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What is ef go ahead tours app? At EF Go Ahead Tours, we make world travel easy. So, we’ve built the essential free app for travelers to use before, during, and after tour. Manage your upcoming trip, connect with your group, and stay in-the-know while on-the-go.


- Create your travel wish list from over 175 guided tours
- Build your profile so your group can get to know you
- Organize & manage tours as a Group Coordinator
- View perks you’ve earned with our rewards programs

- See who’s going on your tour
- Swap tips, ask questions & chat with your group
- Customize your trip with excursions 

- Make payments quickly & easily
- Receive helpful notifications as you get ready to go
- Review entry requirements for countries on your tour
- Sign pre-tour travel forms


- View your flight, hotel & itinerary details—even without WiFi
- Use the global currency converter while on-the-go 

- Get easy on-tour support access
- Post photos to a shared album with your group
- Complete your tour evaluation & submit reviews

We're always dreaming up ways to give our (amazing) travel community an even better experience. Keep an eye out for updates as new features are released.

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How to contact EF Go Ahead Tours (Signum International AG)?
Find this site the customer service details of EF Go Ahead Tours. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/870744208/ef-go-ahead-tours/contact

EF Go Ahead Tours Customer Service, Editor Notes:

EF Go Ahead Tours Version 5.0.419 April 2022

You can now manage your AutoPay plan right in the app. Enroll in the simple, stress-free way to pay for your tour over time. We’ve also given entry requirements a refresh to make getting ready for travel even easier. This version includes a handful of fixes to improve stability and performance. Keep your app updated to be sure you're having the best possible experience..

EF Go Ahead Tours Version 4.3.421 January 2022

We’ve made a handful of behind-the-scenes fixes to improve stability and performance. Keep your app updated to be sure you're having the best possible experience..

EF Go Ahead Tours Version 4.2.026 October 2021

Tour feed is here! Now you can connect with travelers on your tour, right in the app. Say hi to your group, swap tips, ask questions, and even post photos to a shared album. It's the group travel experience made digital! We can’t wait to see how you’ll use this new feature. We’ve also made a handful of other fixes to make things work even more smoothly. Keep your app updated to be sure you’re having the best possible experience..

EF Go Ahead Tours Comments & Reviews 2022

- Login Doesn’t Work

The login on the website works perfectly fine, but on the app it says invalid user and password every time. This got slightly annoying after a while of trying to log into the app. The app itself would be more convenient if it would let the person get past the login screen. Please fix this.

- Great Tour Enhancement!

This app is an absolutely wonderful resource before, during and after tours. We have been on 12 tours and really enjoyed being able now to find detailed information about the tour on tour. Specifically: 1. Flight information on the phone 2. Currency conversion that is updated daily-very helpful when visiting several countries. 3. List of tour-mates: First name, last name initial, and state residence. Helps know how many are in your group and provides a method of messaging. It helps learn names, especially with larger groups. 4. Detailed itinerary for each day as a reference to check on tour. 5. The Packing list and Getting ready sections are helpful to make sure we are ready for the varying conditions and clothing needs we will find. 6. Last but not least are the Help & Contact info and the Payments button. it’s really helpful in emergency situations and just to know that all payments and such went through and are accounted for. Every one of these features would have helped on our many tours over 16 years. I look forward to future enhancements! Kudos!

- Currency Converted & Itineraries don’t work.

On its face, looks great but to of its functions either give an error, itineraries, or is simply not responsive when trying to change/use the currency converter. Fails at bringing the functionality of the website on the go.

- App Doesn’t Work

The app will not accept my login and just says invalid user name and password. Login on the website works fine but app will apparently only work to create a new account and will not allow you to login in with an existing account so for those of us that are already signed up with a customer number and account on the website are unable to use this app. Shame.

- Fix login

I correctly imputed & double checked my email and password but it still says that it was incorrect. Please fix this, my trip is in 3 months and would like to have an app where I can easily check my itinerary instead of having to use the website that’s too small to see. Fix the login.

- Login doesn’t Work

Like it may have previously been mentioned the log in won’t work, it has a habit of saying invalid email/password. The app seems very helpful. Please fix this.

- Can’t Log In

I was very excited to use this app on my upcoming trip and I was very disappointed when I wasn’t able to log in. I have the correct info it just won’t allow me in. Really hope this gets fixed soon.

- Constant log out

The app constantly logs me out. Need to go to website to access other things so what’s the point of this app?

- Terrible

The login used on the website doesn’t work on the app, and it won’t send you a reset link to try a different password. Couldn’t even get past the login screen.

- Log In

Just like every other review, the login DOES NOT work. In order to have an efficient app that travelers need and will use, they need to have the ability to log in. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

- Can’t log In

I’m really excited to use this app but I can’t log in. I have an account and I’m able to log in from my computer but within the app it won’t let me log in.

- Login doesn’t work, PLEASE FIX

Please fix the login, would love to use this app to track my payments

- Login

When will I be able to login in? I created a account on the web page but it won’t let me login on the app. I’d really like to use this app for trips. Thank you:)

- Log In Fail

I can’t log in at all! Please fix this! It seems like a useful app. Make it better.

- Still issues

Every time they release and update to fix something, one or more other things “break” as a result. Previously it was not being able to log in at all, now the update has fixed that but you can’t connect FB anymore of access messages. It’s always 2 steps forward, one step back every time. If this app were consistent it can be such a help on tour but after awhile it’s frustrating when you can access main features.

- Login issues

I can’t log in at all. I have an account but it will not allow me to log on in the app

- Doesn't work

On iPhone you can't login! So frustrating! Login works on website, but not the app.

- App problems

The app stopped working l can’t login I keep getting a error message

- Same complaint- login doesn’t work

No good if we can’t use it. Tear. ?


i cant login even with the correct information

- Frustrating

I was able to log on at one time and it worked fine, but no more. I don't know what the issue is. Every time I try to log on this week, I get a msg that say "Oops, technical difficulties ... try later." Very frustrating as it has the potential to be a handy app. I won't give up. There has to be a solution.

- Not there yet

I've been in contact with Go Ahead about one major flaw - the app cuts off the tour info before the tour is quite done. The tour info with the last day including return flight times and numbers is erased before the day begins. I'd really like all of it up for a few days after I return. Also, I'd like to be able to highlight the data.

- Lake Como, the Italian Riviera and Venice

My wife and I just returned from our vacation to Italy with Go Ahead Tours. The trip was everything that I expected and more. We met up with a group in Milan and our total number was 26. Everyone was so enjoyable. The sites, the food and the people are something that I will never forget. Our tour director was Andrea and he was extremely helpful throughout the trip. His knowledge of the area as well as his personal experiences (such as making olive oil) made the trip even more enjoyable. We will definitely be looking at future Go Ahead Tours to see where we want to go next. Thank you, Steve Wright

- Great App

Not only is this app convenient, it is full of all of the information about my upcoming trip. Everything I need is here, including handy checklists to guide me along the way. And, as if it couldn't get any better, the app is very well-designed, beautiful and simplistic. All in all, a pleasant user experience!

- Awesome Group chat and offline access features

Pretty awesome app with offline access to flights, international electrical ports, currency converter to name a few. The social chat feature definitely helped in knowing the fellow travelers before the trip.

- Travel with Kniwledge

Love the Go Ahead Yours application. It provides all the information at your finger tips in regards to your tour. Itinerary, suggested trip checklist, who your travel mates are and more. Now you don't have to guess what is happening, you know.

- More work needed

When I first tried to logon it told me server was down please try later for 4 days of attempting to log in. So I called and it was fixed. But now all of my group members are trying and THEY are having the same problem. But theirs still hasn’t been fixed.

- Fix it now! Please...

So!!! It won't let me log in! I have an up coming trip to Costa Rica, and would like to use this app to make payments when ever I want and well yeah-however it keeps telling me I'm not typing in the right user/password. Which I am because I use the same ones when I log in on my laptop. It needs fixing! Please fix it ??✌?

- Doesn't update

I am currently enrolled in a tour, however my flight information isn't updated in the app. It says that the flight info will be available June 21st yet it's July 2nd and still no flight info. The itinerary is loaded as well as a checklist but it would be nice to have the flight info like you're supposed to.

- Great company, awesome app

The fixes worked! The app is stellar with a ton of valuable features. I love that you added my wishlist. The currency converter is so handy and all of the features work as they should. Good job!

- Great travel App

This is our 2nd trip with GoAhead tours and this app keeps our itinerary, gives us suggested travel items , keeps us informed. Gotta see how the rest works on our trip. I heard we can add pictures to our trip. Gotta test this.

- No group information available

You can't send any of the other members a message because the members group never appears this app. The little wheel just spins forever just leaving you a dark gray black screen into your battery finally dies.

- Great app for a go ahead travel trip

This app was great for the trip we had with Go Ahead Tours to keep track of flights and itinerary while on the trip. Highly recommend for a tour

- Good app BUT many issues

I like the idea of this app, I use it quite a bit but the buttons don’t really work and I can’t use some of the functions. I have been in contact with several people and no one can tell me when the problem will be resolved.

- Traveled with GAT 6 times

Very handy to have tour info in one place. Especially like having names of fellow travelers - makes it easier to remember people when you first meet them & after the tour as well.

- Conflicting info.

Just prior to our recent vacation in Amsterdam the Companion showed out of date flight departure times. And while we were on vacation we were getting messages saying that GA was unable to confirm our plane reservation back to Boston.

- Two issues

In November 2015 it was still showing our Puglia vacation in April 2015. It now correctly show our upcoming Amsterdam vacation in April 2016, but the site showed showed us departing on the wrong day. I called GA to point out the error. In spite of these issues I like the site. Larry Blackwell

- Never really updates

They keep saying they are “fixing” issues when you update, but my information hasn’t updated to current information in MONTHS! I can’t even use it.

- Please fix

This is such a great app and when it works it’s such a plus. Now the count down to departure doesn’t work nor are the hotels showing. Please fix, this is such a valuable tool.

- Easy to use

Helpful that the hotels are linked to the web and you can see where you'll be! Love the checklists.

- Great App

Updates made to the app has made it super helpful for planning the trip and keeping on top of things

- Terrible! No stars.

This app was such a disappointment! You can't create an account through it, and it won't let you log in unless you have an upcoming tour. How am I supposed to have an upcoming tour if I can't log in for not "having an upcoming tour". I wish I could give 0 stars. Don't waste your time with this app.

- Great improvement

Great to be able to login automatically now. Good app to help prepare for a wonderful trip!

- Please update again. Good start.

Right now the app will not open. Needs more debugging. Before it stopped opening, I was enjoying it, tho there could be a few more improvements. An overall map of the tour, as well as city maps would be nice. As well as average temp's of each area of the tour. Also a small blurb about the culture and etiquette of the places we are going. This is a good start though.

- Good but needs more

This website is limited. It helps at the moment of your trip but does little to assist you other wise.

- Please fix!!!!!

I am going on a trip to France this year and would really like to check out this app prior to going!!! However, it won't let me log in at all! When I use the website my login works fine! Please fix soon!!!

- Nice easy app

Does what it says it'll do. Extra features are a plus! !!!Gracias!!!

- Great App

Very helpful in getting ready for our trip.

- New version doesn't work.

I updated to the newest version and it doesn't work at all! Won't even open. The older version worked better.

- Nice app

Easy to use and keep up with stuff for trip.

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EF Go Ahead Tours 5.0.4 Screenshots & Images

EF Go Ahead Tours iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

EF Go Ahead Tours iphone images
EF Go Ahead Tours iphone images
EF Go Ahead Tours iphone images
EF Go Ahead Tours iphone images
EF Go Ahead Tours iphone images
EF Go Ahead Tours iphone images
EF Go Ahead Tours iphone images
EF Go Ahead Tours iphone images
EF Go Ahead Tours iphone images
EF Go Ahead Tours iphone images

EF Go Ahead Tours (Version 5.0.4) Install & Download

The applications EF Go Ahead Tours was published in the category Travel on 2014-05-15 and was developed by Signum International AG [Developer ID: 1197105708]. This application file size is 71.97 MB. EF Go Ahead Tours - Travel app posted on 2022-04-19 current version is 5.0.4 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.EF.GoAhead