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What is toca nature app? *App Store Best of 2014*

Nature is magic. Toca Nature delivers that magic to your fingertips.

Shape nature and watch it develop. Plant trees and grow a forest. Raise a mountain and enjoy the view. Collect berries, mushrooms or nuts, and feed the different animals. Learn who eats what and discover how much it takes to winkle a bear out. Walk through different landscapes and become friends with a fox. Capture the moment of woodpeckers zigzagging between trees, and watch the day turn into night.

Find new friends and challenges. Be mesmerized.

Discover the unexpected. End up somewhere far from where you started.

Let us show you the magic of nature!


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 250 million times and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

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Toca Nature Version 2.111 March 2022

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Toca Nature Version 2.026 May 2021

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Toca Nature Version 1.0.617 September 2020

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Toca Nature Comments & Reviews 2022

- AMAZING* *(Apart from a couple things)

Ok so I have been playing this game for YEARS and I am obsessed with it. I love how you can get close and personal on animals and create their homes in whichever way you want; you can make islands for the animals to live on, you can put them on mountains, or you can do mix, something like an enormous forest with a beautiful lake and a small mountain near it. But I think it’s a pain to get all the food for the animals and feed it to them individually, so I think it would be awesome if the foxes and wolves could hunt other prey animals. And also, I think it would be cool if you could add more animals like lions and sharks and birds of prey and like for lions you could add a savanna environment, and birds of prey could live in super high trees, and I was thinking maybe there could be a jungle option with monkeys or jaguars. These are all just my suggestions, so do what you devs want! I’ll be a fan either way. And maybe the animals could be more willing to explore beyond their own territory. And (I bet others have been asking you guys for this too) lots more land space. And maybe you could have save files so that people could have multiple environments at the same time and not have to remake it every time they leave the game. And maybe there could be weather changes along with the night and day thing that’s already been done. Alright, probably the time for me to zip it 🤐! Heh, sorry for keeping you.

- Brilliant.

A beautiful app and my personal favorite from the Toca collection. As an avid Toca enthusiast, I’ve purchased every single Toca app released (except the iMessage stickers). I love the Toca Life collection as well, but if you’re looking for a calming, de-stressing app, this was made for you. Any others simply aren’t comparable. Examples like Far From Noise (featured in the App Store) just make me nostalgic for the free play in Toca Nature that allows one to work at their own speed. Not to mention the beautiful animations and effects- one can’t help but feel a burst of pride after feeding a pack of hungry wolves with fish harvested from the sea. The camera effect is wonderful, too- where else would I be if I couldn’t snap a photo of a lumbering bear chewing on an unidentified blue berry? Tysm, Toca 💕 ily

- Played it, forgot it, found it again, love it.

Okay. I used to play this game literally all the time even though I am way above the age range set. I remember I used to make the whole world either a mountain or make a big giant forest. I completely forgot about it until I remembered it a few years ago. I didn’t remember the name of the app, or that it was a Toca app. Then, I was casually scrolling through the app store and I saw Toca blocks, which just so happens to be one of my favorite games. I decided to go through more Toca apps and I saw a bundle I had purchased a while ago. I looked at the apps and all of them had been deleted from my phone because I didn’t use them for a while. But I could re download them using my iCloud account. Then I saw this app. I didn’t remember what it was so I looked at it. One glance at that video gave me bursts of nostalgia. This is probably one of my favorite games even though it is pretty old, and I think you should either keep developing it or make a new nature app like you have with the Toca life series and the hair salon series. This is a crazy idea my brain had because I love this app, but I think, seeing all the good reviews on this app, it might not be to crazy.

- Great game! But I’ve got some ideas!

Hey Toca! This game is a favorite, because it’s so enjoyable and well as peaceful. I love every inch of this game, but I have some suggestions that would make this is game perfect! First, I thought maybe you could make the exploration a little less awkward. Try allowing the player to move their view. Because when ever I’m trying to take a picture of a bird, I can’t move my view upwards when the bird is higher on the tree. This ones a idea, but maybe you could add an avatar you can create. So you can create the avatar, got down to explore, and be in 3rd person. But when you hit the camera button, you go in first person and can move around, as well as being able to move your view. The avatar creator could just be a selection between a girl and a boy explorer too. That was my main idea. But as an extra, maybe you guys could add more animals, and more land space. You could add villages with people, or just stick to some new and cool animals. and the idea of more animals, might result to needing more land. Either way, this is an enjoyable game. Sorry this is so long, but I’ve always wanted to share this idea because I think it will make this game so much nicer to play. Thanks for reading, Toca!😊

- Great app! But I have some suggestions.

So I have been a long life Toca fan, and this is my personal favorite. I love making landscapes and I even made a signature area that I call "Snow City" The only annoying thing is that I have to remake it every single time, it can get tedious and repetitive. So I was wondering if you could save files so if you really like the certain area that you made you wouldn’t have to keep on remaking it over and over again. Another suggestion that I would absolutely love to see is arctic foxes, polar bears exist when you put the trees on a snowy area and I’ve done the same with the foxes and they’re still normal. I was really disappointed because arctic foxes are one my favorite animals and I would love to see them in this game. Another suggestion, I would love to see caves and bats come to this game, bats are one of my favorite animals as well and it would add to the landscape. Thank you for reading my review. I would love to see these things added to the game it was really improve the experience for me, see you later! Edit: I would hate to see avatars because it would ruin the rich forests, and mountains for me. It would be terrible but I would like to see you be able to create your own kind of tree and animal, colors, and all of that. Edit: The no arctic fox thing was just a bug. So never mind about that. Please consider adding other things though, thanks! -A Toca Lover

- Great game but some other ideas

I already love this game the way it is, it’s such a relaxing and peaceful game. But I think you should add more types of animals, and adding baby animals and baby birds in nests could be really cute. I also think that it could be interesting to have seasons, but still always snowy on the mountains of course. But most of all I think we should be able to give pieces of meat to the more carnivorous animals like wolves and foxes, and maybe bears. Wolves wouldn’t really eat fish in the mountains, so I think it would make a lot more sense to be able to give them pieces of meat instead. I’d really appreciate if you’d at least consider these ideas a little bit. Thank you! (Also I do not like the idea of having an avatar, I think it’s much better as it is without including humans in it. It’s so much more about the wildlife and nature that way. I think it would ruin the game to add an avatar.)

- Fun but...

This game is super relaxing and pretty. The concept is awesome. It’s just lacking in some areas. First, the controls are hard and it can get annoying. You can’t look up, and you can’t look side to side easily. I think it would be much more fun if the controls were more simple. For example, dragging your finger up would make you look up, dragging your finger down would make you look down, and to look side to side, drag your finger from side to side. To go forward you would just have to press and hold. Second, it would be awesome if there was more than just one world or plot of land for you to shape. You could make like three different ones that came with different animals, plants, and foods. For example, one could be forest, one could be tropical, and one could be grassland or mountain. I hope you consider making some of these changes. I think they would make the game much more fun, calming, and engaging.

- Awesome! But can be better.

I love this game! I suggest making an adventure mode with already made areas to explore ,expand and care for the animals. You could also have freestyle mode like how it is now! Please add little villages too!!! If you add my suggestions I will almost NEVER want to stop playing this game!💖😄😁😃Thanks for reading! Edit: Again I love this game but I have a good idea for the game. I think there should be avatars. There are 4 modes: Create and survive, Create and Explore, Explore , Friend quest. Create and survive will be your avatar exploring the world you created and finding villages, fascinating creatures and more all trying to survive. Create and explore will be how it is now. Explore will be a pre made world for you to do a unique story mode alone. Lastly the friend quest! You can play with your friends in a story mode. If you make these everyone will download it.

- I enjoy this game a lot! Few suggestions though!

This is a great toca boca app, and it's fun to play! I have a few suggestions though! Maybe adding stats (like your animals when you click on them have their level maybe, or if the need food or water our stuff like that, and maybe the higher the level the more bigger it is, which you kinda have, because when you feed the animals they grow bigger and show when their hungry with a little thought bubble, but maybe a stats bar where you can see all of that info and more) Also, Maybe adding the option to save worlds and have a variety of worlds you built earlier to play and change. Because right now you can only build one world at a time. That's pretty much it, as far as suggestions. This is app is very fun. My favorite thing about it is getting to watch the animals explore their environment and that you can make that environment. I also love that you can make different versions of an animal (like how you can make a polar bear by growing its type of tree on a mountain or along with the regular bear) and how you get to build different habitats such as rivers, ponds, forests, mountains, and more! This is a great app, recommend for all!

- Unique and entertaining yet simple🐻

Brilliant and pleasant Toca Nature is a entertaining way to enjoy nature without being in it. Discover strange behavior and unusual markings in the forest. It feels like you are in some sort of amazing world where nothing will hurt you. Learn what the animals will eat. Make different environments with a unique arsenal of realistic trees that spawn certain animals when you put a lot of room to live in. Mountains will rise and rivers will form. When the building is done, explore a new world of natural wonders. Feed different animals with food that can only be found in certain areas of land. As you feed the animals they will get bigger and stop. Observe them, feed them, make them a amazing place, Toca Nature will do all of that and more. Overall great game.🐻🐟🐦

- So relaxing!

I love toca life games, so I went looking for other types of toca boca games. I found toca nature and I downloaded it immediately. It’s so soothing and the music is beautiful. It’s the kind of game that makes you wanna go camping, hike up a mountain, learn about the wilderness. Maybe just a bigger world, more animals, and more food to work with. No complaints though. Oh another suggestion: maybe you could get slots to save your world because every time you go offline for about an hour, your world deletes and you have to start over. I hear owls and crickets at night, but where are they? But besides that nothing needs to be said about this game except the fact that it’s a great work of art and you worked very hard on it!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


I just installed this app today and I LOVE IT! It's a great game but there are some reasons why I don't give it 5 stars. One of the things that could make the game sooooo much better is if players could save their worlds. That would be very helpful, especially if you spent a lot of time on a world you want to keep while continuing to play. Another thing that helps is if your resources saved. I spent about 20 minutes collecting acorns, berries, etc. only to find that when I exited the game to create a new world, my resources did not save. It would be cool to have different sized worlds or even a planet. More animals and plants would be awesome. THANK YOU!

- BRILLIANT game! Well done!

There are no in-app purchases! You just plant your forest(each tree type corresponds with a different mountain critter), dig your rivers and build up your mountains to explore the game AND delicious berries, mushrooms and acorns just appear before your very eyes so the child can harvest food and feed the animals!! The food baskets on the bottom screen are a great design as opposed to making things too complex with menus and whatnot. This is a simple game and it's easy to play. The fish are a nice touch, too. I enjoy the graphics - blocky instead of rounded/bubble 3D. It seems to give the game a dreamier feel. Great colors, too. This game is BRILLIANT!!! Magical! Come on and make an underwater version!!!

- Toca boca please do this to the game

It's great but I wish u could have more worlds and I wish u could have more animals to like frogs and bobcats but ur world could be in a jungle or a desert or a woods or a forest but in each different environment u can have different animals I think that would be cool also u could be able to breed the animals so there could be cute baby animals and maybe there should be people in the game like campers or explores in there tents and when they see a bear or a wolf or a fox they yell ahhhhhhhhh!!!! And run away and disappear and there's a summer camp and all the kids come out and play outside during some time too pleeeeeaaaase with a 🍒 on top add this.


Some suggestions, I’ve been playing for years and I love the game but, it’s too kiddish. I’m a teen, and I still love playing Toca Licensed games. #1: It would be kinda fun if you expand the landscape. Reason why is bc its a pain when your trying to look or take a pic of something. #2: it would be really fun if you make your own avatar (like Toca World) Then, you could chop down trees and make your own cabin in your woods and still watch animals. #3: Make it kinda like Animal Crossing/Minecraft. Now, that would be fun. Just things that I would love to see thanks for listening 🌟🙂🌟

- Stunning but a bit disappointing

I love all of my Toca Boca games, and this one is no different. It is simple, beautiful, and inspires people to go outside and explore. One thing I would love to see happen is to have a feature where you could save your area and go back to it later if you would like to. Also, if you were given a larger area of land to work with that would be great. Like I said, I love all of the Toca Boca games, and only want to help improve the game instead of bringing it down. Thanks!

- The first app the kids want to play!

Our 3-6 yr-old grandchildren love this game! The 4-year old just learned how to create worlds and collect foods. The kids love watching the creatures get bigger and trying to feed them foods other than what they request. I'd love to see a few more animals added to mix eventually--maybe a bit more color? We hear birds and owls but don't ever see them. I have no complaints though--the number of photo screen-shots saved on our iPads show how much the kids love the game. There isn't a Toca Boca game that misses the mark--thanks for all you are doing!

- Great game, two complaints

Toca: Nature is a great game, especially if you are looking for a calming, relaxing game. However, I do have two complaints about it. One of the complaints is about the price. Five dollars is a little much for such a simple game, though it is beautiful and I understand it probably took awhile to make. The other complaint is about how simple it is. I do love simplicity, but in a five dollar game I think there should at least be some updates adding more things. Otherwise, this is a great game and I definitely do recommend it. -Ella

- Relaxing and great for animal lovers

Whenever I feel stressed, I turn to this unique and beautiful game for comfort. You can dig ponds to attract beavers, plant trees to make different animals appear and plant trees on the white mountains to get arctic animals. I love how you can collect food for the creatures, and watch them go about their business in the plains and forests. I like the graphics-they are unlike any I have ever seen, blocky yet beautiful, unique yet familiar. I would suggest this game to anyone who loves Mother Nature and would like a calming and fun experience from Toca Boca, or in the English translation, play mouth. (I think.)

- Shockingly Well Thought-Out

I don’t know if Toca intended for a game to be so secretly brilliant, but it was. The balance required is ingenious, and despite how it may not be obvious, the lack of a save feature is a huge contributor to its incredible function. Without it, the game allows you to be endlessly creative, while save more closely limits your options and makes the in-game universe smaller. I love every bit of it, and strongly encourage anyone download it. Particularly older children will enjoy the adorable creatures and the simplistic beauty of this wonderful game. Well done, Toca!

- Great game for any age (one little bug)

I am eleven and I still LOVE this game it’s amazing! I have really bad anxiety and when need to calm I just open up toca nature and let the magic happen ( that was super cheesy sorry ). But it is calming and helps me sleep at night when I can’t. It is TOTALLY worth the money and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who has bad anxiety. The only thing that is kinda annoying is that when I close my app it deletes my island but it’s fine it I keep it open so yeah I really hope this helps anyone possibly deciding to purchase.

- AWESOME!!! But some things are missing that you need to add

I forgot to mention, I feel like you should add some bobcats lynxes or turtles or snakes. Don't just add the cute and fluffy. And, maybe add a different area instead of just normal woods. I feel like you should add like a snowy area or mountain tops or maybe even in the desert. And maybe, whatever area you are in, such as, snowy areas, you should have animals that match into the snowy areas. Like, a lynx, arctic foxes, elk, wolves, maybe some black bears, snowy owls, and possibly make the map bigger. Thanks!!

- Awesome Game, A Little More Creativity tho

I love this game. I also love to write, and when I just need to PICTURE a forest where a castle, or a magical faerie might be, this is the PERFECT app. It’s also very entertaining to just MAKE something that will almost never be destroyed. But maybe add a few animals? Also, I play Toca Life (it’s the BEST!!!!) and it would be awesome if you could make it so your characters from Life could come! Or you could turn THAT into a world in Toca.... idk, kind of weird suggestions, but I just LOVE any Toca! :3

- Very Gorgeous

I played these Toca Boca games for years ! Since i was very little , i still play them ! And the game is very gorgeous !! I recommend adding villages if you can ? And for templates for the world ! Like a desert template , or snow ! .... or maybe a jungle , try adding more things ! Hopefully people will enjoy these games more often , if you guys can do that it’ll make me more than happy ! That’s all im going to say !

- Great game! I’ve got some suggestions.

Dear developers, I love toca nature so much it is so fun I could play it all day! There are no problems with this game, only suggestions. first Suggestion: maybe players could make materials in the game like bridges, boats, houses, stuff like that. Second suggestion: maybe you could add a shop into the game so players can make an avatar and have fun accessories for the avatar. Third suggestion: players could tame or name the animals or even dress them up so then they could be like a pet. Final suggestion maybe players could have an option to play online mode with friends and family. Sorry for the long review, But thank you and please think about using some of my suggestions bye!

- Awesome game

I think this game is really good🙂 but I wish you could save worlds and create new ones. Also it would be nice if the worlds were a little bit bigger. Otherwise it’s an amazing game😛. I also love that you can take pictures and I think this game is great for all ages. You could keep adding more and more characters as time goes on too😊. Thank you so much for making this game it’s AMAZING 😉❤️❤️😀! P. S. I would buy a lot more of your games if they costed less.

- Fun and relaxing game but some ideas

First of all this game is great. I love playing it but I have some suggestions. 1. You should have a way to save your worlds. Maybe you could add a save button so the you don’t have to start over every time. 2. When you are exploring you should make moving around less awkward. Maybe add a joystick. Thanks for reading!🤩

- Great game could use some more stuff

I love this game a lot! I think it would be great if you added baby animals, also it would be nice if you could feed the birds, finally could you make it easier to move your view around, I have to walk and then stop and turn the globe around a bunch of times to turn in a circle. Thank you!

- Very good; however,

I really enjoy all of the Toca apps. They have a very unique art style and they're enjoyable for all ages. This app in particular can be very calming and I think every person of every age group should try it out. My only problem with the game is that there is no save file. You have to redo all of your stuff every time the app refreshes. I hope you read this review and update it. Thanks, Rue.

- How much I love it 😍

I had it before but I’m getting it again and I love it thank you 🙏 You’re the best person. Can you make it again but let people save there worlds if you can then I will play it even ore than win I had it please can you make people save there worlds. Every person that is voting is asking you to do something well some people are.

- Saving the progress made would be great!!

Love this app!! It’s very relaxing and fun to dedicate time to, especially to just get your mind off of things! The only thing I’d like to criticize is the inability to save what you have built in the little world. Being able to go back to the world you’ve previously worked on would only make the app more amazing!!!

- LOL love nature love Toca nature

I love animals and nature so much that I downloaded this game and inspired me to make a nature game it is so fun you can take a picture of the animals you see in the real world and the game will tell you all about the animal and then you can go make your own animal like the picture you took and lots more fun in the game. Ps: I’m not steeling the the people who created Toca nature ideas

- LOVE IT!!❤️❤️❤️

Here's to all you haters: I hope you feel good about yourself for hating on little critters. The animals are so cute!❤️ I do wish you could have more worlds, but you can always remodel it so... To be honest I kind of like it when it doesn't save your world, it's like the game is saying "ok that's old, START AGAIN!" But I love this game it's super relaxing. ❤️

- Highly recommended , and I’m the kid playing it, so I’m telling the truth.

This app is awesome, in fact one my favorites, but I’ve got a question. So, I found these things where there were rocks, which is normal in Toca Nature, but they had weird carvings and there was a fish skeleton under it what was it???

- Lovely!

This I such a wonderfully designed game. Everything about it is beautiful. I love the graphics and the sound effects. It also has a very meditative feel to it. I like how there is not a specific goal, and you just get to explore Thank you so much

- more animals! more everything!

This game is great and it has good graphics! the thing is that I want more animals, like these 🐧🦉🦅🐍🦎🦒🐬🐅🐆🦓🐁🐈🐕🐊🐣🐒🦏🐘🐃🐇🐿🦌🐪🦔🐏🦋🐀🐄 and add more landscapes like rainforests, jungles, deserts and more! Can you also like add a mode where you can learn about the landscapes and the animals? Thank you!🤩

- I got bored

It’s fun to make your own area full of plants and animals, but it gets boring. I recommend allowing more selections of plants to grow and more land details, for example... there could be tall grass to grow and different fish that you can find in the water, and animals that should be able to interact with each other or to be able to interact with the environment.

- Needs more

This game is amazing! Unfortunately there’s so little to do. Maybe you can make humans who will ruin the ecosystem and build. It’ll be more educational and interesting this way. It needs more area and it should have worlds. It needs lots and lots of more animals for example bats. It should have more building ways what I’m saying. This game has so it could have. I’ll rate it a 5 star when they add much more

- It crashed!

I was playing Toca nature and I was spreading around water for the lake and the game glitched and then it crashed and it’s kinda annoying. I play this game if I don’t want to play any other. If you could have an update Toca That be great! And in that update you could put more animals and bigger space to make nature in stead of a giant floating block in the middle of no where. Thanks!

- Delightful 💞

I absolutely love this simple game and enjoy the relaxing mood. It helps to limit stress and anxiety and is good for a short break. I honestly don’t mind the fact that you start over each time. It’s like waking up again to a new start. Fun, entertaining, and overall stunning.

- Love it, more suggestions

I love this game it's so fun just messing around and every thing but is it ok if you add a few more animals beacuse if you were it would make it worth the money and more people would buy it Sense it's achly really good 10/10 I suggest this for little kids!!!

- Please make more apps free

Ok so I've been playing to a nature and I absolutely love it and I just have one request It's to make more of the apps free so please make some of your apps free please make to a blocks free I have always wanted besides this gam I love this game to but I want to a blocks to so please make more of your apps free

- Buildings villages people animals and food

I have a great idea if you add this to the app it would be great add these okay so the more buildings the more people the more villages also there would be a more variety of food and animals each villager will have a job such as baker blacksmith and more please add 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗e

- I love it but suggestions

I love it but I wish you could like walk around and get around easier and I wish there were like other things you can add

- I love it! However,

It would be nice if your animals were able to breed. It gets a little tiring seeing the same animals doing nothing but sleeping, eating, and walking in circles. I love the game with all my heart! But this would be a very nice change. :)

- Simple, relaxing and enjoyable game, even for adults!

Toca makes some great children's apps but this one I found someone of my age even attracted to! It's simple but creative and I love it. This Toca Nature is amazing, I could only imagine how more amazing a Toca Nature 2 app could be created!!

- Awesome!

97 precent of toca boca games RULE! Even my mom friend thinks it’s awesome! When I showed her she even started playing with my moms phone! It’s creative and is a game to keep you quiet, I think the sounds are really relaxing and it’s really fun! Thanks toca!

- Cool but weird

This game is super weird because you can just make an awesome land and then you just have to go for like 1 second and when you come back it all gone. They do not provide a way to save your work.😕😕🤩but it’s still awesome I recommend it🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤪🤪🤪😇

- Suggestions

Please add the ability to create things like log cabins and furnishings like fur rugs and blankets. It would be great to be able to create new things and to build upon them. Please add more things. Thank you.

- Amazing 👍

I love this app!! It’s so peaceful and I like creating stories, but one issue is that the animals would kinda run around in circles non-stop, but it only happens rarely. Thank you and please fix that ☺️

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- Ideas

I loved this game but it got quite boring, what I think would make it exciting is making the animals talk and have your own avatar to join. Please add new locations and new animals etc monkeys,seals and bats also please add caves and make a camp so you can hang out with the animals and have your own little room. Can you make baby animals and animal families and new treats to give to them please consider this it would definitely get you more buyers and sorry if I completely changed what the actual game is about 😸😸 Ty for reading by Sassy kitties

- Awful waste of money

This game is entertaining for 3 seconds. This game has so much potential and I recently thought I’d re download this game and I remember why I decided I decided to delete it. I thought you would have at least added a few more animal and be able to grow bushes and maybe have a civilisation to explain those weird tombs. Please add shrubs or something! Add more animals that don’t ONLY spawn with specific trees, maybe they refuse to spawn in most but I want to have all my bunnies with creating and chopping trees constantly with the risk that they swim off into the distance.i want more aquatic animals too since the ocean has so many creatures that are weird and wonderful but you have fish and beavers that don’t even build damns. I hope you feel ashamed for charging people who think they’ll get a decent nature environment build game!

- Awesome update but can you...

I love toca nature and I know it’s not a toca life but can you please make a FREE toca life nature game so I can play it on toca life world also I know we should be talking about toca nature... Sometimes I just can’t wait for toca life world weekly gifts can you please do a daily spin with latest locations and whichever one it lands on you can get an item pet ETC from the location and that’s all I love all your games anyways Byeeeeeeeee

- Read this

First of all, this game is visually stunning. The sun rises and sets with the beauty of a real sun rise and set. Only thing is that after a while it gets boring so only play for 20 minutes at a time. Toca has done a great and amazing job with this. They have taken great care and I would recommend to everyone because this game is stunning in so many ways.

- Suggestion that could be good

I love the game but there is one thing that I don’t really like... I wish they could add save files so you can save a nature map and make more like hair salon 4. If this can be added I would love the game even more! I hope you see this and add save files thank you for reading!

- Something you could add!

I like this game it’s great but could you pls make it so that u can save your worlds that you created that would be great cuz When I bought this game I thought it would save! — From Bumble-Bee

- The game is beautiful so much more to become

There isn’t much to do in the game, I think that you should add playable characters and be able to interact and build relationships with the animals + more animal and adding habitats and familys for the wildlife but over all character desigh looks great and the lanscapes and art style fit the game well but the turn controls are annoying when u cant zoom in or out.

- Cool app

This is a really cool app to create amazing landscapes but you he problem is that you only have one world, I made a nice landscape that I loved but I wanted to make another one and I couldn’t without having to destroy the first one. Also I think there should be some sort of objective, or you can look at other people’s worlds etc.

- Fun but

It's a really good app but maybe 5 dollars is a bit much, anyway, I think game is really good but nothing new hasn't really cam up in while 🙁

- Really good!

It really good but can you please make it so we can actully be the animal and we can control it then it would be AWSOME its really good quality PLEASE WRITE BACK TO ME! And maybe consider me idea please!

- Ssssoooo amazing

I just love this game it’s so relaxing for some reason 😀😃😄😁😆🤩🤩!!One of your best games!Im nine and still a huge fan. P.S pls add an update where you can swim 🏊‍♂️ in the water 💦

- Good but

I think it's a good game but you should be able to make a character so they run around and feed the animals and whatever instead of using your finger. Pretty good anyway

- More Animals

Why don’t you add more animals like pigs and ducks and cougars and stuff my friend really wants ducks so can you add ducks and stuff can there also be other wolfs which don’t have to be in the mountains please!

- But...

It's a pretty good game BUT... I would loooove it if the map was bigger. Like, waaay bigger so you could make a better world it would be sooo fun and everyone would love it!

- ❤️ geometry games

This game is fabulous I love and I’m in love with geometric foxes But there are a few things I have to say: *make a bigger world to be in *can make waterfalls *ABLE TO BE THE ANIMALS!!!!!! PLEASE be able to be the animals I really want to be a bird so PLEASE add this in the next update! I love your games please add that feature and I will love you more.

- A bigger world

I love this app but I wish you could search more, customise and have a bigger world.🦄🐾🌺🥀🌹🌷💐🌴🌳🎋charli Anderson 7

- Great but

It soooooooooo fun and my brother loves it but it needs more animals

- Amazing

This app is so awesome!! It takes you to this peaceful, mist definitely different to this world, it lets you create your own world with animals and trees, mountains and damns. I have heard some people say it can get quite boring which it can, but i have nothing better to do so i keep playing for hours and it really soothes me. I sometimes play my music but the calming music that comes with the game gets in the way ( im not saying that theres anything wrong with the music that comes with the game it is lovely) but i dont know if you can turn it off with a game settings well I haven’t tried. Im 10 and most of the people in my class get these horrible violent games where you shoot people or whatever, but this game really makes you look outside to all the trees, birds, butterflies, grass mountains or whatever is in your landscape. Sometimes when you’ve finished your world, you take a screenshot and then you sadly have to, cut the trees down, get rid if ur mountains and damns, causing the animals to run in fear of the world, and wether its just a game its still pretty heart breaking because really, its happening in real life, PEOPLE are hurting the environment and animals either for fun or unnecessary shops, houses and, basketball courts? But anyways, i found away to fix that, you just double click your home button and then swipe up toca nature, go back onto the app and then its started a new world and you can just think that ur other world is still living peacefully somewhere. This app is really cool also, because you can ,collect fish, berries, mushrooms and pine nuts/acorns that you made that came with the environment you virtually made, and then feed it to the animals. Anyways, in conclusion, this app is soo wonderful, and i definitely advise u to download it. Have a good day/night/morning/afternoon. Remember to pick ur rubbish up and do your part on saving the world! Because remember there is NO PLANET B. Xx ☺️

- Toca Review - Nature

This is my favourite Toca Game. It’s so relaxing and offline..? Perfect! Best decision ever made on the App Store. Suggestion, add some more animals and interactions!

- Please update!

I really like this game even tho im 9 but can you add more stuff PLEASE like... ⭐️i want many different animals ⭐️i want to have different places like desert or snow and have different animals in each terrain ⭐️and i want toca boca to add random stuff to each game

- This game is so cool and great

I think this is a good game I rate it out of 10 of 10

- Just got it

I got this game some time ago and I love 💓 this

- Refund

How can I get a refund?,it’s a great game but after a while it gets boring and I don’t want the game anymore ,other than that it’s a great game

- Great

Awesome game

- Aaliywoo review

This is so fun YAY!!! Pls make more like this. 🔮~🔮🌺🌺🌺🌺

- Amazing, few things need to be added, but I recommend it!

I love this game, it's amazing and beautiful. Just a few more things and I would've given it 5 stars, and I'm sure everyone else would have too. First of all, it needs more animals. It's great with the animals it has, finding out their secrets, feeding them, and everything else, but eventually people will get bored of everything and will have figured out it all. I think it needs more animals, and not just land animals. Possibly marine creatures and more birds would be nice. 2nd, it needs a save button to save the worlds people have created. Other than those things, the game is terrific. I completely suggest it if you love nature like I do.

- Amazing! BUT

This game is absolutely gorgeous but only one thing, you can't save worlds , and also it's kind of hard to move around! It would be a much better game (even though it's amazing already) if you could move around with you fingers and maybe you could move around/ control the animal ?? Also being able to get more land in one world would be great too but overall it's a great game

- Amazing!

It's beautiful but I highly recommend adding a larger sandbox area and animals ingame such as the deer forest should start by adding bucks and the fish should range in colours, adding more controllable and movement, zoom, freedom and a y axis to the camera. Animals that kids would also like might be crocodiles, turtles, lions or tigers, horses, other farm or African animals because my little sister really likes them and many other kids would too, thank you if you could but incredible game

- Foresty!

The game is pretty nice. The one bad thing about it is that in Magnifying glass mode, you can't look up, so there's no way to really absorb the beauty of the full forest environment you have created. It's like having a muscle spasm in your neck and not being able to move your head properly. Surely it couldn't be difficult to show a 3D environment that is already there? I'd like to be able to feel like I'm properly in the forest. The other thing is, the space available is really small- you should be able to make the world bigger- have small, medium and large options.

- Best game ever, but maybe consider my idea.

I've been playing this game for half an hour and I LOVE it; 1 millions stars!!! Despite this, I think you should create an update where you can double tap the animal when you're in the zoom mode to control it, and also add more a animals maybe like owls, fruit bats, kangaroos, Eagles, crocodiles and otters. Yes,miso has you should've guessed earlier in my review, five stars were provided and I HIGHLY recommend this game to all!

- Pleasant

A charming new polygonal world. Harmoniously coloured with an atmospherically soothing soundtrack. This planet changes in beautiful ways as day turns into night and night turns back into day. Grow a mountain. Make a lake. Add flora and fauna. Interact with and feed the wildlife. Tap birds to fly around or tap deer to skip along. Feeling relaxed and optimistic. Capture everything on camera, then grab an axe, cut it all down and start a new. Lovely. A favourite app. Great work. Thank you.

- It's an awesome game! But a few things could be improved

This game is great! But it would be better if you could save multiple worlds and you could pick themes for them. For E.G if you picked the Antartica theme, there would be penguins, seals, polar bears, whales and maybe even wolves. And if you picked the desert theme you would get snakes lizards Ect. This would make this game even more awesome! Thanks for reading 😃.

- Mostly awesome

I'm a bit to old to play this game but it's awesome! I bet all ages would love this game it's mostly awesome. The bad thing about Toca Nature is that once you've created a beautiful world, you take a break and come back to play on the world you created IT DOESN'T SAVE THE WORLD!!! So I hope in the next update they make a SAVE button, and that's the only problem.

- Amazing game!

I woke up at 12:00am the day it arrived in the App Store just to get this game! And trust me, I'm not regretting it! It's really and truly worth the money!!!! However there are some improvements that could (but shouldn't stop you from getting it) be a few things to consider at the next update: - Controlling animals! - Easier ways to move around and view your island! - A saving option, to save your creations and make new ones in other files!!! Thank you for your time! P.S Please Toca boca, consider the third option on my list as it would make the game a whole lot funner!


this game is a great game of creativity , to create your own world with your own animals and nature. In this game it allows you to collect food to feed animals like bears , rabbits and foxes . This game is wonderful the only thing that I would like to be able to do is to control the animals, it would be so great to be the animal it's self and explore. Thx

- Beautiful

This game and the graphics are so great. I have two suggestions though, 1. You can save and share worlds and 2. You can create whole environments with more animals for example you could create an ocean with sea life? Great app though!!!

- Love it but...

I just got the app and I already know I'm going to be on it all the time but I really want to be able to see the sky and look up and down instead of just left and right. That would make it perfect for me! :)


I 💗 this awesome game, but PLEASE add these ideas in your next update... ⭐️The birds don't eat anything, and no one grows by eating red berries! Birds should eat berries! ⭐️You should be able to change the seasons. Turn the dial, it becomes Summer. Turn it again, it becomes Autumn, ect. ⭐️When you're done, name your world and save it. ⭐️You've got birds, mammals and fish, but what about reptiles, bugs and amphibians? ⭐️Please make it so that you can go underground so you can see treasure chests and jewels! Please listen to these great ideas! Jessica, age 9

- Lots of fun

My eight years old grandson who spends hours playing Minecraft when asked what he thought of Toca Nature replied that it was more fun than Minecraft. His two older siblings love it also. It is educational, has no violence and no in app purchases. A great app for kids.

- Multiple users/worlds

Can you please consider making it so that we can have multiple users or multiple worlds in the app so that siblings or peers who share an iPad can create worlds without having to destroy what another child has created? And can we please have the ability to save our worlds?

- Awesome👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

This is a very stylised game it has great graphics and is fun but there are some things that would make it cooler like able to save a world, the animals have families, they hunt, and have more space but still a great game plzzzz put this in. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Tremendous Educational Creativity

All the Toca Boca apps are sensational, and Toca Nature uploads the strong tradition of magical educational experiences. My daughter is enchanted with this game, and the discussions it is leading us to have around numeracy and the environment is just tremendous. Beautiful polygon world, perfectly suited for environmental lessons at school. Must have.

- Potential

Like it, original, unique graphics, I just think there's way more potential in a game like this. Try expanding the app, making it bigger and better. Overall, very classy, but can be better.

- An idea

I love this game! The graphics are amazing and so is the sound but I cant save anything. It would be amazing to be able to save your world! Also it would be really cool if you could move around more in the magnifying mode. Thanks!

- Please update!!

I really would like it if you could save worlds!! So then once you have made a beautiful creation you can also show your friends and family!! I'm almost 12 and I still play this game.

- Love it but should have a save button

Hi this game is so cute and unique in its ways but the thing I would really really want is a save button because sometimes I don't always want to create new worlds apart from that nice game!

- What you could do in the update

You should be able to save what you did and you should put some little games in the app. 😋😋😋😋

- Beautiful

Stunning This app is amazing, the animals are so cute and unique. You shape your world, then take care of your animals. Collect snacks for them, and work out what their favourite ones are. Get it, it's amazing.

- Interesting but not Engaging

This app is designed for very young children I believe. I cannot imagine this engaging children older than 10. There doesn't seem to be an objective as far as I can tell, except to feed the animals and create an environment that they can live in. Aside from that, children are not challenged to achieve things.

- Suggestions?

Best. Game. Ever. I love it so much! I have some suggestions though? - option to change world size? It is currently really small... - option to save your worlds? I have to keep remaking them every time I open the app. - easier controls when roaming the world in magnifying glass mode? It's hard to move around and I can't look up. Otherwise, perfect! P.S. I'm playing on version 1.0.1

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- Animals

Will be really cool if you had more animals to explore and if the world was bigger and it was an option for snow there was a sun maybe building houses and eating food


How do you make a MOUNTAIN


I LOVE ur game! But add smore animals pls

- Really?!

It crashes

- Love it!

If you love nature then you WILL love it! I know these games are meant for children but I can't help but play this one too! I just wish there were more features and you could visit other creations and publish them. Of course only with your parents permission though!😃😃😃

- Hidden gem

This game is so fun, despite the lack of variety in terms of content. I find it extremely relaxing to create interesting worlds (even though the world size is very tiny), and walk around through the trees and feed the animals. I think this game deserves a sequel with more ways to change the environment, a larger world size, a way to save and edit worlds, and improved camera controls.

- Good game

How come if you put the right fruit in the matching trees they show up in different trees and not in the right trees

- It’s ok

If you love animals And plants get This.🇯🇵🙂

- It really is relaxing

You guys do a really great job at putting me to sleep 😴

- Love it!

I payed Toca Boca since I was a kid!

- Love it!

I love this app and all apps toca boca makes it’s so relaxing and the Animals are so cute Great job 👍🏻


I love this game, it brings me calmness and joy! Please make another one, maybe a cool desert version or Amazon! With toucans, jaguars and monkeys! I’d definitely get ably there app like this!!

- Best game ever please continue updating!

This is an amazing and fun game for children and adults alike! I hope Toca keeps updating and adding new things to this game its a wonderful sim type of game with lots of room to explore~

- nice~!

fairly cute

- This game doesn’t save and has no purpose

I immediately regretted after I bought this and opened this game, the game itself has no purpose, cannot save. Don’t waste your money on this.

- Landscape creation game

My 5 and 9 year olds love creating new worlds. If they ever let me play, I think I'd love it too!

- Toca nature

I love this game, but can this game have a little bit more animals,or more types of food?

- Toca Nature

great game, but please make it so we can save our little town things. 😊 maybe add houses & make it so we could save please!

- New habitats

I think you should make a new habit. Like the Savannah or jungle or even the ocean.

- Unleash creativity!

My son plays this game more than any other. I'd love to see Another game like this (or update this one with new features!)

- Feeding

Ok why dont the wolfs hunt and the bears fish so i don't need to feed them all the time

- You guys have done it again!

Your apps are the only apps that I spend money on Honest! I usually get the new releases and I NEVER regret it :) good job 1000000/10 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Good game but...

It's a good game but for some reason it doesn't save the world I made

- BOF...

Tu te tanne vite! Je n’aurai jamais payer pour ce jeux si je l’aurai vu avant. La seule chose que tu peux faire c’est planter des arbres et cueillir des fruits et des poissons!🐟

- Save

The game is cute, but it would be ideal to be able to save and expand.

- Love it so so love it

Nice and creative but make caves and cougars and make it so you can make houses and some eagles or people or leopards and make it so you know if the animal is a girl or a boy and plz make it so you can make babies plz plz plz do in next update

- ..

Please make a way to save the creation. And if you can, add caves and horses.

- It was really fun but

Maybe add the ability to save your creations and make new ones also add seasons and more building tools and more animals

- Turtles

Add owls,turtles,squirrels next up date

- Love it!!

I love this app so much. But I was wondering if you are planning on adding new features as I'd love to make a waterfall.

- I love it!

I really like this app, beautiful graphics, and the animals are so cute! I would like a way to save my old worlds, if you can do that. Maybe some new animals and terrains, but all in all its a wonderful app :)

- Great game!

Great game, very beautiful too! Consider adding badgers, turtles, or squirrels.

- Wonderful

Love it!

- Good

The animals are super cute!!🐶 But... I would like my worlds to be saved.👌🏻

- Great but...

This game is soo adorable !! Love it!! Great game for creative thoughts !! And for little kids! It's just that I would love more animals and seasons !! For me after 2 mins it's boring ! But maybe not for you! Anyway it's not really worth 3.49$... So whatever you do .. Don't expect great. Ok? Thx

- Bug

It keeps deleting everything I've done fix this please

- Toca Boca Nature

I am so happy you made it free for 48 hours, because I can't get games that cost money. I had been wanting it for a while! In the next update, could you add: more space, baby animals, and caves please?

- Great game, but...

This is a great game, especially for nature lovers, but there is no way to save your landscape. Therefore, you have to make a whole new one every time you open the app.


I think you should add some new features like turtles caves dingos waterfalls volcanos new types of birds ( that actually eat things) and new types of food PLEASE!

- Not good

I Don't like it

- A Great Game, But It Needs Improvement

This game is very fun but it also needs a lot of work, for example, it needs a save function, the ability to make a perfectly flat world and ability to do more in your world. It would also help to allow the player to interact more with the animals in the game.

- Ideas for an update

For the next update can we save worlds and name them. Also you should add Dolphins and turtles in the game and the abominable snowman( yeti) in the snowy biome. Don't forget some squids and maybe some wolves.

- Love

We love this game. It's beautiful and relaxing. Could you consider adding seasons? Also some new animals, new terrain and new types of food. Thanks!

- !!

Great game, maybe just add a few animals and/or a save function/make a world bigger?? Anyway, beautiful game!!

- Love it

It just needs: - More animals - Weather/seasons - Being able to save creations - Map expansion - Waterfalls, caves, bushes - Different types of ground

- Our four year old loves it

So cute! You can collect food and feed animals with it all by touch. Our kid loves catching the fish and feeding the foxes particularly.

- Pretty neat

It got some very nice visuals and an interesting map shaping system, however as charming the critters are in this appealing world, it lacks something to keep us hooked to the game.


I worked hours to create the perfect ecosystem and was feeding my wolf and fox successfully with my abundant fish...then i quit the game and realize it doesn't save...noooooo all my hard workkkk please save my forest

- Love it! But, problem

The game itself is awesome, enjoyable and beautifully animated but, it keeps on crashing. I'm just getting into designing my landscape when the screen turns black and kicks me out of the app "deleting" my work in the process because the game doesn't save. Please update this!! I love this game!! Also, if it's any concern, I'm playing it on an iPod 5 32g.

- Great app lots of fun

Please just make a way to save a world and start a new one. My 2 kids want their own worlds so right now we can't play this game until you add this feature. The way you have it in your Toca Builders game.

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Alias Jackie, Alias Jack

@MapleSweetheart is almost as good as an otterbox for half the price. The stand part will break though. Hoopa City/Hoopa City 2, Toca Nature, Pango playground, and all of the Sago Mini games seem to be hits with the 4 and under set.

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Toca Nature iphone images
Toca Nature iphone images
Toca Nature iphone images
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Toca Nature (Version 2.1) Install & Download

The applications Toca Nature was published in the category Education on 2014-11-13 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 126.83 MB. Toca Nature - Education app posted on 2022-03-11 current version is 2.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocanature