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Prepare for epic versus-fighting action with your favorite Marvel Super Heroes & Super Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown! Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine & more await your summons to battle! Assemble a team & begin your quest to become the Ultimate Marvel Champion!

Captain America vs. Iron Man! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! The greatest battles in Marvel history are in your hands! The greedy Elder of the Universe known as The Collector has summoned you to a brawl of epic proportions against a line-up of vile villains including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and many more! Experience the ultimate free-to-play fighting game on your mobile device…Marvel Contest of Champions!

• Team up with your friends and other Summoners to build the strongest Alliance
• Strategize with your alliance, help them keep their Champions in the fight
• Battle to the top in Alliance Events and take on Alliance Quest Series together in specially designed quest maps to earn exclusive Alliance rewards
• Test your Alliance’s mettle by battling it out with Alliances from around the world in Alliance Wars!

• Assemble a mighty team of heroes and villains (choosing Champions such as: Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord, Gamora, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto and Winter Soldier)
• Embark on quests to defeat Kang and Thanos and face the challenge of a mysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor, ultimately to prevent the total destruction of The Marvel Universe
• Improve your team’s offense and defense with multiple Mastery trees

• Collect, level up, and manage your teams of heroes and villains wisely to receive synergy bonuses based upon team affiliation and relationships taken from the pages of Marvel Comics
• Pairing up Black Panther and Storm or Cyclops and Wolverine for bonuses, or making a team of Guardians of the Galaxy for a team affiliation bonus
• The more powerful the Champion, the better their stats, abilities and special moves will be
• New Champions are being added to The Contest all the time!

• Journey through an exciting storyline in classic Marvel storytelling fashion
• Fight it out with a huge array of heroes and villains in iconic locations spanning the Marvel Universe such as: Avengers Tower, Oscorp, The Kyln, Wakanda, The Savage Land, Asgard, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and more!
• Explore dynamic quest maps and engage in a healthy dose of action-packed fighting utilizing controls developed specifically for the mobile platform

This app may require access to your camera.

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MARVEL Contest of Champions App Description & Overview

The applications MARVEL Contest of Champions was published in the category Games on 2014-12-10 and was developed by Kabam. The file size is 185.24 MB. The current version is 20.1.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

NEW Quests!
Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer
Doctor Strange has not been seen since the events of the Infinity War left him without his mystical powers. Guillotine has not been seen since well before then. The Battlerealm has been unusually quiet, with whispers of a stirring presence emerging in the darkness of the unknown regions… The mysterious force doesn’t take long to show itself: A Sorcerer Supreme from a different dimension seeking more power and with far less prudence opened their prison and willingly bonded with a Symbiote, imprisoned long ago in the Forbidden Territories by The Grandmaster. Help Guillotine, Doctor Strange, and unlikely ally Venom take down the Symbiotic Sorcerer in BLOOD AND VENOM: SYMBIOMANCER!

Occult Laboratory
Dark experiments in symbiote evolution fused with forbidden magics have paved the way to the great power wielded by the Symbiote Supreme. Now, the foul magister has created several bases from which he plans to expand his dark influence over the Battlerealm. Dismantle his evil establishments and the corrupt denizens, but beware the multitude of unpredictable buffs that he will use to oppose you! The power of the Randomizer will allow you a chance to re-roll buffs on your opponents, but be wary you do not make them stronger!

My Little Symbiote
Trailing the symbiote invasion, a horrifying new group of creatures has invaded The Contest! The Grandmaster has tasked Summoners with the role of caretaker for these Summoned Symbioids. While initially humble, Summoners who track down limited Klyntar Katalysts in the Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer quest will find great potential in the creatures. Additionally, Klyntar Strands found in the Occult Laboratory and Symbiomancer quests can be used to purchase special Boost items called “Enhancements.” These Enhancements will temporarily transform the Symbioid into a formidable opponent, allowing Summoners potential to tackle harder quest difficulty. These Enhancements will ONLY be active in the Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer quest. To highlight the Summoned Symbioid’s potential, we will temporarily be adding a Symbiote difficulty level to the monthly event quest, where we will test your usage of the Summoned Symbioid’s unique powers against fights built specifically with its boosts in mind!

Be forewarned: The power of both the Summoned Symbioid and the Enhancements is limited. Come the end of the event, the Enhancements will vanish, and the Symbioid will return to parts unknown! Summoners who add the Summoned Symbioid to their team will be granted the special title ‘Hospitable Host.’ Prepare yourself; the Symbioids are on their way!

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

• Fixed an issue where Champions would get stuck mid-animation, and remain that way.

Character Fixes and Improvements:

• When Unstoppable, if Juggernaut is Stunned, Juggernaut will remove the Stun Debuff and apply his Heavy Attack Stagger debuff to the Opponent.
• The chance to apply a Stagger from Juggernaut’s Heavy Attack has been increased from 90% to 100%

Emma Frost:
• Fixed an Issue where Emma Frost was not immune to Coldsnap while in her Diamond Form

• Fixed an issue where Rhino’s Unblockable text would only appear against XL Champions. The Unblockable callout will also now appear when Rhino starts his Dash attack, and not right before he makes contact.

Doctor Strange:
• Fixed an issue where Doctor Strange’s Counterspell was not removing all Buff Types

Thor (Jane Foster):
• Fixed an issue where Thor (Jane Foster) was indefinitely able to charge her Heavy Attack.

MARVEL Contest of Champions App Tips, Tricks and Rules

MARVEL Contest of Champions Reviews


COC Review  HIBBI LAND  5 star

Excellent , challenging game with new downloads monthly . Definitely a 10 out of 10 in my book .


Dudes  ashistain  5 star

Ahaha she


This Is Stupid  Velocoraptorlover  4 star

One day I am at the top the next I restart I hate this game.😭😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡🤬🤬


Koyayım yaptığınız oyuna  engingul52  1 star

Adam gibi bir oyun yapamadınız zaman kaybın sadece ama mecburen oynuyoruz hero yükseltmek için illaki hile kullanın diye zorluyorsunuz milleti


Great game  dkduhjhdhcjj  5 star

👍good game


Cash grab  Cheezye90  1 star

How much money do I have to put into the game to get a decent character? I’ve been playing this game for 2+ years and haven’t gotten anything, maybe it’s my luck but as soon as I get a 4* y’all bring out the 5* and then the 6* I’ve had better pulls on marvel puzzle quest I’m tired of 2* hulks and 2* juggernauts lol delete. Don’t waste your time playing this game if you want your marvel fix go play puzzle quest or future fight


$$$$$  lost_my_cookies  3 star

You have to put a lot of money in it if you want to get anywhere


Developers constantly fighting against you  UsedToPlayGoodGames  1 star

This game has been around for awhile and has had it’s fair share of updates that have caused players to ban together to protest, boycott, and downright quit the game. The upcoming change to Alliance Wars season 5 has once again shocked and upset everyone. The most common debuff in the game (the ability for a character to inflict a bleed debuff) and what many characters rely on to make them stand out is being removed entirely from being able to be used in Alliance Wars. Not only is this a game-breaking change that once again cripples the communities trust in the developer, but it makes useless many of the characters that players have put huge investments in (either time based or money based.) The developers have in the past offered different forms of responses, always alienating their customers with more insults to injury rather then trying to listen to the community. Don’t waste your time on this game. What you may spend years to acquire can change with little to no to explanation.


Wasted potential  be.soreal  1 star

Fun(ish) overall, but very lazy. All characters have the same basic combos, with some lazy special attacks. Same win poses. Terrible voices, or grunts, from each character. There is no identifying quality for any character. Game is also filled with tons of micro-transactions and waiting to recharge fighters, unless you want to waste your money skipping that. Easy cash grab from the company and an insult to consumers.


The worst idea that anyone has ever had in the history of the world.  rdrfftbtrfrt  1 star

This game is stupid every thing in this game is stuped I have tried and tried and tried but it will take years to get a good team. nobody should by this game because it is the stupidest thing that I have ever played.


GreAt game!  🚬Jeffrey  5 star

Be patient. Lol


Awesome  fhahehfjekdueus  5 star

Best game I have ever downloaded and played.


The best marvel game  Seateaoh  5 star

It’s awesome I play it 5 times every day it’s the best do more


Amazing  FunnyBreadOfBaseball  5 star

This game makes me speechless and amazed of the new update and graphics WOW!

Shannon allen

Make it offline cause I can’t play  Shannon allen  5 star

I used to play this game when I was little and I thought I had remembered this so I got it and it said CONNECTION ERROR so can you make it offline


Good But A Few Issues  Soul_CatPlayz09  4 star

Marvel contest of champions is a great game which I have been playing for a few months now. The combat is top-notch and the alliance system is cool but, the crystal system bothers me. I’ve seen many other reviews saying this but they’re basically gambling and are not random at all. They’re basically claw machines. I’ve opened at least 100 premium crystals and have not one once received a 4 star. Which is weird considering I sometimes watch people who get 2 4 stars in a row from premium crystals. I’m sure Kabam is not reading this but if you were please, fix this. Another thing is that this game is completely pay-to-win as spending hundreds of dollars on this game will most likely result in you getting several 4 stars and maybe even a 5. Some champions cannot even be gotten without paying money. For instance Deadpool (which I did buy 😂) is only able to be purchased with real money. And he is quite a good champion. So please, at least fix the crystal issue and we’ll all be happier. From GamePlayer


Love it!  dokoyou  4 star

I love this game so much and there are are marvel champs I never knew about but please add new champions like infinity war spider man that’s my only request


Awesome  Mrsammyson  5 star

Amazing game, truly brilliant, give me more


Fix game pls  royal12543  2 star

It’s funny how I could download the game and yet it says failed to connect check you’re internet connection clearly I have a good connection if I downloaded the game I had full bars when It said this btw


Mark-491  mark-491  3 star

Good game but takes to long to rank up players


Woah  counterfeitgold  5 star

This is great! I honestly have nothing to complain about except for the chat censor. It filters things that aren’t bad and lets people say bad words. Not cool, kabam. YOUVE BEEN KABAMMED


Had to delete the app. Money Grab. Don’t Bother  YouCanDoItToo  1 star

Yes, visually, this is a great iPhone game but other than that?... I wouldn’t bother. It is way to reliant on in game purchases for the player to get anywhere. I didn’t realize how difficult the game became until my son kept asking for another in game purchase, which I failed to notice at first. He was stuck on the same level and kept getting knocked out. After the FOURTH time he asked for an in game purchase, I asked him to show me why he needed it and what the problem was. Sure enough, it was the iron man who was way over powered and could regenerate. None of his characters stood a chance. On another note: The logic, the overall way this game is laid out makes no sense. Theres so much going on, that it becomes flustering. I’m not exactly sure who the target demographic is for this game but kids love these characters and pushing in game purchases on them isn’t cool. I will absolutely be asking for a refund.

Minecraft player person

It’s very good but..  Minecraft player person  4 star



Epic  blueice0  5 star

Wow very creative game.,A lot of characters to upgrade which is very addictive and fun. It’s challenging and yet rewarding my first 6 months of playing and have not stop hurray game designers


What I don’t like and what could be Easter.  avengers436295  4 star

I don’t know how to switch my champions for quest.and make it easier to get champion cristels.


And saying Internet and Wi-Fi problem  Avearable  2 star

But I have full-service on both from them and it’s taking forever to load since I did the update to days ago. Please fix the bugs.

box of sushi

Great time consumer  box of sushi  5 star

Great when you are bored and perfect for when you like marvel


Great  gloatingexliter  5 star

One of the greatest marvel games


*****  jonnyricco  5 star

Greatest game ever!

Hunting kido

Great game  Hunting kido  5 star

This is a game that you can play and get good at first it’s out shelling out the big bucks it’s a truly good game

MARVEL Contest of Champions Comments

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