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Looking for rock-solid GPS logging? How about excellent bike navigation? With support for bluetooth cadence, heart rate and power accessories, Ride with GPS is the best bike computer on the market. Come experience our passion to make riding easy, safe and fun for cyclists worldwide.

Ride, Record, Snap, and Share - Ride with GPS


• One press and you’re off; we’ll provide a map, distance traveled, ride duration and more.
• Designed to be stable and efficient; we’ll record all your stats while leaving battery life to spare.
• See routes and cuesheets planned with our website
• Love your Garmin? Keep it. Our product can stand alone or work in tandem with your existing bike computer.
• Route navigation; turn by turn guidance with voice prompts and cue sheets so you never get lost while riding your bike. Basic/Premium only.


• Rock-solid GPS Logging; accuracy and stability are important. Like you, our GPS won’t quit.
• Comprehensive Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart support; capture power, cadence, heart rate, and more. Can also be used when riding indoors.
• Bicycle profiles for more accurate data; keep your stats organized by equipment for a more complete look at your ride history.
• We love all bikes; Whether you ride a mountain bike or a road bike, our software is the perfect companion.


• Make it memorable; take photos using your preferred camera app, and we’ll automatically associate them with your ride.
• Remember great spots; photos with location data are geotagged on your ride.
• Enhance your Garmin; even if you prefer your own bike GPS, the Ride with GPS app makes it easy to take and upload photos when you are done.


• Be social; publish your rides to social media, or keep them within our community. Of course we value privacy, it's simple to hide any rides from public eyes.
• Make it presentable; add additional details using the Ride with GPS website, and share your rides and photos in a format your friends and family will enjoy.
• Between other software and devices; export GPX, KML, or TCX files from the website for use in other software or compatible bike GPS units.
• Your data; we believe that our users own their data. We’ll never hold your ride history hostage.
• With your devices. Enable Health app publishing in settings and we'll automatically publish your rides duration and distance to the Health app, so you can keep all your fitness data in one place.


• Turn by turn navigation; whether you’ve planned a bike ride in advance, or you’ve found one from our catalog, we’ll keep you cycling in the right direction.
• Keep it real with live logging; publish ride stats and photos in real time, so your friends and family can track your progress.
•Never be lost with offline maps. Download maps and cues for a ride in advance and ride worry free.


Ride With GPS supports all Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4/BTE/BTLE) sensors. We’ve tested the following:

Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Strap
Wahoo Fitness Blue SC speed and cadence sensor
Wahoo Fitness RPM cadence sensor
Stages power meter
Polar Wearlink+ BTLE heartrate strap
Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap
Topeak PanoBike Bluetooth Smart Cadence and Speed Sensor
Runtastic Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor
Powertap BTLE speed and cadence sensor


To unlock Offline Maps, Voiced Navigation, Live Logging, and additional features on our website, we offer these subscription options:

• Basic ($5.99/month or $49.99/year)
• Premium ($9.99/month or $79.99/year)

Subscriptions renew automatically unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.


DISCLAIMER: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Ride with GPS - Bike Computer App Description & Overview

The applications Ride with GPS - Bike Computer was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2014-07-20 and was developed by Ride with GPS. The file size is 40.01 MB. The current version is 1.7.6 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Fixes a bug where the app was crashing while handling a termination message. The app was going to close anyhow, but we crashed instead. That's embarrassing!

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Ride with GPS - Bike Computer Reviews


Best navigation and planning software there is  AvidRiderPDX  5 star

I use the online program to create very detailed maps and navigation routes. Sometimes quick and easy one too. I can organize entire bike packing trips for friends, down the routes to my phone, and have navigation in airplane mode the entire time. Very little battery drain if you don’t keep screen on all time. Highly recommend!


Great new additions  Prentick  5 star

Excellent navigation and the new elevation profile tools are super useful!


Excellent Nav App  TechBaby78  5 star

App worked really well on a ride in the boonies of Missouri. I couldn’t have followed the route well with a paper map. The audio cues worked very, very well. Excellent user experience design by development team.


Not saving rides  Lvmickey  2 star

The app started not saving rides on Friday. Not every ride but some rides it just doesn’t save.


Dream Route Builder  Akaio  5 star

I like to build bike routes on their site and RWGPS lets me know just how crazy I am being. Then I use the app to help follow my course. It allow me both to dream of doing great rides, figure out the logistics and keep me on track. Thanks RWGPS!


Love this app  lovetocycle62  5 star

I use this every ride! Love the turn by turn directions! Easy to map out rides! The only thing I would fix is when paused it still says you are moving in the MPH display no matter how long you are stopped. Best app on the market!


Great app!  Coastbum  5 star

Just a great app for cycling. Does everything you could want. Integrates across all types of hardware. Flawless. Recent upgrade had tiny annoying bug where a pause popping incorrectly displayed. I contacted support and got an immediate and very professional response and it was fixed almost immediately. I'm a very heavy user and love it.

Comet MACE

Back in the saddle  Comet MACE  5 star

I haven't ridden in 30 years. This app makes riding fun again. There's lots of data collected that you can use to set goals for yourself and track your progress against them. There are several layers of complexity in the app. Planning, turn-by-turn, tracking, sharing. It's a great app for free - a better app for the upgrade.

Melvin the Goat

Great App  Melvin the Goat  5 star

I track each ride and use the app daily. Very easy to use.

Discovery Bill

Simply Awesome!!  Discovery Bill  5 star

Easy to make routes! Easy to use!


Ridiculolsy Expensive  Andy80addsds  1 star

The UI is a little difficult to navigate but the cost for the app is just ridiculous. If you are going to charge that much, at least have a trial of all features. $5-$6 a month is fair and reaonable, not $15. I may as well by a hardware dedicated GPS device


The best  rickwilly  5 star

I've been using this app since its inception. The guys have been constantly improving features and accuracy covering all metrics and navigation. You can simply download a route to your devices or create your own. Then upload your ride and compare your results. Highly recommended.

David W Berry

Far Too Expensive  David W Berry  2 star

Top In-App Purchase : AU$5.99 for 7-day subscription. That is preposterously expensive.


Pretty good  scirocco_torc  4 star

I've been using this paired with a Wahoo RFLKT display. It's pretty good. The screen integration with the RFLKT is not as customisable as the Wahoo or Cyclemeter apps but then again neither of them can do turn by turn navigation instructions. The best bit of RidewithGPS has always been the mapping and planning side of the website, but now with this app the recording and navigating side out on the road is there as well. Be aware that the navigation cues are entirely based on a preplanned track and can't re-calculate like a proper driving app, but it does have an "off course" alarm. I don't find the controls as intuitive as say the Strava or Cyclemeter apps but you get used to them. Also quite a steep subscription price but worth it if you were riding on unfamiliar roads away from your home town.


Useless  Hillymick  1 star

This has to be the worst bike related app almost impossible to do simple things such as start pause and save a ride


Great start!  MoviesAllOver  4 star

Useful navigation app and works well with existing routes. Lots more to do but already worth it, as a premium subscriber with lots of routes it's valuable as a backup to my gps loaded routes.


$3.99 for 7-days? Laughable  whoabro43  1 star

Great web app. Laughable j -app purchase system. $3.99 for only week of access. Talk about price gouging developer.


Not user friendly  Thepetmom  1 star

Not clear at all on how to create a route easily enough. My solution is just ride and don't worry about the darn map.


Keeps logging imaginary miles and shows speeds up to 18kmph whilst actually standing still!  1genericman  3 star

Pros: 1. Routes can be planned for riding later, or routes can be saved as trips that have already taken place. Great if one does not have his device with him on a particular ride but still wants some data entered. 2. Downloads the map of local area and the user can view it, including his own position on it, even without an internet connection. 3. Does a decent job of recording routes on the map; although it does tend to draw straight lines arcoss curved roads several times within a single ride. Cons: 1. Constantly shows that I am riding at various speeds ranging from 0.2kmph to 18kmph when I was standing still and taking a break. 2. Records imaginary miles (or kilometers) whist I take my breaks, even with the ride paused. 3. The iOS app took a whole day to fully sync and display the correct number of rides I added thorugh the wensite. 4. Premium is too expensive


the price is wrong  Paradoxographist  2 star

I will ride 4,000 miles this year using a combination of Map My Ride and the Google Maps App with the Cycling layer. I keep coming back for one more test of Ride With GPS, primarily because I have cycling buddies who have carefully groomed Ride with GPS routes that I would like to use. However: Four bucks a week is insane. A forty week cycling season means that this single app would cost me as much per year as two months of my entire cellular service. Save your money. Use Google Maps with the cycling layer, and log your trips with Strava or MapMyRide.


Save your rides; quickly!  EdGRock  5 star

With the most-recent update, the app is easy to use and very stable.


Finally, a GPS app that I like  Lost1140  5 star

I was using paper cue sheets until this year. I did not want to purchase a separate device for ride directions- since I always have my iPhone with me I wanted an app instead so I had one less thing to carry, charge and upgrade. But I found all the other gps apps inadequate including map my ride. I like to create routes online and download them, and map my ride never seemed to do what I wanted it to. Ride with gps is almost perfect ( the almost part is an iPhone peculiarity I will explain). The online route planner is accurate, intuitive, and reasonably easy to edit existing routes. It's a popular enough app that there are lots of local routes by other people to explore, and I've had lots of fun trying out some new routes I've found. A huge bonus is that my local cycling club posts links to ridewithgps files of the club rides so I can download them before the ride. Let me say that compared to using a cue sheet, the ridewithgps screen is faster, more accurate, and most important lets me keep my eyes on the road more. I was concerned about putting a screen on my handlebars but trying to read a cue sheet takes much more effort than glancing at a screen for a fraction of a second to see the little blue dot on the map (me) approaching the clearly marked turn. If you upgrade to paid membership you get turn by turn spoken directions that you can hear unless you are screaming down a hill with the wind in your ears. This app has definitely made my riding safer, I can concentrate more on what's around me and worry less about finding the next turn. You have your choice of a few info bars under the map, including upcoming directions, or a speedometer/odometer display, or my favorite the ride profile. This is the elevation profile of your entire ride with a blue dot showing where you are. In unfamiliar territory you can see which are going to be the big climbs and which are the molehills, so you can have your strategy for the next hill even if it's your first time down that road. I find it really helpful to know what's coming and when I've conquered the worst climb on the route. There is a feature to take photos and attach them to your ride uploads which I haven't used yet. A word about battery life: a gps app will drain your phones battery. Ridewithgps has an option to download the maps in advance, which lets you turn off cell data and navigate using cell tower gps alone. This helps but you still have the screen on the whole time. I find depending on cell signal strength you can use up to 2% of the iPhone 5 battery per mile. I found a battery case and a handlebar phone holder that the phone with battery case fits in and I completed a century with 8% of my battery left- so I'm all set. The iPhone glitch is for some reason turn by turn directions will occasionally stop working. Support told me I have to be sure that the ride is being recorded to keep it working. Some days there isn't an issue, some days I have to stop and play around with the app to get it working again. I hope to see an update that removes this occasional annoyance. Nevertheless I'm giving it five stars for the added enjoyment it has brought to my riding this year. I can load up a route and just ride, enjoy the scenery, and not really care where I am. And it's a safer way to ride. Awesome.


Can I have my $3.99 back  Bucknut0025  1 star

GPS is off. App stops working during the ride. All this app is good for is to look up possible routes. To actually use it is a joke. Apple should pull this. Taking people's money is criminal! DO NOT BUY a week. Worthless


Getting better  cyclista  4 star

This is getting better. I really like the improvements in navigation, it is really getting useful with more warnings etc. Now if you could just turn their chime off that it sounds before it gives directions. The next thing is Apple Watch support. Cue sheet directions on the watch, map update with turns & cues, start & stop recording all would be nice. Lastly please add full BLE support for Viiiiva HRM ANT+ to BLE bridge, so the Viiiiva can multiplex ANT+ signals over BLE. Lastly, make it easier to search for a route within my routes. I have set the routes up for a local ride, so I have quite a few. I ought to be able to quickly search within the “routes” view.


Live Logging stops mid-ride  acypher  2 star

I’ve reported the problem numerous times, and nothing has been done to fix it.


NICE!!  Rastadelsol  5 star

Great app!! I was hope the cadence and heart rate monitor add to this app soon.

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