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So you want to date someone that shares your same education level AND ambition/drive? And maybe, just maybe, you'd like them to be in your same neighborhood, attractive enough to at LEAST look good in a black-and-white photo, with a height that meets your way-too-restrictive height preferences. Perhaps you also want them to share your religion as well. While your mother may call you picky, we call you self-aware. It's about to be happy hour, so go get 'em. #singleisin #neversettle

League users now have the option of becoming a member by purchasing a yearly subscription for $199/year (equivalent to $15/month). This membership offers extra perks, customization, more prospects, invites to exclusive events, and is auto-renewing until cancelled by user via iTunes (or settings). Users who wish to cancel their subscription must do so at least 24-hours before the end of the current period . See terms and conditions at and our privacy policy

The League App Description & Overview

The applications The League was published in the category Lifestyle on 2014-07-15 and was developed by The League App, Inc. The file size is 57.54 MB. The current version is 2.6.11 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- The League is now live in 27 cities!
- New cities include Phoenix, Charlotte, Nashville, Detroit, Raleigh-Durham, and Portland!
- New endorsement section in settings.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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Stay away. Useless  caap15  1 star

Not user friendly, charges for everything and it does not do a quarter decent job. It makes it hard to delete your pictures and the account. I still to be able to do so. Total waste and not customer service friendly.


Great app  Jsauce44  5 star

Other than the waitlist it’s super. It’s expensive but I’ve been able to get by on the free version so far.


Maybe it’s good?  tperry37  3 star

I’m not sure if it’s any good. I signed up for this app because they made it seem like if you were serious about dating, and wanted to do it for free it was possible. I’ve been waiting for a month in a waitlist of over 11,000 people. I got one person to sign up and jumped to 7,100. If you don’t get people to sign up you’re ruined, so you can’t even privately sign up in a sense. They give you sales pitches once in a while to get you to pay so you shorten your wait. It feels like they prey on people desperate to meet a partner. They hype the app up and hold the experience hostage until you pay or wait what seems to 6+ months. Maybe I’ll update it if I ever get in, but I refuse to pay.


A rip-off!  Leanz82  1 star

I joined and paid for the membership, which isn’t up for renewal until spring of next year. I used 5 tickets to boost my profile, like the app suggested and next thing you know, I am booted out the app. And, I am back on a waitlist to use it. SAVE YOUR MONEY! I paid for a service they won’t provide me. I guess I’ll be taken off the waitlist, when my paid subscription expires. The app is a joke and having people pay for services not rendered is thievery, aka stealing!


Wait list is a hoax  poetick31  1 star

Been waiting and waiting and should have known that the only way to get into the app is to become a member for $200. No thank you. For that much a match should be guaranteed!


Be careful  Pmjayhawk  1 star

I do not recommend this app. It is a startup that does not know its true mission and takes revenue while in beta.


Good app just have to wait it out  semmycircle  5 star

Longgg wait! The time will pass either way so just sign up and wait it out. The three prospects a day is kind of frustrating but the people are way higher quality than other apps. Great app for those patient enough to use it!


Great app  Green52  5 star

Easy to use, great philosophy


Waitlist System Seriously Flawed  cafuller8  1 star

I completed my profile two weeks ago following all of the recommendations to speed up this waitlist. In TWO WEEKS, I haven't moved up one spot in my town. There are still over 4,500 people in front of me and I haven't moved up one spot. The concierge that's supposed to be helping you through this process is just a robot that pastes its best guess based on what you type. People have been fooled by it... somehow. They said the waitlist is to make sure all members are active, but who is more active than someone new actively creating a profile? That person is certainly more active than someone who sat idle for a month. I wonder how many of the 4,700 on front of me even remember they downloaded the app. Terrible execution, guys!


Pretty solid overall, better than bumble  badboy54  5 star

Better than comparable apps. Worth the wait.


Good app  N.aryan  5 star

A good app Hope everyone can get their soulmate here


Terrible  krussellm  1 star

The good reviews on this app are fake. This app is terrible and not a good app to find women. They tried to play the elite card and probably made some money and trying to get what they can out of it. As a founding member you get 1 more prospect per day. They are vague about it by saying you get "more prospects" as a founding member. I used to get two more (which is still ridiculous) but they randomly changed it to only one more. I contacted support and they asked for a screenshot. Their support didn't help at all. Any other dating app is better than this one.

Tom Brown 2015

Better than 🐝and ☕️🍩  Tom Brown 2015  5 star

This app trumps the other popular dating apps I’ve tried. It’s definitely worth a shot.


Waitlist?  killer6965  1 star

Been on this waitlist for months! Since April!!! Get an email saying i should re-download the app because waitlist is about to be over, so I go ahead & re-download well it was all a lie! Stop this waitlist nonsense. People don’t sign up for this because of the waitlist!


Extremely buggy  92892  3 star

This app just doesn't function very well anymore. You have to sign in every time now unless you pay an additional fee to skip sign in. Response to the response below: I swear to god my app used to say “login with Facebook below” and then in italics it said “paid to skip Facebook login? Click here.” Why would I lie about this? Hahaha.. seems like an odd thing to bother making up, no? :) I will say, the last update helped quite a bit though, crashes less frequently, and keeps me logged in again. So I’ll upgrade to three stars.


5 stars  KateEugenie  5 star

So well organized, great presentation - been using this for less than a week and I’m already so impressed.


Almost great  seriouslyconcerned55555  4 star

Great high quality matches. Need to send you more than 3 free possibilities per day. It’s a numbers game and you can swipe thru 50 potential matches a day on Bumble and the others..


Well Worth The Wait  devenfulton  5 star

This app is a level above other (more diluted) dating apps. The League actually uses each person's preferences to match like-minded individuals. I don't have to worry that I'm wasting my time swiping through girls who aren't at least interested in my profile. I'd say that becoming a member of this community is well worth the wait (and it honestly took way less time to be approved than I thought it would!) 👍🏻x2


Unique and talented people  Adollar2005  5 star

After graduating, I didn’t think it was possible to date and work at the same time. This app really helps you discover quality people that you’d never meet randomly on the street. Have had many fun dates :)


The ghosting is real.  Alexxxx7548593  1 star

They say their app is superior and limits ghosting - not true. Less matches, way more ghosting/limited initiation. Things get boring fast. I deleted my account to take a break. When I tried to come back I was told the yearly membership I had activated was forfeited when I removed myself for a short while. There was no communication of this. Total failure.

JJ Mansell

Nope, not for me.  JJ Mansell  1 star

Fees everywhere make it seem like scam and with three prospects a day, good luck with those odds.

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