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► The 30 Day Ab Workout is a simple 30 day exercise plan, where you do a set number of ab exercises each day with rest days thrown in! The workout increases intensity slowly and day 30 will test anyone. The app is suitable for both men and women of any ages.

• This application has 6 intense workouts with 15 core exercise variations!
• Exercises with guides text, photos & videos
• You can export and import the current progress easily!
• The best Recipes for Fitness
• Markup the rest days
• Allow to schedule user's workouts
• Enable push notification
• Reset the days and the exercises
• Timer to plank exercise
• Allow user to track weight using weight charts
• Calculate the BMI index
• More and more...

We’re wishing you good health and happiness!

► The interface is incredibly simple to use, yet powerful and attractive, compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini.

► Please send us your questions, suggestions and comments about the application. Any other feedback, comments, and other communications should be directed to [email protected] Thank you!


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30 Day Ab Fitness Challenges ~ Daily Workout App Description & Overview

The applications 30 Day Ab Fitness Challenges ~ Daily Workout was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2014-06-09 and was developed by Shane Clifford. The file size is 42.24 MB. The current version is 9.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

1. Add more food recipes for fitness
2. Allow users to print the content (food, 30 day program…)
3. Update Biorhythm UI
4. Allow user turn ON/OFF sound effects
5. Improve UI & Functions

Thanks for using our app. We'll try our best to make this app better than better! Any other feedback, comments, and other communications should be directed to [email protected] Thank You!

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30 Day Ab Fitness Challenges ~ Daily Workout Reviews

Chyna 827

Love this  Chyna 827  5 star

Started seeking abs after day 10 thanks 😊


Love the App  BeautyArtILove  5 star

This app is great. Very helpful to me when doing my exercise everyday.


Great app  Wheezy4  5 star

This app is well made. Good stuff


I have abs  Kyrarose03  5 star

It worked do well when I did it, and it became such a habit that I did it every day


I love it  Kauaicat17  5 star

There's nothing wrong with it perfect 😝


Amazing workout  LaylaHellHound  5 star

I love this amazing workout app


Meh  jscape2000  2 star

Poorly written, poorly conceived. How do beginners get from 5 to 120 sit-ups in thirty days? No features in the app to help track those big days. Since it's free except the ads I gave 2 stars. It's worth the nothing I paid.

Avery 2003 July 9

love  Avery 2003 July 9  5 star

i love it


Great App!!  M.Ndagha  5 star

This app provides a great challenge, descriptions of exercises and a video is available for the Pro version.

I'm Mr.Billionaire

Best 30 Day Fitness App  I'm Mr.Billionaire  5 star

Thanks, This is the best 30 day fitness 30 day!!!!!!!!!!!


Many improvements needed  Gibbo:)  1 star

Exercise descriptions are confusing and contradictory to the images. So many ads, every time I go to use I must click off at least 8 ads before I can train. Excessive amount of ads which make it very frustrating


Challenging for a novice  thaiconey  4 star

Overall quite good, works up a sweat towards the end of each 30 day block, needs some clarity on the "side" exercises though, says plank(s) but only one timer, should they be split? Use another timer? Guess it's up to the individual :)


Julie  XXJOOLZXX  5 star

Great option for a busy lifestyle! Love it.

This is an Awsome Mod guys

Love it 😍  This is an Awsome Mod guys  5 star

Been using this app for a couple of days and can already start seeing abs 👌

Snowy hill top 478994

Great app!!!!  Snowy hill top 478994  5 star

Great app and even has healthy recipes for you to try out!


Awesome app  Kangamoose  5 star

Program for each day and you can set reminders to do your exercises. Tick off each activity as you do it.


I love it  Lan.Doan999999  5 star

It is awesome for beginner


Love this app  Kirkyie  5 star

Easy to use.

Jettu Jagga

So-So Workout Challenge  Jettu Jagga  2 star

The progress calendar, start date and daily reminder you can set is a really nice function. But amount of reps by which the exercises increase each day is too high. I'm at an intermediate fitness level, and I found the last week of the Beginner levels too tough. There are better Challenge apps in this series, such as the Push-Ups, that gradually increase your rep number.


Really effective  Cbuelvz  5 star

I have just been using this app for a week and i am already seeing the side of my abdomen and hips having a little curve! Can't wait to finish the whole month. It has different levels too

Minim 102

Game  Minim 102  5 star



Excellent  RING6  5 star

This app is an excellent way to start working on the body you dream of...even better after the update!


I have a feeling that...  Carrot>  5 star

I have a feeling that this app will help me reach my goals


Great app. Easy to use  Jeanette.stevens30  5 star

Great to use with friends. I like sharing my progress


Best app  Starlight197390  5 star

Great app enjoying the work out


Perfect  MusicMachine22  5 star

I love my better body because at first I was a little too overweight for my age but when I was half way through this app I saw real results now I have a 2 pack working on a 4 pack but I love this app I lost 5-10 pounds while on this app. Want a better body fast! I recommend 30 day ab challenge.


Review  Aeroplanelover  3 star

Would be higher if it would stop asking me to rate it

Cajun to the core

Keeps me motivated  Cajun to the core  5 star

Easy to work into your busy day


Would recommend  rooney2564  5 star

Good program. Progress shows. It's difficult, but attainable.


It works  Chaunte5  5 star

I have been doing these workouts almost a month. Everyone sees a difference in my size.


Not great  Cwppix  2 star

No reminders and poor instructions


Great  Ashling07  3 star

Works very well


#goodthingsinlife  Kamilla246  5 star

It is a great app and works if you try hard!but sometimes I forget to do it :/


Worked for me  Dekel12  3 star

Yes it worked for me enjoyed it. Hard to keep going some days lol

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