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We are LINE Webtoon and we believe that comics are for everyone - for the tall and the short, the young and the old, the ninjas and the robots. We’re the home to thousands of creator-owned comics and continue to launch the careers of the next generation of great comic creators. We’re available anywhere, anytime, and always for free - because comics should have no boundaries.

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The applications LINE WEBTOON - Daily Comics was published in the category Entertainment on 2014-07-13 and was developed by NAVER WEBTOON CORP.. The file size is 129.26 MB. The current version is 2.1.6 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

* LINE WEBTOON 2.1.6 Update Notice
- Minor improvements

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Love the app but why  HANKJRFAN  3 star

Why take away NSFW content. If the person doesn't like it, they can go. Also why with the coin system. It makes it hard to keep up with comics.


We need a sad topic thingy  youtubelove12345  4 star

So it’s hard looking for something sad and depressing like I NEED some of that in my life sooooooooo could you please add that or something


Login  NoNicknamesAreVallid  1 star

So I wanted to sign up and I put in all my info but it said I needed the code they were gonna send me, it never arrived! It took me back to the option to log in or sign up and I tried to log in since I Allred’s saved my password. It said my email was not valid. I know I did my email so I tried to sign in on my brothers email but it still needed that verification code and it NEVER has got sent to me! I always look at the adds and I really wanted to enjoy the comics but nothing would work and I don’t know what to do :(


I Think There’s An Issue  xpple_lxughter  5 star

I love WEBTOON so much, and I’ve been a user for years! But I think I’m having a technical problem. For a couple of months now, I haven’t been able to like anybody’s webtoons. At first it only happened with the big webtoons that had 99,999+ hearts. Now it’s happening with a lot of them. I redownloaded the app, kept the app up to date and even tried it on the computer, but it still isn’t letting me heart some of the webtoons. Please fix this 😢 it breaks my heart to think I can’t show my support to my favorite authors.

Sid nasty

Amazing, but buggy  Sid nasty  5 star

This app is amazing, I love it to death, all of the individual creators on here deserve so much love, the artwork is diverse so there’s something for everyone, I really recommend this app to anyone and everyone. One thing I just wanted to put here, hoping someone sees it, is that lately the app has been a bit buggy, doesn’t update when it’s supposed to, sometimes for days. Might be a phone thing, idk, if it’s the app, I hope someone might check it out because I love webtoons and eagerly await every night when I can read the updates, but am really disappointed when it doesn’t update. And I’m not talking about like a couple minutes or hours, I’m saying like it takes a day or two to update to where it’s supposed to.


Best  Jason.Kale  5 star

I got this app over a year ago and to this day I’m still reading comics. I don’t get on everyday because if I did, I probably wouldn’t sleep or catch up on work, but when I do I stay up late catching up on comics and starting new ones c: Absolutely love it

The Webtoon Lawyer Jr.

Disgusting  The Webtoon Lawyer Jr.  3 star

Are you guys that money hungry you change your policy because you don’t get enough money? This was a FREE app now we have to wait 20dys what if the series is finished I wish I could go back in time and screenshot every part of my favorite series. This policy and coin thing is retarded and outrageous. It was a 5 now a 3. You really need to know how to run a company because this is just going to become worser. Don’t clickbait this isn’t free.FREE is supposed to be no cost think about it. -3 stars for now 5-2018


Pretty Great but....  hahahayayaj  5 star

I love WEBTOON but I have a complaint... Whenever I finish a comic or wait for another to “Episode” or “Part” to come out, I get bored. So I look for a new comic to read so I start checking out some.. And here is the problem, some comics I don’t like so when I decide I don’t like them I obviously don’t read them. But they are in my “My Webtoons”. Is there a possibility you creators can add a setting where you can get rid of comics you don’t want to read from your “My Webtoons”????? That’s all I wanted to say! Thanks 🤔🤔🤔🤔😂

Laurel Vogeding

Great app  Laurel Vogeding  5 star

Idk I just thought I should rate it I mean it is really great and you don’t have to make an account for it so people that have troubles making an account with their email just read because you don’t need a account (also I suggest you read Siren’s Lament, Lumine, UnOrdaniary Boyfriend of the dead, True beauty and age matters)


I am disappointed to say the least  Remph  1 star

My all time favorite webtoon is Tower of God. They have now changed when it is released in the English translation. This is deeply upsetting to myself and many others. I have contacted their customer support about this and they gave me an automated response. No reasoning behind this change or anything else of the like. This is just one of many complaints I have against Line.


Please  bailey_artz254  4 star

How on earth do I post my own web comics? I can’t find where to do so. 🥺🥺 other than that it’s a good app 👌


Discover Policy😡  Hiro_4  1 star

This policy has gone far enough. It is stopping the freedom of the authors on this platform and forcing them to remove their works. All the comics I read are from discover and have been affected by this policy in some way or another. If anymore of the comics I read have to be removed I will be leaving this app. PS: Please think about the people you are affecting

ohohoh.oh. neighbours

Alright  ohohoh.oh. neighbours  3 star

Crashes every time I open it. I have to try several times for it to work and often freeze while I’m reading a webtoon. Hopefully this can be resolved soon.

Stu 16

Support iPad  Stu 16  1 star

If you are not going to support the iPad app, then at least properly support the iPad screen size.


Scrolling  sara♛  4 star

WEBTOON is one of my favourite apps in my phone. The only problem with this app is scrolling. I often like to munch on something or fiddle with a something as I read but I have to keep scrolling at the same time. I suggest adding an option such as Auto Scroll where we can also adjust the scrolling speed. This will be great to multi task such as eating while you read. It will be very handy for me and I’m sure it well for others too. Please consider !! 😊

soul eater''

I can’t sign up  soul eater''  4 star

Keep saying fill the email when i have retype dozen time or nickname already exist when I’ve tried allll weird name possible. Even First impression is so bad, I’ll just stick to web. I hate apps that didn’t function well!!!!!!!


My review peeeps  Xxsmolpotato  5 star

I LOVE this app it’s amazing My favourite comic is “lookism” it’s a amazing story and funny a lot with the faces X3 Great app 10/10


A few suggestions  artemis_fowl29  3 star

This app is pretty awesome but I’ve come to notice a feature that could drastically improve this. I think that we would really benefit from an auto-scroll feature. I think this would be very helpful, especially on episodes that have a soundtrack, so that readers do not have to guess at which rate they should scroll to accompany the soundtrack correctly. Pleaseeeee take this into account, it would be really helpful!

A happy webtoon reader

WEBTOON policy from ages ago  A happy webtoon reader  4 star

So yes this app allows me to enjoy myself and get sucked into so many great comics but the policy just drives me nuts, I understand that it’s to protect younger viewers but the authors censor and put warnings before hand to ensure younger audiences. With the policy, I can’t really enjoy myself that much since it takes away from the romantic vibes that the story had already set up. This is why I only rated this app 4 stars, I hope that in the future this policy will no longer exist and that many other audiences can enjoy their comics. For the other 4 stars I would like to say that is very enjoyable to use, it’s easy and has many language translations by fans. I like the idea of some characters from featured WEBTOON get a chance to appear on the WEBTOON app when people download it, very nice.





Sign up  Tazorama  1 star

I wanted to get in the app, but the sign up wouldn’t work, no passwords would work, especially the ones that were perfect alphanumeric examples, and so I couldn’t even make an account, this should be fixed.


Going Downhill  Hahahahahahahahaley  1 star

I mean I liked this app when it was actually free but now I’m waiting and extra month, plus the new policy 🤷🏼‍♀️


My all time favorite app  SFaustralia  5 star

I can honestly say that this app is my absolute FAVORITE APP EVER. I have never experienced bugs or viruses, and the stories are AMAZING!! If you get this app (and you definitely should) don’t forget to check out Sirens Lament and UNordinary! They are literally the best and they have my DYING!

Black Halloween Wolf

My favorite is Darbi  Black Halloween Wolf  5 star

I cried on some of the episodes on Darbi


😒  mangthehorse  1 star

I had my email right but it still would let me get in even though the username wasn’t already taken


LOVE THIS APP- just 1 suggestion  Katprincess  4 star

I love Webtoon, I just wish you had the option to watch ads for coins. Several apps have this sort of option, which really helps when you can’t afford to pay. ❤️


This is perfect, except 1 issue  AnaRitagirls  5 star

Well this app is amazing and I read webtoons everyday! And so far I’ve been satisfied from this app! It’s awesome that there are so many creator who are sharing their ideas with others! But there’s just one issue.. It doesn’t let me sign in. I’ve tried many times and it still does not work! I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it really doesn’t let me!


Overheating my phone since app update  NSH88  1 star

I use this app because the other comic apps tend to have a lot of issues with randomly causing my phone to overheat. But now recently I am starting to have this same issue with certain? Comics it seems. Either the advertising is doing something in the background or there’s no option for the comic resolution that you view if that is the issue. And no all my other apps are closed out and nothing is running in the background besides webtoons. Up until now my experience was fine without these issues.


New update and new policy  TeenyT123  3 star

Along with many, the new policy limits my choices of who I can subscribe to and keeps me from being updated with the comics I follow. In addition, yesterday’s update keeps my comics from being show in my list and causes the app to crash saying I have no internet connection when I do on other sites and apps. Please remove the policy and please fix the bugs! I love this app for comics and I want to keep reading them!

Oh Asa

It’s great! But..  Oh Asa  4 star

This app is amazing and I absolutely love reading these web comics!!! They are made by amazing people and super fun to read! But maybe there should be an option to organize the “My” section yourself. Like adding a choice to put webtoons into sections like “current reads”, “archived”, and maybe reading lists? I really hope you can take this into consideration because I think it would improve the app a lot and make it a lot more organized!!! Thank you!


Loved it until they changed the policy  buffdudette  2 star

Webtoon was runing smooth and was really good until they decided to change the poilcy and i havent touched the app since

yaoi lover.

Nsfw  yaoi lover.  1 star

Nsfw should be allowed. It could be just blocked for kids under age but people still would want to read good webtoons that are full and not censored.

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