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The user friendly Calendar app, with a super Snooze and Nag, that shows your events in a beautiful interface. Easy and fast to navigate, edit events and set multiple alerts.

CalAlarm adds local notifications to your calendar alerts, so that you can instantly Snooze or Move your appointment with the interval you require at that moment. Nags every minute or hour till you acknowledge the alert. So never miss an appointment again!


⁃ List with search, Overdue-list, day, day-agenda, week, agenda, month and mini month.
⁃ Navigate fast and simple: tap the view in the toolbar and toggle with the triangle.
⁃ Landscape mode for all views.


⁃ Customisable default Snooze.
⁃ Snooze directly from lock screen without opening the app.
⁃ Snooze alerts or Move the event directly from lock screen, Notification center or Overdue-list with the interval you require at that moment (you can customise the Snooze and Move screen).


⁃ Nags till acknowledged (every minute or hour).
⁃ Notifications are local, you don't require internet.
⁃ Set up to 10 alerts per event (except for Exchange calendars).


⁃ Birthdays show age and contact information.
⁃ Tap on a birthday to phone/email/sms the contact.
⁃ Set time for Birthdays alarms.


⁃ Timezone support.
⁃ Set multiple alerts at once.
⁃ Open locations in Maps or Google maps.
⁃ Share via Email, Message, AirDrop, Twitter and Facebook.
⁃ Search supports multiple words (Dinner Anne celebrate)
⁃ Recurrence options (1st Monday every month or every May, June and July on the 3rd and 22nd).
⁃ Week numbers (ISO / European and US and Middle East).
⁃ Directly call, message, open URL, copy text etc. from Notes and location fields.
⁃ Duplicate events.
⁃ Badge for today’s date. 
⁃ Supports Background App Refresh.
⁃ Week Bar that visualizes the days.


⁃ Defaults for new events.
⁃ Color themes.
⁃ Font sizes S,M,L,XL and Dynamic Type support.
⁃ Customize Alert + Snooze & Move screen values.
⁃ Customize notifications and sounds by Calendar.
⁃ Choice of 25 alarm sounds. 
⁃ Let 1,3, or 5 Snooze & Move screens come up on starting the app.
⁃ Week starts any day of the week.
⁃ Agenda reads left-right or top-down.


⁃ Touch and hold to create and move events.
⁃ Tap on Time to reschedule.
⁃ Tap bell to edit multiple alerts.
⁃ Event details screen with many shortcuts.
⁃ Uses the same database as the built-in calendar.
⁃ Syncs with iCloud, Exchange, Google calendar, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.

CalAlarm 2 - calendar alarm App Description & Overview

The applications CalAlarm 2 - calendar alarm was published in the category Productivity on 2014-06-11 and was developed by DEVART. The file size is 12.66 MB. The current version is 4.32 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

- Fixed issue when there was only one alert "At time of event", this could not be changed.
- Full iPhone Xs and Xs Max support.
- iOS 12 and watchOS 5 compatible!

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CalAlarm 2 - calendar alarm Reviews

nickole name

Watch interaction is the best  nickole name  5 star

Love all the snooze options on the Apple Watch. So much better than any other calendar alert system. Customer service is awesome with their immediate reply to all my questions!


Handy  Parismtn  4 star

This is a great and much needed app. My only complaint, and the reason I gave it four stars instead of five, is that the “Nag” function is severely limited. There seems to be no reason for it, and it certainly doesn’t seem like a programming challenge, but you can only set the app to nag you (repeatedly notify you of an upcoming appointment) every 1 minute or every 1 hour. The nag time should be user-specified, or there should at least be an option for a 5-, 10-, or 15-minute nag. An hour is too long, and 1 minute nag is downright obnoxious.

Still blessed!

Favorite  Still blessed!  5 star

Tried several before choosing this one!


5 Star App-5 Star Developer  A.U.S.S.I.E  5 star

With alternate views of day, week and month, including in house notifications, this app is well designed and put simply just works. Great work and continued commitment to this app by the developer.


Great for those who can tune out iPhones normal beeps and buzzes  KC.ACTC  5 star

Been using for over a month and has been fantastic for keeping me on point for conference calls


Bug? Needs password to snooze!  Jenkisan  4 star

Not a bad app. It's a calendar app like many others but it has the nagging snooze which importantly reminds you of upcoming and keeps reminding until you actually CLOSE or SNOOZE or MOVE the event. Only 1 fundamental problem: when you get the reminder on the notification screen and 3d push on it to snooze or close or move the reminder You also need to enter your password/pin/fingerprint. AND THIS IS ANNOYING.


I’d miss so many meetings without this app  HikrBikr  5 star

This is one app I don’t know how I would do without. The nag feature alone is a game changer. When I’m walking or standing I often miss a single phone vibration. The variable/customizable snooze or move option is invaluable. I hope this app continues to exist and be supported. So far the developers have been rock solid.


As Always The Only Great Calendar Available❗️  TexasUSofA  5 star

Still love this app/calendar! To date I can still fully depend on it for everything! It keeps my brain from melting due to all the days/schedules/reminders/family/stuff etc. that I must keep up with and complete! I have so many different family members (that depend on me) scheduled on this calendar that there is just no way I could remember everything and keep up with it all if this app was half-assed. For one example, I take care of my Dad. His health is to say the least, is complicated. He’s on dialysis (3 days a week starting at 4am) and this alone can’t be missed. Then there are all his appts, plus the rest of the family’s appts/schedules that this app keeps alive...(no, really!)...I’m so grateful that this app is available and kept up to date by them! Thanks again DEVART!! 🙏 ——————————————————— @Search92 there is! No matter what viewing mode your using just tap the Month at the top of your screen and it will take you to the current month & day! This is the only Calendar app that does it all! Also, a HUGE plus is that they actually listen to us users! Any problems, issues or just questions they actually listen and help you out quickly! Thanks again ya'll for your wonderful app and making our lives more organized! 👏👏👏✌️


Very efficient app  DCGreen  5 star

I to use this application for many years and it keeps me very organized. It has all the features I needed.


Much better than the iPhone calendar  wwwitness  4 star

It allows me to get sound notices. Very good app.


It does what iCal fails to deliver:  Soxyblack  5 star

Interface gives better overview and it nags me! Thank you. The only thing missing is ability to set a floating time zone for an entry.

MYOB again

Let the public holidays be editable!  MYOB again  2 star

Main reason for me using app is the continual appt reminder till I turn it off...thanku. But not happy with not being able to edit/delete birthdays or public holidays that are not in my State that don’t apply to me anymore 👎🏻. The old version let me do that, so please fix this version?

John Pryor

Great App  John Pryor  5 star

Does all I want. Easy to enter info and good options. Reliable.


Works fine for me  AliG2605  4 star

My main reason for using this app is the recurring alarm that sounds every minute until you respond. My phone is usually on silent so one or two vibrations of the native apple app would go unnoticed but this keeps on buzzing until I hear or feel it and stop it. No more missed appointments.


Recent upgrade buggy, useless for me.  mrdbowman  1 star

I used the previous version of this app every day for five+ years and it was an indispensable part of my life. Since the recent paid update, I've been in touch with the developer about an issue with the alarm duration which has rendered the app useless to me, but they have simply pointed me to the relevant help note. They seem completely oblivious to the bug, as I've been waiting for them to fix it for months with no result. I'm giving up as of today. What a shame for what was one of the best apps in the AppStore.


Best calendar app?  stephgeep  5 star

I certainly think so. I've been using it for several years and it's never let me down. Had great features that I use every day.

Dama Kumarasingham

Calalarm 2 review  Dama Kumarasingham  4 star

I like the new updates to calalarm 2, it has great new features such as the customisable snooze interval time. However I do like some of the older version's features, such as the dots (vs lines now) to indicate a different calendar, pop up screens to change the alert times, help page on how to set up the calalarm app so that the Apple's default calendar not also active at the same time and full screen viewing of calalarm app on iPad. It would be fantastic if we could get back some of the above older features (esp. full screen viewing of calalarm app on iPad under iOS 8) as well as new functionality where the alarm sounds could be customisable for different appointments.


Does not work in silent mode  Hdgudkeydgbdj  2 star

The built in iOS alarms make sound even when the phone is in silent mode, but this app does not work the same way. Unfortunately this makes the app useless to me because I keep my phone in silent mode and only want audio reminders for calendar events and alarms I set. I guess I will go back to the old method of manually setting alarms each morning.


Lost Events!!!!  Lisamabeasta  2 star

Every time Apple does an update I lose certain events that are EXTREMELY important for me to keep track of. It’s happened twice and when I try to email them it won’t deliver. Pretty much done with this app that I PAID for!!!!

dummie phone

It's like a guessing game  dummie phone  5 star

I never know what screen is going to pop up when an alert sounds. 10/ 2017 much better, i have trouble getting the snooze time I want but this app keeps me on track with my Meds. And appointments.


Excellent App. Very versatile  Petepvt  5 star

Excellent excellent excellent What Apple Calendar wishes it was !!!


My favorite app.  A238z$&...yeah,right...333  5 star

I use this puppy all day every day. Been using it for years and is part of my must-have tool bag for daily life. No jive! D

Bottom Line Up Front

Still the BEST CALENDAR app  Bottom Line Up Front  5 star

Started using this about six years ago when I got my first iPhone, to make up for the lack of an iPhone business-oriented Blackberry calendar. Yes, I need reminders. This was the only working option then, and it is still awesome.


Works exactly how I need it to  EOANYC  5 star

Love this app. Lots of features and functions that are exactly what I need in a calendar. Highly recommend.


Saves me  Empirecretors  5 star

I would never remember to do anything without this app. I have used it for many years now and nothing out there compares. This is like having Outlook reminders in your phone. I set up "appointments" for everything I need to get done so it will remind me. I can snooze the reminder for how ever long or turn it off once I've completed the item. If it's something that doesn't have a specific deadline but that I just need to get done eventually, I'll set it up as a repeating reminder either daily, weekly, monthly etc so that if I can't get to it right when it beeps at me the first time, I can just turn that reminder off (rather than snoozing it) and I know that I'll be safe because it will remind me again tomorrow at the same time or next week etc. It's basically my to do list with reminders plus all my appointments for places I need to go all in one. Couldn't live without it.


SUPAH APP  Cztlop  5 star

A remarkable app for those of us who can't days and dates in order. I use the app at every opportunity to keep myself in line. Any help needed and there isn't much, is quickly resolved with patient, caring, knowledgeable experts.


Works like a calendar should! Which is saying a lot  Weeblest  5 star

Used it for many years. Much better than Apple Calender

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