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ContentChecked is a one-touch shopping assistant and guide for you or a loved one living with food allergies and/or intolerances. When shopping or preparing food this app will become your favorite partner, guiding you and keeping you safe!
*Please be advised that, unless otherwise specifically stated, this product has not been verified for cross-contact advisory labeling for people with severe allergies.

Simply download ContentChecked on your smart phone or tablet, and register.

Point, Scan, ContentChecked!
Tailor your food preferences on your personal profile. Next, scan a product’s bar code and the app will immediately notify whether it’s safe. Should it not be approved, our advanced technology will suggest safe alternatives for the item you scanned. Simple, easy and stress-free shopping!
Celiac disease, egg, milk and nut allergies are all very common. More than 28% of the US population has an allergy or intolerance to various ingredients. Now with ContentChecked, anywhere and anytime, YOU have the power to scan and enjoy peace of mind with friends and family.
*Please be advised that, unless otherwise specifically stated, this product has not been verified for cross-contact advisory labeling for people with severe allergies.

Our comprehensive menu and recipe database provides tips and ideas on how to prepare food for individuals with allergies. Find great recipes and cook dishes everyone can enjoy.

ContentChecked allows you to set up profiles and favorites for not just yourself, but also your friends and family. Now sharing favorites and ideas is fun, simple and easy.

ContentChecked allows food manufacturers to showcase their products in a simple, effective and relevant way. They now have a platform to communicate to those suffering from allergies and intolerances on a variety of alternatives that are better suited to them. Both manufacturers and consumers benefit from targeted communication. We welcome producers to supply us with relevant information about their products, such as if the product is produced in a "clean facility", without the presence of cross-contaminant issues.

To date, ContentChecked has a database of more than 200,000 different items available in the USA. Each day the ContentChecked is updated with several hundred new products. Should you want to add an unlisted product or ingredient, it can be done with one touch!

Occasional newsletters will be emailed to you detailing the products customized to your individual profile. This option can be switched off in the setup function.

All of your settings are stored, and will be available, when you upgrade your phone. Download ContentChecked to your new phone, type in your email address and your profile will appear.

ContentChecked has no monthly or transaction based costs.

If those whom you prepare food for are allergic to specific food substances, you would always want to make sure that what you serve does not contain ingredients that could cause discomfort or serious illness. ContentChecked is not responsible for any inconsistencies/discrepancies between the information provided by ContentChecked and the product contents. If allergic, one should still read the product declaration before preparing food/taking our advice.
*Please be advised that, unless otherwise specifically stated, this product has not been verified for cross-contact advisory labeling for people with severe allergies.

ContentChecked USA App Description & Overview

The applications ContentChecked USA was published in the category Shopping on 2014-06-19 and was developed by ContentChecked Inc. The file size is 4.56 MB. The current version is 1.3 and works well on 6.1 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes.
- Now it much easier to see which ingredients that triggers the allergens which you to like to be warned about.

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👎🏼  Mandy3ou  1 star

Used to work. Now won't scan or search. I've contacted the company and got no response.


hard to use, wouldn't work  emily114  1 star

i have a sever allergy to dairy and this app was said to be 100% helpful. unfortunately, it would not scan a single bar code, and i entered multiple product ID numbers and the app simply shut down. i'm very disappointed.


Not working  EGM19  1 star

The app doesn't work at all, I even send an email to them and they didn't even respond


Couldn't find any products  natandbran  1 star

I tried scanning a barcode, doing a search, and tried to check "most popular" and couldn't get anything to show up. Deleted.


Very useful!  Reetoots  5 star

Whether it's planning a dinner, or trying a recipe for friends and family with dietary restrictions, this app is very useful in tailoring to your selected needs. Shopping at the grocery for ingredients can be done with the assurance that you, your family, and friends can enjoy the food at the table without worry!


Like  Teddylikethebear1  4 star

Handy app, most products I scan are in the app.


Very useful  Winnie15739  5 star

As someone who can't have dairy & is lactose intolerant, this is a great app to identify sources. It's convenient especially since it's literally just a scan of a barcode when I'm at the grocery store!


This app has better features than most of them. I'm sticking with it.  AllerBoy  5 star

It's simple, easy to use and works.


Love!!!!  Cuminhell  5 star

The app is great! Strongly recommend!

Batty for birds

Just terrible  Batty for birds  1 star

This app is awful. It has wrong information (telling you a product has an allergen in it when it is certified as being free of that allergen) and so much more. Do not waste your money!

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