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PHHHOTO - Look Alive App Description & Overview

The applications PHHHOTO - Look Alive was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-07-23 and was developed by PHHHOTO Inc.. The file size is 51.74 MB. The current version is 3.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Look out freaks and geeks, we just made a big change to our camera... SOUND!

* Our new camera automatically records sound when you shoot
* Tap the speaker in preview to turn it off...
* Or press and hold the speaker to record a custom sound (try adding music or your voice)

PLUS! We made a bunch of overdue speed improvements to the camera and drafts.


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Good but  Omgwtfasghjk.  3 star

Overall the app is good. Makes cute little gif. Basically like a new version of Flickr but it crashes anytime I try and save something to my camera roll with is VERY disappointing

K pace

Help Me  K pace  1 star

Great app but this frustrates me so much. Evertime I try to save a video the while crashes. FIX THIS!!!!


great app but  Allllllly.  4 star

I've been locked out of my account for a few days now, I submitted my problem to the support/help group of the app but no response or anything. Help!


Best App Ever  Dbhfxsdjjyrdxcbfd  5 star

Great new update with the addition to add sound to your profile! Great community and great filters!

Jon Elmer

Essential Photography Network  Jon Elmer  5 star

I love PHHHOTO. I love the community. The filters. The sound. The drafts. The tools. (almost) Everything. UI could have improvements for general user friendliness. There are certain bugs, like the sound of a PHHHOTO keeps playing when I went to another area of the app. P.S, Follow @EXPEDITIONS.


phhhoto  brian__3  3 star

it dosent let me save the pics/vids i take


Doesn't work ...  Zoanley  1 star

After the last update I have not been able to upload anything ... please do something about this. 😩


IDEA!  Kmaemo  5 star

To be honest, the new sound update is overwhelming and in our face. I think if you reverted back to the old look and gave a "slideshow with sound" option or icon for us to click and open up separate from the profile it would be a million times. *I also wanted to add that with the new individual sound update we should have the option to turn ON the sound rather than turn it off.* I hate scrolling through all the phhhotos I take and turning off the sound. I honesty don't like the individual sound, it's quite obnoxious and reminds me of scrolling through Vine back in the day. But if we have to have it, please consider this idea.


Love it but  Jeremy_Austin09  5 star

You guys have to do something about actually erasing private messages. I have deleted private messages but the number of "private messages" never erase please do something 😂

Sabastian Mcnett

Clear news feed  Sabastian Mcnett  4 star

Love the app they need a way to clear your news it's annoying seeing all those old stuff


Wwwwwwooooooooowww  Aochoa72  5 star

Simply amazing! One of the best if not the best photo app there is. Innovative, creative, and all around excellent. I can't get enough. One idea, it would be cool If there was an option for multiple filters on one phhhoto.


Best social photography app!  Annndrw  5 star

Phhhoto is incredibly fun for everyone! It has a little bit of everything. Dont miss out download now!


Es buena pero  Arinaid  3 star

Dañaron la app con los anuncios y eso de tener que comprar los filtros para poder quitar los anuncios , se pone lenta con eso , de lo demás excelente.

Anne Shall

Ph  Anne Shall  4 star

I really love this app, but there's one thing I don't like about it, I can't buy filters. It tells me that I bought a filter but then I don't have it. Why does that happen?


I❤️love❤️phhhoto❤  boho_baabe  5 star

I love this app, I actually deleted my instagram just because it was useless to me after finding this wonderful app. PHHHOTO inspires me (and I'm sure many others). I love that you can feel the vibe in the phhhotos, the aesthetic feel of it all is amazing. Don't give up on this app, makers! 🌎❤🌞


Seriously the best app out there  Walts7  5 star

Best community, best lay out, amazing filters, and it brings out so much creativity in you. It's a must have 🙌🏽


Love this app  Natijaliana  4 star

Okay so I do love this app! It's amazing, makes me feel artistic and creative, you can make real beautiful phhhotos! I've bought tons of effects! Only thing I have a problem with is that .... when I'm editing the phhhoto, it freezes on me a lot. I slide through my effects and it freezes for a while and I have to keep closing and reopening the app, it's a little aggravating. Other than that, I love it so much!!! Better than Instagram I believe!


Thumbs up!  plsosa  5 star

It's a really good and well developed app. It needs some improvements here and there but they'll get to it...they always do.


LOVE IT  dawwwwwnn  5 star

Amazing app, creative, unique, modern and it saves old gifs. Never crashes. Honestly my favorite social media app


This app is AMAZING  Gar-Gar--  5 star

THIS APP IS AMAZING, it's an entire community it's like a big family on here

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