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Hours is the time tracker you will actually use.

"The Perfect iPhone Time Tracking App" - Forbes

"Surprisingly pleasant to use…well-thought-out interface" - TechCrunch

“The world’s easiest way of tracking your time.” - 9to5Mac

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With a visual timeline, smart reminders, detailed reporting, and an interface crafted by and Apple Design Award winning team, Hours turns a tedious process into — dare we say — an enjoyable one.

Time tracking seems like it should be easy…and it would be, if we were all robots. Unfortunately, humans tend to have problems with

1. Forgetting to track your time in the first place
2. Forgetting to note when you change tasks
3. Forgetting to stop a timer after you start one

So Hours lets you:
• Set smart reminders to nag you at just the right times to start and stop your timers
• Start/stop/switch timers with one tap (now even from the home screen with 3D Touch)
• Use the visual timeline to easily identify and correct mistakes
• Set rounding rules to round time to whatever interval you are used to — 6 minutes, 15 minutes, and more
• Quickly see on a calendar view which days you tracked time and which days you forgot
• Track your time by clients, projects, and tasks if you need to
• Add notes to your time entries
• View on-screen reports in the app, or email detailed CSV or PDF reports

New in 2.0:
• Sync your time with Hours on the web, where you can track time from your desktop and view beautiful reports
• Now your whole team can use Hours to track, report, and analyze time

Please email us if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the app: [email protected]


The Hours Pro subscription, which provides additional reporting options, costs $7.99 per month. The subscription will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account and will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Though your subscription for the current month cannot be canceled, you can turn auto-renewal off in your account settings after purchase. See instructions here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

Privacy Policy: https://hourstimetracking.com/privacy-policy/

Terms of Service: https://hourstimetracking.com/terms-of-service/

Hours Time Tracking App Description & Overview

The applications Hours Time Tracking was published in the category Business on 2014-07-17 and was developed by Hours, LLC. The file size is 43.39 MB. The current version is 2.9.3 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

- Mysteriously disappearing watch icon in the Today View widget is now back!

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Hours Time Tracking Reviews


Freelancer  Stickz405  5 star

Best product for working with clients.


Simple but works great  bluemeanieface  4 star

No issues so far. have kept track of my work for over two weeks. Would like greater reporting flexibility but I guess that’s how the getcha

Bono kanamp

One serious flaw  Bono kanamp  2 star

Beautiful app. Well made. Not actually using because of one problem: in order to start a task I have two brows through my list of project and find it, or create a new one, and then create a task. Too time consuming. I cannot just type it and it doesn’t have auto complete, unlike Toggl for instance.

Vis Berg

The best  Vis Berg  5 star

This is literally the best app I have ever used for iOS in a while, it seamlessly follows the design language of iOS 11, and it also has fluid, fast navigation. Managing hours in your day has never been easier and these people have built the best app for iOS, for me upgrading from the Reminders app to Hours was a good choice! Well done to the developers, highly recommend for all! 😃


I want to 'love' but I keep losing data across multiple devices  210201  3 star

I noticed the app is much faster in the Apple Watch. I keep having issues syncing across multiple devices. Refreshing or force quitting rarely works. I’d give 5/5 if data from one device would reliably sync across my devices. Currently, this app is not worth the subscription


widget  juiceman401  4 star

most recent update turned clocks in widget used as buttons to start any one of the timers into blank white dots. restarting does not resolve otherwise functional — iphone 6s / ios 11.2


Not worth it  LTQC  1 star

Only if you like constantly being asked to review an app


I prefer Harvest  mealdictator.com  1 star

It takes too many taps to create a task for a project. One start because you asked for a review after I created my first timer.


Poorly designed app  Rwr2Canesttyyq  1 star

The idea is good - the execution sad. Very confused and complex set of choices to make to set up projects, tough to edit. More time wasted trying to get two timers set up than one could ever recover. You will be far better off with a piece of paper and a pencil!

Mark Wusinich

Free for 30 days only  Mark Wusinich  1 star

Also, how am I supposed to form a knowledgeable opinion on the product 5 min after downloading it? If it turns out I can still use this “free” product 31 days after downloading and I like it, I will change my review.


Terrible reporting tool and full of bugs  Bbby21  1 star

STAY AWAY! I tried to use this app for a few months but I had to give up as it was clunky to report out of, and kept crashing and having to be reinstalled. Finally it wouldn’t access the pro features despite continuing to charge my account.


Easy to use  Dayleedreamer  5 star

No steep learning curve needed. Nice interface. Overall a Great App!


Pestering to rate  umopepisdnoos  1 star

The latest version of the app has pestered me to rate it 3 times in the last 24 hours.


Excellent app for simple time tracking  CalTansley  5 star

I am using the free version of this superb app and finding it simple to use, aesthetically pleasing to look at and providing an impressive stats counter. It has helped me focus on my priority work projects, as well as ensuring a balance with home responsibilities. Highly recommended. Thank you, app developers. Good job.


Be very wary  TheAshGuy  1 star

Have been a big fan of these guys for a while but they've dropped the ball massively with their release of their pro offering. The application is hopelessly buggy and unusable across the board. It randomly loses and/or combines times, especially when you're looking back at prior days, and the support guys don't respond when you try to report bugs. Upon cancelling my subscription it seems to have automagically reactivated and is telling me they're going to bill my card again next month so I hope that's not true else I'll have to report these guys to their payment processor. There are plenty of good alternatives out there, so I'd steer clear of these guys for now if you can help it.


Unreliable  Pete.  1 star

I used to love this app. Simple. Powerful. But now it's incredibly buggy. It will sometimes add hundreds of incorrect hours across an arbitrary period, and doesn't reliably report! I could see logged hours that it wasn't counting. It's really unfortunate, but this team has dropped the ball in a profound way.

Jimi Mars

Was my fav app but no longer tracking hours  Jimi Mars  2 star

For some reason it is no longer tracking correctly. Update coming soon??


"Hours" does what I need it to do... well!  LenCar  5 star

I've been using "Hours" for about a year now, and I can't speak highly enough of it!


Too many bugs in this version  Johnd123  3 star

Used to love using this app, but the last few updates have made it a challenge. It just won't record time properly anymore. Also, charging $12 a month for pro features is ridiculous.

Chris vR

Nice design - badly built  Chris vR  2 star

Way too many bugs to make using it worth while.


Works for me  Df8dnshe7749'dk&;  5 star

Works well. I like the reports feature, which allows you to get cumulative data for any period of time. Project and client features are also awesome.


Bait and switch to monthly subscription  Ncturnal  1 star

The "free" is just a bait and switch to their pro version with monthly pricing. I have no problem paying for an app but a monthly subscription is unnecessary.


back to the best  chicagoland-ipaduser  5 star

I started with this app a long time ago, was a happy user, then had to abandon it when it started acting up in some of the ways to which other users have attested. I contacted support but didn't see the main issue I was having (overlaps I couldn't get rid of) go away. So I reluctantly switched to a different and app. Finding the replacement program lacking after several months' use, I contacted Hours customer support about my issues to see if there might have been any updates that could have addressed them, and was encouraged to try Hours again. I've been using it continuously since April, and it's now working as advertised. I do still occasionally get unintended overlaps when switching tasks or changing labels for a task -- it seems to happen when my internet connection is slow and the sync lags a bit. But such overlaps are rare and easy to locate and correct. I use the program to track my work as an academic in the humanities, so I can't comment the team features, but for solo time tracking this is the best I've used. I've tried half a dozen time tracking apps over the years. The closest competitor I've worked with is Toggl, but in my view Hours wins handily.

Shosh Kabob

Does not work  Shosh Kabob  1 star

I bought the premium subscription for a year because I wanted to be able to sync my timers using my desktop. However, the syncing never works. My timers on my app and Apple Watch never synced properly from when I updated them on the desktop. I exclusively my Watch to start and stop the timers, but when I check on the mobile app or the desktop site, there is ALWAYS a timer left running, even though I definitely stopped it on my watch. So now I just have days of straight work recorded even though that would be physically impossible. It's been a complete waste of money and very exhausting for me since I now have to try and re-calculate the hours I spent working.


Does Not Work As Advertised  Eiramis  1 star

The design was not well thought out. Cumbersome for a busy person on the go who doesn't have the time, or patience, to deal with this app's quirkiness. Report function is not working at all! Useless....

Dre Solo

Has potential but very confusing  Dre Solo  3 star

I am getting confused trying to use this. Lots of headache trying to understand it. Maybe it's glitches or I'm not doing it right. Having to look for alternative options other than this app. I'm sure they will utilize the workflow better soon for easy use but for now it's hard to use. Spend more time trying to figure this thing out than I should. Tried using for a week for my edits. No use.


No back button if you change work days  french_teacher  1 star

I figured I would give this app a try, but when I changed the default work days, there was no apparent way to leave that screen. No visible back button, swiping didn't work. Does this app only function if you work Monday-Friday? If so, why give the option to change it?


Easy & efficient  MereMoo88  4 star

I use the app to track my project time as a consultant and freelancer. It's simple. Straightforward and works. I am still in the 30 day pro trial, based on experience so far we will likely select this product to track team time and client reporting. No complaints & nice design.


Meh  drowssapma  3 star

I've had it for 4 days. All I really need is for it to track when I left, go to a client, how much time I spent there, and going back. The first 2 days, it worked great. Then the next 2 days after I lost all of my tracked time. Why? The app needs to be open on the phone...really? You have (I think) 2 choices: either have an "offline" mode for the watch, or if it can't find the app open, create an alert on the watch. What's that, 3-4 lines of code? Easy fix...get on it.


So Slow, it May Have to Go  CRW_songs  2 star

I stopped using this app for over a year when my job responsibilities didn't require it as much. Now I am getting back to using the app and I find in to be much slower and jerky to my input. I liked this app's features but the stuttering interface may cause me to look for something else real soon.

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