Pillow: Sleep tracking & analysis alarm clock

Pillow is an advanced sleep tracking alarm clock that can effortlessly measure and track your sleep quality. Wake up refreshed and learn more about the benefits of great sleep.

Included in Best New Health & Fitness apps on the App Store.
Featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, CTV Canada AM, The Guardian, The Hindu and many more.

- You can now track you sleep using your Apple Watch.
- View last night’s report right on your Apple Watch, along with the heart rate analysis for the night.

- Automatically adds your sleep duration to the Health app after each sleep session
- Visualise inside the app how your sleep quality is affected by a variety of health and fitness metrics including weight, heart rate, blood pressure, caffeine and alcohol consumption, dietary calories and Nike Fuel activity. [Premium Feature]

- Advanced sleep analysis algorithm, based on the latest scientific findings in sleep research.
- Accurate sleep tracking algorithm that detects both motion and sound patterns.
- Detailed sleep stage diagram (Awake, REM, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep) and sleep session statistics.
- Heart rate analysis for each sleep session (requires connection with Apple Health)
- Detects and analyses naps and short sleeping sessions.
- No calibration required.

- Records sounds during your sleep.
- Play, export or delete any audio recording. [Premium feature]
- Smart audio recording algorithm, discards noise.

- Pillow monitors your sleep cycles and selects the best possible time to wake you up, just a few minutes before the alarm you have setup.
- Adjustable time window for the smart wake up period.

SNOOZE LAB [Premium Feature]
- Personalized experiments & recommendations.
- Constantly updated with the latest scientific research and sleep related facts.
- Achievements to keep you motivated.

- Beautifully animated, intuitive gesture based interfaced
- Clean iOS8 inspired design.
- Easy to access help screens and video guide.

- Explore your sleep history with Week,Month,Year and All Time overviews.
- Data integration with Apple's Health
- M7 & Runkeeper activity data integration: View your physical activity in comparison to your sleep quality.
- Discover your sleep profile.

- iCloud support: Pillow uses iCloud to safely backup your sleep data and audio recordings.
- Sync your sleep data and audio recordings between your devices.
- Connect to your Runkeeper account to automatically update your sleep data and share it with other apps.
- Export your database to .csv format.

- Switch between any combination of app functionality:
Sleep cycles, Audio recordings and Alarm.

3 POWERNAP MODES [Premium feature]
- Select between power, recovery and full cycle nap

- Easily enter your mood after each sleep session and see how it relates to your sleep quality

- Add your personal notes to every sleep session

- Carefully selected wake up sounds.
- Select any song from your iTunes library to use as wake up sound. [Premium feature]
- Sleep aid melodies and ambient soundscapes to help you fall asleep.
- Optional vibration settings.

- Press and hold to stop
- Shake the device for a short period.

3D Touch support
- Quick start an alarm
- Quick start a nap
- View your the diagram of your last recorded sleep session

PREMIUM VERSION (available as an in-app purchase) unlocks the following features:
- Detailed sleep statistics
- Unlimited history
- Full access to sound recordings
- Powernap modes
- Access to all wake-up melodies
- Access to all sleep aid programs
- Snooze lab: Personalised sleep tips
- Wakeup melodies from your iTunes library

Web: http://www.neybox.com/pillow
Twitter: @neyboxhq

Pillow: Sleep tracking & analysis alarm clock App Description & Overview

The applications Pillow: Sleep tracking & analysis alarm clock was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2014-05-22 and was developed by Neybox Digital Ltd.. The file size is 149.00 MB. The current version is 3.1.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Minor improvements

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Not good at all  Klgdsaa  1 star

Th s app can not tell me when I go to sleep this is a lie waste of energy installing and making the app🚮🚮

Todd Pool

Solid App  Todd Pool  5 star

This app is very accurate. Used now for 129 nights.

Ari Katxx

Okay.  Ari Katxx  4 star

I wish premium was cheaper or that I could access the audio for free. But other than that I love this app. I love how you can see the stages of your sleep or your heart rate at what stage you were in. I don't regret downloading it


10/10  Usednames  5 star

10/10 would use every day


Best Sleep App  ConInterference  5 star

In my opinion, this is the most well-rounded sleep app I've come across. The interface is aesthetically pleasing and well designed, displaying a lot of information about your sleep in an easy to understand format. I am currently a free user as it really does have all of the basic information you need about your sleeping patterns. The premium is unnecessary but adds some cool features and I look forward to upgrading to that shortly. Great app. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to understand and/or improve their quality of sleep.


Not a fan - too manual  K384838  1 star

I find that this app doesn't convert well from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. Every time I try to set the watch app to begin a sleep cycle it tells me I also have to open the phone app. Occasionally I'll reopen the app and it will say I've been in bed for 24 hours - clearly this is not the case it just register that I had gotten up. I had a few different Garmen watches prior to my Apple Watch and their sleep apps were significantly better. I would expect this to be comparable or even better but does not come close.


Works  Bjc1971  4 star

Using it with Apple Watch, seems to be keeping decent track...I like it

nc girl in cali

Not syncing watch data  nc girl in cali  2 star

Don't know why, but all I get is an error message despite restarting watch.


Fun experiments  OMGSTIEVE Gaming  4 star

Love this app fun to experiment with and I don't know why but this app makes me feel like a scientist. Could use some more things in the sleep lab but that's all. If you want to get a sleep app this is a good one but you could probably find some more accurate apps.


Love it!  djs0119  4 star

Seeing my sleep quality is cool and informative. And taking notes will allow me to see a pattern of what helps and what doesn't. Also discovered that sometimes I never go into REM. helping me figure some stuff out. The graphs I have a hard time getting in and out of. Thanks Pillow!


Think I may give up  DoreeK  2 star

Been using for two months, with my Apple Watch, and frankly it seems pretty random. Even enabling Moods upon wakeup doesn't help. I know I tossed and turned for nearly an hour away night before falling asleep, but as usual, it said it 17 minutes (it's always 17, 9 or 0 as though I turn it on and go instantly to sleep) and 5 minutes later hit REM! Come on! Nights where I wake up half a dozen times, it doesn't register, other times it does. I can't learn anything from this when it can't accurately collect data.


Best money spent!!  Faye2007  5 star

After using my pillow for a couple weeks I was able to see that I truly was not sleeping well. Fast forward two months and after being diagnosed with sleep apnea this helped me realize I needed help! Thank you so much I would recommend this and I have!!


Like it.  Cakeladydonna  4 star

I've been using this app for over an Year. I think it does a decent job. Each time I get up during the night it's recorded as 30 minutes, which I doubt. But, it has helped me improve my quality of sleep so much. I love the information in the sleep lab. I'd love to find a key to what all the colors and symbols mean. They have to mean something. Plus, I miss my smiley face / sad face to report mood on the last update. All in all it's a keeper. 4 stars.


Not Worth Price  rjk1318  1 star

At least twice per week the Apple Watch will not synchronize with the iPhone. Both are running current versions of software. I would expect this kind of performance from free app not from a priced app. From the apps forums this is not a new problem. Very disappointed.

Chhhhhhitaaaa .

Really good  Chhhhhhitaaaa .  4 star

I suffer from severe anxiety, severe depression and was having trouble sleeping so I just wanted to know my exact sleeping patterns and it showed me that.


Loving it  A+Piano  5 star

Where has this app been all my life? My sister got it and first I thought it was b.s but then I tried it and thought Jesus was knocking at my door. It was like: " hello pillow my new friend" 🎵🎶. I recommend this to everyone!


Pillow  Pia524  5 star

A great tracking app! The sleep sounds help me go to sleep and the morning alarm wakes me up happy in the morning!

Older Ipad

Worthless  Older Ipad  1 star

Analysis failed. Keeps asking me to reset watch😡. Tried manually syncing. Did not work. Deleting app!


waking up is easy peasy  h11122345  5 star

nuff said yo


Can't actually set alarm from iwatch  germanbeto  1 star

I'm sorely disappointed by Apple's complete apathy to sleep tracking on the watch, so I bought this app for the sole purpose of being able to easily set my alarm and tracking from my watch WITHOUT HAVING TO ALSO USE MY PHONE. So now I paid money for something I don't even use because it's not actually very convenient to use. I do not want to have to have my phone screen open to the app in order to be able to set my alarm on my watch. That is utterly redundant...please update or fix, until then this app is dead to me.

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