Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map

Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map [Education] App Description & Overview

Star Walk 2 is an exquisite stargazing app enabling you to explore the night sky through the screen of your device. Make an effortless journey through thousands of stars, comets, constellations, and other celestial bodies. All you have to do is point your device to the sky!

⁕ BEST OF 2014: The next generation of the best-selling Star Walk, winner of Apple Design Award, used by over 10 million people ⁕

The app taps your device’s sensors and the GPS to determine the exact position of stars, planets, constellations, comets, ISS, satellites, meteor showers, etc., in the night sky.

“She’s a beauty.”- The Next Web

“Star Walk 2 is a terrific introduction to astronomy for young and old. It’s also handy for serious stargazers for observing planning.” - TUAW

“Star Walk 2 is visually stunning.” - PCmag

“This is a very beautiful and unusual application that turns your phone into a real planetarium.” - Free apps for me

“For those who enjoy the original app, Star Walk 2 is worth the upgrade — the interface is gorgeous. Anyone with even a passing interest in astronomy should grab Star Walk 2.” - iLounge

“It is worth every penny.” - PadGadget

Star Walk 2 in travel & tourism industry:

‘Rapa Nui Stargazing’ based on Easter Island uses Star Walk 2 for sky observations during its astronomical tours.

‘Nakai Resorts Group’ in the Maldives uses Star Walk 2 during astronomy meetings for its guests.

Main features:

◆ Map of the sky in real time
◆ Stunning 3D models of constellations and other sky objects
◆ “Time machine”
◆ Deep sky objects
◆ Info about celestial bodies and sky events
◆ The sky at different wavelengths
◆ Augmented reality mode
◆ Night mode
◆ "What's new" section with the latest astronomical news
◆ "Visible Tonight" section
◆ Siri Shortcuts to observe the celestial events quicker than ever*

► Star Walk 2 shows the real-time map of the sky on your screen in whatever direction you are pointing the device. As you hold your phone up and point it towards the sky, the star map follows your motions using the built-in gyroscope to match the map on your screen to the stars seen from your location.

► What's up in the sky tonight? Open the "Visible Tonight" section of Star Walk 2 and quickly find out all upcoming astronomical events and celestial objects visible for your location.

► Be aware of the latest news from the world of space and astronomy. The app's "What's new" section will tell you about the most outstanding celestial events in time.

► Create shortcuts to take your stargazing experience to a whole new level. Go to the "Visible Tonight" section and add the shortcut to Siri. Next time when you want to access the list of astronomy events for your location, ask Siri and get it quicker than ever.

► Touching a clock-face icon at the upper-right corner of the screen allows you to select any date and time and watch the sky of different periods.

► Get a deeper understanding of the constellation`s scale and place in the night sky. Enjoy observing wonderful 3D models of constellations, turn them upside down, read their stories.

► Find and study deep sky objects such as meteor showers, planetary nebulae, star clusters, etc.

► The night-mode will make your stargazing at night time more comfortable.

Star Walk 2 is the sequel to the original Star Walk, which is one of the most popular apps for stargazing.

New in Star Walk 2:
-Incredible 3D models of celestial bodies
-All-new stunning design
-New interface in vibrant colours for retina displays
-Atmospheric visual and sound effects, stirring soundtrack
-Exclusive handcrafted artwork for constellations

The app contains In-App Purchases.

*Siri Shortcuts feature is available for users of iOS 12 or later.

If you enjoy exploring the stars, then our app is a must-have for your arsenal.

Start your best stargazing experience right now!

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Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+ Comet C/2020 F8 (SWAN) position accuracy improved. Enjoy the app? Rate us and share your feedback.

Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map Comments & Reviews

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- Star walks

This is a really good app and I really recommend it because you learn a lot more than meets the eye. Recommend for children. Kids will hav fun exploring the night sky while also learning.

- See the stars

You can see the stars and know all of the stars names

- Compass failing

I loved this app but now it seems the compass isn’t working properly. It doesn’t point north and it moves directions even when holding my device still.

- Bummer

I had this app before , paid for no ads . Now I don’t get satellites !☹️

- Garbage app

Makes you pay for content over and over. I have 2 star walk 2 apps on screen with no additional content. How can this even happen. Save your money. This app ain’t it

- Locked out of celestial objects

One time I was able to track the ISS on this app. Now it’s LOCKED and requires an in-app purchase. What gives?

- Hello World

All was well until the words Hello Wirld appeared tight in the middle of my screen blocking my sky view! Cannot take it down! Not happy to pay for an app and only use 3 nites!

- Great app

Love it so much fun

- Great app

Love this app very educational and fun

- There’s extra fees ones you pay and download the app

You’ll need the extended packet to see anything.

- Phenomenal Fun

The entire family loves Star Walk 2 and all the plugins. Keep it up.

- Es lo mejor de lo mejor me gusta mucho

Very good

- Great!!

Really great app except for all of the in-app “commercials”

- Keeps crashing

I bought the app but it keeps crashing when I try to launch it. I have a new-ish iPhone (iPhone XR) and I don’t understand why the app won’t launch please help! I need this for my Astronomy class!!

- Continuously crashes and doesn’t start

Crashes and doesn’t start up. Please fix

- suggestion!

When I first started using Star Walk, the app opened with the Live View screen. It makes a great FAST reference! Can you add an option in settings to be able have the app open with the Live View screen again?

- Using this app

The best way to use this app is when the moon is full, most stars are hard to distinguish one from another, BUT, you can see the stars from the app with the moon as a good reference point. So it helps you remember what stars it passes by when you follow a few days after the moon. I learned more in 1 year with this app, than I did in 50 years of watching stars by seasons. BECAUSE I’d touch each star as the moon passed it & this app told me the name, constellation, type, distance, etc.

- Arabic Language

Please I hope to support Arabic language

- Application is stuck, hello world screen will not go away

My screen is frozen on Hello World when I tried to select the voice activation mode.

- Excellent tool!!!

I love this app....I use it with my son - the future astronomer!!👍

- Buy the add on’s!!

Great app! I downloaded it probably a year ago and didn’t get the add on’s, like satellites, comets etc. I didn’t realize how awesome the entire app is with add on’s, and at only $2.99 it’s a great deal.

- Awesome app!

Rarely do I pay for an app. But wow! You won’t be disappointed!

- Paid features are not working (Was: “Deleted review”)

I just checked my receipts. I paid for the FULL Starwalk in 2014. I paid for the FULL Starwalk 2 AGAIN in 2018. Now NEITHER ONE will show me the danged SATELLITE TRAILS! I feel: Sad. Angry. Betrayed. My first review was just deleted. This one sat for years since I upped it to threestar: Not cool. 15 min. work. Gone. :-( The app is missing the $2 add-everything, I guess to snag more money for (RED). Sigh.

- Star or Satellite? Plane or Planet?

Can’t tell with this app.

- Bait and switch

I have an older Starwalk app, so when I received a notification that I could view the new SpaceX train of Starlink 60 satellites that were just launched if I had Starwalk 2, I purchased it. However, when I followed the directions on how to view the satellites, a screen popped up that indicated this was considered additional content and if I wanted to view them, I would need to pay AGAIN. What a bait and switch racket. I would not have downloaded Starwalk 2 had I known I would need to pay twice to see what was advertised. Perhaps Starwalk could better serve their customers by informing them up front that simply downloading version 2 would not suffice, they need to pay for the Additional Content bundle to see what was advertised.

- App does nothing

Paid $3 for an app only to find out that to do anything that the description of the app says you can do you have to pay extra. I suppose I should have read description a little better or perhaps I’m not seeing how to do what I want with the app. Every time I try to search for something in the search box just get to the screen to pay more.

- Hi

Good app

- This is fun

I have a lot of fun with this app digging in Universe

- Not a good app

I have had other Star maps. Thus one is impossible for me to use. I point it at Venus and it doesn’t identify it. I am sure I probably have the settings wrong, but why should I have to be concerned about settings. I wasted my 5 bucks. I will delete it soon.

- Wish there were pictures

I do wish there were pictures. Like from the the Hubble and the rovers on Mars Even links to pictures via NASA perhaps But I do love the app. Tons of info thanks

- Trying to learn this app

Very difficult to maneuver. Just would have liked a point and ID option. No music.

- Starwalk

Great app been an astronomer since age 12 when I got my first telescope this app works great at any level of stargazer you are .

- Older version was much better

Older version was much better

- Amazing app

Love this app and how you can use the augmented reality to mark the stars in ur actual view!! You can tell A lot of time was put into this app to make it what it is!

- Unique

Of all the crazy, awesome things you can do with a smart phone Star Walk is the coolest. On a nice night you can find the planets, constellations, comets, satellites... it is so much fun to show your friends and to know what’s up there.

- Best. Value. On. AppStore

This is the most satisfying and feature packed app I have ever used. Casual observer, professional, kid, adult-something for everyone.

- Want to return

This is too hard for me to figure out . At one point it was showing the actual sky , now I can’t get it. I just wanted something simple and this isn’t it

- Just the Best.

Enough said. Guy Everingham Merritt Island, FL.

- Fantastic App

As Mentioned before Fantastic App, my kids and myself enjoy this together.

- Crap

Does not do what it advertises

- Great way to spend time!

Such a great app for those of us interested in the “heavens”. Also a great app to introduce children to the night sky’s.

- Love this app!

So dope!

- Loving this app!!!

It blows my mind how amazing this app is. Now, anyone who can hold up a phone to the night sky can easily identify really cool constellations and planets.

- Proves to be amazing

I’ve never had an app for star gazing before and this has proved very useful, educational, and accurate. I use it almost every night to see what constellations are rising!

- Amazing

This da best game ever I now every thing now about space

- Yeah!!!


- Great App

It is beautiful. It has a lot of information. But I still can correlate the screen with the sky about ten percent of the time.

- Coolest App EVER

I love looking at the stars but living in the city limits what you can see. This app brings back the wonder and beauty of the worlds beyond our world. Truly amazing!

- Great App!

I get a lot of use out of this app it is well done well laid out I enjoy it very much!

- Amazing

I love this app I can look at the stars even when there are clouds and learn all about space I really love this app

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- I love this app

I’m having no problems witch is good, I also love how when you move your screen it follows so whatever direction you’re facing

- Used the original and now the sequel

Have finally upgraded my old version. Still a great app.

- Calibration

I have an issue with regards to celebration sometimes. But I love everything beside the calibration. Sometimes it’s accurate sometimes it is not. Cool app tho!

- Awesome stuff.


- Needs improvements

Needs to be modified for more convenient use such as finding satellites which I purchased. Also I have a hard time getting it to work sometimes on a new iPhone 11

- Awesome app.

Amazing app. Use it often. Paid for the extras in the app. Glad I did. Makes it an even better tool.

- Just my opinion

I live to watch the sky this is a great app if you like to be outdoors or indoors. Ty

- Why is changing the time so hard?

This app offers a lot more than most planetarium apps, but it has an incredible user interface flaw in changing date and time. There is no way to have precise control over date and time, instead you move a slider that seems to jump between different rates of time change, often going bananas and spinning out of control way past where you tried to set it. There are so many other ways to implement this feature, but this one is unusable and needs a rethink.

- Amazing

Amazing app I had lost some of the additional content I had bought, but a reinstall fixed the problem...

- Fantastic App!

Great for sky viewing, really enjoy it!

- Nice


- Stars watching

I enjoy star walk 2 , easy to understand and it reminds when I used stars for astro navigation.

- Works well ... but ...

Works well but the older version was better! Star Walk original version didn’t have in-app purchases. It’s like plug-in after plug-in. Hacking off functionality to drive profit ... I’d stick to the original if I can get that!

- Love the App; Hate the pop-up Ads

The title says it all. I’ve had the app for a long time but i am tempted to remove it after a so-called “notification” on my lock screen for a back to school ad. I’m 42 fyi.

- Fun, educational and great!

Love it! Must have app. I use it in all hemispheres: wherever am I and whenever. It is always fun and keep my friends amazed during outdoor nights on camping. Big THANKS to creators of this App!

- Fantastic

Great app, visually stunning and easy to use

- Nothing seems to match what is in the sky

Out for a walk tonight. Full moon. Pulled out my iPhone to check out the stars and the app was telling me the moon was in a totally different location than where it was. Can’t say I was impressed.

- Will not search/find locations in Canada.

Bought all the StarWalk 2 upgrades, still won’t find/search locations in Canada. Even with full access to location services. StarWalk 2 support not responsive. Suggestion: take a $10 bill and a $5 bill and put them through a paper shredder. You’ll get the same effect as buying StarWalk 2.

- Very disappointing app

Lovely images annoying music. Too many extra charges. Earlier versions much better value.

- Amazing app!

I find Star Walk 2 to be completely amazing and have looked at the exact same thing only more clear beyond explanation. It’s a see it to believe it moment ! My kids and I lay on the grass and the what’s that mommy is answered and I learned more ever time. Thank You

- Better than Sky Walk

Just downloaded version 2. Impressed with what I see so far, but too many pricey add-ons.

- Bad app

Finally deleted the app. Just quit working one day. Paid for it, kind of enjoyed it while it worked but almost useless when it stops and just no getting it going again.

- Doesn’t load

I always liked this app but with the latest update the app does not load on iPhone. It just stays stuck on the opening screen.

- Crashes

I just purchased it. Unable to open, not even once. Freezes when is opening. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Same issue. Installed in iPad 6th generation.

- Greed. Vito won’t let you share with your family. Hide behind Apple policy.

Bought this and the in-app extra since I felt I was missing too much content with the baseline purchase. Looks pretty, though I haven’t seen Sky Safari 6 Pro yet to compare. I politely contacted Vito Technologies, the Solar Walk 2 app creator, asking how to share via Family Sharing with my son on his iPad. The answer was that in-app purchases aren’t shareable and that I need to invest my $15 of in-app purchases (for Solar Walk 2 and Star Walk 2) 4 times, one for each family member. I asked the rep if I should similarly also buy four telescopes, one for me, one for my wife and two children. No response. Just greed and arrogance. They aren’t the only company that hide behind the “in-app purchase excuse” to circumvent Family Sharing, but let’s boycott family-unfriendly apps like this one. When Vito Technologies become obsolete they need only look at the mirror to determine cause. Good riddance.

- Great App. Enough with upselling.

My family loved the first StarWalk app. So much so that we sprang for the updated version. Gotta day, the app is ok... but to get the most out of it you have to pay here and pay there. “Want to see the position of the comet we just told you about? It’s exciting! Now just $13.99 and it’s yours...” until the next cool thing comes along you want to see that they gouge you for. I’m not “paying” that game. Too bad your app sucks now. Delete. Next?

- Awesome!

Very very nicely done! Can’t remember what I paid for this it’s been so long, but I’d certainly by this again! This is an app I just keep coming back to.

- Great app!

Easy to use and really informative

- Too many notifications to buy other apps and features

My personal opinion is that I paid $3.99 for Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map and most times when I click a button an ad pops up to buy more stuff. I regret buying it. Other people may have different opinion but this is my personal review

- Thank you

Great app use to had a collection of magazines of 25 years plus loss all of them in a flood but now everything is paperless but thanks for this great app updates are great and also my Grandkids are learning also Thank you and everyone that worked hard putting this app together

- Star Walk 2? Incroyablement magnifique!

Contempler le ciel étoilé nous fait rêver... Avec Star Walk 2, notre contemplation de l’espace devient presque une expérience hypnotique que nous contrôlons du bout de nos doigts! « Live long and prosper! »

- Ron

StarWalk2. Lovely programme. I find it useful in finding my way across the sky.

- Thank you!

Love this app:)

- Crashes

Bought the app and it won’t open on my phone. It crashes every time. Want my money back

- This space geek loves it

I am a space nut and love everything space and sky related. This app is a total game changer. I LOOOOOVE everything about it.

- Beautiful app.

I can easily spend hours stargazing with this app. Nicely done. The free version has far too many adds to make it an enjoyable experience so it was hard to decide if I wanted to buy it, but glad I did.

- Très bonne app

Version française s.v.p.

- Calibration

Love the apps functions however settings are off. Says the sun is where moon is. Location is in auto in settings so not sure how to calibrate?

- Present Sky

Today is July 15. I am looking at the moon and Venus just south of its crescent. But do I see this on the app? NO!

- Good app but

Hello can you please add black holes if not it’s ok I just thought it would be cool.So please add black holes if you can.Also can you add an asteroid belt please.Thank you

- Cool

Great app and tech :) You’re so beautiful!

- the first app I bought years ago

It’s still my favourite. Great app!

- I wanted to learn about stars and this is perfect

This tells you everything you need to know. Its worth it!

- Français - anglais

Je voudrais la version française de l’application... mais certaines informations sont en français d’autres en anglais... la version gratuite est beaucoup mieux Dim 25/03/18 : in dévelopeur m’a répondu que mon avis était le bienvenue.... merci mais ce que j’aimerais savoir, c’est quand vous allez corriger la version payante pour qu’elle soit au même niveau (pour le français) que celle gratuite. Ok... I am writing it in English, since you don’t seems to understand that I am asking a question, and not giving an opinion. On the free version, when I choose French for the language the information is in French, but on the paying version when I choose French for the language, the information is in displayed in English and in French. why ?

- Amazing

Absolutely mind blowing excellent

- Contenu en français

Du contenu en français serait apprécié pour le bénéfice du Québec, de la France et des 35 pays francophones de la planète. Merci.

- not what it claims to be

doesn’t help you know what the names of the stars and constellations that are actually visible to you in the sky are. the app only wants to tell you what stars are theoretically up their in the sky—which you don’t need an app for.

- amazing app

Having used the original app Star Walk, I was sceptical about how much this app improved upon its predecessor. I'm pleased to say this app greatly improved upon the original. With all the new features, such as the improved 3d constellation images, I would highly recommend this app.

- I think that this is the best app I’ve ever bought

Holy crap. It’s so amazing, as someone who is very fascinated by space and stars I find this absolutely breathtaking. I can’t afford a telescope and it’s too bright where I live to see the stars so this app makes me all warm and fuzzy.

- I wouldn’t buy it.

You pay money for the app, and the you spend an inordinate amount of time having the app advertise to you multiple purchases the developers want you to make to unlock content. Well, why did I just spend $6 on an incomplete application? Devs, if you’re hearing this, I rate you low not because the quality sucks, but because your ads basically ruin a purchase I made. I’d have paid $10 up front for a fully functioning, fully featured app here, but now, I’m not spending another dime on your apps and taking my business to other devs.

- No longer troubled by annoying pics

I’m glad it has a setting where the drawings are optional, so you can just have stars and planets etc named!

- Yeah not bad

It’s a bit weird to work the app but slowly bumbled through it. If you want info in constellations you have to purchase their full app. Pretty good otherwise 👍

- Wow

I just downloaded and can’t stop exploring, thanks for a great app

- Not good. There is no essential requirement for constellation viewing.

The app developer is too much of a cash cow. There is no essential requirement for constellation viewing. The developer of the app is encouraging the purchase of other apps he has created, and it is difficult to find a star on its own. I'm so upset that I think it's a waste of money.

- Fabulous

This is a Fabulous app. It’s like an encyclopaedia and a 3D map with explanations to everything rolled up into one. I’m actually a bit concerned that comment doesn’t so it enough justice. It’s really really Fabulous.

- Great app seriously great

My only issue is that the alerts are not Southern Hemisphere orientated. Please fix that or tell me how to

- No zoom to objects

In the previous version you could zoom into nebulae and see detailed astrophotos. Now when you zoom you only see stars, even with all the additional context installed. Disappointing.

- Not what I expected

A lot of information but couldn’t figure out the augmented reality/ live view at all. Disappointed i spent money on it.

- Inconvenient!

It's too confusing and it's just too difficult! Needs fixing.

- Awesome app!

This is an incredibly well designed app with an immense library of our solar system. I downloaded this app for my kids to learn about the cosmos but I use it myself just as much as my children. Highly recommended!

- Very useful

I always fall back to the useful program

- Too much going on at once

I’m looking at like 10 million things at once, I’m looking at the stars so I can relax for crying out loud

- Star Walk2

Visually astounding & the music piece is a meditation track for this app.

- 5 ☆ App.

This app. Is for everyone and definitely has to be put on your iPad. Brilliant

- So much hidden from us.

Every time a new planet is announced like glese 581g. We can’t find it on here. It’s not up to date. And we can’t track asteroids with it. So basic.

- Worth getting

Great app easy to use worth getting.

- Big D

Bought the missus to tears.

- Thanks

I have a telescope and I find this very useful To my stargazing endeavours Bollinger

- Sky map good. S Hemisphere info poor.

Descriptions and alerts focus entirely on the Northern Hemisphere. Working out how these things relate to you is frustrating and time consuming when you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. The star map is very good - but the app’s overall usefulness is less than it could be for us in the south.

- Wonderful

Only new to Astronomy & loving it along with this App which is teaching me so much. I think it is just wonderful

- Peanut price to pay (considering the info)

A very nice application indeed Though I recommend the add ons,. Even that electric automobile that got launched, is in the program Two thumbs up from me


This app is out of this world! Watching the stars, viewing the patterns made by the stars have blown my mind. I can’t wait to see it in REAL life. Thanks for making this wonderful app, even though it did cost a fair bit of money, it was totally worth it.

- best most reliable star app i have ever used !!!

it is great rely helpful

- Good

Amazing download this app

- Great app but still an underhanded moneygrab

I paid $4.50 for the app but then have to pay an in-app purchase of a further $4.50 to unlock extra features. The developer is essentially offering a free version or a paid version with additional costly upgrades. Seems a bit rich.

- Graphical changes needed

I really like this app and think it is awesome but a few things annoy me. 1. Nebulas and galaxies don’t show zoomed out and you need to zoom in all the way to see them 2. Most of the 3D galaxies look the same in the models and is really weird and annoying I love this app but pls fix


Everything in this app requires an upgrade. I paid $4.99 and it still wants more. I actually deleted a free app with better content for this piece of s..t. AVOID THIS SCAM APP!!!!!!!

- 超级棒


- Good, though have some requests

Pretty amazing, though i would like the option to upscale the font size of the stars when viewing. I can zoom to a part of sky to clarify the objects, but names of stars auto shrink / scale small again, gah my eyes need a magnifier on my iphone6. And. Can we get some alternative star names mode- eg australian indigenous stories.. eg where is the emu? - and relate that to scientific names for comparison. Also there are common colloquial names that would also help... ‘the pointers’ the ‘southern cross’.... crux... for beginners learning ... thanks for the great work so far.

- Battery drain

I love the app awesome features but for some reason it’s been draining my iPhone X battery. The only thing the app is running is the widget ?

- Awesome app!

It’s design beauty is unparalleled by any other astronomy app. Easy layout and a real pleasure to use. Definitely one of the best apps available. Thanks for putting so much effort into design and features! It would be great to see in future updates an equatorial grid to assist with using a telescope. Once again you guys are awesome!

- It takes really long to load

Why does it take long to load??? I haven’t even had a chance to get into the app I’ve been waiting for over an hour for it to load I’m wondering if it’s an update or data loading can you please check the servers to see if it’s either my phone or the app loading I’ll give it four stars because it looks like a good app but I just can’t load into it.

- Meh

The app is ok. However when I bought the paid version on the App Store. It still comes up as the free version.

- Charged twice for app😡

Charged again, 10 days after initial purchase

- Fantastic

I absolutely love this app & use it all of the time... my 8 yr old daughter loves it too!!

- Love it!

Love it! Anywhere in the world i go i use this app! Such a nice peak into the Cosmos around us :)

- Love this update, automatically installing purchased 3D image and 🛰️🚀🛸

God bless you forever❤️🌞🌈🚀🛰️🛸🦋❤️

- Inconsistent compass

Almost every time I use Skywalk, North changes places. North becomes West, West becomes South, and etc... Now I know where North SHOULD be because I check with a proper compass. Please fix this!

- Thanking

I love this app and I am learning new information. Thank you so much Hadi

- The best app!

I absolutely love this app, the music, the features, it’s so immersive and a must have for a space lover!

- 😎

Don’t like this version going back to the original. Have to keep paying for the same add ons. Where as the original ver is all I need, look and find objects. All the rest is just gouging money. Also too much astrology that can’t de remove, over too limited.

- Too invasive!

OMFG I can't use the app unless I let it send my speech data to Apple. This app tracks me more than it tracks the stars.

- WOW!

Awesome App A++

- This is PRICELESS!

The best app I have ever purchased. I spend hours outside using, very detailed and accurate, easy for adults and kids to use. This is a MUST!

- As above, so below.

Necessary for anyone with Vision to develop Insight, Wisdom & Understanding of Celestial Mechanics, Sidereal cause & effect and Stargazing the Cosmic Logos. A portable scientific, spiritual & mythological laboratory. As above, so below.

- Great App just a bit overpriced

I mean I just paid $5 for it why do you want to squeeze another $5 out of me for the extra information...Bit of a money grab. Thus only 4 Stars

- Great

I really love the interactivity of this app. I just wish you didn’t have to pay for twice to get the full app

- Great for astronomers of all kinds- professional and amateur

This app is a truly detailed and well made astronomy app. Simply point your device towards the heavens and identify everything from low-earth orbit satellites to galaxies millions of light years away.

- Brilliant

Best star guide app i have used

- I love this app

I can spend hours on this app, I have always had a fascination with the universe, and this app gives me info that I would have trouble trying to find.

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- Very nice app, my son is hooked

Feature-rich, beautiful, polished, and very reasonably priced. But no Horsehead Nebula?

- Stars in star walk

I have always loved looking at the planets and stars, and the constellations. My favorites are finding Mars, Venus, and Orion constellation!

- Constant up selling limited data compared to old version

Been a many year user of the first app. I went outside to view the Super Moon and try the new app out. That is when I discovered the app has only a small slice of the info the original version had. I selected the moon and got a “get the upgrade” up sell. This whole approach is dishonest. I also couldn’t get the app to manually correct for the moon’s real location (the app shows it lower than it really is). I’m going back to the old app. Very disappointed.

- Nive

I like it allot

- crashes

still crashes when you open it on AW5. the 5% of the time it doesn’t crash, it useful, but that’s pretty rare. why is this still broken ? new install doesn’t help. shame. Update: I have explained to developer about the crashes, and he thanked me. If the app is ever fixed, I will change the 1 star rating.

- Trial period only

I know they have to make money but I am sick of apps being advertised as free just to find out it’s a free trial only

- Just perfect!

It’s a beautiful app. It’s very soothing and teaches a lot of what’s out there in space. When I look up at the night sky it’s nice to put names behind the stars or planets you are looking at. It’s nice to be indoors on rainy days and still be able to see stars. Thank you!

- String of pearls

Same as Orion belt?

- Great app. Awesome for kids age 2-80

One of the best developers on the App Store

- Moon and it’s Orbit

I love this app.

- So confusing

Can’t figure out how to find anything

- Disappointed

Can’t believe I paid for this app😡

- It’s amazing app

This is an amazing app that helps us know the universe better than ever before. My Son also like this app very much!

- Star walk

My favorite app of all time

- Hard to use

My old app was very easy to use. Still can't find my sky.

- Yay! App shows 12 notifications, actually has none

Truly the notification bubble (Apple standard white number, red background) for Star Walk 2 is BROKEN, and has been for some time. My Star Walk 2 app this evening had a (12) on it, yet opening up app showed no new notifications. I HATE that. Otherwise it’s an enjoyable app.

- Star walk

Good if you like space like me

- Why did this app stop doing its job?

I have had this app installed for several years and one of my primary uses was to have it tell me when the moon would rise. For some reason, it has stopped giving me that info. It now shows a dash in the moonrise time field. I deleted and reinstalled and nothing changed. It is now next to worthless for purposes.

- Great when it works

It used to work great, now the sun is up at night and down during the day. I can’t find a way to reset it except manually scrolling to a nearby location each time I want to use it. Very disappointing!

- Great learning tool

Fun for me and the whole family. A great way to get everyone outdoors.

- Electronic compass related features on iPad not presently functional

I was looking forward to having these features which worked on a version on my old 2nd gen iPad. The developers claim that a bug fix is underway.

- Cool app

This app is awesome, but sometimes like now it seems like the app needs a recalibration. It’s showing the moon is elsewhere when I’m staring right at it.

- Grateful for this app!

This is definitely an app that I’m very grateful for! I’ve self taught myself the constellations and am able to teach them to those I love! Someday I hope to teach my kids what I’ve learned with the help of this app!!

- Unhappy

The original Star walk is better and did not have to pay additional fees for the deep sky objects, some of which have been left out. Also some of the comets are missing. I would not recommend upgrading!!!! I would not have purchased if I knew it was not as good!!!

- Not a good app anymore

Where did the screen go showing in real time what’s over my head?

- Great app

Getting to star gaze any time of the day with a ton of extra info is really something special.

- Apple Watch app doesn’t work

App keeps crashing for past 5 months on multiple watches and iOS versions so not useable.

- Star Glazers Delights

Greatest app I have, worth every penny

- Absolutely incredible

This app is amazing absolutely Incredible!

- Cold night in Albemarle co. You rock!

You star people rock!

- Too complicated

There’s too much going on in this app. I like my skyview app a lot better. I would like a refund, please.

- Star Walk 2

I have always enjoyed this astronomy app. The app is very interactive and the glass constellations are very realistic and pretty to look at. I also enjoy the notifications of star-gazing events listed on a page in chronological order. That way I am sure never to miss an orange moon or anything else in the night sky that crops up. Keep up the good work! -David S.

- Extra $ for info

Disappointed after buying this app, the features displayed in the video require a “full” version for another $2.99. The first $2.99 in buying the app get you the simple viewing ability, nice graphics but not what I thought I paid for.

- Calibration

Calibration seems to be off. The sun does not set at 4:30 in the morning in the west catchy. Can you give me some advice?

- Love the program

This is the best way to keep track of what is happening!

- Have to buy add ons for any real usefulness

They shouldn’t charge for this app version of Starwalk considering all of the add ons one must buy to make this app useful at all.

- Education aid

Help one to understand and navigate the sky is amazing.

- Great for the curious mind!

Anytime you look up and wonder what you’re looking at, this is the app you need. It’s the easiest app to understand what that bright light is, or where is the ISS or what planet could that be this time of year. I use it equally easily on a tablet and phone. The details and descriptions they have are terrific and serve to make me want to learn more. Great app folks, keep up the great work!

- Sky

This app has amazing sights and features were not only can I Study the whole sky, but actually see in depth how and where everything is. Everything that has to do something about the sky is in this app. The best part is you can study and learn at any time. Highly recommend 🙌🙌

- Best Star Gazing App.

Buy it! Great music, very accurate, beautiful graphics.

- Amazing!!

I usually don’t pay for apps, but I’m so glad I did with this one!!! It is SO worth every penny!!

- Love the night sky

Love this app it gives actual up dates on current happenings in sky

- The BEST!

I have used just about all the sky map apps and this one is by far the best and my favorite. Worth every penny I have spent on it and the add-on’s. Please keep updating the app though. If you stop updating it, some other app will eventually surpass this one and take the crown away...

- Love it

I have been using it for years, and it never disappoints me. If you like to watch the stars, this is a must have!!

- Simply Wonderful

Love this app!

- Great give

This app is great. It has the right speculations and detailed observations. I highly recommend this app to anyone who desires to further their adventure in astronomy, astrology, or anything relating to the universe. -Thank you for investing your time to help the world become a better place.

- Happy but need help

Love 💕 the program and all the wonderful hints and knowledge sent me. It has brought me closer to the heavens and God. But I need help. I can’t get my screen to sink with the sky. I am located in Denver but have not been able to hold my phone up to the ⭐️ at night and find the stars I see on screen.

- Great App!

The ability to track and find the stars and planets is excellent. The interactive movements and labels make it very easy to find and locate what you’re looking for.

- Tease

They send you notices of various things and when you click on the notice for details it sends you to the upgrade screen.

- This is awesome

This is so awesome that can you make a star walk 3 app

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- Doesn’t work properly

Doesn’t accurately show where anything is.

- Starwalk

I would prefer it if everything was free.

- Very poor product

Not a good product. Every time the app is opened, the compass to calibrate my device comes up and during use, it comes up every couple of minutes. The compass heading shown on the screen never points to the right direction. I am using a Apple iPad.

- Star Walk 2 - Amazing!

I have this app on my phone and on my iPad and it’s truly amazing. I get notifications when there are things to look out for, which is great. I’ve learnt so much!

- First app more reliable

Liked the first app better. This Skywalk 2 does its own thing, you track across the sky find what you want next thing the screen keeps moving then drops below horizon. Does not always show what your looking at, how can it not see Venus when it’s glaring at me in the night sky. Getting annoyed with it now of no help at all. Would prefer the old one back.

- It’s awesome but...

It’s cool but the other day there was loads of satellites going over but the app didn’t track them only one of them, do you know why?

- Very confusing layout

can't access main menu. plays music for no reason. not able to find alerts

- Font size?

Great app but I’m really missing the ability to increase the font size of objects in the sky. To be honest it makes the app difficult to use properly. My only disappointment but a major one., hence the 3 stars.

- Life Changing

It is rare that an app can truly change your life but this one really did! I set out to learn one constellation every time I went out at night. Each time I could see some distinct stars, I would hold up my phone with Starwalk 2 at the sky, and surely enough they would be part of a constellation. I did this for just over a week and had the whole sky mapped out. Now I am learning where the nebulas and black holes are in relation to the constellations and have also been increasingly fascinated by the history and mythology too. It feels as thrilling and infinite as the Universe itself; the night sky will never be the same again!

- Martine

This is terrible

- Stargazing

As a novice stargazer I find this app very useful.

- Sharing

I find this very interesting can I share it with my family please

- Star walk 2

Very detailed and informative. Excellent value.Could and have recommended it to others.

- Awesome


- Top marks

Bloody awesome

- Brilliant

Such a good app

- Excellent

This is my go to app when I am doing amateur astronomy and I love all the extra content that can be purchased e.g. deep sky objects, planets, extended solar system, etc. I can tell a lot of hard work has gone into making this app. It’s extremely detailed, well presented, polished navigation and superb graphics. I would love to see polar alignment functionality in the app for those of us who have telescopes with an equatorial mount. I can’t praise this app enough and to anyone considering purchasing - just do it, you won’t be disappointed.

- Disappointing

Purchased this app a couple of weeks ago and the app is great. Purchased all the additional bits for the app.My phone then crashed so needed a new phone. I changed phone and platform thinking that with other Apps it wouldn’t be an issue ..That I would just log in as with other apps and I could restore to my new phone.. But sadly I can. Has to be platform you purchased on..Other apps allow cross platform use..Bit of a con that you cant..Shame they don’t tell you that at time of purchase. Improvements are definitely required...

- Too cloudy tonight ☹️


- Fantastic App

I have been using this app for over a year in different countries and it’s just superb.

- Pity about the graphics

Had this app on my ipad for years and really love it - I’m always recommending it to people. I’ve just installed it on my iphone in the shape of Star Walk 2 and really don’t like the upgraded constellation graphics - they’re distracting and unattractive. I’d love to have the option of the simpler but classier ones from the first version of the app.

- Con

Having paid 2.99 for this app, I didn’t expect the 3rd question in set up to be ‘do i want to upgrade for 2.99?’

- Great app

An amazing experience, easy to use, a great educational value. Really worth money you pay. No hidden costs. Links to Wikipedia. I love it.

- Needs more explanation

This is probably a very useful app. I would like to know more about astronomy and so downloaded it, but I can’t understand what is happening and why it is important. It would be great if there was more help provided aimed at various levels from novice to experienced.

- Magical... even for the non initiatiated

A pleasure for the senses as well as a very comprehensive daily updated source of information. The graphics and music are a joy! This is a veritable spectacle. I love making music by touching the stars......

- Star Walk 2

Fantastic app,highly recommended.

- Moon fix didn’t work

The moon is still showing as 90 degrees East of whew it actually is. All updates in place and other apps working fine. Disappointing. Have submitted a support ticket, but will want a refund if this isn’t rectified. Developer answered telling me to update my app, but was already fully updated.

- Direction

Why does the sun set in the EAST at 20:40hrs? Waiting for their reply AGAIN! Is this good????

- Perfect

Perfect app for knowing what’s happening next. Me and a few friends love star gazing it’s a great hobby to have and made even easier for amateurs such as ourselves to learn more thanks to this app! Sadly every app now has some form of in app purchases. The land of 100% free apps is no more...

- More money

You pay 2.99, open app they want more money straight away - rip off

- Eclipse of Sun?

This app can not identify my location

- Works well but needs tweaking

This is the second version of this app that I have purchased and it’s very good. I would like the ISS to stay on the viewer when notifications are activated for it rather than having to search for it and then select it in order to see where it is every time I open the app.

- Star Walk 2

This is THE best app I’ve ever purchased. If you like astronomy then this app is perfect. So user friendly and with brilliant photographs of the cosmos and excellent graphics, this app is the only one you’ll ever need to start learning about the stars. It’s brilliant! I love it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- AVOID THIS APP Very disappointed just a money-making scam

I Bought this thinking it would be a good upgrade from the original but as soon as I paid I was asked to pay again for the features listed in the original advertisement. I paid as it said satellite tracking but the reality is there are only about six satellites it tracks if you want more then its subscription time in a different app. Totally disappointed and I WANT MY MONEY BACK ! I STILL WANT MY MONEY BACK ITS A CON ! You have the audacity to contact me trying to justify your scam but not offer me a refund ! And STILL WAITING FOR MY MONEY BACK !

- Mother and son both love it.

Got the full package for me and my little one. He’s now obsessed with the planets and stars ! Amazing for us both. Love the fact you can spin planets and satellites on orbit, with the moving stats behind. The layout is easy to work for my son, he’s only 6, he points out the constellations and the North Star when we’re out walking.

- Not what I expected

Thought it would be easier to find out about the night sky. Used to have an app that you could scroll into to look at stars closer. This doesn’t let you do it. Rather annoying to use really especially when they advertise all things it does so you pay the £2.99 and find out you have to pay an extra £2.99 to get what you really wanted. Bit of a con!

- Great, 1 little problem.....

The app is wonderful! Very clever. I can put the app into camera view, and it recognises objects and didn’t show stars through them ie. trees, and houses, so you get the true “looking into space” feel. 1 gripe..... for some reason, when I look at the moon (tilt the camera toward the sky) the whole star overlay moves clockwise..... which throws the alignment out, and I have to exit and restart the app to get this to stabilize, which is slightly embarrassing when trying to show the great app to others! Can it be fixed? Otherwise it would have been 5. Such an in depth view of space, I even found satellites orbiting Jupiter and lander ones on mars! Impressive. Highly recommended!

- Nice

I quite like being able to see the many things in space it’s quite enjoyable 😁😁

- It’s good but.......

My IPad Pro version cannot orient itself correctly. Usually 90 or 180 degrees out. iPhone version is ok.

- Starwalk 2

A boon for amateur space glazers.

- Talks in my language

The best part of this app is it communicates in both metric and imperial and as an elderly Englishman our national broadcaster the BBC talks only in metric these days so this is a lifeline to my understanding and appreciating of the science of Astronomy. So a big thank you for a great app

- Stay away

Get yourself the google sky app instead, it has more functionality than this. Can’t believe I paid for this. I’m forced to give it one star because the minus star isn’t an option.

- Walking in the Stars

So cool. Can do so much and find out so much about the space.

- Decent, but

Too many random marketing messages. One just interrupted a night walk!

- Astronomy

This App Is Is Great For Amateur And Professional Astronomers For Using It To Identifying Stars Planets Constellations In The Night Sky Keep Up With Any Updates For The App It Will Make It Better Thanks

- Problem

Hi, I have just purchased this and the app doesn’t open- it just gets stuck on the StarWalk2 opening page- is there an issue with the app??

- Crashes on startup?!

Not sure what the issue is but despite resetting the phone several times, when opening the app the title screen stays on for 2 minutes and then the app crashes. So at the moment at least, waste of money 😥

- Won’t open

Just paid 2.99 for this and it won’t even open on iPhone Max.

- Star Walk 2

Downloaded and freezes, totally unusable and a waste of my money

- Great app but has started crashing on startup

Worked before and today it isn’t. I’m using iPhone X

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"Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map" and 7 more hit the Top 100 iTunes Paid Apps Chart! Description and more -…

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Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map 2.9.6 Screenshots & Images

Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map iphone images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map iphone images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map iphone images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map iphone images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map iphone images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map iphone images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map ipad images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map ipad images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map ipad images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map ipad images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map ipad images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map ipad images
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map (Version 2.9.6) Install & Download

The applications Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map was published in the category Education on 2014-08-21 and was developed by Vito Technology Inc. [Developer ID: 289641503]. This application file size is 297.12 MB. Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map - Education posted on 2020-05-06 current version is 2.9.6 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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