs weren't there for the other 8 months I've been playing. Ranking up champions requires a lot of ingame work to earn the 3 commodities needed. The higher you go, the more it costs to level up. The higher level resources cost more and earn less, but you need more of them to level once. These levelling items are used to restrict players growth and are available for high $ prices. This leads to 1%ers being able to have the best experiences and account growth. If you tone down your expectations and competitiveness, this can be a really fun, beautiful game.

DubC403   5 star

Amazing. Best game ever I can’t stop playing this awesome game and awesome graphics 🤩

Psykopuckiller   1 star

Poor maintenance. So past 2 weeks were more then terrible, game shut down 6h and screwed alliance quest and alliance war and the week before major exploit due to time change screwed the honnest team that didn’t cheat. So far no fixing it. Very disapointed.

Hobotroll376   1 star

I can’t claim my rewards. When I logged onto to the game I found out I had some story rewards that I could collect. But sadly ever time I try to the game shows my a red wifi symbol with and exclamation point and then it disconnects me from the game. Help please. I really want my hard earned rewards!!

sharpblade909   5 star

The best game ever. Lit

feedup2020   1 star

Kabam. They will find away to screw you over, do emergency maintenance that shuts the game down for hours and not compensate you for all the items you lose. Then once the game is back up the problems aren’t fixed and now there are new ones.

LeafsFan77   1 star

Game is constantly freezing, not able to get rewards. The game was down all afternoon because of “emergency maintenance”, and now I can’t access any rewards or win in arenas without the game crashing.

ahahahahhahahdudud   5 star

Good. Goood gamamamammamae

qeeryukkndsc   5 star

Great but..... I would like a version were you could play without the need for wifi

Han86867   2 star

Keeps crashing. Ever since the latest update game keeps crashing

thecolossalbeast   1 star

Why do I only get duplicates. I’ve have only received antman and iron man from premium crystals and I even bought them and still got dups not really liking it

moreunits   5 star

A Unit for every single fight. More units for everything especially the fight rewards

The EONZ family   5 star

Great. WELCOME TO EARTH Thank you for keeping up

pimp_slap_a_h0€   3 star

Great game but.... Games great lacks security and you guys need to watch what’s going on especially in global chat

le meilleure jeux d'avengers   5 star

Les détails du jeux son bien réaliser. Vous ferez du du bon travail

Spiderboy joey   1 star

Game is a joke now. Gameplay issues still running rampant. Game caters to the whales who spend thousands a month. Progression is slow without spending. Such a shame, used to be a good game

Sether234   5 star

Stop all the hate fams!. This game did very good job do not hate

barbarianscum   5 star

Not cool. I’m a tier 1 with 192 health on a 21 win streak in quick match and all of a sudden I come up against a tier 2 with 500 + health🧐 , why does this happen when I’m on a win streak and no other time ?

l hate all games 2333   5 star

Fun. Literally cant stop playing so fun

tobi the beautiful hen   5 star

Nice. Amazing

zomiebs are dangores   5 star

Good game. This game is very good. I was wondering if we could maybe make or own hero’s or villains.

Gdysbdhsjsys   5 star

Aaron Paul. Aaron Paul

jeffy 1 w 3   5 star

Anis. Niger

Unnamed 7585   5 star

i love it but a few requests. ADD MCU AND X-MEN QUICKSILVER, APOCALYPSE, and SHURI please?

Tm0418maggie   5 star

Yeet. Best marvel game ever

Aydennoah1   5 star

Great game. Love marvel and this game has great marvel characters and graphics are excellent.

Advertorial    5 star

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2nd Texas   5 star

Really good game I recommend it. This game is a game that we fight for champions heroes and villains and opening crystals that contain rare stuff five star really good

Benny3C   1 star

Great Game - However. iPhone X user, up to date iOS, game causing phone to overheat. Not a new issue was hoping update and game maintenance would fix, has not.

Baldi's Basics   3 star

Not getting rewards. I got 6 star ronin and it didn’t come through. Please fix I worked hard to get those crystal shards. Please make a way I can get him back. My username is Fresh6749

KoreyP51   5 star

?. Add thanos (infinity war), ironman (mark 1), gamora (infinity war), iron spider (infinity war), drax (infinity war), spiderman (homemade suit), small groot, and that bug thing from guardians of the galaxy in celebration of the infinity saga

┬┴┬┴┤(·_├┬┴┬┴:D   5 star

Fun. Yes this game takes a lot of time but I love it. it's great

jayashan rafeeu   5 star

Good game. I love marvel when i was a young until now i love marvel. This game is amazing . ❤️

jimmebred   4 star

Fun but challenging. This game is fun and exiting mostly because I like marvel and combat games. But it is so hard to get good characters from crystals or just to get crystals is hard. Overall this game is great must download.

Shopaholic and proud   4 star

.. Currently not working on my phone (iPhone XS, for about a week). No matter which wifi network or data connection I’m on, it won’t go past the loading screen. Still works on iPad.

Julie Cairnduff   5 star

Problems. Hey, I’m having problems claiming rewards from the ‘Special Quest’ section. I’ve tried persistently restarting my app, but still no solution.

luca.21   1 star

The grind is too much. This game was amazing in the start but it just got to much. The grind involved to getting u better is just horrific. The story quest heroes just get too hard and therefore you need to grind just way too much and to get credits you basically have to pay money because u get little too none with the quests. Cut down the amount of grading that u must do to get better and have u get more rewards then it will be better. Thankyou.

great bold jr   5 star

Add Dr doom. Add Mr fantastic

vm VI   5 star

Good but lost doctor strange. Nice game but lo

Matthew James Foulcher   5 star

More Characters. I think you should add in more people like Thor from Avengers Infinity War and Captain America with Thor’s hammer.

Jortid   5 star

Characters add in. Can you put quicksilver, apocalypse , sandman ,kraven and galactus.

BlazeBedlam   2 star

Keeps losing connection. Keeps losing connection. Used to good, seems like a cash grab now.

fla1955   1 star

Become’s boring. Played this game for many year’s love it at the start now it’s just a money grab to move forward Kabam does nothing for the lower mid tier player just make it harder think hard if your thinking to download this game

cool-kid10   5 star

This game is really fun. This game is so fun and amazing

martq2.0   4 star

Best game ever. This game is one for the books I say it can get a little bit glitchy but it’s still amazing!!!

Fogler1   2 star

Pay to win. Game play is fairly easy to begin with, but as you progress through the game it does become quite tiresome always repeating the same moves. Unlocking new characters is a challenge and I find it a little bit ridiculous having to save a total of 10000 shards for a character that may not be that good overall. It does seem you need to spend to a little to gain a little, yeah sure you can get good characters without spending money although the chances are stacked against you and I think that’s the way KABAM likes it. They want you to keep spending and playing.


Awesome!. I love mcoc! Really fun to play, no limits, awesome characters. Maybe increase the percent for a 4* in a premium, because I don’t get many. For those people who want to add me, My name is Lax-Lazer. Profile pic 4* gwenpool.

The Sonder   5 star

Illleldlkdm3)3)3iekdidi. It’s a great game

gvg hbhh   5 star

Champions. This game is very fun trying to get really good champion I have been playing for years now

Crispy~46   5 star

Subscribe to Crispy N. This game is an amazing game and deserves to be rated one of the best games in the world.

sukerlol   5 star

TRADING. Pleeease add trading

Hey Sisterz   5 star

Contest of champions. Awesome Love every single second of it

Omg sick Bruh so good   1 star

Worst game ever. This game is the worst and just begs for money

hiyathepk   5 star

Only game I like to play. Been playing for 3 years and its still fun

Avengers1509   5 star

Good but can get better. I love the game, the quality and the story but I think it would be better if the maintenance was only able to operate when installing an update to make it easier for us to play more

Sazabe12060879   1 star

Unfair game. It’s disgusting that I tried to beat Guillotine 2099 at master level. As long as I nearly won, she got her life back to 50%. I tried over and over, running out of my inventories, but can’t beat her. I had to quit the game. Totally unfair and disgusting.

/.,/.,   1 star

Don’t spend. Kabam won’t allow you to rank down your champs but to improve others, but they constantly bring in new ones and up the meta that your old champs can’t compete with

😨😱😪🤕   1 star

Bugged game, inept developers and greedy company mixed together makes this game not great.. Probably the worst game to play right now. Progression in this game is stopped when you have to play content over and over because the game is bugged. Beat it once, the game freezes and start over with half the health you had before. Beat it again and restart again because the internet connection boots you out. Spend resources trying to play and then the “brilliant” developers here at KASCAM give you nothing but an insult back as compensation for your time and resources you spent on a game which is NOT WORKING properly. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. DO NOT PLAY IT. It still isn’t working properly.

Fhsbvrbgfny   5 star

🤗. This game is fun

V€N0M   5 star

Best game. Literally the best game I have ever played, before playing this game,I barely knew anything about marvel, just knew some basic characters like cap, iron man, venom and spider man.I knew a lot of marvel characters, events that happened in marvel and thanks god I started at 2017 before the infinity war started so I could watch it in 2018.Yeah there are much bugs but a great game.Hope you continue your great of luck.

A Beuty. It’s a game made to people who love having fun in gridding and hoping to get a amazing new champion every day

Turndown2scrub   1 star

Disappointing. They make it to where you can’t progress unless you buy stuff or play the game for two years straight and it takes the fun out of it

Me13523   5 star

Scorpion and the lizard. Dear marvel, some of my favorite characters are scorpion and the lizard, I would like you to add them into the game please Thank you

slasher 2000   4 star

Money-thirsty. Contest of champions is an awesome game and really fun , but it’s not fair when you try to sync your account , be a marvel insider and get units that it’s overpriced . I tried to be a marvel insider but it say that I have the wrong password even when I had it for 3 years ! That’s the only thing I don’t like

mdr1510   2 star

Enjoy but very buggy. I’ve enjoyed playing MCOC for a while - and invested enough time that I have hit the top “60” and “uncollected” levels - but server outages, particularly the most recent, & bugs both large and small have made it very frustrating. I can’t even use my iPad to load the game now despite deleting and re-downloading it multiple times, so have had to resort to using a smaller screen that is more difficult for me to play with, and a recent server outage kept me out of the game for over a day right in the middle of AW, AQ and expiring items. I’d love to spend more time playing this game, but for the time being, I’m not going to be spending much time or money as they have too many things that need to be fixed and there are other alternatives.

Ibn08   5 star

The flash. Th

irotundo   5 star

Fun game. The game is the best and it is so much fun please keep making it fun and better

ShadyAssKabam   1 star

Rigged Carnival Game. This game is worse that rigged carny dealers at a carnival. I mean are they’re worse mobile games out there? Yeah there is, but this is the only game that has literally SCAMMED real money out of me before. This game has horrible horrible lag that happens only in the middle of fights not before or after. And it’s been going on for a YEAR NOW and thousands and thousands and thousands of players have reported it to them and still no fix or even acknowledgement of it by the devs. So either A) they’re not intelligent enough to fix it or B) they purposely programmed the lag into the game to cheat players. That’s the only conclusion players can come up with since it’s been going on for a year now. Let’s see oh masteries don’t work well in the game especially Parry, parry always seems to be broken and if your lucky it only works 25% of the time. Game mechanic controls fail miserably a lot in the middle of fights especially blocking. I don’t know if it’s Kabam’s fault or the owners of the game’s(NetMarble) fault. But the game just keeps going downhill more and more as time goes by. I haven’t spent money on this game in over a year definitely closer to 2 years now because that’s how long this game has been that bad. Unless some serious improvements are made I don’t see myself ever spending on this game ever again.

Hotballz   3 star

I don’t know.. I really like the game and all the characters, but after playing for a while, I’m getting frustrated. There have been multiple times that I’ve earned things that I either cannot claim or the crystal never appears to use. Also, almost every time I am actually able to claim a 4 or 5 star champ, I get duplicates. Now I can’t move forward with the game.

edevan125   1 star

Kabam is horrible. This game can be fun - but Kabam makes it horrendous. Microtransactions, pay-to-win, bugs everywhere, 15-hr. shutdown times, no compensation for terrible bugs, abyssmal drop rates for characters that are actually useful, just to name a few. Save your money and your free time and DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME

khitm   5 star

The bast game every. The bast game ever

Nfoy   1 star

Games broke. Games broke its unplayable

Ariel252008   5 star

Good. Thanks

dhjhfddgh   2 star

needs an overhaul. i’m a long time player of this game and feel i can give an honest review. the potential of this game is what keeps me playing. there is always something new to play and new hero’s to try and acquire. the cons of this game are the endless bugs. it takes months for the developer to fix something and feels like once the original bug is fixed two more follow. the overall progression in this is seriously slow and an endless grind. if your new to the game and want to be competitive against high level alliances you will never catch up unless you spend thousands upon thousands of dollars. the pricing in the store is out of control. you could feed your family for a week for the price of some of the “special offers”. how a child or teenager is going to come up with +$50 to make an in app purchase is beyond me. if they addressed the bugs, lack of progression and completely overpriced store i would give this game 5*

NeptuneGTcoder   5 star

Awesome game overall. This game is not pay to win at all. It is very well made and has a long story. MUST HAVE FOR MARVEL FANS

Havoc Hoard   5 star

Downloaded for my son years ago. But got addicted and absolutely love MCOC!

Bd mcneedy   1 star

This game is fun for a while. Once you get to a higher level it is impossible to advance without spending every second playing the game and spending hundreds of real dollars every month. Sorry but my disdain for the creators has finally overridden my addiction to this game. After years of playing it’s time for me to leave. I finally have the strength to walk away.

Gman9870   5 star

A great game. This game is fun and I love how it has all of the marvel characters in the game! This is the best superhero game

bigalz28   1 star

Crazy Al. Update is terrible can’t even log in now

ex-mcoc addict   1 star

Fact!. Read all the bad reviews.. it’s all true.. anyone who gave 2 star or above rating probably working for those leeches at kabam..

Boom_beast_360   5 star

Very Fun. I had account before so I’m restarting the game, it’s that fun 😂👌

bojangus   1 star

Lots of headaches. Was a fun game at one point in time. It is terribly ran and honestly it’s time for me find another game to play. Not much else to say here. Kabam is ruining this once great game.

Dr_Lector-1   1 star

You guys pay for reviews?! Lol. Beyond the game having a breaking glitch every update, the impossible amount of grinding needed to progress, and ridiculous price tags this game offers a black hole level of skill gap. And death matches in the arena are broken. Why do they exist?

Rainman2045   1 star

Inconsistent game speeds. For a game with 99.99$ in game offers it’s obvious kabam expects players to take its game seriously in a competitive arena yet the gameplay is all over the place and it is blatant kabam changes the game speeds for various content based on difficulty,which they have never publicly admitted to but its getting hard to take a game seriously with quest packages to purchase knowing the only reason you need them is very inconsistent game speeds from super fast to like a jitterbug making timing all over the place. Maybe instead of the normal play of sprinkle a few poor rewards on players they should try to improve their software/hardware and reputation which might remove KABAMMED from daily alliance vocabulary.

Gary marks   1 star

Can’t leave no stars so there you go one star.. Here’s why game is always messing up and they are always changing the way the game is played so you can never win :( it’s all about money

onescaredcat2   1 star

Marvel insider points?. I’m done trying to contact them. I’ve been playing about 1- 1/2 years and I’m still not getting my easy, medium, hard difficulty insider points. It’s a complete waste of time. I just watched a video for 500 points and didn’t get it. Stop teasing me with points for in game stuff just to log on to your site. Give me my points and I’ll change my rating. The one star is so you’ll recognize my review and fix this.

820383028   1 star

A rip off. I’ve played this game for quite a while but every time I get a crystal I get gold and that’s not all the characters are nearly impossible to get. Oh and I forgot to mention that this is a mega pay to win game!!!

Kabam mike jr   5 star

Good game. I have spent about three months on this game and I’m having a blast I have one five star and 16 four stars

jdmalt8   3 star

Good. It a good game but it gets boring

Little_Timmy21   5 star

Addictive. Played this game for years now. So much fun to play. Two new champs each month and consistent updates to keep you interested. LOVE IT.

Lagunabdndkmwksj   2 star

Love it but mad. Loved she hulk till you fools nerfed her now your going to nerf cull! I will give it 5 star if you don't nerf. You guys are money sucking morons

dhrxbjydhutfghu   5 star

SO GOOD!!. Contest of champions is the best Marvel game in the history! Amazing graphics, they add new heroes regularly. I love the game. I recommend

kfjroforjhfkfkfjdldoridkd   1 star

Fake. Reviews. Game is awful don’t waste money. Total paywall after all the work u put in

Slickchrisco66   1 star

Cheap kabam. Fantastic game but poorly ran by kabam. Game would reach unbelievable levels if ran by a different company

Brutal. Get players to spend significant money on champs. Then nerf them 3 months later with no compensation

bowtotheking   1 star

Dishonest company. They advertise a champ and make money from selling them but later change the abilities of the champ..this is straight up robbery and fraud

Cyberlomo   5 star

Heroes game. The good game and the challenges are so fun to play with your friends and family and I love the game because the game has been the most addictive game I’ve ever seen

HADES392   2 star

Bad. Loads waaayyyy too slow

Mark yes   5 star

It’s kind of bad. Because it it takes minutes sometimes

bat🌸   1 star

Useless. After playing for more then 2 years and investing time kabam banned and don’t want to share any details why. Never playing this game again in life. I suggest don’t play this game as well kabam only wants money... screw this game. Doesn’t even deserve a star

Dense Cabbage   5 star

Awesome game for Marvel fans. This is probably the best marvel mobile game

Lokifan<3   5 star

Thanks. Thank you for putting in Loki

un zozoto   4 star

Abilibiliblibon. Cool

VandalKing   1 star

Worst shareholders ever. Best game with the worst people running it. Kabam is a joke.

savannad123   5 star

I game now. I really like this game! I actually dont play games on my phone but now i do.. Amazing characters

rmah17   5 star

Best game ever. Nothing is bad it never lags and it is really fun

loganbuzzwoody   1 star

Stop 🛑 please it takes way to long 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎. Ssssstupid game

threesixnine   2 star

Marvel Contest of Champions. This could be a great game! However it is designed strategically to be a cash cow!!! It can be played for free, but it would take years and/or playing as a f/t job to really get the heroes you want to play with!!! It does have regular updates & new levels to explore added. However, it is mind numbingly repetitive! The game is a memory pig, and is plagued w/ constant glitches, crashes & lag in game play.

Bash-Grwninja   5 star

Love it but not really the waiting. I really love this game but the only thing I don’t like about it is the time it takes to get energy is Really long. I was playing an event quest and I was really close to finishing it and I ran out of energy, energy requests and energy refills, the quest was almost over and I had to spend most of my units just so I could finish it, please make the wait time shorter.

CindyKabangu   5 star

Very good!. reminds me of the good old days when i was playing hero-up😅

alofusal   5 star

Game is so cool. Character design is beautiful nice quality fast loading time no glitches it’s the perfect game for a marvel fan

ghehrvsjje   5 star

It’s good but I don’t now how to delete my account I want to restart. Good

TWO~5   5 star

Good game. Tho where did warlock come from? I like heroes

++Col7++96+++gamecenter   5 star

Awesome. Awesome

hippy daddy mommy   5 star

Best game. Such a good game

saiynman21   5 star

Lovee it. The game is amazing and The support staff is good I woul like to thank Anika for helping me

yuvgiihuf   5 star

Addictive. This game is all round awesome perfect for marvel fans and people who love a good game

Avsxbieq1   5 star

Til admin. Artig spill for barn og undommer!

Mooister   5 star

Mcoc. Dis game is so cool ima marvle fan now and got a 5 star goldpool!! And also have a nightcrawler name is Zaininja9 btw sub to seatin.

YiNanYou   4 star

Great Game. I've played this game for several years and it is one of the best I've played on mobile. It is not actually true that this game is pay to win- you can pull more champs by spending money but its also based mostly on how good you are at the game and how patient you are. You can definitely become really good at the game without spending money. Also the crystal system is not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be. The premium cyrstal percentages are real, and not pulling four star champs from them is competely normal. Because it says on the game it's a 3 out of 100 chance of pulling one, and you shouldn't even be spending units to buy premium cyrstals anyway because they are not worth it. Four star champs are so easy to pull later on in the game, and therr are so much more things you should be spending your units on, rather than prems. The downside to this game is that when your in the later part of the game, you need to spend too many hours grinding to progress faster.

Diggydogred   1 star

You stole money. I played one game with Deadpool and then he was gone

ßölł   5 star

Hi. Love the game! But can please tell me a hack to get 6 star hero PLEASE Username= Bolt~246

midnight wolfeye   5 star

Great. Great game

NeonBailey   5 star

It is awesome. As I give it some feedback I wanna say it’s a awesome game but it could use some more characters like some other spider man. That’s all I really recommend this game for you to play

icansmellp   5 star

Awesome. Good game for marvel fans

Sachbone   1 star

Can’t get past the loading screen.. Yesterday I was playing this game heaps, but now I can’t get past the loading screen. I checked for updates, nothing. Please fix this.

FASTDOOD🤢   5 star

Add trading. Best game ever just add trading please it would make it so much better so please add trading

Girlsrule78😇😇   4 star

Great Game. It is great that they update it regularly. It keeps the game fresh. Though some controls are clunky still good.

pro gamer 265   5 star

Cool. This game is so enthusiastic. I love getting new champions my favorite game!!!

gold-guy   5 star

Awesome. This game is so much fun.I recommend this game for anyone that likes marvel movies.

2770_Thanos   1 star

Money Grab. Great game but if you want anything done you need to spend a lot of money or time into the game. The support team are trash and Americans so they don’t have any common sense. You get screwed playing this game period! #saveyourself

Lucas review   4 star

A few tweaks. I have been playing contest of champions for a few weeks i got some of my favourite characters I am the leader of my alliance but I only have one problem that they should put in item trading That will include crystal shards power ups I0s8 quest energy And power boost and health potions and revives I will real appreciate it

loleroid   4 star

Great. I think that the game is very well developed by kabam and is very entertaining but it really has a commitment to play for a while. It takes up quite allot of storage on your iPad or iPhone. I’ve had an issue for nearly a week now, I try to claim my catalysts but I have a lag where it just says problems connecting to network, even the day after my wifi got renewed. Kabam, if you see this fix that error btw my name is Jumbolumbo!!!!

oh man Starman   5 star

I like it. I like it

hdis sj   5 star

This is a very good game and I love it. This game is so good and I have almost lots of heroes

JessieJAB   5 star

Awesome game😎!! Love it! Absolutely amazing 😉!!. Love this game it is soo awesome! Just one thing wrong: IT IS SO ADDICTING!!! I can’t stop playing it! Love the quests and how you can duel your friends if you want to. The crystals are very good and I’ve got great characters! Thank you for this awesome game!! (P.s I would love a 5 star!!!😉)

spiderman ggggggggg gggggg   5 star

Awesome characters. This game has loads of cool characters most of them are from the movies and I love the marvel movies. You can get shards to get characters or buy them. Everyone has a favourite marvel character mines spider man but yeah cool game awesome characters.🤑😻

Ultimat3gam3r80   5 star

An awesome game. This game is one of my all time favourites, combining the aspects of Mortal Combat into the MCU. I began to play this game around 1-2 months ago and the learning curb is so easy to master and the game does not feel like a pay to win game at all. The only downside I can find with this game is that sometimes you will be paired with such an unfair matchup in versus but other than that the game is awesome and I can’t wait to play through it even more

--_Kane_--   4 star

Pretty Good!. It’s an amazing story fighting game (it’s also very addictive😏). There is only one small problem, it’s a pay to win game. Other than that it’s the best mobile game I’ve ever played!😁

LetMeChooseAnUntakenName   5 star

Please add this. I feel like kabam should add a featured 4 star crystal

ranz07   5 star

Bring this game out on PLAY STATION.. I really wish they bring this game out on PLAY STATION please 😍🔥

Gillsten   5 star

Amazing. Amazing game one of the best I ever played

Tiariala   5 star

New Bigenner. It’s it’s good but not very good

$7will   5 star

50 / 50 chancenon getting what you need and what you don’t need. Every update has its fixed and bugs, yet some bugs have been asked for months and months and still no fix...that’s what ticks me off the most, Because when u get a featured champ, it seems great until the next update and they get nerfed (for a good reason on kabam’s part) thinking its going to break the game, and clearly it doesn’t.. it just looks like they cash in on the new champs until they meet their quota and then need them to the way they’re intended to work. That’s my biggest complain. But in saying that, I love the rewards u get for a mid tier player as it helps to progress in a fast pace. Which is great. I feel I’m advancing a lot quicker than what I used to. I love this game, even though I have some complaints, (we all do) but the pros outweigh the cons. My recommendation, wait for the good offers like the July 4th deals and cyber Monday, Black Friday and Xmas deals as u get a lot more for ur money / units. And twice a year can help you get your maxed out 5*r5 quicker, if you grind arena and save units / battleChips, you can meet that quota. Also having 30 people in an ally working together is really fun. I’ve made some great friends all over the globe. It takes a while to get that perfect alliance but patience will prevail. I recommend this game to everyone, who love slow progression, as it makes you feel like it’s worth the time u put in to advance. I love aq and now that Aw season rewards have been buffed slightly it makes more of an incentive to play more. I have made a routine where I can get ready for work , family / social life, and still grind arena as much as i can. My advice is fake ur time as this is a long term game and no need to rush content. It’s more satisfying this way. So thank you for all those behind the scenes in making this game more enjoyable and to the CCP in giving ya feedback along with all the utubers who go out of their way in helping us with related information. Thank you to all.. even the level 1 summoners who start the game fresh. My last complaint is I’d like to see all the cheaters and modders get kicked out permanently coz they wreck it for the rest of us. Thank you once again and I recommend this game to anyone , whether you’re a whale, a dolphin (😝🐠) or a f2P player. Enjoy and kick A$S. TX1600 our.

lachop1   4 star

3 and 4 star crystal. Issue. I didn’t get the 3 and 4 star crystal thing still a great game tho.

Miranda Payne   3 star

Janns. Copyright

superluigi2312   2 star

I love marvel. I love marvel games but for some reason I can’t get in the game! In my IOS11 the game won’t work

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