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- Daily pass and everything else

I might aswell uninstall the whole app if its becoming one of those generic pay to read manhwa apps. At first I kinda understood the whole fast pass, it was bs to me but now the daily pass? After coins became a thing I stopped using webtoons as much, its just becoming one of those hated pay to read apps

- Why the daily pass

It’s so stupid with the daily pass. I downloaded WEBTOON back in 2019 and I found a comic made in 2015. I watched 8 episodes then it says daily pass. I used one and next episode is coins. Can you guys delete the daily pass thing. The comic was complete a long time ago. IT’S COMPLETE!!! Why do I have to spend MONEY on a COMPLETED COMIC!!! Please delete the daily pass. It’s annoying!!

- Used to love webtoon...

I’ve had webtoon for almost 3 years now. I used to love the app so much; I even have my own little comic on canvas. However, there have been a few recent changes that I’m really upset about which is why I’m giving an otherwise fantastic app a 2 star review. Firstly, the daily pass for completed series. I used to love going back and reading some of my favorite series that had been completed. With the daily pass, I can only read 1-2 of those episodes a day without having to spend money on buying coins to read the next episodes. I’m honestly really upset about this as I don’t understand why it was implemented for already completed series. I understand that regular fast passes for ongoing series are to help support the authors, but I’m really mad at the fact that these series that I used to love reading are now seemingly more unavailable to me. In my opinion, webtoon is just becoming more and more of a money-making company that does not care so much for certain groups of readers. Secondly, webtoon used to come out with much more original and diverse spreads of comic genres. Now it seems that a majority of the newest series that become featured are romance webtoons with pretty art. I’m not saying that I don’t think these comics deserve to be featured, I just feel like recently webtoon has been focusing a lot more on their romance department when they should also be supporting other genres as well like drama, comedy, and slice of life. I also feel like art quality shouldn’t be important when choosing which webtoons get to be featured. Some of my all time favorite featured webtoons have different/unique art but amazing plots! I think that comics like this still deserve to be featured and not just the ones that have a pleasing art style. Altogether, my biggest beef is still the daily pass with completed series. I think webtoon used to be a much more fun app than it is today. I hope that in the future they will be able to make some changes and take certain things into consideration. I know that I’m not alone with these thoughts so please take some time to think about this. Thank you.

- My favorite app but...

I been reading for years and it’s changed a lot recently and in a lot of good ways too! And the fast pass is a good thing too in a few ways like: you could read early, you support the author making the comic, and if the Author making the comic goes on a break you could still read even after a few weeks! But most people like I don’t want to pay for early updates every time I feel like reading. Not to mention the webtoon team need to warm you about the fast pass, because for the 6th anniversary you get ten coins to read early (five per episode) and I used it on Room of Swords (my favorite comic) and now I’m waiting three weeks for the next one! It was so annoying because I’m still waiting!

- You should use this app

This app is really good it lets me read all the stories I want that’s on the app you should download

- Daily Pass is Awful

What the heck is this new daily pass BS? Now we can’t binge a series? The first 10-16 episodes are open and then you have to return daily for a measly one episode ration?? The only point in having Webtoon was to binge series. Greedy.

- Daily Pass

There’s this summer event where readers have a choice between two Webtoons to read 24 episodes of for 5 free coins; but BOTH of the series are daily pass? On a time limit of 5 days? Therefore making it impossible to read 24 episodes. That’s kind of stupid, but okay. Some other completed series are also on daily pass. I was upset finding out Bastard had it, too. Webtoon is great in every other way, though.

- Episodes

I’ve had webtoon for years and when i want to read an old completed comic, im only allowed to read one or two per day. They should really remove that or I might delete the app

- I would love it.

I would love it but I can’t use it after a day cause I have to use a email address! I am 12 and I can’t continue my story!! I can’t ask my mom cause she will get annoyed I have to ask 5 times just to point this same thing in

- Great! But..

I used to and I still do absolutely love Webtoon. I'm on the app every single day. However, now when I want to go back and read completed comics to relive old memories I'm faced with a daily pass. What? I know for a fact I could go back and re-read webcomics without having a daily pass to worry about not getting over a cliff hanger or something. Reminds me of Tapas.. I'm not the only one who doesn't enjoy the Daily Pass. I really hope that Webtoon takes this into account and discusses upon it. Thank you for your time.

- Better Than I Thought

So about 6 months ago I downloaded WEBTOON for the second time (the first time I was 10, and most of it flew over my head). I didn’t set the stakes high, thinking “It’s just a comic app.” Well, I was wrong. I totally underestimated it. There are many good stories, and most update once a week, which I don’t mind because I know the authors work hard to post episodes. Many genres as well, ranging from superhero to romance to thriller to comedy, the list goes on and on. If you are reading this review, I suggest many many comics, but a few are: Brimstone and Roses, Lore Olympus, Adventures of God, My Dictator Boyfriend, Let’s Play, and Not Even Bones. (And many more of course). But seriously, download the app.

- Amazing! But just a nit-picky thing

if you like cliff-hanging, heart-warming, ever-thrilling comics that are constantly being created, webtoon is the app for you!!! there are so many creators, with so many different art styles and writing styles. they interact with their fans and answer questions. they are literally the people i look up too!! i just love this app. also, i'm a straight, texan, 13 year old girl, so it shows that any culture can be appreciated! also, here's a list of my favorite webtoons: clinic of horrors (comedy/horror) true beauty (drama/romance) not even bones (thriller) the little trashmaid (comedy/slice of life) midnight poppy land (romance) i'm the grim reaper (supernatural/thriller) lore olympus (romance) (MY #1!!!!) castle swimmer (fantasy/romance) i love yoo (drama) cursed princess club (comedy/drama) this is a long list but if you want to start off with any of these, they are my favorites. i strongly recommend you get this app. it's literally a way to escape my parents, to be engulfed in another world. books do this for me too, but for me, it's really special and a real treat to be able to interact with a certain fandom. the episodes update usually once a week, 8:30 for me (CST), and it is the highlight of my day!!! farewell readers; i hope you enjoy my advice and enjoy webtoon's creators' series! to the webtoon team: So i'm writing this review because i hope that someone from the webtoon team reads this. i love the app, i love the creators, i love the algorithm, i love EVERYTHING!!!!! There is one thing that i noticed though; in the series info, i.g. "True Beauty", webtoon says it updates on wednesday but for me it updates on tuesday. it's the day before for everything. it's not bothering me but i don't know how to leave a comment about this on the app so i'm writing it here. it really isn't a bug but it's something others might be confused with. also, not loving the daily pass thing, but i'm not really reading finished series so it doesn't bother me as much as others. love you team, you are my everything, mwah, mackenzie! p.s. i did not mean to rhyme that last sentence k bye



- Pay per comic

I came here to read some interesting self published comics, but since they added a pay mechanic I've immediately lost interest, it's just strange when a service transitions from free to pay-per-view with no increase in quality

- Daily pass is the only problem

The only problem I have is that they added some sort of daily pass to older WEBTOONs that are completed and this aggravates me because I like to binge some of the comics I’ve already read.

- This is the best thing ever

Omgl I love lumine and castle swimmer too! They are were I get my joy from thank you soooooo much!

- Daily Pass

Get rid of it.

- A few things..

What really makes this app great is the creators and there are many and all are amazing so that makes up most of the stars.. the one missing is my slight annoyance with coins on completed comics— coins in GENERAL honestly (I’m guessing you MUST buy them in order to even get them, I hope there is an option to watch ads to earn coins in the future), and a little bit of the interface: the MY page when viewing all the comics I’m subscribed to, I’d love it if I were able to sort it by A-Z or custom instead of the last one I’ve opened, I could just slide the little tabs to the comics I care about most to least or there could be a setting to sort it into when the comics update day of the week (Monday’s would be first, Tuesday’s next and ones that don’t have a schedule last, ect.). Other than this, it’s only a slight nuisance, this app is really cool.

- You’ve ruined it

Webtoon used to be amazing. You could read and publish comics for free, and small creators could earn money from Patreon from their readers. When you added in fastpass, it got worse. The whole point of webtoon was to read online comics for free! Fastpass took that away. Then you added an ad equivalent to canvas. I didn’t mind that because it didn’t cost money but it still earned money for the creators. But then, daily pass. Daily pass is the worst of all three, because you can’t binge read a finished story unless you want to spend money. You had something perfect and you ruined it.

- Love it but hope u will change sum things😩

I love it but the thing I hate is that when u go more forward to the stories ur going to have to start waiting like days or one day so u can see the story and really hope they will change that cause I love reading the stories and I have to wait for 3 stories to be unlocked😭😩

- Just two problems

I literally go on this app so much to reread a comic or check for new ones. I’ve been on here for almost four years and I’m absolutely obsessed with it! I haven’t paid for anything and I still enjoy it. There’s only one thing I absolutely hate and it’s the inappropriate replies to comments. The bots put them on almost any comment that doesn’t have any replies yet, especially on more popular webtoons. I suggest just not allowing people to post links in the comments, as nobody needs them anyways :) but if you just report them and move on (NEVER go to the sites), then webtoon is amazing! I also suggest not using your coins (free or bought) on a webtoon with fast pass, because you’ll have to either buy more coins and keep using them repeatedly (you literally have to spend for every chapter) or wait an extra week. Just use them on daily pass series :D Also about the daily pass series, I know a lot of people are complaining and I would also love to be able to go back on old stories, but I will say that it’s better than waiting a week (your daily pass activates every 24 hours). It is a bit inconvenient like when I want to go back on a certain episode but forgot which it was (then I have to try every day), but it’s not too bad <3 thanks for reading!

- Cool but I am wya to young for the other stuff

I love webtoon but can you guys make a kids webtoon becuase this one has some inappropriate things and I am only 9 years old so ya that why I gave four stares



- daily pass

Honestly this is ridiculous and completely throws me off bcz as much as I love webtoon content, only being allowed to read like 2 episodes of an already completed story is ridiculous.

- One problem

I was reading this comic called as per usual but one day i got two reply’s on a comment. I was happy but one was a real reply the other was a link to a dating site and the main page was this lady getting undressed. It is called chilpit.com they made it auto reply to everyone idk if it is as per usual so be careful out there guys.

- Daily passes

I love WEBTOON but the daily passes need to go !! Everything was fine without them

- I lave the app so much! But what the hell?!

The app is amazing! I haven’t had problems until now. For some reason I can’t get in the app. It’s crashing before I can even get in the home page! Is this a bug? Is it just my phone? I really am missing out on my comics. It’s been happening for a month now.

- Why does a finished webtoon say 1 Free ep every day

Why do I have to wait every day for a WEBTOON story that’s already finished (“1/2 free ep. every day”) But I do understand the FAST PASS cuz Ik that it helps the creators with coins. For example I tried to reread “where tangents meet”,(keep in mind that it ended in 2016) but I couldn’t cuz only 8 episodes were free which didn’t make sense to me cuz how is this helping the creators at all. I guess it’s time for me to get rid of the app it was fun while it lasted

- Daily pass

I’ve had webtoon for years, I’ve read some of the more lengthy and popular series over and over again, when fast pass was first introduced I realized liked the idea and I spent easily over $100 buying coins to unlock chapters of my favorite series’s. Webtoon’s new function of daily pass is what made this all go from 5 starts to 2 starts in my eyes. Having access to only two chapters a day for series’s with over 200+ chapters, and having to pay to unlock the rest of them with only two weeks to read it is just so stupid. Who wants to spend $40 to reread a series again? it just makes no sense.

- Daily pass ruins it!

Webtoon is a really great app that i have been using regularly for years to enjoy comics. I’ve never had any major complaints about it, but they’ve recently implemented a system that makes it unenjoyable as a whole: daily pass. This has made my experience with the app so negative and frustrating that I simply had to leave a review! Prior to this update, readers could freely read through completed series’ and random episodes without any barriers. Now, most completed series only allow you to read one or two episodes per day. This is extremely frustrating for a couple reasons. For one, there are several comics which I have already completed and would occasionally come back to reread some of my favorite moments or enjoy the art. Now, I simply can’t do that. This takes away one of the biggest appeals of webtoon comics. Additionally, this system makes it near impossible to get hooked on a new series. While most of the time the first 10 or so episodes are free to read, I have a really hard time sticking with a series if I have to go through it at a painstakingly slow pace. My interest burns out, and I have very little enthusiasm to keep coming back every day to read ONE chapter. Not only does this completely ruin my reader experience, but it puts creators at a disadvantage as I, and many others, can’t enjoy their work. Webtoon: DO BETTER. I understand we should be supporting creators even after the series is completed, but this is not the way to do that. This system is faulty and deters new readers. I’m now seeking out other ways to access comics online, and i’m extremely upset at this loss. I truly love webtoon and it has so much to offer, but please listen to your users and fix this.


I like the app BUT we should have starter coins about 50 it would be nice and I wish the episodes didn’t take so long to come out other than that it’s great that or take coins out as well as fast pass!!!

- Sorry but...

I really do like Webtoon, But there are also things that I don’t like about it. The biggest thing I hate about it is the new Daily Pass that is put onto completed stories. All I wanted to do was re-read Super Secret then all of a sudden I’m limited to reading one episode per day. I don’t know why it was decided to add Daily Pass but I and other users are pretty upset/outraged by it. Especially since re-reading stories is my favorite pass time. Webtoon was fine without the daily passes.

- Suggestions

I really like this app. Webtoon is a cool platform to easily read a massive library of comics. Notifies you of comic updates and has made following comics that I already have been following a lot easier. Downloading is annoying since you can’t do anything in the app while something is downloading and if you leave the app and come back to it the download fails. Please let us download in the background. Also please add a dark mode Thanks

- Daily Pass is just wrong

I have been using this app for some time now and the fact I can no longer go back and reread some of the older webtoons I have already read a couple times now is just stupid. It will just make people go to other places to read these webtoons.

- How do you know if I’m wrong

I have been on WEBTOON with a famous comet I try to put in my email address and it has the audacity to say “it’s not a registered address which puts me into rage

- Amazing App

so like i got this app a long time ago and i absolutely love it it’s amazing

- It is the BEST!!

Webtoon, of so many great things about it. I myself never liked comics until webtoon, I think most of the storys on this app are amazing and better than some tv shows. The artists are truly amazing, if you want recommendations I suggest reading True beauty, Lore of Olympus, Awkward Magic, Angle in the Forest, Unordinary, Sloppy First, Freakin Romance, Small World, and Love Lesson. I myself am addicted to this app, it is amazing and by far the best comic app I have gotten, only thing I do not like it is difficult to use the search engine, but other that that it is the best, I would rate it 5 stars again and again.

- AMAZING...but

I love WEBTOON so much. It’s truly one of my favorite things. I’ve spent weekends just binging series and catching up to the current season and it’s super fun to do. But...I do have a few things I think could be a little better. 1) I don’t think there should be such a low limit of webtoons I can subscribe to. I can only subscribe to (I think) 100 canvas webtoons and I reached my limit. I have resorted to screenshots of comics to look at later. 2) Canvas creators should be able to have music with their comic. They should have all of the perks that the Originals creators have. If these problems were fixed then I would give WEBTOON 5 stars.

- I love it

I read all of the books and even my favourite book and that puppy land and it’s so much fun I love this app thank you

- Good app. Fix it tho

sooo Great app but there’s I wanna be able to like comics I wanna be able to comment But I can’t because Of the stupid confirmation email!!! Because my favorite WEBTOON is dying and I want to help it!!! I will give a 5-star if you do that. Because I NEED to help my favorite WEBTOONs because they are dying -_-

- Developer PLEASE read!!!!

Ok, so I got on WEBTOON, and I wanted to sign in with my apple account, but every time I push it, it doesn’t do anything. PLEASE FIX!! Sincerely, Sad😭😭

- Bruh

I love this app. The more you use the it the more you’ll start to like it. I go on it everyday. The only problem I have with it is that it’s sooooo protected. Like, if you tap on a webtoon that is a little explicit, it gives us a warning, right? I personally find that warning unnecessary because you guys always remove the stuff that go over kissing. It should be fine if it doesn’t show any personal parts, right? But this stuff is wayyy too protected. It’s actually starting to get me angry. I don’t really mind buying coins and stuff since it’s just a one time offer thing, but you guys make make want to buy Patreon, and it only applies to the webtoon I apply for AND I have to pay for it every month. Ain’t nobody got the money for Patreon dude. Literally no one. Plus, a good 80% of the webtoons I like aren’t even on Tapas, so I end up just getting cut off scenes which really gets on my nerves. I’m of course fine if you clean it up a bit, but the least you can do is censor the scenes instead of remove them. Some really important drama happens in those scenes too, you know? So it leaves you a little confused on the story afterwards. So I definitely think that part should be improved a bit more.

- App no longer works on iPad after update

Really enjoyed this app. But it causes my iPad to get blazing hot and burns through the battery. Can’t use it anymore. Hate the Daily pass money grab too, but that is a WEBTOON issue not so much an app issue.

- Daily Pass is NOT worth it (I did the math...)

Webtoon series used to be free to reread once the series was completed, that is until the infamous Daily Pass struck. I did the math (explained below) for how much it costs and believe me when I say it’s NOT worth it. One of my favorite series to reread was “Ghost Wife”. It has about 135 chapters. Now the first 10 are free and the rest are worth 3 coins each to “unlock”. In order to reread the whole series and not wait for one free chapter a day, it would cost 375 coins total. Adding the cost of buying coins, I would have to pay about $40 to get the whole series... AND YOU ONLY CAN READ IT FOR TWO WEEKS. After that, you have to pay again!!! And that doesn’t include the cost of other series you’d want to reread! I’m all for supporting artists financially, but I’d rather pay a one time fee and have the story saved PERMANENTLY so I could reread it than pay a fortune and only have it for two weeks. Besides, who can say how much of that cost actually makes it to the artist themselves? Of course, you could wait for the free daily chapter, but again it’s only available for two weeks. And it’s a major slap in the face to those who have been able to reread their favorite series for free up until now. The only reason I have Webtoon still is to keep up-to-date with ongoing stories. I was buying coins, but now I refuse to give the app any more of my money.

- More options

We need more comics with spanking no one writes about it unless it’s just a novel on other apps. like Wattpad it isn’t comics but it’s better to read but I do love WEBTOON it was my first love when it came to reading online. but usually first loves don’t last and even though I still read it is no longer my favorite reading app!

- ohgodwhy

I showed some of your advertisements and stories to my therapist. She then gave me her permission to end it all!

- Daily pass

I’m a new reader and a lot of completed webtoon that are really good apparently have daily pass and it kind of makes me angry that i need to wait about 2 months just to finish a completed series like please just let us binge the completed series then it would be 5 star but the daily pass isn’t really that good and many people agree to remove it

- Daily pass

WEBTOON is a fine place to find good stories, but the service itself has obvious flaws. I just simply don’t get daily pass. I don’t like having to wait a full day to read a chapter of completed stories until I finish. And I absolutely will never pay for more. I won’t support something this idiotic. There are so many good ones like “Orange Marmalade” and “Where the Tangents Meet” that get blocked by the paywall. Why? Why? Why? I don’t get it. If there are a large bunch of great comics people want to read, the worst idea is to stop them from reading them. It’s undeniably the worst idea I’ve seen on this platform that I would personally go and find all 7 Dragon Balls to wish the daily pass never existed.

- quick question

wtfs up with the daily passes and stuff for completed series. i mean it’s whatever if you gotta pay to view early episodes but you gotta pay to view completed series that were free before. i’m not trying to wait a year to finish one series that’s already over

- I like it but

I really like the app and only have one problem what you did with finished stories is stupid I mean they are done what the daily pass’s for? I read them on other websites now

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- daily pass

it’s the daily pass feature for me. what are you guys doing?

- Great but...

I really really love this app, but whenever I try and buy coins, it just says “ERROR” and I do not know why. Please fix this.

- I can’t find it

I search for the series solo leveling in french and in english but I can’t find it on WEBTOON. May be it’s my account or the series who is not on WEBTOON anymore but everywhere I go it says it’s on WEBTOON, so can someone help me. Ps: don’t mind the errors, my principal language is french.

- I have the dumbest brain ever

I downloaded the Korean version of the app, it was nearly impossible for me to use, I was going to drop a dislike when I found this app.

- Love this app, but...

Okay for sure I love this app, but really don’t like the fact that you have to pay if you want to read another episode. I get that you might reply with “It’s because the person who has done this comic has not finished the episodes, so please be patient.” I get that I have to be patient, but then what happens if I like that comic way to much and I want read more, but then it says like ‘you have to have 5 more coins so you can unlock this episode.’ like don’t really want to do that...I could have gave you a full 5 stars or a 4 I can’t cause I don’t have the money to pay for those episodes...I’m broke T-T... and one last thing before I end this comment I just want to say that can please just not put coins...you get how I’m broke as I said before T-T I don’t have the huts to buy coins because my parents won’t let... :(


I don’t understand why so many people are saying webtoon sucks now. Webtoon is doing great right now, and the stories are only getting better! Create and account and support your favourite webtoon creators! My top favourite webtoons are: Siren’s Lament, Winter Moon, and Ghost Theater. Webtoon has original stories of all genres (not just romance you know ;)). I seriously recommend Webtoon to anyone 13+ 💖If you’re an adult, that’s fine too!

- Verify

It said it sent a verification but I ain’t get one

- Best thing ever

THIS IS DA BEST! someday, I’ll by coins worth $500 just because you amazing. I rate 100/10 Just please put dark mode

- Verification

It said it sent me a verification to my email so i can log in, but when i checked my email, i got no verifications at all.

- I’m new to this

I’m new to this but I’ve been more into reading!

- A must have for me

I love this app so much! I wouldn’t read comics any other way anymore. You don’t have to pay a cent to get amazing high-quality content but you can pay to get new chapters early! I highly recommend this app for reading web comics!


Such a great app!! 100% recommend to get. Has such addicting comics. Great app to have during quarantine! I recommend to read ‘Let’s play’ or ‘Unordinary’ those are rlly great comics. MUST DOWNLOAD!!!

- Coins

I enjoy this app, it’s a good place to read stories. But for the lore Olympus thing going on right now where you get 5 coins for unlocking a fast pass episode, I have a problem with that. My problem is that I unlocked a fast pass episode and I have yet to receive the 5 coins, do correct me if I read it wrong but it said “earn back 5 free coins when you unlock a lore olympus episode this week!” I unlocked episode 117 with 5 coins on august 1st 2020, it is now august 3rd 2020 and I have yet to receive the 5 coins.


WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR COOOOINS?!? This game is for the wealthy seriously, I just want to read but no of course I have to pay for that too 🤬🤬

- Nope

I have loved this app for so long but with the new daily pass no just no just unacceptable even if I have read before I can’t I have to pay to re read fast pass made sense and I spent my money on it but this is just disgusting I’m the type of person who likes reading all in one especially with complete stuff so this is so unfair I’m sad this app has to go I hope one day it will be back but for now goodbye Don’t buy daily pass it’s a stupid sham I’m so upset many readers are kids without jobs yet and during these hard times no less coming out with this stuff now disgusting absolutely disgusting

- Really good

I’ve been obsessed with this lately, not saying it’s a bad thing tho... the stories are really good at making you take your mind off of something you don’t want to think about. Keep it up creators!

- I love this app

I love this app but this new update for 6years anniversary won’t let me get my 10 coins

- Downloading problem

I like this app quite a lot however with the new update the app doesn’t let me download the comics without keeping the page open which is incredibly annoying. If you could please fix that this app would probably be 5 stars.

- Daily pass

The completed series now have daily passes so you can only read an episode a day unless you have coins. Before you could read as many chapters as you’d like for free.Terrible update.

- it’s great

if someone wants to download this i say yes, yes you really should. it works perfectly fine for me. the only thing i would change is get rid of the daily pass on the old finished webtoons, that would be nice since i like to binge read

- How to make a story

I love WEBTOON it’s amazing but I have a story idea and I would like to know how to get my story on webtoon other wise best app ever Σ(・ω・ノ)ノw(☆o◎)w

- Taken down

A webtoon was taken down after the first week of it being up The creator didn’t even bother fixing it and told they had be fighting to keep it up all week. I never even got to read the second chapter. I’m sorry but this app is not if for me 😔💔 deleting 💔💛

- Daily pass

Remove daily pass. The work is finished you shouldn’t pay to be able to re read a webtoon.

- Bring the old WEBTOON back!

Honestly this app used to be great so I’m at least giving it a two star, but now you gotta pay to read each chapter? Isn’t the fast pass good enough? I’m sorry but I’m gonna stop reading WEBTOONs on here.

- Read tower of god and simp for khun

Take away the daily fast pass, I wanna binge read

- Very nice

Webtoons is a really great app which doesnt need wifi. Smart and acceptable way fo making money too. Only thing, it NEEDS A SPLIT SCREEN SUPPORT FOR APPLE. I USE IPAD, AND IF THERE IS SPLIT SCREEN MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE. I WONT BE BORED IN ONLINE CLASS. Out of all apps, webtoon is most fit for split screen. Perfect format i’d say. Please answer.

- (^з^)-☆

literally best app love reading these ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Very disappointed

I’ve had this app for years and it’s AMAZING but I just found out that they recently added something where if it is an old webtoon you cannot binge read it you have to have “daily pass” and pay with coins. I am extremely disappointed with how momey hungry this app has become to the point where I can even go back and read the old webtoons I used to adore? I binge read. I hate waiting every day so I think it would be best to just let us read the old comics without limits please! Until then my rating remains at 2 stars.

- Love this!

This app is amazing there’s no better way to describe it, I love the variety of genres and other things too. Whoever’s looking at these reviews should get the app.

- Working again after re install

Working again after re install Did not work right away but only after a few hours... weird

- Update issues

I love the comics on this but.. I tried opening the app today but in every attempt after the update, the app crashes..

- App crashes

Can’t even open the app

- 🥺

I love WEBTOON so much but whenever I try to go on the app it just blacks out it might just be my phone though. Plz help 🥺🥺🥺

- Problème pour ouvrir

J’arrive pas à ouvrir depuis ce matin et je peux dire que c’est chiant j’ai réinstallé plusieurs fois mais rien ne change je comprends pas merci de me répondre si vous pouvez mais sinon c’est une bonne application

- Crashing after minor bug fixes

I love this app but since the minor bug fixes I have been able to open the app on my iPad every time I try to if closes so I can go to setting and clear cache, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling, I’ve also cleared my iPad settings so I don’t know what’s wrong, and I saw other people had the problem in past, please fix it.

- Not usable

Tried to use the app after a couple days off it and couldn’t get on tried restarting and re down loading and nothing happened pretty disappointed

- App doesn’t open

App doesn’t open after recent update, reinstalling does nothing.

- Recent update causes app to crash?

I love this app but I can no longer seem to open it! I was using it last night and I can’t use it this morning. The only difference is that there seems to have been sort of an update since then

- Won’t open

Great app for comic reading until recent update. Now the app won’t open.

- Doesn’t launch anymore??

After the latest update the app won’t launch on my iPhone XR (supposed to work on this device)

- Help?!

Every time I click on the app, it loads then immediately crashes. I’ve tried deleting, turning my phone off completely, and deleting some things but nothing seems to work. I can no longer be on the app, please help!

- Awesome!...but Devs help

I love this app it an awesome time killer and cute to boredom. I’ve been reading some of their top series But to the DEVS the app hasn’t been opening and I searched this up and it seems it not opening for many other people. Help

- Bug

I seriously love this app, but now I can’t open the app. Just want to notice you with this bug. I hope I can use webtoon back.

- Crash tout le temps

J’ouvre l’apps... et puis ca crash automatique

- ;-;

It was actually good a day ago but after a bug update,it keeps on crashing

- App crashes

The app crashes whenever I open the app while the WiFi is on. Please help thanks 🙏

- :(

I can’t go on WEBTOON because of the update too.

- New crashing

I love the app so much I use it everyday but with the most recent update whenever I try to enter it ends up crashing and closing it on me anyway to help fix this?

- App

I can’t use the app on iOS and I’m not sure why, other than that it’s an overall good app

- Won’t open since the update

Was working fine but now it just won’t open, I tried to open it and keep on flashing close by itself

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- Given up

I’m just downloaded webtoon and I’m trying to make an account. I’ve filled in all the boxes. When it sends the email it sends me back to the home page. Filled in the info and it won’t let me make a password.every single password that I’ve put in it won’t let me. Like I put in random letters. Still wouldn’t let me have the password. I’ve officially given up on trying to use webtoon. Unless they sort this problem out I won’t be downloading this app again.

- Daily pass

One of my greatest joys was binging completed series but because of daily pass long story’s like nobellesee can take 276 DAYS! Or you can spend 100!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS IT DOES NOT HELP AUTHORS JUST SCARES AWAY NEW COMERS

- Ok

It’s a brilliant app and I’ve found so many comics that I love My one issue is the adverts especially the video ones that pop up take all of the screen and even when I close it to try and continue reading it just pops back up and basically freezes my phone

- 😕

I love this,it’s such an amazing app but you have to wait such a long time for episodes and you have to buy the coins with money,please make it easier to make coins,sorry if this doesn’t make sense

- Amazing!

I downloaded Webtoon not to long ago my friend recommended webtoon to me I thought this app was bad but when I downloaded I fell INLOVE this app is amazing and the anniversary thing that gave me 10 coins I’m absolutely great full please keep up the good work amazing Absolutely Perfect ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💖

- WEBTOON is great!

WEBTOON is the best app for a short read in your free time I would recommend: Lore Olympus- A story about the relationship between Hades and Persephone- 4/5 My Giant Nerd Boyfriend- A great collection of short stories featuring Fishball and boyfriend- 4/5 Small world- The best collection of them, its all about two boyfriends called Robin and Julien- 5/5

- I like it I just don’t like the daily pass

I really loved it at the start because you could read a whole series but not so long ago they started to do daily passes so I couldn’t finish the ones I wanted to so I’m very upset about it

- Regarding the WEBTOON 6th anniversary update

I use WEBTOON every day but I have a iPhone 5s which doesn't allow me to participate in WEBTOON's 6th anniversary. I hope WEBTOON can fix this as I can't get a new phone for awhile due to personal reasons.

- My coins and purchase history disappeared

I bought 100 (+8) coins for 9.99 on the 5th April but now all my coins have disappeared and I can’t see any of my unlocked episodes. I’ve only watched 11 episodes (55 coins) since purchasing them, and I’m sure I’m on the right account.

- Noice−☆☆☆☆☆


- Password

I accidentally logged out of the app and when signing in I realised I forgot my password, so I pressed ‘forgot password’ and I got a link in my email, when I pressed it I was asked to make another password, I wrote one in but when I pressed enter It said ‘your password should contain a minimum of 6 alphanumeric characters’ so I assumed my password wasn’t diverse enough, and I began to think of various combinations for my passwords, but it kept saying that, even when I tried a day later, a week later, and even a month , I don’t know what to do as I had coins on the app aswell, please get back to me and fix this!

- new update

It was one of my favourite apps to use, until the new update where they make you wait for episodes in a comic that had already been completed, I understand comics that are still updating but on ones that are complete? I don’t understand the point and it’s clearly just to make more money

- Time

I love the app and the stories and the detail of the art work I am a huge fan but there is one problem.How long it takes for the episodes to download.It takes for ever and that part really annoys me cause I just want to get straight into it.

- I cannot explain how great this app is!!!

There are several underrated artists on this app making great comics!!! This is a great app for reading great comics, comedy, romance, action and more! I personally like comedy but there are so many comics to choose from!!! And they are all free, this app is free and it’s basically a comic library. Amazing app. Five stars.

- I love it

This app is really good and I love it but, can you please add some type of way to earn coins like sharing the app to a friend and watching ads or something like that to get a pass because I feel like some people get frustrated when there favourite story comes to an end and they have to wait a week to see a new episode.

- The app got fixed by itself

The app isn’t crashing anymore, working perfect fine as before, and like I’ve said, I love the contents of the app, aside from that specific crash problem, I loved it, would’ve given 5 stars if not for that.

- Crashing

For some reason webtoon keeps crashing? Did smthg happens because i have tried everything but i keeps quitting the app every time i open it and its very annoying :( otherwise amazing app and i would like more Korean webtoons to be translated

- The update is causing the app to crash

The update is causing the app to crash, it was working fine before it updated, but now it just doesn’t want to open the app. I tried uninstalling the reinstalling the app but still nothing. Please fix. Thank you

- Crashing

The app was good until it refused to open after the first day, I have tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling to restarting my phone

- The app is great

The app is great but I can’t launch it anymore on my ios device and I can’t see how am I supposed to report issues. I restarted my device multiple times and I have the lastest OS version. A part for this issue I love your app and I use it daily. Thanks guys

- I love it but it’s glitching

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP!! it’s so amazing and I’m completely obsessed with it. I can’t sleep when I know an update is coming up! Yesterday I stayed up to 3am reading these comics!! But today the app has crashed and I don’t know why.. I’ve powered my phone on and off multiple and even deleted it! Ik that you will be able to resolve this issue and I can’t wait till I can read more comics!! But I definitely recommend this app :)

- Idea for your app!

So basically how about if we watch an advert or complete challenges like ‘read 5 pages of this and you get 5 coins’ because people would be more happier with this option. Also, I am trying to go on the app and it crashes immediately! I am a iPad user and the screen is much bigger and makes it easier to enjoy the story, so please fix that ! I love your app! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Fix this

The app kept shutting down

- The app crashed.

The app used to open for me but once I updated the app it wouldn’t open. On the whole a good app with great comics.

- Great app

I love WEBTOON, I’ve found some of my favourite comics on here. But recently when I try to open it it just crashes? I think it’s the new update

- Great way to find amazing indie comics

I really like how you can find new artists with a new style of illustration and storytelling every day if you want to. I really like reading digital comics to see what I like without having to rent a physical copy which is difficult in quarantine right now, but I have the option of buying fast pass chapters of a comic or getting a published copy by the author if I really love their work. However, I have a common issue it seems. I have been reading Webtoon for three weeks or so, and today it crashed. I have tried opening the app with nothing open, but I guess I should try other methods. It must be a difficult issue to fix if it still happens.

- The app fails the open?!?

After the most recent update, the app won’t open at all. I followed all the of the troubleshooting steps but no dice. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, nothing changed. This is the same across both of my device, a little assistance would be good, thanks.

- App was good until the ‘minor bug’ fixing update.

After update yesterday the app fails to load, just displays the webtoon logo then closes, even after I reset my phone. Your bug fix needs fixing .... otherwise , when normal service is in operation, it’s a good app

- crashing

the app has been slow since yesterday’s bub fixes And since this morning every tim i try and open it it instantly crashes i’ve tride everything on my part like redownloding or switching my phone on and off but it still crashes.

- Crashes

A great app with great stories but I can’t access any of it anymore. I have an iPhone SE and whenever I try load the webtoon app now it doesn’t work. I’ve tried restarting my phone and deleting and downloading the app again and clearing cache. Nothing works. Please fix this bug

- Outstanding.. until just recently

I have been using the app for months now reading all my favourite webtoons, and I will applaud the company as this app is amazing and provides some of the best webtoons I have ever come across with speed. Although just today I tried logging back onto the app and it crashes immediately as I enter it. Then I tried downloading it on my iPad and the same thing happens. I try deleting it and redownloading, shutting down and repowering my devices, but nothing seems to work, and it only so happens to happen to this device. Please help, but for those who don’t suffer this issue the app is wonderful I would highly recommend this app over any other Korean web novel apps.

- App is great but started crashing constantly today

The app is great I love it I have been using it for years Just today it’s crashing constantly even after updating, uninstalling and reinstalling. Please fix it Thanks

- Fellow reader

This app keeps me entertained and well managed and I loved it but today I tried to open it and before it started loading it suddenly took me out of the app and it continued to do that, so I tried deleting it and reinstalling but it still had the same problem.... i don’t know what to do.

- Constant Crashing

The app has been working perfectly fine until today. Every time you click the app it goes to a black screen and then to the home page, PLEASE FIX.

- Love this app but

Good app but it crashes :/

- Idk what happened..

This app is great and I go on it 24/7 to read but for some reason today it doesn’t let me go on the app. This has never happened before and idk what’s happening. Is this a bug? Can you fix it? All my other apps are fine and my phone isn’t slow. I tried deleting other apps in case it was storage issues but it still won’t let me on. Please, can you fix this?

- Hey this is important

Um so I really like your app, and I love reading the comics on it but I just tried to get on today and it’s bugged out, when I try to go on it just forces me out to my home screen, this only happened today and I thought maybe there was a mistake made when you did the bug fix? I know that it could be rather inconvenient so I’m sorry for asking but can you please see if there is something else that went wrong, thank you. To others looking at this app, please don’t let this put you off, it’s a really good app and the first time I’ve ever had a problem with it. ❤️

- Great but bug issues

I absolutely love WEBTOON I never thought I could actually get addicted to reading (big thanks to the people who put the time and effort into the comics as well as the developers) but the app sometimes bugs out and forces me to leave so I have to delete it and download it again. Thank you for making WEBTOON what it is today.

- Love the app

Hate the fact that the newest update has broken the app as it now will not launch

- It’s crashing

I have been a webtoon user for a long time and It’s a great app, but this morning I tried to go on the app and it keeps crashing :(

- It’s not working on my iPad/iPhone

First time this has happened and it’s just that whenever I try to open the app it just closes itself instantly I’ve tried shutting my iPad and iPhone off and on again and it still does nothing

- help mee!!

pls i love this app but since today as soon as i open it it closes on its own pls help me i realy like this app pls fix it pls respond

- a godsend

AMAZING I love this app

- Help?

I don’t understand what is going. I just reset my password and I am trying to login on my phone it’s keeps on saying it’s the wrong one when it’s clearly not cause when I login on my pc it works???? Can someone help me out here

- Update needs fixing

I usually love this app, but the latest update has kicked me out of my account and won’t let me log back in saying my email address isn’t registered, which means I’ve no access to my coins and have lost my place in all the series I’ve been reading.

- The update ruined it

It keeps saying I’m not on the app but on the website, it won’t update and it won’t let me read chapters that I already have. Fix It Please

- Love it

LOVE the app , love the amazing stories and I love how it doesn’t try to take all your money like other apps do , thanks for considering us broke people

- Great app

This app is a great app to read comics on tho there are some flaws For some people it crashes (I’m not one of them) I very much enjoy the content on WEBTOON Although the coins for actual money feature is very weird for me to understand. I think you should get coins every time you read 100 chapter of a manga any manga if you read 50 from one manga and on there 50 from another manga you get 1 coin I think that’s how the system should work because some people save up their lunch money for WEBTOON coins I’m not complaining But it’s for the sake of other people and your app. if you want your app to get higher rating that’s the way to go because the people who rate you 1 star are rating you 1 star because of that and the game crashing on certain devices or whatever. I’m sorry if this sounded like hate I love your app I use it every day!! But in my personal opinion on the app it is outstanding and fun to use. I recommend this app if you are a starter to comic/manga reading 📖 I would give it 5 stars if it weren’t for 2 things I already mentioned it but other then that it is a great app and fun to use I’m sorry if I’m repeating my self I just love WEBTOON

- What the hell, WEBTOON?

This is a great app, don’t get me wrong but the fact that when you delete the app, the coins you paid for aren’t on the account is BOGUS. You spend money on it, you should be able to keep it even if you delete the app. Please, actually listen to the reviews. Also, can we please make coins interchangeable? Like, you spend money and then suddenly your coins are gone because you delete the app by accident or you accidentally switch languages? Come on.

- I Loved You Webtoon You Were The Chosen One But you failed me

I liked the app then soon later it kept crashing

- Good comics but I can’t get in anymore

There’s some really good comics on here, but for some reason when I woke up and went to go in the app it would crash every single time so I couldn’t get in. Does anyone else have this problem?

- Stupid

H get in the app and I gets me out every day time.


This app is fantastic, it doesn’t require you to constantly spit out money just to read chapters! It’s got amazing comics to read and get sucked into binge reading! You will not be disappointed!


Hello. I really like this BUT I don’t like how you have to buy coin to continue. I am reading Castle Swimmer and I don’t enjoy it like I did before for season 1. But season 2 it cost coin. I have to wait until it become free. SRSLY Please change this

- Honestly I can’t!! 💕💕💕

I love this app~ IT HAS SO MUCH!! I can’t stop reading~~

- Great app

It’s a good app but lacks selection and most story’s don’t go for very long

- Great

Amazing app, so many great stories 5stars

- Pretty good but a minor thing...

Webtoon is a pretty good app and the one thing that’s great about it is that it’s free unlike most other reading apps. It’s also good that the stories are all made by different people and they do not exist in real life. One thing that really annoys me tho is that they make you wait a few days or pay for coins to watch new episodes of stories. It’s pretty good other than that, and has all kind of genres, drama, romance, action, horror, thriller, etc. But hopefully you will change the minor error in the app, then it would be great. Also you should try add some more books because now that I hv to wait for the new episodes of my favourite books I am having trouble finding anything I like. But yeah other than that it’s pretty cool.

- Great app I think you should at least try it! =) ALSO WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHO PUT A 1 STAR!?

It is a great way to read but have fun at the same time. Right now I am reading castle swimmers it is the BEST!!! I recommend this app to all it gets a 5 star rating for me. I would give it and 1000000000000 star rating if I could. Also there is stuff like horror and romance and more themes and also says what type of style of art do you like so then you are comfortable with the thing your reading. It is also a way to get people to read more so I think you should check this out. You also can like and share them. It also bookmarks the episode that you were on so then you don’t loose track. Thank you for reading this make sure to check it out. And if you don’t like castle swimmers then read something you like Thank you again and bye :).

- Just wow

This is such a great app, if you’re bored and such you can look at many of the story’s they have. I haven’t seen an ad and I’ve had this for a day which is just awesome. The only thing I dislike is the wait for another page to come out but it’s only a week and i know you can’t rush perfection.


I’m only 14 and I hated reading until I got this it really made me read more now on my spare time I use this app thanks

- Amazing!

This app is absolutely incredible. It lets you enjoy amazing comics by so many different talented artists. I get sucked in whenever I read a new story. I would 100% recommend getting this app. 10/10. 😆 Recommend comics: True Beauty, and Castle Swimmer. 👍


In full honesty, this app is a treasure trove and the perfect platform to share unique comics, but why does it that the app version can’t upload? I know I can just submit it on the website but it would be additively easier to have it on the app than constantly logging on the website. I would understand if this was difficult to implement or just can’t be supported yet but if the deviantart app can do it, I believe this one can. But anyway I fully support this app and deserves to be recognised as the best way to share comics.


This app is so amazing. Honestly hands down the best app to read any kind of comic. There are no ridiculous coins or points that cost money. This app has the sole purpose of allowing readers to read any comic they desire while also supporting the creators. That is amazing. I have been indulged in this app ever since I downloaded it and I’m glad I did. If you haven’t downloaded it yet you have to try it out. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Amazing

THIS IS AMAZING but... I can’t log in. plz help me because I love the comics and want to download it for on the go. So plz help meeeeeeee. 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁 Please reply with help Edited: Still with the up date I can't log in and I put the correct information but it doesn't work plz help!!!! 🙁🙁🙁🙁

- Amazing!!!

My friends love it and I do too. I so recommend this, I’ve always wanted to find graphic books and they are so hard to find. All the books are free and it’s easy to use. I can use this app all day if I wanted too.

- Unfortunate Update

The new update has made me unable to read the webtoons anymore, it’s really disappointing. I deleted the app and redownloaded it to see if that would fix it, but it still won’t work. The WEBTOON creators need to fix this, or I will delete this app for good.

- Great however

This is a great app and I really enjoy it however when every I try to login it would take me to the website. If I login there, and go back to the app. In the app I would still not be logged in. I have tried several times. And it’s still the same. Takes me to the website I login. Go back and still not logged in. Is there a way I can fix this? It’s quite bothering. Thank you

- Lag

Everytime it updates it just gets worse and worse

- The app becomes slower and slower after updates

The app gets even more sluggish after each update. After an update released from March 22 to 25, the app basically locks up for around 20 seconds after loading the ‘My’ section. I have to wait around 20 seconds before I can change between tabs in ‘My’ even when there are only 2 titles showing up in Recent. Please stop bloating the app

- help

i recently accidentally deleted the app from my ipad, and then i got it back again. but now when i go to login in the app, it comes up with the website of webtoon. and i can log in there but then i can’t login in the app. pls fix this it’s really annoying that i can’t read webtoon on my ipad.

- Bug

Where the pop up says “Featuring creators and stories like you’ve never seen before”, there is a close button under that. The button is unresponsive

- Love it

I’ve had WEBTOON for a while and I love it but recently it’s been extremely slow and I can’t read anything at all I can go on all my other internet needed apps as per usual but not WEBTOON I’ve even tried to delete and reinstall it to fix it but nothing works other than this one setback for me I absolutely love it

- Overall Great App

Love that this allows me to discover and read so many high-quality webcomics. Super easy to binge (just scroll from comic to comic) and resume from exactly where I left off. Only wish that it were easier to ‘like’ the comics - like a double tap or tap and hold or some sort of simple gesture, rather than having to navigate down to the bottom left corner all the time. Overall great app, though, functions smoothly and quickly.

- glitch

I love this app so mugh but i have had this problem for a while now every time i open up webtoon and go into a comc the pages keep glitch and the scrolling is so slow and it even affects my phone while its open ive tried everything to get it fixing but nothing works

- Laggy

This is a great app but I’m having problems where it lags out my phone. When ever I try to scroll down it’s all laggy and takes forever and it’s very frustrating when I’m trying to read my favourite comics. Other then that it’s great with a lot of wonderful artist working hard. :)

- Annoying lag

crazy amount of lag rcecently, kind of becoming a pain to read that way. Please look into it

- Isn’t tech up to this yet?

Fed up with the inability to swap and read on two different devices 🙄 what year is this? The comics are totally amazing, but it seriously irks me.

- daily pass?

used to use this app a lot but went off it for a year bc of school and stuff. came back to it earlier this month and they’ve introduced a new daily pass? this app used to be really good for binging, particularly the completed series which many adore and are frankly the best comics on this app. it completely kills the motivation to keep on reading the series and is just really annoying to use. id be better to get your extra revenue through other means rather than the new coins aspect you’ve introduced. i just see this new addition as something that completely kills what made webtoons special. this will only apply to other series when they’ve been completed as well and eventually rob users enjoyment of this app. bring back the old concept or look for some other form of revenue through administrating small ads or something else because in time lots of people will just view this feature as annoying and unnecessary too.

- Awesome app but crashes on ios13 :(

Love this app ❤️ The new policy was definitely a change, but I understand why they did it. Unfortunately I can now no longer open the app... I recently bought a new phone which has ios13 (I was previously running ios10) and now the app gets stuck on the loading screen for a few seconds before crashing. My other apps work fine and the phone is brand new so it’s not a memory problem. Hopefully can get this fixed soon!

- It won’t let me log in

The app won’t let me type my old in details in, the keyboard on my iPad isn’t even popping up. As well it won’t allow me to copy and paste my details in ether 😒😠

- Love this app.

It’s low key annoying when I do a challenge and I don’t get coins for completing he challenge.


my line account got hacked and while they let me recover all my paid stickers in the chatting app, they didn’t let me recover for my coins in the webtoon app. Contacted the customer service twice, but they kept on sending scripted instructions. Not gonna change the rating until they recover my coins. I paid so much for it :(

- Amazing

This app is amazing and allows people to share their art style with others but I have one complaint. When I finished reading 100 episodes of Tower of God I pressed the complete button and then waited for the 23rd. When I logged in I didn’t get any pop ups saying to collect my reward. I don’t know if it’s delayed or something but I would really like to know if I will get my reward.

- Complaint

Whenever I try logging in it always says “This email you have entered has not been registered “ but when I try to sign up it says “The email address is already registered. Please re-enter email address” but overall the app is great!


The comics are awesome. However, it has become increasingly annoying to enter to read using the app ever since several updates. PLEASE Kindly the fix the app crashes!! I been waiting for months... but the updates are simply not fixing it. I am using iPad Pro and iPhone 7plus. Every single time I enter the app to browse/ select a comic to read, after even 1 or 2 mins it automatically crashes and exit me out of the app. Whenever I restart the app/ device, it does the same thing. I can’t even start to read anything properly. Please fix it or I will be forced to unable to use this app any longer. Thank you. Best wishes.

- Ridiculous

I like WEBTOON but this just deserves no stars at all, I just don’t understand when an app gets popular you people have to alter aspects for your monetary gain. The fact that readers have to pay to read is dumb and I’m not using this app anymore this is just dumb.

- Good app but very unfair to authors

I love webtoon but webtoon is deleting so many chapters from my favorite authors, it is very unfair especially when the chapter has nothing inappropriate in it. A good example would be MIJIN’s Our Omega Leader-nim which is a favorite of mine but I can’t enjoy it when there are constantly episodes being deleted. I really hope webtoon fixes their unfair flagging of content.

- It changed!!!!

I use to webtoon all the time, but with their new policy, you can’t even read completed webtoons anymore!!! You have to pay to read COMPLETED series, I think this is very wrong, and the audience should be able to read COMPLETED series whenever they want for FREE. Tbh this would not make you anymore money it would just make people not want to read your series. Please bring back the old policy where most of the things were free. :)

- Glitch

So basically what happens is that I am reading one of my story’s and then suddenly it freezes and puts my back onto my home screen, sometimes I don’t even get that far and are only looking for my story’s, because of this I can’t read them any more, or I only read like 10 words. But before this happened it was my favourite app and used it all the time. Please fix this as now I can’t read my WEBTOONS😞

- An app to die for

Web toon is a really amazing app for those who want to create stories and read stories! There’s a large community and lots of webtoons that you can read so no matter how much you finish and read there’ll always be another webtoon to read! I highly recommend this app!!

- Confused- missing genre

Did y’all remove “animals” from the categories? That’s my fav one and it’s so hard to find them just by search bar :,(

- App development

I like the stories but the app is annoying when going to the next chapter especially with stories with only 1 page . please have the swipe option when going to the next chapter!!!

- Making my own webtoon

Hi I always wanted to make a webtoon but I can’t do it on anything but the computer and the computer one is confusing and I don’t like the computer anyway so I wanted to make one on the iPad but it’s not allowed, please can you fix my predicament?


Ok to get this straight what is wrong with your app I can’t even sign up with my e-mail please fix this issue because this is the 3rd day I tried to sign up also the app did not send me a verification e-mail

- The last few updates

While reading webtoon the episodes would turn grey so you could keep track of what you’re reading, but after the last update all of the episodes turned white... as well as the new mature content update. Some of the comics are age restricted for 18+ but they don’t have any mature content?

- Needs to rotate and allow multi-window

Please just allow this app to rotate to landscape and also be able to be used multi window. What’s the point of using this in full screen portrait mode on my 12.9” iPad? These toons are designed to be read on a phone! Simple thing to fix. Just fix it.

- I’m having a problem

For some reason after the latest update every time I open WEBTOON it says I’m not connected to internet but every other app I have says I am??? At first I thought it was the internet but it wasn’t. Please help me out


I have been reading the comics on this app/website and I’ve got the story to build up and I want to read the final chapters but the fast pass thing gets in the way. I have registered but NOTHING has happened and it says I haven’t, this makes me extremely sad and depress and it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to enjoy reading like this 😔 I’d just like to ask that you might help me with my predicament and help me log in at this point I’m desperate. Please

- Last Update Removed My ‘Read’ Chapters

Just wanted to report a problem the last update caused. Whenever you read a chapter, it turns grey so you can keep track of what you have and haven’t read. After the last update, all of my previously read chapters are no longer grey, but ones I’ve read since then do turn grey. It’s minor but it’s incredibly annoying as I don’t always tap the Like button, so I don’t know if I’ve read something or not if I didn’t previously tap the Like button. For some reason, this problem affected about 80% of the Webtoons I have on my list. Only two or three are unaffected.

- Nice.... but downloading ☹️

Please let us be able to browse other content while downloading.. it’s really frustrating having to wait till downloads finish before I can check out other stories.

- Download issues

I’d like to be able to do other things as I’m downloading a comic. It’s really frustrating

- Thanks WEBTOON

I really appreciate this app because a lot of things are free unlike others. Even though they have problems with the downloads rule but overall this app is amazing 😉

- Downloading

The app has good stories but you can’t look through any other comics while you are downloading one which is very annoying and the downloads are very time consuming. Please work on this

- App closing

After reading a comic for like 2 days straight, the app closed by itself. I’ve updated it but it’s still not working. Please rectify the issue

- .

My only problem is that I can’t do anything while downloading. Pls fix this

- Language

The thing is downloading in an Asian language and I can’t read anything or know where setting is to change it

- The app keeps crashing

No later what I do, the app continuously crashes.

- Crashing

I just updated and now it keeps crashing. I can’t even open it anymore.

- Downloads

Can you please let us go do other things while downloading because some WEBTOONs are really long and take a love time to download but you stuck on the download page so please fix or improve that

- Downloading issue

The fact that I can’t go through other comics while downloading is quite annoying I can’t leave the download page

- Fix this please

i don’t really like how you can’t do other stuff while downloading. it’s like you have to wait till you’re done downloading to browse through other comics. please work on that

- Delete

Keeps Freezing

- I love the app.

The app has great stories but nowadays it keeps hanging for no reason. Hope it gets fixed.

- Sudden hanging

Every time I open the app it just hang no matter how many times I reopen it. It’s actually really really frustrating and I hope this issue gets fixed soon.

- Hanging

It keeps hanging and I have to reopen it Funny cuz the android version doesn’t seem to have that problem

- Update

The app keeps hanging and you have to keep reopening it. The app is good but pls could you fix this

- Sudden hanging

Well recently whenever I open webtoon it starts hanging I don’t know why this suddenly started happening

- Great but the update is not so great

I like WEBTOON I do but guys this update is bad, it keep crashing over and over again I’ve not been able to open the application today!!

- Life

Webtoon is life

- Downloading

It really makes no sense that when I download I can’t do anything else. Really dumb. Fix it!

- Awesome!!!!

I cannot get enough of this app. Thank you❤️

- Awesome

I absolutely l❤️ve this app

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His wood 🤔 #yaoi #comics #webcomics #WebtoonCanvas #Webtoon #BL

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@killubakaa @babypuffsslap Bruh It be them webtoon comics too.

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WEBTOON: Comics 2.5.5 Screenshots & Images

WEBTOON: Comics iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

WEBTOON: Comics iphone images
WEBTOON: Comics iphone images
WEBTOON: Comics iphone images
WEBTOON: Comics iphone images
WEBTOON: Comics iphone images
WEBTOON: Comics iphone images
WEBTOON: Comics iphone images
WEBTOON: Comics ipad images
WEBTOON: Comics ipad images
WEBTOON: Comics ipad images
WEBTOON: Comics ipad images
WEBTOON: Comics ipad images
WEBTOON: Comics ipad images
WEBTOON: Comics ipad images
WEBTOON: Comics Entertainment application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
WEBTOON: Comics Entertainment application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

WEBTOON: Comics (Version 2.5.5) Install & Download

The applications WEBTOON: Comics was published in the category Entertainment on 2014-07-13 and was developed by NAVER WEBTOON CORP. [Developer ID: 1241166143]. This application file size is 124.48 MB. WEBTOON: Comics - Entertainment posted on 2020-08-14 current version is 2.5.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

WEBTOON: Comics Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

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