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StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic [Shopping] App Description & Overview

StockX is the safest and fastest way to discover, buy, and sell authentic sneakers, electronics, streetwear, collectibles, watches and handbags. We even have the newest next generation video game consoles available, including the new Playstation 5 and Xbox. Every product is verified by our team of expert authenticators, so the quality and legitimacy is 100% guaranteed.

Featured in: ESPN, The New York Times, WSJ, Forbes, TechCrunch, Yahoo Finance, CNN, GQ, BBC, The Daily Show, Hypebeast, Bleacher Report...and many more.

How it Works:
-StockX functions like a stock market, where sellers place Asks and buyers place Bids. When a Bid and Ask meet, the sale is executed, automatically and instantaneously.

Buy and Sell with Confidence:
-Sellers send items to StockX for verification by our team of experts, ensuring buyers receive authentic products and sellers never need to worry about chargebacks.

Buy and Sell with Intelligence:
-StockX gives you access to real-time market data, allowing you to sell and shop smarter.

Track Your Portfolio:
-Upload your collection of sneakers, streetwear,collectibles, watches, or handbags, and track changes in its value.

Items You Can Buy or Sell:

Sneakers: New deadstock condition sneakers including the adidas Yeezy, NMD, Ultra Boost, Retro Jordans, Nike and more.

Electronics: Next generation video game consoles and accessories, including PS5 and Xbox, Nintendo Switch Lite, the Apple iPhone 12, and Apple Airpods, NVIDIA graphics cards, and Logitech webcams.

Streetwear: Supreme, BAPE, and Palace apparel, including box logo tees, hoodies, jerseys, hats and accessories.

Collectibles: KAWS, Funko Pop! figures, Bearbricks, graded NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and Pokemon trading cards, and skate decks.

Luxury Handbags: Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Gucci, Hermes and Chanel handbags. All handbags are brand new.

Luxury Watches: Brands including Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Breitling, Patek Philippe. All watches are brand new.

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StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’ve added performance improvements and fixed bugs to make your holiday shopping experience as seamless as possible. We also added more ways for Sellers to get paid out with Hyperwallet, and created faster ways Buyers can shop with Apple Pay.

StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic Comments & Reviews

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- review

im sorry but just being honest. ive bought two pairs of jordans already on stockx and they were for a fair price i guess you could say. but i want to buy some new 4s Black Cat but looking at the price yall raise it up way too much. like honestly 4s dont even cost 400 dollars. 200 would be accurate but 400?? i feel like yall should consider prices cuz im sure theres plenty of people out there who want to buy jordans but cant because of the prices and they cant because they not in stores so you guys are the only option there is beside goat app but im not gonna talk bout them cuz they prices just mad crazy. but like jordans not just for people who got hella money. theres other people who wanna buy shoes for a certain price but yall just raise it up too much. thats all i wanted to say thanks. and can yall please respond to my review cuz it shows yall atleast care about yall customers. ive bought two pairs, love the pairs but like the prices are the issue for me. im not saying change the prices and everything just for me but maybe take it into consideration. some of us got parents payin bills and even if we want a pair of jordans we just dont ask cuz we know our parents work their butts to pay bills and necessary things. but then im gifted with like 350 bucks and im thinkin ima be able to buy the pair of jordans i want, and i check and they're literally like 430 bucks. in my opinion that is too much. if you guys can please respond thanks.

- They’ve got your back!

Believe it or not I have not received any pair of sneakers that I’ve attempted to purchase from StockX (as of yet). I was looking for a pair of sneakers online a couple months ago and the only site on the internet to show a listing was stockx. I really really wanted (and still want) these shoes but was a little based on some others’ reviews and with their business model in general. What if I got fake shoes, wrong size, wrong style, etc? Chances were that I’d be out a few hundred dollars. I sank in and decided to bid on the shoes. StockX emailed me during every step of the process (shoes were sent by seller, delivered to StockX, etc). Unfortunately I received an email a day after that my order was canceled because the shoes did not pass inspection (probably fake). At this point I could care less about the shoes but now I completely trust StockX and will without out doubt use their service again. Again, a month ago I tried buying the same shoe but a size smaller and yet again StockX emailed me telling me they were fake and refunded my money the next day. Sorry StockX I won’t put you through this again lol. I have complete trust in their service and now on to bigger, better and cooler shoes. To all you eh-hole sellers out there trying to sell your fakes, get a life and give this company a break. One suggestion: let the users’ login token stay valid for a little more than the 2-3 days to avoid login fatigue.

- StockX Review

Recently I’ve been looking for some yeezy’s, as I’ve always wanted a few pairs. I’ve seen StockX and Goats ads on IG and my wife wanted a pair of Triple Cream/White 350s. Her birthday was near so I thought I would surprise her and ordered a pair off StockX. Right after ordering a pair I was jealous that my wife was getting a pair, so I ordered me a pair as well. Both came fairly quickly, although I would like the seller to be obliged to ship out within two days of ordering. (Think I waited like 4 days before I got a email that the seller has shipped). I love the verification process and I got a email saying that they were confirmed authentic. They came about 2 days later, both boxes were in great shape and the shoes were in pristine condition. Since then I’ve ordered some Blue Tints and used the Affirm feature (which is a cool feature) cause my wife’s bday is super close to Xmas and all my Xmas shopping had me hesitant to spend $400 on another pair of shoes I didn't need. But I took advantage of the feature and pay $36 a month for them. I’ll pay them off in full in a month or two but it’s nice to get a pair before you’ve spent a dime. Love StockX and will continue to use them to buy my shoes. Even got my dad to sign up and buy some Carmine 6’s. Everything came as advertised. Good business! Highly recommend.

- Objectively and honest

In purchased and sold 28 different items on StockX over the last 6 months, mostly shoes , a few supreme, nothing in watches or bags, as far as the site or app which ever you use is in my experience has been more than fair, however after about six perchases I had taken issue with a. Pair of Nike Flyknit racers (multi color) I was not satisfied with my shoe , I reached out to their customer service and was advised of their no return policy , but they said they would look into it before giving me a REturn auth and after I sent pics of my issues, I recieved a return. It did take some time and a lot of backand fourth and some irritation. They have a great business model and a some kinks to work out, but they remain the safest and most trust worthy option for sales and perchases today , remember they are a fairly new agency and the first of its kind, my point is they aren’t going away as they have become a huge driving force in the sneaker culture and I can only see them getting better, and have personally witnessed their growth over this last year, and this is the first time I’m submitting a review, it would have been easily done in the first month I was a customer and when I bought those flyknits that came with the headache, but I wanted to really review the service before I posted my review, this is a truly objective neutral review of my experiences, I am still a customer of stock x and will be for a long time Sincerely ,Forrest Anthon

- Review change !!

I just received an email letting me know that my item has been authenticated and shipped . That’s the second pair I’ve purchased in 2 weeks . This app and company are amazing . I’ve done some research into the company and how it works and they have a pretty good business model , with some of the best sneaker experts in the business . They take this very serious . I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone that would like some peace of mind after spending hundreds or thousands on a sneaker you hope is real . Sounds like a great great thing . These people spot fakes a mile away . UPDATE REVIEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I got the app I ordered over 4K in sneakers over 2 months .... every box came with a tear in the exact same corner for each pair .. 5 in total ... I email them asking them if they are now considered non ds and they tell me the are sorry for ruining the boxes and gave me a 20$ disc on my next purchase. Which is trash cause ruining the box can cost me a few hundred dollars when reselling .. so when I go to use the 20$ disc on a purchase , they tell me my account is frozen and under review . Trash !! Pure trash .. I’ll just take my money to goat ... never rec a damaged item and just ordered another pair of human races nerd color way ... I’ll be closing my account thanks stockshit

- Good and safe app but

This is definitely a safe way to sell and buy authentic sneakers. I would recommend this to anyone that is wanting to buy real sneakers and sell sneakers to get profit. One thing I would think about when it come to selling and buying that there is extra fees and such . So, when it comes to selling on here you have to go up on the price you was willing to sell them for to get the profit you want because the fees take half your profit like such and as a buyer you would have to go down on price because the fees make the price exceed the price you was willing to pay. That one important thing you would have to think about when it come to going through this app. That why I recommend having a chat box so the seller could get better understanding why the buyer put that as his/her bid price and why the buyer put that as his/her ask price. To definitely get a agreement on price. That probably the number one reason why shoe plugs or resellers don’t go through this app because of the pricing. That why I recommend adding a chat box for understanding purposes. But overall it the best way.

- Wear da shoes ?

When StockX was first open for business. You could pretty much find almost any sneaker out there. You could find an old pair of what you once loved and the swag increased. Sometimes you might have paid a little more than you where comfortable with. But it didn’t matter. Cause you finally got what you’ve been hoping they would put back on the market for years. Now was just days away from a reality. I consider myself a “D League” student when it comes to sneaker knowledge. What the structure of StockX did was practically destroyed the sneaker industry. Though, I firmly believe that was not their intention. What had been happening sporadically with the pricing of hard to find kicks before StockX was around had raised a few eyebrows on what some where paying for a pair of sneakers. Once StockX exploded onto the scene it almost became the norm to some to spend almost 2 1/2 to 5, 10or even 500 times the amount for a pair of sneakers. I am a big big fan of StockX but what has or I should say had done, by no fault of their own, was jack up the price of the sneaker industry as a whole. The major brands where soon to follow. Now, everybody stock of brand spankin’ new rarity's are dwindling down. We can look forward to StockX branching out to trading cards. Which can an should and deserves the same inflated prices the sneakers had seen. The cards will live on forever. The sneakers do and did not.

- Bidding Wars!!

It makes me wonder if a seller can have multiple accounts and try and bid against you on their own products to make you bid higher so they get the price they want and when they don’t like the price they just start over and re list the item again.... I am grateful to be able to purchase shoes after a missed drop but when you go up a dollar and then someone else goes up a dollar, then the price drops lower then suddenly another dollar bid makes you have to bid more in order to make sure you get it and then poof someone bids and takes your item and moments later another exact item is set for the price you were bidding on the last item within a dollar of the original asking price! Seems like a lot of trouble for a few dollars but it has happened on the last 2 shoes I've bought and one turned out to be not authentic and then Stock X got me the item at no extra cost, but the shoe laces were different length and the marks they said were from manufacturer and the left shoe fit was way different from the right shoe and the lace eyelets were extremely off in comparison to one another! But i am trying my luck again in hopes it all works out after the GShock i got was mint, I'm hoping this pair of shoes comes the same! Kills boredom during quarantine so I guess it could be worse!

- It’s alright

If an item you want to sell is already listed and there is a bid you would like to accept the process is simple and fast. Even getting authenticated and paid out is fast. The reason I rated two stars is because that scenario might work for one of the items in your closet, but what about the rest? The process of asking for an item to be listed is just a dead end. Edit: I received what seemed like an automated response informing me how to submit items I want to sell. The problem is not that I can’t wrap my head around your odd process of pre approving items you want sold on the site. The problem is that upon submitting item requests you revive no confirmation or way of tracking the progression of item submissions. After two weeks the items I requested to be posted for sale that I owned already sold on another platform. I still don’t know if my multiple item requests have even been looked at. Most of which as mentioned are no longer needed. If the process was more transparent I could go in and delete or void item requests for items I no longer have available for sale. I am certain I am not the only person in this situation and that’s why I took a star away from my two star review. No hard feelings against the company it just doesn’t work for me 99% of the time. As mentioned the one time the stars aligned, I had the item available that was already listed, and the current highest bid was something I was comfortable accepting is when I had great service.

- I never get my shoes!

I’m a sneaker head so I’ve known about stockX for years but this is my first experience ordering from the site. I’ve been wanting the Jordan retro 1 court purples for some time now so I finally decided to order them. The first attempt was a bust. My order status was pending on “In Route to stock X for authentication” for 3 weeks then I randomly receive email stating that I was being refunded my money with no explanation to why. I was guessing either the shoe was lost in transit to stockX or the shoes was fake. Once I got my refund I decided to give it another chance just a half size bigger this time cause I really like the shoes. Only thing is I’m getting the same results. This is week 2 with my order status on “in route to stockX for authentication”. I’m just waiting on that email stating that I’m going to receive a refund because I lost all hope that I will ever get the shoe through this site. I have friends that ordered there shoes after me and have received their shoes in a timely manner so I know it’s not due to covid. I really wish they would give a explication to why I am receiving a refund and not my shoes. I was told by a friend that shop with stockX that if the shoes is fake they normally just request a new shoe to send to you. So if that’s not the case with this second order I’ve done for the court purples then I will most definitely be deleting my account once I receive my refund. This is a bad experience for a first time buyer.

- Do not buy!!!

I really want to give zero stars, but since i can’t. I ordered a pair sneakers from Stockx and first of all it took forever for me to get the sneakers. I know it’s around Covid time but there was no updates from Stockx whatsoever telling me about my shipping. Secondly, when I finally received my package the shoes looked fake and worn. Stockx also have no returns, so I decided that I would sell them back their fake shoes. When I did the whole process, The website/app wouldn’t allow me to print the shipping label. I contacted Stockx multiple times through email through Instagram and it took them over 48 hours to respond, when the sell needs to be shipped within 48 hours. Anyway, they finally responded and they refused to send me a copy of the printing label through email. one of the support reps told me that “I couldn’t print the label because my phone number that I had put into my account was nine digits instead of 10 digits.” I explained to him that my phone number is indeed 10 digits, and that the app would not allow me to put nine digits as my phone number and save it. So in conclusion I got no help from Stockx and in the end, the order was canceled; which I was glad that they canceled it because I feel that if I had shipped it over after all, they would’ve said the shoes were fake even though I got the shoes from them and I would’ve had to pay the penalty. So whatever you do, don’t buy from Stockx. Or at least do your research.

- Some positives , some negatives

I started off as a buyer and after a couple years I decided to trade on StockX. I’ve sold over 30 items in the last 3 months on StockX. Over the course of that time, I’ve had a lot of misfortune making sure couriers delivered what was sent out on time but Covid-19 has caused a lot of transit issues which in turn had caused me lose sales that I have made through the app. Unfortunately this is something the StockX support themselves cannot stop, the expiration times for an item to be shipped is calculated and executed solely by the system/program that StockX uses. Just today, I had sold a skateboard deck, and had it not pass authentication because it appeared to be a different color as what was shown on the app. However, those that monitor and verify items need to do a little research before they come to conclusions, because some images shown appear to be a different color than what it actually comes out to be. Because of this I’m out about $15 and lost the sale on top that, only because they were solely focused on what they were seeing on their site and not doing further research to verify the item more accurately. The resale niche is great but, sometimes it can be a headache especially if the verifiers have no knowledge on select items that they verify for more accurate results.

- Stock X Review, Terrible Company

Absolutely terrible app and even WORSE customer service. Stock X doesn’t care about the sellers or anyone in the slightest. I purchased a pair off bred 4s for $410 on April 29th 2020 and didn’t hear or see anything for over 2 months. After all of my emails, and there were many!! Since of course there is no kind of customer service number, why would there be? They don’t care about them. After 9 weeks went by i had no other option but to go to my bank and ask them to get involved since Stock X thought so low of me that they couldn’t even answer an email or reach out and tell me if there was some sort of problem. Of course my bank did it’s job and got my money back for me. Sad thing was that these shoes were for a birthday at the end of August and of course they didn’t arrive. Also I sold, shipped out and received payment for 3 other shoes. After all of this Stock X is so spiteful that they have shut my account down so I can’t buy or sell off of the site and I’m a full time reseller. This is what I do for a living to feed my children. It’s sad that after all the ridiculous amounts of charges that they take from each transaction, the lack of communication and they choose to be spiteful and take it out on my family. Sorry Stock X, you weren’t about to steal my money. I’m not the one. But how about reactivating my account since all I did was try to do good business with you.

- Employees swapping shoes and taking parts

I had won a bid on a pair of shoes and they had told me parts where missing they sent a picture the shoes appeared pre-worn and looked like they came in a garbage bag... I’m sure if Eminem ordered shoes he wouldn’t of gotten any emails about the seller sending scuffed J’s and missing parts. The company doesn’t care about “regular” people or the shoes it’s clear AND while I was bidding the seller was also bidding up the prices it’s called “Shilling bids” they’re is no way of telling who’s bidding and if the bids are actually legit. I’m still awaiting a response about the shoes it’s been almost 2 weeks since I won the bid I requested someone call my phone number but that prolly won’t happen as the company doesn’t care about the people or it’s reputation as a company, they just want to try to “look cool in front of celebrities for clout” they might not even respond at all leaving me to recover my $ through my banks complaint department so 2 weeks on the shoes then 10-30 days on the bank recovering the money spent on the shoes so a 45 day wait time for just my money returned. This company is being reported to the BBB as a fraudulent business. It seems as if the employees swap shoes and steal parts for some personal collections they have.. I ordered size 11 the most common shoes size in the world I bet if I ordered size 7s there wouldn’t be an issues at all. The company seems shady must be why they have a fake review from Eminem.

- Had the app for one day and was banned from buying/selling.

I recently downloaded this app with the hopes of purchasing a few sneakers. I signed up, input all my information and made my first purchase using my debit card. I was REALLY excited as the price was great for the item. Everything seemed fine, then I receive an email from the STOCKX support team informing me my purchase was canceled and that I was flagged for fraudulent activity. Mind you, this has NEVER happened to me when purchasing from apps or websites so obviously I was shocked. They asked that I provide a picture ID, an alternate email & phone number. I took a picture of my actual ID, provided an email which consists of my full name and gave them my cellphone number. All of which were irrelevant and never used because the next email stated that I had officially been banned from purchasing or selling on StockX and that my money will be refunded. After asking how that could be possible, especially after providing the information they requested, I was told they could not disclose the specific reasons for the ban and that they were “sorry for the inconvenience”. This has been a really stressful situation and I’m just leaving this review in hopes that this doesn’t happen to anyone else and maybe someone has gone thru something similar that can help me resolve this. I would love to use the StockX app, it’s very easy to use and is constantly updated.

- StockX only protects their pockets!

I ordered 2 of the same style and color shoe. One for myself and a matching pair for my wife. Though ordered the same day I did not receive them on the same day and I understand that coming from 2 different sellers, however once I put both shoes side by side there was a clear difference in color. The pair I ordered for my wife was off in color and also had a smell as if they were displayed in a smoking household. StockX told me that they wouldn’t do anything about it and if I wanted to I could re-list and sell them. After repeated back and forth emails with the so called support staff that are only reachable by email I realized that they didn’t care about me as a customer and only about doing anything they could to prevent having to refund me my money. They are taking a percentage from both parties in every transaction which should be justified by the level of service and care for their customers but instead they have taken a bare minimum approach so they keep customers at a certain distance all while hiding behind email accounts so they don’t have to truly face their customers when they have issues and they throw their hands in the air as if they don’t make mistakes so they can keep you money instead of helping to ensure that you get what you paid for.

- Worst costumer service

1 star is too much, but there’s nothing lower :/ This company’s policies will rip you off with their win/win deal. This is a multi-million company that can not handle its costumers issues as any other business, but thru e-mails which are not even answered in a timely manner. StockX has strategically place numerous policies to make sure that if somebody has to lose money, that person is you (the consumer). Make sure to read thoroughly the policies if you decide to sign up, your chances of receiving what you are looking for at this marketplace is about 50% (better than your chances of winning in Las Vegas if that helps). For those that have been hustled and never complained to this company, just wake up and stop settling for BS like this. Not reporting the issues you encounter at selling/buying just because you still want to stay in business with StockX is just good for StockX. If you are a seller keep in mind they take all the credit from your effort and abilities when an item is sold, nobody will ever know it was you whom made it posible to deliver a great product, in the other hand if you are a buyer, please don’t throw away your well earned money. Once your purchase is made there is no posible way that you can return the product in most cases, StockX standards of deadstock items is pretty lame. I ended business for good, hope you do as well. Stay grinding!

- Horrendous Shipping Process, but quality product

Before I actually received my sneakers, I was ready to write off StockX. It took me a little over a month to receive my shipment and up until two days before I received them I absolutely thought I would never get them; especially after reading other peoples experiences. For a whole month the status of my shipment was “En Route to StockX”. So far all you folks new to StockX, that meant the seller had shipped them to be verified by StockX. In the meantime I ordered sneakers from another online source and received them in two days. I was losing all hope with StockX. However, Exactly one month after I ordered my shoes I received a notification saying my order had shipped. Two days later I received it, and they are in 100% Mint Condition, which is ultimately what I wanted in the first place. The customer service is horrible, and the wait is long. But in the end I have what wanted for a cheaper price that I would have paid anywhere else. So if your in a hurry or buying a last minute gift, don’t expect it to get there on time. But I will definitely give StockX another try based on the quality of the product.

- Don’t plan of finding a hidden gem.

On more than 1 occasion my offered bid was accepted. My money was taken while Xstock did their “authentication”(basically a window for them to see if the market goes up and they are able to sell to someone else for more money), then after holding my $ for 5 or 6 days, send an email saying it’s can’t be completed and the seller will get a “warning” (oh no, a warning. We must be in 3rd grade), then my funds are released a day or so later. So, I lose out of that purchase, I can’t shop another place because they have my money, I don’t get a shoe that I paid for, the price of that shoe is now a lot more to buy everywhere, Xstock makes more money on the next sale(because they are paid a commission % of sales price) so why do they care. The only purchases through Xstock that have went through were items I overpaid for because I wanted that specific one and nobody else had it or I wasn’t informed of other ways of getting them. I know better now. This is a sellers app and they, along with their partner Xstock, will rip you off. So just know, if you found a good deal, and thought you found a steal, it WILL be cancelled and refunded after holding your money for 6 days, THIS SITE IS OBVIOUSLY OWNED/CONTROLLED by the SELLERS. Us buyers are like cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

- Pretty cool

Quality shoes. I’ve bought four or five pairs from StockX. I’ll probably buy more when I really want a particular shoe. You have to know exactly what you want, search feature is busted. There no real browsing. Then you better already know how that shoe fits and be perfectly accurate on your bid. There is a ZERO RETURNS policy, which is utterly whack. Buy the wrong size, or they don’t fit right you’re out of luck. Accidentally bid on a size ten for my son and won. He’s a size 10.5 and when I contacted them they said try selling them. That’s pretty much the last thing a customer wants to hear. Bidding is meh, because you can bid up to the asked price, or whatever wait a month, and nothing happens. No notifications, no “someone has outbid” you like EBay, nothing. You have to check back in on prices. The follow feature is garbage. Basically you have to go here with the intention of spending all the money and your probably not going to save much. Order perfectly. Don’t plug in anything wrong or they will just laugh at you and keep your money. It’s a cool idea, it’s just not the best way to go about it. Great shoes. Brand new or at least the ones I bought. They clearly have solid products no worries there at all. Their execution meh...

- Safe and Straight

Heard of the site and app from a co-worker... got hooked, bought one. Won a bid on the other! Update: I won a bid, first seller sent the item to StockX and they verified it not a genuine item, sent an email to me regarding the issue. Cost me nothing to get the item that I won from the bid. They worked with another seller to get my item to no further cost to me. That my friends is how you take care of your clients! Since the pandemic, Almost all of my Shoppings are done online, checking for bargains and what not. I have learned a costly lesson recently, just because it’s cheap it doesn’t mean it’s real! Lol. I got all excited when an Item, to me, is a little expensive and tbh an item I can do without was on sale at a cheap price on facebook market. Yes, StockX is still expensive, the price plus the additional costs at checkout adds up, but it pays off in the end. I have not encountered any problems with StockX, yet. I understand that these pandemic really added times on delivery dates and such. But, I wait with the peace of mind knowing that my Items are all Originals coming from StockX! Stay safe out there! God bless!

- Perfect

This app is perfect for ordering shoes. I have ordered 7 pairs of shoes, all without problem. Unlike “Goat” StockX doesn’t cancel your order and then fail to give you a refund. In September I ordered some size 10.5 Travis Scott Air Jordan 1’s from Goat, after 18 days I got impatient and looked for a reason why they were late, every answer was that they cancelled it. I checked to see if they were canceled, and I immediately felt stupid for waiting on a shoe that wasn’t coming. I tried to get my hard earned money back, but they refused to believe me. I gave them my account and email. I soon was banned for “selling fake shoes” even though I had never put anything up for sale, they didn’t want to unban me because of “bad reputation”. So I moved to StockX and ordered some Travis Scott’s expecting it to do the same but it didn’t, the shoes came in 7 days and it also came with different laces, which I think is nice of them, I paid normal price and got more than I wanted. StockX didn’t just meet my expectations, they exceeded them. StockX>Goatshit

- Don’t buy from StockX

They did me wrong so I’m not going to stop posting a review until one of my review is up. I ordered a pair of Nike Vapor Max Plus on March 26th and after a few days I got a confirmation email saying it’s en route to StockX for authenticity. Woo hoo right? Pft. After that email they don’t update you at all about the whereabouts of your shoe. They give you a rough estimate to when your shoe will be delivered. After a week and a half I emailed StockX and asked where my shoes were. All the said was “it’s en route to StockX for authenticity.” Well no shiiiiid. They really wasn’t helpful at all. After 2 full weeks I emailed them back and this time they said they received my shoes but the box was slightly damaged and asked if I would still like them to ship it to me. I said yes. Then all of a sudden, 2 days later I get an email saying my order has been cancelled. I don’t understand how my order was cancelled when they literally had my shoes in their facility ready to be sent out to me. After more than 2 weeks of waiting. I was furious. I feel like they just want to get rare shoes to their facility and then sell it in store for a better price. I emailed them back about an explanation and they still haven’t responded. I wrote 3 reviews for StockX and none of them were posted. Like I mentioned. I will write a review everyday until they post my review. 👎🏼👎🏼

- Service and platform have really gone down the drain

I’ve been using StockX for the past 3 years with pretty good success. The shipping was always fast and while you paid a slight premium for products, I always felt like I could trust the authentication process and I knew what I was getting. Customer service also en pointe: fast, responsive, handled things with no questions asked. This year though, I pick-up a couple new pairs of shoes and there are tons of new problems with the platform. Shipping has been slow, read: waiting 2-3 weeks from order date (as a seller myself, you typically need to ship product within 48 hours) and no explanation on the delays. Communication from service has been poor with response times up to 3-5 days over email, there is no phone number to call. For one of my pairs, they sent me the completely wrong pair of shoes with the wrong receipt and the right box. They offered for me to keep the shoes and enjoy a $20 discount off my next purchase, no thanks since these were of significantly lesser value than what I paid for. When I told them I’ll just cancel the charge on my card, they offered a full refund, still waiting on that refund today 5/15, purchase date of 4/13. What a shame, StockX used to be great, a premium service at a premium price, but I don’t know what we’re paying for anymore.

- More fees / UPDATE

I’ll be brief because this is my last transaction with Crooked, Greedy, Unprofessional & Thieving SuckX! Went to sell some Supreme 3 weeks ago to make some quick Christmas $. Dropped and UPS delivered promptly. SuckX did not update my profile as received & complete the transaction for 16 days!!! During which they either ignored my emails or stated they would get back to me in a day or 2 & have it resolved, they didn’t. I spoke with an Attorney and the Arizona PD regarding charging them with theft. On the 16th day they reported that they’ve authenticated, etc after I’d told them “Either waive all fees and send cash or return my Supreme. They processed anyway despite not having approval & charged me fees, can you believe that? I’m giving them 24 hours to refund & plan on seeing them in court either way. Some people seem to think their Terms & Conditions are Iron Clad but an amazing Litigator Colleague has stated otherwise in my case. Stop being bullied by SuckX! Take your business elsewhere! In the roughly year and a half doing business with them I spent 4K on shoes & sold more than 1k in apparel & shoes, We deserve better SuckX! More fees because of this PayPal union & I can’t use a prepay? I like having a prepay for various reasons mostly because you can’t be trusted with the account I keep thousands in! Just made my last sale with SuckX. Your GREEDY


WARNING!!! DO NOT BUY FROM STOCK X. Let’s start off with a little background story. I’m a young male who collects shoes, and who takes pride in his shoes. This was my first time shopping at Stock X I usually shop on the goat app, eBay, offer up, or I’ll just get my shoes from the local stores. I bought a pair of SoleFly Jordan 17 Low Size 13 (DEADSTOCK/Brand New) Stock C sent my shoes in a timely manner, but the shoes we’re in BAD CONDITION! First off: Every shoes Stock X sells iAds supposed to be BRAND NEW UN-Used. My shoes were obviously used. It came with a VERY BIG CREASE on the right shoe. The left shoe was fine. If you know your sneakers their are only 2,300 pairs of these shoes an each shoe should come with a tag showing which number out of 2,300 do you have. The tag is missing looks like someone pulled it off or cut it out. You can literally see where the tag was taking off at. Now that means the shoes is technically damaged. I emailed them expressing my disappointment and disapproval of the shoes and it’s condition. They sent me a $10 off the next order coupon and told me that the shoes are “considered deadstock to them.” “We allow people to try the shoe on and the shoes will still be considered deadstock” IF ANYONE TRIED THE SHOE ON THE SHOES ISNT DEADSTOCK ANYMORE. IT IS NOW CONSIDERED WORN. They told me feel free to sell the shoe back to them LOL. FOR $150 cheaper than what I paid for LOL

- Very poor business practices.

Won the winning bid on a pair of $300 KD12 90s Kids sneakers on Friday 4/11. It’s now Weds 4/17, and their status is still showing “waiting for seller to ship”. I understand the weekend fell in the middle, but their own FAQ states that the seller has two (2) days to ship the item. It’s now past that point. Stockx doesn’t even have an contact telephone number to reach them, so you have to rely on email contact. I received an email from one of their CSR’s in reply to my inquiry, and all it consisted of was stating (word for word what their online FAQ states) of taking anywhere from 6-10 business days for normal delivery to me. Nothing said about the delay in receiving the shoes from the seller, how this diverted from their own online statement of the seller having 2 business days to do so, not even a resemblance of care or empathy. Thanks for nothing, Stockx. I’ll be sure to take my future business elsewhere, after I try and recoup my $300 from you guys. I urge others to steer WAY clear of this company and use better organized companies out there — which there are a few of, but I won’t advertise those here. Just do your homework and read reviews to find the good ones. Stockx clearly isn’t one of them! Extremely irritated at this transaction and they could give a rip less after taking your money.

- Best and worst thing that’s ever happened in my life… I’m exaggerating about the bad thing LOL

Stock ex has been a staple in my way or tell me to turn on my shoe collection and exponentially increasing My rare sneaker collection; even at their best prices out of all the company I still find myself using my vacation money on multiple pairs of sneakers when I would have still been irresponsible I just bought the one I was looking for and was too high a price everywhere else… StockEx is like a delicious reduced fat chips; yes they are less than the others but it doesn’t matter if you eat three times as much (metaphorically speaking) 😂. Is the stock ex just called it’s my own fault but I would like to say they have an excellent layout, and great customer service, and as long as you treat them with respect and their business with the respect; they will make it a priority to make sure you’re purchasing or selling experience is it the same quality as the brick and mortar stores (Who charge usually use at least 20% more on the majority of their sneakers). ☝️

- StockX sold me fakes and lied about it!

I was introduced to StockX after been using the GOAT app for sometimes. Enjoyed this type of apps so I decided to give it a try. One of my first purchases was a pair of the red and black Balenciaga Triple S. When the shoe arrived I wanted to do a side to side comparison with another retail pair that I owned. The box was off, the sizing info on the box was not correct, there were extra stitching on the shoe and the back of the heel is misshaped. I voiced my concern to their nonexistent customer service and took pictures for them, they responded 2 days later with a generic copy and paste type of BS response that didn’t help with my problem at all. Then, a day later I got another email from them and basically the content of the email was trying to convince me these shoes were authentic in whichever ways possible. They refused to give me a refund, a return, or an exchange. A few months roll by I no longer want these shoes and decided to sell them at a luxury consignment store in NYC and they told me these were not authentic, they pointed out the same exact questionable details that I attempted to tell StockX upon receiving the shoe. They need to be more careful with their authentication process and stop treating their customers like piles of dung! It was an overall very unpleasant experience.

- Lost package, WORST customer service!

My first sneaker purchase at StockX was an absolute disaster! They will NOT be responsible for missing/lost packages for the customers after a month of back and forth emailing customer service. Firstly of all, StockX provided me the misleading shipping information. I think it's StockX's responsibility because I didn't get any notification of my package has been shipped or arrived through DHL, instead the status of the order was showing "Awaiting UPS picking up" the WHOLE TIME even after I was told my package was delivered by DHL (I was told one week after the DHL delivery date when I was checking the status of the item, and was told it was delivered by DHL while the APP still showing "Awaiting UPS pickup"), that's why I was waiting for a UPS package all the time and I didn't know the DHL package was from StockX. Second, it is sketchy that the DHL shippment was not shipped from StockX. Please explain to me that why the package was in DHL but not in UPS as shown in the StockX APP, and the same as other purchases I bought from StockX? And it's shipped directly from Netherlands? Not from StockX? It's supposed to be authenticated by StockX and shipped from StockX! It doesn't make any sense! How am I supposed to be responsible for a missing package that I didn't even know it was the item I bought?


I have sold one pair of sneakers and it went fine, however, I have won two bids on Nike x Off White collaborations (Air Max 97 Black & Vapormax Black) and both orders were cancelled due to issues with the seller, so I did not get either pair. After a week of the first sale not shipping and after multiple contacts with StockX (while being told to be patient and sip a daiquiri), the order was cancelled. I really wanted to purchase the sneakers and the price had gone up. I tried multiple times to see if anything could be done and I was basically told “StockX is a marketplace and is not responsible for orders that are cancelled”. No sneakers, no discounts and because this happened a second time, I WILL NOT BE BUYING SNEAKERS FROM STOCKX. I had active bids on 5 sneakers and I have taken them all down. In addition, I have also read on other reviews that people have made and they have not received the additional shoelaces with their StockX purchases (as the sellers are not required to send them), which can be a big hit if you spend a lot on an Nike x Off White Collaboration (the laces can sell for +$50). I would rather pay a little more money on another site and ensure I’m getting everything rather than get my order cancelled AGAIN and possibly not get extra laces.

- Great app for sneaker heads

I’m a GIANT SNEAKER HEAD and I have a 30,000 dollar collection and I love all the expensive ones air yeezy 1, air yeezy 2, off whites, yeezy boosts 350, adidas ultra boosts 19, and all the signature basket ball shoes. With out this app my shoe collection would probably cost like 40,000 no joke. Not only that but it’s so easy to get tricked into buying non authentic shoes but on this app every shoe is 100 percent authentic. I’ve bot about 3 pairs of yeezy boosts 350 on this app for under 300 each!!!! And they were all authentic!!!!!! I never even dreamed of seeing an app this good!!! Also this app has shoes that u can’t find anywhere else like tons of limited time shoes that sold out years ago for example I got a pair of red October’s last week for 3,000 only! those shoes usually take months to find and they go for like 8,000 but I found them in TEN MINUTES FOR ONLY 3,000. I also got a pair of all red Lebron 17 for 110 when there usually 220! This app is crazy. I’m never shopping for shoes anywhere else again.

- Brutal Customer Service

They just are the worst for customer service ever. Great app as far as the shoes and ease of use but they literally don’t answer anything. No response for days and days. At this stage I sold shoes on the app. Shipped them and confirmed arrival on 7/31. It’s now 8/20 I’ve sent several follow ups and requests they haven’t verified my shoes, haven’t paid me. Although the latest response (7days after sent) stated they were authenticated and the processed my payment on 8/11 that’s a lie. Haven’t been paid. Have now followed up twice with no response. Next step will be reporting them to BBB I guess. Basically stole my shoes and didn’t pay me for their worth let alone the sale price. FIX YOU'RE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. UPDATE 8/26: they apologize promise to look into the issue and correct. Send me an email about condensing the inquires to one chain. Proceed to respond with a 2 sentence answer saying “they see I was paid on 8/11”. Nothing else. I have not been paid. I have asked multiple times for what account info they paid to and what proof they have past telling me so. Nothing. An absolute joke to deal with their customer support. I wish I could give zero stars. UPDATE 2: it’s 9/17. Still not paid. Promised a few times. Emailed help 12 times. Pretty ridiculous.

- Awful Ship time and contact options

While the selection and for the most part prices on this app are good and sometimes unbeatable, my very first purchase on stockx was for the Jordan 11 breds to which I ordered the first week of July and have yet to receive my item. It said ‘en route to authentication’ all the way up until YESTERDAY! During this time of course I understand delays and such with the virus, however, the amount of time it took for an actual, non-automated message back. There is no number or any form of communication except for the ‘case’ you can make or the service email. The first 2 attempts of contact I received an automated message that it would take an additional amount of weeks for processing and shipping and such which was shortly after the website was updated to read the same thing. My status did not change though again until yesterday and all it says now is passed authentication. I understand these times are hard and disorganized right now but I would have at least appreciated some better communication or explanations for my first experience buying with you guys and I honestly planned on it becoming frequent but now I’m hesitant to order anything else especially not until I receive my first pair.

- Not helpful

I was banned for life for 2 incomplete sales. You can’t make another account because their fraud prevention partners will flag you down for having the same info as another account, even if someone from stockx knows that all that information is yours, they won’t do anything to stop it from getting flagged. At first they tell you they are unable to “reinstate” or reactivate your account, which if you look it up, they are actually able to do. At first I asked one question and said they could look at my grailed account which is connected to my email where I have 16 transactions and 11 positive reviews which I waited for about 5 hours for a reply, then right after that I asked 4 more questions and had to wait over day for a little short automated response that didn’t answer any of my questions that pretty much said they are sorry but they are keeping my account suspended and that they are firm with the decision. They just really weren’t willing to help me out. I had made 2 purchases and had 2 incomplete sales and now I’m banned from stockx for life. I honestly would’ve enjoyed to continue to use stockx, but I don’t have a choice now. How many other people have had only 2 incomplete sales and gotten banned for it?

- The worst!!!! just useGOAT APP TRUST ME

I purchased these new Jordans at StockX. As soon as I saw the price dropped I put my car info my billing info and purchased the sneakers. Right away I got an email saying my order was canceled cause of fraud. Mind you I used my own credit card, come to find out they banned me from doing any buying or selling from the app. I never bought anything from the StockX and they banned me and tell me that I’m a fraud. I got an email saying to provide my picture ID, email address and my phone number. I sent it to them right away. They get back to me THREE DAYS LATER telling the same exact thing. Saying thank you for contacting us please provide us your id email and number -_- I literally lost it and deleted the app cause such worst customer service. I don’t care that I’m banned cause I’m never buying anything on that app ever. So I signed onto goat app purchased the Jordans at a cheaper price, everything went through smooth. I got an email by goat app saying to provide them a screen shot of my bank trans action so I did and they automatically emailed me back saying they contacted the seller to send me the sneakers. Within a week I got my sneakers and everything was good. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS STOCKX IS THE WORST DONT TRUST THEM JUST USE GOAT APP.

- Nice platform with implementation issues

Great platform for buying/selling sneakers. Implementation is a bit rough, however, as there are some data and quality issues. For example, the highest bid and latest sale is presented on the sneaker main sale screen. There is a glitch in the detail listing, however, where the bid details will show a number of phantom bids higher than the actual high bid. If you don’t notice you could over bid because of these phantom bids. Also, the latest sale value glitches on some items showing significantly higher than any current or previous bid ask. Again, if you’re not paying attention this could falsely lead you to bid higher than needed. Tech help says reinstall app or use desktop but errors still exist. Also, quality review on older shoes is poor. So, buyer beware as StockX will hide behind loosely written terms and conditions that do not favor the buyer. Remember no returns if the quality is poor or it wasn’t previously stored well. All that said, the process of buying, selling, shipping, notifications works really well. Top notch in this department.

- Not everything is “VERIFIED”... shoes fell apart literally

I’ve gotten good shoes from StockX but I also had a horrible experience ordering the Jordan 9 white breds.... when I got them they had like paint peeling off and I emailed stockX about it and they said they don’t do refunds even though I sent them pictures... I never got the problem solved and I kept them in the box because who would wear shoes that are peeling out? But one day I decided a little peeling wouldn’t bother me and I wore them and got into my car... drove over to my Girlfriends house and when I got in the car... The whole bottom heel piece came off and flapped upside down and then it did that with the other shoe.... Obviously StockX does not verify all shoes because these were horrible shoes glued together!! Too bad I was hesitant on trying them out because I wanted my money back.... BEWARE and check your shoes first before cutting that “once you cut them their yours” even though the shoes are suppose to be “Verified” so who would second guess a business that is suppose to have a model around getting legitimate shoes... I guess they got relaxed and don’t care for their customers... I’ve spent over 2 grand with stockX yet I still got flack when I emailed them a while back...

- StockX scam

If you accidentally bought an item from the buy now button, probably a lot of people will be because they purposely make their buying process shady so people will falling into buying items accidentally. They have one is bid and another is Buy Now, if you click the Buy Now they bring to a Review Page, if you click Review Order, they will place order immediately, they don’t ask you to Place Order like everyone else. And if you accidentally bought any items, even if you contact them immediately, they will just wait until the item is processed and on the way to your house, then they contact you and say they are the Platform where you cannot return anything or even cancel anything, what they will tell you is that you can sell the item back on their platform which they will take 12% of what you sell. So overall they don’t care about customer, customer service are terrible, take like 2 week to reply, their profit is on top of the line. Moreover, if you contact bank to try to get your money back, StockX will ban your account from buying and selling then completely delete it and every accounts that have the same billing address as yours.

- Easy, but at what cost?

As of writing this review, I’ve sold 17 items and bought one from Stockx. They are an easy way to get your items sold on a marketplace and they are good at authenticating items. However, this is where the good parts of the site end. The site is rampant with undercutting driving prices of items down for resellers where Stockx already takes a 9.0% to 10.0% cut of any item you sell on top of the 3% processing fee for PayPal. This loss of profits coupled with the several hacks occurring within the companies database that exposes tens if not hundreds of thousands of account details makes for a shaky service. What makes the data breaches so awful is the fact that Stockx will act as though it isn’t a big deal even when several purchases are made on your account without your consent. Instead of notifying you of these breaches or implementing two factor authentication they would rather leave you without knowledge of this and upon contacting them will simply reply with “maybe change your password.” My experience with them thus far has been filled with frustration even when this was supposed to be an easy solution for buying and selling exclusive items.

- Garbage

Absolutely garbage platform to sell shoes. I’ve been reselling shoes since before this joke of a company even existed and they are just beyond terrible. I’ve sold so many items on here that just sat on “en route” even though they had been delivered over a week prior. Their processing times and payout times are some of the worst in the game and the customer service is practically nonexistent. This is probably the worst company in the world when it comes to sneaker culture. They are legit ruining everything by setting the bar so low. They legit don’t even know how to authenticate items. I preordered most of the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection from my local Louis Vuitton store and sold the hoodie through StockX and they said they could not authenticate it because it was not the right weight. The hoodie was purchased directly from Louis Vuitton and I included the original receipt and box from Louis Vuitton as well but StockX is such a joke that they don’t even know how to authenticate the items they are selling so they charged me $15 and sent my hoodie back without the original receipt or box! Avoid StockX at all costs. I really hope they go out of business but I am reporting them to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

- Good but could be better.

Almost Almost Almost everything I’ve bought from here has been amazing. And I’ve spent thousands of $$$ here. I am a sneaker head from way back. Anyway, I bought a pr of vapormax 97’s in gold. The left shoe was popped, flat, and definitely noticeably on feet. The good people from here wouldn’t refund my money or really attempt to make it right. After 12 emails and back and forth they only gave me 10% off next purchase. I’ve spent over $13,000 at this site. I expect a little bit better customer service. It’s not like I’m trying to scam or misuse this site. This is wrong to me. U checked the product and it should be good. All good. And nothing but good. At the end of the day it’s you guys double checking and certifying your own excellence. But u didn’t. And then u didn’t redeem yourself at all. Come on guys, you gotta do better if you wanna be at the top of the game and stay there. Hopefully u utilize the feedback we as customers give to make things better. Much love, your frequent customer -Brian

- Absolute WORST Customer Service I have ever dealt with

So I have bought 3 items from StockX. I think to myself, “maybe I should try selling with them.” So I sell a pair of UNC Off White Jordan 1’s that I LITERALLY HAVE THE NIKE ORDER CONFIRMATION FROM, but I send them in at a $1115 sale price. About a week later, instead of getting my payout, I get an email saying that they didn’t pass authentication. This in itself pisses me off, then I continue reading and see that they have chosen to charge me a 15% fee, amounting to $167!! I am a high schooler, I can’t afford afford to pay that type of fee! So I email back a long email explaining the situation and also asking how they came to the conclusion that I sent them fakes. Then I get an email the next day from someone working there and it says that “we understand your situation and are sorry, but having reviewed the sale we are still choosing to charge you this 15% fee. You will not be refunded.” WHAT THE HELL?! I will NEVER use StockX again. Warning to all reading: DO NOT USE STOCKX, BEWARE. You may think after reading reviews like these “must have been a weird fluke” or “they don’t know what they’re taking about, it won’t happen to me.” That’s exactly what I thought until it did.

- Poor Customer Service

I recently tried to make a purchase on a pair of shoes and after my purchase was completed, I realized my address was wrong. Well, trying to get in contact with someone from their support team was a complete hassle. There is no number to call, only communication was through email. I was given multiple case numbers and had multiple different people reach out and email me saying the same thing, that their policy wouldn’t allow for address changes on an already completed order (completely stupid policy in my opinion). Finally the 6th person emailed me offering to cancel my order and when I specifically responded do NOT cancel my order, I received an email 1 minute later (which was the quickest I’ve gotten an email from them. Every other time took them almost 2 days to respond.) saying that my order was cancelled and I was given a refund. Now going back to purchase the same shoe, the price is a lot higher and I would have to pay more if I wanted them again. Super annoying and unnecessary issues in my opinion.

- StockX Review

I would definitely recommend StockX, let me be clear on that, but by default the shipping takes a while because the seller has to ship their item to an authentication center, which upon verifying the item sends it to you. There is no option for express shipping, so this can easily take 2 weeks. It is a valuable process though, because it ensures authenticity of your item. Another thing to remember is that you cannot cancell orders, much less return them when you have received it. Once you click the confirm purchase button, you are completely set and the only way to get some money back is to sell the item, which will likely leave you with less money because of taxes, etc. I do want to be clear, however, that those that I have outlined are the only flaws I have experienced with the app, and everything else is amazing, from the user-friendliness to the certificate of authenticity that comes with your order, StockX is an amazing marketplace for shoes and streetwear.

- Terrible customer service

Stockx sent me the wrong item ( sneakers), that i did not order. I let them know way before the seller sent it to them for verification and they did nothing about it, they didn't try to contact the seller or try to fix the issue at all! Even though the seller had not sent the sneakers yet. They just said: “We cant do anything about it because is a live market, but the great news is that you can sell them back through us” What a Joke!.... When I tried to contact them again asking them why should I have to go through that, when I ordered the right thing and they are the ones sending me the wrong thing.... They just never answered again! I even sent them a picture with my order to prove to them my order was correct, and that they were the ones sending me the wrong thing. They don't even allow you to cancel and order after purchasing. There’s not even an option on the app or website to do it! I Wont ever buy anything here again! If you bump into a problem, the customer service is TERRIBLE! You’ll be ignored and you’ll find yourself having to re-sell your purchase! Even if is not your fault...Very bad experience!

- Great app just a little slow with communication to the sellers

I love the app, just sometimes the process can take a little long when getting in touch with the seller but other than that I love it! I’ve bought quite a few shoes from the app, shoes that I haven’t seen in stores which has a lot of people asking where I got my shoes from. Also I wanna wouldn’t mind if they gave certain buyers the option to double check if they want to make the purchase instead of just automatically just purchasing them. I understand why they do it but there’s been a few times I was bidding on some shoes and I had just finished paying some bills and then boom another 180$ gone because they automatically bought them, so it would’ve been cool to get a notice saying that they’re gonna purchase them with you’re ok with it because if I’m being honest I wouldn’t have minded losing the shoe to save some money. All in all though this is where I do all my shoe hunting, I’m never shopping at a store again!

- Sellers Beware

I’ve sold on this platform consecutively for a little over a year now. The interface and variety of what you can sell made StockX seem like the better of all the reselling apps. It wasn’t until recently when one of the packages I sent made it to them with less then what was sent in it( i.e. the shoes were removed from the box by, who knows who) that my option changed. StockX checked in to tell me the package was empty and asked for the receipt showing I sent it, also checking the weight to be sure it wasn’t empty when I sent it. The package was nearing 4 pounds upon departure which the receipt verified. Come about a week later I email them again asking if anything has been found with the investigation. Long story short, they tell me they’re team has looked at the package and declared it was not damaged or tampered with and that, regardless of the proof I sent them, I “never actually sent the shoes”. A seller isn’t given the choice to open up their own ups claim because StockX is the one paying for the shipment, so that option... isn’t even an option. They have since banned me from buying or selling, and have refused to reimburse me for the shoes I sent.

- Customer Service is SUSPECT

I bought a pair of toddler sized Jordan’s that were the incorrect shoe but look very similar. Look for yourself (Toddler Jordan 11 Low Iridescent vs. Toddler Jordan 11 Low Concord). I bought the Iridescent for the asking price for my son and realized immediately I meant to purchase the Concord. I reached out to customer service minutes after the mistake. I went ahead and purchased the Concord for the asking price as well. They got back to me a few hours later and said they couldn’t do anything. It would have been very easy to understand I’m a new user and explain to the seller and get them re-listed and tell my as a one time courtesy they would help me. Not the case. I was just told I could re-list the shoes myself. Of course, so they can be paid twice. I didn’t agree with the way they handled the situation and should have seen it was an honest mistake by my almost immediate purchase of the correct shoes. Now I’ve got 2 pairs coming to me. One of which that I’m supposed to be able to sell, but the particular shoe is still on the shelves and in stock at retail stores. It’ll make it very difficult to sell unless someone else makes a mistake like I did. Very disappointing

- WARNING - Use With Caution!!

So I decided I would give them a try and dip my toes in the water before they would gain my trust. So glad I did. They sent me a faulty collectors piece and would not take responsibility for it. Tried to blame the brand and said a chip and crack in the paint was within the manufacturers standards. They would not answer any of my questions once their “product specialist” made her decision and said I could sell them it back to them. So then they could make even more money off of me and then resell my defective item back to another poor soul which I would not be a part of. After multiple emails with no reply and chats that went nowhere I decided to see if I played their game and asked if they would send me the “$20 off my next order” credit they tried to pass along to me to get me to shut up. They fell right into the trap and magically answered me within hours. Now that I had their attention again I attempted to ask them questions about my order again and then they just shutdown my account. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU or any of their customers. It’s just a giant scam. I look forward to the day that your company goes out of business. Good luck bros!

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- Best way to buy sneakers

I’ve purchased 3 items from stock X and I have never been disappointed with the service or the item. I managed to grab the Jordan 1 Homage to home and the pine green at a cheaper price then what I would have paid in some exclusive sneaker store in Australia or on eBay. Paying the tax makes items a little more expensive than I’d like but still a better deal none the less. Their tracking of the item through UPS is fantastic and I have never received a fake shoe. All authentic and great quality shoes. It’s extremely hard in Australia to get these types of sneakers when they first drop at retail price, they sell out within minutes before you even have the chance to line up at a footlocker so I’m glad services like this exist for those of us who miss out and in most cases my size ends up being the cheapest price on here.

- Stock X (The X Is For Xtremeley Awesome)

These guys don’t mess around! I have made a few orders and never had an issue. The website and app are perfectly designed for easy access to information and relative prices for pretty much any sneaker you desire. The communication is great and you are never left in the loop. And may I say, the shipping is crazy fast. I live in Western Australia and at most, it has taken 4-5 days to get here!. Can’t recommend these guys enough! .......... What are you doing!? ..... Get on Stock X now and grab that sneaker you thought you would never find!. Peace!.

- It’s great, a little overpriced with the shipping

Overall this site is pretty good, I love this app since I can order popular shoes from the u.s. that aren’t currently available in Australia, but honestly they’re a little overpriced when converting from USD - AUD. If your a real sneaker head and able to afford these shoes I would let you go crazy on this app, but the reason I said if you can afford them is because, the average price for a good pair of sneakers converted to australian dollars included with shipping is 523$ (If your wondering the shoes I used for this conversion are the Jordan 1 Retro High Royal Toe USD 376 shipping included in that price SIZE 10) If your ready to pay that price Go Krazy, Go Stupid.

- StockX

I love StockX because any item bought has been authenticated before it gets to you. The prices can be a bit high but being dead stock, this stuff isn’t easy to find elsewhere. They are amazing for finding that item you wished you’d bought but was sold when you went back to the store! The only criticism I have is that the seller of the shoes should have to accept a bid within 3 months instead of the very long time they can sit and wait for a high enough bid. If the item is receiving bids then it is up for auction and the seller should have stricter time restrictions to sell. Still, I give StockX a 4/5 stars.

- StockX makes me cream

Love this app so much , my go to for buying sneakers as they are never fake and are never second hand. Sure their tax might make the item go up a bit in price but you can’t expect people to check and review your sneakers for free and send em to you without getting some money out of it so it’s fair enough. They also have so many options for shoes that I can’t access anywhere else or even where I live (Australia)

- Would be 5 but needs Australia services

I live StockX and I do feel it’s reliable with the sneakers it looks at and sends out. But being a US based company to purchase shoes when I Australia adds an additional $120+ for shipping and import taxes, which I understand they can’t just send for free but maybe if they started to expand warehouses to other countries they could start to lower those costs. Because there’s times where I just have enough for the shoe let alone the addition of the shipping and import. Although aside from that tangent it is a great app & service

- Too many emails. Can’t unsubscribe!!! Plus, poor communication when issue during selling process.

Can’t unsubscribe from emails. I have tried and still daily I get emails. Making me hate the company I have previously purchased from. Also, communication is pretty poor. I placed an order and it was canceled. I was never provided an explanation. They only way I new there was an issue is the item simply disappeared from my purchased items. I guess once the item reached the authentication process the item was actually a fake. As when I placed a request for information via ‘contact us’ they simply replied that the had an “issue with the seller so had to cancel and issue a refund”.

- The only site I would use for expensive products

Never before have I seen a site so resourceful and easy-to-access. They treat the product you have as you were buying bonds on a stock market, which is what these items are; investments. I, a card collector, will never settle for less after the great experience I’ve had with StockX.

- Payment Issue

I had a bad experience 2nd time round purchasing an item. I had emailed stock x they took me through some trouble shooters. stock x told me to email them back if I had trouble still. Which is did!? Till this day I still haven’t had a response rom them. But I love the site just customer services Is slow. please stock x help me

- Great turn around and service to Australia

Couldn’t believe to quick turn around from the time i ordered my shoes, to when they arrived in Australia! Also the tracking and information on the app relating to my order was spot on and extremely helpful!

- Poor customer support

This was my first experience with StockX. I bought a pair of sneakers from StockX my box was ripped and damaged. When I reached out to StockX the response time was a couple of days if not weeks. They tried to give me a discount on my next purchase of 20 dollars (which by the way doesn’t even cover half the shipping). I had responded to that offer and waited again for a long time to which they responded we will be closing your case as I had to many open from replying to there emails. I’m still waiting to hear back from them.

- A store that takes its seriously

Its reassuring to know that StockX has your back when purchasing luxury goods. Their process in authentication is top notch and you know that your money will be well worth it when your purchase is finally approved and well worth it.

- The ONLY way to buy sneakers online

Absolutely amazed with the quality of service that StockX delivers. Shipping from US to Australia only took two weeks (in the middle of a global pandemic) and the shoes had no damage. Absolutely amazing service will definitely use again!!

- Great app

The shipping and handling is quite pricey but it’s fast. The products are all quality. Watch out for fakes there are a few but you can filter them out quite easily. All round an excellent app for purchasing items.

- If I could give 0 I would.

StockX have been screwing its customers every which way. So many ridiculous fees, so many stories of how they’ve sold fakes and getting a refund is almost impossible. The customer service is pointless and truly destroy whatever is left for a nice experience. The fact that they had a data breach that they knew about and tried to cover up is another reason to be skeptical of doing any business with this greedy disgusting company.

- Problems with price setting

I would say it’s a great concept for an app, however, whenever I set a specific price(eg. under 100) if I leave the app it resets that and doesn’t give you the option to set it again. It’s frustrating because you can change all the other options except this specific one (which is very important). I just wondered if anyone else had this problem.

- Simple & Accesible

I live in Australia and there is a lot of stuff I can’t get my hands on. This app allows opens the world up to me in a few clicks. What is super useful about this app is that it stores and displays recent sale data. So I can see when something spikes or drops - it’s easy to get a reasonable mean price and either buy or bid from that point. As a vote of confidence, there is a verification process completed by StockX and they guarantee the product. For some one like me who is thousands of miles away, this is a great step. Overall, it’s an app that supports simple processes and isn’t confusing to use.

- Don’t ever need to change your password word🤦🏻‍♂️

Wow 3 and a half weeks so far to have my password changed and it’s still not working! Crazy part is I didn’t want to change it-it was their idea so now not only have I missed the shoes I was after for YEARS,I’m still not able to buy anything.. Slow laborious process to change a password and even after they contacted me it still doesn’t work.. Use another service!

- Best App

StockX is the most useful app the is, easy to use. Would prefer if the layout was more like the website bur still good as it is and there should be a few more filter options but apart from those 2 things its perfect!

- It is 🔥🔥🔥

The quality of the shopping is amazing. I love how you can see the sneaker from any angle instead of just a few pics! Top destination for find in sneakers at retail of resale. I highly recommend this platform!🔥🔥🔥

- Looks like I’m not the only one

My account was flagged the second I bought my first item. After taking your credit card info they just flag you as a fraud for no reason at all and ask you to provide picture ID, phone number etc. phone number’s a reasonable request, but who the fxxk asks for picture ID when you’re buying stuff from them? Private info bro..!!.. Do you need my passport and driver’s license too?? Worst experience so far.

- App works great

App works perfectly fine never any glitches. Had 4 successful purchases to date. no mess ups, clear, quick shipping, shipping is abit pricy but hey, one day some shoes are $200 next day they $130 can’t complain

- Two orders arrived and very pleased

I’ve now ordered and received two orders all the way to Australia without any issue. Both times I’ve been very happy with my items and I’ve just ordered something else.

- Simple to use

StockX is easy to use and is a great app for copping sneakers. My one problem is the shipping costs and the currency of the app is USD which isn’t very helpful for someone like me who lives in Australia. All round a great app with very little flaws

- Amazing

Grate service and a brilliant app always improving always listening to what your users want. 10/10 recommended to quite a few friends thank you StockX Team xoxo

- Shipping is too expensive and off putting.

Shipping prices are ridiculous, put you off purchasing an item. When you can’t find what you are looking for anywhere else stockX can.

- My review

I’ve ordered off stock x quite a few times and all my products have been to a higher standard than I thought

- Great shipping and service

Bought a pair of shoes from here and shipping was exceptional. I am from Australia and the package arrived in just over a week. Great service and would recommend buying from here

- Stick Rip

The concept is great, however being charged $26 for authentication, packaging and handling then having to pay $58 postage then the over inflated prices above steep. On top of that you can only buy one item per transaction, which means you then have to pay that fee twice. Suggestion add a shopping basket, drop your postage and your admin fees as currently eBay is better bang for ya buck.

- Awesome.

Placed a bid and was notified that I was unable to and my money was taken. Immediately returned my money within a day. Even though they stated 3-5 briskness days. Excellent service and quality shoes.

- 1 way traffic when you deal with stockX

hi all, i recently purchased a pair of Beluga v2 from stockX and they send me the unauthentic shoes. i checked the shoes with different groups and checkcheck, they all said it’s not legit. the worst thing is the UPC# of the box and shoes are not matching that raises my suspicion and they said that’s manufactural failure. they refused to take the shoes back and block my account because i made a claim through Paypal so please take my advice DO NOT deal with stockX

- App has issues updating personal details.

Seems to be too much traffic on the App as there is a pop up every time I try to update details saying try again too much traffic... been like this for days unfortunately.

- Crashes!!!

Awesome app with awesome prices, only problem is it regularly crashes when trying to purchase, follow or add to portfolio but overall one of the best clothing and footwear stores and highly recommended though need to iron out a few kinks.

- Quality Products from all around the world

Amazing service with some of the most competitive pricing making it the go to store for any collectable clothes, shoes, watches and bags.

- User

Best website to buy things which are usually extremely hard to find elsewhere

- Great

Great way to track the market and sell when the price right, would love an Australian based Legit check centre so we don’t need to pay massive shipping prices and luxury tax fees. Keep it up

- Trustworthy and efficient

Quality of all products is assured and the efficiency of the process makes purchasing through StockX a breeze.

- Safe and Secure

Everything is legit, ordered from the app multiple times and had no issues. All authentic items with legit checks.

- Super easy and reliable

The app is so easy to use and with the authentication process I feel safe ordering products knowing they are authentic

- Legit such a good app

I have been using stock X for ages now and it’s the only place I use to buy new and used shoes. I always know that the shoes will be legit so no need to stress. Really recommend this app

- Stock X

Fully legit and love using this app, got all my shoes from here. The prices are magnificent and no other online shoe app is better then this one. You can also bid which is amazing.

- Really happy

Really great customer service. Provided an easy and safe way to buy some kicks, and resolved my shipping issues with ease. 100% recommended 🤘🏼

- Top Notch

Always hooking me up with the goods and keeping it reliable but just wish you could change the currency cause I get to excited and then realise the exchange rate but overall my go to for sneakers

- Unbelievably Easy to use

Love this !! , always miss out on the launch of new kicks , but this app makes things so much easier !!

- It’s lit

Really cool app, this would be amazing for someone who is interested in investing and stocks. Love the range of products as well as the bargains you can get if you watch the market.

- Best place to buy and sell

Find all the things that you want! Either buy or sell. This is the place and the app for it!

- StockX is my go to the every day

StockX has been my go to for the last 4 years. It’s the only platform I trust for the latest kicks on the planet ✌🏾

- MLB Jacket

Thank you oh so much StockX for the quick reply to my email enabling me to purchase a jacket for my son, bring in Australia we don’t get these products here...much appreciated

- Disappointed

Trying to make my first purchase my account was flagged as fraudulent for no reason and my account and card were banned from use, when trying to rectify the situation I was met with poor customer service stating there was nothing I could do to verify that my purchase and account was not intact fraudulent and that I was indefinitely banned for buying/selling.

- Easy and convenient

I have searched high and low for the pair of shoes I wanted for ages the process from StockX has been so quick and simple

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- Stockx

You guys are great but the reason I gave you 4 is because you guys need better costumer service and need to charge less on fees then more people would use stockx

- Canada shipping is ridiculous

For a $86 CAD supreme shirt it costs $40 CAD for shipping, $4 CAD processing fee and $18.36 CAD for taxes. That $86 CAD turns to $148.36 CAD just buy from the store in Canada

- They steal your money 😡😡😡

I bought a shoes for 600 CAD and payed 30 US dollars for shipping and after a week. I receive an email from UPS that I have to pay 203 CAD to receive the package. StockX never mentioned that. Liars! I payed 1/3 of the shoes extra for only shipping!

- Stock x is the worst website/app I’ve ever used!

Stock x took weeks to ship and when it did ship I was notified I had to pay an extra 20$ worth of import fees, I live in Canada not Pakistan, this was made worse by the fact I already paided 40$ for shipping. I feel robbed and would never recommend this app even if they paid me 1000$

- Don’t ship to Canada

They use very small text to inform the buyer that they will have to pay duties and that the buyer is responsible for it. You will pay 100 dollars extra for this. Goat is the superior application for sneaker shopping internationally.

- SCAM for Canadians

Duties/taxes are insane!!! I bought a pair of bball shoes (Jordan why not Zer0.3 LA Born) for 150$ + 20$ shipping. Great cool! Until the DHL duties for bring it into Canada were 70$!!! That’s 41% of the original total cost of the shoes (including shipping). Insane. Bidding for a good deal? BS. From Ontario Canada. I thought the duties might be an extra 10-20$ max. Ridiculous. I would not recommend StockX to anyone from Canada. You’re better off buying from a local store, or a store from within your own country. What a rip off.

- 🖕🏽

I paid 175$ for a pair of Jordan 11's and they said a week has been 2 weeks and the order is now not in my pending orders thanks for stealing my money!

- Garbage

The people who sell on here are retarded and also for Canadian shoppers you’ll be raped with stupid clearance and shipping fees

- Fix It For Buyers In Canada

We get charged to receive the package. 🤬

- Let’s go on GOAT, Canada!

If you live in Canada, just go on this company clearly doesn’t want to expand their market and tbh, I don’t want to buy from people like that. Thank you goat for saving the day.

- Shipping

The shipping cost is absolutely absurd. I live in Canada and for some reason my shipping cost is 40 dollars. Plus the import duties and taxes which add another 20. Plus the process fee and taxes which add another 10 dollars. 70 DOLLARS JUST SO THE SHOE COULD BE DELIVERED TO YOU

- Trash

Very disappointed with how they treat the sellers.

- Only good for US residents

For Canadians, buying from here makes no sense. After shipping, processing fees and import duties, the product actually will cost you more. Not only that, I cannot self initiate removal of payment details or deactivation of account. It’s scary that you cannot delete your payment details.


I asked if I have to pay upon receiving my package via email. Stockx said I don’t have to and told me not to worry since I already paid for shipping AND paid more than what the shoes were worth. Basically have to pay 360 for a 180 dollar shoe.

- Absolutely horrible for Canadians

I paid 172.99 for New Air Force Reacts and it took a week to deliver but when i got the notification of it being shipped i got a message from DHL that I owed them 53$ in taxes and duties. I’m going to get my money. it’s a scam that you didn’t send us any notifications of the duties and taxes in the checkout

- Customer Service SUCKS!

Cant get hold of anyone from StockX. Im trying to purchase a 35k Rolex watch and i cant reach anyone because i have ONE question about the watch. So they just want me to send them 35k US DOllars and pray that it a mint watch? WTH???


I bought the same pair of shoes twice, the first time I ordered the seller decided last second that he wasn’t going to ship them, forcing me to but again but for a higher price jus for them to make me wait a week and tell me that he didn’t want to sell it. THERE IS NO BUYER PROMISE OR ANYTHING, sellers can just decide not to give you the item after you’ve payed for the item/ordered. And the shipping is 40$ to Canada with a ton of taxes on top. 0/5 stars.Absolute trash. Ordered another pair from Goat and so far there have been no problems!

- Not the best right now

Kind of flakey to be honest, I waited 13 days expecting delivery at anytime just for them to email me and say they had to cancel it.

- Terrible to use in Canada. Do Not!

The duties they charge seem to be random, anywhere from 16%-40% the total price of the item when shipped to Canada Theyve used both ups (16%) and dhl (38%) when shipping to my address in Canada and it seems they just randomly choose a provider. I no longer order from them

- Canadian buyer BEWARE!!

You cant select the carrier so they ship it with either DHL or UPS and you don’t have a choice and cant select your favorite or best one.... turned out the 145$ cad tshirt came with DHL with a 63.07$ canadian duty fee. Really sucks wish I could cancel this. This was my first and last purchase this is ridiculous and non-sense. I did emailed somesone at StockX and that’s how it is nothing can be done about it... He clearly answered me every Canadian order is billed 40-60% of duties/fee. So you’ll ALWAYS pay 1/2 of what you just already paid.... I’ll shop elsewhere no thank you!

- Expensive Shipping

Don’t use Shipping was supposed to be $20 then DHL Made it 79.99

- Hidden $140+ charges on shipping to Canada

Never buy sneakers from this app. Ridiculous scammers. Showed price $300+ including taxes, processing fees and shipping fees $30. Never been told that we have to pay another $140+ shipping charges here. Total paid around $600 for a $300 shoes. Felt being robbed. F.

- Wish I could put 0

Got shoes for 170$, then 30$ TAX, then another random 73$ shipping fee at the last second

- First experience

Terrible service even it is a popular sneaker market for years.

- Terrible after support

Sold my shoes and have not get paid for 2 weeks. Send them over 5 follow up emails, only got back 3 times that they are looking into the incident, no updates, will take another 1 to 3 days. Only update is that they will assigned to another department. No phone number support, live chat is not live but leave a message for them to get back. Terrible.

- Worst service!

I sold my shoes on Stock x and sent my shoes and turns out the shoes went missing during shipping so UPS did an investigation but because there is no number for this company they had so many issues trying to reach them. After weeks of back and forth emails with almost 5 different employees there I have still not got my money or my shoes I sent at all always the same response that they are still investigating for a month now. Never again will I ever do business with this company ever.

- Terrible customer service

Received a pair of shoes that were clearly not ds with some missing items that come with the shoe such as laces, special shoe trees etc. Consumer service basically said you already have the shoe and can’t do anything so why should we bother with your problem. Their “quality assurance” (or lack there of) department completely screwed me

- 😕☹️

Shipping costs a lot! especially if you live outside US, they’ll ask you for different shipping duties.

- Delivery charge

Be aware of there 80 dhl delivery charge. Even though I thought I paid for delivery when I purchased my first order from StockX I had to pay another delivery fee of 80 dollars which I wasn’t even aware of

- Ferda

It is very sick like my vape tricks duuude👮🏿‍♀️

- Supreme


- Spectacular app

This app is in many ways superior to other sneaker selling/buying apps. For one, StockX is not only for sneakers, but watches, hype items and handbags as well! You can always try to negotiate prices when buying/selling items, which other apps like Goat or Kixify don’t offer. StockX also has graphs that shoe other sales from around the internet, letting you know if you’re getting a good deal or not! Overall, this app is amazing and the best on the market for buying/selling sneakers, watches, handbags and more!

- amazing!

got my shoes within a week no damage except they where a lil dirty😐

- Great


- Very good

I love this app

- Honest Review

Good app but over priced

- Game-changer!

The best resale marketplace in the world!

- 5 star

5 star no better shoe store i would like it better if i had tax free since your ancestors raped and killed mine and took our land overall

- Stock X Review

Haven’t been too active on stock x but it’s a great marketplace for sneakers. You can b at peace knowing u won’t get scammed

- Terrible Customer Service

As a seller I had a problem with a product I was trying to sell on the app. So I tried to look up how to solve the problem via there contact support and had no solution to the problem. I looked for a means to contact them and kept being redirected to their contact support. I finally found their email contacted them and still almost 2 days later nobody had contacted me just yet.

- Resellers

It’s because of resellers like you that we can’t buy shoes for normal amounts now

- The best

Find anything high end for a real price

- Great app

Very reliable, easy to navigate and now it’s the better choice is you’re buying from Canada. Goat still doesn’t include duties so you end up paying like $80 in duties, stockx now includes it which is awesome. Thanks a lot stockx!

- Nice

Finally found some J1 at a good price

- Really good system

I love the way the website is layered out and the app is pretty safe👍

- the best

the best place to shop for anything absolutely love it 👍

- 5 stars

bought multiple items off this app and have been very pleased everytime

- Great

Great app

- Poop

Is awesome

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Très bon site pour les sneakers

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- I feel like crying out of joy

I feel like crying out of joy and nerves because my account finally works, but am nerves because for how long . I have a lot of health issues like cancer and ptsd .. I suffer from anxiety and its wreaking my heart. All I want to do is enjoy my sneakers till the lord takes me away . It’s been an on and off flagged order and I get these emails from your support team telling me it’s my pay method after the third time me risking myself going all the way to my bank which is far from my house . Someone from your team actually took time and got it fix .. then after that it’s been working on and off .. what I mean working on and off is, it gets flagged on and off , for no reason.. can you please let me know what can I do or what am I doing for this to keep happening. This has sent me to the er twice due to a bad anxiety attack .. I just wanna buy sneakers like everyone else while am still alive

- First purchase experience 👎

I was never a person to buy or shop online especially with apps. But since my girlfriend’s birthday was coming up, I needed to get her a pair of Air 1 Jordans she’s always wanted. I had fun bidding with other customers and seeing if my bid was going to be accepted and so I purchased a pair 3 weeks prior to her bday. Waited 2 weeks just to know that the seller wasn’t on track with sending the pair my way. Yet the big transaction of $$$ went through and I was frustrated as her bday was just one week away. Contacted the support team via email, since no phone support is available to explain my situation. It was at the 3rd attempt of sending an email that I finally got a response. They did find another seller to complete my purchase and send me the Jordans. But as a customer I was expecting a little something for waiting all this time. I asked if I could get expedited shipping for my patience and the response was that there is no expedited shipping at this time... This app has soo many choices to purchase but after this experience I am a bit discouraged on how my next purchase would be.

- ⚠️Shipping, Defects, and Not so honest Seller⚠️

Due to having to pay state taxes, I think the shipping should be a little lower in cost. Some of the other companies don’t charge state tax in New York. They sell sneakers also. I don’t know how they’re exempt from charging tax to some states, but they do. StockX prices are lower, but it’s offset because of the tax and higher shipping cost that is within the US. Compared to the other company, I am hoping that StockX look for any serious Defects or worn sneakers that sellers attempt to clean and make look new. I haven’t received the sneakers, because I just ordered them. But I’ll purchase from StockX so I can tell the difference between the two comparing companies. The process was much smoother, compared to when I first tried to order from StockX. I was required to send in my driver’s license and other paperwork. This is what led me to the other company. ⚠️As a customer paying premium prices for my kicks, I believe customer service needs major improvements and or, quick response times⚠️

- Buy on GOAT

This is my first time writing a review for anything at all so that has to tell you how bad StockX is. I have been using StockX for a while now and everything seemed to be going well. I have literally spent thousands of dollars on sneakers from Jordan’s to Yeezys. I recently bought a pair of Jordan 2 Retro Just Don Blue ($700+) from them but when I received them one of the shoes was mistreated as if it was in a consignment shop for a long time as a display or something. The leather was mistreated, creased, and had B-grade stitching. And in addition to that there was a chunk missing on the outsole, I kid you not. I wish I could upload pictures on here to show how bad it was. So I first tried calling their customer service but it seems they disconnected their line. Then I email them with PLENTY of pictures to show how bad it was. They simply told me they couldn’t do anything about it and they that the shoes are in “deadstock” condition. I let them know I was going to take my business to GOAT and despite all the money I had spent they never replied to my email. Long story short buy your sneakers on GOAT, they accept returns and so far all the deadstock shoes I have ordered are actually deadstock, go figure.

- Horrible customer service, do not use to purchase anything

I sold three pairs of shoes using stock X and the experience was pretty smooth. I then decided to buy a pair of shoes on Stock X, and that’s when the nightmare began. I purchased a pair of shoes, they were verified as authentic by Stock X, then they were shipped to me by Stock X. During the shipping process my package was never delivered by UPS. After contacting UPS, they told me that they lost my package in transit. I was told that per their agreement with Stock X that I had to file a claim with Stock X for the package that was never delivered. After contacting Stock X via e-mail,(because they have no customer service phone number or any other means of contact to the company) I was advised to file a police report then contact Stock X again. I was advised by the police that they cannot take a report for something that was never delivered and I should contact UPS and Stock X. Stock X’s customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. I will NOT be purchasing with them ever again. My problem was never resolved and I am without the pair of shoes and my money! I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and advise other consumers not to trust Stock X with your money!

- This App and Stock X are Great but...

Don’t get me wrong i’ve bought two pairs of shoes from Stock X and a Supreme jacket all are dope and arrived in a timely manner, no issues there. My only main concern is for the sellers, and, or the people that bid. It seems like Stock X gives too much trust into people to actually ship out the shoes so they pull the funds immediately from you and we sit around waiting almost two weeks just to find out that the seller refused to ship. Then it takes almost 4 days for the funds to get back to you.. I get it, not Stock X’s fault for the seller going back on it. I agree, but I suggest instead of pulling the funds immediately, how about getting some kind of confirmation from the seller, or even waiting until the seller ships to stock x for authentication. That way in the event the seller backs out or the shoes aren’t up to standards you can immediately return funds and not waste everyone’s time. Other than great app for stock exchange like shoe and clothes buying highly recommend.

- Horrible customer service - cannot talk to a live person and email response limited

I purchased a pair of Jordan 12 OVOs for over $640+ (paid up front as required by the app) and after over 8 months the item was not shipped “due to an issue with the seller” and there was no response from the customer service emails I sent. Finally, I received an email stating I would be refunded my money (which still hasn’t happened) and they didn’t give any compensation for this huge inconvenience, not to mention the fact that they have had my payment for nearly a year now! Also, I’ve ordered over 20 pairs of shoes through stockx and at least half of the shoe boxes have been damaged. As an avid collector, I expect better packaging and shoe boxes that have minimal damage. The customer service response team has offered no help with this issue either!!!! I guess I’m partially to blame for continuing to order shoes... I’m done now stockx! FYI - I’m so disappointed with this company that I’m writing this review and I have never wrote a review for any company, app or anything! Hopefully I’ve done this correctly and this will be seen by every potential customer of stockx!

- Used to be legit

I’ve been using StockX for a few years now and have always been a fan. This was mainly due to the simplicity and shipping convenience. It also had the best interface for a while. However, as of lately the service aspect of StockX has gone substantially down hill. In such a competitive space, StockX should be striving to stand out. It seems they’ve given up here. In the past it would take roughly 2-4 days to receive payouts. With shipping delays being widespread at the moment, I’ve cut them plenty of slack. This is the second time in the past 3 months now that StockX is sitting on my package, not sending it to the person that bought it and not giving me my payout. To be clear, today is day 10 of my item sitting at their warehouse. They have rules for sellers that force us to ship within 48 hours and have penalties if we do not. However, they’re allowed to take their sweet time when it comes to authenticating, paying, and shipping out. There’s better apps like GOAT, which is essentially the exact same interface. Grailed is also good especially for used items. StockX lost me as a customer today. Hopefully they get it together.

- Sellers AND Buyers Beware!!!!!

StockX had SO much potential. The idea of making collectibles and streetwear into an actual stock market is genius! However the execution is sincerely disappointing and not communicated efficiently at all. The people at StockX are far too greedy to actually be innovative; in result, I see services like Depop, Grailed, perhaps even Bump become far better for WAY BETTER PRICES on the latest vintage clothes. StockX failed to inform me that even though they’re already taking MORE THAN 10% (often 12.5%) of my sale. (I sell an item at $100, I only get $87.5) BUT THEY CHARGE THEIR CUSTOMERS $13+ FOR SHIPPING AND $5 FOR A PROCESSING FEE! (Customers are paying $118!!) The fees of other websites range from 5%-15% but I’ve never needed more than $8 to ship a t-shirt or a beanie, EVER. Both parties are being insanely ripped off on the latest products, it’s absolutely disgusting. I’ve barely broke even on numerous products because I thought I was getting the most out of it! I’m sure I will be buried beneath all of the hype and love for this app. But this is definitely not the best resale app out there, and as long as they continue their shadiness, and overcharging they’ll never be one of the greats.

- Amazing!

I love StockX! They have all the shoes imaginable, most shoes at great prices. They are becoming a huge company, and in my opinion the first of their kind. The only think I wish they could add is, when you go to the browsing choices that you are able to choose color. I think so many people would be able to find the perfect pair of shoes for them much easier. I am sure they have heard hundreds of people say what I just said, and they’re probably in the process of adding that feature anyways. When I’m on StockX I wish they told other people that you could buy the same item directly from the company for less too. I see so many people who don’t look at how much the shoes would cost from the supplier. But then again that’s part of making the profits (Pretty smart). StockX keep up the AMAZING work I hope you come out with an update for the thing listed above. Continue to get better; you guys rock! ;)

- Don’t sell on StockX

Please find a better place to sell your items, StockX is such a joke and they do not treat their sellers with respect. I’ve been selling on StockX for years but lately I sold over 10 items that worth over $1,500 combined, items arrived to them and all passed authentication but it’s been almost a month and I’m not receiving any payout, I tried to contact them, I’ve been sending them emails for almost a week and I get no reply. Right now I’m blocked, I don’t have my items neither te money and I don’t know how this is fair or acceptable, holding people’s money for this long like we have nothing to do with our money??? It keeps saying “payout pending” and I can’t even understand why, I have 3 payout methods set up and it does not make sense that StockX is taking this long to pay their sellers, they not even replying which is putting me in a very stressful situation. I could have sold my items somewhere else and get my money in a short time. I’m definitely going to sue this company if it’s pass 2 months and not getting my money, please save yourself time, stress and frustration and sell your items in a platform that will appreciate you.

- Great App, Polished, and Almost Perfect

My review is regarding the app itself which is well done, very polished and thought out. In comparison to other competing apps, StockX has done a great job of adding more and more features while keeping the navigation relatively clutter free and straightforward. My only gripe...well a couple, are regarding the operations of StockX. Lower seller fees are very, very difficult to come by. The threshold to achieve those lower fees are difficult to reach and the time allotted to reach them are in my opinion very short. My other gripe is more to do with the addition of more shipping centers. I would love if the company added more regional authentication/shipping centers to make buying and receiving your goods quicker. While i know this will happen with time, it would help me decide to go with StockX more often than going with a competitor (I think we know who they are). If StockX can find ways to speed up the process (including adding more drop-off locations other than the new NYC site) I’d buy more of the items I want from StockX rather than a competitor. Considering they’re backed by a billionaire, I don't see this taking too long. Otherwise, bravo to the entire StockX team for making buying and reselling sneakers, clothing, purses, and watches a relative breeze! Looking forward to what the future holds in store for your growing company!

- They can definitely do better

I know my experience with this app will not and should not be everyone else’s experience but it was not a positive one none the less. I have never wrote a review for an app ever, but my experience was so horrible, that something needed to be said so improvements could be made. The 1st time I purchased a shoe from the app, I got confirmation of the purchase, they took the money from my account, but the shoe was never sent off by the seller. They gave me my money back, which is cool. I decided to give it another shot with a different sneaker and order a pair of blk Alexander wang Adidas and I got confirmation, they took the money from my account, and the seller sent the shoe. They got the shoe and inspected it to make sure it was authentic and shipped it to me, I was excited. Once I got the shoes and opened the box, you could imagine my surprise and disappointment when I found the wrong color sitting in the box. I contacted them right away and all they could do was refund my money after I sent the shoes back. I was not concerned about the money at that point, I wanted the shoes I paid for.. Smh.. I won’t be using this app again.. Back to GOAT for me.✌🏼

- Terrible customer service

I sent multiple emails to stockx about a shoe I received damaged as a Christmas gift for my husband. The inside sole of the right shoe was bright white (as it should be). The outside sole of the right shoe was yellow from sunlight exposure. The previous owner of the shoe clearly didn’t keep it out of the sun, as a true shoe collector would. Instead of stockx turning away this shoe when they received it or letting me know the quality of the shoe before sending it to me, they passed it through their inspection. Much to my surprise, I immediately noticed the damage when my husband opened his gift. My husband a sneaker head and avid shoe collector, noticed it as well and was incredibly disappointed. I immediately contacted stockx and was told over and over that it was a factory defect, when in fact it is not. Being that they are the shoe “experts” I would think they would know better and would have tried to rectify the situation. Instead they were persistent and cold in their responses. This is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. I want to make sure other people know how they can expect to be treated when they have an issue with stockx.

- Horrible customer service & 100% nonsense if you ask me

I don’t even know where to start. I would give 0 stars if I could. There’s no customer service phone number to contact them, you can only get their official email address though Twitter. Also, any fake or unauthorized pair of sneakers passes their joke of an “authentication”. When you tell them the sneakers are counterfeit they give you the run around. They say if it passes their authentication test then the best they can do is send you a shipping label so you can ship the shoe over to them ... as long as it’s in the same condition as they sent it to you. After receiving the package, their ‘senior quality assurance team’ will review the sneakers again and if it comes back unfavorable... they will charge you shipping to send the sneaker back to you. Even if you know that it’s counterfeit. It’s basically their word against yours. There’s no such thing as the customer is always right with StockX. And if they do give you a refund (rarely happens) afterwards, they will ban you!!! Smh, only use this site if you are selling ... DO NOT BUY! Unless you like wearing UA’s or fake sneakers. You have been warned.

- Slow payout times, high fees, promoting undercutting

honestly, as much as i would like to bash stockx right now, i’ll start off with the one positive. it’s a good way for beginners to start. that’s how i started. and yes i still use it, but for only about 10% of my sales. and here’s why... when i send off a package to stockx, sometimes it will take 2 WEEKS to receive my payout. this is completely unacceptable and one of the main reasons i don’t use the service anymore. another thing is that the fees are super high. why pay high fees on stockx when you can pay 0 fees on ebay? there’s just no comparison whatsoever. and the final reason, which in my opinion is by far the worst, they promote undercutting. you can watch an item fall in value by $50 over the course of one day because of little kids who just want a quick flip and have no clue what they’re doing in the sneaker game. it’s just a bad platform to rely on. my advice if you’re reading this would be to use stockx as a last resort, otherwise go to many of the better marketplaces which exist, you won’t regret it, trust me.

- Good and Bad Experiences

I’ve bought and sold quite a few items on Stock X and ran into my first problem recently. The hoodie I was selling is a Supreme hoodie from the FW17 collection. Since the day I purchased that item through Supreme’s app, my intentions were to resell it and generate a profit. With this being said, I never opened the bag because there was no reason to. After my item sold, I shipped it to Stock X. I was then greeted by an email from the Stock X Support Team a couple days later. The email stated that my item had a foreign odor that could not be removed. They also could not specify the odor. As I previously stated, the bag has never been opened until Stock X received my hoodie. After the hoodie was returned, I inspected it to see if the Stock X accusations were true. I personally could not smell any odor whatsoever. This is my only bad experience out of around 15 deals. I’m not sure what went wrong this time, but I don’t think I will have any further deals with Stock X.

- Great place for purchasing luxury items, but it doesn’t always go right.

In spending close to $300 for a Supreme beanie, a Gucci cardholder, and some Jordan 1’s, I saved what would have cost me hundreds more anywhere else. The only problem was, Stockx canceled my purchase of the beanie and never paid me my $60 back. It has been almost a month since, and after 3 separate support tickets (2 of which are still unanswered), I have not gotten my money back. Customer service is borderline nonexistent and it costs a whole $13 for shipping. In the end, it’s still a great place to get authentic, new, luxury items for cheaper prices than other places, but I would encourage you to do your research thoroughly before doing business with them, as you might find yourself in a similar predicament. On another note, I’m addicted to the app and find myself constantly browsing the brands pages, obsessing over items I will probably never be able to acquire.

- Good, bad and ugly

I have had such a range of experience with stockx. Some of it, honestly it’s probably over half of the transactions have been painless however the ones that have gone bad have been really really bad, including a transaction that’s currently open as we speak, for this one it has been about two weeks since the seller supposedly sent the shoes in to be verified and it still has not reached you guys. I understand the possible delay due to covid but this is crazy, the whole transaction usually doesn’t take this long let alone just one of the parts. This inconsistency has been the hallmark of your company, and whenever I have had to reach out over issues the response is usually that of indifference, almost like “hey you know what your signing up for” like it’s to be expected. Because of this I have to give you a bad rating, if all the transactions were as consistent as the good ones are your company would be amazing, but sadly I have seen the extreme other end of the spectrum too many times to give a good rating. I hope it improves and you can one day match the service of your competitors.

- From: 👑KING👑 “D” It’s definitely worth trying out and you must have patience as well...

It’s the “SNEAKER VERSION” of a Car Auction meaning you see what you like, put your bid in and hopefully the opposition won’t outbid you! The good thing is that if you miss out on a bid, there’s alway’s other opportunities to bid on that particular footwear or footwear’s. You can also bid on OFFICIAL watches, clothing, etc. One of my Older Brother’s had put me on to it two year’s ago and I’ve been ordering stuff from it ever since. They definitely have your bacc by making sure that the footwear is official before sending them out to you and if the footwear is bogus, they make sure that your money is refunded. I’ve gotten about 4-5 pair’s of official authenticated footwear from them with NO COMPLAINT’S thus far. I will continue to do business with them until further notice. ESPECIALLY when the weather start’s becoming real bad...

- I buy all my sneakers from here!!!

If you’re looking for rare sneakers. This is the place to buy them. It’s backed by Eminem and based in Detroit. They authenticate every pair purchased so you know what you’re getting is real. And they don’t overcharge because people sell in high volume on here. So the price is cheaper than your conventional sneaker boutique. I always get real product from here and always can buy with confidence. Only thing I would change is if your product was deemed fake from the seller that they would match you’re winning bid for another pair. You end up just losing on the price you won it for. It’s a bidding system. So if you place a bid on a pair of shoes or something like that. You get it for the competitive price you bid for. You can also choose to outright buy the product for the selling price if you choose to do so. The price fluctuates every day like a stock market for shoes.

- Pretty good

I’ve purchased a few items here. Everything has been pretty straight forward and quick shipping. I’m not sure if I’ve just been lucky or if it’s a new thing they just added, but now apparently ppl all over the world are all in the same pot. So when I ordered expecting to get the item a few days after it’s been authenticated, I was given the pleasant surprise that my shoe was coming from England. There should really be a way for the buyer to set a preference on where they’re buying from, as I would not have bought the shoe from England when I could’ve just bought from someone on eBay that I know is in the US. Emailed reps a few times and they danced around the fact that it was coming from overseas just telling me general shipping times and/or just giving me my tracking number again...long story short, add the feature to allow or not allow international items similar to what eBay does and you have my 5 stars

- first timer!

I’m not sure if it’s just I got extremely lucky with my purchase or WHAT but I had always used GOAT to purchase any sneakers and it was always a case of me having to reach out to customer service because the process wasn’t updating and about 80% of the time they would end up reaching out to me to tell me my order was canceled by the seller it happened about 4 times out of the 6 or 7 that I’ve ordered SO after this last canceled order I was over it and decided to download StockX instead since they also carried the shoe I wanted I JUST ORDERED this past Thursday and within these 3 days they managed to receive my order authenticate it AND ship it out I'm suppose to be receiving my shoes today MONDAY. I’m shocked at how fast the service was and I can’t believe I was really thinking it was normal for my orders to be so backed up I am officially sticking to StockX from now on

- Good app but room for improvement

The graph for each shoe is difficult for useful comprehension especially if a shoe was just released. There needs to be more detail where you can easily see daily and even hourly price changes. In addition, you can’t view a shoe and see how many have sold; it has to Popup on the main screen and only shows for a few shoes and not for others. This number seems to fluctuate in the wrong direction. I would also like to see transparency on exactly what they look for on each shoe to verify authenticity with proof it has gone through the inspection. I also think the shoe should have a unique barcode of sorts etched under the insole on the sole that can then be scanned after-the-fact through the app verifying the shoe was authenticated and some sort of history attached to it. If the process was good they could make the same money just authenticating increasing sales and driving more people to the app.

- Awesome App

I rarely write reviews or rate apps, but this has been extremely great. Already sold 13 pairs in less than 2 weeks, got paid on 8, with 2 more transfer pending and 3 more to be authenticated. Seamless transactions with no funds being held (unlike PayPal through eBay). I was reluctant to list any shoes for sale on here because of the fees but worth it, especially with their authentication process. Another awesome feature is their real-time tracking of sales not just on their app but other reseller’s apps/sites; great for pricing “asks” and tracking bids. I would recommend adding a 5th category of high end sports cards collectibles; so I don’t have to sell on eBay again (their lack of support when funds are being held by PayPal is horrible for sellers, especially with me having almost 1000 transactions with 100% feedback rating). Keep up the outstanding business model!

- New does not mean pristine

Beware... “New” can still have marks and stains. I don’t bought a pair of Nike Air Max React Bauhaus and paid above the asking price to get them new and early. I first waited for 3 weeks for the shoes to go to Stock X to be verified then mailed to me. When I took them out of the box I noticed immediately a stain on the top toe part of the shoe. I contacted Stock X sent pictures and they responded that it would pass as new but they would take care of my shipping. Not happy I told them I felt 20% off the shoe and free shipping would be fair. They disagreed quietly rudely then another support staff took the case on. I explained to them that I paid more than the stores and I wouldn’t have to deal with a stain. After another 10 days of back and forth I agreed to accept $20 off the shoes instead of free shipping. The time and effort to get a resolution left a bad taste in my mouth and now I have to deal with a pair of not so new shoes I paid full price + for. The best I can do is write this review so others know that what they consider new isn’t necessarily pristine and without marks.

- Use another sneaker reseller

Since 7/7/20 & 7/9/20 I have been waiting for a payout for 2 sneakers I have sold. In May, I had no problems selling sneakers on this site, and I would get my payout in 2-3 days. So far, I have received 3 separate emails, on 3 different occasions, informing me that they are experiencing issues due to Covid. My payout is going to be delayed 7-14 days. But at the same time, they laid off a bunch of their staff, and a coupe weeks later they have a report out on how much they have been profiting lately. Even after going on Twitter, and their automated tweet asking me for my order numbers. I got another email telling me about 7 to 14 days. This has been all over Twitter how dissatisfied people have been with them. They do not have a reliable customer service. Some people have been waiting longer than me for either payouts or the sneakers they have order on their site. At this point I just want my sneakers back. It’s absolutely gutless how they are treating their customers. As soon as I get my situation resolved, I’m deleting my profile and the app. I will stick with GOAT for now on.

- Under-promise & over-produce

I’m pretty new to StockX... but I can safely say I’m highly impressed and plan to use them in the future. In the last couple of weeks I’ve made 3 separate purchases. 1 for my son’s birthday and 2 for myself. I was nervous after I purchased my son’s when I found out it the site said it normally takes 6-10 business days for delivery. Thought for sure my son’s shoes weren’t going to make it in time with Labor Day weekend being that weekend. But it got to us in 4 business days. My other 2 shoes came way under the promised date as well. Everything was in great shape. I bid on all 3 of my shoes and got all 3 for WAY under retail. I know not all shoes are under retail (some are way over) but I got what I wanted and was pretty happy about it. Highly recommended for any sneakerhead or just your average joe looking for some kicks.

- Worst experience and customer service!!

I went to purchase my 2nd pair of Yeezy’s for a Christmas gift for my son. I ordered on the 13th received an email on the 18th that there was a problem with the order and that I would get a full refund. There was no intent for StockEx to replace the order or match me with another buyer as they claim they do just a refund. I place the order again on the 18th. After several days the seller still have not shipped the shoes. I reached out to StockEx numerous times because the seller had gone over there shipping requirements and never shipped the item. Today I receive another email that there is a problem with my order and they are refunding me again. Again no attempt to match me with another seller even though there are 11 sellers the same or less than the ones they are refunding. So I am now on my 3rd order and hopefully this one comes. StockX is a great idea but come on this is the worst service ever the script messages they send saying the same thing no matter the question is horrible. This is a bad business model if your sellers are not legit. So very frustrated!!

- Cool idea. Meh company.

I like the idea of this company a lot. It’s sure to take off and be highly profitable. I’ve bought several pairs of shoes through them and have been mostly satisfied with the purchases. One aspect of StockX that I dislike is their customer service support team. Their support team isn’t that large which means they take long to respond. They are also very short and stern in their replies. I felt I received a pair of fake Yeezy shoes, authenticated by them, and after several days of back and fourth I decided to just drop it. I took the L and stopped trying to prove my points. Also, do not, I repeat, do not remove their authentication tag before throughly going over items authenticity yourself. Doing so will nullify any chances that they'll assist you with a refund. I find this especially ridiculous considering you're paying for authentic items that then need to be inspected again once received. A little shady.

- New Selling Page Update

I've been using StockX pretty frequently over the past year and its been great. However I recently noticed a change in the seller's page that I'm not a fan of at all. The seller page where you have all listed items no longer allows you to navigate to the actual product page to see other asks and bids for different sizes. It now prompts you to a page designated for selling your product now or updating ask. Where you can only see the lowest ask, highest bid and your own bid/ask. It's a page where you can't get to the actual product page and see all other bids/asks. You now have to search the product to see any other bids vs. being able to get to the page through a tap. I personally find it time consuming and annoying to go back and forth to check for other activity for different sizes when trying to update bid/sells. Not sure if this was the intended outcome but I hope this gets fixed/reversed.

- Bad customer service

I am a first time customer and I placed an order over a month ago but have not received my merchandise even though they took my money right away. I cannot get in touch with anyone by phone and the standard email response I receive in return from my email inquiry isn’t helpful. They are blaming the delays on covid 19 however, if they are overwhelmed I cant understand why they continue to take customers money snd not deliver the product. They should stop taking orders until they are ready and able to fulfill them. Stockx is the only company in America that I have ordered from during the pandemic that has failed to get my merchandise to me in a respectable time frame. And aside from not sending out merchandise that customers are paying for, I've cone across numerous horror stories on several social media platforms by Stockx customers who post pictures of fake or worn shoes that passed inspection by stockx reps. How can you allow this to happen. This is my first and last purchase from stockx. Hopefully my financial institution ir the bbb can get me my money back.

- Great App (User Friendly)

I enjoy the StockX app. It is easy to use and a constant go to for myself for purchasing sneakers that are usually no longer in stock in retail stores. In my opinion the company far exceeds GOAT as a company. If there is anything I have negative/suggestive to say about the StockX app it’s three things. One, that when I am on the app and this happens all the time I am booted off of it and have to enter back into the app and start my search all over again. Two, it would be great if there was a summary of the sneakers (i.e. description of details, background and designer behind it). Three, not all sneakers are able to be seen in the 360 degree rotating view StockX provides (and it would be cool to see the bottom sole details). Once, issue one is fixed if it is a software problem and the two other suggestions are added, it’ll be a complete immersive experience for the shopper.

- 0 Star, deleting app

I was recently screwed by StockX, they made me lose $250+ dollars. I ordered a pair of shoes for $380 and it took the seller more then 5 days to ship and knowing their policy I should of gotten back a lot of money for the 3 day extension to their 2 day shipping policy but instead without me knowing they switched buyers so that wouldn’t happen because the buyer failed to ship the shoes either that or the ones I was getting were fakes... either way I was still being charged $380 and on top of that the shoes resell price dropped to $140 but the highest bid is $120. I have contacted their support trying to get my 15% off like I deserve they obviously don’t want to give it to me as they switched sellers on me without telling me, I’m currently talking to an employee but he’s not helping at all. Before downloading app please read the reviews this app isn’t as good as everyone says it is. And before StockX comments on this saying they have customer support... that’s BS your support doesn’t help the customers in any way and you’re afraid to give back the money like you should be...

- A1 app but I have Feedback

So I’m a recently converted sneakerhead and I’m beginning to keep up with the culture heavily and I can see that there’s no better app than StockX for this by a long shot. I sell and buy one thing I thing that would improve sales and maybe even traffic on the site is if there was a section for quote on quote “deals” or place to modify search price or by certain categories. I know I see shoes I like but I don’t pull the trigger for personal because I don’t like the current price and I think it would be more advantageous to be able to make these broad searches for shoes of a particular category and then also more people that maybe aren’t involved in sneaker culture may get use out of the app and buy if it allowed for a more general search option along with the detailed search options already in place.

- Almost 5 for me

The only issue I have is that lack of customer service/inquiry/support. Customer service is everything especially when you spend your hard earned money on an expensive pair of sneakers. Not having the ability to just call and talk to a live person removes the human interaction and personal experience of company to customer experience from it all and makes the experience cold and with a reminder that in the end it’s your money that is what matters and not the you as the customer. Let’s treat ourselves how we would like to be treated. Let’s keep in my that we gotta eat and that we we’re all human and not cash producing machines. Let’s not make this mistake of taking the customer for granted and remember in the end that good customer service is the lifeblood of a successful company. Other than that everything else is on point. That’s all and sorry for the long review.

- Great Seamless Service .

I track shoes and different shoe prices & purchases on Stock X . Everyday , multiple times in a day . Also planning to see which shoes I’ll pull the trigger on , each shoe that I purchased I bought under retail on the app . I love the app usage it’s self , and find myself using this more than a goat or any other shoe app , it just as a easier process to purchase on , platform wise , your able to see previous offers , and it comes always brand new , even though people slight stock X for letting fakes through the gates , that’s like a 99.8% chance . Just like anything in life you want to be cautious , have multiple legit checks if it’s a grail big purchase and just remember it’s a shoe at the end of the day . All around I love Stock X , always will pull triggers on this app before any other app .

- Delivery Time Frame

StockX is great company with brilliant ideas. They have made it a even playing field for consumers to purchase exclusive sneakers that are primarily sold out immediately online from Bots and other applications used to control the inventory of highly sought after sneakers. The problem. I have most with stockX is the delivery time frame. Those who’s shop at StockX understand the way buying from StockX works. The solution that needs to be put in place immediately is sellers need to send already in possession sneakers into StockX they plan on selling, then hold the sneaker and put it through the authentication process, so when a sneaker is sold all that has to be done is ship the sneaker to the buyer it’s pretty simple. I and I’m sure many others don’t like to wait and if stockX is going to keep there market share on such a wide open market this change must be implemented quickly. On the lighter note that’s my only complaint thus far about StockX.

- Great trust worthy site to get anything hype from

I have used this site 3-4 times to get sneakers and collectibles that I love, and they get everything to you in 2 weeks, sometimes even faster. They check for real or fake, the filters are very exact and make it very easy to find exactly what you want from their site in a matter of seconds. The process of looking for shoes, and street wear and my most recent buy, a puzzle to do over the long break, and finding maybe not something you want now, but could want later is simple too. This site is very trustworthy and this is where I go to to get what I want. One thing I do wish they would change on the app was the price points, and make it completely custom where you can type in your exact budget. One of the best websites to buy anything on nonetheless, and am happy with every purchase I have made.

- Worst experience selling sneakers

I recently sold 5 items on here and I dropped off the items at our local staples a couple days later I got a notification about how I need to ship the items even tho I already did so I emailed them and contacted their support team saying I shipped the items and I was clarifying things because I didn’t wanna be penalized I even showed my receipt and the shipping’s numbers I only ever got a confirmation email about me reaching out to them and that their gonna get back to me in 24 hours so I waited and I assumed they read my email that’s why they never replied next thing I know a couple days later ALLLLLLL OF MY ORDERS ARE CANCELLED like what the hell is this? Do you guys even check in with the customer service is there even a customer service? Over all THE WORST reselling app in my opinion from the bottom of my heart and I don’t even know what’s gonna happen with all the items I shipped is it gonna come back to me like what type of service is this? I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN HOW DISAPPOINTED I AM IF I CAN GIVE This NEGATIVE STARS I REALLY WOULD.

- Greedy company

First they took away the buyer punchcard where every 5th purchase you would get free shipping. Then they started charging sales tax out of the blue with no warning. Then came the massive data breach where they let thousands of customers information get released. Then during the middle of the pandemic when people are already struggling for money they started charging a 3% processing fee where they basically were now charging for their sloppy authentication process that they used to brag was free. Their site also frequently has glitches and functionality problems that they seem unable or unwilling to address. The price gap between what the buyer pays with shipping, the processing fee, and sales tax and what the seller earns after StockX takes their maximum 12.5% cut is way too high. In addition, since Covid started they take literally weeks to authenticate products that have just been sitting in their warehouse waiting for someone to get to it. Company needs serious corrections. StockX not for the culture like they try to make it seem.

- An honest review

First and last time using stockx. After bidding on one shoe and getting outbid stockx has charged me twice and cancelled the transaction due to suspicious activity. I did not get any notifications that my bid had won. Now my account is suspended with no reinstatement. I am honestly confused at this whole ordeal. All I wanted to do was to possibly purchase a shoe but it seems to be very difficult with this app because of their risk prevention. After emailing back and forth they cannot disclose any information on why my account is suspended but assured me my account would not be charged. Overall my experience was not ideal. I understand their side of the process but in regards to customer service and trying to bring you the best experience stockx can and should do better. I have purchased shoes on other apps with no hiccups at all and was expecting the same or better experience. If you are looking to try and get a deal on sneakers I would look elsewhere because the issues they have here may not be worth your time and money.

- Fed Up

I have used stockx for the last 3 years, and I will say they have come through for me. I have also put up with a few mishaps here and there, but enough for me to go else where for sneaker shopping. The last purchase I made unfortunately was the last straw. My purchase that I ordered wasn’t verified according to StockX standards, and began the process of matching me with a new seller. And when they had matched me with a new seller, I had a received another email of when I should be expecting my order. Today, I was supposed to receive, but not even another email that my purchase is on its way to me or an email from UPS notifying me of shipment. On top of getting a misleading email, I had to wait longer for my order. At that point I would rather get a refund and go elsewhere to look for the shoes I purchased. I have no choice but to wait for them now. Wish Stockx provided expedited services for shoes that dont pass their verification process to its customers. Already have to wait enough time for the purchases to arrive regularly

- Never will have my business again

I’ve bought well over $10,000+ in clothing and shoes from stock x and been problem free except for my last order I ordered 2 and half weeks ago. There was 2 things ordered one arrived fast, within 4 days of ordering. The other one still isn’t here yet and stock x support said it should arrive on the 10th well the problem with that is I’m being evicted on the 9th bc the family company went bankrupt bc of the virus. So therefore the $500 dollar wallet will be delivered to a house I no longer live at and won’t be able to return to bc we are moving out of state. I’ve contacted support and they basically said there’s nothing we can do once it leaves our facility even tho I contacted them before and they assured me I’d be there in time. So now on top of loosing our house and basically our lives I have to deal with another blow from stock x for $500 due to there lackluster shipping. When I ordered the item it’s granted delivery date was 4th-6th so therefore I believe I should get my money back.

- Awesome app, only 1 issue

I love Stock X. It’s my go to app for buying Yeezys when I take an L on the drop date. My first order said that it was going to take 10 days and I had it at my door in 5 which is awesome. I only have 1 small problem with the app/website. When selling sneakers, they give you a shipping label that you have to print out and tape to the box. The only thing is, I couldn’t figure out a way to send the label as a PDF or save the image so I could upload it to a computer and print it. I was still able to print the label from a screenshot, but there should be a way to save it as an image and print it that way. Overall though, really great app and it’s fun to look through even if you don’t plan on buying anything because some of the shoes have 3D models

- Functionality is great- cost is terrible

StockX is a great platform. I can see what recent sales are going for and I can buy a shoe that I can’t find elsewhere sometimes. Super easy interface. The selling and buying fees is where this app is a loss. They essentially have made it the Uber of resale in that they don’t do any work to get the sought after items and instead charge heavy seller &&&&& buyer fees. This steals the profits from the resellers and makes these shoes even more expensive as resellers are simply trying to sell for lunch money at this point. Verification process takes over 4 weeks now and they hold seller funds during that time. I do not know how thorough the assessment part of this is so I can’t comment. But this leads to tremendous amounts of environmental waste as it requires a shoe to be shipped an extra time. For perspective- one truck from DC to TN produces 10 metric tons of emissions. A proof of purchase verification should be done to lower both fees and emissions created by this

- 4 Not 5 for one reason

I honestly love using Stock X. I have order at least six pairs of sneakers with zero problems. The quality of shoe was on point each time. Love the concept of the app where you can list your product on app to see its listed value based on the purchases of that same product by other customers like yourself on the app. My concern is if you do have a problem will they work to reach for resolution. I had been using this app for almost two years. I had built a portfolio up of all my shoes purchases. Then one day, I went on the profile and my account was completely deleted. I reached out to customer support a few times and still have not heard back. I do enjoy the app that’s why I recreated my profile again. Plus, I have found some amazing sneaker finds but customer support needs improvement.

- Horrible experience , locked account! Sold fake shoes!

After making my first purchase with stock x a Kobe ad in size, 9.5 I realized my sons foot got bigger over the year and needed a size 10 instead , I contacted customer support to try to stop the order , for a first time customer I would think that they will be able to stop it , not the case I was told I could relist it which the highest bid was 40 dollars under what I paid , so I decided to order the size 10 because I needed the gift right away , once I found out that I couldn’t cancel or refund once an order is placed I decided I was going to keep them both , upon further inspection the 9.5 had over 4 red flags and differences which concluded me to inspect them as fake , I returned the shoe through PayPal and was refunded , stock x then locked and kicked me out from buying or selling on there app, is this how you treat your customers I have sold 2 pairs and made my first purchase because the business relationship was getting to become trustworthy , but that was completely wrong

- Absolutely the worst Company I’ve ever dealt with

By far the worst company I’ve ever dealt with, the problems I and everyone I’ve talked to have had dealing with this company are endless. Just right now I have been waiting for months to receive $600 from them for a sale I’ve made, they have my shoes and my money, and have not replied to countless emails I’ve sent to them for months- they are thieves. And sell fake shoes. Their customer service is non existent. God awful business. They’ve responded to this review but i am 100% certain I won’t be getting any response - there isn’t even any info in this review for them to know which case is mine or who I am but they said they would work on my case - that just shows the level of fraudulent activity going on at this company. At this point I have literally had $600 and Nike fear of god shoes stolen from me by StockX. They are thieves and I guess I’ll have to pursue legal action. DO NOT USE STOCKX THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS LITERALLY NON EXISTENT, THEYLL REACH OUT THEN NEVER RESPOND AGAIN ONCE YOU EXPLAIN YOUR ISSUE - THEY WILL STEAL AND HOLD YOUR MONEY AND SHOES

- They do not confirm your order with you.

This is my very first time ordering from here. I placed a bid on some nike air vapor max 2019 royal pulses on July 17 and then received another email that same day notifying me that I was outbid. I was fine with my bid getting beaten because at that moment I no longer wanted the shoes at that price. July 23 (today) at 2:20 am comes around and I am finally getting another email (Only my third notification from stock x) saying that my order has been confirmed. I also read that before my order goes through I will be contacted from stock x to reconfirm if I want to continue my bid to purchase the shoes when the time comes and I never got that chance either. My card has also been charged when I thought that my bid had been outbid by someone else. I would love to cancel this order and at this time the shoes are still pending and have not been sent out. Please I would love a refund as I am no longer interested in these shoes and don’t quite have the funds at the moment.

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StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic 5.3.16 Screenshots & Images

StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic iphone images
StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic iphone images
StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic iphone images
StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic iphone images
StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic iphone images

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The applications StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic was published in the category Shopping on 2014-06-06 and was developed by StockX LLC [Developer ID: 1077887127]. This application file size is 134.31 MB. StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic - Shopping app posted on 2020-12-17 current version is 5.3.16 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.Campless.Campless

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