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Star Walk 2 is an exquisite stargazing app enabling you to explore the night sky through the screen of your device. Make an effortless journey through thousands of stars, comets, constellations, and other celestial bodies. All you have to do is point your device to the sky!

The app taps your device’s sensors and the GPS to determine the exact position of stars, planets, constellations, comets, ISS, satellites, nebulae, meteor showers, etc., in the night sky.

“She’s a beauty.”- The Next Web

“Star Walk 2 is a terrific introduction to astronomy for young and old. It’s also handy for serious stargazers for observing planning.” - TUAW

“Star Walk 2 is visually stunning.” - PCmag

“This is a very beautiful and unusual application that turns your phone into a real planetarium.” - Free apps for me

“For those who enjoy the original app, Star Walk 2 is worth the upgrade — the interface is gorgeous. Anyone with even a passing interest in astronomy should grab Star Walk 2.” - iLounge

“It is worth every penny.” - PadGadget

⁕ BEST OF 2014: The next generation of the best-selling Star Walk, winner of Apple Design Award, used by over 10 million people ⁕

Main features:

◆ Watching real-time map of the sky day and night
◆ Stunning 3D models of constellations and other sky objects
◆ The ability to manage time with “Time machine”
◆ A collection of deep sky objects
◆ Info about celestial bodies and sky events
◆ Pro stargazing (the sky at different wavelengths)
◆ Augmented reality mode
◆ Night mode
◆ "What's new" section with the latest astronomical news
◆ "Visible Tonight" section
◆ Siri Shortcuts to observe the celestial events quicker than ever*

► Star Walk 2 shows the real-time map of the sky on your screen in whatever direction you are pointing the device. As you hold your phone up and point it towards the sky, the star map follows your motions using the built-in gyroscope to match the map on your screen to the stars seen from your location.

► What's up in the sky tonight? Open the "Visible Tonight" section of Star Walk 2 and quickly find out all upcoming astronomical events and celestial objects visible for your location.

► Be aware of the latest news from the world of space and astronomy. The app's "What's new" section will tell you about the most outstanding celestial events in time. You won't miss anything!

► Create shortcuts to take your stargazing experience to a whole new level. Go to the "Visible Tonight" section and add the shortcut to Siri. Next time when you want to access the list of astronomy events for your location, ask Siri and get it quicker than ever.

► Touching a clock-face icon at the upper-right corner of the screen allows you to select any date and time and watch the sky of different periods.

► Get a deeper understanding of the constellation`s scale and place in the night sky. Enjoy observing wonderful 3D models of constellations, turn them upside down, read their stories.

► Find and study deep sky objects such as meteor showers, planetary nebulae, star clusters, etc.

► The night-mode will make your stargazing at night time more comfortable.

Star Walk 2 is the sequel to the original Star Walk, which is one of the most popular apps for stargazing. If you enjoy exploring the stars, then our app is a must-have for your arsenal.

New in Star Walk 2:
-Incredible 3D models of celestial bodies
-All-new stunning design
-New simpler and cleaner interface in vibrant colours for retina displays
-Atmospheric visual and sound effects, stirring soundtrack
-Exclusive handcrafted artwork for constellations

The app contains In-App Purchases.

*Siri Shortcuts feature is available for iOS 12 users.

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I’d like to learn the constellations” or wondered “Is that a star or a planet?”, Star Walk 2 is the app you’ve been looking for.

Start your best stargazing experience right now!

Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map App Description & Overview

The applications Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map was published in the category Education on 2014-08-21 and was developed by Vito Technology Inc.. The file size is 281.73 MB. The current version is 2.7.7 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

+ Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Have a good time exploring the mysteries of the night sky with Star Walk 2!

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions, remarks or suggestions.

Your feedback is always welcomed.

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Annoying ad notifications  J PDX  1 star

One too many notifications encouraging you to buy addons or companion apps. Look elsewhere or be prepared to disable notifications Response: keep the notifications to star events and keep the ads in the news section. The fact i have notifications enabled for an app should be considered a prized amount of trust. Violate that trust, app is deleted and i tell ten friends who tell ten more friends.

Heart On A Sleeve

Not much of an improvement  Heart On A Sleeve  4 star

It’s definitely flash year, I like it. The music is good constellations show up well and the AR is really cool to use. But I do not like or you cannot add events to your calendar do you use to with the previous version


Very annoying and difficult to use  Notapaidreviewer  1 star

The imagery won't stop rotating. Changing the date manually is extremely difficult to do. The ads are very annoying too. Uninstalled

ipod geek

Cool app  ipod geek  4 star

My 4 year old son and I love this app. He loves space more than I do. We were using this app a few days ago and he asked to see Ganymede and Callisto (by name, Jupiter is his favorite). It's very difficult to zoom into the moons of Jupiter. I purchased all the additional content, and the moons were still not there. Could those be added (at least the ones we have imagery for) This app, if you force touch the app icon, will show you stargazing conditions. Mine shows the conditions are currently poor, yet the app sends me notifications of things to go check out. Why does it do this? It’s more like HA HA, look what you’re missing instead of being informational.

244 Jake

See the BIG PICTURE  244 Jake  5 star

This is better then Telescope. Works indoors. Clouds, Ha Ha, no problem. See Last years Sky! I Love it 🥰 244 Jake


What’s a few bucks....  that$guy  4 star

Nice app, I’m glad I bought this one. I recommend it...


Ceres  ManWhoWantsCeresInStarWalk2  5 star

It is A very amazing app if you love astronomy! I have one thing to say though, It needs Ceres the Dwarf Planet and now I can’t research it that well!


Trash  loljoceyea  1 star

It’s not worth the money, it makes u pay more when u open the app just for the AR, get sky guide .. it’s the same price and better because it has many more things like articles and facts about super earths and other really legit cool stuff .


No location!  Nadasa21  1 star

My location is not available!

Black dog12

Will not update  Black dog12  1 star

Update 3/10/19: The response to me was vague “support team should contact you soon”. Not will but should. Well it has been over 2 weeks now not a word. Folks pay for this app, I did. What is going on. Why no word from support. Why is it still not ipdating?!? The app is good until now. I wrote support and heard nothing. The recent update will not update. Because I paid for this and have gotten no response from support I am giving it a low rating. If they will respond I will update. At this point: Buyer beware! I want to add I wrote support a few Days ago at their suggested Url and got no response which triggered this negative review. Update: Though they never did contact me directly, they did fix the app so that the update now updates. Thus the increase in rating.


超级棒  gtctatp  5 star



Good, though have some requests  kwar-79  4 star

Pretty amazing, though i would like the option to upscale the font size of the stars when viewing. I can zoom to a part of sky to clarify the objects, but names of stars auto shrink / scale small again, gah my eyes need a magnifier on my iphone6. And. Can we get some alternative star names mode- eg australian indigenous stories.. eg where is the emu? - and relate that to scientific names for comparison. Also there are common colloquial names that would also help... ‘the pointers’ the ‘southern cross’.... crux... for beginners learning ... thanks for the great work so far.


Battery drain  Alex-o0  3 star

I love the app awesome features but for some reason it’s been draining my iPhone X battery. The only thing the app is running is the widget ?


Awesome app!  James_Apples  5 star

It’s design beauty is unparalleled by any other astronomy app. Easy layout and a real pleasure to use. Definitely one of the best apps available. Thanks for putting so much effort into design and features! It would be great to see in future updates an equatorial grid to assist with using a telescope. Once again you guys are awesome!


It takes really long to load  Anie101  4 star

Why does it take long to load??? I haven’t even had a chance to get into the app I’ve been waiting for over an hour for it to load I’m wondering if it’s an update or data loading can you please check the servers to see if it’s either my phone or the app loading I’ll give it four stars because it looks like a good app but I just can’t load into it.


Meh  S868  2 star

The app is ok. However when I bought the paid version on the App Store. It still comes up as the free version.


Charged twice for app😡  jhjhjay  1 star

Charged again, 10 days after initial purchase


Fantastic  Sheepdog71  5 star

I absolutely love this app & use it all of the time... my 8 yr old daughter loves it too!!


Love it!  Bobbiieee  5 star

Love it! Anywhere in the world i go i use this app! Such a nice peak into the Cosmos around us :)


Love this update, automatically installing purchased 3D image and 🛰️🚀🛸  jihop6u  5 star

God bless you forever❤️🌞🌈🚀🛰️🛸🦋❤️


Laurence  Larggesse  5 star

Super app

Thomastown man

Mr  Thomastown man  1 star

I purchased this app five hrs ago now all I get is a blank screen and the music please explain


Covers everything in the night sky in great detail.  Dony201  5 star

Great design. Everything in the sky covered in this app. No need for any others. The free version covers everything so nicely without any frustrating in app purchase restrictions. I use this app and am hooked so i got the full version. I suggest you do the same before they realise that this app should cost more. No 1 astronomy app

Brady gal

Great app but......  Brady gal  4 star

When I got this app it was app of the week and was free ,so I thinking it looked quite interesting downloaded it. I really liked it and decided to buy the all in one bundle . Everything downloaded perfectly except deep sky objects which instead of saying installed or the download percent it just said extract thus the all in one bundle said extracting as well . It had been like that for about twelve hours and now I have deleted the app and am reinstalling it now but can someone please tell me what extract means or if I'll get the money spent on it back .


Rubbish  ABTD76  1 star

Only getting a star because I can't give none


Star walk 2  Byrner201  5 star

Great app


Wow  Pipermans  5 star

Best astronomy app I've used. 5 stars


Love it  Lilliott  4 star

Marvellous, could not figure out the photo feature though. Wonderfully simple. Would love to add or switch to other sky objects in the same easy, impairedfriendly way.


Good  Facebroke211111  4 star

Very informative. A great app. Pity about the light pollution in our skies 😩


Really good app  MikeHackett  4 star

Love the detailed graphics in the new Mars in-app add-on. Really great addition to the app.

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