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Elevate was selected by Apple as App of the Year!

Elevate is a brain training program designed to improve focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. Each person is provided with a personalized training program that adjusts over time to maximize results.

The more you train with Elevate, the more you’ll improve critical cognitive skills that are proven to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. Users who train at least 3 times per week have reported dramatic gains and increased confidence.


• 35+ games for critical cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension
• Detailed performance tracking
• Personalized daily workouts that include the skills you need most
• Adaptive difficulty progression to ensure your experience is challenging
• Workout calendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivated
• Play 4 additional mini-games and review your performance on your Apple Watch with Elevate Dash
• And more!


App of the Year

“Elevate comes out ahead” in the battle of the brain training apps.

Washington Post
Elevate is a “cognitive pick-me-up” with games that are “good for mental breaks throughout the workday.”


Elevate's games are designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience and cognitive learning and are based on extensive scientific research. Elevate’s brain training algorithms further focus the learning experience by drawing from research in memory studies to develop a personalized training program for each user.


Elevate offers a 7-day free trial as well as a basic free version. To access the free version, tap the X in the upper left-hand corner after you sign up for an account.

If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged a yearly subscription fee according to your country. The subscription fee will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term, unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the term. Subscription renewals cost the same as the original subscription, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.

You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal at any time after purchase by going to your iTunes Account Settings. Refunds will not be given for any unused portion of the term.

For additional information, please read our Terms of Service (https://www.elevateapp.com/terms) and Privacy Policy (https://www.elevateapp.com/privacy).

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Elevate - Brain Training Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• We adjusted the difficulty on Estimation, Punctuation, and Brevity - time for a new high score? • Added a digital countdown timer to track your progress in multiple games • Various bug fixes and improvements throughout the app

Elevate - Brain Training Comments & Reviews

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- Brain training that actually helps

Brain training apps can be questionable at times. Some are simple collections of brain twister games to try and help you memorize patterns on a grid, or pick the red word that actually reads blue... But what I appreciate about Elevate is that it challenges you with real world problems. Practice your ability to calculate percentages. It’ll come in handy next time you’re calculating your dinner tip, or figuring out how much you’ll save during a clothing sale. Elevate helps your to improve your writing skills and comprehension. Get better at spotting typos in your emails and texts. Quickly skim messages while reliably gathering what’s being communicated. There are so many games provided by Elevate which challenge your real-world skills, and push you to improve in areas that affect your day to day. There are free features, but thank goodness I bought a lifetime membership early on in Elevate’s life. I couldn’t have guessed I’d still love the app so many years later. If you want to get better at day to day tasks, and push yourself to your highest intellectual abilities, Elevate is a great app for you. I personally feel the benefits of using this app, and find myself returning to this app when I’m feeling less on top of things. Give your brain that much needed mental stretch. You’ll be glad you did.

- Worth The Download & Subscription

The negative reviews have me convinced they’re from competing companies because I can’t find anything to write negatively on in regards to Elevate. Couldn’t ask for a better app to train and sharpen my brain through. Even if you only have a few minutes a day it’s enough to fit training in (recommendation is 12 mins. minimum I believe). The subscription costs hardly anything for everything you get out of this app all the way down to stats updating you on your progress and where you need work. My favorite is the notification center which includes updates on sessions you had trouble in, and they go back over them with you to explain in detail where you messed up and why the correct answer is the correct answer. Not to mention the fact that the games on this are far more professional than most popular “brain game” apps on the market. I’ve tried a handful of others and they all just seem too light and playful in approach whereas Elevate has what feels like a professional and serious approach. I feel like I’m getting proper lessons and training rather than “just playing some games”. So glad I found Elevate; it’s worth the download even if you opt out of subscribing.

- Fun training, valuable skills

As an engineering student, I can attest to many a long research paper, and timed physics and calculus exams. Often in the solving of complex thermodynamics, you would find that some of the most annoying, time consuming operations could be alleviated by a stronger, faster mental math skill set. I have spent entire nights (without sleeping) poring over long research papers, attempting to catch mistakes and condense and clarify my work. These games are very basic, fun, and effective. I feel that this app has the potential for further development, and could easily become part of the tool set of an aspiring engineer. They speed train the basics, so that you have more time and energy to focus on the tough stuff. I'm a bit intrigued by how the ratings are calculated, as I reached the 80% percentile in math within my 3rd day of using it. Do you guys think to account for the people who get the app, play for one day and then never use it again? Or maybe I'm just smart. Idk. Great app to try for the free trial, not sure if I'll pay for it though. I'll be keeping my eye on its development for sure though

- Problem with app and company

I don’t understand why your app doesn’t list the errors in a section for us to learn from our errors. I was doing the memory part today the only items listed at the end were the ones I got right. I am confused as to what was the right word that some of the statements were referring to. When I was asked the normal question after taking the quiz whether the quiz was helpful or not I put in “not” because I couldn’t see what the correct answers to the ones that I missed. Then I got a response saying that the next time I take the quiz, it will adjust, I guess to be more helpful. What does that mean and how will it adjust? Also, while I was reading some of the reviews, I noticed that sometimes you use a computerized auto answer instead of a real person. One of the reviewer was complaining of the errors you have in some of your quizzes or tests. That was explained in the title of the review. Then in the explanation below the title they said something like “Such an app can’t afford this.”, which if your company would have allowed a human being to actually read the review along with the title you wouldn’t have put in your company’s reply to the reviewer telling them that there is a free version!!! How embarrassing!!!! I can’t see paying so very, very much money for this app if it has these problems.

- Needs upgrading

I first liked the app and tried the free version for some time. I liked the regular practice and decided to purchase when there was a big sale. However I feel once I have purchased that I don’t get any more benefits than I did with the free version. The games aren’t that much more diverse.. it tends to pick the same games for me continually and rarely do I get new ones. I feel there are some features that make the practice feel less like it’s trying to train you, teach you, help understand things better, and more focused on completing the game and passing. For instance there are some games that don’t tell me what the correct answer should have been if I got it wrong. Or if you run out of time, I would like to know the answer to what I was working on. Sometimes if I do not pass on the first try, the second try is much easier or doesn’t seem equivalent levels, just so that I pass instead of being challenged. Some games have such a time pressure that your mind can make shortcuts just to guess the right answer instead of knowing why it’s correct. The reviews only will go over 2 mistakes... Yea. I feel there could be more to make a paying contributor feel like they get more out of the training

- Age Rating Says 4 and Up But App Says 13 and up

I downloaded this app after seeing a couple of ads on it on my phone. But the age rating is wrong. I put in my real age because I am not the type of person who lies about their age to get access to apps and it said that no one under the age of 13 can sign up or play the app. Could you please make it so that as long as you are 4 and up like it says on the age rating on Apple App Store you can use the app? I just want to be able to learn and enjoy this app like all of these other people have. This app can really help kids like me with their education and if you take the time to make it available to kids younger than 13 the results will be amazing. If you guys are worried about it being too hard for kids it might be hard for some but many kids my age are super smart for their age. My reading level is 10th grader. And believe me I am NOWHERE near close to being a tenth grader! ? I’m not the best at math though and this app would be great to help me practice and improve my math. I hope you will take the time to make this app accessible for kids under the age of 13, or maybe create a kids version of the app like “Elevate Kids”?? Thank you for reading my review!

- Practically Amazing!

I have not used many apps or programs similar to this that “train your brain”, and am fairly new to this application. But dang, (am not going to curse), this application so far is incredible! It is so practical and useful to daily life, honestly this type of format should be used in the public school systems. It is engaging, looks beautiful and clean, and has great motivating features such as the slot-machine sounds(which if you have been to vegas feel pretty rewarding lol). Overall this has to be one of the best applications i have used to date, which makes the yearly payment absolutely worth it if you find developing your mind in practical way useful. 9.9/10 so far. (Hope this application continues to grow and develop, and reaches a greater scale than where it is currently at.) Also for you guys that have read all the way till the end, wait for the “cheaper algorithm” to kick in. (Not sure what needs to be done, but diminishing use, sucking more, skipped lessons, non-finished days as time goes on, but continual use without upgrading may be the key) Get Learning! Yay.

- Good but point system needs improvement

I’ve used this app for a long time and maxed out almost every category until they raised the max to over 300. Something that has always bothered me is the points accrued. I don’t see much rhyme or reason to it sometimes. For example, at times I see it shoot up four points on an Excellent score, but other times it is raised by only three. The app in the past would give five points but that seems to have gone by the wayside some time ago. My main issue is when you get a high score. I have only seen it move up by three measly points for high scores for a long time now. A high score should net more points than anything else. It doesn’t happen often and if you can beat your previous high score, isn’t that the pinnacle? It’s better than excellent, obviously. It should garner five points. It should be the only time you can earn that much. Right now it is only three! That is ridiculous, please update the point system and give more points for a high score, and maybe amend the point system in general to make it more obvious about why you are getting what you get. Thank you.

- Excellent way to start your day

I start my day using this app during breakfast, it puts me in a good mood to take any challenge. It’s hard to attest (even on a scientific level) whether it makes you more intelligent or not, but it definitely helps you understand and be more conscious, concise and articulated with language; it also helps you understand how your own mind memorizes or focuses best, and learn techniques for quick mathematical processing. After using this app (on and off I must admit) for the last two years, I’ve found I’m more assertive at choosing my words and learning new ones without having to look them up in a dictionary (thanks to etymologies,) be more present when listening to a process or people’s names, and have also became really good at quick math calculations which come really handy for business casual conversations. I’d define it as oil for your brain that keeps things sharp while setting you up for the day by successfully completing a few tasks in the morning ??.

- Very Good

I’ve learned a lot from these brain exercises. I’m less intimidated by math and have learned some new vocabulary words. However, some of the exercises are unnecessarily repetitive. For example, I’ve been tested on the exact same stories a few times. And some of the pictures for vocabulary building are too difficult to see on a smart phone or the pictures don’t adequately portray what they are supposed to picture. In other words, sometimes the pictures reflect a biased perspective that, I suspect, makes the game inadequate for gaging the performance of a large segment of its players. Other problems occur in games that test our ability to hear mistakes in grammar. These recordings sometimes don’t take into account that a listener might easily hear a correct version even if it’s not said correctly by the speaker. The voice and rhythm and flow of the recorded speakers tend to be culturally tinged in a way that this company has considered adequately generic enough but this might not be valid to account for some of the wide ranging nuances and speech patterns that flavor the language centers in the brains of lots of listeners.

- What I was looking for

I have always been the type of person who wants to better myself, become smarter, be able to hold better conversations, etc. I like to be better than myself. This App is the perfect learning tool for using my own personal knowledge, at my own level I mean, and be able to learn more. What I mean is, this App will ask you questions whether you get them right or wrong it will create your own personal quizzes for you to challenge yourself and they make it fun and easy for you to pick up on your mistakes. If there is something way past what I am able to pick up on they will not keep giving me those sorts of questions. If I keep getting certain questions correct I will move up to the next level. The cost for this was very fair for how much I can and will invest time in this. I have a full time job and children so I cannot choose college and personally I do not want to so with this I can still expand my education and knowledge for everyday use.

- Great for memory loss patients

I have hemorrhaging on my brain due to a medication given during an open heart surgery. Over the years my brain has regressed into memory loss. My brain function declined in many areas. Comprehension, articulate, process, and the list goes on. As a young mom I was told that I was at risk for early onset Alzheimer’s and dementia by the time I was in my 50’s. I’ve been on a journey to bring all pieces of the healing puzzle together which includes medical guidance, nutrition, exercise, spiritual aspects, and exercising my brain through reading, apps, etc. Elevate has been my top go-to app when it comes to exercising my brain and regaining basic skills one uses with the brain every day. This app is an important factor for mental health and keeping memory issues at a stand still. Anyone suffering from memory loss that affects the intellect will highly benefit from this app. Even if you consider your memory issues ‘mommy brain’, you need to exercise your brain and keep it sharp.

- Beautiful app with very sophisticated learning algorithms

This app is so beautiful!!! I love the animations, the gamification and all the metrics you can track. It’s so well thought out. It’s the best app I have ever used.... seriously. I’m actually learning and getting better at editing. It’s a great mental workout for my bus ride to work. It has only been a little over a week and I’m already seeing improvements in my reading and editing abilities. I’m still on the trial but definitely going to sign up for the membership. It helps me so much with my design work. It’s a great way to work on my listening skills and memory. I have tried other apps like this in the past but never before have I come across one that was so sophisticated and with skills I can instantly apply to my life. I’m an app designer myself and wanted to give a shout out to the design team that this a freakin work of art! Keep up the good work!!! The team behind this app is crushing it! Every day you inspire me!

- Excellent quality of the training and customer service

I have been using elevate for over two years, and the training has definitely improved my mind. Exercising the mind is as important as exercising the body. Their superb customer service takes the elevate training to another high level. They are prompt in responding. I had caused a problem with logging in to my elevate training. James, the customer service representative, made sure that I was able to finally log into my elevate account. He was totally committed to making sure I could get back in, and was both knowledgeable and very supportive. Since I was the one who had made the mistake in my account, I really appreciated his positive support. I have found that the elevate training is the best of all that I have tried, which is now why I am beginning my third year, and will continue from there. As an educator of 40 years I appreciate all that elevate offers, and I recommend the training.

- More value than the neuropsychologist thinks

My neuropsychologist counseled me not to spend much money on brain building apps. “They don’t work” according to the profession’s assessment. I’ve been a RN for >40years; was a certified “Technical Trainer” in the USAF. Following an adrenal crash, my verbal skills were pretty much wiped out: significant expressive aphasia, great difficulty word finding, difficulty following conversation. Doing simple math on paper was a challenge, like a 3rd grader, and doing cognitive equations just couldn’t happen. Not sure what criteria their testing and value of something like this is, but I know, that if nothing else, the skills on this app have exercised my skills from the lowest level to the point that my confidence in myself has improved, significantly. It was a slow and frustrating start, but I am much better in participating in conversations and improved in doing math in my head. Certainly, more work to go, but Elevate has been a significant benefit for me.

- Like!

I don’t love this app, no...but I certainly like it. A favorite actress of mine (Madelaine Pestch) mentioned this in an interview that she did, and I got curious about it because it sounded interesting. It has helped improve my brain power in a fun way. I don’t feel like I’m a actually doing work, and at the same time I can get my daily dose of learning on weekends and breaks. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact you need to pay money to get certain things. I understand that the creators need to make money somehow, but I really wish I could do those two pro levels. I’m going to try the free trial and let you know what I think of it. Anyways, I know the app couldn’t really change the money part, so...yeah. Thanks for creating the app, though! It’s highly recommended for anyone who feels like they need a little freshening up in the brain every once in awhile, especially if you have money to spare, because it’s really not that much money if you want to do the pro (40 bucks a year). Thanks again!

- BEST Mental Learning Available

I’m an avid learner, but a slow processor. Over my life I’ve tapped to play several learning-style games, everything from sudoku and crosswords to luminosity brain trainers and word games. Every one of them bored me, if I am being completely honest. Luminosity came close but it just wasn’t stimulating enough for me to make it a habit. Enter “Elevate”. I am finishing up my two week trial and this is the first time I’ve maintained a consistent practice for as long as I have. The games are challenging, but in a way that makes me more excited to keep playing, not less. It gives you games that practice seriously practical knowledge and processing skills, and even better, they use real world information in all of their written word games so you’re double learning. I feel like I’m finally tackling my biggest challenge (processing speed) while also leveling up skills I already felt pretty confident in. Ten of ten would recommend.

- Elevate is an exceptional app. One of my all-time favorites.

Been quite a while since high school and college. My math and language skills had gotten out of shape. Been using Elevate Pro for about 3 years, and have noticed remarkable improvements in my writing and communication skills. Happy to say my writing skills have improved, even beyond the level they were at in college. That's mostly due to daily use of Elevate, though I keep looking for excuses to write, thanks to my greater enjoyment of such. My mental math skills have benefitted as well. The app is a pleasure to use, and the development behind it is exceptional. The training exercises are interesting, and enjoyable, and you can quickly sense your improvement. I've learned so much about words I knew from context, even though my understanding of their definition was off. I appreciate Elevate’s support, as well. Quick to respond, and helpful. Been meaning to leave a review. Thankful I've NEVER been nagged to do so. Elevate was named APP OF THE DAY, today, so here’s my review. Go ahead and start with the Free version. There's a LOT to it. You can subscribe to the Pro version, whenever you feel like it. You'll gain eve more helpful exercises. If your brain has been feeling rusty, or you just want to improve your skills, you've GOT to give it a try. Set a time to use it each day when your brain is most fresh, and make it a habit.

- Loved it until I discovered shallow content

I love it, except for there seems to be missing the Listening section which is shown in my iPhone widget section, which I would find really helpful. As was stated elsewhere, once you get to higher difficulty it still keeps the scores from when it was super easy, so you can only do “good”, can only proceed by 1 (up to 400, when it gets extremely difficult around 200) and never “excellent”, which is painstaking and poor design. Perhaps they are only marketing it for people who only use it for two weeks then quit? (Perhaps because the trial period doesn’t last that long). Cheap gimmick to make people cough up $9, which no app costs that much. I am quickly losing patience with what I thought was a game-changer, or “brain-changer”, but poor design makes it bog down quick, especially as it seems that after only 2 weeks I’m in the 92nd percentile in everything but math, where I’m almost to 98th percentile. This is indicative that people lose interest quick because of the poor level progression. I’m really bummed :( Developers: get it together!

- Good, but not great

I’m a fan of this app, and I just subscribed for the second year. I wasn’t planning on it, though, because as I progressed through the levels, I found the scoring system significantly lacking. What really annoys me about it is that as you progress, there’s no recognition for the increased difficulty. Meaning, I can get my high score in a game the first time I play it because it’s so easy, but it’s scored the EXACT SAME WAY when the stakes are raised! The difficulty setting is way way higher, so it’s virtually impossible to achieve a high score in any game beyond the beginning stages of playing it. You’re forever getting your 5th or 6th highest score, or worse, because the game is that much more difficult now. It ends up taking all the fun out playing, and is why I took like an 8 month break. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the games and do find them challenging, but it’s incredibly frustrating to get a high score when the difficulty setting is at Beginner and NEVER be able to touch it again! If they fix that, this app would be amazing!

- A lot of this stuff is good

A great challenge and a good way to learn new stuff. If I could just point something out the reading section is good each reading segment is easy to do quickly and thus not daunting, but problem one is the comprehension test is multiple choice, which is a quite easy thing to trick (even accidentally) as each is a 3 choice question — super easy to guess on and to trick into thinking I did better than I actually did. Making me fill in the answer or just offering more options would make it more realistic, as then it would be harder or impossible to guess the right answer. Also maybe I haven’t found it yet, but I would like a vocab trainer option like a flash card section. Not just a couple games that are a test of what I already know, but away to practice the new words I keep finding on this app, I mean that’s how I learn new words (by repetition and usage through context) not just seeing it once on a test and hoping I’ll remember. I mean I could find a vocab app but then why do I need you?

- A high-quality, fun, and beneficial app

I was skeptical at first when I downloaded Elevate; I thought it would be full of cheesy games that don’t actually exercise your brain functions. I was wrong. I purchased the pro version within a week and am extremely happy with my decision. Not only are the games a blast, I have certainly noticed a difference in my daily life after using Elevate daily for about a year. My math skills are more pronounced, I recognize significantly more errors in writing, my reading speed has increased, and I’ve expanded my vocabulary. In addition to Elevate’s games, it also provides a metic for your progress, the efficiency quotient. This allows you to keep track of your strengths and weaknesses. My good friend and I are both daily users, and frequently compare stats as a friendly competition. A great way to think critically and stay sharp. I highly recommend Elevate!

- 5⭐️

So I normally don’t write App Store reviews but I’ve had depression for 2 years now & diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 3 years. Apart from all my other symptoms, memory loss was a big one! There is a lot of times I was forgetting something I just said or heard and having a lot of issues. I downloaded this app to try it out and wasn’t really expecting the amazing results I’ve received. Even only partaking in this app one time a day I have been having so much improvement with not only my brain function but memories as well. For the past 2 years my brain has felt like it’s been in a dense fog with no way to get out. This app has saved my life!!! It’s done for me what doctors couldn’t. Math is still my worst subject but the app has noticed what I excel at and what I don’t and tweaks each session to stack on more knowledge from my session the day before. You will not regret this app.

- Ok for brain stretching.

I don’t know about other people but I don’t need any more pressure or stress in my life. All aspects of this game are timed. I actually had a panic attack in the middle of one of the math tests. Reminded me of being bullied at school. They are constantly notifying me about something I missed or if I have to skip a day. It’s like paying a computer app to nag me. I’m going to keep at this game out of a determination to finish what I started plus they’ve already charged me for a year. But, once the year is over....I AM DONE! Second comment: after almost a month, my family now thinks once the television/radio/music is off, I’m free for them to come in and destroy any chance I have at finishing one of the tests within the time frame given. ADDED STRESS. IM SO FRUSTRATED. I want to give up, quit, shut down whatever. If you want to play, remember 3 things: 1) everything is timed. 2) you must remember the rules for each game, and last but not least 3) leave home for the time the tests take. Good luck with finding the space to do this. This is no longer entertaining.

- Good stuff

I’ve been trying to decrease the amount of time that I spend on social media and have used this app as a replacement behavior. I moved my social media app to my last page and moved this one front and center. The games are fun and interesting. The only suggestion I would make is to not make every game expire with a timer but rather have a set number of questions to be completed and decrease the score further based on duration. This would allow the player to get maximum practice during that session but need for growth would still be documented based on incorrect answers and duration. The timer acts as a distraction at times and when completing lessons on things like brevity and language. I’m not sure it is necessary as one is rarely asked to do such activities for time. I see it’s use related to activities like mental math. Overall, great app keep up the good work.

- Updated review, great customer service

This was great until the update for apple x made it unusable for ios11 on my iphone 6s plus. Now i can’t even get the app to load, it just closes itself. Update- i emailed them and they pretty promptly responded that it needs to be in standard view instead of zoomed view to work and they have already sent an update into Apple to fix. Apple has to approve. So they at least have figured out the problem quickly and care to respond to users in a timely manner. So i changed my review to 4 stars. They lost a star due to the problem and needing more offline content (i’d give them a 4.5 or even 4.9 if i could)but their customer service is great! Update #2- They pushed the update through and even emailed to follow up so i’m again gonna change it to 5 stars because of their follow thru. Just please add more offline content.

- Exercise for your brain...

I started with the free version and was hungry from more. Fortunately shortly after I had started using the app, they had a 45% off lifetime membership, I jumped on board with an offer like that. This is one of the best “brain exercise” apps that I’ve come across. In the full version there are several different types of brain teasers within each topic. I also like the ability to have it remind you to do your days training and like that it takes less than 10 mins to complete the 5 modules. I also find it very helpful that when you get something wrong, it pops up a little helper to explain an easy way to complete the problems...it is a fun little break in the day that wakes up my mind and I find that after doing my daily session I am revitalized when I get back to work. Great app, give it a try and see if you agree...

- Best game and user interface in this brain training realm.

Truly enjoy this app and also find the new meditation app Balance equally enjoyable. Well designed from quality of subjects (brain training exercises), to presentation and application features. This is a great investment in the health of your brain and keeping those cognitive skills sharp and also synapses firing quickly. Keep the brain stimulated instead of slowing down which can happen. Use it of lose it, they say. Also a wonderful way to turn a mundane experience, such as when experiencing downtime while waiting for a drs appointment or waiting for a flight. Or even, for more serious Elevate brain trainers possibly taking a few minutes during the day to keep your mind thriving and growing with Elevates option of scheduling a series of brain training activities at a specific time as your day allows.

- PROBLEM!!!! EPQ points not adding to math!

I have emailed about this! No response! I loved this app. I am getting close to 99.9% in every category. But now every time I take a test and it gives me 2, 3 , or 4 pts, it does not add to my present score. On top of that, yesterday my score went DOWN!!!! I paid for a year in advance. I generally love this app. It now I am so aggravated. There is also a spot on the app where we can let you know if something is graded incorrectly. It constantly throws out “minute” as a synonym for tiny or small. I emailed but no response. I can avoid writing minute. But I want to get all top scores! Not giving me the scores I earn and deducting them after the fact for no reason is INFURIATING! I just checked. The points are not adding to all categories since I got to master. When they are added, they are incomplete. For instance, if I should get 4 points, it gives me none or maybe 1. I paid for a whole year in advance. I advise those who are interested in this app to beware, or to at least pay month by month. I REGRET PAYING FOR A YEAR WHEN I AM HAVING THESE PROBLEMS AFTER ONLY 2 MONTHS! HELPPPP!!!!

- The best brain-training app out there

I’m the type of person who’s always looking for ways to get smarter by any means possible- and that includes brain-training apps. I’ve tried a few, and out of those I tried, Elevate is definitely the best one. As some other reviews have said, the games actually work. I’ve had this app for three months now, and I still play it every week. Normally I never stay addicted to an app for that long. During these three months, I’ve noticed changes: being able to calculate mental math more quickly, noticing more mistakes in my writing, etc. These games are like power workouts: short but effective. And let’s not ignore the fact that there’s NO ADS and actually quite a bit of free content (three games a day, but you can replay them as much as you want). An overall truly fantastic app. Thank you Elevate.

- Great app

Hi, I am 13 years old. Last year I was falling behind in class. I was looking for apps that would help boost me up to my classmates level of learning, but they were all for kids in under sixth grade. Then I found elevate. I took a look at it and didn’t like the look, so I kept looking and nothing else was superior to it, they were all for babies. So I downloaded elevate and the first thing it said to do was buy it, so I just clicked out, but then it showed me how to use elevate, and right away I could see my improvement in comprehension, spelling, grammar, memory, vocabulary, math, and writing. I started speaking more clearly and talking in a more advanced manner. This school year, since I downloaded it in summer, I could see that it had paid off. I was the top of the class! Well, now that you heard my story, what are you waiting for! Download the app!!!

- That’s it, I’m hooked after 3 days! LOVE THIS

I’m not much of a word game (oops, too much online golf!) player, beyond WWF, Wordscapes, etc - and I get a little bored with these (I blame my raging ADD, and no, not kidding ?). I just discovered ELEVATE, and I’m in love. It challenges me, forces me to improve my understanding of areas I ALWAYS thought I was “weak” in, teaches me how to think, perceive, communicate, write with brevity (this review doesn’t count -lol), and gives me lots of encouragement. I seriously want to marry it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - will definitely continue with Elevate beyond the free trial even if it means dumping a streaming service ...or five! TRY IT! BTW, I almost NEVER review apps/games - and I swear, I am not related to anybody at Elevate - that is, until “it” agrees to marry me! Give it a go - nothing to lose and so much to - WHILE HAVING FUN - gain! And if you or someone you know has ADD/ADHD, do them a favor and turn them on to ELEVATE! Cheers!

- Best - Teaches real world skills

Instead of trying to increase skills like most games do, this one actually directly improves academic skills. For example, I didn’t realize that my use of commas isn’t horrible, but isn’t at the level I thought it was, which is embarrassing for the psychological educational psych reports I write. So, I’m practicing clicking where a comma should be inserted or removed (separate lessons). I’m also increasing my vocabulary by choosing synonyms. These are personal weaknesses of mine. There are a huge number of games targeting all kinds of academics. I’m really thrilled with this app. I’ve emailed the developers some recommendations and they reply quickly. Ha, I just used a brevity skill. I do constantly download competing apps, but definitely prefer this one. Gives a good amount of free games that you can use without being forced to do a trial first like some other ones I’ve downloaded (then risk begin charges if I forget to cancel). They do have a trial. All of the brain games are expensive, and I paid for Luminosity years ago. Which was good, but taught cognitive skills that don’t always generalize to real life use. Subscriptions for me are rare, but I bought this one. Definitely worth trying. Especially if you have kids with learning disabilities or who impulsively answer questions.

- Well enjoyed

This game is great it’s well worth the forty dollars it’s great for learning around everything. It’s really informative increases reading skills and helps break down math problems. I highly recommend this game to anyone that wants to better their self. If you make errors it shows you how to fix it each game has a list of benefits that tells you what you will inherit from the game. These benefits can be brought out into our world to help us calculate quicker and speak better to people which can help us grow in jobs. I that God that I stumbled over this game and have to much to purchase the pro version to improve my self in other areas. I feel like over time it will help my ready the Bible faster and get to know Christ at a faster rate. I encourage you all to try this game out I would take my time to write this if it wasn’t good. God bless.

- Very impressed

One day I decided to look for an app that would help me become stronger in reading, writing, math, spelling, diction, memory recall, focus, and et cetera and this app is by far amazing. I enjoy the training session, the subtle reminders, the areas of growth the app collects, the apps design, and user interaction. You can play multiple games to a point but you’re still learning new things and stretching your yourself. I’m not sure if the app has the data depiction of your strengths in a graphic layout like “Peak” does because I’m still in the trial phase of the app but my hope is that they do have it and if not the app is still amazing. I do hope the app has that display; being able to see my growth in that way makes me wanna keep utilizing the app. Elevate if you’re able to incorporate that I’m all yours lol. ?? Don’t wait, try the app you’ll enjoy it!

- Forget the update

This is a great set of puzzles which unlike other brain apps focuses on word usage. Three a day although you can play specific ones, at least with the paid version. I use this three days a week, it's fast and it's nice to see progress. My complaint is with the last update. It mentioned additional stats added to the start of each game. In past experience that has usually meant to me how I stack up against other users. Wrong. It simply presents a page with my own game stats, which I could check already on the old version. Worse yet, it now slows down getting to each game! In the old version after you played a puzzle, it automatically went to the next one. Now you have to sit through this stats page while it loads and then hit the play button! That stinks. I recommend removing that feature next time around to speed the app up.

- Difficult

I used to love Elevate and doing the daily games, it felt like I was actually getting better. The longer I used it, the quicker this wore out. At the beginning, the games were easy to understand. As time went on, the difficulty went up (which made sense). Unfortunately, it does not give you all the tools to help you succeed when you’re difficulty keeps rising - you just have to start guessing. It doesn’t give me run down of the things I’m going to see to help me prepare in advance. The studying isn’t much help either; I tried looking at solving large multiplication problems and it made no sense to me, there was very little explanation on how I break down the problem, so I didn’t know how to break down problems. The longer you play the games, the more pressure is on you to keep up your high score - while also mastering content you may not fully understand. Overall, the app has its heart in the right place, but I feel like it’s impossible to get anywhere with it.

- Wow, a genuinely educational type game

This is unlike the other brain games I’ve played before. This game is actually more like having a tutor and I’m only on the free version (I really want the paid one though). Unlike other brain/memory flexing games, this one tells you HOW to do what it’s suggesting, like an actual person would. Having trouble at math? Multiply the largest number by 2 and then divide by 10 to figure out division by 5 (yes I’m bad at mental division). Having trouble speed reading? The game tells you why it is difficult and what to do to get better at it too. The words feel like they are just flashing before my face with no coherency but I’m able to still give right answers. There are no distracting ads, no distracting music, and no distracting graphics. They are elegant but simple and the app itself works really well.

- Loving These Games!!

I was watching a video a week ago on how to improve my memory and speech when an advertisement called Elevate popped up. It was a game that actually helps with improving the way you speak and learn while playing games... I downloaded the app hoping I would be able to find a way to improve my memory and speech while having fun. I absolutely love this app. I am also finding that I not only am improving in speech and memory but in my math skills and writing skills as well. I really like how you are able to select the subjects you would like to improve in and at the end of each week it will show your progress. I am definitely going to keep playing this game. It’s my new favorite thing to do on my lunch break and free time. If you are thinking about downloading Elevate. Just do it. You won’t regret it!

- Game design flaw

The game Processing has a major design flaw that makes it inaccurately measure ones ability. Instead of having a timer countdown, it has a lives system. A lives system makes the amount of learning received and results heavily dependent on when an question was answered incorrectly rather than the percentage and number of correct answers. The questions also have only 2 answers, making it highly luck dependent. To make matters worse, it is combined with an endpoint that is required to get a non zero score. This makes it impossible to have a score below 3000 measured making beginners unable to see visible progress until they break the threshold, which results in stress instead of satisfaction. By having a score that is always above 3000 and dependent on when rather than how many answers are correct, and having only 2 answer choices, the game Processing measures a person’s luck, not skill. This review itself is my Elevate brain training for today, and probably the final one.

- Deserves all it’s good reviews

I hardly ever review apps because who cares, but Elevate deserves five stars and I had to share that. I’ve been using it for free for years and would still give it a top-notch review. I finally got a yearly subscription and I like it even more now! What you learn really sticks with you! I’m a writer and find myself proofreading for errors based on what Elevate taught me. More than just language and math skills: the topics covered are so interesting and informative that you’ll find yourself learning fun facts about biology, geography, history, and pretty much anything. Indeed, only suggestion I’d make: I wish at the end of the game you were given the option to leisurely re-read the text. They’re so interesting that I’d usually like to know more than what I retain after playing a game as quickly as possible trying to hit a high score. It’d also be great if there were a way to save your streak for a day, something like what Duolingo does. I love this app and encourage the team to do more! More than just math and English, it’d be great to see them more explicitly tackle other subjects like the ones I mentioned above, either in this or another app. Also highly recommend Balance, their meditation app. Keep it up. Safe to say you’ve got a user for life.

- Worth the $

First of all, I like it so much I have joined for a second year. This is a strengthening tool for your brain. As a recently retired person, I did not want to fall into losing skills that I’d used so frequently. I had anticipated taking in-person classes in my new community, but due to Covid, I’m home all day. This is a quick, easy way to remain sharp. There are multiple levels and a wide variety of ‘games’ available. You can choose a recommended (longer) or quick daily training and you can follow it up with extra training games. I love that it tracks my progress and lets me know where I stand among all Elevate users. There are frequent updates to the app wherein additional content is added. Finally, this app has never crashed on me. Another huge plus, given the cost.

- Good but not perfect.

I’m color blind. If you had a color that signified a correct an set every time that would be great. Gold for each correct answer? When it’s a different color each time I’m not sure if I got the answer correct or not. Also if I’m really not progressing on something there needs to be a remedial component. I’m advanced in writing and reading (who knew) but my math skills are floundering. I need a division course because I can’t with that game if my life depended on it. Maybe flash cards to look at after the game? Also flash cards for the words you didn’t get right so you can better understand the definition/spelling/synonyms. Conclusion: Correct answers need a certain color, and incorrect answers need a different color, every time in every game. The games are fun but I’m not sure I’m learning anything if there’s no remedial work on the parts where I’m struggling.

- Great games

The games are great. I enjoyed my two-week free trial of the pro version enough that I opted to buy a yearly subscription. I tried the free version for a few days after the trial ended, but it only gave you access to the three games per day that they chose for your training routine, which may or may not be games that you enjoy or find helpful, and it only let you play each game three times each day. The variety of games that you get with the pro subscription plus the access to study materials definitely makes it worth it. I do wish that some of the games made it easier for me to learn from my mistakes in the moment instead of having to wait for the review at the end of the week. It would also be helpful if I could use the app in both portrait and landscape mode since I use it on both my phone and my iPad.

- Fantastic way to stay sharp

I rarely write app reviews, but I felt compelled to do so for this app because it is that good. I bumped into this app while searching for cool apps to download for my new iPad. I was looking for a quick way to work on my skills and this app hit the spot. The daily exercises take less than 10 mins to complete and test your qualitative and quantitative abilities. The interface is fun and intuitive as well. I built a habit and can conclude that using the app has strengthened my skills. I give the app 4 stars because some of the backend parts of the experience could be improved. For example, the progress sync is sporadic at best and the app crashed as times. I use the app on my phone and my iPad, so progress sync is a must because, as a toddler’s parent, my usage is unpredictable at best.

- Better than Lumosity in my opinion.

I feel like Lumosity just makes you play games they don’t really power increase what my real goals are. I’d say elevate is a much better ap In the sense that it actually helps those muscle memory for math and English and as you play you can tell your actual getting better and faster. Only con to this ap is the options for payment. I think the should allow you to slowly buy the games one by one.I’ve only seen 3 different payment options. And the lifetime option seems by far the best. If you plan on playing more than a month. Sadly dropping 100 bucks on the spot isn’t always the easiest for someone. So if people could slowly buy the games till they reached that level of life time pro that would be perfect for the consumer.

- Elevate is so good for me!

After using Elevate every day for nearly two years, I still find it challenging and enjoyable. The attractive interface makes it easy for a visually-oriented person to navigate. The scoring is strict, but kind. I see improvement in my writing and editing at work; Elevate has helped me to articulate with economy and I read faster. (The subjects covered in reading exercises are so interesting that I often follow up with some armchair research.) Additionally, my aversion to math has been quieted to a simmer. That alone is big. Note to developers: 1. I love the exercises that help me learn from my mistakes, rather than just provide a score. 2. The rules in Commas sometimes don’t match the copy in Detail. My attempts to identify mistakes in Detail often result as errors, or lost time.

- Pretty Good

This game is pretty good. I really like how it gives you reminders that tell you to complete your training sessions and you never miss a day. I like most of the games. The have helped me with stamina, speech, and thinking. The only thing that I don’t like are the games when you have to listen. Sometimes these games are okay but other times you can’t ding a quiet place to do them. Also it is hard to remember all the details they are giving you along with the information you need to remember. I also don’t like the fact that they don’t give you many hints when you either run out of lives or you mess up on something. The main thing that I really like is how they show the levels of the games you play so you can get a sense of how hard the games are that you are about to play. Overall this game is pretty good but there is just some things that they could fix.

- Great app to sharpen mental skills

After utilizing this app for over a month I find myself paying more attention to not only my reading, writing, and math skills, but also noting errors in the world around me. To date, I can’t say that it has helped my memory as I still struggle with word-finding difficulty. However, I notice I pay better attention to others’ use of adjectives. I am less likely to lazily pick up my calculator as I improve my math estimation skills. My only complaint is that there seems to be no way to provide feedback when finding an error within the app. For example, one game asks the player to decide if a word or phrase is valid or an error. I received an error when I said the phrase ”well read” was incorrect. It's not a big deal, but it should read, ”well-read”. Still worth the time I'm spending.

- It’s a five star app but I’ll give 4 1/2

This app is absolutely amazing! Everyone should have it and practice. It’s just so perfect to make your Brain mentally prepared and active. It’s a good exercise for the Brain and keeps you entertain while actually learning! The app offers you hard targets and exercises that gives the challenge to be better and brake your own records! The only session that’s a bit difficult for me is Math I mean I do the math like an average person would and while being timing is good but sometimes you need the calculator because I would do it easily if I wasn’t timed but being time and do the exercise sometimes it’s tough to know without calculator... please keep this in mind... Other than That... The app is absolutely fun and gives you motivation to study and improve yourself with all the subjects... Thanks!!! ??

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- My favourite part of the day

I’ll be perfectly candid. I downloaded this app strong hesitations. I preconceived that it wouldn’t work it be worth the cost. Boy was I wrong. This app is so incredible and I’m endlessly thankful for it. I’ve worked the fee into my budget and intend of renewing for years to come. Not only is it genuinely fun, exciting and captivating, but you can see the positive impact the training has. I find myself speaking with an eloquence I’ve never had before. I can think more clearly and calculate sums quickly off the top of my head. I’m making less mistakes in my papers at university and work. Do yourself a favour and download this app. Work it into your everyday life and watch yourself bloom.

- The clock wins again

Although in general I find the games interesting,I have a genuine bone to pick in regard to the Memory game which is part of the speech component. I find the parameters of this game rather limiting. Firstly one has to read and interpret the definition, then find and type (and thus by extension spell as well )the word on a constantly changing keyboard, all of this while trying to beat the clock! The problem with this is that there are often more words that fit the definition than the game allows for, therefore time is wasted looking for letters that are not there, forcing the player to rethink, spell, type etc. End result.....the more extensive your vocabulary the more likely the clock is to win! Secondly, I wonder as to the efficacy of this game in improving VERBAL skills. It is one thing to know the definition of a word but quite another to know and understand when and how to use it!

- Service turned me around

I had previously written a poor review which is below. Completely separate to this I had an email chain going with Support@Elevate. Since the events I described, I’ve received attentive and genuine customer service from the developer. They’ve surprised me to the point where I now believe I was in the wrong to denigrate them. So, yes, some poor customer experience followed by a surprising and genuine effort to make me happy with no hidden agenda. Thank you, Elevate. A very rare and welcome outcome to my complaints. Previous review Poor experience and expensive- don’t do it This app signs you to an expensive annual subscription by stealth. Be careful where you put your fingers after the trial membership- you might end up with an unwanted $70 App Store transaction like I did. Elevate claims they can’t do anything about that, it’s all the app store’s problem... Meanwhile I’ve paid for an annual subscription and I’ve deleted the app in protest because I don’t really want to be as brainy / intelligent / mentally agile as people who do business this way. Hope you have better luck than me, but if you’re reading this review for advice - mine is there are other apps out there, and no need to engage with a poor business model.

- Awesome app

I have been using Elevate for two month now and I update to Premium. The work behind this app it’s just unbelievable. I love the designs, the sounds. The games originality and creativity. As a French speaker it really help me improve my English skills. Certain games, especially “pronunciation” is really hard for me. But I would get there. Also there costumer service is absolutely fantastic. Had a issue with my subscription and the problem got solve in less than 12hours. Bravo Also I am using Balance which is their mediation app. And it is simply fantastic. Haven’t missed a mediation day since. Same with elevate. Haven’t missed a day.

- An engaging and efficient way to learn.

I like the interface and the games. I find the study section of this app, however, uninteresting and the same examples are used over and over again. I also don’t like how if you lose all your lives in a certain game, you have to keep doing it until you get it right. If you failed miserably the first few times, you’re not gonna miraculously improve at some point later on. The games should just mark your performance the first time as well, regardless of whether you perform very well. If we keep getting multiple attempts at the same thing - we’re not getting a fair and accurate analysis of our EPQ. And that IS what you’re aiming for, right..?

- Why so hard to read? Too focused on graphics not use ability

Great app - love it. But for an app that’s aimed for older people (I think) what’s with all the tiny writing; writing in white; tiny photos in visualisation (while unnecessary graphics take up most of the space), etc. At the very least it should be all in bold as it’s hard to read on an iPhone. Extraction paragraphs are particularly hard to read and the type does not need to be so small. Please fix; your graphics folks shouldn’t have so much power in your org, and you should be more concerned about your customers...

- Best in brain training

Have been addicted to this app for years. Best in the market. Have never had any issues with quality of the app, in fact it’s faultless in design. The performance summaries, the daily training options, the study mode and practice section are all immaculate. Great that the sessions get harder as you go. Only areas for improvement, though only minor, there could be more games added more regularly and performance summaries could be more personalised. That aside, it’s perfect.

- Good

I’m enjoying the app and have paid for a subscription after a couple of months of trialling the app. However, it disappointed me today with an activity on converting between imperial and metric units. I live in Australia where metric units have been the standard for 46 years or so, so I have no idea about them and no need to convert with them. I find US centric apps annoying. Surely they can be set to a particular country to ensure only appropriate activities are supplied? I also have some problems with punctuation activities. I’m getting the feeling that we do punctuation and grammar a little differently in Aust/UK.

- Great Brain Training

The app is very user friendly. The games start out at a fairly basic level and increase in intensity as you proceed. Also, the games are quite short, which at first I found annoying but you can generally replay them 3 times or so with fresh questions each times. Additionally, there is quite a vast array of games and subjects to choose from. I haven’t used luminosity, which I think is the biggest competitor, so I’m not sure how it stacks up but for now I’m happy.

- An Educators Dream

I dont write reviews. Im a practical person. My time is usually dedicated to myself. These things being said I’m also a teacher, and i cannot simply pass an opportunity to encourage education for all people at all levels. This has become the source of my education when i am not working through curriculum and units. Its good practice in any case, for anyone seeking to better themselves in all areas. This app doesn't just promote standard and bureaucratic education. It promotes intelligent human interaction.

- How interesting is learning with ELEVATE

Elevate is such a good tool to brush up your English proficiency when you already have an intermediate or advance level. My vocabulary has increased as never before not just through single words but also with phrases. Even when you know how every category works, it doesn’t mean it is not challenging because it was a variety of content. I don’t work daily with it as I should, but when I do, I learn something that is not evident

- No new games

It’s been a long time since this developer added new games. I’ve even written to the developer two years ago about my ideas on possible new games. Nothing. And as other users have said, this APP is heavily US-centric. If it is genuinely “brain” training, then the message seems to be that you have to think like an American to train your brains. What about British English? And don’t forget there are thousands of other languages in the world. Why not develop activities for other languages like Duolingo? I stopped using this APP a long time ago and recently, just out of curiosity to see if anything has improved, nothing. So disappointing. It’s like the developers themselves need to train their own brains.

- Visually spectacular but not worth the upgrade

I recently bought the full version of the app hoping for long brain consuming sessions. This app is good but not very good as I was disappointed to learn you get only 5 Training lessons per day while you get 3 training lessons on free app... So what’s the point in upgrading? You just don’t get the same thrill of progress by doing activities. Visually this app is second to none but I hope they do add more training lessons per day or this would be my only year using the full version of this app.

- Best “brain game”

They don’t beg you to go “pro” unlike other games. It makes me feel more confident when doing the subjects I have practiced. I love looking at how I have improved. Seeing my scores tells me to either “try harder” or “keep going like this”. I was sooo happy when I got my first achievement (3 day streak) that I sent screenshots of it to my Mum and Gran. Overall I love it and I would definitely recommend it. I give it a 5/5 stars and 10/10 score. A lot of effort went into this game.

- Best everyday brain training app ever used

Elevate is such a highly organised, well throughout and planned app, that I would get surprised by the amount of effort that has been put into each section of the contents. The topics are absolutely engaging and I have learned and grown a lot. It’s quite intriguing as well with it’s fun games. You don’t feel like you are training but you actually are training your brain, incrementally, everyday. Hats off to those who made this incredibly intelligent app. I LOVE IT!

- Very worthwhile

I have had a subscription to this app for over a year now. I had always felt embarrassed about my writing, spelling and math skills but I have gained a lot of confidence after playing these games. I rarely recommend apps or games to people but I truly think this one is a must for those of us who struggle with the traditional way of learning. Play it instead of candy crush! It feels good knowing you’re learning while killing time on a game.

- Is this an issue?

This is possibly one of the best apps to ever hit the App Store. Everything about it works so smoothly, that I am almost addicted to gong back and training my bra in every day. I do think that the upgrade to PRO is a bit steep price wise, but I guess they need to make their money. Nevertheless great game/brain trainer even in the free version. Definitely would consider putting money into this is PRO was a little cheaper. To new people 100% download this.

- Driving me mental, in a good way!

Great exercise for the mind. Clean layout and great mental games and challenges that test my overall proficiencies in many areas. Love the recommended courses and the freedom to go off and do other exercises. It’s also helping me in areas of memory and mathematics by teaching me useful tricks I can use day to day. It would be great if the microphone could get utilised for activities that focused on articulation and pronunciation.

- super helpful

recently I’ve started high school and this app has really settled me down. I absolutely love the different subjects and how it tells what you need to improve on. It gives you a taste of high school, if you’re not in middle school yet, this is a great app to start getting used to the changes you’ll have to go through! I’ll be using this app throughout middle school, and I hope you do too!

- My login has reverted back to free restrictions

I’ve been enjoying using Elevate every day after paying for a year's subscription less than a month ago, and then today I was only allowed to use 3 free activities and it kept prompting me to pay to open all 35+ games. Something's wrong here. Thanks support for fixing my issue so quickly; I’m back on track again now!

- A great app

I have been really enjoying this app and the use of visual learning, it’s certainly worth the money. I would love to see a content report after every game, and on all answers, wrong, or right. I sometimes choose the correct answers in a multiple choice question, not because I know the answer but because I know it can’t be the others.

- Too expensive

$60 a year is a lot especially as I’m a teenager with no job so it will come out of my savings. Looks like a great game but just not worth that much. If it was $20 a year I would buy it without hesitation. Or even better, just a one off price, $25 to have the game forever and i would also buy it without hesitation. also, could you consider telling people that the game costs money before you make them sign up and give your their email? that was pretty poor of you.

- Good game but EXPENSIVE

Subscription suggested a $5.50 monthly payment. Agreed to sign up and was charged over $65 for a year!! Looks like I’ll be playing this game everyday! ? I’m going to be so smart... This game is really worth buying as it’s teaching you new ways to improve your skills everyday. However, I would consider a smaller monthly fee instead of a one off lump sum. You may find that people will be less hesitant when considering downloading the full game.

- Do daily and see the rewards

I didn’t do well in school and now I have returned in my older age, I can see that effect now. I come and go with this app, mainly when I need to save a little bit of money but it’s completely worth it and it’s the same cost as a good coffee per month! I find it really helps me develop the skills I already have and learn ones I never learnt well or at all.

- Lumosity vs Elevate

I switched to Elevate as I find it more practical in my daily job in Financial services. Elevate offers more mathematical mental solving problems and literacy gradually increases over time. I’d say Lumosity is better at increasing neurocognition but Elevate is far more useful in your daily life. A good example is I no longer need to use a calculator during grocery shopping when I see a product discounted by 15%.

- Interesting and challenging

I accidentally came across this app while looking for toddler games and I’m hooked (in my 40s with no gaming background). Many opportunities to learn as well as draw attention to areas that can be improved upon, whether you are in the private or government sector. The instant results and performance report available on purchase of the pro package are worth it.

- Disappointed with recent updates

The recent update has made me lose my training streak which was more than 50 days. I trained yesterday, however it hasn’t registered and I’ve lost my long-running streak. Disappointed is a bit of an understatement. I’m quite annoyed to be honest as I’ve consistently trained every day and spent over an hour training yesterday, however all of the data is gone. Also, the totem pole game doesn’t always work or register either. I’m not happy considering I’ve paid for the full version of this app.

- Challenging and fun to play

It's good to play a game that actually challenges me and is not repetitive. I like that it points out errors with explanations so I can do better next time. It's been especially good at improving my maths skills. Though I'm only using the free version I would recommend it to anyone who wants to challenge and engage their brain playing a mobile app game.

- Lacking support for new iPads

Absolutely love this app on iPhone, its perfect, however it seriously lacks proper support for the new iPad Pros. Theres no landscape view mode and it has big black boarders around the app, would be great to see the developers take full advantage of the new iPad Pro all-screen displays. And lastly, there’s still no support for the Smart Keyboard. All the exercises that require typing would be 100x more enjoyable if this app supported keyboards.

- Brilliant app

I have purchased a pro subscription and use it every day. It really does train you in many areas of thinking to keep your brain healthy. This app is highly recommended for anyone not great at Maths or English and want to improve. Well done to the developers for creating this app. The visual content and training programs are nothing short of outstanding.

- Better brain training than Sudoku

I use this app each morning. Elevate is helping me iron out the kinks in my otherwise decent use of English and making a much better writer of me. I've gained a greater awareness of grammar, improved my vocabulary and spelling and enhanced many aspects of my language use and communication in general. Plus maths. A truly valuable app that I’m happy to pay for.

- Comments from an oldie.

I am enjoying this. I do get frustrated because my brain doesn’t function as quickly as it used to do. I’m 75 so I guess I can’t expect to be as it once was. I also notice I don’t always pay attention to what I am reading and then get the answer wrong. Had I not rushed it, I would have answered correctly. ??

- Great and freee!!!!!

This is a great app for all students. It will dramatically improve your comprehension, maths, spelling, and writing skills. They made a fun and exciting way of learning new skills and polishing ones you have already mastered. You can view your progress and see which areas you are excelling at and areas that you need to work on. I recommend it.

- Great except for one mistake

Great app and, having used it for a long time, I’ve only had one complaint. A mistake in the pronunciation of prosciutto. I was told it depended on where the person was from. However, the ‘sciu’ should always be pronounced as in ‘shook’, not as in ‘shoe’. This is regardless of where you live. Nor do we say horse doovers instead of hors d’oeuvres depending on where we live.

- I’m improving

I’m really enjoying this game ! It teaching back to basics which is so good because it can help unscramble my head and make me feel as though I can improve in many areas it’s helping me so much in every way I feel more confident. It’s made me think faster as I go along the best thing this program keeps track of your progress

- Excellent Game

Detailed games, some games are very easy and other games will be challenging. Because one obtains more points for speed, and accuracy the easy games will quickly become increasingly difficult and the challenging games will be at your level, advancing slower to ensure you understand the lesson. Over a few years I can see how this game would drastically increase performance.

- Achievements

I want to see which achievement I’ve got. As I expected I will get one achievement for finishing 5 Study, but it automatically changed to the next level achievement, which can be taken with 25 Study. I’m not sure where has my achievement gone for 5 study. Apart of it, I’m satisfied with using this app which tease my brain regularly with various games.

- Elevate, my daily fix!

Elevate is my morning fix. I look forward to a set of varying mental exercises, each of which have obviously been designed with great care, every morning. Completing a set, especially if achieving reasonable to good scores, bolsters self confidence and brightens the outlook for the day ahead. Elevate is truly an amazing piece of work. The authors are to be commended. Thank you!

- I can see why it’s Apple’s app of the year

This is the greatest brain thinking game i have ever come across in my entire life An easy 5 stars for this app ? People who own Elevate are sure to be advised to spread this app through to many others. Friends, family and all Well done Elevate and a great choice by Apple to make this their app of the year ??

- Inadequate rankings

Have been using the app for almost two weeks and find it just hilarious. As a non-native English speaker I started as “advanced” in all categories (which is funny already), and now I’m an “expert” in reading and “elite” in both writing and maths. Well, since I’m an engineer “elite” in maths might be reasonable enough, but “elite” in writing is just ridiculous Lol I am wondering what ranking would I have had if were a native speaker? “Shakespeare”? I understand that you wanted to encourage your users but that’s just a pathetic flattering.

- Annoyances

The design itself is wonderful and engaging, but the actual content is difficulty annoying to understand sometimes, especially in language practice games where we have to ‘switch’ words around or choose whether the phrase makes sense or not. This is not for language learning, how are we supposed to know the certain phrase used in the sentence and whether it is right or not? The math segment is well executed though.

- Best Brain Training I’ve experienced

The tasks are varied, challenging and fun. The app has a great aesthetic, runs smoothly and has encouraging sounds. You can track your performance and redo challenges that you find specifically challenging. This is the first app I’ve used that I feel is actually working, challenging me, keeping me focused (I’m actually coming back each day) and is improving me. I noticed recently, throughout the day, I’m applying techniques Ive learned from the games. 100% recommend. Plus, free trial period, so you can cancel if you don’t like it. But I doubt that ? FYI, Im not in any way associated with the company, I’m just a really happy customer.

- Best App I have ever purchased

With in only 4 training sessions, I have noticed such a significant change in confidence at work and personal life. The training has helped my with my memory, clarity, writing, spelling, processing and memory. I can’t wait to see a months results. I highly recommend this app! Best app I’ve ever used to date!!

- Beware! Has you sign up then charges you

This app says nothing about subscription services from the App Store. Then you fill out email and your details, but then tells you that it’s charging you?! People don’t mind paying a flat rate for an app but this subscription rubbish is getting out of hand. And not for a simple brain train app for your phone? You have to download, sign up, do a quiz....THEN tell you that you that you get a ridiculous short free trial or need to pay subscription fees?

- Personal development

If you want to improve your personality in terms of speaking, reading, writing and cognitive thinking, get this app installed and play around. If you want to be fit, it will not happen in a overnight . It takes time in transition. So it will take time and you can find yourself eventually.

- The app is good but I hate the way that they expand my subscription

I use this app for several times and the experience is good. But I forget to unsubscribe it after a week because I am so busy these days. The app expanded my subscription to a year automatically without any notice, which takes my about 66 dollars. That’s crazy! I really don’t have time to use it frequently so the training is no help for me, I really don’t want to buy it. If the automatic explanation is a week maybe acceptable, but a year just like a robbery. 自动续费订阅没有任何通知,一下续订一年66刀简直是抢劫。

- Elevate- sneaky!!

This is a high level game- I decided to give it a try because my maths needed some help! I have learned some things since I decided to play this every day both in Maths and English which I consider myself pretty good at! It’s a great game and you will learn things!! Everything is explained clearly and it’s easy to use.

- Challenging

I woke up at 5 am this morning and started training. I almost threw my phone at the wall in frustration about 10 times!!! For some reason I just couldn’t put it down until I had successfully finished today’s lessons!! Thank you for challenging me in this way!

- Great but sound not working

The games are enjoyable, challenging and keep me on my toes. My only complaint is the sound effects have stopped working, which is annoying as I felt these helped keep me engaged. I have checked all my sound settings multiple times and it seems to be a problem with the app. Please fix!

- Excellent App

Elevate is an engaging app that is perfect for improving your skills in a wide variety of areas. I would highly recommend it to anyone, as it is a fun, quick way of training your brain to be a little better each day. The support team is just as amazing as the app!

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- Very good game

Very good game only negative is the fonts are way too small for me to read

- Learning is Fun

Enjoy the challenges that are presented to me all the time.

- Elevate

I entered the skills I wanted to develop, and the only sampling the app allowed me to access was the exact thing I did NOT wish to work on. Everything else requires purchase. I LOVED Mindsnacks and paid for several lessons, so I’m very disappointed at the loss of support as it was fantastic. I will not be buying Elevate.

- Information to consider.

You are required to provide them with email, age and names before starting the trail. Once you have done this, and proceed, then you are made aware that if you do not cancel you will automatically be billed 50 plus dollars a year, and there after for the program use. If you decided that this is a bit deceptive, or concerning, and then stop all forward movement with their product, by that point they have acquired your name and other info to either bother your with or sell to other interested parties.

- More fun than school, but...

If you like being tested with a timer than this is for you. I did the 7 day free trial and it felt like homework for me. I will pass, however people who have time on their hands would enjoy this.

- Misleading. This app is not free.

The app gets you past the assessment and account set-up points before it has you agreeing to a $53.99 charge. This is clearly meant to trap unobservant people. This app is not free, but merely a 14 trial for a very expensive app. Download at your discretion.

- Scam practices

Was charged for an year subscription automatically. Those are shady practices! I tried to contact the company for reimbursement but they did not reply to my email. Also the feedback button in the app does not work... This damages the credibility for other subscriptions apps. :)


I unsubscribed before the trial ended and I still got billed $61. I’m so upset!! I want my money back.

- Pour tout les gens parlant français cette application n’est pas faite pour vous

Traduction française indisponible

- Garbage app aimed at suckers

If you have seen an advert for this app you know what I mean when I say it’s aimed at idiots. It’s the equivalent of a fat person who wants to lose weight without going in a diet or having exercise. Ads, false claims , annoying adverts when I’m trying to watch YouTube or just exist in Facebook land. Stupid app,

- Great app

A wonderful app. Teaches various skills, while keeping the mind agile. Will be recommending it to everyone.

- Subscription warning !

I agreed to a 7 day free trial fallowed by a monthly basis, instead I got billed for 1 year ! App would not allow me to send feedback, so here it is. F*ck you Elevate, that’s theft in my book. Otherwise I like the app...

- Extremely unhappy

I downloaded this app and within a week they charged me $60 for a full year subscription without my approval. I tried to request a refund and was unable to and I feel like I was scammed. I don’t remember reading anything saying that I would be charged. Don’t recommend this app.

- Negative Billing Fiasco!

Downloaded and went for the free trial. Didn’t even find time to actually try it. Turned off subscription with time to spare... but it somehow got turned back on?! Because I was charged for a year! Absolutely unacceptable underhanded practice. Reported it to Apple and thankfully got a refund, but it was stressful to me and still took time. I left official feedback with iTunes and am now doing so here as well. I want these people investigated and either reformed and stripped of their editor’s pick status or just outright removed. Do not try this app unless you are sure you want a subscription.

- Dishonest people run this app ! They steal from you if you are not paying attention!

I’ve purchased the app on May05, 2020. I had no option to pay monthly back then... So I did buy the anual plan... I was kind of enjoying the game... not really (it’ takes forever to bump levels, to purpose delay your progress and keep you there), but it was purchased for the year, might as well use it.. Today May 23rd, less than a month after my purchase, you are asking me to pay more in order to have access to the training that I paid for !!!! Today the app only gave access to half of what it usually provides... than gives me the option to pay more money monthly or annually to then “ unlock “ the app ! Insulting, dishonest and absurd are good adjectives for that type of procedure. I’m not only disappointed, but willing to take action against this abuse! If you don’t explain this to me and unlock the app I’ve paid for... I’ll find a way to get my money back from apple and I will do my best to let everyone on social media know about your tricky set up (aka: dirty scam...)

- Love love love this game

I am in love with this game. English being my second language, I’m able to perfect my vocabulary and have my brain work the way it did when I was in school. I highly recommend it to everyone!!!

- Great but....

A yearly subscription only......If this was a monthly subscription I would subscribe.

- Thank you

Enjoy the site. Educational

- Deceptive ads

Any app that has to use deception open the AppStore is one I will NEVER install.

- My experience

I am really enjoying the games and feeling encouraged by my progress. When I make mistakes it doesn’t make me feel bad. I wish that I could play games at my own pace. Three just doesn’t seem enough. I know you guys have got to make money somehow, but I’m just being honest (ya make fun games :) )

- Apple sharing does not work, so high cost not justified

I purchased an annual subscription, justifying a costly zoo expense on the basis that I would be able to give my spouse access using Family Sharing, as specified on the App Store site for Elevate. Family Sharing does not work, and I cannot find any way to contact this company. So, I won’t be renewing or recommending unless someone can tell me how to make it work. They also have a meditation app called Balance, also fairly expensive. Don’t buy this one either if you want to use family sharing. I won’t.

- Password compromised

Warning! My iPhone tells me that my password was compromised through this app.

- Con job

App requires you to sign up for 7 free days before they charge you $52/year. Make sure you cancel before the 7 days. Don’t trust apps like these.

- Challenging

Really well done!

- Strongly Recommend.

This is a fantastic app to keep the noggin gears greased. The UI is excellent. The haptic feedback, colour, sounds, and animation make for an addictive user experience you don't mind paying for. The content and style of games make it fun to achieve milestones. Watching your score and proficiency increase after completing the mind-sharpening exercises is extremely satisfying. Highly recommend.

- Feedback motivates

Even at 70 years of age I get a charge out of the “rewards” issued when I score correctly.

- What a challenge

Love this for improving my brain function

- Excellent

This app is improving my confidence in math and English! I will continue to use Elevate to test my skills and become more proficient. I love it!! Thank you!!

- Too much $

I hate apps that don’t tell you the price before hand. Are you hoping someone with memory issues is going to forget to cancel??

- Improved my performance

i’m really enjoying this app so far! i’m still on trial period and i am already seeing performance in my activities

- Bad People

Don’t use this. There are many better options made by humans. Their support is non existent.

- Love this

I’m using this to expand my vocabulary. Suggestion—- For the game, context, can you summarize the words that was used in the end? Sometimes I just guessed what those words mean. I’m hoping I can review them afterwards so I can build my vocabulary on that. Thanks!

- Good

So awesome

- Paid but it hasn’t unlocked

I was looking for a better phone habit so I bought this app for the 50 dollars. It’s better than online shopping and will save me money while making me use my brain. Tonight it’s not giving me access to all the games though. Tech issue? Hopefully it’ll get sorted and it will return to being great!

- Excellent game

A great game to keep your mind active and to help you keep learning and keeping everyday skills brushed up

- Review

I just started but find it challenging and educational

- Great game, too bad about American pronunciations

We in Canada tend to pronounce some English words differently, particularly words borrowed from French, for example foy-er in American is pronounced foyay in Canadian, jejune, is often pronounced like jéjune. I find myself second guessing as to whether pronunciations are acceptable in American English, when I think they are incorrect.

- Thank ???

I am thankful that your games keeps my brain healthy. You are doing a great job keeping society healthy... independant... Happy... and less of a burden... and still useful... To life dear ones!

- Getting the brain going

Amazing game

- Elevate my Brain!

Loving this daily app and how I use my brain to solve questions that I haven’t had to use for awhile. Always challenging and keeps me pumped to complete the level! Great work!!❤️

- Subscribed

Ma great way to exercise your brain matter. Cause one day it may matter.

- Stimulating

Love the interface, the sounds and colours. Challenges are reasonable, because when they are too difficult it discourages is to continue, and same applies if it’s too easy. It’s a great way to wake your dormant brain up!

- Engaging app

I like it because it is quite low key, reinforcing but not over the top. I feel like I am learning in the math dept and excelling in the reading and writing so it is a good balance, feeling good about your ability but still being challenged.

- Good game

Missing instructions and you have to figure out what they want you to do

- Great app

For a brain tweaker, this app is above par. I swear I’m learning and understanding things that I never was able to in school. I recommend it!!!

- Sound issues?

Love this app and have been using it for years. Just recently though, I’m having issues with the sound not playing. It comes on when the sound is crucial to the activity, but when it’s not absolutely necessary, I don’t get any sound at all - nada. Have even tried resetting my phone and nothing. So weird cause I’d understand if it was no sound all the time but this is not the case. Is it me or is it you?

- Pay to play

Love the content of the app so far, but I hate how everything needs to be a subscription service. Would definitely pay to use this app fully unlocked, but having to pay monthly means that this app will inevitably become more expensive than it has any right to be and I would have to factor these repetitive payments along side actual bills like insurance and rent.

- Works

I was horrible at math until I started using this app. After a couple of years using Elevate I can divide in my head and work numbers faster with confidence. It improves other areas too. I start my day, everyday , with Elevate.

- Landscape mode for IPad

Please add Landscape mode for IPad with keyboard support.

- Harassing me

Elevate is harassing me everyday I deleted there app and they won’t leave me alone does eny know who I get a hold of

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- Writing to say thank you

Still think this is a great app, but is possible to add a phonics game of some sort. I know a lot of adult struggle with reading and spelling and think this would really help. There are many Brain games out there, but this one by far is the most superior to me. Not only does it have games to help increase your skills, but they have interesting subjects to learn about. I often find myself paying more attention because the article during the game was so good. Plus they give tips for you to become better at the game. Thanks to the people at elevate I’m way better at calculating percentages. Still haven’t got the subtraction tip.....but maybe it click one day. Thanks again to all the people who work on the app. I appreciate your dedication.

- Comments On This Fine App

I enjoy this app, and it is especially good for this 77 year-old who wants to avoid senior moments and worse. My primary complaint is that the app puts too much emphasis on speed. In my lifetime of experiences, accuracy is far more critical than speed, although sometimes, only sometimes, that is not true. While I understand there must be some time control in the app, as applied presently those time controls are excessive, making speed and accuracy equal. This is a tough issue, but the creative people in charge should be able to solve the issue. Also, as a writer and lawyer, occasionally I believe the app’s “correct” answer is debatable and sometimes clearly wrong, but that is probably unavoidable when using the English Language. Overall, worth the money and the only app of its high caliber.

- Intervening variables

I am an 84-year-old retired man living in an assisted living facility. My reactions are fast but my fingers are shaky and the keyboard on my little iPhone 6s is tiny. Many correct answers and speed bonuses Are functions of the size of the keyboard i.e. ,the size of the cell phone, And or shakiness of the hand of the participant, and I can name several other variables similarly age-related. And the ones where you have to tap on small boxes on the bottom to raise or lower the amount you want, I find myself getting all the correct answers yet unable to direct my finger to the small boxes. It’s easier to press a large rectangle with the correct answer possibilities then to work with those tiny boxes, especially for one my age. For the same reasons I am dictating this using Siri and I think I’ve caught most of our mistakes but not all of them. Please excuse any egregious errors meir34

- Real World Learning

This is the best brain training app I have found - and I have only used the free version! With its real world problems ranging from common mental calculations, to proper grammar and punctuation, to focus exercises and more; this is a worthwhile game for anyone to play. The paid version is subscription based, rather than a one-time fee. This could discourage buyers, as the app isn't "yours forever." However, that kind of payment is very understandable in this case, considering the new puzzles, audio clips, and articles that must be added to avoid repeating the material. I highly recommend this app to those of all skill levels. It will stretch and challenge you. Whether you are an avid learner in school, or an adult striving to continue learning every day, Elevate is for you.

- Terrific app for sharpening the brain

I’ve had this app for a while now but have only started playing on a regular basis not too long ago. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on it. The games are quite fun and enjoyable, making it really easy to play pass the recommended sets. I can notice the improvements in each area ever since I’ve been on a consistent streak of playing. I’ve recently invited some of my friends to download the app and The one thing the I wish the app had is some sort of collaborative or score sharing with friends feature. They’re pretty hooked on it as well but there is no way of keeping each other motivated through the app itself which is a little bit of a bummer. Other than that, this app is amazing.

- Pretty, but design over function.

The game is nice and I enjoy it. I feel like with a lot of the games they got carried away with design aesthetics, which are very nice indeed, and forget how they will impact the actual function of the brain game itself. Overall, 3 stars. 5for the graphics, though. if the game were purely for fun’s sake, I’d give it more. Not worth paying the prices they charge when the graphics/UI impair my outcome on certain activities. For example, the speed reading exercise gives you single words at a time and each word is centrally located, requiring your eyes to stay centered, but other speed reading exercises I’ve done require your eyes to move across a sentence quickly before that sentence disappears, replaced by another, which feels more organic and natural, since it’s how we actually read. There are other examples, but this one bugged me the most.

- My writing skills are improving quickly

I am a published author, and I also have my own column in two magazines. I was surprised to see how much I have learned using Elevate’s free trial. After a couple of days, I wrote another article and noticed I was restructuring my sentences based on the tests and games I have played in Elevate. I’m learning how to better recognize and eliminate tautology in my sentences. I’m also strengthening my math skills. I have become rusty over the years in being able to grasp percentages without a calculator. Elevate is helping me relearn the basics, and I’m feeling confident in my ability to crunch numbers quickly. I will definitely purchase the app once my free trial is over. $40 a year is chump change for the value I have received in just one week.

- This is Amazing

As a young person in today’s society, my attention is constantly being drawn from one place to another, but I still manage to do my daily elevate. I believe I’m on a 58 day streak, and I’ve only had it 58 days. I find myself using it in everyday life. Like when I was texting someone, I was about to say “I personally don’t think that’s necessary,” but took out “personally” to make my point more concise. I also find myself using some of the math skills in everyday life, and I love how it sharpens up your brain. I’ve tried learning games before, and always delete them after a day or two, but this one is different. It’s fine tuned, it’s simple, it’s fun, and engaging. It’s something I choose to do, and it doesn’t feel like a chore.

- Quality Brain Game

Excellent game, I really enjoy playing the games and it definitely applies to real life situations. However there is one problem, the free subscription is very limited. You only get to play 3 games a day, and then when you unlock the games to play them more, you can only go to a certain extent. Which makes this a game that you play daily for a short while. If you are very busy and only have a few minutes then I highly recommend this. However if you have loads of time (like me) then it is not something that you want, if you don’t get the subscription that is. Otherwise, this is a quality brain training game and I highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting this a game like this.

- Great at first; quickly gets old

I loved this app when I first got it. It was an enjoyable way to enhance basic skills. But there is not enough diversity in the games and they do not add new content often enough. In particular the listening and speaking components get old fast. There are only 5 games I’m one, six in the other, so it takes longer to advance in these categories, and the texts will repeat. Scoring is often off. I get a high score, but then see +0 points. There should also be consistency in design. For example, in one math games you submit your answer with a small button at the bottom of the onscreen number pad. In another you type then click on your answer. I am currently constantly getting them mixed up. In brief, more games are needed in some categories, or at least more frequent updates to content.

- WOW! Incredibly helpful in recovering from MS relapse!

Cannot say enough about this app! Even MAYO CLINIC couldn’t compare to how this has helped me! I have MS, and recently I experienced a very severe relapse. Last year at the eye doctor, I was unable to complete an eye exam because my MS was interfering too much with my mental processing... to the point where I couldn’t read a single line, even when he isolated it. My eyes were just jumping around too much to focus on the line at my eye doctor, so we had to stop the exam, and he couldn’t give me a new prescription because he couldn’t determine why I could actually see. I’ve been doing eye exercises ever since to help me with eye-tracking so that my eyes can follow the line correctly, and also move to the next one properly. MS has so much interfered in this that while I used to play piano about 6-hours a day, I stopped completely because 1) my dexterity was lost, and 2) my eyes just couldn’t follow the sheet music. Now that I’ve been playing Elevate, which offers Eye Tracking exercises, I can actually FEEL my eye muscles adjusting to the exercise, and I’m so thrilled! I’m sure I’ll get my musical abilities back now.

- Great brain stimulation! Great price!

I started using Elevate because I feel in this day and age with all of the technology, people just don’t use their brains as much because computers do the math and grammar correction. I wanted something to stimulate my brain and refresh me on the basic math, grammar and reading that I learned in school. My reading speed and comprehension has improved so much since I began a month or so ago. You learn a new way of reading that feels strange at first but, the more you do it, it starts to feel more normal. For the people that are saying that the app is expensive, are you serious? It’s $40 a year! That’s only $3.33 a month! That is a completely reasonable price. A coffee at Starbucks costs more than that! It’s totally worth it.

- Great way to keep your mind sharp!

I love the games on various math, reading, vocabulary, writing and more. It's worth the annual fee as I have been mentally calculating percentages and basic math in my head after using this app daily. I have relied so heavily on calcators most of my life that adding three digits and basic multiplication had become a challenge. Plus I've realized how bad my spelling has become since auto correct fixes most of my mistakes. I'm so grateful someone finally created this app! I feel that technology has actually dumbed down society in a way that we constantly reach for our phones to do everything for us. Now I can open this app on my phone to "elevate" my mind with games that are fun and educational. Thank you!!

- Very surprised at how good this was

I used several brain training apps when they first started appearing a few years ago, and they were usually underwhelming. But Elevate is awesome. It targets a whole lot of specific, useful skills and gives immediate feedback. I really want to purchase the full app when my free trial runs out. I love playing it because I can feel my language skills and writing improve with each game, as well as my math. I would say I’m addicted, but usually I get addicted to games that I feel bad about playing once I’m done, but I never regret a long session on Elevate (and if you only have a few minutes a day, the daily group of exercises they recommend are probably the biggest bang for your buck).

- Love it, but crashes frequently

I recently downloaded the app and loved it so much that I’m considering a years subscription. I’ve already learned so much about some of the errors I make when reading and retaining information. I wish I would have had this app back in college and especially when I was studying for the LSAT! However, every time I choose to play a random activity, the screen for the activity will load and then abruptly crash. Most of the time it will work when I re-open the app but always happens again the next time. I really do want to buy the subscription but I’m also not sure I want to spend that much on something that crashes so frequently.

- Great, unless you’re a writer

I really enjoy 75% of Elevate’s games, but be aware that if you are a professional or adept writer, the writing exercises will drive you bonkers. They will mark as incorrect stylistic choices that are completely acceptable (especially in terms of comma placement - they love a comma where one is not technically needed) and their edit games are actively incorrect sometimes. If you are a professional writer or editor, just know that they’re going to try to talk you out of house style you’ve learned, and their style is extremely flat (to the point where I think some of their writing exercises will make talented writers worse). There are also occasional errors in grammar, but no longer any way to report them. Finally, this doesn’t bother me, but they do use the Oxford comma. Having said that, the math tests are probably doing me so good!

- Solid app focused of training practical skills

It definitely functions well at training some ver fundamental and important skills into you. However there are a couple small things that bother me. First off the initial test used for initial placement is very short and locks you into a difficultly level that you can’t quickly move out of. In my case I missed a couple initial questions because I had never used the app and didn’t quite understand the structure of the questions or how the interface works. As a result I’m forced to start at a difficulty level that I feel is a bit to easy. With the max difficulty you can go up in a game set at 5 levels out of 400, I’m getting top marks over and over on low difficulty levels and I’m barely moving up.

- Love this App

I have done other memory games but this is the very best. In other games, I would find myself getting frustrated as the difficulty progressed too rapidly, and I would eventually stop using it. This one has such a great variety of categories and subcategories that it keeps it interesting and fun, while improving skills. I can feel the improvement in myself. A note to the developers. With the latest version of iPhone XS, swiping up closes the app. A prime example is the swiping up in the Math estimation exercise, when increasing my speed of selection, it closes with the exercise. A slight upgrade would be a good fix for this exercise and others that require swiping up.

- Ripped off and extremely mad

I downloaded the app and was taking advantage of the 7 day free trial. After the trial was over I received no kind of notification as to the fact that I was going to be charged. The monthly fee was $7.99, and the yearly subscription was $35. Not only did they charge me for the yearly subscription without me choosing that option, They charged me for the first month separately. So now I owe almost $45 for an app that I deleted a few days after downloading. Now I am not too familiar with the ins and outs of iPhone so I was not aware that I had to go into my AppleID to actually cancel my subscription. Not only that but to view your Apple ID on your phone you have to have a Wi-Fi connection it will not work on data. So now I’m stuck paying this $45 for an app that I didn’t keep for more than the free trial. Very disappointed and I will be contacting the BBB for false advertising because of the amount of the charge.

- Best Mental Workout & Enjoyable

I have used other brain training apps like the Luminosity app before for an extended amount of time. However, Elevate is on an entirely different level when it comes to brain training. I am learning and sharpening my mental skills on subjects that I “thought” I had an extensive knowledge about. I feel somehow smarter after a week of sessions. I love reading and this app showed me a more efficient way to read. I have learned a lot about myself and ways to improve that will benefit my daily life. I am impressed with this app and excited to see what it will teach me next. This was a pleasant surprise and a great way to get my mind off of the chaos happening around me. Thank you!

- Childish Business for the Modern Era, pt. 1

Giving two stars to this app because it was unreasonably hard to cancel my subscription. I mean, seriously? Is that how you’re going to keep the fish in your net? I didn’t even use this app much and thought the app was reasonably effective at what it’s advertised for. I also felt that it was so despicable that I had to waste 15 minutes of my time trying to figure out how to not give this company my money. And that is surely by design. I refuse to support a company that plays bs games like this. Sorry. Im absolutely certain that there is a way to incorporate cancelling the subscription from within the app without wasting people’s lives. Feels like childish neediness. But then again, that’s how most companies operate today: like children throwing a fit wondering how in the world you’ve decided to stop giving them your business. Peace.

- My morning routine

Elevate is an important part of my strengthening and sharpening of my mind. Sometimes humbling other times elevating my experience with this app is extraordinary. I recognize how elevate has improved my processing of information, especially my ability to speed read. This app is for the person that loves to learn and grow. I appreciate the accountability and the intuitive learning function that adjusts when you perform below standard. It takes you down to break down a concept and walks you back up as if you never missed a beat. This app grows deductive reasoning skills a soon to be extinct skill set. I highly recommend this app for everyone especially gen z.

- Great app. Still waiting for Mindsnacks.

You guys have done it again: you’ve made an app that’s fun and educational. I only wish you would revisit your language learning apps, Mindsnacks. Those were by far the BEST language learning apps that App Store had to offer (Duolingo and Babbel have nothing compared to them). I know it would require a heavy lift from your team, but trust me: if you advertised them on Elevate, like “more from our team,” you would have an empire of educational apps. Every month I check the App Store to see if you’ve updated them. Please please please do it for those of us who want to learn Japanese and Chinese but hate the boring tedious apps that only focus on grammar !

- Performance by Age

This is a great app! My 78 yr old mother had brain surgery some years ago and elevate is a great app to help her regain some of her skill sets. Also I am a middle age woman looking to improve my professional skills. Two recommendations: 1. Adjust user performance based on age group. I don’t know what age group performance is grading me against. Are my scores compared to highschool, college, young adult, middle age, elder? Knowing this would help with accurate skill assessment. 2. Have an option to adjust the time out speed or amount of lives. Older users may need to start out slower and then gain more speed. My mom gets very frustrated that her time runs out too many times and can’t seem to complete a session. It’s ok that speed and lives is accounted for in scoring, just so users can complete a session.

- Elevate

Hello I think you should get this app called Elevate and I have three reasons why you should get it. The first reason is it actually works! I’ve been getting higher grades on my exams and almost everything just from using the app Elevate three times a week. My second reason is it is in my opinion really fun , it gives three learning games everyday. Now my third reason is that it even tells you how much you learned, also you can pick what you want you’re goals to be in the app Elevate, you can also get the notifications when it’s done preparing your next lesson. So in conclusion I believe that it is truly amazing and that everyone should have it.


I absolutely love this game! It covers everything and it’s very reasonably priced. It has so much to offer and the training sessions are quick! Very time efficient if you only have a few minutes to play you can easily complete an exercise and it really has helped me become more efficient and fluent with words and numbers! The exercises are enjoyable! The UI is appealing and very user friendly! I definitely recommend this game and think it’s totally worth the price! Great Job Devs!!! You created a fantastic game that is actually useful! Thank you so much! Nothing better than when you have some extra time to kill you can enhance your skills!!!

- Variety of Challenges

This app offers a good variety of challenges, but it also produces a small number of counter-productive frustrations. Here are a couple of examples. In some of the word-matching challenges, the “correct answer” occasionally matches an adjective and a noun, or vice-versa. Also in the equivalence tests for fractions, it presents options for matches where, if you’ve forgotten (since the last time you were presented with that test) which color in a pie chart represented a null cell and which one represented a positive cell, you might be tricked into selecting a pie chart that represents 3/4 because you thought it represented 1/4. As a former instructional technologist, I despise these kinds of misrepresentations. When a user makes mistakes due to designer sloppiness, the app is simply aggravating the user instead if training the user.

- All good except

I like all the games and do well in most, except the one to recall faces and names. I feel this one game is poorly designed because there is simply no way to slow down the introductions enough in order to mentally solidify the associations, so they go by and I remember none of them by the end. I basically never improve in this one game, even though I play this one more than any of the others due to my relatively low score. I find this extremely frustrating. I wish the game would slow down the introductions at lower levels and speed up at higher levels, or allow the user to pause them. Others may not find this off-putting. I just have a particularly bad memory for names. 5 stars for everything else. 1 star for the faces/names game.

- Exactly what I’m looking for

OK I’m gonna be honest. Growing up I was in the slow. I’ve always had a problem with my writing skills so once found this app I’ve been hooked I only wish. It would slow down I always find my self feeling rushed an can’t fully learn the way I know how also I feel like it if I had the option to learn some of these stuff in stages rather then all at once. I would have a way better written review. Lol An also a choice as to what I like to Focus on instead of working on math ,writing an everything else. More option over all would make this a much better app they should have a version for today’s school

- Love this game!!

I try to play every day, and it’s one of the few I think is worth a subscription (at least for the year), but I really dislike the subscription model, and don’t plan to renew unless there’s some new stuff to explore between now and renew time. Most of the games really seem to help me get better at those skills (vocab practice, quick calculations, mastering colon/semicolon usage, etc), but a game to help learn some NEW advanced vocab would be great! I’m disappointed there’s no way to contact support, and that the support section (FAQ and troubleshooting) on the site is so sparse. I think I’ve run into a bug (can’t get “scribe” achievement even though all writing difficulties are over 200), but can’t find anywhere to report it. It’s frustrating that there isn’t even a support email address given anywhere. Elevate is still the best app of it’s kind that I’ve found, and I really recommend it. I’m still improving after months of playing, including new high scores just about every day! Would love the option to purchase so I can keep playing after the year ($40 is ridiculous enough for an app...there’s no way in hell I’d ever pay 80. Are you kidding?!)

- Timers

Now that I have been playing for a few months, I have some feedback regarding the training. In general, I think the app is good but I would suggest a different approach is needed with regards to the imposed time limits. With math related games, time limits and speed matter and I think those are all fine. The answer is either right or wrong; nothing new to learn and absorb. And I am getting faster and stronger because of the time limits. However, with language related games, time limits mean I can’t study new words or concepts, specifically related to what I just learned. Before I can contemplate on new associations or errors I might have made, the clock is finished and there is no way to look back. Sometimes, you get pointers at the end of some games, but not always. And the pointers are often not what I wanted to learn. It would be great if there were a way to go over the game I just finished playing, but without the time limits—no points scored, too. I can then look up new words I ran across and study mistakes without worrying about time limits. Also, I can read articles/phrases more carefully and figure out how much I had missed. Thanks for your consideration!

- I prefer this over my gaming apps now

I never leave reviews for anything and I never keep apps long, but this app is worth a good one. I feel like I’m playing fun adult brain games; this is the type of learning technology I needed growing up. I love the various methods it uses to teach. It never gets boring to keep challenging myself as I get better at a wide range of topics as the app “elevates” me to complete harder questions with faster answers. The straightforward explanations for incorrect answers are also a huge plus. The sound effects, visuals, topic layout...try it. I hope it encourages other non-reviewers to leave a review and share their thoughts as well.

- Addictive and Motivating

I wished to have tried some of the various brain games out there but apparently got deep into Elevate during the trial period. Love this app. Love testing my speed. Get this app. It’s definitely a manifestation of your strength and weaknesses. After 2 weeks it taught me to slow down and study. The app includes specific study sessions and you can find the specific activities as a time for more study. Great! I like how the game measures your performance within your age group. Expect to be rewarded. Fun! I think making this a social app can also encourage participation. Private challenges or just sharing achievements with friends can be fun.

- Improved math abilities

I’ve been using Elevate for about a year and I have noticed real improvements in my math abilities since I began training. Matt has always been a week point for me and I’ve noticed that I can add, subtract, divide, and calculate percentages faster and more accurately in my head instead of needing pen/paper or a calculator. It helps with budgeting for sure. Reading and writing have always been strong subjects for me so I haven’t seen much change there, but it’s been worth it just for the improvements in my math. I have the free version and would like to see more games made available but I would still recommend the app to a friend.

- Cut trial short

I signed up for the free trial (1 week) and cancelled the auto-payment 2 days later so that I’d remember to evaluate whether I wanted to pay $30 for the year. My trial was set to expire on the 15th but when I tried to do my next “training,” it was cut short and I was prompted to pay for the advanced version. Now I keep getting prompted to authorize payment for the paid version. The games were interesting and I was curious about how they would impact my mental agility. A full week might have been enough time for me to determine that there might be truth to their claims and whether there’s value (for me) in paying for a subscription. Alas, I won’t take the time to evaluate because it appears that if you cancel the automatic payments, elevate automatically rescinds your right to try (the full version) before you buy.

- One of the best

I’ve tried a handful of brain training apps and exercises, as I feel I’m never good enough. Very few have actually helped, and the ones that did got boring after the first few exercises. But this app really does top all the others. It has training in many different categories, and rewards you with new levels of exercises as you go along. If you decide to replay a category, every question is different so you never really get bored. Nice layout, too. I would strongly recommend Elevate to anyone who has trouble with memory, reading, etc. If Pro was a bit cheaper, I would buy it immediately.

- Awesome Game!

Since I have had this game I have noticed that my reading, speaking, writing, and math abilities increased since I downloaded this game. My vocabulary has expanded and can solve math problems faster. Those are just SOME of the things that I have noticed change of since downloading this game. I also haven’t noticed any adds or problems with the game functions. Everything seems to be in perfect functionality. Awesome game!!! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to expand their vocabulary, writing, reading, and math skills. I don’t have the full version but, still noticed change in all those skills!

- I only use the free version

If you use the free version, you get three games to play a day. These games vary from lessons helping you with spelling, listening, math (division, percentages, estimation), punctuation, and memory. However, you do get to tailor it to your own needs. So, I get fewer math games than language because I didn't want a bunch of math lessons! There are a few games that I like better than others, of course, but even the math games that I don't enjoy so much (Discounting, I'm looking at you!), have helped me. I can tell that I am better at doing division and percentages more quickly. Not sure if it's helped much with listening skills... Overall, pretty fun and doesn't take too long.

- I Normally Cancel Free Trials but I’m sold on Elevate

Currently studying for the Bar Exam and Elevate gives me great mental breaks and beneficial cognitive training that will certainly help me improve speech, writing, accurate use of punctuation and phrases, and much more! Attorneys may find this app useful in changing the wordy way we speak! Concise plain language training for Lawyers and maybe also a bit of math training since we all know we chose the study of law over anything else that involves math - our weakness. ? Elevate is a great investment for self-improvement. Become a better version of yourself, who’s going to say no to that? (Please don’t let my poor written skills in this review reflect Elevate for I have only just begun training ?)

- Excellent brain training game (mostly) UPDATED

I really love this app, and have used it nearly everyday for the last couple years. I actually feel like it does make a difference, and helps keep my brain fresh and spry. My biggest complaint is the lack of new content. When was the last time the devs released a new game? Or an overhaul of the points system? Little things like that, that leave you wanting more. Also, there are several very minor errors in the game, that have been there for a LONG time. Even through many app updates, the errors are still there (“Let’s see you how you did” in relation to the Adjective Recall game has been there for a long time.) I’m a premium subscriber, and it was worth the money that I bought it at ($18 on sale). I personally wouldn’t pay much more than that. Thanks for the great app! However, it’s becoming a little stale and old. Can we get some new content or something? And right after I complained about no new content, they release a new game! I’d like some more new content but I also know now to look a gift horse in the mouth! Thank you!

- Cheaper pls?

I love elevate and it does help my grade go up because I learn mental math faster. One thing I wished could happen was if you made all games and training sessions free. You could of just made a "No ads" thing if you want no adds to learn. Or you could’ve just made the entire app like 0.99 or something like that. Then, we wouldn’t have to pay for more education. Teachers don’t come up to you and say, " If you want me to teach you, you gotta pay me like 20$!" Nobody wants that. Pls read this. And by the way, I am an 11-year-old 6th grader. Thank you for creating this app. I highly recommend it if you want to learn things faster.

- First foot in the pool

So I‘be tried others brewing training apps over the years usually for no particular reason. It’d a little different here in that I’m about to start cool which I haven’t done in literal years and I have to say this app truly seems to push you mentally, and I’m only 4 days in. The math areas and the different aspects of the arithmetic alone stands above other apps I’ve seen. And the English/literature area s are bound to improve you with its variety in tackling different mental hindrances you might have. Only a few days in like I said and I wrote this review rather quick so don’t take my word for it. Download the app: 7 day free trial ☝️

- Not as advertised

So, I can’t really judge this game because I didn’t even get to play it! I imagine the goal of its amazing, but it’s definitely not as advertised. First of all, they don’t give you a privacy policy, or any reassurance that your personal information is safe when you sign up. Second, the game is advertised for ages 4+, but when you go to make an account, it says you have to be 13+! I love to write, and would love to get better at math, but there’s no way I’m going to blindly give give away my name, age, and email to a random game, where I don’t know my information is safe. (Developer, please don’t respond to this. I just wasn’t it to be out there so people know what they’re getting. Thank you for making what I assume is an incredible app!)

- Interesting App!

I’m doing the free trial this week and am leaning towards purchasing it. I wish they would not have a timer on the activities. I’m 53 and my whole life have struggled with this. Although I got great grades in school and made the Dean’s List in college I was always the last person to hand in my test. So as I play these games I’m getting frustrated because it’s not giving me enough time to answer. Also, it would be great after a session to see the ones I got wrong so I can store it away in my brain. The way it is now you have to keep going (because it’s timed) so I don’t have time to analyze the question I got wrong.

- So addicting!

Prior to this app, I tried luminosity but that pales in comparison. This app is so incredibly in depth and amazing. Flash cards, strategies, and tons and tons of games to improve everything academic. Though it doesn’t emphasize history or science as a category, every place that you are applying language skills you are learning history and science too. There’s so much challenge. It could be really good for esl learners too because of the idiom, spelling, and association games. Also, if you are terrible at converting to metric like I am, there’s a game for that. I started with the free two week trial of pro. I knew after two days I was keeping it. Love it!

- You need to check your errors

I have enjoyed this so far, but I’m very frustrated by the fact that you have included errors in grammar that are not included as part of what needs to be corrected. For example, a few days ago, I tried to point out that you misused the word it’s, instead of its - without an apostrophe. (The former being a contraction of “it is,” the latter being the possessive.) You used the wrong one, but when I kept trying to say that it was wrong, all I did was waste time - because you apparently didn’t KNOW it was wrong. Ergo, you need somebody who knows the difference between those two terms!! You can’t hold yourself out as improving skills, unless you have the correct answers to begin with. BE MORE CAREFUL!!!!!

- Thank you & Love this application

Absolutely love this app! I’ve been utilizing this app for several months. Within that time I have given much feedback to the developers, both positive and negative. Regardless of my feedback, the developers have taken those suggestions and improved the app timely and also communicated their appreciation back to me immediately. This app has enabled me to improve my written and verbal communication skills, both personally and professionally. I look forward to my daily activity sessions, they keep me fresh and on my toes. I’m not an expert by any means, but I am improving...this app has helped me tremendously...?✌️

- The world of Warcraft of learning.

This application is truly amazing. The games are easy to fallow and fun to play. Even for me who is not strong in math still have fun. I play when I first wake up with my morning coffee. Even before learning about the past events that happens in my slumber. This application will teach you the basic and advanced skills of critical thinking. Every person needs a good foundation to proses simple tasks. This application is a great way to restore or even add on to that foundation. Play for the 14 days free and I bet you will buy this for the rest of the year. I know I will and I’m not even getting paid to say this!!! Peace ?

- Basically good mental exercises

This brain training app has some really good exercises. I am particularly challenged by the math problems, but keep plugging away at it. Two games or exercises, however, seem rather useless: word visualization, and the speaking or oral recitation exercises. For most adults, the word pictures seem too juvenile, and the other exercise has the user bit a button when the speaker says something agrammatical in a way that most adults would not actually talk. Fortunately, the user can switch to another training exercise. Generally though, I would say this app is worth a few minutes of sharpening one’s math, memory and language skills every day.

- One week review

Well it’s definitely far better than most other brain challenging games. They are explained fairly well maybe in some they could give different explanations but it’s good. All the games are different from ones I played(no subscription). I felt myself drawn to keep pursuing the task when I’d fail, I wasn’t like ehh i don’t mind, than double tap home button. I wanted to keep playing. I am not yet sure if a subscription is worth it but I plan to keep playing and determine that later. Overall it’s a fun smooth easy to play app that as accurately I assume it can, gives a general idea of your intelligence and further challenges you to increase your knowledge.

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Elevate - Brain Training iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Elevate - Brain Training iphone images
Elevate - Brain Training iphone images
Elevate - Brain Training iphone images
Elevate - Brain Training iphone images
Elevate - Brain Training iphone images

Elevate - Brain Training (Version 5.37.2) Install & Download

The applications Elevate - Brain Training was published in the category Education on 2014-05-22 and was developed by Elevate, Inc. [Developer ID: 875063459]. This application file size is 388.31 MB. Elevate - Brain Training - Education app posted on 2020-12-23 current version is 5.37.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.elevateapp.elevate

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