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What is toca life: town app? *App Store Best of 2014*

You rule this Town, a play world where anything and everyone is welcome! With different locations and many classic Toca Boca characters, the everyday adventures in Town are infinite.

Move around in town! Visit the store to buy groceries, stop by the restaurant to cook lunch, and head home to watch movies with friends. Run over to the park for a picnic and go for a swim in the pond. Build a sand castle or go on an adventure in the dark? In this Town you decide!

Play cops and robbers today and hide and seek tomorrow, the story is up to you. Use your imagination to create your own world and play together with friends and family.

There are treasures hidden everywhere. Turn on and off lights, toss garbage in the bins, or wrap up a present in the store to give to friends. Throw stones in the pond and tap the sun for day and night. Remember there are no rules so don't be afraid to interact with anything, even the toilet!

Toca Life is a series of apps that takes you beyond the map of Toca Life: Town and let you discover new places within the Toca Life universe.

- 24 characters to play with. Do you recognize any of them?
- 6 locations to explore - park with a pond, store, police station, restaurant, house & apartment
- 30 different dishes to cook in the restaurant
- Go on adventure - light a campfire and sleep in a tent
- Control day and night
- 5 different animals to play with
- Open game play with no rules or stress
- Kid-friendly interface
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Life: Town is made for kids as young as 3 yet can capture the imagination of those much older. It's filled with surprises and exciting things to do - there are no limits, just fun! Come play!

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Toca Life: Town Version 1.728 June 2022

Bug Fixes :).

Toca Life: Town Version 1.628 October 2020

- iOS 14 Update with Bug Fixes!.

Toca Life: Town Version 1.5.106 July 2018

Your favorite app has had a makeover! Toca Life: Town now has all the fun stuff you can do in the rest of the Toca Life apps: * Grow your own vegetables in the new garden! * Change clothes on all your characters! * Record your screen and share your stories! * Introducing Toca Life MIX - your source for everything that’s going on in Toca Life! Get the latest news, watch cool videos and vote in fun polls..

Toca Life: Town Comments & Reviews 2022

- Improvements?

I absolutely love these games. They are so fun to play! Toca Boca has thought of everything from business to a world of animals and not only that but they have put in hidden compartments or levers/buttons allowing you to discover even more! However I would love to see, instead of individual worlds and apps, I would love for there to be one giant Toca world with all the apps combined along with that you could make it so there are cars you can drive as well as a place to get your license and a car. Lastly instead of having everything “free” you could have it so the toca people have jobs and can earn cash to buy houses, pets, furniture, appliances, food etc. I really do love the game. Those are just things I think would make the game more enjoyable. It could also teach kids some what about money and all the different places and things the Toca and real world have to offer! This way you can also customise all the characters with broader selections. In my opinion putting those changes in place would allow a lot more exploration and freedom as well as mixing things up and releasing everyone’s creativity and collectors side.

- This game is so much fun!

This game is so lovable and cute! Even though this game is is designed more for kids, I still really enjoy it as a teen! If I get Apple money, I usually will spend most of it on these games 😂. Although this game is so fun, I do have two things I don’t really like about this game in particular. One, is that it’s kinda hard to put things in houses and stuff back on shelves, so I end up having a really messy house if I take stuff out. Also, I think that at the grocery store, the food should replenish itself after most of the food is gone. But besides that, the game is great, and super well-made! Oh, also one more thing (if you’re reading this, thanks for getting this far!!🙏🏻) I think it would be cool if you could dress/ create new characters instead of having the pre-made ones only. Maybe there could be a limit to all you can have, but those two things would be awesome to have in the game!!! Thanks for reading all this! 😂 -Anya 💗

- Amazing! But one suggestion...

All the Toca Lifes are amazing and one of my favorite things to play! Although I have one suggestion that my friends and I have been strongly hoping for. We should be able to access the other Toca Lifes in one app and be able to take characters through the apps. For instance, say we did this through a train. You would go to the train and put the characters and items in it. Then you'll click where ever you want to go out of the apps you purchased (say you're going from the school to the city). This will take the train and everything inside of it to the city. Now you can take all the characters and items that you brought from the school into the city. This would be able to transfer a character with a hairstyle found only in Toca Life: City to Toca Life: School, and you could bring a suitcase found in Toca Life: Vacation into Toca Life: City. It would still require customers to buy each app, just now you can access the ones purchased throughout the other apps and transfer characters/items between them.

- I love this app, but I have a suggestion!!

So I’ve bought nearly all of the Toca life apps and I’m very impressed. I love playing doll house type games on my phone, and Toca has made the best games as far as I can tell. I got Toca life: world, and it’s the best idea, to combine all of the apps into one. But, then I went to the police station and it’s still the same old police station from this app. I think it needs a remodel, or maybe a new, larger police station in Toca world. Like maybe more prison cells, and possibly a cell that has an escape tunnel in it. Also maybe more officers and more colorful, crazy criminals. In another play house app, players could wash and design the police car, then take it out for a spin and capture a criminal. THAT WOULD BE SOOO COOL. I was also thinking you could create a fire department, and a house that caught on fire so kids could then rescue people from the building and put out the fire. And maybe the classic cat in a tree could be in that app too. I hope you take a look at these suggestions, cuz I’ve been thinking bout them for a lonnnggg time. THANKS, bye.

- I have an idea....

I love all of the Toca Boca games I have all of the toca life and lots of other ones too. I think that you should make a game that would allow you to take things from one game to another. For example, you want to take a horse from toca stable and a person from toca school to the hotel in toca vacation. What you would need to do is to buy the app to allow you to do this and then update all of your toca games so you could then press a button on them to let you go to the app that brings you and your things to another world and you would have to check off the worlds that you have on that game that would bring you and your things to another world. If anyone reads this I appreciate it a lot because I have been thinking of this for a long time. I know that it is hard work but I would think that the people who make the other toca Boca games are skilled enough. They make the. Best games ever!!!! Again thanks for your time.

- Here's some feedback, Toca Boca

Amazing game! Great for little, AND older kids. This game has never ending fun so you can enjoy it again and again! 👍🏻 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 But I do have some feedback for Toca Boca now. I think you should add a hospital or doctor's office? I feel like it's missing from the essential places the game already has. I don't want to overwhelm you but this game would be the BEST if there were more places, and you could scroll the screen to seek them. Here's what I might suggest👍🏻👇🏻: Hospital/doctor's or dentist's office (both?) A salon for dress up place Store(a mall?) Train/bus station A school Maybe another house An art place, maybe available painting A theatre An average office (?) I think you could update every time there's a holiday and add some holiday stuff (Halloween; webs, spiders, ghosts? Thanksgiving; big dinner table, turkey available as food? Christmas(maybe in the store you could add Kwanza, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc. items so the kids can just decorate on their own?) decorations, available tree you can grab, multiple fix boxes? New Years; fireworks you can press to light up at the park, fireworks you can see out the windows, ex: 2016 banner kids can grab and put. And more holidays I didn't mention (so I wouldn't type so much). I don't know, maybe in a future update you might add some cool things. Right now, this game is spectacular, so you don't have to change it if you don't want to.

- I hope you could think about this

Please make a free offer for toca city I really want it I'm trying to get all of the toca life but I really want toca life city but thanks for the free offer for the toca town I let my friends know about it and now they have it and want more toca life games but I know toca farm is coming out tomorrow so can you make it free at first and then can you make it cost money it would really mean a lot now for some ideas about the game can you make some more houses and make some new people and make a clothes store or a shoe store and I know I said houses already but it's called toca town in a town they have a lot of houses and could you make a carnival where your people can get on rides and play games and have food stands and a pet store thank you for listening I hope you can make some changes and I have an idea for an new toca life game how about toca park where there are a lot of houses and amusement parks and carnival and a store and pets


These apps are so fun and even I as a teen absolutely LOVE to play them. Their not free and do cost some money, but it’s worth it. Apps can always have improvements because their not perfect so here are a few suggestions: • In the nine different apps, there is only one (Toca City) where you can really customize a character. Maybe for each game there could be a slot where you can create ONE character that you can play as instead of having to settle for one that looks best. • (If you can do this) maybe lower the price on some of the nine apps that aren’t so popular on special occasions like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. • Speaking of Holliday’s, for your next games you could create one where you get to choose what holiday it is in the game and then the scenery will change, making it seem like that holiday in the game. Those are just a few suggestions, but keep creating and adding on to these awesome games, I love them!

- Bigger Is Better

Although Toca Town is great, it could be better maybe, the creators of this app could make the map of the game bigger. When you open up the app, press the button and see which building to choose from, you will see some faded buildings or houses on the side. Maybe if the creators will actually make those an actual choice, the app will be much better especially since there is a lot of characters in the game and only one house and one apartment. I'm also thinking of another idea where the area you pick what character you want, there could also be a pets/animals section so that it is easier to access them.

- Plz plz PLZ! Read this Toca boca!!

I love your apps I own every single life app I just have a suggestion make the mysteries more exciting!! In toca vacation I figured out the statue but it was not that exciting! You could have made it go up revealing a passage to somewhere cool or something. Also, plz plz plz tell me the mystery in this app!! I want to know so bad! So do my friends!! One last thing, (PLEASE at LEAST consider this!) make a toca app that is a MOVIE SET!! I am really obsessed with movies and theater. Make one place a place where all the RVs are so they can sleep and eat and change clothes in!! Then make a place with multiple movie sets to make a movie! Then add like a building where you can choose costumes! Then add a small office and audition room! So they can audition for a movie! And a bunch of other stuff. I love you guys! Please consider my ideas! 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍😍😍😍😘😘😘

- I have a superhero idea!

Hey TB! What's up? Listen, I have an idea for a new game idea. It's called Toca Life: Around the world. Oh, and can you make it free? So let me give you a review. There are the seven continents: Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, North America, Europe, and Antarctica, and you take this airplane, the same as the one in Vacation. You add 7 characters, one from each continent. Each time you go in the airport and on the plane and take the people with some of the people from the places, you can pick which continent you want to travel to. Ok so I take back everything thing I said about asking if you can make my idea game free if your company considers making this game, because let me ask you, do you plan on making at least School and Vacation free? So far you have only made City free. Town, btw is very dull and small. Fix it or face the music. Please.

- ideas by 8 year old Anya

Pelase read .this app is great but here is a list of ideas : 1.instad of put ing new stuf in the old places they should make new places like they can add a salon where you can do hair styles and find exsesories read magazines and paint your nalis 🎠 or maybe more carateres and a school where theres a school room with school stuff and a music room with music stuff and an art room with art stuff and maybe a place where you can get and make sweets and decorate them your self and maybe there can be a plane that you can ride in and go around the world in and maybe a carnival with food posteres bands and rides or a peting zoo with animales and food 🐺🐶🐱🐰🐴so i hope you follow some of this advice🐣👱I love your apps I think you guys are Awesome thank you so much for making this app I love it!!!

- Add some things (also review for toca city)

I think you should add more. Don't get me wrong, it's cool. It's just that I find toca life city a bit better. And toca school. Because there is a mall also for pets clothes and toys in toca city. And a hair salon. And their is a school (of course) in toca school. But it also has a record action! Which is something I want for toca town! Or toca city honestly... But longer time instead of two minutes. And since for some reason I can't add a review for toca city. Can I ask you to add a record action. And have it longer for it? And can you allow the pets to actually do something with the balls and toy mice? Instead of having them sit there like mindless zombies? Also, you buy the pet bed, and they don't sleep in it! Really? Anyway... Thanks! But overall, both are great apps.

- Stella the dragon

Can you add a new character that’s a dragon named Stella in the game? Accept this tomorrow and make a mystery on the game to find her by planting a sprout and prepare for her she wishes to go back to Toca town and she has to have a grey head and a pink body and you have to get the crystals to form the unicorn horn to make a Christian song called in the arms. Hey it’s a real song! Download it and if you like it you can put it on there and if you don’t you can choose a another Christian song or you can play what does the fox say. A pop song made in 2013 with a grey fox album and I downloaded the Toca world town that’s a little bit like this app like the one with the fall festival so do the update on both of them. Bye! Don’t forget that I’m nice:3

- Cool game.

This is a amazing game. It is absolutely the best town game I have ever experienced. I do have some suggestions to improve the game. First off and most importantly, you should connect the games together so you can take the characters to the city and the school. You should make a clothing store, and also maybe a pet store. Also, it would be cool if you had a train station leading to a down town area. It would also be cool if you had a movie theater. Finally, it would be cool if you had a hair salon as well. I completely agree with the other reviews that it needs more buildings because, dare I say, it gets a little boring after a while. Once again, thank you for making this awesome app. Five stars for sure!,


I ❤️ this game but I have some requests. • I think that there should be more places like a barber shop or a salon or mall because right now, there are only 5 places but I think there should be 6 or 7 places. Also I think that there should be more houses and apartments for the towns people. • I think that there should be more characters in this game • In the park, I think there should be at least 3 tents to sleep in and a tree that you could climb and sit in because this would be really cool. • In the store, I think there should be shopping carts to push and have at least 4 of them. • In the apartment, there should be a shower and also, there should be a little more space. • I think the restaurant should have more foods for them to eat. • I think the house should have doors in between the rooms. • I think that all the animals should sleep and close there eyes when you put them on their beds • In the police department, the car should be able to drive away and the door should open • There should be more criminals I hope that you fix all of these and I hope to see them soon!

- Needs improvement but, is still great!

This game is super fun! I have always loved the Toca Boca apps. But for this game their are a couple things I want to be improved. For example you should be able to change your characters clothes, hair style. That would be a huge improvement! And their certainly should be more places to go like a restaurant, beach ( Even though there's a lake in the park) clothing store! If you do most of these things that would be fantastic! And I have something to say about this app, and that is even though it suggests that this game is for five and under its really for 10 and under in my opinion, since I'm assuming that most kids under 10 like this if your over ten and like this I'm happy for you even more. Ps. ( I love LDShadowlady, Lizzie is the best!)

- A new app idea

I love all of the Toca life games I have all of them. I have a new idea it can be called toca bus here are all the things in it first there can be a place where you are waiting for the bus then you can scroll to the side and there are kids playing games and texting on there phones. The next one is you are on the bus their is a driver and seats and a pole you can hang on to like put your arm on it. The last things are when you are leaving the school like Kids are in the hallway or outside the school and the final things are houses there can be a house with Kids having a sleep over and a house with kids just hanging out with friends. Hope you like the idea.

- Amazing, toca boca future ideas.

I have almost all the toca boca games and I am a big fan. I would love to see a toca boca space game. It would be a great way to teach young people about the possibilities they could achieve. There could be a building site where people could design space ships, a loading deck and launch center. Also included should be a house for a family and a store, which could have astronaut food and items along with other necessary food and clothes. After launching your rocket maybe there could be a view of space and some planets to visit. This would be an amazing game that I would absolutely love to see.

- I love toca boca but we all have one ideas

I love this game series. It's so addicting. Although it's so fun, I Agree with one thing everyone has been talking about. It's a way to get one game to the next. Some suggestions are a train station that you can bring characters to one place to the next. For example characters from toca town can visit toca city. Also you could be in a car and a map would show up and you would choose were to go like to toca school, toca stable, toca hospital, toca farm, toca vacation, toca city, and last but not leased toca town. I hope you take our advice because we are dying to see it happen.

- Amazing! But it's missing something that could make it big!

So like the title says it's missing it's BANG like all the other Toca lives I'd say if I had to choose this is my least favorite not saying it's bad but I don't recommend for your first Toca game this one is very old so it doesn't even have the thing where u can store on a hat yet or stacking but the police station I totally love but just putting it out there that it need to be updated to the few Toca touches we all know. KEEP ON MAKING TOCA LIFE! ( and if by any chance the Toca company sees this I was thinking u could make a Toca zoo and the sloth could be in a hidden cage! Yes I've found a few of the hidden sloths 😆)

- I LOVE THIS GAME! But I have a suggestion.

Okay gotta set it straight, I love this game!😍 But I have a suggestion, I don’t know if the coffee pot runs out or I don’t know how to do this but what if the coffee pot could run out( if it does then never mind) and then you would take the coffee beans and put like maybe on top of the coffee brewer to show you pouring the beans into the brewer and then it makes coffee like in ten seconds or something or just poof coffee but if you do go with this then maybe go ( you don’t have to) with my first suggestion to show the coffee being poured into the pot. Thanks for you time😁


I LOVE ❤️ Toca boca games, and they are so much fun to play. The only this I want to say is why can’t all app’s be FREE?? I understand the need of profit out of games to make more but if it’s free I think more people will be able to download and you can earn profit from all downloads. This would be the ULTIMATE GAME if it was free. I am dead serious. No kidding. But I love your games the characters are so cute, I love the interactive things, and of course making up your own story. All ages play this it is that good.🤩 Please make games free, me and a whole bunch of other people will appreciate.💕 Keep it up toca boca!!

- Not just 5 and under!

Ok, I would give this 5 stars, but it could use improvement. First of all, you should be able to dress them. There should be some new locations like a post office, a school, and many others! And most of all, there needs to be more screen space. If that is to hard for little kids use arrows! Also, I have an idea for another toca life app: Toca vacation! You would start in an airport and get on the airplane, chose where you want to go, and then you would arive and there's a beach and a restaurant, a hotel and other things. Another thing, toca life farm. But I'm running out of room so.. BYE😄😃😀😊☺️😉😍😘😚😗😙😜😝😛😂😅😆😋😎😇😏

- An Idea (Customizing A Character)

Your games are spectacular! Job well done! But I think you should add something else. I think for every Toca life game you should add another button at the bottom of the screen where you *make* characters. This button should allow you to choose if your character is an adult, teen, child, baby, creature, etc. Then you can design it by scrolling through options in the “customizing character” part, including picking its hair, clothes, facial features, etc. Well just an idea. Thank you!

- Great app! Minor bug

I really love this app and I think it is so fun and very creative! But I’m having a problem with the app. Whenever I try to put stuff on the shelf in kids room in the blue house it won’t go in. This is really minor but I find it annoying when I want to clean the kids room and all of the stuff is all over the floor because I can’t put stuff on the shelf. This started happening after the garden update. Other than that though I love this app! I also really love Toca Life world and am so glad that you made it! Keep up the amazing work!

- It’s really boring

Out of all the Toca life’s his one is my least favorite. I never play on it at all, for one day the atmosphere is so very dull and the characters are too. I hate saying this, but this app is a waste of money. If you are looking for a new Toca go buy Toca mountain cabin in Toca world which is a hundred times better and it is only one dollar. I have free games that are way better then this game. And if you are reading this Toca, I usually love Toca life apps but this one seriously needs to be updated or I want my 4 dollars back. I really hope you guys to update this game EXTREMELY because it’s looks like garbage compared to the other Toca life’s, although Toca school is terrible too. I apologize for negativity and thank you for reading this review

- Super cool glitch?

Ok so I love this game and had to delete it then I down loaded it again when i opened it all the places where different-it was night in the park and every place was different THEN I opened the big house and the mom and two kids where sleeping and the light that you see when you open the house was flicking and I was not touching the screen and it was in a pattern- on off on off on on on off on on any way the life games are awesome don't stop making them bye

- Toca town is amazing

Hey toca boca I really like this game but I noticed that you did an update to every game except for this one so I suggest to update it my point is even if it's old it should not be forgotten because it's the first it must be the prettiest one in the toca life so please it needs an update just like the other toca life games You could probably add clothes,or make bigger places or probably add a wallet so that the money can fit in please take this into consideration love your games keep making tgem 😊❤️

- I love the app but I wish there was more

The app is great for little kids and older but I started to notice that when I would play it a lot I was starting to get bored so I think you should be able to do more in the town. I really like the app but the other toca town apps like toca life school and toca life town are great by I just wish it had more. I also love the addition of the ice cream truck and not just for December like it was earlier when it came out. I also love the grocery store.

- Good but scary!

I was playing normally and when I got into some of the houses or places that seemed creepy, like for an example when I got to one one of the lights were flickering, the music was off and everyone was sleeping, for another example I went to the restaurant and some of the lights were off and the music was off. But I love this game and the other Toca Boca Life games, this one could use a little work, I highly recommend this app to you, unless of you don’t like creepy stuff. Thanks for reading

- Love it but ONE suggestion

Not just for ages five and under! I think it's really fun and I'm older than five But...I every time you go into the app it's how you left it before. I really don't like this but some people might so maybe you could add a save town option or something like that. And you guys have made new apps with other suggestions but if you could add that option to ALL the Toca Life apps that would be great. Other than that this app is amazing!

- Love it! Maybe more updates?

I love this game so much, I play it all the time and spend my time playing Toca games. (Specifically Toca Office) I love playing this game just one suggestion. I have had this app for almost two years and I am still waiting for an update... :/ Please update so more people can play, I know you are busy with other Toca games and creating them but, please find time when you have some to update Toca Town. Other than that, great game!

- Updated or Not?

Ok so I need you to please PLEASE make a new update because in your other games you always do them...I'm starting to think you forgot about this game and if you did that is pretty sad because people are BUYING this game so if your not going to make a update for the holidays or something like that I might as well get my MONEY back and no doing a update for a bug fix because at this rate the bug fixes are FINE...or at least for ME!

- This app is good..but it could be better

I have written reviews on all the toca lifes that i have (and i have ALL of them😂). This is probably the weakest game you made but its still good. You guys NEED to update this one. Add a new location, add more characters, and most importantly, PLEASE HAVE THE CHARACTERS SWITCH OUTFITS!!! I want my character to be a police officer but i cant so i have to use the one that already is😑. For a location, have a mini school or a public pool please. Or you could add a mansion with lots of rooms and of course a pool outside. Please consider my thoughts toca creators and PLEASE UPDATE SOON!! Thank you!😊

- Maybe a new app.

As new apps come out in toca life I want them right away! So how about toca life royalty! You get to live the life of a king or queen! You can have servants who do stuff for you! A banquet and a ball! I love the newborns so keep em comin! Also a new app idea is toca life underwater. You get to live like a mermaid in Atlantis! Swim to your friends be the ruler! Watch a water play only known by you! The app ideas are endless! I have many more but I don't want to drone on and on!

- Great, but a few things...

I love all the Toca Boca Life games! They are very fun to play. But I wish they had more to do. I wish that all the things in the salon like scissors would actually work. I think that the theater should have sound effects. I wish you could connect all the games and be able to move things and people from game to game. I have so many thoughts but I will save them. I really love the games though, <3 ~Vixxy

- Cool

Really fun but it didn't take long for my little sister to get bored of this. I played around with it too and I did realize how low the content I'd for quite high price. I hope to see an update don't disappoint me toca boca please! Also I see in other reviews they recommend new buildings You seem to be putting these ideas into new games and charge more money to buy a whole separate game. I don't like that setup ✌🏼️

- Upset about the way thing turned out...

So I bought this app many months ago thinking this app was going to be great but seriously now it’s free!!! 😩😩😩I payed 3.99 for it! Sure that may not seem like much but honestly I could get another toca game with that! It’s just not fair. Also the characters are pretty lame and the scenery is boring🤔😒😩. I was so annoyed when it became free😠. 😬I know you guys tried to update it and make it fun but honestly it was interesting for a week. This is my favorite brand of games but I need more effort into the games if I’m going to keep getting them. Thanks for giving everyone the best games in the world.

- Please read

The fish in the camping girls bucket of water is scaring me! So I put the bucket down and the fish was gone!!!!! So I looked around for it and it was just sitting on the ground way far away from where I put my water bucket! I tried to pick it up then it just started swerving everywhere when I tried to move it into the bucket it just magically teleports back to the weird spot!! Please fix this!!

- I have some suggestions 😀

For more toca apps, you should add toca zoo,toca theme park, toca sports, and many more, you don’t have to do these. Toca is my life, it’s more than just “eating and sleeping” it’s way more! To me it’s role playing and eating,sleeping,packing for your vacation, getting your home ready for a new pet , moving in to an apartment, swimming , and you get it. Please don’t steal my ideas, I made them up and I want you to be creative. Maybe ( I said maybe) you could add more places to go in Toca neighborhood? If so it would be SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Please please PLEASE add more secrets, I love finding them in most ways. Toca is very amazing and when I grow up, these are going to be the first app I download on my child’s iPad or iPhone.

- A review from a 9 year old

This game is realy fun and all of the Toca games are to my favorite is Toca life farm and when will the next Toca life game come out beacause Toca life world idk I mean it just doesn’t feel right idk why lol but still it’s fun anyway the current year is 2021 I am still waiting for a new Toca life I am exited for a new one to come out. I love this franchise it is amazing!

- TocaLifeLover

I’ve loved your apps since before toca life city came out and am so happy to here about the new world coming out, it should be a blast, and being a teen, we sure are hard to impress but I love your games and am a fan of your work. Also, toca life town is super fun, the first one I ever played and the reason why I’m hooked on the other apps. Keep doing what you do, it is super awesome!!😁😁😁


You should have a castle toca! I am a teen, and I still LOVE these games!! You could have different parts of a kingdom, ball gowns, thrones, and knights! Then you could have a royal ball room, one or two or three bedrooms, a royal kitchen, and a balcony!! Then there could be a little village, with different houses, and everything! There could be different floors in every house! I have many more ideas, but this is just one of my favs!!! And this is your newest app, so I thought you would read through the comments and maybe pick up a few fresh idea!!!


I find this game VERY FUN!!! I think it’s Rlly funny when I’m in the police station with the little characters and then I accidentally make the police eat the keys 😂 I love this bc 1. No bugs 2. No ads! And third of all there is this really cute feature where you can see this thing called “Toca stories” The characters are really cute here are their names... Nari, Rita, Zeke, Leon okEY BYEEEE 😂

- Don't be so mean!

Ugh! You people are so annoying, GEEZ! I like all the toca games and while yes, they don't really update the older games but they probably already have their hands full making all the new games! You guys should give them a break! Anyway, the toca games are not that bad and you should get them!😄Don't listen to people like that, unless they have a GOOD complaint.😁Bye!

- Getting Boring...

There is nothing else to do, except living at a house, going to the store, eating, going to the restaurant, the boring police station, and the lame park. This has limited places to go! There has to be something else you guys can add to this app! I shared this app with my cousin who is 4 years old, and she got bored with it in two minutes. I am speaking my opinion, and this app is rigged, lame, and very boring. I rate this one to two stars. Please make this app more entertaining and have more places to go to. One of the most lamest apps I have ever bought.

- Great game. Yes ideas

So some ideas I have for more games are, - Toca life zoo Where you can have a zoo a house a playground. A storage place and some more or you could have the map as the zoo and include Things like penguins giraffes pandas and stuff in different places you enter - Toca life art Where there are different studios like painting and sculptures, and als you could have animation an drawing -Toca design This does not have to be a Toca Life because it may be hard but you get to design your own house with the same drawings as life because yeah. And you live in your hous and play around like always. But you can also design your office or school or whatever Thank you! Keep making surprises!!

- Is Toca Town Abandoned???

I get that you all are working on other projects such as Toca City and Toca School, but many who bought Toca Town are a little disappointed. Everyone buying Toca City gets all of the cool updates, but Toca Town just seems like there aren't any new things left. You've taken all of our suggestions, but you put them into another app. I'm a bit disappointed, though this is overall a good game.

- Very good

I ♥️ THIS GAME (to say the least) but there should be a Toca Life hospital game where there's a house and a hospital with different levels like the children's hospital level with a nursery with babies in it (I think it would be really cute) and there's nurses and doctors and patients, you get the gist. I would TOTALLY buy it Anyways, love these apps! Also, this app needs more customization options, it's sorta blah, but EXTREMELY FUN i especially love the store and the police office

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- Maybe you could change these few things?!

I love this game!! But in the restaurant when you try to take something off the tray or whatever, it won't come off.! I get so frustrated trying to get the food off the tray! Please fix!!!! Another thing is that the tables in the restaurant are too close together, my people end up sitting on someone else's chair. It would be awesome if you could make the tables go outside as well as inside the restaurant. Maybe you could also add some more people in the game and maybe you could let the people change their hair and clothes. It would be amazing if the houses had me re space in them like in the toca life: city. Thank you!!

- My kids LOVE this app!!

My two daughters - 4.5 and 2.5 years old - just love this app. We have a couple of other "town" type apps as well as Toca Town, and this is their equal favourite with one other. Miss 4.5 utilises all the features and things you can do within the app and loves it all. Miss 2.5's favourite thing to do, is something I actually accidentally discovered you can do in the app. Not sure if you're meant to be able to do it or not, but both my kids think it is hilarious to do (and thankfully they haven't tried doing it in real life - yet anyway). What is this thing? You can drop random items into the toilet in the house, including but not limited to, the toilet paper, towels, food items, the thing that is in the cats litter tray but resembles a rainbow coloured turnip. You can't put everything in - the people, animals or some items like backpacks and some others. Items dropped in make a satisfying "plop" sound when dropped. But you can't retrieve any items, so just beware what you put in!!

- Please do updates!!!!😢😢

Why didn't you do the Christmas update on Toca town?! Has Toca town been forgotten? If it hasn't pls do these things: Make the characters be able to change their hair and clothes, add more characters, more locations, and do the Christmas update next Christmas. Thanks for listening if you see this.😊

- Please READ toca bocaaaaaa

Hey toca Boca why don’t you guys make toca life space trip, it has a NASA launching place, and it has a rocket where you can fly to out of space, you can go to the store to buy things for your trip in to space and there are space animals such as dogs, cats and aliens, and there can be apartments for the characters to sleep. Please if you do make this can I have it for free because I never are aloud to get games for cost.

- Cool

All the toca apps need a way to change the hair and clothes(Except for toca city).in fact it Would be awesome if every toca life game had a clothing store and hairdresser of some sort and the restaurant needs a lot more recipes and could there be a way that the guests could order and maybe the player could order as well. Otherwise I really love the toca life games and i hope you make more please👍👌👋👋😀😃😄😙😉😍👏✌️✌️👍👍👏👏

- Not the best of all

The game is not the best but I don't hate it.... but Toca ever since I found these Toca life series I in seconds fell in love with the whole thing and this what I would like to see as a game and if it happened I would be so happy that I would probably explode so here it is Toca life: forest You are in a forest u can play with animals. u can go camping. u can climb trees and when u climb them there is a house. and u can go further up and u will find like a candy land or a magic land or ok I'm gonna stop. Next is strange characters in the houses and remember we all would like more than one treehouse. And u can decide the rest cause I can't. And I now I now this is a reference to the magic far away tree! So plz do it plz I'll subscribe to ur channel and then I'll comment and tell all my friends to subscribe and then will u do it plz plz plz

- Great app

This app is actually fabulous!😂😂I love its interaction and how unique everything is. But it would make it even better if the characters would make expressions with their face a bit more and interact with their surroundings... but I love it still. Thanks for creating it. But keep my request in mind please. Thanks for reading so much

- AMAZING GAME (suggestions)

Hi Toca Boca!!! Can you please make a Toca Life: Farm?? You would be able to milk the cows, collect eggs from the chickens, paint the barn and auction your sheep,cows,pigs and other animals. You would also be able to go to the animal store where you can buy food and brushes and other things. Thanks for reading from Jess

- Actually ADDICTIVE 😂

I love this game so much! The graphics are AMAZING! The picture is so clear! The characters are well thought out and UNIQUE! ♥️ But can u add so you can buy water from the shops? Because in the bigger apartment, I can't fill up the glasses unless I get water from the restaurant :/

- Bug

There is a problem with the game where everything goes behind things when I am moving them it is very annoying but I do really love toca Boca and I think there should be a new update because there has not been one for about 2 years I am really anoyyed and I can’t play this game so fix it soon because I am thinking of deleting this app I hope you take notice of this!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!

- Love it

Hi, i am 13 and still love this game... But i was wondering if you could add this. When you click on the apartment, it takes you to a lobby with a lift where you can choose from a variety of apartments. Please please pllleeease make more than one home.

- Gorgeous, plz read

Toca town is amazing and soooooooo much fun! I love the convenience of the couch/bed, which none of the other toca games have. This is very fun and would be more enjoyed if the features such as a theatre or circus were added. And please make a Toca life: farm!!!!! 🐶🐱🐭🐮🐮🐴🐴🐷🐷🐔🐔 Keep up the Awesomeness Toca Boca!! 😜

- ...

Could you please add like a bit of talking, and more face expressions like sadness, anger, surprised or crying. Also could you like use everything, like you can open the blueberry jam jar, and put the knife in and on the bread? Something like those?

- Great job

The game has great educational elements but there are a lot of glitches with the fish at the park in the jar and in the restaurant with the people that you can call by the button down below. Other wise it is a 5 star game😉.

- Bug?

Everything you pick up moves to the back. For example: pick up a cake in front of the couch and it moves to behind the couch. it's very frustrating so i would appreciate if it was fixed

- I gave you a four

I gave you four because you need to get more apartments like four more and get houses that you can buy if u update than I will give you five million

- Another topic

My kids love this game but you should think of doing 1 day making all your apps free and then go back to your old price

- No idea if this is helpful or not, but very unoriginal.

Okay, so this app is…. (Take no offence) Unoriginal. It is very good, but there are also so many other apps that are just like this one, and so many ones that you have made which is just like this one, like Toca City and Toca World. There are also not many things to do, except the same things we can do in other apps. Please, please read this, and make the app a little more unique. Thank you for reading this.

- I love it but

I love the game but it needs: a hospital a fire station a school a zoo a shopping centre and a cake shop and i want to change clothes so please will you fix that other wise i love it.

- U Rock toca boca

Hi I like toca town but I recommend that there should be more stuff 1.a farm house with animals that u can feed,milk and collect maybe eggs airport were u go to different places around the world 3. Some new characters yeah u heard me the people are cool but please get some more 4. My last thing is a hospital were u can have a check up or something like that so thanks toca Boca for reading my list

- This is a very good game by The Vivien

Good game for no money you will love it I First discovered it is in 2015 I really recommend again I thank you for reading this

- Top Favourites

Dear Toca Boca, This game is amazing and I was addicted to it for about a year. I would suggest that you make the food stackable like in Toca City and School, other than that, this app is great. Thank you so much!

- Toca town

Why didn't you do the the Christmas update let me guess Toca town has been forgotten


All the toca life games are sooooo fun! I really wish there were more! Just one thing how come on toca life town you can’t change clothes?

- ωну?

I love these types of games but in Toca_ city life you could change looks and I loved that but in school and in this one u can't please add in a shop aswell

- Ok

I gave a four because you can't change clothes or expressions

- Cool!

This game is awesome, but I would like it better if they could change there clothes and hair.😊

- Love it but🍍

It will be good if you could change there emotion. And make some free.

- I love this game so badly and sadly I deleted this game

I love this game so bad but it’s good that Toca Boca makes more fun games also it’s cool I LOVE IT AND THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY BUT THIS IS A AMAZING GAME!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😀😀😀😀😃😃💩👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🦄🦄🦄🦄🦁🐯🍒❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Add more

I love this game but please add a Library to read and borrow books A hospital to get check ups if they get hurt ( add cuts and bone braking too) Another shop to change and buy furniture, clothes and toys A airport to go around the world A school so the little kids can learn

- Pretty bad

This game is no fun. There is many things that you could add but you haven't yet. Please add those things or this game is useless. I definitely don't recommend this stupid game. And I'm a bit disappointed 😞

- Need a upgrade

*Pls more HOUSES!!!!!!

- Great 5/5

Suggestions: Toca life fashion ( with loads of clothing) Toca life Farm Toca life Globe ( with every country and cities to play in) PLEASE READ THESE SUGGESTIONS

- Awesome

Can u pls make the games not cost money

- Won’t work

Things get stuck I’m on iPad Pro and things after I feed them there just floating there

- One more thing

I love love love this game but can you please put more places to go? Thanks😀

- Great

I love it even though I am nine

- Put more in the shop

Add things like water and more cakes thanks 😀😀😀

- emotions

can you please make character emotions

- Scary character

Hi toca my kids are scared of some characters please make the less creepy

- Terrible app

This is a bad game the other Toca life’s are so much better than this one 😡😡😡

- Population

Animals: 7 People: 25



- Good but...

I ❤️ the app but it would be better if... WE CAN CHANGE THEIR CLOTHS!

- Boo

Every day someone junks it

- Social Skills and Communication: The Best Yet

I'm writing as a father of a young daughter, and as a teacher of children with autism. Toca Boca apps have always been one of my first choices for apps that demonstrate social modeling and expressive / receptive language opportunities for practice. Toca Town is the best one yet - the open, exploratory nature of the app allows for so many opportunities to experiment with the environment. My daughter was instantly giving names to the characters, creating running narratives about what everyone was doing, and it allowed me to do the same, to model the shopping experiences, the restaurant procedures. With autism education, we're always focusing on visual supports, ways of engaging students visually, and an app like this just completely needs this visual need: from the food recipes in the kitchen, to the cause and effect correlations of the varied objects, this app is just an absolute treat. Well done Toca Boca for again raising the bar for children's play based apps.


I adore this game. I looked at this game like for ever and kept looking for a review that actually told me what I do in the game so, I will tell you. You play as like a kind of giant looking in on the houses and buildings doing what ever you like you can make cool food make people sleep, (I love the snot bubbles lol) you can shop steal and put every thing in the toilet. (Te he he) i thought this game was a little over praised at first but I got it and I didn't do any thing else for the rest of the day. Soooooooo fun. I all so love how if some one is on the toilet you can make them, well 'go' Lolz it says for agers 1-5 but I'm 11 and my sister is 9 and we both love the game can I suggest though that thay add a school or make an app about like 'toca school' that would be epicene. 😛😀😛😛😛😉😇🚽 he he you really can put every thing in there....🚽🚽🚽🚽

- Best App In The While Wide World!!!!!!!!

Hi Toca Boca. I love Toca Town! It is my favourite app! I love the new update where you can go to the beach and go on a camping trip. There are a few things I want you to add. Can you add a school, a local swimming pool and when you tap the characters clothes, they change into their bathers. Also, at the beach and the swimming pool, can there be a button with an arrow pointing down where you can take the characters underwater and the come up automatically for air. The can all stay underwater for about 1 minute. At the beach, the have a snorkel when they go underwater and at the swimming pool, the just have plain goggles. I would also like you to add advancing school and more houses. Thanks, your apps are awesome!

- I love this game, but it needs more?

Toca Boca. I love love love this game, but I think it needs more characters. And I wish we could change clothes like toca City, toca City has more stuff... But I prefer a little town. So if you could add more stuff like toca City that would be great!!! Could we possibly get more houses? And maybe a pool. I know you already have a lake but still. Could we have a park with a slide and swings, how cool would that be!! Anyway. You probably won't get any of this but I love this game sooooo much and I hope to get a new update soon!!!

- Some things you need to add

Hi toca boca I am a girl who loves games that will make me happy and my family happy and I am only ten years old but I think you should add some places like for eg a hospital a school more house a grocery shop clothing shop toy shop work place a cafe More people more accessories and much much more so kids like me and my sister or adults like my parents will have more opportunity of doing a lot of things and maybe became a mayor that would be great Thank you for taking your time reading this 🙏🙏

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- Please

Please add more houses. Could you please do a Christmas update too.

- Need to expand the place

Me and my bestfriend want bigger houses because. we wnt a bigger family

- Amazing

Hi I’m jack I love your game. Are used to play it along time ago Hope younger Toca Boca Fans. Come across this game

- Help please

I love the app I use to play, when I downloaded it again it would just show the little thing when u first turn the app on so help me pls

- This app is amazing!!

I love this game and I am 11 years old. Perfect app for kids, easy to understand. Totally worth it!!

- Connect TocaLife games

I purchased all the "TocaLife" games for my daughter expecting they would be linked so she could bring people from TocaLife:City to the hospital in TocaLife:Hospital. After purchasing all of them I was disappointed to find out that this was not the case. I would really appreciate if you could connect all the TocaLife games.

- Fantastic

My daughter loves this app and discovers new things on it every time she uses it. It's very well done!

- Toca Life Town

This game is fun, But I suggest BIGGER HOUSES,More houses,And one more free game. Now on with the review, I personally think it is a kid - friendly game, but the downside is that I can’t really put things in shelves in the kids bedroom. You can I think, but for me it’s too hard. Also this is a vary nice app. But you need to add a coffee shop if you add a new game. And quick question what was the original to a game? Okay that’s was my review. Hope you read the suggestions. 👋


This game is so great. Awesome for all age groups. I’ve had it since I was like 8 but I only had hospital. Seeing how much it has grown is amazing, saying as I’m now 13. This is a very popular game for a reason and if u double thinking downloading it just know that u should. Just ofc the one u don’t need to pay for to start with and then make ur decision.

- Glitch

It will not let me in

- Crap

Will not load past the opening screen just sits on a white screen.

- helppp!

when ever i go on toca town it always crashes! i realllly want to play but it won’t let me! help with this issue please!

- It’s wonderful

My child loves this game so much anyone reading this Buy it now!! It keeps my daughter so amused she played it One time for our 7 hour flight!

- Game ideas or stuff to add

Hi Toca boca! Can you please add something to make furniture and make your own people please and can you make a game called Toca life prison please thank you!

- I want to pick up the radio📻

Please make us pick up the radios and put it somewhere and please make the park have music

- Toca town

I like it but it would be nice if you could change their clothes


I love that it’s free, i think all of the games and apps should be free! Then more people will play them like me! Toca Boca is the best game ever! But I think you should add like A toca Hotel with a Pool! And maybe a Hot tub! That would be Awesome!! 😍😂😍❤️ I love your Games! All the people who work for you should get a Raise!! I hope you keep making more games!!!! There amazing! ❤️😍😍❤️😍❤️

- Shelves Not Working

The shelves in the green house won’t hold anything for me, I’m not sure about the other house though.

- Awesome game

Love this game, but after I updated it I can't put anything on the shelf in the kids bedroom. Please fix this!

- Hate not like this


- I love but

I love this game but can you put bigest house and i will love if i can change there clothe Thanks

- Good app

This app is really fun I think it needs bigger houses

- Change clothes

I want to change the clothes like the other toca life

- Can I get my money back?

I just got this game today and I don't like it, could I get a refund?

- Gggrrrteeeeesaaattt

Love all your toca games there so great thank you all who make and inspirer such great games love love love love these games can't get enough such great games could say that a million times I love that tree are no ads at all I love all toca life games because they are so fun u can do what ever u want such good games there is no glitching either that is a great feature as well if u are looking for a Amazing game u should defentily consider buying these games they are a ton of fun I have all the life games exept toca life hospital but I bet it's just as fun and amazing as these games also I did not pick this game to write because it was my favourite but because it the first one on the list amazing games ! Please keep up the amazing work u have been doing keep making more ! Also these games are child friendly bright and colourful I can not say or type how much I love these games I could go on forever but i won't because I want u go buy this/ these game(s) so u can find the fun I found in these games! God bless

- Great game!

I love the game to pass time! But I'm upset that i can download all of the games because the cost money. I think its an amazing game though. 💯💖🌼

- Hi Toca Boca

I bot this app a while ago and it self deleted and now it say i have to pay $3.99

- Download this asap

I love toca life so much you should get all the apps especially toca life hospital and toca life city.

- Maybe add more?

Great game! I love playing this and creating the wackiest stories, but do you mind adding more? Like maybe like one more location or a couple more characters? Thanks!

- YOᑌᐯE ᕼᗩᗪ ᗷETTEᖇ

I ᕼᗩTEᗪ TᕼIᔕ OᑎE. ITᔕ ᐯEᖇY ᒪIᗰITEᗪ ᑌᑎᒪIKE TᕼE ᒪITᕼEᖇ TOᑕᗩ ᒪIᖴEᔕ. ITᔕ ᗩ ᗯᗩᔕTE Oᖴ ᗰOᑎEY ᗷᑌT I ᕼᗩᐯE TO ᔕᗩY TᕼE OTᕼEᖇ TOᑕᗩ ᒪIᖴEᔕ ᗩᖇE GOOᗪ. ᔕTIᒪᒪ TᕼIᔕ TOᑕᗩ ᒪIᖴE: TOᗯᑎ Iᔕ ᕼOᖇᖇIᗷᒪE.

- Amazing but...

Me and a couple of my friends love all of the toca life games but something that we really want is all the 6 toca life games combined into one. Then you can use your favourite all of the characters and put her/him/it anywhere and there would be a lot more houses

- Awesome and New Game Suggestestion

Love it And you should make a new Toca life game it should be like Toca life prison or Toca life hospital

- Toca boca city sounds way better

This game is pointless drag the people around and play with ugly characters... I wanted to be able to change my character and I also wanted to have a storage room.... please update

- Love it!😍😍

I'm in love with the toca boca life games! Such creative ideas. And here is one more... I think their should be a toca boca life hospital! With an operation room X-rays, casts, lunch room,emergency room, doctors office, vending machine, waiting area elevator 3-5 hospital rooms, food court and more! Hope you take this for consideration, I really love your apps

- Its awesome

Its an amazing game but apart from that i hate how every game now from toca boca isnt free before i started playing these games they were free its stupid... im sorry but other than that i like the game i just wish they were free

- It's good I suggest some things :)

This game for me gets a little boring after a few hours it needs some improvements maybe spice it up and add more things like.. A portal to each toca life game which u can transfer a few characters back and forth. It might be hard to do but it's sounds cool!!

- it's good for only a day then it gets boring

why can't the city game be free instead of this one! also i have an idea toca country it's farm land, and since I thought if that I should get the game for free. k bye

- Want my money back

When something gets thrown out by accident it does not come back when you leave the room and come back in like in other Toca life games when I half to press the rewind button because that happened the whole game gets messed up somethings disappear from places so I have to delete the app and re-download please fix this in a new update it I also think it could use some more people you should be able to change clothes there should be a hospital some more houses and more people or you should lower the price

- Needs improvement 😕

I really like this game, but I don't like how you can't change their clothes. You also can't have big family's, because the houses are small. Please add more houses, or expand current houses.

- Animals

This app is really good but add a few more animals but I love the penguin and add more clothes

- Piz make free

Piz make all the game free I love this one piz I'm begging you

- Suggestions <3

I love toca life city, town, and city! both amazing apps with great graphics! I absolutely love the layout, definitely worth the cost! here are some ideas for the new toca life app. 1. more houses, beds. 2. more clothing, and hair styles. 3. more varieties of pets and breeds to choose from. 4. cars to drive from one place to another. 5. create your own characters. 6. zoos 7. car dealerships 8. more clothing for babies 9. bigger clothes store 10. A bank 11. A library 12. subway 13. save button 14. more people 15. perhaps, makeup kits? 16. arcades 17. more food, and dishes! 18. a coffee shop 19. work buildings 20. backyards 21. 2 floor houses Toca life; vacation - 1. airports 2. planes 3. hotels 4. a beach 5. a resort 6. souvenir stores Toca life; farm - 1. A barn 2. Farm animals 3. Interactive tractors 4. A house 5. A small market Hopefully this helps! it would mean a lot to me, if my ideas were considered for the next toca life app! I've been waiting so long for the next to a life app.- Nikki

- Editing the hair,clothes and expanding the town

This game is great but you might want to consider expanding the town and have more things to do. Like editing the people otherwise this game is really awesome! (By the way love toca boca games!!🤗😄)

- Needs updates

I love this game but it needs updates!!! Like being able to make a custom house and being able to make your own people and maybe some hidden secrets. I paid money for this game and i expected more from you guys. I still enjoy it but i would love updates i would not even mind such the slightest update to be able to keep your stuff but be able to change them around. I will rerate this to 5/5 stars if i see what i requested.

- Awesome

So much fun I play it every Day

- The big house

I think you should add a crib in the big house with the kid room and little potty, add a crib in the parents room so the baby character has somewhere to sleep and maybe add another bed to the kid room

- Fun Fun Fun

My little guy can't get enough!

- Super! Mais...

Super mais un peu vide selon moi... Aussi, vous pourriez créer un app "Toca Life: vacation" pour voyages. Continuez votre chemin!


Ok I love this game and the hole series! I recommend any one to get this one first then the other ones so you can see the basiks of the game and even thoe you can not change there hair or cloths its still a fun games. I let some one chose wich game they wonted to play and they chose that one and as they were playing it they started to laugh and giggle. But it would be nice if Toca Boca would update it I mean you gave the other Toca life games Xmas updates but not this one which is weird because you made the big yellow guy very popular (which if was going to be this popular you should put him in the other Toca life games) but I do like how originaltnis one is from the others. This is THE ROTTEN EGG and this game is sunny side up! (im also on instagram!)

- omg trop cool genial fabuleux

se jeu est genial ses mon preferer mais jaime aussi les jeu de quizz je lai adore mes preferer son quizz de eminem et quizz de demi lavato

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Toca Life: Town 1.7 Screenshots & Images

Toca Life: Town iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Life: Town iphone images
Toca Life: Town iphone images
Toca Life: Town iphone images
Toca Life: Town iphone images
Toca Life: Town iphone images
Toca Life: Town Education application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Toca Life: Town (Version 1.7) Install & Download

The applications Toca Life: Town was published in the category Education on 2014-05-29 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 290.22 MB. Toca Life: Town - Education app posted on 2022-06-28 current version is 1.7 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocatown