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The fishing information contained in the popular publication Precision Trolling is a troller’s dream come true. Dubbed “the Troller’s Bible” by the tens of thousands of anglers who use this information to target fish at specific depths, Precision Trolling is just what the name implies. Precision Trolling is a method of fishing that allows anglers to accurately predict the running depths of their favorite lures and diving devices!
By manipulating lead length anglers can easily “aim” their favorite fishing lures at specific depths, accurately target fish they are seeing on their sonar while avoiding costly snagged lures. Even better, once a productive lead length is determined, it’s easy to duplicate that lure and lead length combination with other lines, putting more lures in the strike zone!
The Precision Trolling Data App goes a step further. Once an angler has determined that a particular lure and lead length are effective at catching fish, it’s easy to search for other lures in the list of Precision Trolling App that achieve similar depths. Once a productive depth is determined where fish are biting, it’s a logical step to try different lures at the same depth to determine which lure or lures fish react best to.
The new Precision Trolling Data App allows anglers to access a wealth of trolling data. The familiar “Dive Curves” made popular in the Precision Trolling book are now incorporated into easy to use “pickers” or “wheels”. The Data Wheels let you adjust the “feet down” to determine the “feet back”. This is particularly useful if you want to target fish at a certain depth that you are seeing on your sonar unit. The Data Wheel also allows anglers to adjust the “feet back” to determine the “feet down” that the lure will dive. This a fast and effective way of zeroing in on a target depth with any of the lures or diving devices included in the Precision Trolling app.

For more information on Precision Trolling and how to become a better troller click here:
Precision Trolling Data LLC owns a patent U.S. Patent No. 7,113,449 entitled “Marine Electronics With Lure Depth Analyzer” issued September 26, 2006 which prevents other companies/individuals from providing lure data on an electronic device.
All of the data provided in or by this app is also copyrighted by Precision Trolling Data LLC.

Precision Trolling App Description & Overview

The applications Precision Trolling was published in the category Sports on 2014-06-22 and was developed by PRECISION ANGLING, LLC. The file size is 14.83 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 6.1 and high ios versions.

If you don't own a package you can now click on the package to see what lures would be included if you buy it.
Fixed errors while updating lures. If you are a lifetime member and missing Berkley Flicker Minnow 5 or 11 simply delete the app, reinstall it, go to the store page and restore purchases.
Fixed iOS 9 issues.
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any issues you have can be reported to [email protected]

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Walleye Nut  SquidSr  5 star

Had the book version and the app beats it by a mile and it keeps getting better as they keep adding lures and line types.

BayBound East

Great - one suggestion  BayBound East  4 star

The data is spot on. One suggestion to make it even better would be adding a picture of the lure (maybe a link to cut down on app size). I have many lures where I cannot remember the brand or name.

Pole Cat Mr.

Great Lakes Must  Pole Cat Mr.  5 star

Mark Romanack and crew took thier Precision Trolling data and made it even easier to use. The app is a must for all walleye fishermen, not to mention all other species. Check out the Fishing411 website and YouTube videos for even more info. Watch his YouTube video about how they collect thier dive curve info, it is pretty cool. Good work!


Awesome app  eftrapper  5 star

Worth every penny takes the guess work out and puts tour lure were it needs to be with great accuracy and very easy to use


Best fishing app  Mr.billh  5 star

This makes fishing to easy, the Lake Erie walleyes are in trouble. Thanks for your app.


Walleye fishing  a5x5hunter  5 star

I have the trolling bible and most of the pages are stuck together now from getting wet. So I think this is going to be the ticket. Also glad I have the app I recently was out in Lake Erie and was using the new salmo freefloater and dialed in on some big walleyes

Boat Wheels

Don't buy for Mag Dypsy unless all you run is braided.  Boat Wheels  1 star

There is no information about wire and mono and you don't know it until you buy the category. I run wire so this is worthless to me.

Steve Hatton

Well worth the money.  Steve Hatton  5 star

The app is as valuable as my rods and reels when I'm going trolling.


Good app to expensive.  bytored  3 star

Good app but per lure purchase is to expensive as well as lifetime sub. Unless you horde lures you would have to buy 57 or so lures to make the lifetime membership worth it. If you have over 60 different lures than lifetime sub would be worth it.


Great App  Ajdjdjdjdjdjdm  5 star

This app is a must for anyone who trolls.


TroutnSalmon Journal TroutandSalmonJ 3 star

@MatzuoAmerica: Did you know Matzuo trolling lures are included in the Precision Trolling Data App? The "Troller's Bible" is... https://…


Matzuo America MatzuoAmerica 3 star

Did you know Matzuo trolling lures are included in the Precision Trolling Data App? The "Troller's Bible" is...


Nathaniel Veno_Sosa 3 star

Speak with purpose and precision unless you're trolling...and even then there's a purpose behind the troll

Pizzle P

All functionality is through in-app purchases  Pizzle P  1 star

You have to pay $1.99 per lure. For what? Information you could get from a quick internet search??? LOL give me a break. Half the lures you're charging for don't even cost that much to buy!


Great App  17pointer  5 star

New lures. New design. This app just keeps getting better and better.


NO WAY  catdaddy777  1 star

Definetly not worth space on my phone. Way to expensive for what you get.


Lifetimes a joke  Poorfisherman  1 star

Can't seem to get my lifetime with my new phone, tried to restore purchases and it says none found....


Great app  Pinboy122  5 star

It seems the bugs are worked out,the new app is running flawlessly. I'm starting to get updates with new lures and techniques. It's a must have in any trollers arsenal.

Trumpet player 1234

So Easy To Use!!!  Trumpet player 1234  5 star

This app is a dream come true for fishermen & women everywhere! The new Troller’s Bible has certainly continued to live up to it’s name. The information has made me a more productive fisherman for sure!


Great App! Must have if you troll  Fowldogs  5 star

This is the best way to keep the valuable lure depth information at your fingertips when trolling. Easy to use and the new updated lures and are great. While the upgrade from the original app is not as conventional as we are used to in the App Store, the process was easy and the companies support people were responsive. Just follow the instructions in the above description. All of my previous purchases were there once I contacted support.


Awesome App!  Dobs5066  5 star

This new version of the PTD app is great and was really easy to transition from the original. Much more user friendly and accurate and my support experiences with the developers during the transition were awesome. This newer version makes the original look like it was written by amateurs. Awesome app for any fisherman.


Excellent  SledDiva  5 star

Migration to new app is flawless. App performs better than old P-T-D app. I like the new design. Clicking on the price in the store to purchase any package or individual lure is easy.


Terrible  Honolulu46  1 star

I tried to purchase the data for specific fishing lures through their "store" and absolutely nothing happened. The app is worthless if you cannot purchase and download lure specific data

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