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LINE WEBTOON - Daily Comics App Description & Overview

The applications LINE WEBTOON - Daily Comics was published in the category Entertainment on 2014-07-13 and was developed by NAVER WEBTOON CORP.. The file size is 117.90 MB. The current version is 2.1.3 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

* LINE WEBTOON 2.1.3 Update Notice
- Minor improvements

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Potato theory

No more changes  Potato theory  3 star

I really like reading WEBTOON but.... I do not like the new change they added. By that I mean the coin change sure you can read the next episode later on but I enjoy WEBTOON because there is no bother on buying coins for reading entertainment. I will still use the app but in my honest opinion don’t like this change.


Not letting me sign up  cass-ie16  1 star

I’m trying to sign in but it’s not working idk what happening. Can someone help!!!

Sera and Pearl

It keeps me sane.  Sera and Pearl  5 star

I was in a horrible place in my life. It was REALLY bad. Then my friend was like “Hey you like comics. Check this out” I was silently screaming. But I felt alright whenever I realized my favorite artist got featured, and I’d get giddy when a WEBTOON I read reached the top 5. I know many people feel horrible and alone. Instead of feeling like the world is reaching out and trying to strangle you, try reading a comic, written and drawn by people who understand. If you have anxiety, “Let’s Play” will work. LGBTQ+ problems? “Acception” is full of them. Everything is there. Everything. If you’re having a hard time, please PLEASE read something. It’s made me feel alive. If that doesn’t work, there are always reading the comments, which are often even funnier than the webtoon.


I love this app  Meich85  5 star

It’s so fun and there are amazing stories you can read.


awesome app but  0range•_•MATTER  4 star

one time i got kicked out from my account for no reason


Best App!!  KittyMarMar222  5 star

I honestly haven’t had any problems with this app! Each chapter for stories comes out weekly for featured (most popular) stories! I am reading 30 stories at once lol! I can always go on Webtoon when ever I’m bored! It’s very addicting to read (in a good way)! The authors/illustrators of these stories are sooooooo good!!!!!!! Would recommend this app to ANYONE!


I love it! But...  Crafty.mermaid  3 star

The app is a great place to read all of the comics and things but there’s no way for you to publish and join in without being on a desktop. I don’t currently own a lap/desktop so I’m feeling a little left out is all


Coins; Waiting Days.  JillianMM~Paris  4 star

I read webtoons daily because of the wonderful comics! I would love to rate this a five out of five, but the only thing that bugs me about it is that episodes are unlocked for a week or three. I do think that it is fair for the author/illustrator, but the comic should perhaps- update that is given. Not wait for a week- just a couple of days- you get me.? For example, it is Sunday right now, it updated last Monday, but it says on the comic that’s unlocked that you have to wait “7 more days” for it to unlock. I would totally buy some coins and pay for a comic to read, but there’s this one thing that bugs me too. I’ve been seeing a lot of comments about this, “top comments” that if you buy a comic with your coins is that you have to wait for a couple of days for the next to he read- I’m like “WHAT THAT AIN’T FAIR!” 😭💔


How can you sign in  Gingerlicious78  1 star

I was really interested in this app when I saw the ads but what’s the point of getting this crap if I can’t evean sign up like I put in my freaking email in and I try to tap sign up but it won’t work and when I tap it it’ll just put it to the email and it says email address and I’m putting in my email but I don’t know if I have to put in my address and I’m not doing that so you ppl can stock me so I’m putting in my email and nothing happens so why did I wast my data and time on this app it’s worthless and I’m pretty sure the stories weren’t going to be that good anyways


Awesome app  rxxhelle  5 star

I recommend WEBTOON it is an amazing app!! I love it so much!! I recommend ready true beauty and save me

A happy webtoon reader

WEBTOON policy from ages ago  A happy webtoon reader  4 star

So yes this app allows me to enjoy myself and get sucked into so many great comics but the policy just drives me nuts, I understand that it’s to protect younger viewers but the authors censor and put warnings before hand to ensure younger audiences. With the policy, I can’t really enjoy myself that much since it takes away from the romantic vibes that the story had already set up. This is why I only rated this app 4 stars, I hope that in the future this policy will no longer exist and that many other audiences can enjoy their comics. For the other 4 stars I would like to say that is very enjoyable to use, it’s easy and has many language translations by fans. I like the idea of some characters from featured WEBTOON get a chance to appear on the WEBTOON app when people download it, very nice.





Folders please??  WhatDoIWrite  5 star

I love WEBTOON and spend much of my spare time on it, as such I have so many in my subscriptions that it is hard to keep track. It would be great if you could create folders in which you could organise all of your subscriptions.

dat cat🐱

More suscribing pls  dat cat🐱  4 star

I love webtoon and the app is really easy to use but I can only subscribe to 100 webtoons? It’s really hard because every time I find a new comic I have to delete something which is really sad could you move up the amount we are aloud to subscribe?


Sad that iPad is no longer supported  Tacbob  3 star

I love this app n have it on all my devices. But sadly the iPad version is no longer supported and I have to use the mobile app for my iPad- which makes the viewing experience subpar. It used to be so much better! I hope that WEBTOON will reconsider supporting iPad again.


I like it but..  KT_1015  3 star

I love this app but now u have to pay coins to read other chapters which rlly suck


I LOVE YOO  Infinate_Dace  5 star



I love this app but what the heck?  Emmy.rose8  5 star

What’s with the having to pay for stuff now? 😪

lays chils

Suggestion  lays chils  5 star

Can u guys make a section for us to change our emails or account details (apart from password and username)? Thanks.


New update  Ijhsiwdeefgjsusb  3 star

I really liked WEBTOON but then the new update changed its age ratings and now I can’t use it please help me


I love it but..  MunchyMunchkinzz  5 star

What happened to “Super Secret”?! I went to go finish the last several episodes and it was just.. gone! Please tell me your bringing it back..


Loved but now not so much....  BTS$EXO4EVER  3 star

I loved reading WEBTOON. It was one of my favorite apps to read on but now the coin thing.. I have to but coins if I want to read comics that have a couple episodes up. And the only way to get coins is to buy them... which is not fair. I wouldn’t mind so much if there was a way to earn coins (which I have not found). Might have to find a new place to read my comics.


Disappointed but not  someonewhodoesntrate  2 star

I’m disappointed that it cost money to read the webtoons? why? i liked the old webtoons better. Is it because you need money? Why can’t we just read without paying


Fast Passes  BT21gall  3 star

Please oh please rid of fast passes! These only make people want to delete the app as a whole! Fast passes mean waiting weeks to months to read the next episode! THATS STUPID! people should be able to read freely! If you want to keep your millions of downloads, please get rid of this new and agonizing feature! This only makes WEBTOON more boring besides the fact that we have to wait for updates! Don’t get me wrong I love WEBTOON but this is BAD! Nobody wants to wait 7 days then 14 days then 21 days to read the next episode of a comic! We already have to wait for people to update.

lpsemily the spirit

To fans and WEBTOON  lpsemily the spirit  5 star

I love WEBTOON. It’s great for creative people and if you like anime this perfect for you and this is for WEBTOON were is super secret is the author the creating it or deleted it tell me Pls I want to know what happened


Great app ... but  mariaaamariaaaa  1 star

I love this app , I’ve read a great majority of the comics and love finding new ones to read . BUT what I don’t like is when I’m in the middle of reading a comic and all of a sudden it just disappears ! Literally trying to load next chapter and then it says “error chapters been deleted” I go to look for the comic again and it’s completely GONE ! It was even taken off of my favorites ... a bit upsetting since I didn’t get to finish it and was looking forward to how interesting it was getting ... so disappointing


Love it!!  NourrAwesome  5 star

So far I read 2 comics that were awesome! “I Love Yoo,” and “Lumine.” There are also other comics that are great too so download it nowwwwww!!!😆😆


NOICE APP  Pøtatø||-//  5 star

Amazing app!! Few recommendations for comics to read: I Love Yoo, Odd Girl Out, Bluechair, A Good Day To Be A Dog, and UnTouchable (Even though that comic is completed its amazing)


The Coin System  Cassidy_Renee_14  4 star

I hate the coin system. I can’t read anything for 3 days and I don’t have the money to pay for it. 😠 And I also agree with HelpfulGemini

no adds i like it

Great job  no adds i like it  5 star

If I can rate this app 5 stars a million times, I would


Loved it until they changed the policy  buffdudette  2 star

Webtoon was runing smooth and was really good until they decided to change the poilcy and i havent touched the app since

yaoi lover.

Nsfw  yaoi lover.  1 star

Nsfw should be allowed. It could be just blocked for kids under age but people still would want to read good webtoons that are full and not censored.

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